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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  February 10, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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you're watching kiro 7 at 11:00 a.m. we want to get to breaking news. investigators dealing with two violent scenes today in arapaho county. a 6-year-old is dead, and a deputy in critical condition after crashing en route to that homicide. >> it happened on
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deputy is in critical but stable condition. neighbors were shocked to hear a 6-year-old boy was killed inside what is believee to be these apartments here. investigators say around 5:00 a neighbor got a knock on the door from a woman who lives in these apartments claiming she had been sexually assaulted by her domestic partner. that woman called 911 and this is what deputies found inside. >> inside the apartment they found a 2-year-old who as well and appeared to be asleep. deceased and appear to be a male with what appeared to be % self-inflicted stab wounds. >> reporter: the deputy was transported to the hospital, in stable but critical condition. police tell us a juuge is now in the process of issuing a search warrant so deputies can have access to enter this
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murder happened to begin that part of the investigation. >> keep it here on our web sites for updates on the investigation. deputy derek geer will be removed from life support after being shot in grand junction. he's donatedding his organ. he s a 15 year veteran, has a wife, two children. he was arrested trying to arrest a teenager. investigators say he used a taser to prevent the teen from running and that's when the teen opened fire. police say two people were stabbed after midnight in fort collins. the victims are in the hospital. no word on their condition.
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the house is next to barton early childhood center. investigators tried to help students get around the crime scene. denver policc searching for three men who robbed a 7- eleven, happened near florida and south holly. described as black males, about 5'6" and each weighing around 150 pounds. -`they were wearing scarves around their faces. they got away what cash. if you haven't been outside, get out there and stay there. you cannot not go outside. clear skies. there's not a cloud in the sky. okay, maybe near craig we have one or two. otherwise, dry, beautiful. here in denver and across the plains, live look there inn yuma, it is picture perfect. still a lot of snow on the ground, so some spots because of that snow not warming as fast. look at some of our current temperatures. at city park it's 63. %
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greeley your at 45. boulder 65. we'll have to bump up the numbers out west. across southern and southeast colorado mid- to upper 60s. 20s and 30s in the mountains. we're expectingglow to mid, even upper sixties by this afternoon. we have a few neiihborhoods 33 like lakewood, close to 70. clear skies at 5:00. a beautiful night. it's still february. how long does this last? `ou know it can't last forever. we'll get good snow heading we'll look at your seven-day forecast. ` person who left their car running a tough lesson today. >> police in sheridaa said a truck left running rolled down the street and crashed into a building. you can see the damage there. the truck at a home on hamilton place. appears no one was hurt.
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>> it was a little unnerving because he started yelling we're all going to die. we realizeed he was a drunk guy out of controll >> a flight from boston to san diego had to make an emergency landing in denver. thh piloo landed quickly after an unruly passenger started making threats. passengers say the man brought his own alcohol on the plane and when the flight attendants % told him he couldn't drink it, hh started yelling, i'm not a terrorist but we're going to die. passengers blocked him from getting to the front of the plane and he saii he was going to cut people with a box cutter. he has not been arrested or charged. parents concerned about a school board member accused of sexual assault. the school sent out a etter notifying parents of his arrest, but some are still concerned about his involvement withhthe schooo.
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the school and once i heard 3 about that anddi'm thinking, my kid is at this school and i didn't have any clue what was going on? >> according to the letter, the alleged sexual assault didn't involve students at the school. his lawyer says he as removed himself from all board meetings and will not have any contact with minors. after a massive sexting scandal at colorado schools, lawmakers are looking at ways to educate teens because of it. lawmakers have now teamed up with the colorado film commission to create a public >> i'm sam, send me a pic. >> just like brad. he got his phone taken away from the cops, got kicked out `f school and had to spend a couple of weeks in jail. >> the spots show different % scenarios where teens are seen
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today lawmakers take up the question of life or death, as a state senator wants to change how jurors receive death penalty. now colorado requires a unanimous decision. but one state senator wants to change that to nine out of 12. >> theee's an appropriate place forrthe death penalty in colorado's judiiial system. my bill says let's make it a functional realiiy, not just in name. convicted two to life in prison instead of the death penalty. obama signed an order on cyber security. the security comes at a cost.
