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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  January 6, 2016 5:00pm-5:29pm MST

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and we're on that the throughout the evening, thank you, russell. also following breaking news out of wheat ridge, police have closed pierce toonew land, near the 38th avenue area, now, this is a picture frr air tracker 7 now, a live picturee you can see the flashing lights on the screen. the suspect is believed to be in the area now, avoid this area. a major sex trafficking bust in the metro area, has now landed 6 people in jail. a 29-year-old man is accused of running a prostitution ring. denver7 reporter jason gruenauer is in downtown denver, jason, this alleeedly involved at least three young girls? >>reporter: and those girls were allegedly found on facebook, and coerced into a life of violence and prostitution. all of that according to this grand jury indictment, it claims that those three girl s along with several other women, were
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this, here in denver and have sex for money. 29-year-old brock franklin is the name of the gentleman who they say the leader of this ring of a at least six other people. according to that diechlt dierjts franklin used -- indictment, franklin used drugs and alcohol, posting ads on back in order to advertise. franklin and one other ring member are also charged with assault, and rape of at least one of the prostitutes. now, so far, 6 arrests have been made, one is still pending. the entire ring according to this indictment, now face 59 total felony charges, franklin himself, faces 39 of those. including human sex trafficking, child prostitution, and rack teerg. reporting live in downtown denver, i'm jason gruenauerrfor denver7. police say a 16-year-old girl had detailed maps of her high school l and planned an attack at mountain vista high school.
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we also learned in court yesterday, more disturbing details about what she had allegedly planned. denver7's jennifer kovaleski is live at the hospital. you talked to a criminal nolgs about the red flags. >>reporter: he says that the fact that johnson harmed animals in the past is part of murder prone kids. dawn lyndely is the chair of the karimology department. often because they've been harmed and take it out on animal l who can't fight back. he also said it's one step closer to hurting humans. this is an instagram photo of 16-year-old sienna johnson. who is charged in the murder plot, lyndely also talk about how johnson fantasized about committing this crime for quite
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bb gun for target practice and drew the maps. >> t shounds like she was at the second stage, she fantasized about it, she started acting on it and was prevebted. the next -- prevented. the next step would have she would have done it. >>reporter: we also learned in court yesterday, prosecutors said that she showed no remorse and told the detective that if she got out, she would try to do this again. she's been held on a million dollar bond, as for the other teenager, she's waiiing a mental health evaluation before any charges are filed. reporting live in highlands ranch tonight, jennifer kovaleski, denver7. >> we learned a lot of details about this case so far, during yesterday's hearing, investigators say there is so much more we don't know yet about johnson's allegee plan. documents revealing more information about the plan could be concealed. and ttis just into our newssoom, the state nursing board suspended the license of this man, he's accused of
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hospital emergency rooms. thomas moore is accuse fd of touchinggthe women after they were given paan medications, he's a nurse. investigattrs say in two cases, women said moore sent them facebook friend requests after they left the hospital. southern california l getting pounded with rain right now, a strong el nino storm is causing widespread problems, widespread flooding, people are even paddle boarding down streets that have turned into rivers. cars are being stranded in the flood waters, roofs of restaurants are opening up to the flood waters. there were nearry 2 dozen this morning's commute. and mike nelson ii watching that storm's movement, so mike is that the same one that's bringing us snow. >> it is, but it will weaken as >> good. >> it has to go through the desert southwest search warrant, there's already some snow coming in the southwestern colorado. and we do have some weather advisories in effect, in that part of the state r it's not heavy at the moment but there's
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four corners area, a winter storm watch for the southern san juans and down in the wet mountains. no warnings for the denver aeshg but the clouds are thickening on the horizon. we have colder weather and snow in our forecast, say good-bye to the 40s and 50s, we're talking 20s and 30s, for highs. >> thanks for the warning, mike. right now, denver police are looking for the people responsible for vanld liezing about 30 vehicles -- vandalizing about 30 vehicles. these vehicles had their ar windows shot out. thh damage was done by either a bb or a pellet gun. the bulk of these happening near knox court in else worth, police are looking for a silver or gold 1990ss model chevy trail blazer. this loveland man is phasing a first-degree -- facing a first-degree charge for beating a female family member with a hammer. the sheriff's office says the victim was able to calm the man, and she called the police. she was broughh to the hospital for treatment.%
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looking at what happened outside of a mcdonalds last night, this is at 11:30 last night at the mcdonald's on 72nd and sheridan. when the police got, they found a silver revolver on the fwroupd, no victim, no suspect. the u.s. ambassador to the united nations says the u.n. security council should hold north korea accountable by imposing top new sanctions in response to the country's announced nuclear tests, there are questions about whether the tests was a hydrogen bomb. lance hernandez is in our news room, and lan, you talked to the former ambassador. >>reporter: former ambassador christopher hill says north korea is hell bent on an effort to marry a nuclear weapon with a missile. says the u.s. needs o -- because the u.s. doesn't want them to feel a need to go nuclear as well.
