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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  February 2, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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storm has moved out, but you might have a slick drive in the morning. >> first, five days away from super bowl 50, and we're tracking breaking news in san francisco. a broncos player questioned by the police in a prostitution sting. >> eric, we just talked to the broncos and this player is already on his way home. his name is ryan murphy, and here's what we know about the breaking news. he's a branches defensive back, but -- broncos defensive back but just on the practice squad. he was questioned in a prostitution sting. it happened near a san jose motel 6 around 5:00 this evening, he was here, visiting his brother, who brought a young woman to the motel. she was cited for prostitution, murphy's brother was cited for human trafficking. the broncos said murphy has been sent back to denver.
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distraction, the good news is that murphy is not a player who would have seen action on the field this sunday. so eric, we're, of course, working on a lot here, including the first look inside levi stadium. >> thanks, anne. and the big story is the weather here. the storm is over, but the cold is setting in, creating slick driving conditions. this crash was in brighton, but where every your commute take you in the morning, you will see slick roads. mike is trafficking your first alert forecast, many people got a snow day today, but tomorrow it's cold. >> 19 at city park, but across the state, very chilly temperatures. mostly in the teens, though down close to zero at many locations in the morning, slick for the morning drive, should be in the mid-20s, but still some slick spots coming up in the afternoon. all right, thanks, mike. some denver public schools have a late start tomorrow morning.
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when you drop off your kids, but the good news, lot of plows are hitting the residential roads. russell haythorn road along with a plow driver, and he has a busy night ahead of him. >> reporter: they do, eric, and here's why. check out all of snow still left total. that's the official in the city storm. that's why plow operators are out in force. while you are sleeping tonight. >> in this department, everybody gets involved with snow and ice patrol. >> reporter: guys liken -- >> the thing is, when you work days, and the boss called for a night shift. >> reporter: but ken says he's
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operators working to clear your streets, so tomorrow morning, you can be on your way. normally touch. >> reporter: but tonight, they're a priority. so among the major cities plowing residential side streets tonight, denver, aurora, lakewood, and fort collins. in the city of denver, a 12 hour shift for neighborhood plowing, it will cost them about $50,000 in over time. live in denver, over time and fuel, russell haythorn, denver 7. >> weather crews were busy at the airport, we got an up close look as they cleared the runways and and deiced planes. we just checked with did dia. they say there are no new the flight delays or cancellations.
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nebraska with snow this. video is fittingly from omaha! and mike, i guess that's not the last time we'll mention the word "omaha" this week, but that's where the storm that hit us is now. >> omaha! that storm, it looks like the weather is going to be quiet for the west as well. so we're going to have great news for the superrbowl sunday forecast. dry, and about 70 degrees in santa clara. >> thanks, mike. and anne, it's going to be a beautiful weekenddin california. >> i love that forecast! you know, a million people will love that when they come to celebrate super bowl weekend here in the city by the bay. many are broncos, of course about, 45 miles down the road from here in santa clara, that's where the broncos will be. we got a tour of levi stadium, final touches are being made with the cameras, and the
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way is on lock-down so no more access to the media or public until sunday. you can go to our website to check out nine secrets of the super bowl stadium. the team had the day off, but lionel bienvenu was in santa clara. >> reporter: we're outside levi stadium, and the site of super bowl 50, the broncos and panthers on sunday, and everybody wants to talk about peyton manning and cam newton. understandably so. you have the future of quarterbacks, and the past of quarterbacks in the nfl, but the matchup that may decide the game is cam newton against vonn miller. had he 2.5 sacks against brady a couple weeks ago, and a few years ago. he got to cam newton as well. broncos had 7 saxon cam in 2012. and the broncos won. same form last, same result, hopefully on sunday.
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kind challenge, because even when you gee to him, you still have to get him on the ground. >> you just got to get sacks, beat the tackles. we have to have pursuit of the ball, bring him down. demarcus said we sack him, that should count for two, he's very, very difficult to bring down, fast, strong. he got like ben roethlisberger, michael vic, all the quarterbacks, and you still don't have cam. he's definitely in a lane of his own, unique, and a challenge to bring him down. >> reporter: one of a kind challenge, coming up, we'll hear from peyton manning who talked about the offense having to do its part, and demaryius thomas who will have to have a big game as well. weell be back live in a couple
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>> reporter: we've watch real estate prices go up in colorado,,3 but here, we have a new definition of average. >> reporter: in a city of about 7 million where the average income is well over 100 grand a year, land is a hot commodity. >> let's check this out. tell us about this condo. >> reporter: when we asked to see a pacific condo in the pacific heights neighborhood, brace yourselves. >> it's listed at 1 million, 685. about 1700 square feet,. >> sorry i laughed. >> reporter: one of the hottest neighborhoods in the area, where the average home price is 1.9 million. >> it's a very expensive city, and lot of the people we work with are in the tech industry and in the banking industry, particularly venttre cap pal. >> reporter: yes, robert says there are plenty of people that can afford this kind of city living, 3 bedrooms, with great views.
