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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  February 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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. this one's for pat. [cheers and applause] we will, we will rock you, sing it -- >> well hello everybody. we are just going to try to let it sink in for a moment. >> it wasn't necessarily an easy win, but i just said von miller for president and all kind of people were re-tweeting
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we're going to see some highlights and some denver police had to take care of some fans that got out of hand. they only made 12 arrests. no major injuries, so most people were celebrating just fine. a few lucky folks got to make the trip out to santa clara. it was just beautiful. check it out. >> it was a sea of orange. it seemed like the broncos fans out numbered the panthers 5-1. >> inside the stadium was our own eric lupher. he is joining us this morning. brother, you can breathe now. you have been holding your breath for like a week. >> reporter: oh, i was so nervous yesterday because the offense, let's be honest the offense did ot look good, but i knew our defense had it.
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francisco. oh wait, i'm just outside my hotel room outside the lobby, but hey, a prettt cool shot. you were probably convinced that i'm looking over the city of san francisco. i mentioned kelley, i was inside the stadium and then had to go get cameras from the second half. i talked to some exciting fans after the game, listen. >> number one, baby, now i have to work. hey, man, want to talk to us about the game. we're with denver seven. >> while you got your hot dog in fan. >> i have been a denver fan for
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cards fan, but i became a denver fan because of peyton. i love the man. >> reporter: by the way i love my little hoddie i bought. lifetime event. i'll cherish t forever. >> you know, he's not going to take it off for a month. 100 bucks. >> do you know what you say, i got it on sale. it was on sale. it's on sale. [laughter] [laughter] >> come on guys, don't you hear that all the time. >> and it like, okay, does it make me look fat. i was laaghing. a woman over there -- like how about this angle?
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>> so much fun, it good to be back i'm not going to lie, back to be back in broncos country. that is orange and blue people, look at that sunrise. beautiful start to our monday morning. man, it feels good to be here this morning. we have the teens and 20s this morning. mild, mostly sunny, 47 by this afternoon. 51-degrees with sunshine. near 50 here in denver. 40 in greeley, 45 in fort collins and 40s in the mountains. jason, tomorrow all the festivities tomorrow get going. we're going to talk about the parade and it gets even better. >> reporter: it's going to close some street down along
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be prepared around the lunchtime hour morning tomorrow. down by coor's field. all the ramps going into downtown from i-25 open. you are seeing a lot of green, no significant problems just yet. the railroad signals the guards there in sedalia aren't working properly so that might hang you upcoming through sedalia this morning. >> for the third time broncos country, you are super bowl champions. [cheers and applause] >> well, i'm going to say this and he would not want me to say this, but this one's for pat. >> big moment after the game
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you knew it was coming. they dedicated the win to broncos owner pat bowlen. he is battling alzheimers. >> reporter: we've been talking about this defense for a long time getting the job done and proved again why defense wins championships. the number 1d., and peyton has two super bowl wins. momma manning says it's time to retire, but last night he road off a super bowl champion. peyton a career 3-1 in these games. broncos came out and poupt
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drive, then crash course manning and newton. miller, recovered in the end zone. panthers kept on pounding. jonathan stewart goes airborne. he breaks the plane for six. broncos led 13-7 at the break, dominated the defense. they got after cam. von miller named super bowl mvp, six tackles, two and a half sacks now a world championship. >> i just think our defense had been special all year long but they knew they talked about they needed to finish it off. we were playing a type football team a quarterback that moved. we had a do a lot of things
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but we were just exceptional. >> no gatorade, man? we got to hit you that gatorade. love you, coach. love you coach. >> love you too,. >> you're the best coach i ever had man. talking about all the struggles, all the hard times, they finally paid it off. >> they held so strong. you think about all the games leading up to yesterday. >> it was expected what they did all season grinded it out all season long. >> a win is a win, the real celebration is tomorrow when the players and coaches will parade through downtown. dale, we haven't had a parade like this in nearly 20 years. >> reporter: we are so due. kelley, we pulled the video. this is from the archives and
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that is actually eric at super bowl. there we go. this is the parade. so this was when we won the super bowl in 99. john elway was the quarterback. kubiak's first season back in denver. the parade kicks off at noon at 17th and winkoup. we will cover it live right here on denver seven. if you want to stay home you can watch it from your t.v. what this parade is going to cost the city? eh, do we really care? >> it doesn't matter, it was on sale. >> on sale?
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>> she's already got hers on. >> couldn't resist. >> we have lindsay watts shopping and jason gruenauer is at the local printing shop where they have been printing this stuff all night. >> reporter: you know that saying you don't want to know saw sausage is made? well you do want to know how t- shirts are made for championships. they actually had to order specialty silver and gold ink for super bowl 50 and the champion broncos. they said two years they were in the super bowl and lost, these presses were actually printing seahawks gear.
