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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  November 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> oliver: cuba's farewell to fidel castro. we're in havana as the island-nation begins a week of rallies and tributes to its father-figure. but here in the u.s, some cuban-americans say history will not absolve the man they call a brutal dictator. >> he says history will absolve him. history will condemn him. >> oliver: also tonight. president-elect trump slams election recount efforts as a "scam." the young victims of the chattanooga school bus tragedy are laid to rest. concerns were raised about the driver weeks ago. and, the online holiday shopping rush is on. could cyber monday shatter an internet sales record? >> it's going to be a very
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>> this is the cbs weekend news. >> oliver: good evening, i'm meg oliver, with a western edition of the broadcast. 21-gun salutes will fire in cuba's largest cities monday - as the island-nation begins a week-long, choreographed farewell to its longtime leader fidel castro. the communist dictator - who wore his animosity towards america - as long as his trademark beard - died friday at the age of 90. manuel bojorquez is in havana. today as the death of fidel castro has started to set in. while a diswissi divisive figur, here on this caribbean island, he was loved by many. as flags flew at half staff over havana, some cubans couldn't hold back their tears. >> no podemo. victor manuel he felt he had lost a patriarch. the father of our family, the
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said. havana's normally bustling revolution plaza was quiet. workers were busy preparing for two days of tributes to the dictator who led the country for half a century. thousands of cubans will pay their respects in the shadow of the monument to national hero jose marti and a sculpture of revolution leader che guevara. inside the havana cathedral, leticia fonseca prayed and reflected. fidel castro was someone that always helped us a lot, .she said, especially community of the lower class. >> yo soy fidel. >> on saturday at castro's former university, dozens of students chanted "i am fidel." we continue to work hard he said, there will be great moments that will come for this country. people here will gather for official state memorials,
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of his most firey and important speeches. his remains will be taken from havana to santiago, retracing in reverse the victory march he made with the revolutionary army. meg, his funeral will be held next sunday in santiago, known as the cradle of castro's revolution. >> manuel bojorquez, thank you. about 225 miles north of havana, it's a very different mood - more like a party - in miami's cuban-american neighborhood, "little havana." david begnaud is there. >> this is the second day that people have taken to the street here in little havana. as one woman said, we're not celebrating the death of fidel castro, but the freedom of cuba. it is still front page news. the miami herald, one word, the streets are still closed and they're blearing music in front
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your parents came with you. they are now deceased. why is it important to be on the streets tonight? >> to support my cuban family, to support all these people who have come here today to celebrate, to teach my daughter this is a moment in history. i have left when i was nine years old and i have never gone back. i am an american, i will go back where a passport. latenin. >> i know that people are looking at these visuals and thinking, are these people nuts? are they celebrating someone's death? we are not, we are celebrating an opportunity of a new beginning, a new dawn and we are hopeful optimistic people. we are not going to stop dreaming of a free cuba and
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were bringing install cuban flags to grave yards where their relatives were buried. one woman said, i wanted to bring a flag for the grave of my mother and father who didn't live long enough to see this. meg. >> oliver: david pegues e-begnaud. >> top aides to president-elect trump said today the incoming administration will not make any decisions on u.s.-cuba relations until after mr. trump takes fice in january. for now, mr. trump is filling positions in his administration, recount efforts. errol barnett has the latest. >> president-elect donald trump fired off a tweet-storm sunday over the pending vote recount in wisconsin, where he won by 27,000 votes. "hillary clinton conceded" he wrote. noting that after the election the democratic nominee said "we owe him.? a chance to lead." clinton's general counsel said on saturday they would participate in the recount which was initiated by green party
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she has raised $6 million for the effort and may pursue recounts in michigan and pennsylvania. trump calls it a scam and today, his chief of staff went further. >> this is ridiculous. this is a fundraising, notoriety-driven fraud by a person who won 33,000 votes in wisconsin to president-elect trump who won 1.4 million. >> also today, the transition team's debate over who should be secretary of state spilled into public view once again. gov. mitt romney and mayor rudy giuliani are among those being considered. trump campaign manager-turned advisor, kellyanne conway, appeared on several sunday programs to slam governor mitt romney. >> he gave speeches against donald trump. he attacked his character. did he go and intervene in syria, where they're having a massive humanitarian crisis, meaning, when i say intervene, like offer to help? has he been helpful to mr. netanyahu? >> the president-elect is
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florida, and his transition team says he's been contacted by more than 40 world leaders. meg, more cabinet and staff annoucements are expected monday, meg. >> errol barnett, thank you. there were mass shootings in a number of cities this weekend including new orleans. one man is dead, and nine others injured after an overnight shooting in the french quarter - o were arrested.t. it's not clear whether the victims were targeted. a civil rights group is protection of mosques after threatening letters were sent to three mosques in california. investigators are trying to track down whoever sent the handwritten, photo-copied letters. jury selection begins tomorrow in the trial of dylann roof. he's accused of murdering nine african americans at a bible meeting in june of 2015. on friday, a federal judge ruled that roof is mentally competent to stand trial and could face
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chattanooga, tennessee this weekend for two of the six children killed last week in a school bus accident. paula reid is following this. where. >> mourners gathered at the redemption point church in chattanooga to say goodbye to nine-year-old cordesha jones, one of six children killed in the crash. her pastor remembered her as a child who made everyone's day a little brighter. >>she was the most genuine child you could ever meet. you know when people say, that 'oh man - they leave everyone smiling,' and they just say it? for cordesha they really meant that. >> the bus driver, johnthony walker, has been charged with vehicular homicide. newly released records show school administrators and students raised concerns about him in the weeks before he crashed a bus carrying 37 children on their way home from woodmore elementary school. just 10 days before the accident, a principal reported walker for driving "way too fast." in a handwritten report, a student said "it feels like the bus is going to flip over."
