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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  September 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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here's a live look from our camera in burlington. it's foggy. dense fog across the plains this morning. skies are clearing up and in for a lot of sunshine throughout the
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pretty nice weather. temperatures today climbing into the mid upper 70s by 12:00 and around 86 degrees by 3:00. a beautiful afternoon. it makes also for a pleasant night. temperatures dropping and more fall like weather by the early evening hours. by 9:00 we're at 71 degrees. here's your first alert. today and tomorrow in the 80s. still warm on thursy. we'll ttlk about the game coming up and heading into the weekend a bit of a change. we'll talk more about that in a this morning we're starting out more quietly which is nice. however, there's a big hazard. you see the significaat damage to the vehicle here with the front crushed in there and what that officer did, he went down the ramp and turned around and it came back the wrong way. he's facing the wrong way on southbound i-25 so obvious live a hazard. right now you see traffic breezing by but it could slow down.
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to get busier. no other major issues unlike yesterday where there's problems. an accidenat 5:00th and sheridan, all gone and clear. no issues for us there and that c-470 drive is nice. overnight construction on pena boulevard which is now wide open your way to dia.nt news making%- one man is stabbed inside a denver restaurant. that owner calls this si random act ofio >> the victim was a regular and we're told he was sitting at the bar when the suspect walked in and attacked him from behind slicing his neck. we know the victim is okay today. luckily the suspect missed major arteries. police are examining surveillance video and looking for the suspect. here's how police describe him. he's black, 6'3" and weighing
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morning after a car containing gas canisters was found near the notre dame cathedral. one of the people in custody is the owner of the car and he's on an intelligent watch list. he may have been trying to carry out a test run. there's no ignition found inside the car. a man near the usc health campus. the suspect pulled a gun so an aurora officer shot at him. they missed and he was eventually tazed and taken into custody. denver police identified the man they shot at on sunday. the shooting happened near o saj and third. he wasn't hit by gun fire and no
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against the star wood fire. this is now 60% contained. road blocks in the area were supposed to beelifted later this morning. 43 people were advised to evacuate because of this fire. some of them decided to stay in their homes. they say if necessary they will% fight to save their houses. so far no buildings have been damaged. the beaver creek fire is still burning along the wyoming border along walden. it could be completelyined.%- by the middle of next month. more than 37,000 acres have been burned. investigators still not sure how this started. three professors say this issue of climate change is not up for debate. human cause climate change is real and they will not debate it during the semester. if they disagreed.em to drop ou- >> in my eyes this is very much like a math teacher saying this
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about geometry here. >> the university says the professors only sent the e-mail to exmrap the theme of the class and they are decliebing all interview requests. remember that time back in february when the broncos won super bowl 50? they beat the panthers and the celebration was unforgettable. >> the broncos are trying to play it cool for the rematch tomorrow night. >> everybody will be it's going so fast in the beginning. hopefully not too many mistakes and we have to get them to calm down to play ball. >> the whole city is buzzing about the game and the nnl throwing a kick off party today and tomorrow at civic center park. >> jason is ttere right now. how does it look? >>reporter: well, all is quiet right now except for a bit of
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tomorrow for the big game, come down here today. i want to show you the stage. really cool. thaa's tomorrow. we are talking about and for much morr on that, senior vp of nfl events is kind enough to wake up early with us this morning. peter, denver right now is the center of the nfl universe. you can't say more than that. >> the whole football world is looking at denver it's going to be an incredible two days. ?t's free for families and everyone. come down and enjoy meet broncos legends and kick a field goal and have great food. tickets to lucky fans so i lot of great stuff going on today. the concert with dierks bentley and one republic tomorrow
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store here. >> this is a big production. kickoff village today and the concert tomorrow and then the game. do you know how many people are involved? this has taken a lot of time. >> this is a big deal. we always talk about the super bowl is a big deal. kickoff is the bookend of the super bowl. we have hundreds and hundreds of people out here turning over from taste of colorado super bowl is bikini but kick off keeps getting big but it's worth it to celebrate with broncos fans. >> you have done this in the past. how does denver so far as a host stack up? >> this is incredible footballl3 town. yes, we have had great kickoffs. this is number 15. orange out here tomorrow. this location aa civic center park couldn't be more beautiful and connected. the shot of the mountains behind
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could could be one of the best kickoffs we have had. >> it kicks off at 3:00 today. a lot of fun and remember it's free reporting live at civic center park, denver seven. one cu student is hoping to save you from yourself. he has a new invention to prevent you from losing your things. women's groups are attacking donald trump this morning after a comment he made interview with abc. we'll let you hear for yoursslf when we return. now at 6:08 for the game tomorrow night, temperatures around :00 in the mid 80s pretty dry and sunshine. by 7:00 it will cool to 78 and around 70 by the end of the game. obviously i-25 is aamad house for us tomorrow afternoon and evening. we have this accident two of them after 104th and right lanes
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25 people dead in cairo egypt. three people killed in a train accident also both in cairo during a holiday time when a lot of people were on the roads. the pit kin sheriff's
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a man died. not clear how he was hurt. we expect the coroner to release information about the cause of death later this week. a denver based group joined protestors in north dakota speaking out against a oil and gas pipeline passing through four states. many protestors are members of a tribe. police say demonstrators assaulted security guards at the pipeline but protestors are and attacked by pollce dogs. a massive wind project in eastern colorado moving forward after xcel energy reached a setment with multiple parties yesterday. this project includes a 125 transmission line and 90,000 acre wind farm. that's almost as big as the city of denver. the project could cost $1 billion but could power
