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tv   8 News Now at 630 PM  CBS  November 28, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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controversial pipeline. why leaders of an indian tribe.. say the construction could put lives at risk. ((christianne klein)) plus... get ready for more headaches at the spaghetti bowl.. more lane closures... means more time in traffic. ((paul joncich)) >> and the world remembers cuban dictator fidel castro. how his death could lead to a spike in americans.. heading to cuba./////////// demonstrators with the standing rock sioux tribe have been camped at a property near
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the pipeline could affect their drinking water supply... and put downstream communities at risk for oil leaks and spills. over the weekend, the army corps ordered protesters to leave that area by december 5th... or face arrest. a later statement from the corps said it wants a "peaceful transition to a safer location... with no plans for forcible removal." a member of the tribe, though, says its resolve is strong. (( chase iron eyes, member, standing rock sioux tribe) "not only that but the constitutional civil liberties and human rights and international rights of a nation-to-nato between our tribal nation and the united states, and treaty groups who are on the ground and who are committed to these concepts of un-armed non-violence. we expect a win. we are in for the long haul.")) ((paul joncich)) the army corps says its order for demonstrators to leave is for the safety of the general public. meantime, nevada senator harry reid released a statement on the matter today... demanding the violence in standing rock end. he said in part, quote
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pipeline to a more suitable area away from the standing rock reservation would be an easy and historic step in the right direction. for the sake of our country, i hope that happens." end quote. ((christianne klein)) more closures around the spaghetti bowl are expected tonight and tomorrow. n-dot will close two lanes along southbound 95 between rancho and the spachetti bowl from nine until 6-am. crews are continuing work for project neon. the closures will only be tonight and tomorrow night to give crews tit freeway in that area./// ((christianne klein)) meanwhile... nightly lane restrictions are slated to begin tonight along i-15, in both directions, between craig and speedway. it's all for the state's i-15 north widening project. work will take place from nine p-m to five a-m sunday through thursday night today through december 9. the state says this project will widen a 5-mile strech of highway from four to six travel lanes.
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range road and the union pacific railroad tracks. construction should wrap up in early 2018./// ((paul joncich)) qatar airways has announced it will soon begin service to and from mccarran. the airline announced today those flights should start sometime next year. according to 'u-s-a today'... you cannot book travel dates just yet. las vegas will be qatar's 11-th destination in the u-s. the carrier has received some pushback from other u-s airlines... who claim the state- owned airline is heavily subsitized by the united arab emirates... we'll update you when tickets are actually available./// ((paul joncich)) crews are investigating what caused the forced landing of a dallas-to-las vegas flight this morning. the american airlines flight 1693 began having engine trouble shortly after taking off last night. it had to land in new mexico. airline officials say after a six hour delay in new mexico... passengers were moved to a new plane and eventually made it to mccarran early this morning. some opted to stay overnight and fly back in the morning. luckily, no one was hurt.///
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attack at ohio state has been identified as an 18-year-old abdul ali artan... a somali refugee... and student at the university. investigators are still working on determining motive ... but say they can't rule out terrorism at this point. at least ten people were injured in the attack. luckily none of those injuries are believed to be life threatening. the attacker was shot and killed by police./// ((christianne klein)) >> jury selection is underway for the federal trial of dylann roof. he's the 22-year-old who allegedly gunned down nine african american church-goers in charleston, south carolina last year. today, a judge granted him permission to represent himself in the upcoming trial. ((christianne klein)) thousands of cubans gathered in havana today... for final farewells to fidel castro. the former president died friday... after ruling the country for nearly half a century... through years of revolution and iron fisted leadership. his death is likely to spark more interest in american travel
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but the death of the longtime dictator and the transition of power here at home is raising new questions about american-cuban relations./// ((paul joncich)) president elect donald trump is working on filling his administration today, interviewing more candidates at trump tower. vice president elect mike pence promised a number of important announcements tomorrow. cbs news correspondent kenneth craig reports from new york. former cia director david petreaus is the to meet with president elect donald trump monday. petreaus is a contender for secretary of state. sot: (petraeus) "he basically walked us around the world. showed a great grasp of a variety of the challenges that are out there and some of the opportunities as well." the retired general followed a number of other trump tower visitors including advisors and other cabinet hopefuls. petraeus resigned in 2012 after admitting to an extramarital affair with his biographer and
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on tuesday, mister trump will meet for the second time with former rival and fierce critic mitt romney...despite backlash from loyalists over his possible nomination for secretary of state. sot: (conway/nbc) "i am just astonished at the breathtaking volume and intensity of blowback that i see just as one person close to the president elect is receiving unsolicited." (bridge) "the president elect has yet to announce nominations for most of the members of his cabinet, despite dozens of meetings most here at trump tower." but then spoken out he has used twitter to attack hillary clinton's campaign for joining the recount effort led by green party candidate jill stein in wisconsin, pennsylvania and michigan. independent fact checkers have found no evidence of voter fraud despite the president elect's claims online - that fraud cost him the popular vote. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. ((paul joncich)) >> trump is also scheduled to meet with tennessee senator bob corker and representatives mike
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today- michigan certified its results, making trump the official winner of the state./// ((christianne klein)) and while you're doing your christmas shopping we want to encourage you to buy an extra gift for someone in need. >> 8 news now is partnering with towbin fiat alpha romeo -- at sahara and jones to collect toys and gift cards for the casa foundation. meterologist katie boer is live there tonight. katie? alerts: a wind advisory is in place for central nye co until 7pm tonight afternoon. winds: nw 25-35 (gusts up to 45mph) ................... light snow has been falling countless lives. ((paul joncich)) >> but researchers are learning why seat belts designed to protect the average sized driver...
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some of the most vulnerable driver.
