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tv   8 News Now Good Day  CBS  November 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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more cone zones popping up across the valley and will affect your commute as we head into the weekend. why the 215 at the airport connector will be closed in both directions and for how long. ((kirsten joyce)) >> plus... a new super drug is expected to take the valley by storm and could be lethal even in a small dose. how police are gearing up ahead of its arrival. ((brian loftus)) >> and... a drastic drop in valley temperatures yesterday. could ths ((kirsten joyce)) 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader, starts right now./// ((now, live...this is 8 news now good day.)) ((kirsten joyce)) 215 will be closed in both directions at the airport connector tonight through monday. i'm kirsten joyce. ((brian loftus)) >> and i'm brian loftus. thanks for joining us this morning on 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader. during that time crews will work
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let's send it over to demetria obilor who has more on the upcoming closure. ((demetria obilor)) back to you!/// sherry how's the
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are feeling it. we're in the low 40s at mccarran right now. ....... the low light winds and highs just near 60 yesterday have allowed temps to drop to even 30s in some valley neighborhoods. a slow warm up over the weekend with sunshine is coming. .... but also showers in the forecast let's take a lo
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becoming more deadly by the day. now, a super heroin is being created by dealers who are cutting their drugs with animal tranquilizer.... to give it an extra kick. ((kirsten joyce)) >> 8 news now anchor paul joncich explains the dangers of carfentanil (car-fen-ten-all) and how heroin users don't know what hit them... until it's too late.
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there is a drug stronger than carfentanil right now.")) (( fudenberg: "i believe it's just a matter of time before it reaches the southwest and we're preparing for it.")) ((paul joncich)) heroin is already one of the deadliest drugs in the desert. killing approximately 400 southern nevadans each year. experts say more people are using heroin because it's a cheaper alternative to opioid pain meds. (( "for people out there using heroin, bottom line is, you don't know what's in it.")) ((paul joncich)) when users take heroin that's cut with first responders have successfully been administering to save overdose victims, is suddenly not powerful enough. (( : "dr mathew lee/wheeling hospital: " it used to be we could give one dose of narcan, sometimes two doses and that would be enough. but with this stronger narcotic, it can take 4-10 or even more doses of narcan.")) ((paul joncich)) in the hardest hit areas of the country, where dozens of overdoses are happening in clusters, paramedics are running out of life saving narcan. here in nevada,
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place to avoid a new onslaught of overdoses due to carfentanil. coroner john fudenberg will be among the first to know when it hits. (( john fudenberg: "we're continually sharing our data with law enforcement, so they can map it, see where it's happening, see where these deaths are occuring see where the hot spots are in the valley.")) ((paul joncich)) while there is hope that deadly carfentanil won't make it into las vegas' heroin stream, there's good reason to believe it will. sources within metro - tell us in several recent burglaries at veterinarian offices, the obvs large animal tranquilizer. back to you./// ((kirsten joyce)) reno's city prosecutor is following las vegas's lead... and will not prosecute minor possession of marijuana cases until pot becomes legal in nevada. city attorney karl hall says it doesn't make sense to file new charges against people accused of having less than an ounce of pot. the state voted to legalize recreational marijuana last week... and the law goes into effect on
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sparks are not on board.. and say they'll keep enforcing the law until the start of 2017./// ((kirsten joyce)) this news comes as leaders in the pot industry from around the country are meeting here in las vegas. more than 10-thousand cannabis industry professionals are spending time looking at all things marijuana.... everything ranging from equipment to fertilizer... to an actual mockup of a dispensary. these businesses offer a gilmpse into what nevada's marijuana industry could soon look like. state lawmakers will soon tackle a bill that would require edibles to ba child-proof packaging. but that's not the only issue... marijuana businesses have had a hard time finding a place to set up shop. ((george stone/ceo, kalyx development: "so they typically reject them, because sometimes if a landlord has a mortgage, the mortgage prohibits activites that are illegal, even though it's state legal, it's federally illegal.")) ((kirsten joyce)) >> recreational marijuana becomes legal in nevada january first. but sales won't begin right
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say thu'll work on a temporary program allowing medical marijuana facilities to make recreational sales -- until full regulations are in place./// ((brian loftus)) after 26 years in the valley... the first 'hard rock cafe' to make it to las vegas is closing. the restaurant in front of the hard rock hotel will close on december 31-st. it's been open since 1990... but now the company wants to focus on its other restaurant and music venues on the las vegas strip. we're told employees at t first dibs on open positions at the strip location./// ((brian loftus)) but over at the linq... a handful of new dining options are moving in before the year is over. in-n-out burger... virgil's real barbecue... honolulu cookie company... and jaburittos will all set up shop next month. jaburritos will be the first sushi burrito restaurant to open on the strip... and add to the total of 10 new businesses to open at the linq in the last six months. also gaining popularity... the virtual-reality arcade that recently launched there this year.///
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continues as trump moves forward with his transition plans ahead oa ((brian loftus)) >> the latest fallout following his job offer for national security advisor to michael flynn./// ((you're watching the valley's news leader... with brian loftus, kirsten joyce, sherri swensk and
