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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  February 7, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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welcome to 7news. the broncos win tonight. they are champions, beating the panthers 24-10. a big night here at levi stadium. also a big night in denver as well, where fans are taking to the streets. let's get to molly right away to talk aboot what's happening in denver. >> police right now are in riot gear, and keeping an eye on crowds tonight. crowds have filled the streets. so far, we haven't heard of any injuries. just a lot of people flooding downtown, as you can see there. denver's mark stewart is leading our team coverage. mark, it's pretty crazy on market street tonight. >> reporter: okay, molly, we're on the intersection of 20th and market.
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we are just in the shadow of coors field. as you can see, a large crowd has blocked the intersection. one of the reasons why denver police have now blocked access into downtown denver from interstate 25 that includes all of the major exitt. spear, 23rd and 28. you cannot access downtown denver. this crowd hear pretty much has been milling about. they haven't been violent. however, in the last 20 minutes or so, we have seen peopll lighting fireworks and firecrackers. that obviously poses a safety problem. so that's one of the reasons they're trying to restrict access to downtown. a very large crowd now, but take a look at some video we had from earlier in the night. all of market street was pretty much blocked off. and people cannot move. it was literally, shoulder to shoulder, arm to arm. the crowd has shrunk significantly.
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and 20th, which as you know is a very big intersection for downtown traffic. police are nearby, where i am at least, we haven't seen anyone. there are some officers in tactical gear, but at this point, nothing has been done to break up this crowd. however, as it gets to be later in the night, that's an issue they're going to have to address. by the way, we just heard another firecracker go off. molly, we will be here throughout the night. -`again, stay away from downtown denver. >> all right mark, we can only hope fans behave themselves. liz, you're seeing officers in riot gear there as well. >> reporter: molly, yes, we are. police are trying to keep fans in check. let me show you what we are seeing right now. police in riot gear standing here at the corner of 15th and larimer, and you can see what a heavy police presence here. area.
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group like this walking on by. pretty much, they are just passing through. they aren't really congregating in this area, which has been a problem in the past. let me take you down this way just to show you how empty larimer square is. you can see even more police up and down this street, but the street is closed ride now. and actually, a lot of these businesses are closed as well. just a couple bars on this street open. but some of them didn't even open today. so they're just trying to keep things peaceful here tonight, and a lot of police out on larimer square. reporting live, liz girardi, denver 7. `> a lot of people are celebrating tonight. we just got a shipment of championship shirts and hats in, ready for people to pick up tonight. it's pretty exciting in santa clara tonight too, i can imagine. >> reporter: fans were just besides themselves, molly. it was so exciting to be in that stadium tonight, we're
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you were inside. it was electric wasn't it. >> it was electric. i barely have a voice right now. it was a tremendous display of bronco pride in the bay area. >> this speaks to the nation. put denver on the map tonight. important game. and not only our broncos as players showed up, but our fans to showed up to show our pride in our team. >> reporter: let's talk about what happened in denver tonight. >> the police department and entire safety department has done a great job in kind of anticipating the celebration tonight. we want to continue to encourage everyone to act responsibly. do not be destructive in the city. the police certainly will crackdown and make sure there are no shenanigans in the city. celebrate, and have a good time, but be safe. >> reporter: their strategy was to get in with the crowds. >> they're out there, they're embedded with the crowd, and are going to do everything they
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>> reporter: when will there be a parade in denver? >> we're planning it for tuesday. program begins at 1:00 at civic center. celebrate our team and the return of the lombardi trophy to denver. >> reporter: you heard it. party on tuesday. parade on tuesday. let's get to lionel now. because we're dying to hear from the players, and they have to bb just so excited about this night. all of this event, lionel. >> well anne, they did it. i mean, they did it, all right? we talked all week long about defense winning championships, and that's exactly what happened. i'm here with brandon stokley, two time super bowl champion. your friend peyton caught up with you. >> he joined the two ring club! >> reporter: just take this in. the broncos win the super bowl toniiht over the carolina panthers. when you look at peyton's numbers, it looks like a losing effort. 134yards passing. >> awful. it was terrible.
