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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  November 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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part of convention center is still closed tonight... after a fatal crash happened there earlier this afternoon. ((dave courvoisier)) >> metro was called to the scene between las vegas boulevard and paradise at about 1 p-m... where police say a woman was hit crossing the street. she died at sunrise hospital. it's not clear who was at fault.. or how much longer the road will be shutdown./// ((dave courvoisier)) thanks for joining us... i'm dave courvoisier. ((denise valdez)) >> i'm denise valdez. another top story tonight... president obama is encouraging president-elect donald trump some time to get adjusted to the responsibilities of the presidency. ((dave courvoisier)) >> the president says the u-s will remain a world power even after he leaves office.. and that trump told him personally he was committed to the u-s playing an important part in the nato alliance. ((dave courvoisier)) >> obama discussed his meeting with the president-elect... while speaking in his first news conference since the election. (( president obama - "i think it's important for us to let him make his decisions. and i think the american people will judge over the course of the next couple of years whether they like what they see.
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the direction that they want to see the country go in." )) ((dave courvoisier)) >> president obama also said there were many diplomatic, military and humanitarian levels of u-s power that made the country indispensable. the president's comments come before the final scheduled international trip of his presidency. and peru./// ((denise valdez)) minutes after the president finished speaking, senator harry reid spoke to reporters about how proud he was that in nevada, democratic canidates fared very well. paul joncich is here with what some of nevada's newly elected congressional delegation had to say. ((paul joncich)) senator reid is still clearly in charge even though he is retiring from the senate in january. this afternoon, he had nevada's newest members of congress gathered around him. and when asked why nevada democrats turned out so well,
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was because of the reid machine. ((paul joncich)) representative dina titus. senator-elect catherine cortez masto. representtive- elect ruben kihuen. and representative- elect jacky rosen all gathered in the hallway of the u.s. capital this afteroon. each spoke very briefly, then the veteran of the group, dina titus talked about how the four planned to work together. (( dina titus : "we have common issues acros the whole area whether we're talking about the strip, or henderson, or north las vegas, immigration is a big issue, infrastructure is important, fightiny be a strong team to do those things together." )) ((paul joncich)) dina titus called nevada's results the bright spot from election day. senator reid said he did everything he could to help hillary clinton in nevada but did not get involved in her national campaign. ((paul joncich)) harry reid did not make any public remarks about donald trump today. he is quite happy about something our own patrick walked reported earlier today. that a republican in the nevada
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and will caucus with the democrats. potentially giving them a two vote majority in the state senate./// ((denise valdez)) now that the election is over... it's time for those roadsigns signs to get picked up. ndot says candidates and supporters must remove all signs by december 8th... 30 days after election day. state leaders say the signs are a distraction to drivers... and can interfere with road construction./// ((denise valdez)) voters just gave recreational marijauna the o-k in the upcomn cannabis industry has reached a milestone here in nevada. the federal government allows farmers to grow industrial hemp for research purposes. patrick walker has this exclusive look at the state's first industrustrial hemp harvest.
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"conditions in pahrump are difficult, it's hot, occasionally it's windy, we've only had 2 rains during the entire 120-day growing period." )) ((patrick walker)) the crop: hemp. a relaxing in federal regulations in 2014... and change in state law last year... make it possible to grow hemp on the up-and-up. ((duff taylor/managing member, pahrump green fields ventures llc: "industrial hemp is a cannabis plant that less than .03% thc in it, so this has been specifically exempted from the controlled substances act.")) ((patrick walker)) duff tayo farms licensed to grow industrial hemp in nevada. and it's the first to bring a successful harvest. ((duff taylor/managing member, pahrump green fields ventures llc: "the hanging method is going to be the most efficient for us, and that's what you see here, you see about 7,000 pounds of crop.")) ((patrick walker)) ultimately... the harvest will yield twice that amount. the hemp has less than three-tenths of a percent of t-h-c content... the chemical that gets you high. state senator tick segerblom introduced the bill in the state legislature... that mirrored the federal
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((st. sen. tick segerblom/(d) las vegas: "we had an idea, we saw what was going on around the country, the legislature unanimously, almost, passed the bill and now we're finally seeing fruition.")) ((patrick walker)) 30 states now allow industrial hemp growth for research... commercial... or pilot programs. and now... local farmers hope to take advantage of the potential cash crop in the coming years. patrick walker... 8 news now. ((denise valdez)) >> the hemp harvested from this pilot program will be processed at a facility in oregon./// ((dave courvoisier)) ((tedd florendo)) ((( still mild and tranquil start to thew above average for this time in november. winds remain light and the skies clear to check out the supermoon this evening. ........ ........................... ........... hour by hour tonight showing mild conditions through the evening again as we dip down into the 60's and stay cool late night. morning temps could get a little chilly but nowhere near the temps we're expecting late workweek as we usher in colder
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weathernow forecast.
