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tv   Post Sports 8 News Now  CBS  November 27, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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england and jets game. what a wild one we've had here. jim nantz, phil simms, tracy wolfson. 2:29 to go. tied at 32-32 and third and a long yard for the raiders. murray picks it up. and if you're just joining us, this was a 1-point lead for the raiders at the intermission, then carr got hurt, dislocated, it appeared, a pky throwing hand. missed a series. during all that time the panthers were starting their comeback, including later on an 88-yard touchdown pass from cam newt on the ginn and then the raiders were suddenly down eight, only to come back and tie with it a touchdown and a two. so the drive continues first and goal. a drive that began back at their own 13. ??
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?? ?? ("le freak" plays throughout) freak out ?? ?? ?? for me? oh my... (gasps) what is it? it's samsung gear vr. you put it in there... push the play button. (gasps) (laughs) this is crazy! oh my gosh! (screams) wow. (sighs) (laughter) you've gotta try this. ?? introducing the reuben from subway a sandwich as full of intrigue as it is flavor. some say it was invented by deli owner arnold reuben.
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orie rambeau in a fit of crazed hunger. seriously. the reuben's past may be debatable, but its great taste is not. stacked with lean corned beef, bavarian-style sauerkraut, swiss cheese, and thousand island dressing on new freshly-baked rye bread. we don't know where it came from, but we know where you can get it. only at subway. jim: here are some of the numbers, as we've played 58 minutes here and the raiders have it first and goal to go.
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give it to murray and he runs right into the arms of short. and an meet time-out by carolina, leaving them with one. phil: if you're a carolina fan, you might be going let them score, give us more time and time-outs. no, they're doing the right thing with two time-outs. that took two five seconds. let's say they run it again. you call a time-out. it's 1:50 to go. that would take it down to 1:10. that would give cam newton, best-case scenario around one minute or 55 seconds to get into position to get a game-tying field goal depending on what's here. jim: it's been a magnificent second half for cam newton. next week, regional action, the main game houston at lambeau
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local listings. it all begins at nfl today at noon eastern. phil: do you agree with that scenario? jim: i do. came out of the two-minute warning, the panthers had two. they just used one. you have to play it out. you're right. second and goal. and it is incomplete. that was andre holmes and still to go. they decided to go up top. phil: i think they were trying to throw a screen inside but it was not there. then he had to come off it to his left side. he wanted to throw it the measurey. nice, safe play. even if you complete it they tackle and you the clock keeps
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jim: third and goal. it's incomplete! it was klein on the coverage and no flag and janikowski is coming on to the field. phil: he had what he wanted. just threw it too quick and a.j. klein, they have -- they are putting him in tough spots. it's a little stop and move crabtree just kind of stumbles. three times today, we've seen this defense -- that's asking a lot of a.j. klein to cover receivers in the middle of the field one-on-one. jim: how happy do the panthers have to be? they didn't run it on second down. still have 1:45 to go. janikowski nails it. 35-32 oakland.
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calling, once they threw it on second down, it was incomplete. they were forced to throw it on third to try to score and go up. but the second down play i couldn't disagree with it. a little screen, it's safe. would have kept the clock moving if they didn't score. so you can second guess those play calls but i'm not. but to go back to a.j. klein, jim. all those situations they're pu luke kuechly usually. jim: tonight on cbs, "60 minutes" with its story on the groundbreaking study on as heimer's. then all-new episodes of ncis, madam secretary, cbs. so the raiders vinleder a 17-point halftime lead. go down eight after 25 unanswered by carolina and then
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unanswered to take a three-point lead. janikowski has just converted his 200th all-time field goal at home. phil: well, jack del rio knows an his offense. still has question marks about his defense. this is where you have an offense in a certain situation and you have to have some closers on the defensive side to get it done. jim: have not gone all that deep, but this one does, however. beautifully done. janikowski earning the touchback. phil: in this second half, cam newton has been throwing the football absolutely magnificently. he's made some big-time throws. been right on the money. jim: one of the key things he
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, people don't understand a team changes its identity every year. the last year, one of the trademarks of the team that went 15-1, they pulled out games like this. that has not been the case this year. all of those near misses we referred to in the worlds of ron rivera. could that change here today? first down. complete. and olsen has hold of it to the 45. phil: what a route by greg olsen. he goes down the field, goes outside and then breaks it back in. watch this move outside, stop. cam newton was looking at him the whole way. great drive starter right there. jim: olsen's 600th career catch to.
