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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  February 10, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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what do we now so far? >> reporter: now we know that two people have been stabbed, transported to the hospital. the suspect that police were looking for is still outstanding. they're working on the investigation to try and figure out what happened and who did this. 1600 block here at stover street is shut down. it's going to remain shut down for several hours this morning while police investigate. barton early childhood center remaining open. street from where this stabbing happened. the school will remain oppned and police have rechanged the parking structure out here so parents can park and drop their kids off. we talked to sergeant dean cunningham of fort collins police department and he's telling us there is no threat to the neighborhood area. they don't believe this person is going to be a danger to the community.
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house is barricaded with a lot of tape. there's tape across stover street and it's going to be quite a scene out here the next several hours until they figure out what's going on. >> daryl, thank you. we have another breaking news story, this time in denver police telling us three men robbed a 7-eleven near florida and south holly. >> they got away with cash, took a cell phone from a customer. no one was hurt. police are still looking for these men. we want to get over to lisa % for the first alert forecast. a great day ahead. >> we've got all the good news in the weather department today. not only today, but this is a long string of warm weather, closer to the record high today. clear skies. obviously dark over denver now. but it's going to be beautiful. `ou're in for a really bright drive this morning. as you're planning out yourr day, by 7:00, walking out the door to upper 30s. even low 40s, which means this morning is about 10 to 15 degrees warmer than yesterday.
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then by 3:00, 65 for a high. and a lot of sunshine. in the mountains if you're up there or heading up ttere you're going to find low to mid- 40s. look near telluride near 50. warm state-wide. >> that will be melting a lot of the snow on the mountain ski resorts. will be spring-like conditions. i-70 looks fantastic going up into the high country. i-25 at 84th and increased traffic passing 88th to 84th. not a horrible driie yet, but there is increased traffic. you can see that on the map. a little bit of extra traffic on the north side, i-76 and 270. so far the travel times about 15 minutes into downtown. similar situation on i-25 to the south side, 470, 285. 6th is wide open. problem. have hose sunglasses handy and east tooay. stories. everything okay this morning after scary moments at the
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somebody called in a threat long after the parade was over. it prompted an evacuation to be safe. police searched the building and didn't find anything and so everything was okay. now to this man waking up in jail, accused of punching a larimer county sheriff in the face. deputies say they pulled over wade holdren in fort collins, but ran and punched a deputy. the deputy is fine. holden is in jail. this man, michael greenberg is accused of child sex assault. he's a board member at broomfield academy. his picture was on the school's web site under director of operations yesterday. after we started asking questions, someone took it down. the school sent out a letter notifying parents. some are still concerned about his involvemenn with the school. >> i mean, i have a child that goes to the school and once i heard about that and i'm thinking, my kid is at this
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what was going on. >> according to the letter, the alleged sex assault did not involve any students at the school. his attorney says he has removed himself from all board meetings and will not have contact with minors. remember that sexting scandal involving hundreds of canyon city high school students? the colorado film school in denver plans to air a psa designed to educate kids about sectioning. s e ctioning -- sexting. >> the psa's will be released through a partnership with a state senator and film school. students at the school were suspended for sexting, but no charges offiiially filed. world champions! >> how about those broncos?
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broncos super bowl victory parade and rally. can't get enough. >> denver 7 reporter lindsay watts was downtown for all the action and joins us with a recap. a lot quieter this morning. >> reporter: it is, kellie. i'm standing here in civic center park remembering the incredible energy here yesterday. the crowd was a million strong. i think this morning we should be not only proud of our team, but also of our broncos fans. i did not see one problem here yesterday. and denver police are reporting just one arrest. i want to show video now from one of my favorite parts of the festivities. the rally was just getting startedd the crowd was at its largest. players were on stage with the lombardi and they were ppaying "we are the champions" over the 3 loud speaker. i think people felt so united yesterday. broncos fans from all over the state and beyond. i talked to one man who may
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>> i'll try to get autographs maybe. >> reporter: you'll stand out in the crowd. >> i hope so. if they can see me way back here. >> reporter: that is guy orvis. he needs a wheelchair and has a standard one at home, and that recliner chair has motorizeed and outfitted for special occasions. he was showing us tricks. civic she ant park needs a little bit -- center park needs a little bit of cleaning. but with the crowd, not too bad out here. the city was expecting hundreds of thousands and then yesterday evening we found out we hit that million mark. >> 1 million. >> so cool. we had a feeling because the population has grown so much. >> since 99, the first broncos parade.
