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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  September 6, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MDT

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a new documentary raises new questions in the murder of jonbenet ramsey. hare the emotional interview with her father. one denver community is fed up with drag races in the neighborhood. police are not tealing with the problem. frpths we have a big traffic alert right now. i'm show i this is the westbound side of i-70 coming from peoria and 225. this is where if accident sits. multiple lanes were blocked. evennthe eastbound side is slow. but it's right here at the start of the construction on the westbound side of i-70. we can even see baak from the camera there, 225 and i-70, how traffic is barely moving coming in over from chambers, also affecting northbound 225 trying
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this is just happening within the last five minutes. you can see on the map, this is where we're talking about out here at havana where that accident sits right here. going back to chambers, northbound 225. going to be a big mess. we'll keep an eye on here for you this morning. also something to be aware. we will be seeing areas of patchy morning fog across the front range. please practice caution when you step out the door. we do still have fire weather watches and red flag warnings in effect for much of the west enslope into the high country and mounin very dry out west. we do have the risk for seeing storms and showers mainly across the front range, northeastern plains and down to the southeast later on this afternoon into the evening. here are your first alert headlines. areas of fog this morning, gradual clearing. we will see sunshine by this afternoon, but cooler conditions. really the front range only going to be seeing temperatures today in the upper 70s to lower 80s. about ten degrees cooler than what we saw for this labor day weekend. from the fers alert desk, we
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poll has donald trump with a 2-point lead over hilary clinton, 45 to 43%. now, the washington post is also out with a breakdown of all 50 states this morning, and this is the largest sample size ever for the post. the paper says this poll shows some red or blue states could be flipping this election. florida, ohio, north carolina, texas, and arizona are all too close to call chl here in colorado, this showing clinton with just a two-point lead over trump, 46 to 44% in the two-way race. remember, clinton pulled advertising from our state in lead she had a sizable%- it has been nearly 20 years since jonbenet ramsey's murder. now, new details about the little girl's death. >> ddnver 7's amanda watched the film for us. her father had a lot to say about his daughter's death.
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-?john ramsey spoke about what t was like dealing with the growing suspicion that he and his wife were responsible for their daughter's death. john explains the moment he realized boulder police painted the two as suspects. he tells a & e cameras he was okay with it because he assumed it was a broad investigation. the two-hour-long piece takes viewers through john's personal diary and re-examines pictures, interviews, and videos of the investigation. never-before-seen report that lloks at a dna test on a spot of blood found o >> the report to the boulder police seen here for the first% time made it clear it did not come from john ramsey. or anyone else in the family. >> a & e investigators say that would have been the first piece of evidence to support the family's claims of an intruder, but the film says boulder police initially ignored the report, not passing it off to the da for 7 months. more about what was revealed next. i'm reporting live in the news room. denver 7 was the first on
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officers opened fire on a wanted suspect. the suspect wasn't hit. he was taken into custody, though chl police have not released his name or even told us what crimes he may be connected to. this morning, we are hearing from the family of a suicidal man killed in a shootout with sheriff deputies on friday. the man has been identified as randy. his family says they are praying for those impacted by the event. frms meanwhile, dan remai there's now a go fund me page set up for his family. so far, they have raised more than $29,000. that is six times their ornlal goal. find a link to the go fund me page on our free denver 7 app. four minutes after 6:00. we have learned that lightning sparked that fire, the starwood fire, the one burning north of fort collins. the fire grown to 350 acres now. it is now 35% contained. about 120 firefighters on scene.