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this is 8 news now at six-thirty. ((christianne klein)) metro police are looking for a driver of a white van who
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police say the crash happened at bonanza and nellis around two this aftnoon. luckily all 44 children on board the bus are said to be okay. if you know anything, call crime stoppers at the number on your screen./// ((paul joncich)) every year, tens of thousands of lives are saved by seatbelts. but while they're meant to protect us -- and often do... for some drivers... they can actually be harmful. drivers aged 85 and older are nine times more likely to be hurt in a crash. chest injuries are most common... and they're linked... to the researchers at ohio state university are learning why one size seatbelts don't fit all. (sot- pam sohn/hurt in crash) "i remember sitting there and my body was flipping back and forth." (picture from pam sohn) pam sohn ended up in a neck brace after a jeep backed into her car. her seatbelt kept her in the seat, but researchers believe it may have contributed to her concussion and back injuries. (sot- pam sohn/hurt in crash) "i probably would've went through the window or something the way i was moving around had i not had it on yeah, but it
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would." the seatbelt pam and the rest of us use wasn't designed for the 60 year-old's 5'4 frame... professor john bolte would like to see that change. (sot-john bolte) "if a car can drive today without a person controlling it, why can't we have a safety system that can better respond to saving someone?" (nats- courtesy: the ohio state university college of medicine) bolte is using crash tests like this to study the amount of force needed protect those with more fragile frames, like smaller and older drivers. the goal is to have seatbelts that one day automatically adjust to person they're protecting. (sot-john bolte/the ohio state force to stop me from going into the steering wheel than it would a grandfather or grandmother. so that force against my thorax is not going to cause a rib fracture in me, potentially, but it is perhaps too much force for someone that is a little older." ((source: iihs// crash test with and without safety belts) crash tests show how seatbelts save lives--the driver at the top of your screen without a belt is launched forward... but when it comes to older drivers in particular seatbelts are also blamed for a higher rate of potentially serious--even deadly--chest older drivers tend to be more
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(on cam: kris van cleave/cbs news/washington, dc) seatbelts are credited with saving nearly 14-thousand lives last year. researchers say everyone should wear their seatbelt regardless of age or size. but also you want to make sure the seatbelt rests on your shoulder, this area is much strong than your ribs and have 10 to 12 inches between you and the air bag. kris van cleave, cbs news, washington. ((christianne klein)) the snow is starting to come down over at mount chareleston. ((paul joncich)) >> coming up, we'll show you what they are doing to open lee canyon's ski resort on their dec 9th target date../// announcer: you're
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it looks like the cool down has arrived... and that's good news for skiiers and snowboarders. ((paul joncich)) >> check out this video of lee canyon -- they got four inches of snow overnight! they tell us they've even started firing up their snow guns now... in preparation for a trageted december 9th opening date. >> meanwhile, our own katie boer is at tobin fiat where a toy v katie?///
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4" of new snow up at mt. charleston overnight -- although it's completely quiet on the radar there now ..................... northerly breezes develop this afternoon. should remain gusty at times through tuesday afternoon. ..................... by tuesday night look for a sharp dip in overnight temps -- first freeze of the season is possible desert and the colder perimeter zones of the lv metro area. ..................... cool and dry for the rest of the mid week with temps. remaining 5-8 degrees below normal ((paul joncich)) a seven-year-old girl with a life-threatening illness is getting a little help from
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illness is getting a little help from some unlikely friends. ((christianne klein)) >> after the break, we'll introduce you to poppy and lilly... and show you how they're helping nurture young hannah... with nature./// announcer: you're watching 8 news now at
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((christianne klein)) an animal sanctuary in
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a place for otters... and children... to swim together. ((paul joncich)) >> but as chris martinez explains, this isn't just some cute romp in the pool -- it's a form of therapy. ((nats - in pool - )) "put your arms out they're gonna crawl on you!" seven year old hannah evans is having a great time with her two new friends poppy and lilly. ((hannah evans/ swimming with otters )) "it's at the pool, having fun, and it was like being so cute!!!" ((nats - otter
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gastrointestinal disorder. her play pals are 'therapy otters' trained to interact with children with severe or terminal illnesses. ((paul evans / hannah's father)) "it was awesome, the hands on experience with the animals has just been great." the make-a-wish foundation arranged her visit to the animal sanctuary "nurtured by nature." kevin yates is one of the founders.. ((kevin yates/ nurtured by nature)) "the most important thing is to give them a positive day where they are free of thinking about maybe the pain or the illness or the treatment that they're going to treat the psyche and to have a good outlook, especially when you're in pain or your sick or scared.." the swim gave hannah a boost. ((hannah evans/ swimming with otters ) "the otters! that was really cute!" it's a memory her parents say she'll carry close to her heart - on days she needs comfort the most. ((nats - hannah in pool @ 9:59:54)) "and this is how you spin, everybody (laughs)!" chris martinez, cbs news, valley center california ((paul joncich)) >> anyone can pay to swim
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help fund all their make-a-wish visits./// ((christianne klein)) thanks for watching 8 news now at 6:30. we're always on at las vegas now along with facebook and twitter. ((paul joncich)) >> be sure to watch 8 news now at 11... have a good night./// ((dave courvoisier)) tonight on 8 news now at
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- a research microbiologist from frederick, maryland... a consultant from glendale, california... and our returning champion -- a technical engineer from boulder, colorado...
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and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you. thank you, johnny. well, thanksgiving is behind us, and now our players want to start earning money for the upcoming holiday season. so let's get to it. allison, hobie, and justin, good luck. here we go. the categories... and you're gonna love this last one... and, yes, you have to spell the correct response. justin, off you go. let's start with where is it? for $200. allison. what is the pacific? correct.


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