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which is up by more than one- third. we intend to modernize federal it by replacing and retiring old systems. >> they say the new steps are essential. hundreds f amerrcan soldiers are headed to afghanistan. the army announcing it would deploy oldiers to southern the military says the soldiers will not takk active combat roles necessarily. this would be the llrgest deployment of american troops ouuside of major bases in afghanistan sincee2014. the results from the first % 2016 primary are in. donald trump and bernie sanderr were the winners. they have come on strong, both pitching big ideas and promising big changes. >> we are oing to make america so great again, maybe greater
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>> so together we have sent a message that will echo from wall street to washington. -`>> now it's nto the next one, % wwich is the south carolina gop primary set for next week. there may be one less competitor in that contest. chris christie didn't finish even in the top five in new hampshire and there are reports he may be dropping out of the race. texas senator ted cruz is looking to gain momentum on donald trump with a new ad called playing trump. figure. >> no way, it's huge. >> what does he do? >> pretends to be a republican. [ laughter ] >> check out my trump. >> i'm going to take your house under imminent domain and park
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says we wouldn't tolerate in behavior in our children, so why tolerate it in our president. illary clinton opens new offices in colorado. expect more in aurora, fort collins and boulder. the broncos glory we'll tell you about the presidential phone call the team got, plus what the white
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we have a special group, mm. president, and they played hard all year long. >> demarcus, congratulations. it's good to see old men doing good. >> you can't teach an old dog new tricks but can teach him to be consistent. >> i want to extend a visit to the white ouse. hopefully youucan get here 3 before i leave office. >> the broncos are world champions as you know, with that super bowl victory comes a very nice invitation to the white house. coach kubiak and demarcus ware took that phone call from the president. the timing of the visit hasn't been decided yet. but it took about seven months for the golden state warriors to make the trip after winning the nba championship. >> sometimes they get busy at the white house. von miller getting the
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winning the super bowl and mvp, going to be on the cover of "sports illustrated" for the second time in just three weeks. this is the latest cover. you can see him pictureed in the play where the defense scored a touchdown in the super bowl sunday. him, miller remains humble. >> yesterday he reminded 1 million fans in downtown denver it's a team victory. here's lionel bienvenu. >> good morning, everybody. it went from bronnos super wednesday today. ittwas mardi gras yesterday in new orleans, and mile high mardi gras in denver. over a million fans turned out, a sea of orange for the parade and ally. amazing scene. mrs.bowlen with the trophy on stage. that one is for pat. the mvp von miller showing the crowds the spoils of victory.
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a glimpse of it. every bronco from top on down thanking the crrwd. >> the most satisfying thing about being a player as well as winning it in theefront office is being able to bring back that lombardi trophy. >> when we go in the stadium and he stadium is packed, there's no place like broncos country. this is awesome here. >> got the greatest fans out here right now. these fans have been great all season long for us. we certainly needed them in a big way. >> before the parade yesterday the lombardi troohy was at dove vallee. they're going to keep von term deal. but john told us keeping this great defense together is job one, bbt always tough crumpling the numbers. >> we'll have to make tough decisions. any time you have a world
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tough decisions, but you know what, we'd much rather have the tough decisions than the easy decisions, because you got the tough ecisions you got a lot of great football players. try to continue to keep this challenge. it's going to be hard, but we look forward to it and thhnk we can get it done. peyton manning decision, but 9th. when manning's $19 million salary for next year becomes guaranteed. it's broncos wwdnesday again. people ssill celebrating. we'll have the latest on 7 sports xtra later today. for now, have a great morning. this is pretty cool, when denver broncos' wide receiver benny red that 2- point conversion, he just didn't put the broncos up by 2- points, he may have caught manning's last pass. >> manning realizeed that. fowler said manning asked for the ball after the game, and gave it to him since super bowl
