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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  December 20, 2015 10:30pm-11:05pm CST

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jerick mckinnon just in time to beat the blitz... mickinnon makes his way to the endzone for the vikings touchdown! its now 17 to 7 at the half. 3. now going to the 4th vikings still leading 24 to 10.... bridgewater falls back with the ball.. cant find any options... he runs the ball.. all the way.. hopping over the bears defense for another vikings touchdown.. this eventually leads to the minnesota win 31 to 17. 3 now lets head to baltimore as the ravens take on the kansas city chiefs. 1. 1st quarter... game tied at 7. jimmy clausen.. hands it off... chiefs defense... manages to get the ball loose... tyvon branch gets a hold of it... ravens still too distracted to see him run down the field for the kansas city chiefs touchdown! its not 14 to 7 chiefs. 2. end of the 2nd... clausen stalls before he sends
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catches and finishes the job 3 to make the score 24 to 14 at the half. 3. kansas really take over the 2nd half to win the game 34 to14. 3 former packer charles woodson hanging out with aaron rodgers before the close game in oakland today. 1. going to the 2nd half... derek carr falls back.. sends it to amari cooper for the raiders touchdown.... they miss the extra point and tail the packers 14 to 132. later in the 3rd... aaron rodgers makes the pass to james jones for the 30 yard touchdown... packers end up taking this one 30 to 20. 3 things were quite chipping in new york as the carolina panthers look to extend their undefeated record. 1. going all the way to the 4th quarter giants are trailing 28 to 35... eli manning protected as he waits to make the pass to odell beckham jr. for the touchdown!!! to tie the game at 35. 2. now 30 second to go in the game...panthers with the ball... cam newton is forced out of the pocket.. runs the ball in for the first down.... and puts the panthers
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gano seals the deal with the 43 yard field goal... panthers are now 14 and oh after their 38 35 win over the giants. 3 3 3 and stay with us, we'll have a final look at the weather
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3 3 a cold front will move through tonight bring quite a bit of fog in the evening hours, but should clear up by the morning with temperatures in the lower to mid 20s. monday will be partly cloudy to mostly sunny with temperatures in the mid 30s. 3 3 thanks kayla, and check this wars fans flocked to a church in the german capital berlin today, for a special service themed around the sci-fi film. 3 around 500 people, some
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dressed up as their favorite characters, attended the mass, more than twice as many as usual on a sunday.the congregation watched clips from the original film on a large screen during the service, while the organist played the iconic theme song.pastor lucas (lud-wig) ludewig said star wars dealt with imagery from christianity and other religions.the mass ended with two pastors using
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reading from the bible. (buck mcneely) (narration) welcome to the show; i'm buck mcneely. we're off to sonora, mexico for some fabulous bass fishing and wing shooting. my celebrity guests are former nba star orlando wooldridge, and film and television star lane
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right after this message.(>cfj44" (buck mcneely) (narration) our adventure takes us to the west coast of sonora, mexico. our destination is the city of obregon, near the gulf of california. this area is surrounded by rich fertile
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marshes that attract and hold that migrate here each year, to this huge bird population, visiting wing shooters find the and as good as anywhere in the world. there's also some excellent fishing on nearby lake obregon. gabino's yaqui valley hunting is based here. frank ruiz is the outfitter, and with his many years of guiding and hunting experience, knows how to run a quality operation. from the beautiful main lodge in obregon, complete with comfortable rooms, fantastic meals, and great accommodations, to the grand fiesta at the end of your visit, a trip to gabino's is a worthy excursion.