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is very -- >> one car? >> one car. >> in colorado, i think the average price for a condo is around 200? would that get you anything here? >> might get you a nice parking space. >> reporter: the realtor told e if you want to find anything in that $200,000 range here, and work in the city, you probably have to live about 90 miles outside of san francisco. as for rents, one bedroom, about $3200 a month. yeah, pricy. >> wow! >> reporter: we have more coming up from san francisco. we'll talk about the broncos, and an update on a bay area broncos super fan you need to hear about. >> unbelievable, the real estate out there, we are on top of a lot of developing stories. law enforcement officials in the metro area haveeupped the rewards for information about a shooting that critically injured an off duty jefferson county deputy.
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that lead to the arrest of a suspect who shot a deputy. if you have a knife, does it take a gun to disarm someone? the answer is absolutely, yes. >> reporter: you can see a man swinging a machete, the cell phone video shot in london! but they're doing everything they can to de-escalate this situation. >> denver police chief robert white met -- >> an exclusive interview with white. he wants to change how officers think on handling deadly force. liz is here now, you sat down with the chief, just back from washington, d.c.? >> reporter: and you can find the videos all over the internet, showing officers who kill suspects and some justified, chief white met with law enforcement from all acrosss3 the country, working on ways to
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>> if you have a knife, does it take a gun to disarm somebody with a nice? now, american policing, the answer is absolutely yes. >> reporter: watch closely, you can see a man a machete, the cell phone video shot in london. >> they're doing everything they can to de-escalate the situation. >> reporter: robert white met with other law enforcement leaders to discuss 30 new principles regarding use of force force. all while looking at outcomes where officers surrounds the man with a machete. they move in with shields. >> he sometimes there are no other alternatives, but maybe the actions were totally legal, totally legal, but were they necessary? >> reporter: last year, a group of law enforcement officers, including denver's deputy chief -`went to scotland. the vast majority of officers there don't carry guns. instead, they focus on
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emphasize good communication. >> scotland, they take information as it's coming in, and adapt to that situation. >> reporter: some recommendations are sure the use of force -- making sure the use of force is proportionate. the chief says it comes down to training, and it will take time. >> we also want to make sure that the suspect that is creating the danger, we want to make sure that person goes home at the end of the day, also. >> reporter: the chief doesn't agree with all of recommendation, but wants to put together a committee to review and look at implementation, he plans on talking about this at the next staff meeting. >> and one of the new recommendations prohibits shooting at moving vehicles. denver police recently ccanged their policy after a case involving 17-year-old jessica hernandez. officers cannot shoot at a moving vehicle unless deadly
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the car itself. last january, miss shot and killed hernandez -- police shot and killed hernandez after they say she drove a car near them. da spokesperson said he met with police yesterday, one person was killed, and several injured in the shooting this past weekend, so far, no one has been arrested. and new tonight, the avs goalie just won in court. he was involved a civil case with his ex-girlfriend. she said she suffered years of athlete. she the dangerous zika virus is continuing to spread. why some say the answer is to lift the ban on a controversial pesticide.
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the difference between it's a person who believes they can, surrounded and supported by others-by us- who believe it, too. u.s. bank -- the
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>> reporter: there is one place not to be missed, and that is chinatown, this is home total largest chinese community outside of asia. the sights and smells and sounds, incredible. now, there's another thing that you have to check out here in san francisco. something special, like sour
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, -- marshall zelinger was there? >> reporter: this thing in the window display, was next to the football themed breads. these smaller breads here shaped like footballs, so popular, against the bakery's better judgment, they had me as baker for about an hour. >> reporter: the super bowl means big dough for the nfl, that takes on a different meaning at the bakery on the fisher man's wharf. fernando is the master baker. >> this will make us around 400 loaves of bread. >> reporter: forgettthe bread bowl, the super bowl creates a new opportunity for marketing. >> that's right! go broncos. >> reporter: like this 20-pound denver broncos bread. >> basic color, in the light, dark rye. to get the color, we get a little rye flour, and chili
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altogether, this took about two hours to bake. >> reporter: a familiar number. >> not too many bakers get to wear these, this you wear, so you fit in with us. >> reporter: showing poor judgment, he invited me behind the scenes to earn my bread, baking it. >> we flatten it, a little bit. push hard. let's pull it over, do it again. and pinch it right on the middle. >> it looks like a burrito. >> pinch it. pinch it really well. >> make one or two, i consult the laces by hand, but when you have to make a couple thousand footballs, push it hard all the nice! i can tell this product, i'm going to save it. getting paid for something you enjoy, it's the best. bakery. you can check out behind the scenes on my facebook page,
