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tv   8 News Now Good Day  CBS  November 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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as tension rise between police and the public we ride alongside officers to find out how they're staying safe... while protecting the valley. ((kirsten joyce)) >> plus...hundreds are evacuating a small town in tennessee because of the surrounding wildfire. ((brian loftus)) >> and... gust winds are here to stay....but colder weather is on the way. sherry let's us know when we should expect a cold front. ((kirsten joyce)) 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader, starts right now./// ((now, live...this i ((kirsten joyce)) thanks for joining us on 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader. i'm kirsten joyce. ((brian loftus)) >> i'm brian loftus. we just received an update on the plane crash in colombia .... involving a brazilian soccer team. ((kirsten joyce)) >> a team spokesman just confirmed the death of a goalkeeper ... who initially survived the crash. that should bring the death total total to 77 people. it went down late last night in a mountainous area..
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electrical emergency...shor tly before the incident. it's unclear what caused the crash. authorities are looking into whether heavy rain and thunderstorm in colombia at the timemay have played a role. rescue efforts are set to resume wednesday morning./// ((brian loftus)) in all of last year... 41 officers in the nation were killed in the line of duty. so far this year... that number is already up to 60. ((kirsten joyce)) >> of those killed -- statistics show one-third of them were purposely targeted. so what's being done to protect police -- all while they kee in a patrol car to find out.
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combatting tension and sterotypes sometimes just comes with the badge. along with dealing with the unknown of each call. ((officer gabriel lebario, metro police "you don't know what you're getting into, what the state of mind is." )) ((brittany edney)) the recent rollout of department wide technology helps keep responders tuned in. from body cams, new radio systems, gps in all new vehicles allows officers to access photos and crime alerts. but training is their best weapon... ((officer gabriel lebario, metro police "you've always got to allow yourself to grow and to continue to learn.")) ((brittany edney)) but it's a proven fact that quickly identifying a suspects past.. gives them a better idea of who and what they're dealing with. ((officer gabriel lebario, metro police)) "to see what kind of priors they may have. have they been arrested before? do they have a weapons permit?"
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get the call of someone having suicidal thoughts. we watched as officers responded to that situation and tracked down a man at his home. it's just one example of why metro says those simple checks are a valuable use of time and resources. (("we're here to help you. we're not just here to arrest people and take people to jail.")) ((kirsten joyce)) >> officers say they want to a call if they're ever worried about someone having suicidal thoughts because then they can help get that person the resources they need./// ((sherry swensk)) a state of emergency is underway in eastern tennessee this morning after several raging wildfires prompted evacuations. officials say at least 30 buildings in gatlinburg have been damaged or impacted by the flames... many are without power and phone lines are down, prompting facebook to start its safety
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forcing residents and visitors are to evacuate the resort town of gatlinburg tennessee this morning... (( the situation is absolutely dangerous. dangerous for firefighters, residents and visitors.)) ((sherry swensk)) >> wind gusts of 70 miles per hour only fanned the dozen or more fires burning in and around the area... home to the great smoky mountains national park .... and dollywood.... the theme park owned by country music legend o guests there have been re-located. the national guard has been activated to help fire crews battling the blaze. hena daniels./// sherry how's the weather today?
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braving the chilly winds today... then when the winds stop tonight - get ready to freeze. ............. we'll have some nice sunshine today... and clean, but it will feel crisp so scarves and hats may come in handy today.s and hats may come in .............. those northerly winds will keep it feeling chilly all day. ............. this north wind will stop
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in with freezing temps between 28 and 32 degees lasting 3 to 6 hours in the valley overnight. ...... cover delicate plants and keep pool motors running. ....... let's take a look at the roads with demetria
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((kirsten joyce)) the driver in last week's fatal school bus crash in chattanooga
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morning 24 year old johnthony walker is facing numerous charges, including vehicular homicide. six elementary school students were killed in the crash, while walker was behind the wheel. allh between six and ten years old. a memorial service was held for one of the victims on saturday./// ((brian loftus)) and students at woodmore elementary school in chattanooga, tennessee, returned to their classrooms monday. the school's principal says about 85 percent of students were in school monday ... (( brenda adamson-cothran/ principal, woodmore elementary school: >> "our hearts continue to be broken, and we're deeply grieving. our goal today was to make sure that we created and had a stable, safe and comforting school environment for our students. we have 15 counselors on site, five therapy dogs, hundreds of
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((kirsten joyce)) nevada making a name for itself in a booming industry... drones. ((brian loftus)) >> henderson has landed the next test site... but what will the city get out of the unmanned aircraft? that's coming up on good day./// ((you're watching the valley's news leader... with brian loftus, kirsten joyce, sherri swensk and
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((brian loftus)) looking to the future... henderson wants to lead the way in testing drones. ((kirsten joyce)) >> the city will be the first urban site in the state that'll do just that. shakala alvaranga has the story...
