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tv   Siouxland News at 5 on KMEG  CBS  February 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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3 an avalanche in colorado has claimed the life of a siouxland native.he had moved full- time to the state a little over a year and a half ago... after a technology companies in siouxland. 3 former gateway executive and longtime le mars native, ron (bray-bander) brabander lost his life friday while riding his snowbike - the first snowbike fatality in colorado country. 3 3 siouxland news reporter jaclyn driscoll spoke with some of brabander's friends today. jaclyn? 3 diana, larry while his friends are understandably sad, they say knowing that brabander lost his life doing what he loved makes it a little easier. 3 a go-getter a lover of the outdoors and a bit of a daredevil ron brabander is remembered by many throughout sioux city. "everybody remembers him as a person with a great smile, happy all the time, always willing to help anybody and everybody no matter what it was." "ron lived for being outside and
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a great snowfall, so i guess if he had to go, it was a great way for him to go." a former gateway and dakota pc warehouse employee, brabander enjoyed working with electronics. "he was very mechanically inclined and could fix a lot of those things, but electronics as well. so, he was a jack of all trades."brabander took care of his parents until they passed away. he then retired at the end of 2014 to live out his passion for the outdoors in colorado. "every time he could get away from here and go to colorado he did it. he drove a lot of hours for just a quick weekend, but he loved being outdoors with all his different toys. whether it was motorcycle, 4-wheeler, snowmobile, whatever it was, he had a lot of those kind of toys and a lot of friends with similar toys." just one week before his death, brabander emailed his sioux city friends boasting of his newly assembled snowbike and, what he calls, some "spooky situations" he got himself
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tragic circumstance, brabander went out doing exactly what he loved. 3 so far there's no word on a funeral service, but family members are planning a celebration of life for brabander on the 4th of july... on top of one of his favorite moununins in colorado. 3 3 3 alright. thanks jaclyn. a life well - lived it sounds like.let's turn now to weather. chad... it was nice to see the sun again today. 3
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eventually climb back into the 40s early next week.>> 3 3 one sioux city middle school is hoping to make the transition from elementary school easier for current fifth graders.25 5th grade students from liberty, loess hills, crescent park and lincoln elementary were named "student ambassadors"... spending the day at west middle school learning how their school days would go once they become sixth graders in august. 3 "it's a great opportunity for these kids to be leaders of their class they were chosen to come up here to west middle school out of 350 kids and that's a pretty awesome thing these kids to get and to be able to go back and answer all the questions for their classmates that they probably wouldn't get answered when they come up here in the spring with 350 kids is really vital for them to be
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"the learning experience was an exciting one for two of the students... 3 "its awesomei think its fun.//i get to see everyone, i get to meet new people. and you have different classes so it not just like the same thing and you get to pick classes you want. "now, the "student ambassadors" will return to their classrooms and share what they learned with the rest of this year's 5th graders. 3 3 *second grade* students at lincoln elementary are sharing their family histories.the students created a project detailing their family's history... and set up museum to display what they set it up... they interviewed their family members and included an "artifact" important to someone in their famy. 3 " we have talked about all of their ancestors have probably migrated into the united states at some point in time. so when they see the videos they are pretty amazed that possible they uld be related to someone that was one of the
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3 those projects went on display today at lincoln elementary school on the west side. 3 50 vietnam war veterans were honored today for their participation in an award- winning, sioux city journal series called "vietnam: service with honor" a athe betty rong encounter center. 3 siouxland news reporter kayla novak joins us now with the details. 3 3 larry, diana... veterans and their families gathered today in sioux city to celebrate the recognized. 3 for the last three months, photographs of the veteran's and some of their story have been displayed at the betty stroro encounter center. today's s ent gave the veterans a chance to talk about their services... and to get a "thank you" for all they did. 3 "i'm privledged. i feel privledged. and i am happy for some recognition and that other people are getting some recognition"veterans were also able to catctcup with eir old d friends and visitors