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hill says the main reason to prevent a proliferation in that part of the world is economic. >> there's a lot of the word's exports come out northeast asia with we need to make sure hah the economy, the world economy is okay, and a war in that part of the world would not be helpful at all to the world economy. >> now, hill, now the dean of the school of international studies says they need to work closely with china, china will focus on china and that part of the world and not exclusively on the middle east. what is the difference? between the more common atomic bomb and a hydrogen bomb? a-bombs use fission to split plutonium. h-bombs use fusion to combine smaller at toms. the hiej general bomb is seeing as being hundreds of tiles more
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all right. hopefully, you picked up your powerball jackpot tickets, somebody could be hours away from winning 500 million dollar, could be you. this is fourth largest in history. it's not just the lucky winners that will benefit. brendaliss, some of the money dpoez into helping our state -- goes into helping our state. park, many parks like this, will benefit from every single ticket sales they're going to get. in fact rs for every dollar you spend on a ticket, 24 cents is going to go to parks like this one, to improve things like this walking on. so the more money that is spent state gets. -`they expect to get 2 million dollars today alone, ann, i have a confession, even i succumbed and had to buy a few tickets. 500 million dollars jackpot. we're the only state to use a
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outdoor, for things like this trail, trail restoration, wildlife conservation, even public pools. >> more than likely, every single person that lives in colorado, feels the impact of how lottery funds are used because here in colorado, we love the outdoors. >>reporter: and so far, today, they have gotten those 2 million dollars, that's more than they usually get ttpically on just one week. but of course, while the more money spent on these tickets, more people buys them, the less chances you and i have of winning this big jackpot. reporting live in denver, brendaliss gonzalez. the food chain is now facing a criminal investigation into aynor ro virus outbreak. and families left stranded on a greyhound bus in the cold after they say that the driver bailed on them.
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restriking what you can do on your own private property? the proposed ordnance that would limit what you can build on your land. it's going to get colder, clouds thickening tonight.
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0001 somehow this for a ride. greyhound passengers were left standed at a hotel, whhle the driver took a nap. the passengers thought the bus -`driver was taking a quick stop, but the driver, he went into the hotel to get sleep. passengers say they were not told about the break, and left on the bus, they say they were there for hours with children on the bus, trying to kem keep them warm. -- keep them warm. federal regulations allow them to get sleep. he did finish the trip republican presiddnttal front runner got an unusual gift on the campaign trail in new hampshire, someone gave him an
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gave trump the rifle yesterday. it came after the president rolled out actions to tighten gun rules. >> we've been big trump supporters, and wanted to do something to commemorate mr. trump's visit to claremont. >> the man says trump was impressed by the gift and by the way, the secret service removed the firing pin, making it inoperable, ahead of time. another round of bad news for colorado based chipotle, the restaurant chain is now involved in a criminal investigation. tied to norovirus outbreak. that subpoena requires chipotle to produce a broad range of documents. chipotle has also been linked to an e. coli outbreak to it's restaurants as well as a separate norovirus outbreak in boston. pleaded not guilty to
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enrique marquez, jr., is accused of conspiring to provide material support to rer riss, he was -- terrorists, he was friends with the sxhubd wife attackers. in douglas county, leaders may have guidelines on how you can use your own property. rural area, where people like to drive mottrcycles and atv's for recreation. mark boyle is in douglas county, and mark, people are firm on both sides of this heated issue. >> people move to douglas county because they like their land, whether it's because it's peaceful or they like to douglas county commissioners could decide how you use the `and when it comes to motorsports. the wide open space, it's why a lot of people are moving to douglas county. randy now lives in the city, but he says he's needing more land so his 6-year-old son can
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>> my wife and i have talked about moving. >>reporter: his son riding in competition, but in order to keep up with the competition, he says he needs a little bit bigger and better track. if a proposed passes, motorsports usage an private land will be restricted. >> if way tonight ride, or my son wants to ride on my `roperty, we should be able to, and if the neighbor has a problem with it, they can come over and talk to me and we can work out a time that we can ride. >>reporter: here's what we're talk aboutt if you own property like this, you can ride your motorcycles or atv's across there. but across the street, aamore professional looking track, you wouldn't be able to move more than 50 cubic yards of dirt for motorspprts. >> the question is, at what skwal of facility does the county maybe need to consider additional land use regulations because the impacts of those facilities such as noise, and grading. >>reporter: if passed, this
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moving to the county. >> it's a lot of kids that want to race and want to ride, and i think it's a family activity that should be encouraged. and not discouraged. >>reporter: for some perspective, 50 cubic yards is about 2 semi loads, if you would like to weigh in tomorrow night, the meeting is at the douglas countyn third street. the meeting starts at 5:30. commissioners on this could vote asen soo as february. as to whether or not to allow it. we're live in castle rock, mark boyle, denver7. passengers flling from dia to san diego had to make an unscheduled stop this morning, in las vegas. frontier airlines flight 555 reported an engine problem in air, around 7:00 o'clock this morning and decided to make an emergency landing, that plane landed safely at the airport and there were no injuries. the legislature starts up again the, one week from today, so it's timely to unveil the new house chamber at the state capitol. house lawmakers will have new furniture to sit on.