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this fire. a group of people from south denver contacted us. they wanted some help. they say drag racers are turning the neighborhood into a racetrack, and they want to know what denver police are going to do to solve this. denver 7's jason live for us along federal this morning. jason, people are worried for their safety essentially. >> yeah, they are. that's because one, if you want proof this is happening, all you have to do is look at this empty parking lot, all the burnout marks and things like that. the reason that you mention that neighborar is they don't stay in his parking lot. think go off and in many cases shoot off into the neighborhood blowing through street signs, stoplights, stop signs, and in one case, crashing into a woman's fence. eileen darton was the person who reached out to us here saying this is such a big problem. that's because on ssnday, she says a dodge durango sped through her neighborhood, right past a stop sign, up onto her lawn, into her chain link fence, knocking it down, and then just
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just in the neighborhood's off of south federal, wwst arkansas, those other streets like that, we're talking about the smell of burnt rubber all weekknd, the noise of cars burning out, and then the danger of them zipping up and down the streets, in some cases, going as fast as a hundred miles per hour here. now, we've heard about this problem on the highways before and how difficult it is to -- to maintain or to real ie kind of crack down on. we reached out to denver police. neighbors say they called them each and what's actually being done. police department says they are aware of this issue, and that they are trying to crack down on it through -- throughout or across the city, but it is difficult to deal with. they didn't give us any specifics, as you can imagine, that cars would scatter and cars just driving really fast. pretty difficult to real ie lock down 150 cars, all burning out in one parking lot and then taking off. so, again, no specifics from denver police. neighbors are concerned that the
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to be much more than a fence. we are talking about the children that play in the neighborhood or of course the drivers themselves. reporting live along south federal, jason, denver 7. 6:07 now. looks like the city of denver is ready to resign a contract for red light cameras. these have been a big topic of debate in all sorts of cities, but because even with all that talk, believe it or not, cameras are only at four denver intersections. >> the city is now hoping to sign a five-year contract with the camera company. the cameras have brought in $40 million 2010. while this may result in more cameras, don't expect to see a cameraen every corner. every expansion would be, qte, measured. later this morning, a boulder district court judge will decide if boulder's sugary drink tax will be on the november ballot. a hearing is set for 9:00 this morning. the tax would be two cents per ounce on soda, energy drinks and similar befrms. today's debate centers around a technicality.
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proposal, it can't go on the ballot. that argument will most mriekly not old up in court. the murder trial of this man, lesterrjones, continues today. he's accused of murdering paige, a grand junction mom wwo led a secret life as an escort. a jury began deliberating on friday. she disappeared back in 2007. her remains weren't found until 2012. investigators have always considered jones a sus peblth in this case. he is charged with kidnapping and murder. he could spend the rest of his life behind colorado is dealing with a referee crisis. there are not enough referees for sporting events across the state, and as a result, several games have been rescheduled, some even cancelled. the number of new referees in colorado has been going down for several years now. a spokesperson for the ref's association ys many young refs quit because of behaef -- behavior of coaches and fans. referees aren't the problem
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it's the prairie dogs. >> there are about ten holes at every corner of that sports complex. county leaders tell us the prairie dogs are a safety issue. about 15 of the prairie dogs have been moved out. now, foothills parks and rec says they plan to poison the rest. >> the most humane way to actually use a carbon monoxide and it just basically puts them to sleep. >> one group tells us killing the prairie dogs will have negative consequen they have set out cages in front of the complex hoping to relooate the prairie dogs before they are poisoned. check out this video of a labor day rescue. a dog got stuck in a water meter pit for about two hours. this was over at 8th avenue right between mariposa. a denver fire crew rushed to the scene. they rescued that poor pup. he's in good health this morning. >> good to see. two big problems. one we had the i-70 crash that had most of the lanes blocked
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northbound i-25, just after 104th. you can see the flashing lights back in here. a rollover crash, and all lanes are temporarily blocked. all the traffic held back behind that accident. southbound getting a good look at it. the express lanes are open as folks are cruising through there pret day fast. right now, temporarily,