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metro is making inroads identifying serial rapists and getting them off the streets. anchor christianne klein has the story.. ((christianne klein)) >> southern nevada has a backlog of 65 hundred rape kits dating back to the 1990's.. but a lack of resources made it impossible to test it all.. until now.. an influx of millions of dollars has helped investigators- and the first 15 hundred kits have been sent out for testing.. so far metro has found more than 40 suspect matches in h national combined dna index system or codis.. they've also identified six serial rapists, murderers, and made 9 arrests... (( sgt. shon comiskey/las vegas metro- sexual assault division one suspect is... he's already in prison for committing multiple sexual assaults and homicides in nevada and through this project we've identified 2 additional sexual assaults he's committed and possibly an additional homicide as well )) ((sgt. shon
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have these untested rape kits put other people in danger? i would say yes.. absolutely.. considering that we've already seen and identified other serial offenders with the lab reports that have been returned already and we're just really beginning : )) ((christianne klein)) >> the director of forensic labratory services for metro says they expect to have up to 650 of the tests completed by the end of this year.. and complete testing on all 6500 kits by the end of 2018.. ((christianne klein)) >> it could take another 7 or 8 through that new dna evidence.. coming up at eleven we'll look at how time has both helped and hindered these investigations.. and what law enforcement needs to insure southern nevada doesn't face a backlog again. ((denise valdez)) we all remember metro k9 nicky. he was killed in the line of duty earlier this year... but he lives on both here in the valley... and other parts of the country. the orangeburg department of public safety has geared up it's lone k9 officer with body armor..
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equipment for 6-year-old badger... which is worth about 2-grand. the inside of badgers vest even reads... "in memory of k-9 nicky, las vegas metropolitan police". by the way... metro already has vests for it's dogs... but they don't always wear them because they are too hot in the desert... and restrict the dogs movement./// ((dave courvoisier)) coming up... a few dozen jobs need to be filled in henderson. plus... the holidays are right around the corner... so do you know how to stay safe? we've got tips from the fire deprt yourself... and your home while cooking this thanksgiving. the valley's news leader is back in 3 minutes./// news music
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florendo and chris maathuis. this is 8 news now at six." ((dave courvoisier))
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and local fire officials want to make sure you and your family stay safe this holiday season. experts say this time of year... fires kill an average of 5 people ... injure 25... and cause 21-million dollars in property damage. cooking is the leading cause of fires on thanksgiving... but they are preventable. when deep frying a turkey... do so outdoors and make sure the turkey is thawed and dry. if a fire breaks out... whether inside or outside... dont fight it yourself. call 9-1-1 and get away. it's sure your smoke alarms are working before firing up the oven. lastly... be on alert! either stay by the food that's cooking... or set a timer to remind you to check on it. also... keep anything that can catch fire like oven mitts.. food packaging.. or towels away from open flames. looking back to last year... there were no significant cooking-related fires in las vegas./// ((denise valdez)) the ride-sharing app "uber" has been in las vegas for some time now... and the company is adding to its list of features here in the
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the "pool" option will launch in las vegas. it give riders the chance to hop in with others heading in the same direction.. making the trip cheaper and cutting down on congestion throughout the city. just last week... lyft debuted it's own carpool feature here in town... called "line"./// ((denise valdez)) attention job seekers... one of henderson's newest restaurants has some openings. the latest raising canes on stephanie and wigwam needs to fill at least 50 positions... like kitchen crew.. counter crew.. and managers. no experience is necessary... s those interested can get a face to face interview at the hampton inn on stephanie and marks. that hiring fair will go from 10 a-m to 6 p-m... friday, saturday, and sunday./// ((denise valdez)) get ready for snow! the ice rink is coming back to the cosmopolitan starting black friday. this is the fifth year the property has transformed the top of it's boulevard pool into a witer wonderland. and it's not just ice skating.... they also show movies... and have special drinks and food that you can enjoy by the fire. even better...
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just 10 bucks./// ((weather toss))
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we're lower in elevation. cooler mid to low 70's for the west side in the foothills from centennial hills through summerlin as we cooled off there. colder up in the kyle canyon with a morning start in the high 30's again. ................................ ... ............. regional temps also staying warm from laughlin to death valley especially. even saw near 80 river valley from mesquite through boulder city as well. colder temps in the central great basin and mild over the hump in pahrump again today. changes in the forecast for late week however where jackets will be needed. ................................ ... ................ still above average temps remian for the souther portions of the u.s with highs in the
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orleans. staying cool for new york in the 60's even boston getting in on some of that warmth as a strong ridge of high pressure over the lower 48 states keeping things mild for november. while rain returns to seattle as they cool off to the mid 50's. ................................ ... ................. satellite and radar shows dry conditions and high pressure still righ t keeping our eye on a strong area of low pressure and it's trailing cold front that will bring in colder air by thursday. not before brining wind midweek. we'll see some of the coldest air of the season so far and see temps we haven't seen in march and may. overnight lows will get downright chilly by thursday and especially friday morning.