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morning, the project to renovate started in 2014, the senate chambers should be done later on this year. and plans for new oil and gas wells in est greeley have been rejethed. the greeley planned commission voted unanimously to deny extraction oil and gases project. the vote came twoof hours of -- after two hours of public comment. the plan was to build a facility on the 14-acre piece f a 69-acre property, which also surrounded on all sides by about 9 existing well sites. and can talk about busted, check out this new video tonight, a pennsylvania high school basketball coach, yeah, caught on camera head butting a referee during a gail. the coach apparently got upset after a foul was called on his team. well, the school has now placed him on administrative leave from both his coaching and teaching positions. the referee was able to get up and finish the game. wow. don't escape the cameras, ever. >> that's right. let me show you what it looks like across the state and
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the country, look at these thunderstorms moving in across south ections of california, that's the moisture that's coming our way. in denver right now, the clouds are thickening, but it's going to be a while before we see any moisture here, it's 40, downtown, 37 at the airport. high today, 46, the morning low was at 19. tonight tonight, we'll have increasing clouds, we get through the morning drive here in denver dry, but southern portions of the metro area, jefferson county, douglas county, probably pick up snow. the light snow is tomorrow, and a lot colder than today, highs in the mid 30s. normal highs are 44. combrou see thh colder air to the north of us. 31 at minneapolis, that is p droing southward -- dropping southward. moisture is coming in rom the west and that combination means wintery type weathhr for us. pumping in a lot of pacific moisture, this will bring canadian cold our way and some light snow developing over the southern portion of the metro area overnight tonight. lows around 20 degrees for most lowwr elevations, single digits and teens expected to the west.
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temperatures will stay above 0 everywhere, because of the cloud cover and the presipt movecip. it's not a huge compact sform, were sto. with the cold coming n and the it's disorganized. we'll get another inch or two on friday. temperatures, though, a lot cooler, just in the mid 30s, mid and tyking a look. you cann-- taaing a look, you can see the combination of the moisture from the west, and can the cooler air from the north. there will be a circulation pulling in colder air from the north tharnd deep low that's up over hudson 's scomba that will continue to bring us a chilly forecast into the weekend, so and 20. snow developing. air quality will be better tomorrow, because of that light precipitation.
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forecast, colder weather were to, by the time we're all said and done i friday afternoon, 2-4 inches of snow, lit be a long duration -- it will be a ong duration snowfall. cold for the weekend, maybe flurries again on sunday is. instead of 0 monday morning, we'rr looking at 2 now. >> i spotted ttat. >> and think the real bright spot, if you like temperatures in the 40s, we have to wait until next wednesday. hey, we're a couple of degrees better than 0 monday morning. >> yeah, 2 is better than 0, definitely. all right. as those temperatures are expected to dip in the ko coming days, local fire crews are going to make sure that you stay safe when you're around icy waters. >> felt very uncomfortable.
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an historic land mark, or a safety risk, these silos are at the center of a heated debate in fort collins, they're considering new rules, i'll have the story coming up at 6:00 on denver7 news. new for you tonight, a father is outraged after he recorded tsa agents patting down his 10-year-old daughterrat a north carolina airport. the tsa agent patted down that 10-year-old for 2 minutes before finding a pouch of juice inside of her purse. he is outraged by how uncomfortable his daughter felt. >> i felt it was incredibly inaapropriate, very invasive and
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>> just kept doing it over and over, i felt very uncomfortable, i felt like screaming. >>reporter: well, the tsa sppkesperson says pat down screenings on children are allowed under certain circumstances asks said that tsa agent followwd appropriate procedure. the star wars film is shattering records, "the force hhghest ranking film in mystery. released. and it's projected with today's sales, it will pass the 765 million dollars set by avatar six years ago. it took "the past it. valuable training, getting this in before the next storm hits.
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and lafayette got their feet wet. at harper lake in louisville, an% engineer tells us it can be %- pretty unpredictable in the icy waters. >> this is the time of year, have the cold snap, a lot of ice on the ponds, but the ice can vary quite a bit on each pond or `ach river. >> emergency responders also practiced self-rescue techniqueings, they were wearing the special suits to keep them safe from the cold water. >> i'm glad they're out there training.
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