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in the nfl like that. that's how good this defense is. >> reporter: this defense is incredible. they sacked cam newton 7 times. von miller stripped cam newton twice. that was the difference in the game, as we look at some of the celebration here. it was awesome to see the final gun sound. to see peyton manning get his second super bowl championship. probably go out on top, and this is defense being crowned probably as one of the best ever. >> light out. defense wins champiooship, and we saw it tonight. >> let's hear from peyton manning tonighh. >> it's a special feeling. i certainly know how hard it is to get here. it takes a lot of hard work and got to have some gooo fortune, and so we were very grateful to be here, to be in this game, to play in the 50th super bowl, and essentially to be victorious.
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peyton afterwards, is this your last game? is this your last rodeo. and he said, i don't know yet. >> we figured he wasn't going to answer. do we think so? i think what a better way to go out than win a super bowl, hoist the trophy. you can't go out any better way that that. i'm assuming that that's problem it. it was fun to watch it. gosh, he's one of your best friends, but to see him lift that lombardi trophy like elway did. `o see elway lift it and say this is for pat. we've got plenty more coming up. aaron aaderson got to many good interviews. >> super bowl l livvd up to the hype after two weeks of waiting. the broncos and panthers, they got down to business. the broncos going for their third world championship. peyton manning, a career 1-3 in
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the broncos followed up with this. a meeting of the minds. von miller sacks newton, strips the ball, and it's recovered in the end zone by malik jackson. denver is up 10-0. the carolina panthers keep pounding. jonathan stewart goes airborne for 6. broncos led 13-7 at the break. 2nd half, dominated by the defense. lionel and brandon talked about it. it wins championships. von miller named super bowl l mvp. 6 tackles. 2.5 sacks, and now a world championship. the broncos get to hoist the lombardi trophy. we'll hear from both teams in just a bit. we're just getting started heee. we're live in santa clara. more highlights and a complete rap coming up for now. for now, we're going back to andrew hill in santa clara. >> reporter: thanks. to have a ticket to this game tonight, that was pretty special.
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dollars to get inside. denver 7 reporter, eric lupher was with the fans who got to watch this magical game tonight. >> reporter: i can see you on the risers. broncos baby! oh, man. i'm losing my voice and i don't care. there's anne up on the risers. that's where all the media goes. this is where fans are still filing out. the stadium's clear now, but boy, super bowl l. manning, von miller. i can't believe it. i've been a fan since i was a baby. take a listen to some other diehard fans. [ no audio ] >> reporter: no sound, we don't have any sound unfortunately. but it doesn't matter. because just hey, all the fans are excited. take a look at the stadium here. look at the big sign there. it says super bowl l champions. oh, yea. this is huge, anne. trust me, you can just trust me, the fans were very excited.
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>> reporter: and you were screaming the loudest, i think, thank you, eric. `e want to go to mark boyle now. denver 7 reporter, mark boyle, he's already out with the presses that are ppinting up t- shirts in celebration. >> reporter: here they are. what a great look that is. i'll tell you, it was all smiles around here, when these guys were pulling the panthers logo off of these presses and putting the broncos logo on one of them. they're starting to print a lot of these shirts. these shirts were starting to print about the time that the broncos scored that last touchdown. they'll be going on and printing thousands of these throughout the evening. shirts. they will be printing well into the morning and into tomorrow. it's a process they've perfected, as they prep the process for you to buy in the stores. >> the blue, the gold, the orange, the white, then it goes
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once it's on the heater, it tiers it. at the end of the heater, there's people putting a sticker for the nfl official logo. >> reporter: again, they'll be applicanting well into the night, and all the way through tomorrow to fulfill all of those orders for the shirts. although, we will tell you, much happier faces here. two years ago, they had to print all the seattle shirts. so a little bit of tension when they thought they may have to print some of the panthers shirts, but that's a good logo to look at. >> reporter: we're just getting started, as we're talking about the world champion denver broncos. the super bowl champions. lionel has more from the players coming up in just a bit. >> we just got word there will be a rally for the broncos on tuesday. it starts in civic center park. after the parade, there will be
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featuring the broncos, players and coaches, along with the governor and the mayor. switching gears a little bit. it is a chilly night here in denver. stacy donaldson has our first report. >> a warm week, but we have to make it through tonight. our windchill factor just made % it to 1 below zero. and our temperatures will be in the teens all night long. we will turn things around, and get sunshine into tomorrow, but it's going to be a cold one, especially for folks out this evening, celebrating. 19degrees right now in denver. our winds about 17 miles per hour, and 1 below,,that windchill at this point. our current temperatures mostly in the teens and 20s around the front range, and we're going to be talking about just how warm it will get, as we go into our workweek coming up in a few minutes. colorado lawmakers have a busy week ahead. the e. coli outbreak at chipotle, keeping some stores