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official, walker stated that he did not care about the students and proceeded to tell the students he did not care about them. funerals for the young victims continue throughout the week - 10 year old zyanna harris was laid to rest today. nine-year old zoie nash's funeral is scheduled for thursday. three students remain in the hospital in critical condition. a fund has been set up to help families affected by the bus crash - it has raised over $150,000. meg, they tell me they expect that be even higher after the two organizations have had a chance to count all of the donations that came in over the holiday. >> oliver: such a sad story. thank you very much. >> coming up next: cyber monday.
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>> oliver: this black friday mall brawl in modesto, california made a strong case for shopping online. holiday shoppers have been flocking to the internet in record numbers this weekend -
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known as cyber monday. here's mireya villarreal. >> bargains on tv's, toys, and technology was enough temptation to draw in hoards of shoppers across the country on black friday. but crowded stores with limited product have some second guessing whether braving black friday is worth it. >> walmart was crazy busy, and people were trying to punch people in f >> this year, on-line retailers got a jump start on cyber monday, posting deals on thanksgiving day. the savings so good, savvy shoppers actually crashed macy's website. consumers research president joe colangelo. >> it's going to be a very strong cyber monday. you are looking at amazon, of course is capturing the lions' share of cyber monday and then walmart is close after, and then macy's, lord & taylor, home depot -- these are three of the other major players. >> sales from this cyber monday could hit at least $3.3 billion.
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nearly 27% jump from 2014 when sales were at $2.6 billion. overall, this year's holiday season could ring up at $117 billion. >> of the three main shopping days over this holiday weekend, that's thanksgiving, black friday and cyber monday, cyber monday has been growing the fastest of all three of those. >> colangelo says the convenience of shopping at home combined with better bargains is what's fueling that growth, converting shoppers like pat courtney. morning on black friday, 3:00 in the morning, go everywhere. these days you get up on thanksgiving, order it online and you come out just out of habit really." >> on average. families are expected to spend about $1000 on gifts this holiday season, and millenials are leading the shopping pack, increasing their holiday spending this year by 25%. neg. >> oliver: mireya, thank you. >> up next: help for the homeless. a small gesture is making life
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>> oliver: there are nearly 120,000 homeless people in california. more than two-thirds of them live on the street. that's the highest rate of people without shelter in the country. john blackstone tells about a simple program that's making their lives more bearable. >> the latest count of homeless in los angeles shows the city has more than 43,000 people living on the streets. on skid row, in downtown los angeles makeshift dwellings spread for block after block. these forbidding streets but raquel beard has. >> people are dying every day here. the drug trade and drug usages is just out of control. property thefts are through the roof. >> she worked with the association of business owners in the skid row area who are being overwhelmed by the homeless. >> and there's no community outcry about that. >> because other people don't see it. >> out of sight, out of mind, let's just keep it there.
