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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  November 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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large scale sex trafficking. thanks for joining us.. i'm denise valdez.. ((paul joncich)) >> and i'm paul joncich. police have made it clear they've been looking into drug use and prostitution activity in popular nightclubs, so the arrest of a well-known club promoter on dozens of serious charges caused industry leaders to wonder if others might be named. but that's not how it worked out. ((denise valdez)) >> as the i-team learned, federal authorities are now looking at the former vice cop who spearheaded the crackdown on clubs. george knapp is here with more h ((george knapp)) it's been three years since nightclub promoter arman izadi was busted on multiple felony counts, including pandering, kidnapping, and torture. the charges were later dropped after prosecutors learned the detective who launched that case was himself suspected of involvment with sex traffickers and prostitutes. izadi remains blackballed by the industry he promoted. he still won't talk about club executives or bigwigs but gave us a rare glimpse into how that world operates.
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up to the ropes of tao at the venetian and i handed a guy named peter 50 bucks and i said peter i want to come back here at 11:30. i'm going to have ten hot girls with me. when i do, i don't know anyone here in vegas, i want you to act like we've been friends from college and let me in." that's how arman izadi started what became a hugely successful career as a club promoter. within a year, he had a nightly entourage of attractive women willing to follow him into popular nightclubs, to strings attached. izadi called himself a "mood director." izadi: essentially what we would do as mood directors is go into a venue, bring a lot of beautiful people with us, and create new energy that results in more spending...they would comp everything, and they would actually pay me to do this, and they would place their big customers on either side of me... his rise coincided with an explosion in the nightclub scene. clubs
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came to las vegas not to gamble but to dance and party. dj's earned millions. nightclubs begat dayclubs. customers would pay 1000 dollars for a 20 dollar bottle of booze, in part so they could be surrounded by beautiful women. izadi at first recruited female tourists he'd just met but after awhile had his own army. izadi: most of them aren't even entertainers. most of them are local models, cocktail waitresses who want to go out and have fun. he knew every doorman and vip host in town and wa show up. eventually, izadi got an outcall license, like those services advertised on rolling billboards. a few of the women who worked with him as independent contractors provided services way beyond drinking and dancing. chris baughman/metro vice 2013 interview someone who works inside these clubs would contact him and say, hey i've got some people in town.... vice detective chris baughman was part of metro's team formed to go after big-time
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tried to set him up in an elaborate sting that failed. two years later, izadi was arrested by baughman, charged with beating, torturing, and kidnapping three women after forcing them into prostitution. he was jailed for 20 months awaiting trial, then prosecutors dropped 19 of 20 counts michael cristalli/izadi defense attorney: arman was a very successful nightclub person who coordinated parties and was very relevent within the industry. he was a promoter. as a result of these charges, he was blackballed, just the conviction of lack thereof. izadi's attorneys think the charges were dropped once prosecutors learned that former vice cop baughman was under fbi investigation for suspected links to a rival outcall operator jamal rashid, aka mally mall. and because
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of the working girls who were primary witnesses in his cases. izadi's life is ruined, and although the charges were dismissed and he has declined to drop the names of his nightclub associates, he remains barred from entering his former haunts. izadi: people that were my friends for over a decade don't answer my calls. izadi entered a no contest plea to a single count of pandering but now that the fbi is reportedly looking into former detective baughman's activities, trying to change that deal. the i-team has been contacted by other defendants from similar cases, as well as people who say they worked with izadi, and we plan to follow them up. ((paul joncich)) we are finally going to know the name and logo of our nhl team. there have been rumors and speculation about the name for months.. but now we will know for sure. jon tritch is at the team's future home... t-mobile arena.. with a preview of what to expect.
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pushed through east clark county this morning but have not since dissipated. flooding was big in golden valley, much tranquil conditions. mostly clouds right now high humidity and dewpoints due to the rain that passed through this morning. winds breezy at times but cool 60's today and not 70's that's for sure. ................................ ... ............. let's take you through the evening and show you what to expect. temps cooling off bigtime as skies beging to clear tonight.
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for your morning commute. we'll have your thanksgiving forecast coming up in a few minutes
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dozen back. employees like johnny alapai, who had to leave his family to find work in texas. ((8:17 paul: "so you work during the week doing solar, and you come back here on the weekends to see your family." johnny: "yes yeah, every weekend.")) alapai and the others are happy to be working in nevada again. (( : kevin geraghty/nv energy: "customers with applications for solar systems under the old net metering rates, should have recieved an n.v. energy letter last week . that letter decribes everythying those customers need to do to opt in.")) grandfathered customers have decide if they want to move forward with rooftop solar installation. in las vegas, paul joncich 8 news now./// ((paul joncich)) when it comes to new customers, the solar industry is hoping lawmakers will come up with a new plan to make rooftop solar affordable for everyone. /// ((paul joncich)) the stock market continued to reach record heights today... as the dow jones industrial average crossed 19-thousnad for the first time. all four indexes set record closing highs. that hasn't happened since 19-99.
