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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  January 8, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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human remains were discovered in the rubble. they've been sent to the state medical examiner's office in ankeny for autopsy and identification. investigators also have yet to determine the cause of that fire... but believe it started early this morning. 3 sioux city police are eing an *alarming* number of vehicles stolen after being left our jetske wauran tells us... in most of these cases... the owners left their keys in a running vehicle. 3 reports of cars being stolen started surfacing around august of last year, and now, detective jeff harstad tells me, that number is up to 165 as of today.when the temperature drops, it could be tempting to leave your car running before you drive.a crime of opportunity, sioux city police detective harstad says, leaving your car unattended is down- right..dangerous. "we've taken several individuals into custody for larceny of motor vehicles what we describe it as. so i know that just this morning we arrested one and then we have another one that we're going to be arresting
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incidences started around august of last year and continue to groro now with 165 vehicles reported stolen."165 is quite a drastic number for sioux city."police say, about 20 stolen vehicles came from outside jurisdictions during this time frame."there's really no neighborhood that's really immuned from it. it's all over sioux city that it's taking place."what's more, those who leave their vehicle running while unattended, could face a criminal citation. and, some insurance companies may not pay for lost or damages, causing the owner to become victims of identity theft *by leaving personal information inside the vehicle "it's one thing to have remote start where your car could run and nobody can take it because the cars are with it. and it's actually another to have your running with the keys in it." harstad urges owners and drivers to please don't make it easy for car thieves:keep your vehicle locked at all times.close all windows and sunroof. and with the rise of so many stolen vehicles, many residents in sioux city are gearing up their homes with
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these thieves stay way from their vehicles."dont leave any type of personal identification or anything that could be used for identity theft within your vehicle."now if you have any information about a stolen vehicle or if you see anything suspicious, you're urged to call crime stoppers at 712-258-tips or sioux city police. 3 a sioux city man is facing robbery and theft charges after trying to steal hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise from scheels' at the southern hills mall.20- year- old clinton gant was arrested by sioux city police just before noon today.he was apprehended by scheels' loss prevention staff... whom he assaulted while trying to escape.gant is also a suspect in several other crimes... including some vehicle thefts. he's being held in the woodbury county jail on 56- thousand dollars bond. 3
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between -15 and -25. temperatures will temporarily recover for monday back into the 20s, but then a secondary arctic blast will bring us back into the teens for tuesday. after that, expect a small warm up with partly to mostly cloudy skies. stay warm this weekend.>> 3 new jersey governorornd republican presidential candidate chris christie will be in siouxland next weekend.christie is planning a town hall event at buffalo alice on historic fourth street in downtown sioux city. that event is scheduled for sunday, january 17th.doors will open at 3- 30, with the town hall beginning at 4- 30. 3 3 following his final state of the union speech on tuesday... presididt obama will beben his traditional nationwide tour in omaha.obama's speech is expected to focus on progress made in reducing unemployment over his 7 years in office... and what he wants to do over the next year.after his stop in omaha... the president will
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louisiana.the white house says it will be his first trip to either city. 3 3 and the national front- runner for the g- o- p nomination will b bin sioux center later this month.donald trump has fallen behind texas senator ted cruz in iowa... but still holds a large lead in nationwide polls.he'll be speaking at the b- j haan auditorium at dordt college at 11 a- m saturday, january 23rd. doors for the event will open at 9.trump's sioux center appearance is just 9 days before iowa's first- in- the- nation caucuses on n february 1st. 3 3 a nebraska couple has discovered another one of their horses had its tail cut off and stolen. 3 bruce tompkins and his wife of north bend made the discovery last night. this comes just days after some of their other horses suffered a similar fate. the lack of a tail leaves the animals defenseless against flies when the weather warms up. it can take up to four years to grow back. 3 3 still to come tonight on