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it hit home for most. guys? 3 the first professional rock and roll orchestra in the country is calling it quits.after 12 years...sioux city's rockestra will have its final curtain call in 2016. john luebke (lube-kee') founded the group in 2004.he says popularity came by word of mouth. it didn't take many years for the crowds to start growing at rockestra's shows. but a band - mate of his was the first to really notice the success... on stage during a song. 3 "she said 'turn around.' i said 'what?' she said 'tutu around!' so i i rned around and everybody was standing and cheering right in the middle of the song."siouxland news anchor jacob heller takes us on a trip through rockestra's history. that's tonight on siouxland news at 10. 3 some are calling it a bill protect conservative views. while others are calling it
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3 the south dakota house has overwhelmingly passed a measure allowing people or organizations to discriminate against same-sex couples... unmarried pregnant women... or transgender people... without fear of jeopardizing state contracts or employment. backers say it's about protecting freedom of speech for ththe with conservatiti views. but opponents warn it endorses discrimination... could put the state in violation of federal law.... and cost south dakota millions of dollars. the bill... which passed 46 to 10... now moves to the state senate. 3 3 voting is underway in new hampshire for the first-in- the-e-tion prpridential primary. republblan donald trump and demorat bernie sanders were heavily favored in polls, but this is the only poll that matters. 3 cbs's danielle nottingham has more on the race, and where the votes are... 3 new hampshire voters cast their ballots in what's expected to be a record breaking turnout. donald trump
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the popos - something g s campaign is not taking for granted.(sot-katrina pierson/trump campaign spokeswoman)"a win is going to be a win for this campaign, we're very excited to have a first-time presidential candidate do so well in the primary."(poll gfx)gop candidates, john kasich, marco rubio, jeb bush and ted cruz are in a virtual tie.(sot - neil)"this race is all about who comes in second in new hampshire on the republican sidede."neil levesque is exececive directct of the new hampshire institute of politics. he says the a bulk of the votes are cast in the "golden triangle" an area in the southeastern part of the state.(sot - neil levesque/exec. dir., nh institute of politics)"that's where most of the candidates have spent the last few days, and that's really - when those number start coming in, that's what you need to keep your eye on."(standup bridge)the gop ll also keep tabs ononerry, nhnhthe mix ofof suburban and blue collar voters here is a good indicator of how the republican candidates will perform in the state.(sot- nancy pierce/derry, nh)"just about everybody comes here at least once."some voters in derry knew exactly who they wanted....(sot)dn: "why did you vote for chris christie?" np: "because i think he has
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"hillary."there were others, who came with a particular strategy.(sot - alison king) "if it takes a vote away from trump, then that's why i'm here."either way, we'll know the winners and losers after the polls close tonight. danielle nottingham, cbs news, derry, new hampshire. 3 we'll have team coverage from new hampshire tonight... featuring a live report from our senior political reporter scott thuman from manchester new hampshire.that's comg up on siouxland news at addition... cbs news will provide live election coverage throughout the night here on kmeg 14 3 there's also an election taking place in *siouxland* today...iowa lakes community college is asking voters to approve a 16- million dollar bond issue to help fund renovation projects on its five campuses.i- l- c- c serves all or part of 9 siouxland counties... buena vista, cherokee, clay, dickinson, emmet, o'brien, osceola, palo alto and pocahontas.the polls are open until 8 tonight... and the measure requires 60 percent support to pass.we hope to have a result tonight on
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3 gum disease can come in a variety of forms... and can also be difficult to treat. 3 coming up after the break in tonight's healthwatch... how dentists in *california* are getting help from their *patients* in treating gum
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3 millions of americans suffer from receding gums... which can cause other dental, as chris martinez reports...