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demetria obilor. this is 8 news now good day)) ((brian loftus)) moving his high-profile transition meetings from trump tower in new york city to trump national golf course in bedminster, new jersey today. ((kirsten joyce)) >> the development comes just a day after mister trump offered the job of national security adviser to retired three-star general michael flynn. hena daniels has the latest from new york. as national security adviser...general michael flynn would be involved in every major defense and foreign policy decision president-elect donald trump makes. the idea is already not sitting well with house
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in a statement last night...the democrat bashed flynn for his past remarks about islam...saying his remarks "...only feed jihadi propaganda by reinforcing their false narrative that the west is at war with all of islam." flynn spoke at the republican national convention this summer: (flynn at rnc/ july) "coddling and displays of empathy towards terrorists is not a strategy for defeating these murderers." mister trump's latest first face-to-face meeting with a foreign leader since his election. (shinzo abe) the atmosphere of the meeting was really really cordial ...and more meetings with lawmakers favored for key administration posts...including south carolina governor nikki haley. she's reportedly in the running for secretary of statedespite harshly criticizing trump during the primary. (haley) what i've seen in donald trump is he brings out the worst in people the transition team
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cabinet roles. among them, texas senator ted cruz and former republican presidential candidate mitt romney who also had harsh words for the president-elect during his campaign: (romney) donald trump is a phony, a fraud mister trump is scheduled to meet with romney in new jersey tomorrow. hena daniels cbs news. ((kirsten joyce)) >> just moments ago president-elect donald trump offered alabama senator jeff e ((kirsten joyce)) biscuit dunking goes to a new height. ((brian loftus)) >> just how high did this man jump to dip his biscuit into a cup of tea. that's next on the valley's news leader./// ((demetria obilor)) there's nothing like a
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now one thrillseeker is breaking the internet all while setting a guinness world record. this 24-year-old simon berry carried out the highest ever bungee dunk to dip no soak a biscuit into a cup of tea. he completed the highest bungee dunk by jumping from a platform
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talk about biscuit dunking taking new heights./// sherry how's the weather today? ((sherry swensk))
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30s around some valley neighborhoods - and near freezing outside the valley - just as we expected. ............. the winds have calmed down and the cold has set in and that will keep the overnight hours extra chilly for a few nights. .................... the afternoons will warm up through the weekend to around 70 and that will help
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hours of daylight... there's plenty of time to cool down. .................. clouds show up on sunday... with a slight chance of showers showing up late sunday and into monday..... and then a better chance of rain monday. ....... temps stay in the mid to upper 60s next week.... with the return of sunshine. that may be our only chance of rain for a couple of weeks./// let's take a look at the roads with demetria ((demetria obilor))
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northeast on i-15 for a state widening project. down in the southwest, cones are out along south rainbow between sunset and russell for a county project. back to you!/// ((brian loftus)) disneyland resort is getting ready to turn the park into a winter wonderland... ((kirsten joyce)) >> coming up at 5-am.. we'll see what folks can experience this holiday season with mickey and minnie..
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you're watching 8 news now good day.
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holiday parade. the parade will run nightly on
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month. ((brian loftus)) >> it features floats... toy soldiers... snowflake princes and princess.. and host of other characters. the shows are free and open to the public and and start at 6 p-m. the tree lighting will be tonight./// ((brian loftus)) also... don't forget about our "great days of giving" contest. 8 news now want's to help you with your holiday shopping by giving away 500 dollar gift cards in the 5pm and 600 dollar gift cards in the 6pm.. in order to win, you have to watch the 5pm and 6pm newscasts this evening.. and be the cue to call. you must be 18-years-old to win, and show that you're a valid nevada resident./// ((kirsten joyce)) but we still have one holiday feast before we're able to complete submerge ourselves in decking the halls... thanksgiving. and in the spirit of giving we're partnering with several valley businesses to bring a turkey to those in need. with your help... we hope to feed at least 25 hundred families. you can drop off your canned and non-perishable items at these locations on the date located on your screen.///
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we don't have a lot of grocery stores here in our neighborhood and we want our neighbors to have access to good things at affordable prices. the only thing easy in our community is fast food. ?? well hello! wow! we're here to offer some help. welcome! retirement, huh? (laughs) i mean, look at the size of this thing!
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here you go. and that was something
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drivers, get ready for another big road closure! when parts of the 215 will close.. and what alternates you can take to avoid it. ((kirsten joyce)) >> plus -- more exotic animals have been found in pahrump. what's being reviewed by commissioners.. after two women were charged. ((sherry swensk)) >> and, the valley is waking up to another chilly morning! we'll take a look at how low temperatures will drop heading into valley's news leader, starts right now./// ((now, live...this is 8 news now good day.)) ((kirsten joyce)) >> tonight... there's a major road closure you need to know about. thanks for joining us, i'm kirsten joyce. ((brian loftus)) >> and i'm brian loftus. parts of the 215... will shut down starting at 9-o'clock tonight... until monday morning... ((kirsten joyce)) >> let's toss things over to demetria.. with a look at what drivers can expect.


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