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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  January 31, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CST

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have mostly cloudy skies and temperatures in the mid to upper 30s. tomorrow evening the snow will start to move into the area with snow accumulations of 1-2" over night. tuesday calls for strong winds and heavy snowfall with accumulation of 8-10" for most of the area. some of the southern portions of siouxland could see near a foot of snow. stay tuned, so we can keep you ahead of the storm. 3 3 it is the eve of the iowa caucuses and presidential candidates spent the day scrambling to secure votes. new jersey governor chris christie was the first candidate in sioux city this morning. over 100 people attended his townhall at morningside college. christie said that he is a better cadidate because of his
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jabs at marco rubio and ted cruz saying that they have never run for anything in their life. he also said that they both refused to admit that they'd changed their positions on immigration saying they wont own up to "flip flopping". christi spent several minutes addressing the immigration issue saying, he would make our borders more secure by using modern technology like drones in remote parts of the border, and utilizing e-verify. he has one important message for all iowans heading out to caucus tomorrow. 3 "man you are going to matter tomorrow night in a big way to this whole country. the whole country is watching you tomorrow night, and the tone you set and the people you pick are going to help to determine course of our country."in his closing remarks, christie made it a point to say that we dont need another talker in the white house like president obama or someone like donald trump who is an entertainer. 3 meanwhile, on the democratic
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a crowd of over 800 at the sioux city convention center in downtown sioux city, her daughter chelsea clinton was also in attendance. raising the minumium wage, closing the wage gap between men and women, reinvesting in the infrastructure, not raising the middle-class taxes are just some of the topics she discussed. 3 "one of the best ways to get new jobs is to admit that climate change is real and get moving on clean renewable energy that will create business, create jobs, create more income for farmers and rural areas. this is one of the biggest opportunities we have. "she called for all iowans to go out and stand up for her tomorrow, making a promise that if they stand up for her she will fight through this campaign and into the white house. 3 just a few streets over republican frontrunner donald trump held a rally in front of a packed orpheum theater.with a lead in most polls--some of the billionaire businessman's
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insulting other candidates like jeb bush and hillary clinton as well as mentioning what he would do to help with trump also took time out of the rally to present a check of 100 thousand dollars to support siouxland soldiers.this money came from the roughly six million dollars raised at trump's rally during the last republican debate.but with tomorrow being caucus night-mr. trump made one last plea to the crowd. 3 "if your doctor says you cannot leave your bed you won't make it. it doesn't matter, get up and caucus, get up and caucus."trump added that it's been 16 years since a republican winner in iowa-has won the presidency. 3 the word "caucus" is thought to come from an native american term that means a "gathering of chiefs." caucus- like gatherings have been going on since iowa first became a state. but it wasn't until 1972 they were more formalized. and it wasn't
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and democrats decided to caucus on the same day. siouxland news anchor larry wentz has a look back. 3 that day there were more uncommitted voters than people supporting the second place finisher... future president jimmy carter. the unkown former governor of georgia revolutionized the caucuses with the door to door... cafe to cafe... personalized campaign we see today... defeating incumbent president gerald ford won the caucus vote over ronald 1980 george h. w. bush finished first in the republican caucuses. but it was ronald reagan went on to defeat jimmy carter. in 1984 democratic caucus winner walter mondale was crushed in the general election by president reagan. in 1988 missouri congressman richard gephardt finished first on the democratic side. and kansas senator bob dole took the top spot for republicans. but it was third place finisher george h. w. bush who easily won the presidency over massachusetts governor michael dukakis. in 1992 iowa's own
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support of more than 70 percent democratic caucus goers. but it was 4th place finisher bill clinton who defeated incumbant president bush. in 1996 bob dole of kansas was again the choice of republicans. but he lost to president clinton. in 2000 vice president al gore was the democrat's choice... losing to george w. bush by a hanging chad. democratic caucus winner john kerry also lost to bush in 2004. in oh-eight.... 3 little known illinois senator barack obama's "boots on the ground" campaign blind-sided hillary clinton who finished third. mike huckabee was the republican's choice. but it was senator john mccain who lost to obama. and 2012... former pennsylvania senator rick santorum finished above mitt romney. but it was romney who went on to lose to president obama after santorum later dropped out of the race. 3 as you can see... winning the