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>> should have had the spike shoes on, aerate the ground. denver 7 sports director lionel bienvenu joins us now. >> good morning, everybody. went from broncos super tuesday to orange hangover wednesday today. it was mardi gras yesterday in new orleans, and mile high mardi gras here in denver. over million fans turned out, a sea offorange for the super bowl parade and rally. amazing scene. the lombardi trophy on stage, that one is for pat. fans cheerrng every time they got a shot of that beast. and peyton manning hugging it out on stage. every bronco from top on down thanking broncos country for coming out. >> the most satisfying thing about being a player as well as being winning it in the front
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back that lombardi trophy to everybody out here. thanks for your help. >> when we go in the stadium and the stadium is packed, there's no place like broncos country. this right here is awesome. this is amazing. >> got the greatest fans out here now. these fans have been great. all season long for us. we certainly needed them in a big way. >> before the parade yesterday, the trophy was at dove valley. they're going to keep von miller, franchise tag or long time deal. no doubt about that. john told us keeping this great defense together is job one, but always touch crunching the numbers. >> we'll have to make tough decisions. any time you have a world championship team you have tough decisions. we'd rather have the tough decision than the easy decisions, because you got the tough decisions you got a lot of great football players, so to continue to keep this puzzle
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no, it's goinn to be hard, but we look forward to it. >> he said he's givingpeyton manning time to give his decision about retirement. but they have to know by march that's it. it's broncos wednesday again, people still celebrating the super bowl championship. we'll have he latest on 7 sports xtra later today. %- for now, have a great morning. >> in case you missed that parade, got you covered here. we're going to replay it at our web site, at noon. you can also see it on our denver 7 app. >> my husband was down there taking pictures of people on street signs, trees. fun to see. a house goes up innflames caused by something that could be in your home now. dayle will join us with more on that.
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>> it is 5:40. no complaints. beautiful weather for the next five to seven days. today will be one of the warmest days in and around denver. we're expecting mid- to upper 60s. near 70. fort collins you're at 59. in oulder this afternoon a high of 60. >> already have one accident this morning. it's not a significant problem, but it is going to be a bit of a problem. you can see the flashing lights from denver police on the near 6th avenue.
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welcome back. it's 5:42. new developments in the case against former prisoner bowe bergdahl. his court-martial is on hold. >> the judge is waiting on an appeals court to make a decision on whether classified information should be shared with his defense team. a breakthrough in a 56-year- old murder case. a former priest now in custody 1960 murder in texas. the 81-year-old is accused of killing a 25-year-old beauty into his church for confession. he denied any involvement. seems now is the time to find a job. new government report says 5.6 december.
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>> the down side is many american workers don't have the skills. >> experts also say some employers are maybe asking for too much, like a college degree just for an entry level position. we've got a new story this morning. a family in nashville turning a tragedy into a message. take a look at their home. it went up in names and they're blaming it on a hoverboard, which you might have. we talked about this over christmas time. fortunately, everyone was able to get out of this house. but it was a close call. the fire trapped two teens. one had to smash through a window and one jumped from the second story into her father's arms. >> i was begging, please jump, baby, please jump. without hesitation. >> the fact that a toy caused this kind of destruction to our lives, it's just wrong.
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>> this is just one of severaa recent fires blamed on those hoverboards. the family says this one was callld a turbo fit f 1, fromm amazon. now amazon is accepting returns for hoverboards bought on its site. we've heard story after story, and the fires they cause. >> hopefully they can figure out a fix, because they're so popular. >> people want them. >> it's all how they're charged is my understanding. if it's plugged in and the battery is overcharged, it can catch on fire. if you charge it for a little bit and unplug it. >> everyone is supposed to magically know that? >> good point. >> small print. >> somewhere. >> i got no small fine print here, this is gorgeous. i'm going to blow it out there. beautiful weather. 38 now downtown. it's going to be a very nice day today. winds coming in at about 5 to 15 miles per hour. that was a live look there at
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very nice. upper 30s now at dia. city park also 38. look at broomfield and boulder, 10 to almost 20 degrees warmer than what we're seeing here. we talked about the wind through the foothills. little breezy this morning. `hat's what's ushering in warmer air making for a mild morning up and through the foothills. single digits and teens for the mountains. mountains would probably love more snow. not going to happen. this week very dry. big ridge of high pressure that's anchored here over the rockies. that leads to typically sinking air, clearing skies, and a lot of sunshine. temperatures like this, denver 65. look at the 70s down to the southeast. most mountain towns are going to be anywhere from 40 to about 45. it's a good 5 to 7 degrees warmer than yesterday. looking ahead, some of our neighborhoods like denver, lakewood, 65 to about 70.