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huge chunks to try to get into range at the least for a gano-tying field goal but with designs on something much bigger than that with 1:15 to go. phil: we've watched it. cam newton has got it going flowing the football now. so if you're going to play soft coverage and break on the ball, get there before he throws a fastball in there, it's not going to work. thrown away. as mack was applying push. -- push. phil: khalil mack gets some pressure. make -- maybe saves a big completion. what a move that time. newton knows the pressure is coming and just gets rid of it.
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that was a great spin move. jim: for nose just joining us, mack had a pick six right before halftime. second and 10. the chase is on and he is forced to just throw it away. it was bruce irvin along with mack. busting up the play. phil: bruce irvin this way. mack on the other side. khalil mack, that san awesome job of bruce irvin is chasing cam newton. so cam newton has to -- no choice but to throw it out of bounds. jim: they have two downs to pick up 10 yards. and newton takes the final
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not where you wanted to use your final time-out but not happy with what he saw. phil: yeah, but it's the right thing to do. the clock was running down. they were having trouble gettling the formation they wanted and really all rivera is looking for here, give us a good field goal try. jim: ron rivera who agree up a little more than of here in the monterey area and he was a raider fan. jim plunkett was his hero. he has family members who are raider die hearts -- die-hards, come to many of the games. phil: the raiders doinlts have to blitz because they have two terrific outdoor pass rushers. khalil mack and irvin so they
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jim: third and 10, with time. middle of the field and off the hands of greg ol' sewn. -- olsen. phil: aggressive throw, 88, greg olsen going right down the middle of the field. a little bumpy. just enough where he couldn't get both hands clearly on the gets his fingertips. that would have been an unbelievable catch. jim: fourth and 10. it would have to be a 62-yard field goal. too far back. they're going to go for it. fourth and 10. game on the line. in trouble! and the raiders end it!
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phil: this is what you have when you have outside pass rushers like mack and irvin. obvious desperate passing situations. they can finish the game. capitol hill mack on this side. here he comes. just overpowered trea turner. jim: this is very similar to what we saw not that far in here in super bowl miller who was coming off that same edge wreak havoc on newton. carr with the glove on one hand, wedding ring on the other. and the raiders about to win their fifth in a row. phil: we talk about it, this will give you confidence. gives you faith. your quarterback gets hurt, the game turns around and they found a way to win it and khalil mack
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stripped cam newton. jim: well, the raiders to go to 9-2. to stay in that current first position in the a.f.c. same record as the patriots. have a strength of schedule advantage at the moment. and this old around for a while and still has some old magic in it. it's the 50th year of the oakland coliseum. and it's come back to life with these young raiders. they've got their first winning season since 2002 with the victory today.
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have a finisher on the defensive side. jim: 35-32, oakland victory. cbs tonight, "60 minutes" then all-new ncis: los angeles, madam secretary and elementary. for phil and tracy, jim nantz saying so long from oakland. you've been watching the nfl on cbs. oh, that's lovely... so graceful. in, flawless... ...his signature move, the flying dutchman. poetry in motion. and there it is, the "baby bird". breathtaking. a sumo wrestler figure skating? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money heather saved by switching to geico.
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>> cbs sports thanks you for watching this presentation of
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now following the nfl on cbs... if this week's football has made you overwhelmed but satisfied..exhaus ted but're not alone..tis the season to devour thanksgiving thursday..colle ge rivalry saturday and a thrilling sunday slate.. happy deserve it no one says seasons greetings quite like raider fans..that's frightening.. and derek carr has been frighteningly great this season..
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quarter.. panthers would take the lead heading into the 4th.. but the raiders have their best team since 2002 and know how to finish..sebastian winning field goal..35-32.. first winning season for oakland in 14 years staying with those fighting for afc playoff slots.. the bills down in the 4th quarter but tyrod taylor makes the natives forget about the 140 feet of snow they're about to get..touchdown pass to justin hunter..28-21..buf falo is 6-5 soft november schedule including 2016 cream-puff san francisco.. ryan tannehill to kenny stills.. but the 49ers have 2 seconds and 2 yards to send the game to overtime.. ndamakung suh runs down colin kapernick...31-24. .dolphins have won 6 straight games ram and saints.. 2016 number one overall pick jared goff throws his first three touchdown passes of his career..