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election. retailers like discount store chains.. and food producers are also raising thier profit forecasts for the year./// ((denise valdez)) getting your hands on the hot holiday toys can be challenge. so 8 on your side is giving you a head start with their hot toys gift guide... next on the valley's news leader... ((denise valdez)) alright grab your phone and start dialing! the number to call for your chance to win 600 dollars is right here! 702-792-8801! the 8th person to call wins a 500- dollar gift card in our great days today is you're last chance to win! to win, you must be at least
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six." ((denise valdez)) we have a winner of our 8
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brian allen just won a 600 dollar gift card! congratulations! we wan to thank everyone who participated in the contest and from all of us at 8 news now we wush you and your family a fantastic holiday!
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friday. and consumer advocate michelle mortensen is here to tell us what are the must get toys in tonght's gift guide. and shop while you watch .. by goit gift guide for a 2 screen expereince. ((michelle mortensen)) from bikes to boards to bugs??? we've got the hottest toys that move and grove for babies, big kids, teens and tweens. hi i'm michelle mortensen ... and this is my 5th annual holiday gift guide here at the magical forrest at opportunity village and we are about to count down the hottest toys for
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three-wheeled cruiser designed for children 2 to 5. wishing there was one big enough for you? there is. mobo has mittys for the whole family. does your teen or tween wish they could shred like shawn white all year round. now they can with the ski scooter by geospace. take it on the snow .. a grassy hill even a sand dune. and the citybug 2 exclusively at brookstone is a scooter unlike any other. its a green clean lightweight electric machine that doesn't make a peep.. and it goes fast or slow. this one is pretty popular with when it comes to dolls -- nothing is bigger than cabbage patch baby so real. she'll actually interact with your child. tickle her feet .. she laughs ...check out her life like eyes when you play peek a boo. but she's not the only cabbage in the patch ... the classic is also back and cuter than ever. pair your with an adoptamal and the dog or cat comes to life too with sounds and phrases thanks to a special lock and key. toy cars are classic gifts ... but this batch right here... tops anything you've seen
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wicked cool toys... can flip .. do tricks and make sharp turns an added plus ... the helmet is a camera so you can record all the high flying action. the max rumbler is radio controlled car that performs maximum power stunts. as does the nintendo mini rc racer. it brings classic nintendo to life. speaking of nintendo ... their nes classic edition is finally available. it's a smaller version of the 1985 original loaded with 30 classic games. and the bridge direct is brining classic pacman and space arcade sets/ d-c comics are hot right now with boys and girls of all ages... and fans young and old will dig this life size batman from jakks pacific. the younger set can fight bad guys in metropolis and gotham city with the imaginext fight city. use the 4 power pads to reveal hidden launchers, landing pads and entrances to make batman and superman fly around the city. and girls can literally become wonderwoman or bat gril with these dress up kits and action figiures just for them. speaking of dress up ...
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and the hottest disney princess around is elana of avalor .. little ones can don her formal ballgown, sceptor and guitar to hold royal court just like the disney junior princess. moana is the latest disney movie for the holidays ... and she's expected to be a must have toy this season. this playset from hasbro brings the movie to life with moana .. her animal friends and working canoe. just play also has toys for tiny tots who love disney junior. check out their dancing princess sophia doll ... their moving and grooving hot minnie mouse. plus boys and girls alike love doc mc stuffin's .. and now they can tend and mend to all their sick toys just like doc ... thanks to this toy hospital cart and rosie the rescuer ambulance. and with the re-release of beauty and the beast -- and the live action film in march ... belle is the classic princess who is big once again. this musical tea party cart from jakks pacific sings, spins and is perfect for tea for two.
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girl dolls ... like melody ellison here who is all about equality. and american girl is also debuting a new line of dolls for younger girsl called wellie wishers. fans of teenage mutant minja turles will love talk to me mikey. kids can chat, sing, and play with the funniest ninja turtle of all... he's completely interactive. mikey also breaks out a skateboard with this hot toy from jakks pacific... it's like a remote control car ... that's all about skateboarding stunts. all of these great toys ... plus dozens more are available for purchase now on our online pinterest page and facebook. check them out for more great ideas. i'm mm ((paul joncich)) >> tomorrow michelle will be revealing her list of the top gifts that give back.///
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arrived on the las vegas strip! we are live at the announcement with what fans think about the new name for las vegas' pro hockey team...


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