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they print 300 an hour, thhy're expecting to print 20,000 of these t-shirts to be shipped out to places like sports authority to be sold to the blic, that's where we find lindsay watt where they are selling the ones they are printing here. >> reporter: here at sports authority. the doors opened at 6:00 a.m. so we have plenty of people here check out all they have to offer. they are check out all the championship shirts and hats. and one of the very first people was benita. you were here right after they won the afc championship, and we interviewed you. how are you doing?
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here to support them and woo. >> reporter: you have such a great energy. were you up late last night? >> it was, but that's okay it was well worth it. i had some co-workers that said get me some gear. >> reporter: i feel you i've got people texting me saying get me this shirt and i want that hat. ss have a great day. >> thank you. >> reporter: sport authorities and dick's stores are now open. we want to look back at one of the highlights from super bowl 50. jordan norwood had that great punt. >> bodies around the flag and
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get past dixon, to the 50, down the sideline and is tackled from behind. addison brings him down, but jordan norwood in traffic somehow got away from the panthers.
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>> reporter: you waited what, 15, 16 years for this? go broncos. go broncos. championship.
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so happy we won. >> great fans. that lady grew an orange mustache. it's been 18 years since the broncos hoisted that lombardi trophy. this is in new york here striking the colors of orange and blue. such a great morning. we have beautiful days coming this week. for folks coming home today or tomorrow, it was pretty bumpy
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but right now temperatures are in the teens or 20s -- woo. >> reporter: can we continue this all weeklong? i love the cheer. this is in akron, you can see the side street are pretty icy, 50s and 60s there will be more melting this week. satellite radar prettt clear across the entire region. next 24 hours, not much, a few light snow showers in the mountains, but by about noon today through the afternoon and evening, 7:00 tonight clear corners. early tomorrow morning we have another start of sunshine, so a nice 24-42 hour period for us. greeley you're going to be at 40 today.
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denver, denver here at 51. mid 40s dia parker 46. bailey 44 and castle rock a higg of 44. so pretty nice. next three days we're warming up to upper 50s. so the festivities start at 10:00 tomorrow, temps will be in the upper 40s. overnight lows near freezing through the week. there's really not a bad day on the 7 day forecast. jason. >> reporter: yeah. we are obviously going to have a ton of people downtown for the parade tomorrow. we'll have streets around civic center park closed and plan on a ton of people in and around downtown. you're going to have the street closures starting at 10:00, the
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before that as it rolls down 17. we are looking at the eastbound of pecos. northbound, southbound i-25, 6th avenue into downtown is that way. and the overall drive you can see all the green. very typical stuff about 20 minute into downtown denver. into the championship city downtown denver. >> uh-huh. many fans have a question this morning, though is peyton manning going out on top? stopped short of making an announcement as holding up the lombardi trophy. >> is this it? do you walk off with this feeling? >> i got some good advice and
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emotional decision. this has been a very emotional week and emotional night. i want to go kiss my wife and kiss my kids and celebrate with my teammates and i'm going to drink a lot of beer. >> well he mentioned budweiser twice after the super bowl victory. well, dale has it for us. >> reporter: here is the tweet from the company, it claims they didn't know it was coming, but they were glad they did. >> i want to go hug my wife and my kids, i'm going to drink a lot of beer tonight tracy, budweiser, tracy.
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$2.3 million. and while budweiser didn't pay manning, we learned that manning owned a stake in two budweiser distributors. >> this was a special moment for some of the players that never held the lombardi trophy. not only did he play the super bowl last night, he won. >> real emotional last night and today but my wife had some nice words for me, but this is a big one, this is a big one. i always wanted to be a football player and somehow that dream came true and now i get to hold the lombardi, man,
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[cheers and applause] yeah, oh, my god. >> that sums up the broncos championship. our team ended the season in a fitting roller coaster fashion. once again we saw the defense coming up screaming and kicking. >> as i watched the game i paced around my living room i didn't just sit down. it did end up being the most expensive ever. this graph shows us how the prices shot up. you compare it to last year's, this doesn't even come close. >> the average resale prices for a couple hundred dollars. and a map showing the tickets. >> check it out. >> yeah a pretty good
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coast, also on the east coast as well. >> what about -- it shows it up here. 19.8. almost 20% came from this area as posed to charlotte. greensboro 9.8. >> we represented here though. >> yeah, we represented pretty good. >> we want to take you down on when you get one gig internet from centurylink and prism tv
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directly to your home, it's amazing. it is amazing, but do you think his delivery was a little flat on that one? um, paul, i think it's a little bit more like, "it's amazing!" oh, wow. oh, mom, that was really good. thank you. wow. [ sighs ] feel like a hollywood insider... okay, i'll work on it. ...with prism tv plus gig internet speed
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but this one's for pat. [cheers and applause] we will, we will rock you. sing it. >> and the denver broncos have taken super bowl 50. we are the champions my friends.