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ten... 3 critics of plans to allow thousands of syrian refugees into the country have new ammunition in their fight... following the arrests on terror charges of two iraqi men living in the u- s. 3 "siouxland news at ten on kmeg 14 with larry wentz, diana castillo, siouxland's chief meteorogist chad sandwell and sports director chris
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3 "first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell." 3 3 3 3 chad, diana and larry talk about today's weather and the
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3 3 still ahead tonight at ten... we've got the latest on the case of a philadelphia police officer... allegedly shot in the name of *islam*. 3 3 the impact on police departments *nationwide*,
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3 3 philadelphia police now say the man who ambushed one of their officers was inspired by isis.officer jesse hartnett is now recovering after the terrifying attack in which his assailant fired at him 13 mary molony reports... authorities say plain and simple -- this was a case of someone wanting to quote "execute" a cop. 3 (nats) "shots fired, i'm shot, i'm bleeding heavily."after a man came this close to a patrol car -- firing repeatedly -- philadelphia police say one of their own is lucky to be alive.(richard ross/philadelphia police commissioner): "he certainly was targeting police, it wasn't just targeting a motorist driving down the street, he knew who he was shooting at, and my god, the way he's got his arm inside that vehicle."officer jesse hartnett was hit in the arm three times late thursday -- but was able to chase the
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managed to shoot the assailant. edward archer -- the man taken into custody -- then had a chilling confession for authorities.(captain james clark/philadelphia police): "he pledges his allegiance to islamic state - he follows allah and that is the reason he was called upon to do this." officials say the semi- automatic gun involved in the attack was a police firearm stolen back in 20-13.they add archer has one prior arrest on his record.the f-b-i is also working with local police in the the wake of the ambush -- and a similar attack on police in paris -- the new york police department is now calling on its officers to stay vigilant.i'm mary moloney reporting. 3 a potential terrorist threat has been averted with the arrest of two iraqi refugees who are living in the, as our correspondent jeff barnd reports... these arrests are adding to concerns about resettling syrian refugees in the u.s. 3 23 year old aws mohammed younis al-jayab of sacramento faces charges of making false
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terrorism.24 year old omar faraj saeed al hardan of houston is charged with attempting to provide material support to isis.both men came from iraq and the arrests come as concerns have been recently raised regarding the u.s. refugee screening process. as president obama plans to allow 10,000 syrian refugees on u.s. soil by october 1st late last year, the house passed a measure to increase oversight of the refugee screening process. the chair of the homeland security committee stressed friday that the senate needs to act now to pass *his* house measure to strengthen the vetting process."/sot/"we have two iraqis, that came through the refugee program... one actually traveled to syria, to train and come back as a foreign fighter. if this is not enough evidence as to why we need this legislation passed, than i don't know what more is necessary."/vo/other lawmakers we talked to on the hill credit the law enforcement community for their diligence in these
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i concerned about terrorists coming in, absolutely, do i think we need to have them in a legitimate system so that we can monitor their activities? yes. and they were monitored and they were caught."lofgren "if there are those who are threatening our country they should be arrested, mindful that most of the people who've done harm to our country have been americans, and american- grown."/sig-out/according to federal immigration officials there are nearly 23-hundred syrian refugees already here on u.s. soil and the united nations says it has referred nearly 23-thousand syrian refugees for resettlement to the u.s. later this year." i'm jeff barnd reporting. 3 if convicted al-jayab faces up to 8 years in prison. harden faces up to 20 years behind bars both are looking at a maximum fine of 250-thousand dollars each. 3 we're tracking the latest developments tonight in the war on terror... as egypt is investigating two attacks on tourists. 3 alison starling has the latest developments in tonight's