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north and northeast. greeley 52. in fort collins today 59. still it's warmer than yesterday. there's going to be so much sunshine that like mitch, you might get a little pink on the face if you don't wear sunscreen. it looks good,,though. nice healthy glow. >> having the red nose. it matches his pocket square. >> i look like w.c. fields this morning. >> upper 50s for the weekend. sunday probably the coolest day, even then 55. >> going to be so cold. i may have to break out my vest. maybe a parka. probably not. we have a good drive. however, there is one problem, this is on that ramp from northbound i-25 to exit 6th avenue. it is kind of hanging out the driie a little bit getting on the ramp. you can see it on the map right here on that northbound side of i-25, exiting 6th avenue. it's where this crash is. only one so far of the morning. rest of the drive to the south
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15 minutes to the denver tech center. c-470 looking okay. you can see 225 from the camera, 225 at dayton. easy commuting so far to parker road. big changes for twitter. plus a high tech warning for the nation's airlines. those stories top this morning's tech bytes. >> in today's tech bytes new warnings about lithium ion batteries. >> the faa has issued a similar warning. >> twitter is taking steps to keep users safe from troll. now might be the right time to get a virtual reality head sets.
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order a personal computer and head set combo. starting price, $1,500. >> look forward to that. those are your tech bytes. >> have a great day. 5:49. our denver 7 special olympicc colorado reporters, they are in the nation's capital, this is cool. they get to meet with members of congress. >> hopefully you've gotten a chance to meet him, atkinson here. correspondents. >> there they are there. check it out. this is cool. we just had to show you this criminal. illinois robber probably didn't % think this completely through. booth. who he didn't realize is the camera was snapping away the whole time he stole the booth. police say he got away with 75 bucks and left several good photographs that will help >> what a genius.
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you've heard of therapy dogs, right? they do a great job, and maybe a therapy monkey. how about a kangaroo? >> he's been bringing smiles to veterans' faces most of his life. >> when he's full green grown, more than 5 feet tall and will weigh 125-pound. >> is this in australia? >> i don't know. >> i wonder where this is. utah. >> utah. it's known for kangaroos in utah. >> it is? that's news. that's really interesting. >> very cool. >> we'll take one. he might nnt look like your average skateboarder, but that's not stopping him. >> your iphoneecan do a lot of things, including turning a math problem into a beat box
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f0 hot on the internet today, this was an awkward moment for this tv anchor. he was reporting on a crime story and when they put up the mug shot of the bad guy, looks like the anchor. the suspect was definitely in prison, so they are different persons. the anchor later responded to all the twitter messages saying, yep, i saw the picture. there are videos popping up all over youtube of people letting siri answer a long math problem to use the spoken answer as a beat box.
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[ beat boxing ] >> then there's this guy. zero, zero, zero. [ beat boxing ] >> then there's his girl. [ beat boxing ] >> then there's this guy who does the 9's and a harmonica. 9, 9, 9, 9, . [ harmonica ] >> it's time to play is it real or fake.
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release this clip of the moment the woman was hit by a flying fish. the water hits her as well. hits her perfectly in the face, out of that entire dock, hits her perfectly in the face. some people still think it's real. >> i don't know. >> it's too perfect. >> too perfect. there's no way that's real. >> what are the chances? >> do you think she's trying to mimic, do you remember the reporter in the u.k. that was going crazy in the storm saying, stay off the roads. is that what she's doing? >> maybe, maybe. >> minus he fish. >> she's doing okay, i guess. >> good. sports authority could be just days from filing bankruptcy. the sporting good store missed a $20 million debt payment a month ago. experts say it most likely will de fall n its loans, but it might file bankruptcy, and if so, it might close up to half its stores. unclear if there would be an effect on naming rights for mile high stadium. a boy in california is
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the skate park. >> he's only 8 years old. cerebral palsy. >> atticus, did you have fun at the skate park? >> that was great. it was great. >> what else? >> that was fantastic. >> that was fantastic. >> gives him an opportunity to do things other kids do, instead of having to watch. >> how cute is he? >> adorable. >> other skaters there, they don't even notice his wheelchair, because he's got awesome skills and having a ball. great attitude. don't you love seeing that? >> great for dad to get out there. >> do something together like that. >> looks so fun. a beautiful day today. skate parks, parks, get out and enjoy it. temperatures today about 5, 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. the normal high is 44. we're calling foo a high of 65 in denver. 200 25 degrees above it.
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for those kids heading back to school today, very mild at the bus stop. they'll still want a oat. mid- to upper 30s. by this afternoon, no jacket necessary. 65 degrees. might want sunscreen, though. bright, lots of sunshine. even heading up into the mountains look at these 40s inn most of our mountain towns. -`>> a lot of melting up that way as well. spring-like conditions heading for skiing. flashing lights here. there is a little accident on the northbound ramp from northbound i-25 at 6th avenue. `ot a big delay. not only here, but on the map, basically wide open through the denver tech center getting to downtown. a ring of car thieves, where it's happening, what investigators want you to be on
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