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two huge traffic issues for us right now. we are going to start with this rollover crash on i-25 after 104th a. that white pickup truck there, this's the one that rolled over. debro is spread out awe cross the highway. northbound police have all lanes blocked, at least for right now. you see police here, here, and also the emergency eeuipment here on the right side of the highway. all traffic is being held back from just after 104th, and it
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back to 84th avenue. they might allow some of the traffic to get through, but for at least right now, they are holding all northbound traffic. southbound traffic is getting through as well, but obviously that is getting a good eyeful of it on the other side of the highway. now, take a look from just a moment ago, air tracker 7 when they were over this accident on the westbound side of i-70 right there by havana. we only have one lane opened at this accident right now. that traffic jam goes all the way back to now pena boupd side of 225. double trouble with two huge monster accidents causing extensive delays. we'll keep you posted on this all morning long, of course. we are keeping an eye on news around the world. following a developing situation outside buckingham palaae where a helicopter -- a medical helicopter landed, alarming people on the ground. area also responding to on the buckingham pallce, the queen's residence, of course. now, at this point, it's not
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responded, but there are reports that there was some kind of accident, and there was an injured person who needed to be treated and lifted to a hospital. we'll keep you updated, of course; if we learn any more about this. ? i met all my best of friends in baton rouge ? ? >> some of music's top names were in baton rouge last night. they were helping to raise money for the red cross's louisiana flood relief fund. >> the flooding happened a month ago. more than 60 thousand damaged. 13 people were killed in this. the red cross says the damage is the worst to hit the u.s. since superstorm sandy back in 2012. if you are interested in donating, find a link link. frms this morning, hermine could bring strong winds and flooding to southern new england. a tropical storm warning remains in effect this morning. this is from new york's long island to massachusetts. coastal areas could see wind gusts of 60 miles an hour. >> they are just hoping for that
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it's gone all the way up the east coast messing with people. >> good news is the storm itself is weakening, but unfortunately, the flooding and the winds, that'll really pose the threat today. let's take a look at it on the map right now. as you can see, the storm itself is kind of just done a little bit hook back around. that's what's brought the east coast a lot of that inclement weather and flooding. here in colorado, we've seen very dry conditions this labor day weekend. mostly dry. we did see severe storms saturday and sunday. mostly on the eastern plains, but really the story t we're looking at is a threat for fire danger across the western slope. very warm conditions and also gusty winds and low humidity. those are catalysts for potential fires. now, our severe weather outlook for today does encompass much of the front range over across the northeastern plains down to the southeast. we have the chance in the forecast for seeing some moisture. going through our future cast, this is your first alert that mostly cloudy, also foggy
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the metro area drizzle here and there as a cold front that'll move through the state. not much in the way of measurable rain fall, but as you can see as we head throughout the morning and afternoon, we will see some gradual cleerg so the sun will make an appearance later on this amp. cloud wills then increase. better chance for seeing afternoon and evening thunderstorms, mainly across the northeastern plains, the strongest of which could roll through akron, sterling, and set. overnight, mostly cloudy. range, about ten degrees cooler than whht we saw this last week end. highs for today only in the upper 70s in boulder. 76 in evergreen. ?2 is our expected high in denver with the upper 70s across the plains. slightly different story to the west as we hiil have that fire danger. mid 70s for akron as well as in gunnison. lamar still seeing the mid 90s down to the south in places like pueblo and la hunta. highs elsewhere for the front
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80s, upper 70s. greeley expecting a high near 79 degrees. we have that chance to -- of storms in the forecast. 53 our overnight low. 85 is our expected high, then we'll continue to see some warm conditions for thursday, for broncos home opener. 87 is our expected high for that day. mostly sunny conditions, though, as we roll throughout the rest of the week into the weekend. little bit cooler on friday. that's our bright spot. upper 70s to low 80s. this morning, new information about the shooting at the colorado state fair. the pueblo county sheriff's office tells us they are looking for a vehicle of interest. it's a two-tone chrysler 300 they are keeping an eye out for. they have not released any details about a possible uspect yet. investigators are looking into whether this was gang related. this video may make you a little angry. a burglar pends more than two hours. you can see him right there he is stealing equipment from this truck. this is down in castle rock.