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>> may be. >> that's a good point. >> interesting. i cannot tell you how pretty it is outside. >> i wish we coold do the show out there. >> continue watching the next 44 minutes and you can head outside. this is the official number at the airport, 60 degrees all right. normal high is 45. we're already not even at 12:00, 15 degrees above normal. blue skies. drier conditions. a lot of melting happening outt there. a lot of crews i saw, went ice off the edges and will melt. look at these currents, greeley at 48. fort collinssnow at 57. in denver, 63. that will be downtown. a touch warmer. same thing ttere in boulder. boulder was in the 50s at about 10:00 this morning. we've got clear skies across the region. there's just a few clouds
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temperatures there close to freezing todaa. but you get a little farther south closer to i-70, and it's mainly 40s for most of our mountain towns. ledville typically a cold spot at 44. montrose today at 42. assyou get farther east we're %- expecting 50s to cover northeasttrn colorado. greeley, sterling, akronnthe low 50s. closer to denver, 60s to around 70 in a few nnighborhoods. we're expecting to top out around 69 to 70 in a couple of spots. 50ss castle rock and highlands ranch warm afternoon. planning over the next few days not much changing. we'll see our numbers ddop closer to 60 thursday. few clouds potentially friday. that's really it. as you look at our next five to seven days, clouds will be the biggest issue for the weekend. sunday might pick up a little mountain snow and our
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the next five to seven days and really our high country probably not the best situation, we're in the middle of ski season. we'll be looking ahead to next wwek. >> still have march. >> kind of tricks you. >> it does. >> mother nature teasing you a little bit. >> i like it, though. the search is on for the person who shot in dog in the face in georgia. toby already had one surgery, will likely need several more, months of rehab, costing thousands. bbt the little guy is still wagging his tail. >> he's done nothing but wag his tail. he hasn't tried to bite, even when we're obviouuly hurting him and touccing his wound. he lets us clean everything out. he's a really nice dog. >> he's also skinny they say. the sheriff says he's taking this case seriously and they're looking for the person who did this.
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to be used as therapy animals, but at a veteran's home in salt differeet. this is charlie, a kangaroo. he has also taken trips to special education classes and hospice care facilities. >> so cute. coming uppafter the break we'll tell you why siri may have a career.
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here's a look at other stories making news on the internet. this was an awkward moment on tv for that anchor reports on a crime story. when they put up the mug shot of the bad guy, look like the anchor. the guy was definitely in prison, so they are different persons. % the anchor later responded to all the twitter messages, yes, i saw the picture. there are videos popping up all over youtube and facebook of people getting siri o answer a long math problem to
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there are these people. the answer is one zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero -- [ beat boxing ] >> then there's this person. ` beat boxing ] zero zzro zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero. >> then this girl decided to do it, too. [ beat boxing ] >> then this guy decided to do it with the answer number nine. nine. nine, nine, nine, nine, nine, nine, nine, nine. >> ask siri what is 10 million to the tenth power, plus or minus one, and you'll get different answers. there you go, that will waste time this morning. you're welcome. is it real or fake? a pair of travel bloggers
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moment a flying fish hit her in the face while trying to tape a piece about a severe storm. hits her perfectly in the face, as well as the waves. she said her face is sore, but coping well. i say fake. >> fake. >> i do, too. the ave, aathough, is timeed pretty well. maybe it's a bucket of water. >> some people in the newsroom this morning said it's real. >> i wish the travel blog will tell us the truth. a boy in california is turning heads for his turns in a skatt board park. he is in a wheelchair becausee of cerebral alsy but that doesn't stop him. he and his dad go to the skate park often. >> did you have fun at the skate park? >> it was great! >> what else?
