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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  January 19, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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within the last 90 minutes denver police releasing this mugshot of the woman they say stabbed attacking the fire chief in the middle of the day. this coming as we also learn the fire chief eric tade was released from ddnver head with injuries to his hand and leg. >> liz you spoke to the suspect's son tonight. >>reporter: i did this happened right near the fire department headquarters i had a chance to talk with the suspect's son on the phony told me he questions her sanity and she's not right in the he said she's been flown to a allows ha allows nature and
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this video shows his car. >> he gets out of the car checks himself. >>reporter: in uniform and on duty fire chief eric tade stabbed in his black unmarked suv. >> a ever officer vehicle just assaulted in a blue uniform with a shoulder pad. >>reporter: this woman marlene rodriguez jumped in the suv in the middle of colfax and started stabbing him. watch as the car continues rolling down the street after the chief jumped out. >> at that point i was thinking you know that car could be a collision going on he's still going. and light turned car's still going what's going to happen but then young man came in the car actually drove to it the side of the street sand got out casually and walked away. >>reporter: police say witnesses at the scene pointed them toward a suspect. we checked her record she has at least 4 previous arrests for assault, a dui a history of run-
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the recent case where she pleaded guilty to false information and obstructing police. >> at this time we don't know what the motive was for the stabbing. >>reporter: no more yet amazing no one else was hurt especially right next to this busy rolled. the suspect's son says she lives nearby. we are still waiting to get an updated mugshot from police the one that saw was from her previous arrest record we also know she is being held tonight on assault charges. recording live liz g denver 7. >> chief tade has been with deny arriver fire for more 20 years. he was first appointed by mayor he's in good spirits. james holmes is moving to a new facility he had been at san carlos since december 14th after being sentenced life in prison.
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if an incident prompted the move. violent crimes are on the rise across the country those numbers are being reflected here in colorado. the fbi released its numbers from january to june for cities over 100,000 people. every city except boulder and thornton reported more violent crimes in 2015 compared to 2014. cdot also telling us traffic deaths were up by 10% last year. the high effort totals since 2008. 545 people died on the roads in 2015. 104 of those were people on motor sykes also. that is the most ever in the state. cdot says one for the increase in overall deaths is that lower gas prices means more people are driving. jefferson county had the most traffic deaths at 56. taking a live look at our cdot camera at vail pass in the high country. quiet now but that won't last for long. chief meteorologist mike nelson first alert weather and mike we see more of the snow tomorroww >> it's closer than you might
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weather advisory in effect for the vail area most of the mountains along the west of the continental different. look at this there's already snow moving into western colorado. there will be even more because there's a pretty decent storm that's going to race across the state tonight and tomorrow bring plainly snow for the mountains, but a little bit of it on the plains. the mountain snow will be anywhere from about 6 to 12 inches. flurries come up to the plains this thing turns into a monster storm for the eastern part of the country. i'll have the details. thanks mike. this man who was on the fbi's wanted list now sits in jail. a judge ordered he be held on a half million dollars bond. myloh mason was in court. he was one of the suspected scream wroteers he had been on the run for weeks while two other men were arrested on suspicion of robbing metro area banks using guns and terrorize ing people. he's facing charges of attempted first degree murder. .
