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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  November 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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((brittany edney)) today friends and families who crash gathered to pay tribute to victims. there was songs, prayer and also hand painted ornaments with the names of victims were placed on a christmas tree. plus, anyone who wanted to tell their story or remember their
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with the crowd. it was a very touching event and coming up tonight at 6:30 on 8 news now, we'll share with you the ceremony plus hear from families members about the important message of safe driving-- especially during the holiday season. reporting live brittany edney 8 news now. ((katie boer))
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move across the area tonight through monday night. still seeing some differences with exact amounts and placement of precipitation so continued to use a blend of model data. several areas of afternoon associated with the incoming trough and weak disturbances out ahead of the main trough. one area of showers which moved through las vegas earlier today was moving through lincoln county this afternoon.
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coming up out of mexico and will likely brush southeast mohave county this evening. showers will also likely of the forecast area this evening as well but the area across central and eastern portions of inyo and san bernardino, clark and southern nye counties look like they will be in a break for the evening hours. expect this break to fill
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thanks ((denise valdez)) president elect donald trump held more meetings with potential members of his incoming administration but no appointments were announced. roxana saberi has the latest from bedminster, new jersey.
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christie who was demoted from chair of trump's transition team. his role in the new administration remains unclear. (trump) is there a place for gov. christie in your administration? trump: he's a very talented man. great guy. bridge: after two days of meetings here in new jersey, mister trump is expected to continue speaking with potential cabinet members on monday and tuesday at trump tower in new york. his administration takes over two months from today. mister trump confirmed that first lady-elect melania trump and son baron wil on inauguration day. (trump) and mrs trump and barronwhen do they move to the white house. very soon. right after he finishes school. in the meantime, the windows in mister trump's penthouse at trump tower are being replaced with bullet proof glass. roxana saberi, cbs news, bedminster new, jersey. ((denise valdez)) >> mister trump held a meeting with kansas secretary of state,
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immigration issues./// ((denise valdez)) and trump's appointment's made for a hot topic on the senate floor. nevada's senior senator... harry reid bashed trump's appointment of former breitbart ceo steve bannon as chief white house strategist. he acknowledged that a lot of americans don't approve of bannon being apart of the administration due to his overt anti-semitic and extreme vight viewpoints printed in breitbart news. he took it a step further -- president-elect to apologize: ((reid: rise to the dignity of the office as president of e stop hiding behind your twitter account and show america that racism, bullying and bigotry has no place in the white house or in america.)) ((denise valdez)) >> tonight on politics now our team explains how a political ads between congressional candidates jackie rosen and danny tarkanian has led to a lawsuit. that's coming up here at 5-30. /// ((denise valdez)) and speaking of trump's tweets -- pence spoke out on face the nation about being
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broadway show hamilton. trump made a spectacle of on twitter. ((:33 "i wasn't offended by what was said. i'll leave that to others on whether it was the appropriate venue to say it. but i want to reassure the people that were disappointed with the election results, people are feeling anxious about this time and the life of our nation that the president elect donald trump meant what he said... he's gonna be the president of all the people of the united states of america. :56)) ((denise valdez)) >> at the end of the show... the stage saying they hoped the show would inspire pence to uphold american values and work on behalf of all americans./// ((denise valdez)) still ahead -- on the valley's news leader... a false alarm in california led to a foam mess for some -- a party for others. we'll explain straight ahead. /// ((denise valdez))
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spreads because of possible listeria contamination. the fda says the affected products were manufactured before november 8 at a plant where listeria monocytogenes have been found. consumers are urged to discard any product with a "best before" date through january 23, 2017 on the lid. listeria monocytogenes can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly
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systems. symptoms of listeriosis vary, but usually include fever, muscle aches, stiffness, abdominal pain and diarrhea.//// ((denise valdez)) coming up tonight at 6:30. children learning about philanthropy with the cast of 'hook'. we're there for the show and we speak with the cast about the upcoming 25th anniversary. and why police are saying the pilot of the deadly air ambulance crash -- managed to save more lives. join us for those stories and more, tonigha ((denise valdez)) but before we leave tonight -- a starnge sight pouring out of a northern california airport! foam began seeping out of the hanger friday after something tripped the fire alarm. it looked like a freak snowstorm just hit the south bay. the tidal wave of suds had onlookers scratching their heads and at least one man dived in. ((we've also had people playing in the foam thats not a good idea if it gets in your eyes at the very least it will
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>> the foam is on a deluge system so if one part of it is activated... the whole building fills with foam to put out a fire./// ((denise valdez)) that's it for us. stick around for politics now coming up next. join us again at 6:30./// ((it struck upon impact