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tv and film star lane smith, and former nba basketball star orlando wooldridge. big o and i took a break from our hunting to discuss his career in the nba. (buck mcneely) i'd like you to meet orlando wooldridge, a former nba star and now a coach for the wnba; an avid sportsman. orlando, great to have you with us, buddy. (orlando wooldridge) hey, i'm excited about being here. (buck mcneely) tell me what it's like to play in the nba. (orlando wooldridge) well, you know, it's a lot of fun, when you have an opportunity to make a career out of something that you enjoy doing ever since you was a kid. you know, it's probably one of the most exciting things also, to be one of the best at what you do. so, it's been. it's been a blast. (buck mcneely) how many years you play? (orlando wooldridge) i played 13 in the nba. (buck mcneely) and, of course, towards the end of your career, you played a couple of years in europe as well. (orlando wooldridge) yeah, it was a great experience. you know, first of all, to lived over in italy to experience another culture; and also, to have the opportunity, because we were in international competition. i played literally,
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israel to finland. and, just the sheer experience of traveling all over the world and meeting different people and. and sharing my interpretation of the game of basketball to the people over in europe; it was just remarkable. i thank god for having that experience. (buck mcneely) oh, you bet. basketball has grown into one of the most popular sports on the planet. it's universally loved. (orlando wooldridge) it's been a long career, but it's been a fun career. (buck mcneely) and of course, you played on some of the best teams, with some of the greatest stars in the league. (orlando wooldridge) i got a chance to play with michael the league, played two years with him. i had an opportunity to play with guys like magic johnson, kareem abdul-jabbar, dennis rodman and isiah thomas. you know, the list goes on and very fortunate to not only be on the team with those guys, but to go about their job on a day-to-day basis. and you know, not only learned about the game of basketball, but just learned about the game of life, being around individuals like them. (buck mcneely) some of these that you played with, and your
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championship yourself. (orlando wooldridge) i've been to the big dance but i. i just didn't get that ring, you know, but it's you know, it's such a long season, such a long struggle the show and see what it's about, although i didn't get the ring. it was just exciting, getting to that point. (buck mcneely) you were known as the tough, aggressive player. what was your favorite aspect of the game? (orlando wooldridge) well, i was basically known as an offensive player, but i also was a type of guy that i tried to be versatile enough to do whatever the team needed me to do. i was known for my aggressiveness. i told people that my style of basketball was a little scientific, you know. the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. so, i didn't waste a lot of time; i just went out there and tried to be aggressive, and just tried to take the game to people. and. more important than that, just to give the people out there something to enjoy and that was. that was the way i went out and approached the game, trying to you know, give the fans something they want to see. (buck mcneely) orlando, who was
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to play against on a regular basis? (orlando wooldridge) the one guy that was the toughest guy for me was larry bird. you know, because larry bird was the guy who not only played the game, he thought the game of basketball. and he forced you to concentrate the entire game. and he was able. he was almost like a prefect predator. he was able to see the one thing that you were doing that made you vulnerable. he looked at your weaknesses, and he was one of the best players at exploiting that. and i think that's why he was probably one of the greatest players of all time. (buck mcneely) well, without question, you know. now, you're retired as a player, but you're still active as a coach. tell me about that. (orlando wooldridge) it's just a remarkable experience, and it's also a way for me to give back to the game. you know, the game of basketball has given me so much. to be able to help a new league; help these women take their game to the highest level has definitely been a rewarding experience. (buck mcneely) now, you're an avid sportsman, you grew up in louisiana and still love to hunt and fish, don't you? (orlando
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out of my system, and after you know, this experience, it'll never get out of my system. so, you know, i. love to hunt and fish ever since i was a kid, and i love it even more today than i did back then. (buck mcneely) well, you're still a very avid bass fisherman. (orlando wooldridge) oh, i'm a bass fishing fool. you know, i really love it. just the sheer experience of just going out there and trying different lures and.different baits, you know, it's just great. you know, not only bass fishing, but i do all kinds of fishing. but i'm primarily known as a bass fisherman, and i love it. (buck mcneely) we're going to try and get out on lake obregon for a little bit of bass fishing. but we're going to primarily focus on wing shooting for dove and duck over the next few days. are you looking forward to that? (orlando wooldridge) you know, i'm really excited about that because i hadn't had an opportunity you know, to do some shooting in a long time. and i remember when we talked before, i said, "well, you know what, buck, i hadn't shoot in a while". you said, "well look, when we play basketball, i'm going to listen to you and take your instruction. but out there, you take mine". so i'm going to do that. i'm going to listen, and i'm eager and i think i can get it done. (buck mcneely) hey, we're going to have a blast,