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a plan stole this red jeep cherokee. he ran into a parking garage. officers found a hoodie and a beanie the man was wearing but no sign of him. denver police are also looking for these three people wanted for breaking into an apartment complex and trying to break into some locked areas of the building. this happened last month at a complex at 8th and logan. the owner says the complex has been broken into multiple times and he has spent hundreds of dollars replacing locks. >>reporter: a jury sentenced murder. the governor commuteed that sentence. near appeared before a parole board. jaclyn allen was there as family of the man he killed begged for justice. toll. >>reporter: chris harris was 2 years old when his father was murdered. 25 years later the pain is >> it's been hard. >>reporter: even harder today as he and his family walk to
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out of prison. >> do you think the system worked in this case? >> no. >>reporter: december 1990. steve morgan had just started moonlighting as a repo plan in littleton but when he tried to repossess robert will near's truck will near ran out and opened fire killing him. a jury sentenced will near to life in prison. four years ago governor bill resulter shortened that sentence to make him eligible for parole today. >> 25 years he's done everything right what more can he do. >>reporter: will near's sister says her brother's a changed man a model prisoner even getting his bachelor's degree. >> guess what i'm not reformed. i've had to live without a dad. >>reporter: for this family not enough time has passed and today the parole board agreed defering his release for 5 more years. both sides say they will fight again for justice. >> i just hope that he can get released come live with us in
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burden on the state of colorado. >> at least we get to be able to somewhat live for the next 4 and-a-half years and then we got to start this all over again. >>reporter: jaclyn allen denver 7. >> we did request an interview on camera but the garments of corrections said they could not rank that. he admitted he lied in court and never thought steve morgan was trying to run him over with the truck. he also claimed he fired into the truck just to scarr not to kill. state lawmakers back to work talking about bills some have been proposed before that didn't go anywhere also some new ones. one bill being proposed would change colorado's death penalty. from being a unanimous jury decision to requiring that only 9 out of 12 jurors be in favor of the death penalty. there will also be a focus on teen session particular after the investigation in buena vista. if a teen is caught with sexual images on their phone but didn't willingly send them they would be charged with a less serious charge than sexual
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we'll let you flow what the legislature does you can find out about more billings proposed today when you visit there is so much to talk about with our colorado legislature we have created a show to keep you informed. this sun p sunday washing out politics unplugged. we sit down with lawmakers and policymakers and take an in- depth look at the issuesing colorado that is sunday at 4:00 on denver 7. a new cnn poll released today showing democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders increasing his lead hampshire. sanders now leads clinton by 27 percentage points growing november. on the republican side donald trump is getting a new big endorsement say away lynn a conservative heavyweight comes caucus. covering the chase for
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for the denver broncos and new england patriots. union station. mark the broncos game could help businesses of all sizes. >>reporter: it could, but `ootball. the orange and blue is part a much bigger blitz to show off the city. success at the state stadium. extends off the football field. at denver's masterpiece deli with within an eyeshot of mile high. sunday's playoff game is a sure win weigh to shore up sales. >> there are definitely people coming in getting a bunch of of sandwiches before the game starts or half time something like that. >>reporter: the impact to sunday's game will extends beyond denver. the national tv exposure is priceless. >> get a chance to show off our brands tell the world who we are. >>reporter: that attracts more visitors to colorado. each hotel stay bringing cash
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the general fund and promoting the region, the mere presence of such a significant game could be so strong it could help to encourage out of town companies to locate here. >> when you have a professional team and professional sports team one of the things you're telling the community is that this is a vital thriving place, and yet it can support that kind of a team. >>reporter: let's talk -- (lost audio. ) . >> sunday's match up is such a big deal featured on this week's cover of sports illustrated the broncos paths game could be the final showdown between peyton manning and tom brady who will meet for the 17th time the cover has manning and brady on it there it reads the last tango. manning versus brady 17. >> your broncos pride pictures are just coming in nonstop.