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perfect location to build this kind of site and to do this kind of work." ((shakala alvaranga)) giving drone operators a safe and accessible environment to test their very own products. it's a one of a kind creation. "we will also have the nevada institute for autonymous systems there to lend their expertise for all those who are trying to test their commercial systems out." ((shakala alvaranga)) hoping to become a leader in the technology world... city officials want to see advanced drone development in henderson. "what we're rl industry take off and for henderson to become ground zero for drones." ((shakala alvaranga)) and it's no secret that it could also bring in a lot of money... "this could have a tremendous economic impact. if people start coming here and building their drone systems there, that way we could have companies move to henderson and also southern nevada to start their systems." ((brian loftus))
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delivered by car in japan. ((kirsten joyce)) >> that's right one pizza store has decided ton santa's reindeer./// ((demetria obilor)) welcome back...trending now
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ryan rustand, or coach rusty as he's known on instagram, pulled off an amazing shot with a golf ball and club, but the balance demonstrated in the video, is unbelievable. you can see rustand standing on top of a moving golf while the driver bounces the ball with up to him and smashes it with his driver./// sherry how's the weather today? sherry how's the weather today? ((sherry swensk))
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then when the winds stop tonight - get ready to freeze. ............. we'll have some nice sunshine today...
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and clean, but it will feel crisp so scarves and hats may come in handy today. .............. those northerly winds will keep it feeling chilly all day. ............. this north wind will stop tonight and those cold temps will settle in with freezing temps between 28 and 32 degees lasting 3 to 6 hours in the valley overni. pool motors running. ....... let's take a look at the roads with demetria
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in the holiday spirit. cnn's jeanne moos reports on the possibility that the pizza delivery guy may be sporting antlers. who needs reindeer... nats: "rudolph with your nose so bright to deliver presents when they can deliver pizza. domino's in japan says it's training reindeer at a driving school to deliver pizza in one of japan's coldest, snowiest regions. can go as fast as 80 kilometers per hour. it's especially fast on snow, as though it's equipped with snow shoes." yeah well if reindeer ever deliver pizza at 50 miles an hour, domino's should expect lawsuits. nats: ho ho grandma watch out! the trainers... seemed to be having trouble reining in their pizza delivery
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with gps devices so customers can check on their progress. (jeanne moos) "so how do you say publicity stunt in japanese?" publicity stunt--senden coy. domino's is no stranger to marketing ploys. take the edible box domino's uk dreamed up for april fools. just last month domino's in new zealand demonstrated... the pizza delivery drone. it flew to the appointed address and company officials in new zealand say that in the next couple of years drones could make up 25 percent of deliveries. and before the drone, domino's in australia presented... nats: the big day arrived the pizza delivery robot. with a top speed of about 12 miles per hour, it can't take to the highway, but it can chat with customers and dodge obstacles. from high tech... to low that tomato
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we'll be right back.///
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i'm brian loftus. ((kirsten joyce)) >> and i'm kirsten joyce. authorities are trying to figure out.. what motivated a somali refugee.. to carry out an attack at the ohio state university campus. ((brian loftus)) >> the suspect was shot and killed by university police... 11 others are recovering from their injuries. >> karin caifa is live from columbus, ohio with thl abdul razak ali artan was an ohio state university student of somali descent who transferred recently from columbus state. and university from columbus state. and university officials monday said he was the


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