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we are back live at levi stadium. the home, the site of super bowl l, where the broncos made history tonight. it was a great night at levi stadium. so many fans were lucky to be inside. you were talking with some of the fans who got to see everything first hand, marshall. >> reporter: we just saw one of the fans walk by, it was actually a carolina fan. golden state warrior steph curry. fortunately for us, he's on the wrong side of this game. inside those seats, where they're now sitting empty, i was able to capture what it's like for the fans, like this one in the steve atwater jersey, i was able to see what it's like to see the super bowl from one of those seats. we told you how expensive it is to go to the super bowl. this is what it looks like if
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buy a seat for an ungodly amount of money. >> the view is pretty bad ass actually. we got to see everything. >> reporter: inside levi stadium where the beer was $13, and the food was crab, the broncos were well represented. more than half the stadium cheering for the good guys. with the score 3-0, this is what it looked, and sounded like when von mmller stripped the ball, and malik jackson scored. [ cheering ] >> reporter: then the broncos kept pounding away much to the hancock. to halftime show -- ] >> reporter: back to football, and day turned into night, not so nervous.
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`o! yeah! >> oh, my god! >> reporter: denver broncos, super bowl champions. one of the strangest things i saw was right outside the stadium after that sign that says super bowl l champions went up, there were people holding signs that said $20 for a ticket stub. these guys were trying to buy the super bowl tickets so they can probably put it on ebay later on, or sell it for twice as much. if you had one of those tickets, if you're sitting inside that stadium, you'll want to hold onto that great memorabilia. anne. >> thank you, marshall the sports guys are inside the locker room, where you know the part is just getting started. you'll hear from john elway. >> looking forward to it. thanks anne. we want to check back in with mark stewart, he's on market
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fans were behaving themselves, is it still pretty calm? are they behaving down there? >> reporter: molly, we're on a rooftop on 20th and market. take a look below. the crowd ii still very large and loud. i would describe it as feisty. nothing too violent. although about 20, 30 minutes ago, someone was lighting fireworks into the crowd. at this point, denver police are restricting access into down downtown denver. we've also just received word from rtd that all stops along the downtown corridor are now closed. yoo can see people here for the most part are having a good time dancing, yelling go broncos. but police are nearby on the ready. intersections are being blocked, and that obviously will become a problem. it's not clear, though, if and when police will move in, however, it's pretty cold outside.
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into the 20s, so that perhaps may serve as the biggest remedy of all. again, though, molly, the message from denver police from us to you is to stay home. they've closed all access into the city at least temporarily. >> i just hope that that couple you showed us keep their clothes on when they're dancing with each other. let's head into stacy johnson with your first alert forecast. i was just tweeting about the temperature being, at least the windchill being at 1 below zero right now. it looks like it's going to be a very cold night tonight. but this afternoon and this evening, we had just a few high clouds moving across the area. it's really been beautiful for us the last few days. our highs only in the 40s, but that temperature dropped like a rock this afternoon and into this evening as well. now we have our windchill factors that are factoring into the chilly weather. cold night tonight. more sunshine in store for us tomorrow, and a spring-like
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look at this. only 19 degrees now in denver, and our winds 17 miles an hour. so it feels like it's 1 below zero at this point. 41degrees our official high today. normally, we should be at 45, and 27 our low last night. it wasn't quite as cold last night as it will be tonight. here are the current windchills. single digits and below zero temperaturessacross the state. the winds have been picking up from the front range, around 20 to 25 miles per hour at times. so for the most part, the western half of the u.s. is very quiet right now. of course, great broncos win tonight, and there's a cold front that will kind of dip down across eastern colorado, and that's going to fall apart, and will warm things up into the next few days. temperatures in the teens and single digits from the front rank, to the plains tonight. tomorrow, we'll warm it back up into the 40s and 50s for our area. overnight, we'll have lows in the teens with partly cloudy skies. tomorrow, we'll be back up to should be beautiful, with
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the day. our seven-day forecast really, we really turn things around into the middle of the week, from 51 tomorrow to 65 on wednesday afternoon. then we stay right around 60 degrees all the way into thursday, friday, and saturday with partly cloudy skies. well, well, well, you ook like a champion.