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... .............. tonight expect lows to drop down to the mid 50's under clear skies for the supermoon. winds stay light and tranquil overnight as well. tomorrow expect highs around 79 and if we reach 80 we'll beat the record for most 80's for the month of november. winds still remain light for tuesday. ................................ ... ................. extended forecast calls for mild days through wednesday and southwest winds kick in and bring windy weather with possible advisories needed for dsday. ill breezy by thursday tcolder only in the low 60's and turning unseasonably cooler. chilly morning lows will stick around for a several days with friday being our coldest in the high 30's only.
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the last 2 dozen years. you can see them nightly at the luxor./// ((dave courvoisier)) a wild weekend in sports with the unlv football team beating wyoming. ((denise valdez)) >> the when the dust settled the game nearly made history. ((chris maathuis)) >> one point shy of the most combined points in a single game. and for all the dramatics of a triple overtime game... the league handed out some awards to a few rebels. plus... nhl commissioner gary more coming up next here on channel 8.
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what a weekend for unlv... the good and the bad.. the good was really good. the rebels went out and beat the favored wyoming cowboys. it was an offensive showing like you'd rarely seen in college football. the two teams combined for 135 points, 1 point shy of an ncaa record. a big reason for the unlv win was the play of quarterback kurt palandech. and he was named mountain west offensive player of the week. he had a great game, but wasn't the only rebel to be rewarded. over on the defensive side of defensive back torry mctyer gets the honor for his efforts... the 3rd year senior had two interceptions, his second was the biggest. (( )) nats; "allen has got a man it is intercepted... intercepted it is mctyer again" ((chris maathuis)) his pick in the 2nd overtime allowed the rebels to beat the cowboys on a field goal. the biggest setback coming from the win was unlv's best receiver devonte boyd getting hurt... he broke his arm and is done for
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heading to boise for a big friday night game. it's hard to believe this soccer program was hanging by a thread a few years ago. now here they are upset winners in the wac tourney waiting for their name to be called for the 2nd time in the last 3 years. they beat air force for the crown and then waited for this. (( )) unlv and they will ((cheering)) the rebels will get san diego state, who plays soccer in the pac 12. but the rebs have a bunch of players from the sa so they can't wait for thursday's game in san diego. (( )) daniel musovski/tourney mvp; " we're familar with this team we played them last year and got the result when we played, it's good playing a team we actually know a lot of their players and how they play and their tatics." rich ryerson/coach; "i think it will be a great game, they try to play physical and very technical so i think we'll matchup extremely well." daniel musovski/mvp; "a lot of people doubted us at the beginning of the year when we started with a bad record, we proved a lot of people wrong and now we get to
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fight being a terrific fight. this saturday in vegas the title fight could live up to the billing as one for the ages. this is just what the sport needs... two unbeaten boxers step into the ring at t-mobile arena. both are 30-0 and ranked near the top of the pound for pound rankings. sergay kovelov fights andre ward in a light heavyweight title fight. tickets are still available and are cheaper then the ppv... you can get in for 60 bucks. ((chris maathuis)) those two are great fighters, but they don't have the same mcgregor. in fact is there a more popular person in the fight game then mcgregor. he helped the company shatter live gate numbers at madison square garden this past saturday bringing in over 17 million. no other event in the history of the building had done those numbers. and now conor says he wants a piece of the gold plated pie that is the ufc. (( )) conor mcgregor/champion; "i''m aware of my worth and now i've got a family a kid on the way.. i'm coming for mine now if you want me back. who ever runs this whole #$%#%has got to come through me and give me
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everything, i don't even know the pay pre view numbers are, but the pay per views are going to be big." ((chris maathuis)) just a reminder that a week from tomorrow bill foley will finally be able to announce the name of his team and reveal it's logo. it's been months of anticipation, but that day finally arrives tomorrow... make plans to be at this historic event... fans will want to gather at toshiba plaza beginning at 5:30. commissioner gary bettman and he'll speak. another historic moment for las vegas. i'm honored that mr. foley has asked me to mc the event. ((dave courvoisier)) believe it or not... elvis took first place in this weekend's las vegas rock n roll marathon.. sort of. 42-year-old michael wardian was dressed as the rock icon... and finished the run in 2 hours, 38 minutes, and 4 seconds sunday night. this was the 50-th year of the event,
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for a run through vegas. organizers said more than 45-thousand runners from every u.s. state and 83 foreign countries registered for this year's marathon and half-marathon./// ((denise valdez)) 8 news now at 6:30 starts in about three minutes. ((dave courvoisier)) >> let's check in with paul to see what they're working on. ((paul joncich)) dave.. denise.... one of the subjects of a popular crime documentary... could walk free. but what does that mean for steven avery.. who's still fighting his conviction shown in the "making a murderer" series? plus... there's no hiding it... dave and i are just a few men around the station growing t hair. but you're probably wondering why? so we got the director of the "movember foundation" to explain it all./// news music ((paul joncich))
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as protests continue across the country... donald trump's campaign is working prepare the businessman to take office. that means getting rid of all conflicts of interest... before his january inauguration. ((christianne klein)) those looking to


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