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>> that was fantastic! >> gives him an opportunity to do things other kids to do. >> those parents say other skaters hardly notice the wheelchair and see his awesome skills. >> i like his attitude. >> fantastic! had so much fun. >> that's a kick. straight ahead we're going to tell you about a shocking -`number of sexual assaults reported at one local university. >> why this teen is fighting her school's dress code for prom. >> i have the latest on arapahoe county homicide
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you''e watching denver 7 at 11:30. we're following breaking news after a tragedy hits arapahoe county. a 6-year-old has been found dead and the deputy responding to that homicide crashes. >> the crass happened at iliff at valentia street. we have sally mamdooh gathering the latest. >> reporter: so far no arrests have been made here. but police tell us the 6-year- old boy killed is related to that domestic partner that allegedly sexually assaulted that woman he was living with here at knife point. here's what police are saying, the woman sexually assaulted fled her apprtment and called 911. when police arrived they discovered an unharmed 2-year-
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adult male with self-inflicted wounds. we still don't know how the 6- year-old boy died. that's still under investigation. but this morning neighbors who live in this same complex are in disbelief. >> awful. terrible. 6-year-old child. who does that? >> reporter: we're told a judge now is in the process of deputies can enter the apartment where theemurder happened and begin that part of the investigation. i'll bring you the latest so stay with us here on denver 7. % sally mamdooh, denver 7. >> sally, thank you. police are questioning a person of interest after a woman was found dead in her apartment yesterday. this happened at the cherry grove east condos on east 1st avenue. the person of interest was in the apartment when tte woman was found. as f now police aren't calling him a suspect. the identity of the woman has not been released. look at these pictures
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are behind a car theft ring in the metro area. boulder police say people reported 26 stolen cars within the past two months in the city. they believe the thieves are driving around in a light colored minivan. one man's van was stolen from 19th and bluff and found parkkd in a denver motel two days later full of stolen gear. zi spent a lot of money and time cleaning it out, detailed. and still smells terrible. but i got it back, and i didn't have insurance for theft, so i'm grateful to have it back. >> boulder police belieee these guys are targeting other cities as well. they say never leaveeyour car running with the key inside and consider getting an anti-theft device. three douglas county students in the hospital after their bus goes off the road. happened yesterday afternoon near castle rock. parents took them to the hospital as a precaution. investigators haven't said what caused the crash yet.
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news from cu boulder. nearly a third of the female undergrads say they've been sexually assaulted at school. 28% of ffmale undergrads say they've been sexually assaulted. 10% reported being stalked. cu's chancellor released a video statement to the campus promising this will changg. 2-year-old girl recovering from only minor injuriis this morning after she survived a rollover rash while her -- crash while her dad was being chased by sttte troopers. he was wanted as part of an amber alert. troopers laid out stop ticks. a man is chhrgee with attempted first degree murder and child abuse abuse after police say he tried to kill his wife. he allegedly gave his wife tea laced with sleeping pills. then investigators say he led
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suv was running, apparently hoping she would fall asleep and be overcome by the fumes. she got out of the garage and got help. the home was nearly overcome with the co. the family was brought to swedish for treatment. we have anotherrscam, in one affects denver water customers. someone is calling people asking for payments. denver water says they can call you to remind you if your payment is late, but employees the phone. if you get a call that sounds suspicious, hang up and call police. registered nurse appears in court, accussd of stealing 14:00:00 of cash and property from an elderly patient also a family member. the 89-year-old victim moveddin with shelaawagner about 10 months ago. >> when you start getting into the whole case it's very, very `ad. he was living in filth in his room. he was isolated froo his friends and family. he was not receiving the proper care. >> wagner is also accused of
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in the home. that house has ssnce been condemned. marijuana sales continue to rake in cash for our state. last year alone businesses sold nearly $1 billion in recreational and medical marijuana. $35milliongoes to school construction projects. in 2014 dispensaries sold about $300 million worth of pot. lawmakers in washington, d.c. trying to take steps to prevent construction problems like the ones at the new va hospital in aurora. members have approveed a bill to increase oversight and
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today our denver 7 spympics reporters are in d.c., meeting with lawmakers to advocate support for special olympics colorado and the life chhnging work they do. we're still feeling like we're on cloud ninn after celebrating the broncos victory and the ally we had. we'll never forget the sea of orange that welcomed back the world champions. crowded the streets, bbt police report just one arrest. fans were everywhere finding creative places to get a look. the players couldn't seem to hide their excitement either. >> the most satisfying thing about being a player as well as being in the front office is to be able to bring ack that lombardi trophy to everybody -`out here. thanks for all your help. >> when we go in the stadium and the stadium is packed, there's no place like broncos country.