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inside the house. this is just one case, but the douglas county sheriff's office says since july, they've seen an increase in calls for break ins and burglaries. this is in castle rock, and highlands ranch. >> that's, u guess, the price you pay with big population growth and, you know, probably be putting flood lights and stuff like that around the house now. >> if you recognize the man, you can see him right there. call police, and don't forget, lock your doors overn neighborhood. an elementary school playground is set on fire while% kids were playing there. this happened sunday afternoon in kansas city. witnesses say they saw a group of boulder kids running away from the scene. the fire caused about $50,000 worth of damage to the playground. no one hurt, thankfully. take a look at this. a woman in florida trying to get revenge or her ex-boyfriend by setting his car on fire. the problem is that's not the boyfriend's car. oops! she wound upsetting someone
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like his. the victim says he's neeer seen the woman before and has no idea who she is. she is now facing arson charges. four months ago, the el paso county sheriff was charged with kidnapping, extortion, and he's back in court this morning. whattyou can expect when he faces a judge. we have all kinds of problems in the traffic world. not only do we have a closure of northbound i-25 for a rollover crash, actual lu tucked right behind that wall right there where you see the police cars. we are going to closure of i-25 after 104th for the rest of the morning. we also have, now due to maintenance, mineral on the d line down along south santa fe, the bus shuttle going to be running between mineral and englewood because of a closure of the light rail down there. then also a huge accident out to the east side of town at havvna. that's where daryl is right now. he's going to have the latest here right now. >> yeah, jason, in the last 20
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8-car accident here at havana and i-70 on the westbound side. they've got two lanes open right now. police have flairs spread out along so the inner side lane against the barrier is bbocked off. we heard maybe one person may have been transported to the hospital. there was one subuuban here that looks like it's got heavy front-end damage. most of these cars air bags were deployed so traffic is backed up as far as we can see back to the east headed westbound. so if you are headed this way, a good alternate taking 45th avenue, which is just about a block to our north here. that's how we got in here. very, very short commute to get around this mmz here, also. also, we are hearing about the accident you just spoke of at 104th avenue to the north there. that rollover accident. we're hearing this may be a possible fatal there. you can expect huge, huge delays if you are headed northbound on 25 this morning. as soon as we get more information out here along i-7 o 0 and havana, we're going to
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as a school superintendent, i saw how unnecessary regulations from washington made it more difficult for teachers and principals. and as a dad, i know we must empower those who spend every day with our kids. that's why i worked with republicans and democrats to replace the no child left behind law and increase local control of schools. i'm michael bennet. i approve this message because i believe parents and our communities
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at 6:25, we have traffic catastrophes. this s the northbound side of i-25. right after 104th avenue. you can see police and emergency response for this stent. this is the rollover crash here. it sounds extremely serious on the northbound side f oi-25. -?i think it's going to be closd down for several hours here. they are closing it down at 104th. trying to divert traffic. they will allow some of this traffic trapped in here to get through, but for at least the moment, everybody is stuck on the highway, the it's also slow in the area. take a look at the picture from the other problem spot on i-70 out to the east. a couple lanes are blocked. two lanes are open. westbound i-70 here at havana. that's going to be restricting traffic back to before pena boulevard and northbound 225 coming up from around colfax. i'll show you the two areas and how to get around it. we can go off the highway from 104th avenue and use either washington, huron. the farther away you get, the
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to 120th and back on toothe interstate. i-70. 47 peoria, a new accident there clogging up one of the alternate routes. even colfax is going to be a using i-70 out there.instead of this is not insignificant that we have the light rail closed down between the mineral station and englewood. it's all closed down for a maintenance problem here this morning so they are usi a bus bridge to get people from englewood to mineral station then the train is running from there to downtown. we are having some extreme delays here on our n system this morning. >> thank you so much for the update. we are starting off the day on a pretty overcast note. pockets of drizzle are possible across the metro area. temperatures pretty mild right now. 62 degrees at city park. now at 60 degrees.ulder right%- we are going to be see ago cold front making its way into the state. this is usherrng in the better chance for moisture awe cross the eastern half 06 colorado, but today we also have fire danger in effect for the western
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for today. temperatures a lot cooler in the upper 70s to low 80s. well, the jonbenet murder case is back in the spotlight this morning. -?there's a new documentary thas out there that claims to reveal more details about this cold case. plus, a fight over water
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out.