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>> one of our best reporters, and bakers, apparently. new developments surrounding the spread of the zika virus, it was transmitted through a person with sexual contact. it is mostly spread through mosquitoes bites. symptoms, rash, fever, and birth deeects when women are pregnant. it's that concern that is calling for lifting the ban on ddt. ddt was commonly used in -- insecticides in the 1940s, and 1950s. a doctor we spoke to said it's been used to wife out the mow -- wipe out the mosquito that he carries malaria. this is max, a search and
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arapahoe basin since monday. he is one of 20 teams for a training seminar. a-basin says max doesn't care for the goggles, but prefers to see when working. good-looking day for folks getting out on playing in the snow. this family and friends, down in the castle pines area. go, broncos! good-looking snow for t tonight, snow pretty much done. radar is quiet. not much to see. numbers today, 20/17, 74/81 below, the extremes, it's down to 17 at d i.e. winds are -- dia, winds are calm. we're going to get patchy fog on the eastern plains, readings are mostly single digits and teens, and the weather pattern has definitely quieted down, and the system is off to the northeast, heavy snow from iowa, omaha, across the great lakes, strong
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mid-mississippi valley, ohio valley. for us, a few snow showers will continue tonight, and through tomorrow for the mountains, but dry conditions on the plains, although there might be some fog in eastern sex of the state. 8 -- sections of the state. down to 0 at greeley, and for tomorrow, the temperatures will not get that warm, mainly to's at lower -- 20s at lower elevations. only 10 at leadville, 5 at gunnison. front range lows, 11 at boulder, winter park 1 below, broomfield at 10. single digits across the plains, and for tomorrow, temperatures mostly in the teens over the mountains, gusty wind and some snow showers, 20s across the rest of the eastern plains. for tonight, cold and calm, with a low of 5. patchy fog, mainly to the south platte valley, and northeast plains. tomorrow, the high temperature will be still pretty chilly, in the upper 20s under mostly sunny skies, but it will be dry, and looking ahead in the
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temperatures will struggle a bit. getting about to the freezing mark or better on thursday. there's a weak disturbance for friday that could bring us flurries. the bright spot is on saturday. different than last saturday. with a high at 42. again, sunday should be 65 to 70, and sunny in san francisco. >> perfect!
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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we have a great update to give you for a story we did last night, we introduced to robert greer, the super fan from sack men, he made a facebook plea beg ging for someone to settle him a ticket he could afford. he has a ticket! he is going to the game, and he is so excited. let's go back to levi stadium where lionel bienvenu is standing by. >> reporter: fantastic! he'll be right in there. levi stadium. five days and counting until the super bowl. we have so much to talk about. like peyton manning, learning a new offense t the beginning of the year, he struggled badly, the injury, then rehab, missed six starts, 16 interceptions and
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since coming back. none in two playoff games, turn over-free football, that is he important. >> i worked hard at it, i tried to understand it, i've asked a lot of questions, coach kubiak has worked hard to help me, but it's been a challenge, but one i'm willing to meet. being flexible, open to new ideas and suggestions. trying to learn new things, that has helped me. i think he understands the type of defense we've been playing, when we protect the football, you know, it gives us a very good chance to have success, so i think he's bought into that and did a great job. >> reporter: and demaryius thomas, quiet, but came off you -- out of his shell. he said he will not trash talk
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career high 18 drops, we asked dt if peyton or kubiak had advice. >> just told me to keep doing what i'm doing, make a play, and just don't think about nothing, and go out and play. and i think that will help. >> you expect to have a big game? >> i expect to have a better game than the past couple weeks. >> reporter: we hope so. he arran andersen, brandon, you talked about it, dt has to come up big. >> he does, and back total fundamentals of catching the ball, get the equipment manager out and throw extra passes, and that's what it boils down, start catching that football allot, and when you get in the game, yoo don't think about it, you react. >> the fact he's talking about it, good -- sign? >> he's up front, he knows he
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football, needs to make big floridas, and i think that's the bringing guess -- biggest thing. he's talking about it. >> a matchup of the number one defense, and number one scoring offense. we talk about vonn miller, cam newton. lots of energy, enthusiasm, exuberance, celebrating. they are alike in some ways. >> there's a lot of similarities. both super bowl, you know? both like to have fun on the field, man! >> i'm not a -- i like to groove. >> he just grooves. >> anybody want to break out a dance here?
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sports extra, brought to you by the lodge casino. >> real quick, ryan murphy sent home today for the broncos, will it affect the team? >> nn chance, they're too focused, they accomplished too much. >> no chance. keep this short and sweet. early wake up call for us tomorrow. back to you eric and mike in the studio. we're going to hit it. >> you have a good night's sleep, and you, too. >> done with the early wake up calls, sleep well! i know i will. >> and have a safe drive tomorrow morning, everyone,
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from
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