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3 from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm alison starling. while terror arrests in california and texas, as well as the isis-inspired attack on a philadelphia police officer are leading today's headlines, there are other terror investigations underway around the world as well.(**take vo**)in egypt...two tourists were stabbed during an attack on a hotel in the resort city of hurghada.the suspects are said to have arrived by sea and carried isis flags.police shot and killed one of the suspects. the two tourists, said to be swedish, were hospitalized. this comes just one day after a terror attack at a hotel in cairo near the one was hurt in that attack. from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm alison starling. 3 3 six months after escaping a mexican prison, one of the world's most wanted criminals is back in custody tonight. 3 coming up after the break... what it took to track down the
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3 3 the most wanted drug lord in the world is back in custody. "el chapo" was recaptured in mexico today... nearly six months after the second prison escape of his career. 3 as omar villafranca reports... he's also wanted for several crimes in the u.s. 3 ((narr-1))mexican authorities finally got drug kingpin joaquin guzman back in their grasp.the man known as "el chapo" was arrested friday in
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chopper)mexican marines were met with a firefight - that ended with five of el chapo's men, dead.marines seized guns, a rocket-propelled grenade launcher and two armored enforcement sources tell cbs news the united states provided the key tip.(nats prison vehicles) ((narr-2))both the u.s. and mexico have been looking for "el chapo" since his elborate prison break last july.the brazen drug trafficker slipped out through a hole in his shower stall....and into a mile-long tunnel, equipped with a retrofitted motorcycle. ((sot arturo fontes/former fbi agent)) (already fonted)"it was unconscionable// there was so much embarrassment on his second escape there was so much pressure both from mexico and the us at least to apprehend him." ((narr-3))the nickname el chapo means shorty....but guzman's sinaloa cartel is worth a giant three billion dollars... and controls nearly half of the illegal drugs funneled into the u.s. guzman is believed to be responsible for as many as 34-thousand deaths.(gfx)u.s. officials will likely push for
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face justice on american soil. omar villafranca, cbs news, dallas. 3 el chapo first escaped back in 2001 - allegedly hiding in a prison laundry cart.some legal experts believe the only way to prevent him from escaping *again* is to extradite him to the u- s. 3 3 game night is back tonight with several ranked teams in action. 3 3 that includes 2a's number one team unity christian taking on the highest ranked team in sioux city. don't go anywhere chris is back with game night
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3 2a's number 3 one girls basketball squad unity christian is the type of team you could make a great case for going undefeated this season. they're that good. wouldn't it be cool to see how they fared against say, a ranked 5a team? it's the type of matchup you normally wouldn't see. 3 but we got it tonight at the cnos tournament at the tyson events center! 1) to start the second half unity christian with a comfy lead. josie blankespoor makes it comfier! 2) west needed to play "d" to get back into this and they do. bri moore with the steal and the layup! but the knights were up 32-15.3) seconds left in the third. good ball movement by the knights. anna kiel scores. when you're the leading scorer on the number one team you're good!4) 4th quarter now they've got a super point guard on the knights too thats shanda
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to alyssa fedders to extend the big lead.5) west's rachel knutson kobold doing her best to keep the wolverines in it. that shot it good.but unity christian wins big. 58-30 the final. 3 the unity christian boys had a 3 game win streak coming in against heelan, whose also on a three game win streak.1) crusaders struck first. this is deandre burnside to a spinning ryan moore! nice move to get the scoring going!2) and then the point guard deandre burnside. he is fun to watch he's good from distance. 3) another guy who's fun to watch is the big man for the knights luke niewendorp. he's their leading scorer.4) but then literally as the team is getting back on defense check out burnside get into the picture. good lukc stopping that! crusaders were up 12-7 i nthe 1st.heelan wins big 76-43. 3 let's check in with last year's state runners up mvao hosting kingsley pierson. rams are 8-1. panthers trying to improve on a 2-5 record.1)