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it's 6:30. we have breaaing news in the traffic world. numerous problems. let me get to and i-25 from air tracker 7. what you are looking at are drivers that have been turned around on the ramp that should come from 104th avenue to go onto northbound i-25. they are turning around the drivers because northbound i-25 right now, it's cloeed for a roll jrn over crash after 104th avenue. so we are trying to get the traffic all off onto that ramp. that's what we are doing, the vehicles that areetrapped right now. it's going to be closed for some time because it's possibly a
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let me take you on the map and show you good ways to get around it, including washington, huron, pecos just a little bit, and federal just a little bit to the west and even to the east colorado boulevard up to 120th avenue and back over to the interstate. the other huge problem is over here on the east side. it's going to be on westbound i-70 right here at havana. there is a nasty accident blocking several lanes. daryl is there now. he's been watching the accident from the ground level. daryl, how many lanes are blocked now? >> yeah, jason, right seems like just one lane is blocked headed westbound here at havana and i-70. traffic is moving about ten miles an hour here. one tow truck is on scene, but they are going to need a lot more tow trucks. we are also hearing one american may have some injuries here . they've been transported to the hospital. police have flares out, and they're trying to get the
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lanes down to two. it's creating quite a traffic backup. earlier i said, you know, exit off peoria, go north to 45th avenue and come back to the west. bad idea because now there's an accident right there at 47th avenue and peoria, which is really snarling traffic out on quite a mess out here this morning. guys. >> yeah. i would suggest using maybe over there on that side, i would suggest even using colfax as northbound 225 is all jammed up. i-70 is backed up all the way then there is al huge closure part of the light rail, the d line down between englewood and mineral. it is running, the train is, from englewood to downtown. what to do, i'm here for the child. she's not breathing. speaking out in a new documentary. this coming christmas will mark 20 years since the girl was found dead in her family's boulder home. >> a lot of people are talking about this today.
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new information there. >> that's right. the documentary exposes holes in med yoo reports. reviews accusations that john and pat si ramsey were responsible for their daughter's death. a never before seen report looks at tna evidence from blood found on jonbenet's panties that didn't mmtch anyone in the family. the film says boulder police ignored the evidence for seven months before passing it off to the da. another investigation found 200 pieces of away from jonbenet's parents, despite reports that painted the two as ed suspects. >> the da's office was so department for what they felt,- quote, was botching the case, that it was a very difficult situation to repair. >> the 200 pieces of evidence included the fact that an intruder could have easily entered the house, that there were probably plans to take jonbenet out of the house in a
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complete lud contradicted police theorys about her parents. just last week, the bould police department released a new video promising justice for jonbenet. denver 7. live in the news room, it is 6:34. cooler air is moving into that'll drop temperatures really also usher in some warm moisture for the state. unfortunately out to the wes, we do still have a red flag warning into the mown tauns and mountain valleys. be awear we'll see gusty winds. we do have the risk for also seeing storms and showers this afternoon encompassing the front range. the northeastern plains. right now, we are waking up to a temperature of 62 out at dia. mumdty at 80%. overcast skies and winds right now from the north-northeast at 13 miles per hour. take a look at our high temperatures for today. a lot cooler than what we saw over this past labor day weekend. temperatures only in the lower
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aurora police are now investigating a crash that killed two people on a motorcycle. this happened last night just after 11:00. this is right where south parker road and east temple drive meet. >> investigators say a mini van turred left right in front of the motorcycle. it knocked off both riders, killing them. just in to the first alert desk, the white house says president obama may speak inforally with philippine preponderate. obama is in laos at a summit. a planned meeting with the philippine president was cancelled because rodrigo used a curse word in reference to obama. a white house official now is saying he would not expect a formal bilateral meeting between obama and him, but he thinks the two will have an opportunity to interact. 6:35 now. the race for the white house, again, heading to denner after don, a graduate after denver east high school, will be campaigning for hilary clinton
6:36 am
denver 16th street mall at 4:30 this afternoon. frms clinton made more campaign made in the last few weeks. she also told people that she is allergic to the republican nominee donald trump. >> every time i think about trump, i get allergic. >> clinton joked about her coughhng, but for trump, this is no laughing matter. he has said for weeks that she does not have, quote, the stamina to be president, and yesterday, trump said that clinton's coughing fits are proof that she is not healthy >> she didn't have a energy to go to louisiana, and she didn't have the ener j -- energy to go to mexico. >> we are now 62 days away from election. a new cnn poll shows that trump has a two-point lead over clinton. trump right now at 45%. you see clinton thereeat 43. libertarian gary johnson has 7, and green party candidate jill stein has 2%. >> 60 days until the election. we are getting there.
