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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  January 25, 2016 5:00am-5:29am MST

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. [cheers and applause] the elebration continues. the bronnos headed to bowl l. than they're already printing the t-shirts. but the chase and over yet. they're headed to santa clara against the carolina panthers. we have everything about the big matchup.
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personally, i think i look pretty cool in these suckkrs. >> i think you have a hard time reading the tele prompters. >> i think you can just say -- omaha, omaha,. >> it was great. people rural route in t-shirts. >> reporter: most of the snow that we will see from ttday's storm h will fall in the mountains. as you look a little bit closer there's going to be a few light snow showers across eastern parts of colorado today. we will see this off and on throughout the day. any accumulation will be mainly -`a mix of sun and clouds and
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ssep out the door. our mountains could be a good 2- 4 inches and across the plains about a 20% chance with highs only in the 30s. teens and 20s in the mountains. we are so warm by the end of the week. we'll talk about it coming up. >> reporter: it will be california warm. we ta take a look at the eisenhower tunnel. traffic is being held going through the tunnel. they are allowing these hazardous trucks to go through. they usually use loveland pass, but when it's closed they allow them to use eisenhower tour. % you can see good driving conditions for us, all toe there's a really bad accident with this section of buckley at islet and harvard. so traffic is being diverted right through tu neighborhood.
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last night. it was simply e electrifying. here is what fans had to say. >> go peyton. >> every game has been a grind and it's going to be continue to be a grind to super bowl l. >> they face the panthers on sunday february 7th. we are looking at the big win in ttis morning's sports minute. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. the broncos are afc championships. it's broncos jacket money and it's broncos t-shirt day. does this clash? i like it..
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have talked about the broncos defense. defense wins championships and they won yesterddy with a little help from peyton manning. peyton came out on top in manning versus brady. they head to the super bowl for the second time in three years. only 176 yards passing to daniels, but did not throw an interception. it would have been nice if peyton and the offense could have gotten a few first downs, and the pats had to keep coming back, coming back, they preserved the victory. over 20 times. defense take they go team to super bowl l. here are some celebration. >> we're going back and we gonna win this thing.
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that i have the opportunity to contribute still in some way and i'm very -- it's a great honor to be going back to the the super bowl. it. >> when we came to this game, we knew what we had to do and we knew if we could get that done that the game was going to be over with. we came wwth a great attitude and energy and it just fed over into the game. >> reporter: it's all said the broncos will take on the carolina panthers, who won over the arizona cardinals last that's the way it should be the two number one seeds goingghead to ead in the super bowl. we'll see you on seven sports extra. until then have a great morning.
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moment with peyton manning and tom brady. brady didn't have much to say after the loss. man. tough day, hard fought football game. absolutely. if you want to get some gear, it may be a little tough. today. lindsay. ticks is expected to open at 6:00 and they are expecting long lines, incompetent radio? >> reporter: long lines at
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>> reporter: i'm just glad of the some company here this morning. i'm not going to lie, it's a
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if you're the dogs. >> that's right. these guys had their super bowl banner ready to go. we want to see yours. post it on #broncos pride. >> sally they have all the goods on display there, right? >> reporter: yes, check me out, i'm wearing the bragging rights right now. and i tell you right after the win, this store got super busy. they sold two tables' worth of -`hats that they are restocking now. they also have to stay open three hours later than usual. they're opening their doors 3 earlier today. they typically open at 9:00 a.m. and today they're opening at
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joining me is anders andrew. tell me, we talked a little bit about why the store got busy yesterday. could you explain your theory about why this is a special time versus a couple of years ago when we went to the super bowl? >> i think two years ago manning was new to the team, we hadn't been to the super bowl in a long time. this year, we're talking about potential retirement and so everybody wants to see manning go out on top. >> reporter: tell me when the doors. likeeyesterday? >> it was so exciting. the hats were flying, the shirts were flying. it's a fun time in denver.. >> reporter: are you expecting the same crowdsstoday? >> i think we're going to see the same crowds for the next two weeks.
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open at 6:00 instead of 9:00. so come on out and get your gear. it's a very busy time for all the stores throughout the state. >> sally i want one of each, so if you can pay get me one of each i'm pay you back later. >> reporter: sounds good. you can see here that tickets are pretty expensive on stub hub, the cheapest seat right now the upppr end zone 401, $3,810. that doesn't even include airfare or a hotel room. check this out if you really want to spend the bii bucks, you can get a whole seattle for
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you know, if you -- peacely a wikipedia page got a make over. and the cardinals quarterback had an even bigger meltdown than tom brady. ppor guys. they can go get a cup of coffee today and talk it over. >> reporter: it is going to get so warm. in fact later in the week we're going to almost double these numbers. >> reporter: and a super smooth drive. not seeing any significant
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welcome back, it is 5:14, we are all talking the broncos. posted as tom brady's daddy. the broncos socked brady four times. several brrncos players felt they had something to prove. sports illustrated said the pats would win 42-17. t.j. ward said he felt like they were disrespected by the media. >> yeah, i heard one telecast about us winning and that was
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was going to tear us apart. >> all you haters out there, gronk, we had to leave everybody t.j. so i think on any given day, our best is better than their best. >> everybody said we couldn't cover addleman and they said they was going to shred us all week, so that made us angry. we had it written up every day. so that gave us motivation. >> we feed off of that.
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so nice. >> reporter: if you want winter weather, i'll show you that. here in town a pretty deceet ride on i-76. the side streets are in really one issue out in aurora, by buckley and iliff. tower road just a little bit to the east and chambers a little bit to the west around it. maybe a coupleeextra minutes, but they do have the restriction in place. thh rest of he ride along
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boulevard looking good all the way out to the airport. iifeel like we're sayingg it 100 times each show, the denver broncossare the afc championships. here are just a couple of our favorite posts. [screaming] [screaming] >> roncos going to super, broncos going to super bowl. we are the championships, my friends, and we'll keep on fighting till the end... >> we're all singing it here too. so keep showing off the broncos
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this is how some kiddos celebrated the big broncos win. this little by has his 2014 championship hat on, so he's going to get the new one. %- >> jason comes out with his shades.
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>> my daughters were not happy. because they knew if the broncos won, i would be gone. >> these two were the dynamic duo last time. going to be in the 30s -- i have to take these off. i'm going to hurt myself. you can see sports authority field out there. you can see we are looking at some quiet weather this morning. most of the snow falling in the high country, definitely different in the high country. we will get a few snow showers later this afternoon. kids at the bus stop will get a little bit of snow, but jason, almost spring like at the end of theeweek.
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falling from theeeisenhower tunnel through vail. look at that snow coming down pretty hard. the chain and traction laws are in place here. you see a lot of green out there on and off the highway except the intersection of buckley and harvard for a bad accident up that way. that's about the only thing going on this morning. only two weeks left until the broncos play the carolina panthers there in santa clara. both teams used strong defense to get to this point. knocking down brady 23 times. that's nfc championship. they intercepted the 3 quarterback carson palmer four times. the worst game of palmer's career. >> we fought till the very enn, but you know, you just put so
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much and -- you know, you get to this point and it just burns me. >> man, you can see he disappointment there. palmer is 36 years old only three years younger than peyton manning. so far he hadn't given any indication he plans to retire. peyton manning has become the biggest-story after two straight wins at the age of 39. plus we're going inside
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