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>> got the greatest fans out here right now. these fans have been greet all season long for us. we certainly needed them in a big way. >> imagine standing on that stage and looking over that sea if you missed the rally, we're going to show it again at noon today,,streaming on our denver 77app. you can look for yourself through our slide show also on while we were having our own pprry yesterday, mardi gras was wrapping up in new orleans. tens of people were out eating, drinking, trying to catch those beads. city leaders say it will cost around $2 million to clean up after ttat big parade. -` right now one california teen is fighting her school's dress code for prom. she says it unfairly targets female students. she said she nearly was kicked out of last year's prom for this dress. she's hoping this year school officials will lighten up a little bit. the school makes students sign
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code and she says in print it seems reasonable, but the rules are more strictly enforceed than what they say in print. >> kind of like an opening in the back and i couldn't wear that because she said it was too big. we've been looking online, but a lot of the dresses conflict with the code. considering i'm plus size, i have a narrow amount of dresses i can choose rom. >> she says she brought her new dress to the school, but was denied. the school district ssys they have not heard of any students complain. an elderly man is recovering after he spent at least 12 hours trapped in his own vending stand. officers pulled the 84-yyar-old vendor out of the structure this week. he somehow locked himself inside selling newspapers.
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he had no food or water in there. he survived high temperatures. >> he was weak, hydrated. having a hard time breathing. >> he was hospitalized after the rescue, but should be okay. we have another recall, this one affecting luxury cars. >> plus, we have good news if you're looking for a job. the odds might be in your favor. lisa. >> beautifuu day today. ggrgeous. now we're looking at 60s. 65 for a high in denver this afternoon. well above normal. lots of sunshine.
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welcome back. let's give you a look at the consumer news. takata airbags being recalled again on mercedes-benz. mercedes owners should be notified by the company. breast feeding moms traveling hrough one of the world's busiest airport will have their own spots. atlanta's hartsfield jackson has installed these new nursing pods. inside there are benches, spaces for diaper changes and outlets to plug in the pump.
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an airport spokesman says the reaction has been great. >> diligently with partners at tte airport to find the best locations for these and we've gotten terrific feedback. >> the airport is looking for ways to create spaces closer to %- the atrium and airline check in as well. sports authority could be days away from bankruptcy filing. the store missed a $20 million debt payment a month ago. it's been negotiating with lenders since then, but experts say it's likely it will default. if it does file, chances are sports authority will have to close about half of its 450 stores. unclear if there would be aay effect on the naming rights for mile high stadium. sears looking at closing its stores. they'll close another 150 of its un-- 50 of its unprofitable stores. rough holiday sales have sped up the time line. here's good news, number of job openings in the u.s. has
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the labor depprtment has a report that says there were 5.6 million unfilled jobs in december. that's shy of the all time % record set in july offlast year. the down side is many u.s. workers don't have the skills %- to fill those positions necessarily. a lot of them require vocational training like truck drivers orrplumbers. can we go outside yet? >> just go. 15 minutes, i'll take care of it. >> pretty shot. `> it's gorgeous. this is from dia. out at the airport still a lot of snow on the ground if you're flying in or out, it's pretty -`from the tiny window on your plane. downtown 64. at the airport now 60. our winds out of the west at about 5 to 15 miles per hour. it's a little breezy in spots, especially closer to the foothills. but not bad. relative humidity 20%. it'' pretty dry out there. boulder now 66 degrees.
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we've got parker at this point at 64. a bii warmup. look at fort collins, already in the mid-50s. same thing now in estes park. still 20s and 30s in the mountains. by about 3:00 we're expecting more 40s up and through the high country. near 70 to the southeast. as you look across the state at our winds, 15, 20, mmles per hour. we have a nice warmup. clear skies across the entire region. just a few clouds from the north. we're expecting the clouds to filter in and out the next couple of days. otherwise, temperatures expected to soar. denver 65. greeley today, sterling, akron all in the low 50s this afternoon. look to the south. pueblo, trinidad, lamar almost
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temperatures today and tomorrow as well. 59 at the airport. will be warmer closer in to denver. allen's parkk48. castle rock 59. next couple of days we'll see our teepssin the upper 50s to % around 60. i put the bright spot on today, but we could shift it to any day this week. the coolest day so far on ur `even-day forecast it's sunday. we'll be at about 55 degrees. few more clouds. overnight lows in the 30s. really each and every morning %- for your kkds, most likely will have tt deal more with sunscreen than with the hats and gloves. they'll need a jacket in the morning. by the afternoon it's so warm. 57 saturday. 55 sunday. pretty good looking weather next five, seven days. march typically our snowiest month in denver. next week looks like pattern is changing a bit. >> very good, thank you. it's 11:45.
