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tv   8 News Now at Noon  CBS  November 16, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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....... temps will stay mild today, but the strong winds are causing blowing dust and other issues on the road with trash in the air. ....... a cold front will slide through this afternoon and then will bring the cold air following these warmer southwest winds today with breezy north winds tomorrow will bring much cooler temps at just 60 degrees tomorw the 40s and even chilly 30s friday morning. ((kirsten joyce)) the nye county sheriff says a student brought a gun to a pahrump school yesterday. it happened at rosemary clark middle school. school officials had already
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there. the sheriff's office says no ammunition was discovered.. and no threats were made. the student was taken into custody and turned over to juvenile parole and probation./// ((kirsten joyce)) the first-ever bullying lawsuit against the school district to reach a judge continues in a valley court-room today. (( "i was going to try and kill myself ...""and why were you going to do that? um, because i didn't see any like other options ((kirsten joyce)) >> opening statements were and the trial picks back up today today the families of two boys say they were harassed and bullied daily while at greenspun middle school. the parents say the were never notified about it by the school.. and the school failed to investigate it. they want better anti-bullying policies and accountability. but the school district attorneys painted a different story: (( "it was 6th graders being 6th graders outside the
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school administration that these homophobic names were being used." )) ((kirsten joyce)) >> this is a bench trial, which means there is no jury and a judge will hand down a ruling./// ((kirsten joyce)) the county's latest government auction is this weekend... and that means a chance to bid on all kinds of items. you can buy cars and a variety of items local governments are trying to get rid of . right now.. you can pre-register for it. nia wong is at the auction site near stephanie and flamingo with a preview... nia? ((nia wong)) >> kirsten. dollars, i could bid on this fire engine i'm sitting on right now. would i? that's an entirely different story. my point is this auction attracts people from all walks of life to check out all kinds of items. from fire trucks to crown vics to metal detectors....ever ything up to the kitchen sink.. which one year they actually did have. >> but you won't find out until you get down here. previewing started at 9 this morning and we've seen dozens of people already looking for those good deals.
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county officials tell me this is the largest inventory they've had so far. so much that it spills into a second lot. all of the items here are from local agencies....and the money raised from the auction will go back to them. last year 4-point-9 million went to government agencies and 2-point 6 million went to clark county agencies. ((louie wilson/looking for a truck: 22:22:52 "when they've got a catologue this thick there's surely something you'll be interested in whether you end up with it or not." 22:22:59 )) >> items online or at the t-n-t yard from today until friday. once again there are also going to be items from mcarran airport's lost and found department. that won't be available for preview but you can check them out on the day of the auction this saturday. ((nia wong)) >> for now....county officials are encouraging people to use this time to preview their lots and pre-register. you can do that on the county website in both english and spanish. reporting live from southeast las vegas.. nia wong 8 news now./// ((kirsten joyce)) a host of las vegas
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presidential inauguration. the leadership team was announced yesterday... and it includes las vegas sands owner sheldon adelson and his wife miriam... steve wynn... and t-i owner phil ruffin. the entire list includes a lot of trumps biggest campaign donors. they will be responsible for a series of events around the january 20-th inauguration.. them./// ((kirsten joyce)) the trump transition team says they are making progress following some major changes. in the latest moves... vice-president elect mike pence ordered the removal of all registered lobbyists. kenneth craig is outside trump tower in manhattan with the changes. (take package script) nats eric trump saying good day president-elect donald trump's children and members of his transition team returned to trump tower this morning to fill key cabinet postions and craft an agenda.