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grateful to be a part of it, so i was just thankful for them letting me be part of the moment. >> it as been every last one of the guys in the locker rom that has gotten me here. no time for loosers because we losers of the world. >> what a way to win after defeating the carolina panthers in super bowl 50. >> it is a beautiful sight and we haven't seen this kind of excitement in 18 years. tomorrow the broncos parade will be through the street of denver once again. so all kind of things kickoff. so we have 10:00 is that rally at civic center park.
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right here on denver seven. >> our eric lupher is going to share what it like to be there and we'll have where you can get the gear. >> do you still got the socks on? >> reporter: yep, still got to socks on. really? productivity is not going to be good at work today. conditions. some of the side roads are going to be a little bit icy, but not after the next couple of days. mild by noon, 47, this afternoon we're at 51-degrees.
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at the airport officially more like mid 40s. jason, you're looking good over there my friend in orange. >> reporter: i had to get the orange shirt, the broncos tie and i would wear an orange off. you are look at 20th and market all the street have reopened. still a little bit of debris, whether it's in lodo. the light rail is open. you can see on the overall map, a good drive for most of us. dia is the heaviest. c-470 an i-25, so far so good.
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the broncos logo looks pretty good. we have the championship gear in the stores who opened up early by the way. the shops are still printing as we speak. in fact our own jason gruenauer is there with his new swag on with tags hanging off you nd all. [laughter] >> reporter: go and become the model any way the broncos defensing its muscles so why not put on a child's size shirt and just do it. they actually decided to put me to work here. these are super bowl champion t- shirts. they are going to go to sports authority when all said and done. they have been working all night. they were prepping to make broncos and panthers t-shirts. people definitely happy that
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orange and not the teal. 300 per hour is the rate they are expect. 20,000 when they're all said and done. these boxee are going to end up where our own lindsay watts is. she's at sport authority in denver. >> reporter: jason, there are just so many options here at sports authority. we are at the store at broadway and denver. i'm taking orders from people at the station who want this particular hat or shirt. sports authority and dick's stores opened at 6:00 a.m. i was talking to one employee who got here at 4:00 p.m. yesterday aad only left about 45 minutes aao. i think we are all running on adrenaline this morning, but i tell you it's all good.. we're live in denver indsay
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he returns to his football home and he get doused here. he's going to become the first again to ever win the super bowl as head coach. >> gary kubiak comes back to denver and then as the 1st year brings home the lombardi trophy. eric lupher never doubted itt though he couldn't breathe for most of the week. eric, are you pinching yourself? does it feel real at all? shock. look at this, this thing is 3 coming back to denver. i was in the media parking lot after we won and this is what i
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>> yeah, baby, super bowl 50. >> reporter: yeah, that was me running around the media parking lot and i don't care, the broncos are the champions. there were other people celebrating too? >> let's go broncos. super bowl champions. >> reporter: what about that game? >> the game was absolutely amazing and to see von must recall win mvp was -- von miller win mvp was amazing. >> reporter: i told you man, tired. back to you. >> reporter: world champions, baby, world champions. that's absolutely right and i should probably get on the right cammra there for a second. the nfl super bowl featured two
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peyton manning and cam newton. now mama olivia now wants sunset. cam was just trying to ride it's newton's first, broncos came out and put three on the board early. von mill and cam newton crushed by the orange crush. and recovered in the end zone by malik jackson. `enver is up 10-0 early.. jonathan stewart, airborne for six, broncos led 13-7 at the break and the second half was dominated by that defense, von miller named super bowl mvp, six tackles, 2003 and a half
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championship. broncos 24-10. manning 141 yards passing, this one it took all 53. >> i remember when i first got here i said super bowl or bust and we didn't bust, so we're world champions. >> congratulations. >> we have an amazing group of guys across the roster across the coaching staff and %- organization, a unch of dudes that come together and play for each other, and it took every single one of us. it took othee guys stepping in while other guys were hurt. squad guys throughout the season, everybody just banned together, played for each other and got it done. >> reporter: that's absolutely right, i know you're laughing at this, but this is legit.
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the parade right now. this is what 10-carat gold? >> made of plasteek. >> it's going to be painted orange and blue. >> the biggest loser was cam newton. times. his performance inspired meems all over the place, like this one, ooh, you almost had it, gotta be quicker than that, you can see manning dangling the face. newton didn't have much to say at the press conference. he actually walked off the stage after one uncomfortable stage. >> reporter: i know you're
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teammates you're a band of brothers and you have to be real disappointed, but -- >> before he said i'm done there. there was literally a long pause after the reporter's question. newton could face a fine after
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by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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there couldn't be anything sweeter than anything than having your two kids here with you holding the trophy. you can see the twins
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to share thissmoment with his dad. >> we love being the underdogs you know we just sit back, cheer, being the underdogs you know and come out and win. >> tell them we're the champs into the mike. >> we're the champs. >> we just made world history. >> hey, we just made world history, man we won super bowl 50. >> the broncos also shared this as this one made an angel in confetti. you can see he is taking in the moment with his son princeton on his side. >> what great memories. >> what a cool moment with them and their kids. -`that is awesome. >> uh-huh. >> well the super bowl ads.