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they are helped at a warehouse called the bin. with nowhere to live debra parra got a bin here to keep clean clothes helping her hold down a job as a security guard. >> i leaves a lot of stuff here, depending on what job i'm doing. >> this makes it a little easier. >> oh, it sure does. a whole lot. >> mark loranger is ceo of chrysalis, the homeless services organization that runs the bin. what does this rre >> this represents the personal belongings and life history of about 1500 residents of the skid row area. >> users must check in at least once a week. >> got a glass in there? >> yeah, it's a drinking glass. >> toothbrush? >> yeah. toothbrush. >> levell liggins, living on the streets for 15 years, got a measure of safety when he got a bin. >> so, the rule on the streets is when you're on the streets is whatever they find is theirs. they keep, take it and move on. you in the loss. >> the bins provide order in often chaotic lives. >> when i come in and roll out
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service to them. >> got it.about >> demetrios reed knows the bins from both sides. he was homeless until the job here helped him get a place to live. >> it kind of adds a little dignity back into the equation. is. >> as part of l.a.'s latest plan to help the homeless the city is looking to add thousands more bins, which can provide a modest step toward life off the street. john blackstone, crks news, los angeles. >> >> oliver: we'll be right
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>> oliver: a human rights group says there was a mass exodus of more than 4,000 people
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it comes as syrian and russian forces continue their assault to retake syria's largest city. across the border, about 6,000 american troops are in iraq helping in the fight against isis. over the holiday weekend, holly williams spent time with some of them. >> they've spent months away from home, aiding in the fight against isis on the other side of the world.?. >> happy thanksgiving. how are >> their thanksgiving lunch wasn't shared with family.?but with their brothers and sisters in the armed forces. and when we asked some of the roughly 6000 u.s. service members currently in iraq what they're thankful for - many of them spoke of their loved ones. major rebecca dimuro white and captain jeremy white were grateful just to be together for a few hours at thanksgiving,
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mosul. they've only been married five months. >> so you're intentionally together here in iraq. this was the only place you could be together? >> yes. kind of. >> it just worked out that way. >> major steven bryant serves as a chaplain, ministering to the spiritual needs of soldiers of all religions. but on his third tour of duty in iraq he's thankful for something rather practical: cell phones. >> i think what's different this time is communications. it's given me the opportunity to express to my girls and to my wife, to my mom and dad, and different family members more frequently that i miss 'em and i love 'em, and i certainly appreciate their support. >> others waxed poetic, like private first class onae beam,
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>> this is a humbling experience out here, the experience to come and be humbled and see how other people live and see what other people think they need back in the states. the kids that grow up, their culture, this is all they know. you see them, no socks, no shoes, just running around playing soccer, just crazy. but that's what i'm thankful for. >> specialist monique frink, from goldsboro, north carolina has the kind of relentless optimism that's infectious. one of the team of three cooks, she feeds 150 soldiers every day, from this miniscule kitchen. >> it's just something i love. something i'm very passionate about. food tells a story like nothing else can. you put your emotions into it - i love it. >> and you're putting your emotions into food even in this little kitchen in iraq? >> i'm happy. today's a good day. any day i wake up alive is a good day. put a little happiness into it. i love it. >> holly williams, cbs news,
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>> oliver: when he we return:
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[ latin ] >> oliver: at the vatican today, pope francis said special prayers for hurricane, earthquake, and flood victims in costa rica, nicaragua, and italy. vatican television broadcast the news worldwide. seth doane got a rare behind the scenes look at the high-tech operation. ? ? >> though 70,000 people packed into st. peter's square in vatican city, an even larger audience watched on tv. this mass last sunday was covered by 12 cameras including two sweeping "jibs" - those cameras on long arms. specific moments - including the closing of the "holy door" - were carefully choreographed.?
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the world at the highest-quality possible: 4khdr. you're broadcasting at a quality level that most of us cannot imagine - that most of us have never seen - because our tvs aren't that if. >> it's the very first time. >> a first for the vatican. stefano d'agostini is the head of vatican tv. he explained how they're early-adopters of the latest technology. you describe vatican tv television - why? >> because it's easier for the companies - for the factories - to work with us, because we are small. >> ctv - its acronym in italian -- has just 21 full time employees. greg burke - is a former fox news correspondent - who now runs the vatican press office. >>vatican television is like the mouse that roared - okay?
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but the quality is really great. >> vatican tv is hardly an independent observer. rather, it's part of the church's massive pr apparatus. reminders of its mission are on screen and off. the material is hard to beat in setting, scale, and sheer theatrics, whether it's the cardinals marching into the sistine chapel or that memorable "goodbye flight" over the eternal city when benedivi this is an expensive operation - vatican tv is - why dedicate so many resources to tv? >> i think the answer is: this helps get the pope's message out - you know - the better you can tell that story - and these days - we're telling stories with pictures. >> seth doane, cbs news, vatican city. >> oliver: that's the cbs weekend news for this sunday. later on cbs, "60 minutes." i'm meg oliver in new york.
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on thanksgiving. a closer look at the crime straight ahead. ((katie boer)) also...our wind advisory from saturday was extended into late tonight. plus details on what's in store for the work week. and... as cyber monday is kicks off tomorrow... we have a few personal security tips for you to keep in mind while shopping online./// "now, live...this is 8 news now weekend edition." ((paul joncich)) are dropping even more...some in southern nevada even saw snow! that's where we begin... i'm paul joncich. thanks for joining us.... wet and colder weather today...not to mention gusty winds across the valley. meteorlogist katie boer joins us with more. ((katie boer))
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............... still though...our wind advisory was extended for some parts of the valley... specifically...we stern clark and southern nye county-including the cities of...pahrump...ind ian springs...desert rock...amargosa valley until 10 pm this evening. gusty winds from this morning have been tapering off to a lull as a cold front moves through this afternoon and early evening resulting in gusty northwest winds that will linger through this evening. winds...south 25 to 35 mph with gusts to 45 mph becoming northwest this afternoon. ................... check out this incredible timelapse of the moon earlier this morning---you can see the winds...even on the camera... an eclipse. .................. alright here's satellite radar... and you can see we've had brief pockets of precipitation. most of this has been very light...mainly just sprinkles... expect farther to the north in the northwest part of town. mount charleston and the sheep mountains actually getting a dusting of snow overnight and early this morning with lots of low clouds over the mountains today. .............. ((paul joncich)) metro police are looking


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