6:37 am
sheriff scheduled to be back in court today. he's facing nine charges including extortion and kidnapping. right now he's out on bond. his lawyer wants the charges dismissed saying they have no merit. accordg to an arrest report, told the victim to recant her story nofrd to protect the suspect, who was one of his deputies. the body of a missing denver man may have been found in the grand teton national park. his body was found late sunday night, and this morning, rangers are now body back home. frms a battle is brewing between glenwood springs and a couple other colorado communities. the issue? glenwood springs wants to build three whitewater parks on the colorado river. the city needs to strike a deal with aurora, colorado springs, and the state water conservation board. the two cities are opposed to the plan. they say glenwood springs is trying to claim moreewater than it actually neesd. labor day weekend is over, but at least we have the video
6:38 am
we ddn't have it. the memorial day tradition was moved to labor day this year because of the rising water levels ww had in the spring. the water levels are down. typical this time of year. we hope that doesn't mess up our fire season, which is still raging on. >> yes. frms some dogs ended up in the pool in lafayette chl chance to go out there to wrap up the summer as the pool was closing down. got to go out there for a swim. they didn't let the people in afterwarz. they just closed the pool down after the dogs cooled off. back on the field this thursday, and that means the rematcc of cam newton. hear what von miller has to say about the panthers quarterback. and a mother speaks exclusively to denver 7. her son was killed by police last week, and she was the one who called 911. now, she's demanding answers. as we head to break, we are going to give you a live look at breaking news we've been the interstate is closed down-
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we're northbound i-25. what you' seeing here, some of the folks trapped behind the rollover crash that has closed down i-25 at 104th avenue. these folks, these drivers are allowed to get past the sdevent, continue northbound, but all traveng has stopped now. all traffic off the interstate at 104th avenue. they just allow some fok es to get past this rollover crash. the other trouble spot, i-70, wus boend. we have a laae blocked, left lane still blocked with a multicar accident. the traffic jam is tremendous out here. take a look at the map. ?et me show you this traffic accident. look at the delays. northbound 225 from now almeda. that's horrible on 2 that.
6:42 am
the light rail from the d line because it's closed down between mineral and englewood chl the train is running from englewood to downtown for at least right now. another which i think to watch out for. patchy morning fog. we are going to be seeing overcast conditions through much of the morning. will see some sunshine by this amp, but with that will come the chance for a few showers and storms. here is our 24-hour plannerment today a lot cooler across the up to the upper 70s to low degrees. this is pretty average for this time of the year. highs today elsewhere across the state, still say in the mid to upper 80s awe cross the western slope. fire danger is possible really through the mountains then as we head over to the northeast, we do have the chance for seeing ?tronger storms. i'll show you future cast coming up in just a bit. 6:42 now. what parts a free frappe? dairy queen is giving out free drinks. >> this is going to happen this
6:43 am
all across the metro area. right now at 6:42. as we head to break, we want to give you a live look. northbound i-25, this is right there after 104th. >> few people are getting through. most are not. so i-25 northbound at 104th closed. you need to find a different way around this.
6:44 am
6:45 am
we continue to follow three breaking traffic news issues here this morning. what looking at is i-25. here. you are seeing some vehicles get through this closure of northbound i-25. what the between 104th and where the accident is so they are going to clear that cue then keep the ?ighway closed for the rollover crash that actually sits over here behind the wall that we can't see. i'll keep you posted on when everything reopens, which could be several hours. traffic is already backed up now to 84th avenue. so the south rides can help get the other huge traffic jam is over here to the east side of
6:46 am
i-70 barely moving all theay to havana. basically mississippi all the way up to i-70 is also barely moving. daryl is at that crash scene. we still have a couple lanes there, or at least one lane blocked there on westbound i-70. >> yeah. that's right, jason. touch base real quick on that 104th accident. we have gotten police confirmation that that is is fatal accident so that one lane is open, and they are going to be able to get through here. on different story over here havana and i-70, multiple vehicle crash that all collided, rear ended each other here with air bag deployment on every single vehicle. the majority of these vehicles are on tow trucks rooith now. taking a look at the scene here. one, two, three cars still on scene. we're estimating probably another maybe 15, 20 minute before they get this all cleaned up. take a look back behind me here. i-70 coming westbound right before havana is backed up all the way from pena boulevard.