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have you with us, buddy. (orlando wooldridge) hey, i'm excited, i can't wait to start. this has been like a dream come true for me, so hey, let's get it on. (buck mcneely)
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whoa. let's do it. (lane smith) coming at 12 o'clock. (buck mcneely) right there at 12 o'clock. get him o! (lane smith) alright! finish off that thing. that suns killing me. (buck mcneely) yeah, i was getting into go on that bird at 12 o'clock, and then i didn't see the one you were looking at that time. (lane smith) alright, what have we got up here at 12? (buck mcneely) flock of teal coming around at 11 o'clock. (lane smith) coming in, coming in. (buck mcneely) get down nine. these ones at nine are
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alright, oski! (buck mcneely) alright, let them. let them come in closer than that, guys. (orlando wooldridge) okay, i got him. he's in sight, he's down. (buck mcneely) did you kill one over there? (lane smith) here comes a single. right behind you, o. (buck mcneely) get him, o. good shot, buddy. alright, that was yours. (orlando wooldridge) too slow guys. i got another one. (buck mcneely) i think o finished that one off. (orlando wooldridge) yeah, i got you. i got me two. legit. (buck mcneely) good shooting. (orlando wooldridge) two legitimate. all right, o. (lane smith) okay. okay, right in front of you (buck mcneely) he was fast! (lane smith) yeah, you know, this is worth the wait. okay, 9 o'clock. (orlando wooldridge) here they come. (lane smith)
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early.way to early. there you go (orlando wooldridge) alright o! (lane smith) hey o! (orlando wooldridge) yeah, that's three. i'm getting a little better at this, guys. kind of catching on mcneely) alright, flock of 12, flock, at 12, stay down, let them come in, let them come in. get ready, take them out. dang it. o. (orlando wooldridge) i'm sorry. (buck mcneely) you better watch that back door, brother. (orlando wooldridge) hey, he snucked me. i was looking right out that way, he snucked me. (lane smith) oh, that's a death wish. (buck mcneely) we both shot that duck. (lane smith) i believe we did. we. he's not even gonna have to be picked, is he? (buck mcneely) he's not even twitching. you know what i do sometimes? when we're shooting at geese, to stay a little bit high? we'll load up rock salt in our 3 inch magnums, so that. (lane smith) over your head! alright? (buck mcneely) he saw us move, it's okay. so that way, when you shoot them, by the time they fall out, they've already been
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they're ready for the grill. (buck mcneely) ready for the grill. you buying that o? (orlando wooldridge) sounds good to me. (bu ck mcneely) sounds good. alright. i knew there was a reason we brought him along? he's agreeing with everything, isn't he? he's a really easy fellow to get along with. (orlando wooldridge) well, i heard that gets me invited back, so... (buck mcneely) well, that was my line. (orlando wooldridge) i know; that's why i said that. well, see, that's part of my agreeing. see, i'm working in here. and i want to come back. (buck mcneely) well, as one of the side legs to our mexican safari, we've taken the boat out here at the lake obregon, known as one of the better bass fishing lakes here in mexico. supposed to be a lot of fish, lot of good stretches; it's a pretty lake. so, we're going to throw some worms and some spinner baits, and orlando here has just been talking about going bass fishing and getting into these guys, even though we've had a great time with the bird hunting. we're here, baby. (orlando wooldridge) hey, i love it. like i said, you know, this
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don't count me out. (buck mcneely) hey, every man with a fishing pole in his hand, has a chance. so, let's catch some fish guys. (buck mcneely) there's got to be some fish in this big lake. alright, there's buck's first fish of the day, right there, guys. (orlando wooldridge) what kind of fish you've got there? that's one of those. (buck mcneely) found me a piece of gill net. (orlando wooldridge)one of those net fish. that's a rare species. (buck mcneely) felt good for a minute. (lane smith) maybe they don't like the short truce. (buck mcneely) he said that's what they hit in this lake. (lane smith) hey, o. (orlando wooldridge) he's a. he's a little one. (lane smith) that's alright. (buck mcneely) alright, well that's your first fish of the day. so. (orlando wooldridge) first one. (buck mcneely) most of these mexican lakes are just packed with fish. (orlando wooldridge) oh, he's got a nice one on back there. (buck mcneely) look at old jerry. he's up there tearing up
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around jerry. hell, he's the man today. (orlando wooldridge) oh yeah, he's got a nice one. (buck mcneely) this looks like a good one, the way he's bending that pole. (lane smith) yeah. alright, let's don't lose him. (buck mcneely) look at that fish. i mean, that's a dandy. look how healthy he is. (lane smith) yeah. (buck mcneely) big and strong! (orlando wooldridge) yea lane! (lane smith) now, is that one of those. black, large mouth? (buck mcneely) yeah, you bet, large mouth bass. nice fish, lane; good job, buddy. (lane smith) thank you, sir. (orlando wooldridge) great fish. (buck mcneely) there hitting that worm, aren't they? (lane smith) yeah, they seem to be. (buck mcneely) good bass. good bass. (lane smith) alright. (orlando wooldridge) way to go, lane. yeah, lane, yeah. (buck mcneely) i'll tell you what, let's go ahead and release this fish. you did a good job, catching him on that worm. (lane smith) there he goes. we'll catch him another day, huh?