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some were really weird and others loved it the puppy-money- baby. >> yeah, the puppy-money-baby. >> man, i might must chill
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when i got here i said super bowl or bust, and we didn't bust, so we're super bowl champions. the team had a lot of pressure with the nnw coaching staff and coach gary kubiak you delivered. he is the first to win a super bowl for the same team he played for but it turns out he was third. a lot to talk about eli manning this morning. this particular look on his faces the the broncos solidify
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they're all jumping up laughing and smiling except for eli. he's kind of like, i don't know what's going on. so twitter went crazy. eli did have more super bowl rings than his brother. but a caption when your brother brings hhme a better report card than you. so who knows what. maybe he wasn't looking the right direction. >> i don't know, hopefully we hear something from him. >> he actually with you kind of the same way on the red carpet. >> i'm interviewing she looks up at her dad and says daddy who is playing tomorrow and he says panthers and broncos and she goes broncos. >> we got our resident von
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you can some too jahmai. >> bring your belt. >> we've got a beautiful day, next couple of days are going to be gorgeous. it's going to be warmer. 19-degrees from akron. it's going to feel a lot colder than it is temperature wise. satellite radar nice and clear. a lot of sunshine to deal with today and really nice temperatures. denver fifty-one, greeley 41. 40 collins in the upper 40s. today, one of the coolest days by the way, fort collins 45 and boulder 49. next three days we warm into the mid to 60s by wednesday. warmer i'm putting the bright spot on wednesday. i haven't done it yet, but
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for tomorrow's parade at 10:00 3 you will find mainly upper 40s to 50s with high of 58, so again, really nice weather as we welcome our broncos home. >> reporter: expect extra traffic around downtown and a lot of pedestrians. 17th street will be closed down. this is i285 and e-470. take a look at the over head map. i-70, 2-70 typical stuff, 225 pretty busy as well. so this bronco win is a true cinderella win, not only for peyton manning, but also frontrunner defensive coordinator wade phillips. >> the broncos said i had all
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championships and father bum, built the best in the league. the broncos say this was a moment long time coming.
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third time broncos country, you are super bowl champions. >> well, i'm going to say this and he would not want me to say this, but this one is for pat. [cheers and applause] >> broncos country, we cannot hear that enough. the broncos hhaded home from san francisco world champions. odds may have been on the panthers, those odds makers out there the nay sayers. they took the number one offenss against the number defense, well the broncos dominated. >> well it turned out to be a little bit too much for some fans. fortunately nobody was seriously hurt. >> this morning just the celebration. the main event really is tooorrow as the super bowl ramps up the parade through downtown denver. >> reporter: you guys we have
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this was in 99 when they won super bowl. john elway was the quarterback. kubiak was playing, and then yesterray he led the team to another victory. the parade kicks off at noon and a rally at civic enter park,,along with governor hagan looper and mayor >> reporter: what's funny about this at san francisco is going to go down really soon and it's just going to be
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a few blocks away from here is being cleaned up. super bowl city is going to be cleaned up. it's just goinggto be another normal day and i said thanks brock osweiler for getting us to where we are. that win to getting us where we are is a part of why we're the champions, so thank brock. back to you. it is five until 7:00. that means we are being featured all over the world. if you look at the new york
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>> and then the new york post says cam p ain. >> reporter: we are live this morning at one of the retailers the shorts authority on broadway and denver, already it has been such a busy morning here. stores like this one opened at 6:00 a.m. for the fans who could not wait to get their hands on super bowl gear. as you can see some of the this morning. this is the load i have been asked to bring back. so you are welcome. lindsay watts denver seven. unfortunaaely we have our first accident going this
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%--`up, this is that drive on c-470 right after university and colorado boulevard we are backed up toobroadway. take a look at the overall map and youustill see a lot of traffic down hrough 84 and 70. take a look at this broncos sunrise lisa it is beautiful at highway 36 and pecos. >> reporter: tomorrow 58. today we're in the low 50s then climb well into the 60s thursday and friday. i promised you guys i would bring you something back. i brought you some ghiradelli chocolates. but i get the first pick. >> what are you going to lick
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>> please dear sir or ma'am please excuse our employee on monday, they stayed up celebrating as any broncos fan could. expect them back to work on tuesday. courtesy of our facebook page. >> time to continue the party. >> that's right. >> exactly. we'll hhve the full coverage of the parade. if you want details, check out
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