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frontrunner for treasury secretary. ( steve mnuchin) there are lots of things to do i think the economic priorities are taxes regulatory trade and infrastructure mr. trump challenged reports that his team is in disarray tweeting this morning "totally wrong on transition. it is going so smoothly". the tweet comes after vice-president- elect mike pence removed all lobbyists from the team. (t sen. jeff flake/(r) arizona) he's putting together his team. it's never in having never been in government so let's give him the space to do that. the president-elect is also raising eyebrows after his team told the press pool he was in for the night. instead trump went to dinner tuesday at a nearby restaurant (kenneth craig/cbs news, new york) the white house correspondents association responded to the incident with a statement saying reporters are in place to cover the president-elect and it is critical they be allowed to do their jobs. meantime, the company that
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name, took down the gold letters after tenants petitioned for their removal. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. ((kirsten joyce)) trump's controversial pick to be chief strategist will be attending a gala this weekend with sheldon adelson. bannon is the former head of the website breitbart news... which gave a platform to the alt-right movement./// ((kirsten joyce)) oklahoma city's airport is back open after a deadly shooting . a southwest airlines employee was killed inh all airport traffic was suspended for hours while police hunted for the shooter... who they have identified as lloyd buie. ' he was an ex-employee of southwest airlines. the victim.. michael winchester.. was a former punter for the university of oklahoma.. and his son james played for the kansas city chiefs. police say they do not know the motivation for the shooting./// ((kirsten joyce)) work has stopped on an electric car manufacturing plant in north las vegas. faraday future is being built at
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work to let it put money and attention towards a concept car to reveal at the next consumer electronics show in las vegas. the contractor says it expects to resume construction next year. nevada has pledged up to 335 million dollars worth of incentives towards the plant./// ((kirsten joyce)) a healthy new trend.... replacing carbs with veggies.. how large food companies are now jumping on board... next on 8 news now, the valley's news leader. ((you're watching the valley's news leader with brian
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((kirsten joyce)) >> good news going into the holiday season. retail forecasters with market research firm e-marketer expect a bump in sales this year. for the whole holiday season... 8-hundred and 85-billion. that's up 3-percent from last year. black friday is expected to remain the largest single shopping day. new promotional days like cyber monday... and super saturday will also drive in sales. retail experts say overall... stores are doing a better job at marketing: ((matt bear // cbre, vice president of retail: vegas has had 3 or 4 years of positive growth. the hotels are busy, the occupants high, jobs are coming back. the vegas story is so much better than it was 5 years ago -- so i think vegas specifically should have a good christmas just because they've had a good
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>> online shopping is also expected to be up this year... and account for 10-percent of total holiday retail sales. forecasters also say expect to see a lot more promotions on your phones and social media platforms like facebook... instagram... and snap chat./// ((kirsten joyce)) many are looking to vegetables to satisfy their carb cravings. and it has companies hoping to cash in on it. ali maffucci says she lost 30 made with vegetables. everyday she makes dishes like this turnip risotto: (( ali maffucci / replaces carbs with vegetables) "i have never eaten so healthy. i have never eaten so many different variety of vegetables in my life. i feel full of energy, and focus.")) ((kirsten joyce)) many companies are now jumping on board. riced cauliflower made by grocery chain trader joes cant seem to stay on store shelves. and veggie making company "green giant" recently launched a line of veggie versions of carb classics like these tater-free tots.///
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with 97.1 "the point".. and our community pride partners.. for a turkey-thon... and you can help a local military family in need. it will last for 3 days... you can drop canned food and non-perishable food items off at these smiths grocery stores.. as well as donate cash or gift cards. our goal is to help 25-hundred local families./// ((kirsten joyce)) after a nice pleasant start to november.. we are seeing au sherry swensk tells us if the cool down is going to stick around... still ahead on 8 news now, ((you're watching 8
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it's very mild outside at noon... clouds and sunshine...
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degrees in some neighborhoods. but it's our last really mild day. .................. clouds kept temps very mild near 70 degrees overnight, but they will take ar a cold front moves through later today. ............. winds picking up all over
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and all over the valley. ...... temps will stay mild today, but the winds will blow up to 40 mph and higher and will cause the road. ....... a cold front will slide through this afternoon and then will bring the cold air following these warmer southwest winds today with breezy north winds tomorrow will bring much cooler temps at just 60 degrees tomorrow and overnight lows in the 40s and even chilly 30s friday morning.
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8 news now wants to help you get a head start on your holiday shopping with our "great days of giving" contest. starting today... we're giving away 500 dollar gift cards on 8 news now at 5 pm... and 600 dollars at 6 pm. to win... all you have to do is watch those newscasts... and be the 8-th caller when we give you the cue to call. you must be 18-years-old to win, and show that you're a valid nevada resident./// ((kirsten joyce)) the number of crashes go up during the holidays.
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we will tell you next in our now you know segement... ((kirsten joyce)) progressive insurance
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black friday... with a lot of those happening in parking lots. in today's now you know segment... judah zakalik with peters and associates is here to tell us what to do if you find yourself in one. -- so what can you do to minimize the cn over the holidays? -- so if you get in a fender bender... what should you do? -- if the
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coming up today on eight news now at four... giving the gift of life. with the heroin epidemic surging across the country... victims families are finding some comfort through organ donations./// ((kirsten joyce)) the latest international star to confirm a las vegas residency was announced on the ellen degeneres show. ricky martin will be a headliner at the park theater at monte carlo. the park is holding a press conference at 1:30 today.. so we are expecting to learn more details then. stevie nicks and bruno mars are already scheduled to perform ((kirsten joyce)) that's all for 8 news now live at noon.. the valley's news leader. remember that 8 news now is always available at las vegas now dot com, facebook and twitter.
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? >> brooke: [ sighs ] >> bill: what's the opposite of closure? because it's what i need from you. >> wyatt: oh, the conquering hero! >> kristina: awesome show yesterday, mrs. forrester. >> quinn: thank you, kristina. quite the stage manager, aren't you? >> wyatt: oh, no, nothing was staged, and your interns have been waiting for you. >> charlotte: here are phone messages from last night and this morning. >> kristina: e-mail requests for interviews and inquiries from buyers. >> pam: uh, charlotte, take the mail down to legal and accounting, will you? >> wyatt: uh, all of it? >> pam: no.


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