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we're tracking a busy week at our state capital. lawmakers are considering several bills. brennan gonzalez is in the newsroom, tracking this impact. >> reporter: from paying for full day kindergarten to pumping their gas in the mornings, lawmakers have a lot
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on monday, members of the house education committee will say yea or nay for a bill requiring kindergarten. on monday, they will discuss e- cigarettes, and any other nonnicotine tobacco product, and whether or not to require a special label saying it could be addictive. considering making it legal to pump your car that is, but only if you have a keyless entry system. a bill to eliminate the statute of limitations for sexual assault cases. these are all bills that are still in the committee, which means even if they are approved, they'll still need to go through a few more votes before that final approval. live in the newsroom, denver 7. for weeks this year's every day 7 hero was not a fan of
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started her volunteering work. >> who doesn't like a butterfly? >> reporter: the butterfly pavilion is home to 1600 butterflies. >> that's an owl butterfly. >> reporter: and pat can name just about every one of them. >> the black and white, she's considering a paper kite. >> reporter: pat is a long time volunteer here, giving her time at least once a week for the last seven years. >> 500 of which were in 2015 alone. >> i love the kids. i don't have any grandchildren yet myself, so i come here for my grandmother jollies. %- >> reporter: they're just part
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>> this is a harliken shrimp. >> reporter: now look at her, she handles madagascaren roaches like a pro. >> after he's held rosy, his eyes get big. >> reporter: pat's love of helping people understand and enjoy nature rubs off on everyone who visits the butterfly pavilion, and i do mean everyone. this docile tarantula, even enjoyed our camera. >> this is god's creature, and the more we appreciate it, the more fun we have. >> for all of your hours, many hours of volunteering, 7news and trusted choice wants to honor you as a 7 every day hero. >> thank you. >> congratulations.
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>> to learn more about the butterfly pavilion, go to, and click on 7 every day heros. after with 40 megs of internet speed from centurylink, a family of four can all be online at the same time, streaming, gaming, or downloading movies. yeah, the internet's great, but i think hair and makeup went a little too far.
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that's not working. i much prefer the two-day beard, horn-rimmed glasses, just-slept-in-his-car kinda thing. yeah, i miss the rumpled crazy uncle look. okay. be "paul giamatti." that's the essence of this role. feel like a hollywood insider
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and we're back with live pictures from downtown. so far, it seems everybody is behaving. the crowds still pretty massyive out there. dpd is advising people to just stay away from that area if you can. they've got a bunch of streets in the area closed down. mark stewart is keeping a close eye on things, and will anything develops. are you in a food coma after all of your super bowl parties? a lot of us chowed down. according to the national chicken council, americans scarf down 1.3 billion wings. that's up 3% from last year's big game. the ncc says 1.3 billion wings is enough for every man, woman and child in the united states to have four wings each. that's enough wings to put more than 600 on every seat in all 32 nfl stadiums. this year's super bowl ads once again did not disappoint. they definitely took ton a lighter tone than last year's
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from honda's singing sheep, even this bizarre mountain dew commeecial everyone is talking about. >> monkey baby. >> now even the serious stuff like dane helen mirren saying don't drink and drive, so even if your team didn't win, which ha, ours did, you still have a reason to smile. >> what a night. did you see that commercial with the monkey baby thing? >> i didn't. >> it was so bizarre. >> they were good though. >> on a lighter tone. >> it was nice to see. speaking of good, we have some great weather on the way. afternoon highs, going from the 40s today, to the 50s the next `ew afternoons. then we hit the 60s. it takes us through the end of the week. outside right now, we have a windchill of 1 below zero. so those fans need to jump around and dance. >> stay warm out there, otherwise, we're going to get frostbite.
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