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collins with a quick pass to juan delagarza for two points 2) then more from mvao conor beeck with the nice entry pass to andrew o'neal who does the rest. mvao doing big things early. 3) second quarter panthers coming back. nathan keck not afraid to go down low. his drive is good for two points with the friendly roll.4) then more from k-p. camden bainbridge with the nice drive and the hoop. k-p still down though.5) and it was thanks to plays like this from the rams cobly seuntjens. that is three the traditional way. rams improve to 9-1 on the season. they win it 51-29. 3 same two teams on the ladies side. k-p girls still undefeated at 9-0. mvao is 5-3. and *that* is a sweet looking ram!1)third quarter panthers leading the rams 37 to 13, allison bailey for three! it's good! extends the k-p lead.2)but withe the spirit of that ram mascot behind them mvao's emmalee scott with the spinorama! that's good! 3) then k-p's rachel mercer for three! she
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the red raiders like that!4) rams not done yet though . merrissa ferris from downtown! love the sound of a sweet swish!5) but it was a k-p kinda day. addison hirschman down low!kinglsey-pierson wins 62 to 43 3 hinton was about to put on an offensive display hosting clay central everly.1) starting off hinton is ahead 4 to 0 and jay small takes it to the hoop and gets the and 1. 7 to 0 blackhawks after the free throw.2) later small passes it to rson covey down low for the layup and he's not done. 3) next covey steals it before half court, goes for the layup but small is there to put it back. 11-0 run by the blackhawks. 4) the mavericks couldnt get a break when collin jurgensmeier steals and and covey again with the finger roll. 13- 05) later its 19 nothing hinton, and dayton brugman passes it to judge altenburg and he makes the 3. during this game jay small reached his 1000th point as a junior!hinton wins huge 103-40. not pictured blake vande hoef with two dunks
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3 stay tuned as we dive into nebraska where the fifth ranked norfolk boys were in action against lincoln southwest. also norfolk catholic and battle creek squared off on the ladies side. game night rolls along
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3 boys basketball team is the fifth ranked team in the state and entered their matchup with lincoln sw on an 8 game winning streak. 3 of course the panthers were undefeated til the playoffs last year and they want to avenge that in 2016.1. pick up action in the second quarter.. norfolk's lane mccallum with the turnaround.. panthers up twenty-five to twelve.2. still in the second quarter.. norfolk's brandon villalpando misses the three but logan strom is there to clean it up.. norfolk up twenty-nine to fifteen.3. villalpando playing some d.. gets the steal and keeps it himself.. panthers up
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before the end of the first half.. norfolk's t-j price beats the buzzer.. panthers would lead at the half thirty- three to eighteen andthe panthers win 64-49. 3 same two teams on the ladies side. panthers are 6-3. silver hawks 5-4.1. in the first quarter norfolk's tierra wilson with the three. lady panthers up three to two.2. still in the first quarter.. norfolk's kyla moore hits a three of her own.. norfolk up six to four.3. move to the second quarter.. tierra wilson again with the three pointer.. lady panthers up fifteen to twelve.4. right before the half.. kyla moore hits the 3 running jumper right at the buzzer.. norfolk would be behind at the half twenty-six to twenty andsouthwest comes from behind to win a squeaker,
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3 norfolk catholic wants their ranking back. they're 5-5 playing at 4-7 battle creek.1. norfolk catholic got on the board first.. great steal by maddie love.. she keeps it herself.. lady knights up two to nothing.2. more great defense from norfolk catholic.. this time alex anderson with the steal and the layup.. norfolk catholic up six to nothing.3. battle creek finally gets on the board.. strong move inside by taylor weimers for the basket.. bravettes down six to two.4. later in the first quarter.. battle creek's wiemers with the jumper.. norfolk catholic lead eight to four at that point and they get the win 42-36. 3 picking up action in the 3rd quarter hinton is up 50 to 7 over the mavericks1)kelli gleason drives the ball throw the defenders for the layup. and that isnt the beginning.2) next, kailey burke steals it,
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layup and this girl cannot be stopped.3) later, mavericks are trying to come back when kennedy wilson hits the jumper to make it 55 to 11 at that point.4) few minutes later, burke takes the side step and launches for the long 2 pointer making it 59 to 15. she will go on to score 35 points that game.5) after getting the rebound the burke passes it down low to bryce klein for the easy jump shot. hinton wins 74-20. (cheers and applause) >> announcer: welcome to the colbert! (cheers and applause)
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