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of getting your party's nomination.... or winning the white house. 3 picking a favorite candidate isn't the only thing people will do at tomorrow (monday) night's caucuses. *after* the vote is taken... they'll move on to the "platform" phase of the caucus.the "platform" or "plank" is best described as what the republican or democratic party should stand for. what ideas or goals do they want their elected officials to strive for? they can be very different from caucus to caucus... and party to party. the head of iowa's democratic party feels there are a number of issues that could be debated. 3 "college affordability seems to be something on a lot of people's minds. and i know all of the candidates are taking about that. in iowa we have a higher college debt to our population than a lot of states do. so, that's one thing i am hearing a lot about. i'm hearing about education because of our local issues. i am hearing about healthcare. 19 million people
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that weren't before. we're really talking about the affordability of that and how that goes into the future. and people don't want to lose healthcare that they now have."the platforms developed at the local level will then be debated at the county... then state.. and finally national level of the party. 3 if you plan on heading out to caucus tomorrow here are a few reminders.if you are not registered to vote you can do so on site. you need to bring a photo id and proof of where you live, a utility bill or bank statement will work. 3 and you've got to be 18-years- old by election day, that's november 8th of this year.doors open at 6pm. to find your caucus location you can visit our website siouxlandnews dot com. we have a story on our homepage to help you find your polling place. 3 still to come on siouxland news at 10, you just heard about the history of the iowa caucuses 3 our national correspondent caught up with two previous caucuses winners to find out just how important iowa is in the race to the white house..
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3 blizzard 3 watch issued for monday evening through wednesday morning. tonight temperatures will cool into the 20s with increasing clouds across the area. tomorrow will have mostly cloudy skies and temperatures in the mid to upper 30s. tomorrow evening the snow will start to move into the area with snow accumulations of 1-2" over night. tuesday calls for strong winds and heavy snowfall with accumulation of 8-10" for most of the area. some of the southern portions
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foot of snow. stay tuned, so 3 we can keep you ahead of the
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3 still to come.. our national correspondent takes a look at the pivotalrole the iowa caucuses have played and how accurate they are at predicting nominees
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3 all the hype is reaching a fevered pitch in iowa tonight since we are just one day away from the pivotal caucuses. so how important are they?chief political correspondent scott thuman caught up with two past caucus winners. 3 -(pkg)-3 "nats rallies"-all the rallies, handshaking and tv time, it all comes down to monday nightand iowans, possibly, forging a path to the white house. on the flip side, it can also leave candidates baffled. just ask 2008 winner mike huckabee.- (110) me: you think this is the craziest iowa we've seen in a while? huckabee: every time it's crazy every time there's something unusual about it, this is certainly one for the books.-whether
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polls, or a former president stumping for his spouse:-(220) me: "what about the unpredictability of iowa? santorum: the pollingthat's what so frustrating the polls have been horribly inaccurate and you have probably the biggest polling agency in america, gallup, says they're not doing polling in this race."-right now those polls show clinton & trump at the top but that's hardly slowing sanders, cruz, rubio and the rest who know iowa has a way of producing surprises.-(140) huckabee: "they're a strong, hearty, intelligent group of voters when they go they study the issues and the candidates when they go. they're not easily bamboozled."-although also, not the best at predicting nomineeswhile more successful on the democratic side, they're more often than not, recently, wrong choosing republicans.(255) me: "rick santorum wins, obviously his candidacy didn't pan out, mike huckabee, same scenario, is there a lesson to be learned?" (324) kaufmann: "i would say this: sometimes iowa's gonna predict the nominee, sometime we're not."-2:35 (kaufmann) "so a jimmy carter can rise from obscurity, so you can have a rick santorum go to work and actually come out a
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iowa can also be looked at like a horse race, you may not win but it's still critical to show or place, that's because for the most part no candidate has ever placed out of the top three, and still become the nominee. in des moines iowa, scott thuman. 3 three weeks ago this popular sioux city restaurant was damaged by a fire.. 3 thanks to the help from numerous volunteers.. it will re-open in less than 24 hours.. we'll hear from the
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3 sioux city restaurant damaged by a fire earlier this month will be reopening tomorrow morning.the owners and a willing team of volunteers and sneaky's supporters spent the past three weeks, renovating their restaurant after a shed fire caused severe smoke damange. today the owners took the time to thank all of those who helped make their re- opening a speedy one.a special thank-you dinner was provided for the workers who did the remodel. sneaky's owner, dave farris says the support they have received is unbelievable. 3 dave ferris (owner) "it's beautiful, it's phenomenal. we had a great team put it back together in less than three weeks. it's pretty remarkable." michelle maas (event attendee) "it's just absolutely amazing. everything is nice, clean, fresh. it's all family that comes here so i'm just so happy it's back open."others added that, sneaky's is a family staple, a place to have a nice meal, and take time to enjoy the company of loved ones. sneaky's chicken will re- open to the public tomorrow morning at 11 a- m.