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soledad: it's now a familiar refrain -- america is a divided nation. not just divided, but also angry. there have been protests involving thousands of peoplin election. what's behind it? many of the president-elect's goals and pronouncements, to be sure, but also his path to the white house. donald trump won the electoral college 290-232. that's 20 more than he needed. but the popular vote tells another story -- it takes a while to get the final tally, and we don't have it yet. but we do know that hillary clinton got at least 1.3 million more individual votes than
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so if you are wondering why the electoral college vote carries the day, what's behind it, and the chances of changing it, "matter of fact" correspondent liz palka has some answers. liz: on election night, it's all about the results. the oval office, secured state by state. prof. sherman: i think what people really don't understand when they go to vote is that they're not voting for a candidate, they're actually voting for the electors. liz: elizabeth sherman teaches politics at ic in washington, d.c. she tells us the founding fathers weren't big fans of the popular vote. prof. sherman: they considered the popular vote. they rejected that. they decided that every state would have a certain amount of power, and that our elections would be decided by the electoral votes of every state. liz: each state gets electoral votes equal to the number of members in the house of representatives, plus two votes
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for example, tennessee has 9 representatives. with two senators, that's 11 electoral votes. and in most states, whoever wins the most votes takes all the electoral votes in what's called winner take all. that's true everywhere but nebraska and maine, where votes are awarded proportionately. sherman says giving every state two votes for their senators was a way of balancing the interests of big and small states. prof. sherman: they were so afraid of being dominated by new york, mahu pennsylvania. liz: that wasn't the only compromise. prof. sherman: the slave states wanted the slaves to be counted as members of the population that would give them more representation in congress. liz: so, the framers settled on counting 3/5 of the slave population, increasing the number of electoral votes without granting male slaves the right to vote. white women were counted, too,
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joins a short list -- five candidates who've won the popular vote but lost the electoral college, bringing into focus the question of whether the framers got it right. changing the electoral college would require changing the constitution. that's a long process. so if states want a shorter-term fix, their legislatures could consider moving from winner take all to the proportional method used by maine and nebraska. for "matter of fact," i'm liz palka in washington. >> coming up next, is student loan debt scaring you? >> in order to forgive the debt, we have to raise taxes. >> help could be on the way. and meet the newest muslim legislator. she says in her america, dreams
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soledad: if you're a millennial, roughly meaning someone aged 18 to 34, here's some news just for appreciate it too. among many other proposals, president-elect trump says he wants to reduce student debt, which the federal reserve of new york says now hovers at about $1 trillion nationwide, approaching $37,000 for each college graduate this year. details are still sketchy, but the general idea is to cap the payment amount relative to total income. >> he wanted to increase the
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monthly -- from 10% of their income to 12.5% of their income -- but in exchange borrowers would have their debt forgiven after 15 years rather than 20. soledad: millennials probably didn't constitute much of president-elect trump's winning margin. but they sure made a difference for ilhan omar. she made history last week when she was elected to a state house seat in minnesota. the 34-year-old muslim-american is director of policy at the women organizing women network, a group that organizes east leadership roles. omar arrived in the u.s. at age 12 after fleeing somalia with her family when she was eight, test test test test test test test test and finally, one u.s. senator takes an interesting approach to millennial constituent relations -- from behind the wheel. ben sasse, the republican from nebraska, stays in touch by taking a shift on various jobs
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on a recent saturday evening, he took a shift as an uber driver in lincoln, getting good reviews. >> i saw it was like ben sasse, and i thought it was a joke at first, but he had a five star rating, so that is when i knew, ok, this is real. soledad: sasse, a first term senator, has taken shifts changing tires on semi-trucks and feeding cattle. his office says it's a way of staying in touch with a changing economy, not to mention a whole new crop of voters. >> when we return, we saw what the presidency did to george w. bush and barack obama.
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soledad: you may voted him in to office, or maybe you didn't, but donald trump is about to take on the world's toughest job. it is a job that has visibly aged every may who has held it. take a look at george w. bush.
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after eight years, here's how he looked. here is barack obama, 47 years old when he took office in 2009. he has joked about the presidential mileage now evident on his head. so, what can we predict for 70-year-old president-elect trump? here's one prediction of how he could look at the end of his first term. and here is a final one, abraham lincoln, who said in 1860, "may the almighty grant that the cause of truth, justice, and humanity shall in no way suffer in my hands." good words to leave you with. i'm soledad o'brien for "matter of fact." have a great week. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.
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don't wait! call now! )) ((patrick walker >> >> tonight on "politics now," senator harry reid not holding back on a floor speech about donald trump's election. >> a state senator switches side. the reason patricia farley is giving for leaving the repetitive party and caucusing with t the political ad in congressional district 3 has sparked a lawsuit. >> one claim that may have the rosen group sweating. >> from 8 news now, this is "politics now" with steve sebelius and patrick walker.


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