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are among the first in the united states to offer a new, less invasive treatment to restore the gum usininthe tient's own blood cells. 3 dede mbrecht couldn take the pain anymore.her gums were receding - at a fast pace... "very severe, all the way up to the bone on most of the teeth and it's hereditary, my father was that way too." millions of americans suffer from gum recession.the most common fix is gum grafting... taking tissue from the roof of the mouth to cover t t exposed root.but a new procedure now offers a less painful - less invasive solution.((nats)) "comfortable?... good..."((vo)) periodontist alexandre aalam offers the procedure -- called rejuvagum lift - to his patients.he uses a small amount of the patient's own blood((nats))to create whatat called "platelet rich fibrin".((nats)) "that is a a gummy gummy bear-like texture of white cells"dr. aala inserts the fibrin into the affected gum area and in just
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rejuvenate the existing gum tissue."the procedure takes itself an hour, bututou get the results within a week." these before and after photos - show how well it workededor de.((dede lambrecht/ patient))"i couldn't believe it, and when i got the stitches out, it was just like the gums i was born with it was just amazing."doctors say the results are permanent so patients like dede won't need any further treatments.chris martinez, cbs news, brentwood california. 3 the rejuvagum lift procedure costs about the same as gum grafting and is covered by many insurance plans. 3
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siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell and sports director chris
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3 "first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell." 3 3 3 3 chad, diana and larry talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast.3 3
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inch of new snow is expected as afternoon highs will once again toout in the lower 20s. the rest of the week will see mostly cloudy skies with a very slight chance of light snow early friday morning. temperatures ththrest of the work week wwl hang in the lower 20s. by the time the weekend comes around we will be flirting with overnight lows below zero. look for a little bit of light snow on sunday as temperatures will begin to warm up. highs will
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40s early next week.>>3
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3 the hoosiers haven't lost a home game all year. hear what south sioux native mike gesell thinks will be the key if iowa is able to pull get a win there thursday.. 3 and briar cliff's men's volleyball team hosts their first home game in school history. we check in with head coach trevor sure-men. chris
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3 "sports, with sports director chris neyenhouse." 3 it's tuesday! which means its about to be one of the two greatest week! our game night matchups pit a pair of teams with big time state title aspirations against one another.okoboji finally suffered their first loss of the season last week to 13th ranked moc-floyd valley. well 6th ranked sioux center just beat the dutch and tonight it's the warriors and the prioneers. tipoff is set for 6:15. can't wait for that! 3 we'll also get to check out that same moc-floyd valley team as they play host to west lyon who has won seven straight games! we are getting to see four of the very best girls basketball teams northwest iowa has to offer tonight.also river valley plays at lawton-bronson tonight. moville is the site of the west and woodbury central game. on paper that
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one. and over in dakota valley its the tanagers and panthers. d-v just got a big win over north last night.on the boys side sioux center received votes in the lates ap poll. they host the pioneers. and if west lyon is to get back to 500 they'll have to do it against a dutch team that hasn't lost since january 15th. 3 sioux city west visits woodbury central in a tuneup before they play lewis in the substate tournament in a couple weeks. lawton-bronson plays host to river valley who's looking for their first win.and after starting the season 12-0 dakota valley has now lost 2 of 3. they'll try to right the ship against a very good vermillion team that comes in at 10-5. 3 anothegame we'll have on game night is a new experience for everne. the chargers are hosting a varsity men's volleyball game on campus for the first time in school history. tonight at 7 they'll welcome dordt. head men's volleyball coach trevor sure-man is also the women's coach. at practice yesterday he talked about the differences between coaching both programs, and what his expectations are for his team
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3 "there are similarities. it's a completely different game. there's a lot of power involved, a lot of determination. the finesse is out the window. as it is withth the women's game. so you know there are some similarities and there are things that are refreshing as far as the athleticism. the team is coming together very well. we've got 12 freshmen and a senior basketball player that decided to play volleyball his senior year. a good group of guys. they're hungry. we approached it as a volleyball progogm not to jump into this with one foot. we're going with both feet and trying to compete the first year." 3 number four wa is preparing for a matchup with the hoosiers thursday night. the hoosiers had a 12 game winning streak going towards the end of january and are 13-0 at assembly hall is year! south h sioux native mike gesell says iowa has a formula for these types of games. 3 "we never panic. and i think
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on the road this year. that's where a lot of our success comes from. teams are going to make runs especially on road environments. and so we always 3 3
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designed so that if you land on the three images with both party symbols-you can win up to six thousand dollars.hard rock's general manager todd moyer says the games are for anybody-not just a apecific party. 3 "we're not picking sides here. i don't care if you're democrat, republican, or independent, you got to participate. that's what democracy is all about. we're the hard rock, we like all parties, we're not taking sides." 3 the slots are right next to the gift shop and will be there throughout the entire election year. 3 3 3 3
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