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storm expected to hit on tuesday lifeserve blood center is urging the community to give blood 3 lifeserve is relying on generous donors to "roll up their sleeves to ensure the blood supply remains at stable levels." they say winter weather can cause the blood supply to drop to critically low levels; that is why they encourage, giving blood before and after the storm.the full process only takes an hour. donors are asked to schedule appointments or walk - in to donate. you can make appointments online... we've got the link in this story on our website... siouxland news dot com. 3 3 the mysterious death of a 13- year-old girl became more alarming today.police arrested a second virgnia tech student in connection to the murder. jericka duncan has the story. 3 jericka duncan (**take pkg**) (track)police say 13-year-old nicole lovell of blacksburg virginia was abducted by 18- year-old david eisenhauer. they say 19 year-old natalie keepers helped him dispose of
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was arrested. blacksburg police department luitenant mike albert (sot/police sun0080, lt. mike albert) "based on evidence collected to date we have determined eisenhauer and nicole were acquainted prior to her disappearance." (track) saturday authorities charged eisenhauer with murder. police say they found lovell's remains near the virgina north carolina borderabout 100 miles from her home.lovell's family reported her missing wednesday and say her dresser was pushed up aganinst her bedroom door. a missing child poster noted she required medication daily for her liver. friday her father, posted this message to facebook.(facebook video)"nicole honey if you see this if you're out there you can come to me. i'm not mad at you. i'm worried about you. your family is worried about you. just come home."(track) nicole's facebook page shows she was a member of at least one teen dating group.but it's unclear whether she met eisenhauer online. last march the track and field state champion was recognized as student athlete of the week by a local news station. (sot/david eisenhauer)"i
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i reach my peak performance." (track)investigators spent nearly four days searching for lovell. state police continue to search for evidence on the virginia tech campus. (tag: virginia tech released a statment extending it's support to lovell's family and friends. police have not released a motive or cause of death. the coronor's office tells cbs news the autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow.) 3 3 east graduate kyle angerman wins his first mma title belt. hear from the champ after the big win.and the muskies host waterloo in their first home game in four weeks. see how they did. chris neyenhouse makes a special appearance for weekend sports next! 3 bth - paid-for 3 patriotismhello. i'm mark hyman.soon the n-f-l season
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this point on the n-f-l, . . . other major sports leagues . . . and the pentagon should end paid-for patriotism.paid-for patriotism is the practice of the pentagon paying for game-day related military events. these have included everything from surprise homecomings, . . . unfurling giant flags . . . and troops singing the national was impressive that professional sports teams were honoring our servicemen and women. however, the story broke last year that the defense department and national guard were paying millions for those phony displays of patriotism.i'm holding the sales agreements of the 340,000-dollars the national guard paid just one n-f-l team in just one year. let's be reasonable. major sporting events attract the attention of young adults. this is the target audience for military recruiting efforts. commercial advertising, . . . recruiting displays . . . and brochure distribution are legitimate activities.but let's end the paid-for, staged event of a family getting surprised by a
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unexpectedly. or a military honor guard carrying the american flag before the game. some teams are doing this because the government check cleared . . . and not because of genuine support of the military.there's nothing to suggest the practice is illegal. it just insincere, . . . phony, . . . and insulting to those who've comment, go to behind the headlines dot net.i'm mark
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