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that with his game face on. stephanie knight submitted there picture of her grandson. keep posting your pictures to our facebook page tweet them using the hashtag broncos pride. what a cutie. coming up on denver 7 news changes coming to the safer way bakery in denver. >> why the national supermarket chain announceed will be closing the bakery. >> are millions of your tags dollars gging to waste. a craigslist for firearms. 3
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s. it's an alleged murder plot thht rattled our community two high schoolers arrested before police ssy they could hurt anyone at mount vista high school. `6-year-old sienna johnson and brooks higgins are being tried as adults. the web site one of the teens used for weapon of it's like the craigslist for fire are. >>reporter: it's called arms with a click of a weapon you want. here in colorado we found more than 5,000 listings a lot of these are private zeller. so we wanted to know how easy it would have been for the teams to buy weapons here. from machine guns to assault rifles operational tank with a liver cannon. you can fine any kind of weapon
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is it legal? >> it is legal. >>reporter: atf says arms serves as an internet broker between byers an zeller it makes clear on its web site it cannot and will not be a party in trucks the web site -`leaves it up to the buyers and sell stories follow state and federal laws. >> there are certainly challenges so farce people want to go do things illegally. >>reporter: prosecutors say 6- year-old brook higgins one of the teens charged as an adult in the alleged murder plot at mount vista searched on the site for weapons. she could have purchased a weapon about a private zeller was willing to break the law. >> at 16 she should not have been able to legally open own a weapon. >>reporter: private zeller performs a background check before making a sale. >> guns are sell able and people can find a way to illegally. >>reporter: while these sites
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to make sure there's no illegal activity. >> it certainly is a priority for the atf. >>reporter: we reached out to arms but never heard back. when it comes to purchasing operational tanks like this the atf says you can buy them. but it requires much more rigorous background check and paperwork under the national firearms act. >> getting a tank on online unbelievable. a jefferson county woman is dead and man is in kudu in southern california after an officer involved shooting. police were trying to pull over a car driven by jeffrey simms of golden when he sped towards them officers fired killing hi passenger kelsey houser of conifer. both simms and houser werr wanted for felony arrest what was out of colorado. this are virginia take an lawrence while will spent spend the rest of his life in
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assaulted a woman. the woman went home with him and remembers waking up with a rope around her neck being repeatedly assaulted for 30 `ours. the jefferson county da called it one of the most calculated vicious attacks he's ever seen. >> tonight boulder police released a picture telephone man they believe grabbed a female student and tried to kiss her without consent. police want you to be on the lookout for this guy. that incident happened last thursday outside the economics building. the victim says a man tried following another female student as well. if you have any information call police. safeway is closing its denver based bread plant leaving 95 workers without jobs. a suppose certain said it will close on february 27th. bread production is moving to a third party baker which has not been identified. a safeway representative says the company is working with employees and encouraging them to apply for other openings in the company.
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new study that says widening i- 70 will waste $58 million. the group looked into the project and found the expansion is one of 12 nationwide set to waste $24 billion ii total in the u.s. cdot says with traffic volumes already causing congestion on i- 70 if nothing happens the problem will just get worse they say putting money into the project is the only solution. new tonight a deep freeze is settling in on much of the midwest and northeast tonight. 15 states are currently under winter weather advisories. major cities in the northeast including d. c., philly, new york and boston. they are preparing for up to a foot of snow later this week. chief meteorologist mike nelson is here with your first alert weather. mike this storm is starting right here in colorado. >> right behind me as a matter of fact. you can see the snow starting to move into our state also back in the wasatch front utah down into arizona and new mexico. that storm heading our way tonight and tomorrow.