6:47 am
probably better if you take 56th avenue to the north and sigh to bypass this mess. there's accident so exiting off is not going to work either. that is a mess out there, too. labor day is over. people are pack to work. this is what's happening this morning. sdpr yeah. colfax is also a pretty good option if you want to take that off 225. the other huge problem is going to be for the d line riders along from mineral to englewood. that entireesection causing the trains not to run through this. they have a bus bridge in place. obviously that's longer than average. the trains are running from englewood to downtown. >> thank you, jason. 67 now. denver police killed a man last week after he tried to grab an officer's service weapon. that man has been identified now as 20-year-olddmichael ferguson. this morning, his mother is speaking out. >> it is an interview you will only see on denver 7.
6:48 am
warrants. she's the one who called 911. she says she wanted her son to get some help. >> my son was shot twice in his head, and once in his chest, and i would like some answers. >> ferguson told us she still doesn't understand how her attempt to do the right thing went so horribly wrong. three denver police officers were hurt during the struggle over one of those handguns. they are okay this morning. we just got an update on that situation about earlier. tourists and onlookers were alarmed to' an air ambulance landing right outside the palace. it turns out a bicyclist was hit by a car right outside the queen's residences and said to have life-threatening injuries. that cyclist was air lifted from the scene. the ambulance landed just as the changing of the guard was happening so a lot of people were there watching and pretty alarmed to see a large police presence out there as well. a san francisco 49ers player
6:49 am
pufrnging a 70-year-old man at a hotel. miller showed up drunk at 3:00 in the morning. when the man told miller he was in the wrong room, miller turned violent, according to police. the 49ers will cut ties with miller. 6:49 now. 49er quarterback coloin kaepernick is getting support if president obama as he continues his protest. >> he's exercising hhs constitutional right to make a statement. i think there's a long history of sports critics, including the santa% clara police union, which is now threatening to stop providing security for 49ers games. kaepernick says he will continue his protest until he sees a change in the way people of color are treated by law enforcement. today is september 6th, which is national read a book day. you may not realize this, but reading improves memory and concentration while also reducing stress. you can share what you've read witt us on twitter. use the hashtag read a book day.
6:50 am
want to check your forecast today. >> yeah. today would be a great day to read a book. we are seeing overcast skies to start the day. very pretty. a lot of cloud ccverage across the eastern plains. areas of patchy fog. we are seeing tropical moisture remnants being ushered into the state. that is bringing us better chance for moisture and coming in from the southwest. right now, downtown denver at 62 degrees. same out at the airport. we'll continue to see windier conditions a little later on this afternoon. take a look at our current 62 degrees in city park. a cool start to the day in confer and evergreen in the mid 40s. castle rock right now at 57. we do still have a red flag warning, fire weather watches in effect for much of the western slope into the high country and then even into the mountain valleys. we are going to contiiue to see gusty winds primarily from the southwest and low humidity mixed conditions, you now the rest. we have a chance for ire really across the western half of the
6:51 am
chance for seeing stronger storms later on this afternoon into tevening. so this morning, we'll continue to see overcast conditions. chance for a few pockets of drizzle here and there, mainly across the foothills. mostly cloudy through the morning and throughout the eastern plains. by this afternoon, we'll start to see gradual clearing. we can expect to see more sunshine by midday then clouds will start to increase along with the chance for seeing a few passing storms and showers, the strongest of which i'm anticipating seeing further places likk akron, sterling. overnight tonight we'll still see cloudy conditions. that means we'll start the morning tomorrow with mostly cloudy skies but still some sunshine for wednesday morning, and then as we head throughout the day on wednesday, we'll ee a lot more sunshine and warmer temperatures than what we're going to see today. so take a look at this. what we saw over this labor day weekend. highs only in the low 80s. 79 degrees down to the south and 60s and 70s for the foothills. 53 is ourrovernight low in
6:52 am