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the world begin observances for lent. yyu might see people out with crosses made of ashes on their forehead. leading up to easter, period of fasting and intro section. -` it's a tradition performed by local blacksmiths. they melt down metal and throw it against a well. it'ssincredibly hot. they do this to ring in the new year in china. it began with fireworks being too expensive, so they would melt down the metal and make this amazing display. >> amazing, but fireworks almost seem safer now. i apologize for his next video. second largest diamond ever found in the world. it's got a name even, it's lesedi la rona.
11:39 am
country of botswana. it's where the diamond was found last year. no word on how much it might cost to buy this 1100-carat diamond. it's bigger than that person's %- hand. % >> maybe chocolate is more your % speed for valentine's day. this is for starbucks lovers. three new drinkk for valentine's day. all this week until february 14tt. you can get the molten chocolate latte, the molten chocolate frappuccino and the molten hot chocolate. mmm. then you have to go see your % dentist. >> what's the calorie count? >> donnt ask. it's valentine's day, they take the calories out. if you're having trouble saving, a woman savee up to $5,000 just by going on a walk.
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welcome back. there's an bam couple had a -- alabama couple had a good excuse to speed. >> i did not think i was going to have a baby toddy. >> reporter: buttthis baby had
11:41 am
she woke up around 3:00 a.m. % sunday morning with what she thought it was gas. but it was contractions. >> when they were lees than five minutes apart i knnw we had to go. >> reporter: so they hit the road, driving from huntsville to athens lime stone hospital. >> i knew she was in pain and getting closer. >> reporter: as luck would have it, a trooper took note of his speed. >> we sawwthe lights and i knew it was going to be bad from there. >> reporter: it was then with his parents facing a speeding ticketed, that barrett decided to make his entrance. >> there was to time. it just happened. >> reporter: danny jumped into action, deliverinn his own son on the side of the road. >> all i could think was grab his head and pull him out. >> reporter: the trooper was
11:42 am
in the end, the parents drove away with a new baby boy and a special ticket from the officer. >> in the details he wrote i was speeding and wife had a beautiful baby boy. >> hey, got to do what you got to do. 3 all the coins dropped in the street apparently adds up, at least for a woman in utah. she walked 7 miles a day for 30 years, collecting money she found on the street. after all those years of walking and scooping up change, she's gathered more than $5,000. stored in buckets weighing more than 700 pounds. when her kids were little she said it embarrassed them. >> it was just a different experience for me, but it was a fun experience. and the kids, they were good sports about it. they'd get teased by their friends and say, i saw your mom out there walking again. >> they're pretty happy now, because sheehas five kids and
11:43 am
meaning they'll each get around a thousand bucks. >> they were embarrassed, mom, what are you doing? >> should give it all to them in pennies so they can count %- it. we're all looking for ways to better our smartphone photography. check out this guy's signature slow motion squirrel shot. clearly llts of practice. says it took him nearly two years to perfect this move. >> wow. >> would take me two years to say slow motion swirl shot. >> that is pretty. we have a beautiful couple of days. low, mid-60s in denver. you have a little bit of sun burn. >> from yesterday, i do. from the broncos rally. >> it got pretty darn warm. today warmer. mid-60s expected.
11:44 am
that's really mild. mooning lows typically this time of year in the teens. we have 30s across the board. 60s today. tomorrow upper 50s friday through sunday. enjoy it, people. it's gorgeous. >> won't last for long. >> nope. >> thank you, lisa. -` we want to leave you with a look at the broncos victory ralry in the players' pprfect. have a great morning. >> no one is in a bad mood. everybody is equally excited. down there. >> celebrating the broncos. >> and we got to see all of them. >> it's a denver parade. >> broncos! >> only the best thing ever. >> broncos parade for our world champion broncos. >> john elway, peyton manning, kubiak, von miller. >> it was awesome. >> fire trrcks moving so slowly that you could go down the side
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riding high off the super bowl everybody. >> united in orange! >> orange and blue. >> denver has been waiting a while for another championship can have hoped. >> even god gave us this beautiful day. >> couldn't is for a more beautiful day in denver. captions by: caption colorado, %
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