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and the temperatures today 40 and 26. the normal is 44 and 17. extreme 68 and 20 below back in 1883 l right now it's 32 and 33 out at dia. humidity 66% winds from the south southwest in advance of that storm the pressure is falling slightly. tonight not too much around here. we'll have some high clouds. there will be some snow developing up along the continental divide back toward the steamboat area. but it will be dry through the morning rush hour on the eastern plains with lows generally in the mid 20s some teens off to the northeast of us and teens expected in the mountains. across the state tonight the coldest spots gunnison and alamo say with 8 and 5 respectively. plainly teens in the mountains 20 newscast the grand valley teens and 20s a application in the eastern plains. tomorrow the moisture increases in the high country especially along and north of interstate 70. but you also notice scattered showers of rain and snow on the eastern plains as far as amounts not going to be a whole
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own plains 8 to 12 inference of snow expected into the mountain areas 4 to 8 down for the southwest. the highs tomorrow going to be in the 20s in the mountains 40s denver and the northeast plains and low 50s across the southeast parts of the state. now watch what happens with this storm as it moves on to the east of us. that's when it's going to begin to scoop up all kinds of moisture from the gulf of mexico combine the cold front dropping down from canada and these two are going to come together and sweep along the eastern seaboard as a major winter storm for late this week. as a matter of fact boston probably look at a blizzard on sunday we're going have some quieter weather around here for a few days. good thing the game is here. for so many reasons. increasing clouds 25 for tonight. tomorrow the high temperature at 45 with a few flurries around. looking ahead in the extended forecast a bit cooler on thursday, about 38. and then really nice weather friday and saturday especially saturday bright spot 55 degrees
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a minor system is going to come through onnsunday. might bring a few flurries late in the day such as during the game. high temperature about 38. so it will be a ool day but not bad certainly better than it would be out in boston then by early next week just some clouds and cool conditions. so we'll have a blizzard of touchdown passes on the patriots while they have just a blizzard back at their hometown. >> spoken like a true weather plan. clock last goes with everything ight? well mcdonald's is definitely puuting that to the test. where the fast food chain is
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t. roads yo is in town at children's hospital colorado. staff and parents dressed in their cowboy hats and boots it was the second annual rodeo experience for patience. professional cowboys cowgirls and bullfighters were on hand national recording artist %- austin waller who used to be a patient at children's when he was younger. mcdonald's is announcing a unique menu item. there's a milk chocolate and white milk chocolate sauce.
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only be available in japan at least at first and that starts next week. >> as if the fries didn't have enough calories you got to drizzle clock last. >> i'd be happy to test them out. >> surprised they are not here in the u.s. >> welcome to 7 sports extra the chase for the championship guys manning versus brady 17. the good news is they are equally jinxed. okay. the bad news sports illustrated and most nfl experts former players on espn in of. network even vegas picking brady and the patriots to beat peyton and the broncos sunday. now we talked to injured broncos safer city david bruton, jr. today broncos don't care about any predictions. >> don't fall into that trap where you're already beat before you get to the field on a sunday. i feel like that's what a lot of teams do. we're going against the mighty patriots or not at the end of
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playmakers we have playmakers as well it comes down who makes the most plays and who makes mistakes. >> the war of words began on both teams days off. chris harrold said the best way to bring gronk down take limb down at the flees. bronc gronk tweetsed something obscene. antonio smith called tom brady a cry baby today. all right tomorrow we'll hear from both teams manning and brady included as they get back to practice. broncos mailed one move today placing kick returner and safety omar bolden on season ending injured reserve. sprained knee against the steelers they are going to police omar that's for sure. broncos brought quarterback for yan knicks on on the practice squad to replace boulder. the broncos should sign this guy to the active roster k ball guy. ball guy gone viral there video has 125,000 views on my facebook page he's 38-year-old eric
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38 catches two touchdowns for the bucks assistant coach at fairview famous for his kick off catches at mile high. eric told earn anderson the he relate is good off season training. >> one of the big things i do add agent a little extra wait around my stomach area when the ball is coming in that thing is coming in hard and fast i like to have some extra weight and `adding so when it comes at my stomach i don't feel it as plaintiff. >> much more on him open the weekend. these guys really for the thunder and nuggets. this was a battle of iron between gallo and west he. gal-lends strong tied at 12 early. then russell whenever brook getting his daily dose of iron your move. hole. dunk no lie. that one hurt. westie had 27 points gallo had 27 too but okc got the w110-104
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nascar team unveiled a new car flu sponsor toyota camry from a sheriff when bass pro shops as sponsor ffr 9 races next season the familiar furniture row car in the background bass pro shops side-by-side. martin truex, jr. new money new cars pain jobs. >> don't take those out in the snow. >> no kidding.
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