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start..but drew brees sees your 3 scores..and raises you 4.. the future hall of famer has 26 touchdown passes this season.. 49-21 saints stay alive a 45 to 10 loss hurts..but a 45-10 beatdown from your bitter rival to finish the season. who then paraded around your field with the cannon trophy in celebration..well that is demoralizing and that is the rebel reality today all saturday afternoon nevada broke unlv tackles and spir that they were favored by 10 points.. unr was decisive in victory and deliberate in celebration when they took the cannon out to the 50 yard line and spray painted it blue... the rebels had many positives this season..but it will take time to rebound from their dark finale (tony sanchez/coach: "i'll be honest with you, the perfect fuel for the off-season is a win in this game. it's winning the game, winning the cannon, continuing to celebrate the things that we are getting better at. but you know what, when you are in this coaching profession you take the situation, you turn it into the situation you need
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going to do.") ((paul joncich)) next on the valley's news
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leader. blowing dust creating dangerous driving conditions for some in the southwest. just creating dangerous driving conditions for some. katie tracking our extended wind advisory. also, mass exodus from las vegas after the long holiday weekend. the gold night set to kick off their season. we will take a look at the latest turn we are hosting here in the valley.
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weekend edition. let's find out about a wind advisory. katie is here with details. we are getting blown around. >> katie: gusty winds have continued across portions of the valley. the sandstorm blowing dust around portions of baker. still gusts in some part of the area. some improvement with the gusts. sustained wind lingering from the north at 20 miles an hour. besides the current conditions, we are still watching the wind advisory, the western portion of our viewing area, western
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lincoln. watching portions of southern nevada.these areas could be gusts as high as 50 miles an hour. we had a time-lapse earlier this morning. our camera video a little rocky. watch as the moon starts rising, almost looking like an eclipse. the wind is still a very present factor. you are watching the next couple hours. what you can expect in terms of your monday coming up in my extended forecast. metro police are hunting for a child predator after a man sexually assaulted an eight-year-old girl on thanksgiving day. this is a composite sketch of the suspect. police say he approached the girl hand her younger brother while they were playing outside
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they described the suspect as an older white male with a thin build and salt and pepper hair. the man was a stranger to the child. we have an update on the car that crashed through the store on the east side of town. they do not believe the driver was impaired. it happened just before 4:30 near tropicana and eastern. the female dr of her car and crashed into the front wall of the store. the driver is now at sunrise where she's being treated for non-life-threatening injuries. the employee is going to be okay. major traffic delays as many people are heading back after the holiday weekend. here's a live look.look at all of those taillights and headlights. trip advisor says 22 percent of those ewho traveled for
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today. travel this holiday weekend beat last year. some 63 percent drove to their in town, they expected to be busy tomorrow and tuesday. usually the busiest days of the year with the dmv. to add to the busyness, the sahara office of the dmv expected to be closed for two weeks. the new sahara office will reopen monday, december 19. the dmv of director said to avoid long lines you can handle most of your business online or book an appointment online. more deals and steals are on the way. tomorrow, cyber monday. many will take the time to snag items for the christmas list online. last year, it was such a success it broke online sales
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it roeven slowed down access to the kiwebsite. the national retail federation estimates 122 million people are going to shop online tomorrow. some crooks are looking to cash in. >> reporter: some cybercriminals are searching for their next target. you have to be careful of the type of personal information you are putting out there. we spoke to acxiom rcyber solutions. they say you should never have to give up your social number for an order even if a site has a rewards program. that's not needed to sign up. cybercriminals could use that to steal your identity. basic information that is normal to give up include your name, address, and phone number. that should be enough. acxiom said they have seen too many people fall prey to online predators. >> we have heard about people getting their identity stolen
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in their name, car loans. nowadays they are doing it two young children. >> reporter: coming up tonight, we will have safety tips for you to keep in mind if you're going to participate in cyber monday. tomorrow, star wars fans will have a reason to celebrate. disney announcing the tickets for robe one star wars story will go on sale. the official star wars account tweeted that friday. rope one is a spinoff of wars and a prequel. it debuts in theaters december 16. we learn the new name of our hockey y team, golden night. they won't take the ice until next season. las nvegas will become a top destination for hockey. >> reporter: the chill is in the air and it's all about hockey. folks have been fans of the sport for quite a while. southern nevada soon to be home


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