by tomorrow, we'll see gradually clearing conditions. 85 is our expected high. we'll continue to stay warm. thursday, broncos home opener against the panthers. we are expecting highs in the mid to upper 80s and slight cooldown as we head into friday. 6:52 now. a couple days away rom the super bowl rematch. >> who could forget super bowl in january. von miller and the broncos defense dominated the panthers quarterback cam newton. so we asked von -?yesterday, and it is pretty clear these two guys are not friends. >> i know him, but he's not, like, you know, i get in my phone nd text him and, you know, say what's up, you want to get lunch or something. -?you know, it's not like that. but i got a mutual respect for cam. you know, he's an elite player. >> he's running the ball. he's a running backslash, you know, quarterback, like a two-dimensional-type guy. he can beat you in so many ways. he's one of the top quarterbacks
6:53 am
quarterback that has a jersey on. you have a jersey on, i'll sack you, too. >> denver 7 columnist woody page predicted a broncos super bowl victory in february. he predicted that last year. but he says the team will nnt win the big game this go around. you can find his column on the free denver 7 app. don't have to agree with it, but you can find it there. all right. we'll get you caught up with the big stories in your morning sprint coming up. there's a new documentar cclled the killing of it reveals new details about the dna evidence in this case. and dozens of people have evacuated because of this colorado fire. now, there is reason for firefighters to celebrate chl we are back in 90 seconds. two new ccidents to tell you about. this one from air tracker 7 that
6:55 am
we have big pro we are going to tart with this new accident. left lanes blocked, two lanes blocked. we have a traffic jam that goes all the way back into d denver tech center. the big trouble spots, we have big trouble here on i-25. southbound at 136th, two lanes closed there, and northbound i-that at 104th, all lanes closed for a fatal accident. side streets a better option. i-70 westbound at havana, most of the highway blocked for a one lane blocked now.
6:56 am
including 225 all the way across now. i'm live in the news room this morning. after watching the a & e special on the brutal death of boulder bowty queen jonbenet ramsey. the two-hour-long documenta y exposes holes in media reports, reviews accusations that john and pat si ramsey were responsible for their daughter's death, and examines new details about the young girl's murder. also provides a look at never before scene report surrounding a a test on a spot of blood that analysts, say, prove an unknown intruder completed the crime. 6:56 now. denver police investigating after an officer shot at a suspect. >> this happened at noon yesterday near west 3rd avenue and osage street next to i-25. it all began when a man waved a gun at a tow truck driver. when officers got there, they ended up shooting at him but didn't hit him. that man is now the in custody.
6:57 am
there is some good news. the starwood fire is now 35% conttined. >> it was just 10% contained this time yesterday. a little progress there. the fire was started by lightning on sunday. dozens of people are under a voluntary evacuation order. breaking right now, itt technical institute just announced it is officially closing all of its campuses. this comes just a week after it announced it had stopped enrolling new students. the department of education ba new students who were using federal financial aid, which pretty mump was a death sentence for the for-profit college. itt tech has campuses in aurora and westminster. the company issued a statement saying they were goong to work to help tens of thousands of displaced students. at 6:57, this is your first alert. we have seen cloudy, foggy conditions this morning. gradual clearing this afternoon. a lot more in the way of cooler temperatures than what we saw
6:58 am
this afternoon and evening, then we'll stay very dry throughout the next week. and we have a horrible traffic situation around town. this is thelosure of northbound i-25 right at 104th avenue. what you are seeing are the folksstrapped right behind the accident in that cue. so they are letting those folks out, but it's still officially closed at 104th. take a look at the map. we have, also, all lanes open at i-70 and havana. that's the good news. bad news, 225 is stacked up now up to i southbound at 136th. southbound at 136th. stoth at over a million ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen
6:59 am
and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado. the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he values our input. and i do trust michael bennet to look out for us.
7:00 am
good morning, america. dead heat. donald trump takes a lead in a new poll this morning as he battles clinton in a fight for ohio. both candidates in cleveland, ramping up their campaigns in the swing state. clinton suffering a coughing fit on the stump. but still taking a swing at trump. >> every time i think about >> his campaign immediately hitting back. >> i don't joke. she jokes. look at the deal she's made. >> david muir sits down with both candidates and their running mates right here on -- >> good morning, america. the cdc and pediatricians out with a major headline about flu vaccines and nasal sprays. dr. ashton joins us live. an abc news exclusive. chris brown speaks out this morning about his arrest.


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