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job, lane. (lane smith) thank you, sir. (orlando wooldridge) lane, you the man. (buck mcneely) we ain't done yet. (orlando wooldridge) oh, that's right! (buck mcneely) that's right! we can't let him be the man, without at least a little competition there. (orlando wooldridge) oh, yes. i can handle that. (buck mcneely) good job, buddy. (lane smith alright, thank you. (buck mcneely) i'm tickled for you. (lane smith) thank you. (buck
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head that way. (buck mcneely) (narration) orlando, lane, and i were thoroughly enjoying our visit to gabino's. once again, we found ourselves in the middle of a duck hunt. (orlando wooldridge) now, guys, i will say one thing. it makes me a little nervous if we're going to swing like this. (lane smith) yea, but we're swinging, we're swinging up. (orlando wooldridge) i know. i'm still going to duck though. (lane smith) alright! (orlando wooldridge) yeah. (buck mcneely) everybody pick a duck. pick your
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the farthest one. (buck mcneely) got mine. get yours, o. (orlando wooldridge) huh? alright. (buck mcneely) alright, good shooting, fellows. (orlando wooldridge) alright, alright! (buck mcneely) good shooting. (lane smith) i'll get a flock with this. (buck mcneely) that's true. (lane smith) here comes some more. (buck mcneely) shoot him off your end o. let him come in. let him come in. let him get real close, buddy. kill that duck. (orlando wooldridge) thanks a lot guys. appreciate that, buck. (buck mcneely) you're welcome. i gave you two shots. (orlando wooldridge) yeah, you did. (lane smith) like to sure mop up the good ones for you! (orlando wooldridge) you know what? you know what was funny; while i'm sitting there dancing. while i'm sitting there dancing around, he's just following that duck the whole time going, okay o, okay o, sorry o. (buck mcneely) i gave you two shots. and when you missed with the two shots;
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buck, i'll tell you what; if we were on a basketball court, i'll be coming at you the same way. (buck mcneely) well, we're going to get on that court later. (orlando wooldridge) okay. that's too bad. (buck mcneely we've got a game of horse. (orlando wooldridge) i can't wait. i can't wait. (buck mcneely) you know, i used to play a little basketball in my younger days. i've always wanted just to see if i had the right stuff because i think i could have played. (orlando wooldridge) well, i'll tell you what; like we've been saying all week, once again, it's on. (buck mcneely) okay, my end! (orlando wooldridge) alright, you got it. whoa! you know what; i've got to show you how to do it. (buck mcneely) good shot. (orlando wooldridge) well, it was okay. give him a shotgun, and he's okay. but when it comes to this, you're in my town. my ball, my ball! bring it over here. hold, good shot. (buck
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to fast. (orlando wooldridge) yea, i know. you could tell. don't want you to hurt yourself. (buck mcneely) where's my hat at? (orlando wooldridge) i got your hat. (buck mcneely) give me that. (orlando wooldridge) my out. okay.coming there, in coming. whoa! (buck mcneely bring it around now. (orlando wooldridge) coming in. incoming. (buck mcneely) good slam. (orlando wooldridge) i love this game. that's one thing i love about playing out here, i ain't died. oh buck, yes. (buck
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you did. i guess the outdoorsman means all outdoors. (buck mcneely) alright, that was out on you. (orlando wooldridge) oh yes, okay, it's all you. oh, the jump shot! give me the double and the chest bump. (buck mcneely) your alright. your in's? (orlando wooldridge) no you, it's all you. (buck mcneely) alright. (orlando wooldridge) buck, i'm sorry. that was just a reflex. yes, hight tech, for shooting. let's get that double and call it, because i'm about to fall out
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then. (orlando wooldridge) hey, got my double. (buck mcneely) you got that double. nice shot. (orlando wooldridge) alright! long shot. that looks good. that looks good. this is what i got. (buck mcneely) well, orlando i guess i'm not really ready for the nba after all, but now that we are warmed up, you ready for that game of horse? (orlando wooldridge) sure, but look, don't worry about it. just like out there on that duck swamp, i got you back, right here. (buck mcneely) cool, (orlando wooldridge) let's do it. (buck mcneely) ohh, that almost went in. (orlando wooldridge) that
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are we having fun yet? (buck
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