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prairie dogs are quite a nuisance for cooorado homeowners and one developer is taking care of the problem. he's excavating the land without removing the prairie dogs first. they say it's unusual and inhumane. look at them. they're driving over live animals. no regulation or rules mandating how developers deal with prairie dogs. they can't force the developer to deal with prairie dogs in a different way. today tickets go on sale to see brian cranston in littleton. this four time oscar nominee will be there october 17th. you may remember him from
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promote his new memoir called a life in parts". i love that in the afternoon you almost get a hint of fall. >> yeah, a little cool in the air. today will be warm. in the 80s. check out this beautiful shot from pikes peak. you see how pretty it is. sunshine mixed with cloud cover. as you get closer to north eastern colorado quite a bit of fog. that we'll start off with fog but you can see on the cheat she's it's beautiful this afternoon. in the 80s both today and tomorrow and then quite a cool downnon friday. in fact, two days on our seven day forecast that will see temperatures well below normal. today we're lose if not a couple degrees above it. by 2:00 to 4:00, temperatures topping out in the mid to upper 80s. more sunshine this afternoon
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76 degrees. upper 50s and low 70s. parker at 84. highlands ranch at 87. boulder today 85. mid to upper 70s at the foothills. it's still really hot holding on to summer like temperatures near pueblo and lamar with mid to upper 90s this afternoon. you can see cloud cover and a kriz l possible out east morning breaking up by mid morning so by eerly afternoon we're under mostly sunny skies. we'll see cloud cover and we'll talk more about the tropical ?torm bringing heavy rain to the south of colorado. we'll talk more about that coming up. all we're seeing from that is the cloud cover. and then by early tomorrow morning again under mostly sunny
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there's a rockies game tonight. we're expecting mostly sunny skies and pleasant temperatures and near 80 degrees to start the game and then drop into the 70s. 87 thursday and then about ten degrees cooler on friday. two bright spots. that's a perfect place for a bright spot. saturday 81. warmer on sunday. here's your first alert. take a look at next tuesday. tracking a stronger cold front and highs only in the 60s. we like the number seven arou especially when we get double. we have this four car and a pick up sandwich after 104th avenue. there was a truck right here that just moved to the shoulder. two right lanes are blocked and you can see the traffic jam that's solid. you look at the camera on southbound i-25 and it's like this 120th down to the accident so you can see there's huge back ups up there. before jumping on the highway
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thornton parkway and southbound. you can see the heavy stuff we're dealing with. southbound now from 120th all way down to the side roads including federal is a good one down to 36 and back to i-25 can big problem.nd there without any the rest of the ride around town looks nice including here around downtown. however, we still have bannic and 14th venue closed down for the nfl kick off village. some restrictions around the other roads as we get clo kick off tomorrow. it's 6:18. breaking overnight, criminals shhot down a police helicopter in south eastern mexico. the pilot was killed along with three police officers. authorities believe it's connected to the drug cartel violence. the last surviving victim from the pulse nightclub
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orlando hospitals have agreed not to bill the victims. vote this morning, it'ss6:18. we sit down with donald trump and they spend several minutes talking about his immigration policies and tax returns but critics are angry about his comments on hillary clinton's look. >> you said she doesn't look presidential. >> what do you meannby that?% >> look. you have to get the job done. if she went to mexico it would have bb a total failure. >> he also afact tacked carly fiorina's appearance. he was speaking in general terms though he says. the most recent poll shows him with a two point lead over clinton just 61 days away from
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something you have lost. >> this weak there's cu entrepreneurs here with their latest project. >> i love this idea. this is called inform you, the creator was in a paris starbuck's and put his llb top bag down and looked away and then it was gone. we can all relate to that happening. he came up with device that you would stick on your belongings. it connects to a wearable like an apple watch ann once you them linked you get an alert if you get too far away from the item. long and his team are developing the product with the help of cu's program and hoping to get this to market soon. >> right now we are working on our device to mac it flexible so that he that we can put it on anything we want. >> anything, even people because the first thng i would stick this on is my kids. >> exactly.
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keep track of them. you can see these all week here on our website as well. >> i can see that being talked about. >> smart kids. authorities haven't said how many credit card numbers were stolen during a data breach at noodle and company. now they are dealing with a federal lawsuit. as we head to break we want to give you a live look over downtown denver.
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the miller mops are back in
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grossed out. there are 30 mops in this picture if we can get that. we don't have it right now. i'll show you in a moment. the moths migrate to our area every year. your only hope of keeping them away is limiting the amount of light outside. colorado is running out of places to relocate bears. our partners at the boulder daily report 17 bears have been put down this year and six othersav the numbers are up from last year as humans continue to move into the safe they are running out of safer location areas. no delays at the airport take a look at this shot. it's socked in there so we could start to see delays. temperatures this morning in the
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mid upper 80s -- -- fifts 50s.% let's take a look at the map. the southbound side is rock solid from 120th avenue. some of the side streets down to highway 36. joining southbound i-25 basicaaly wide open from the other side streets washington out. 6:26 now. the broncos kick off tomorrow the scammers are out and we'll tell you how you can help out. people who live in the neighborhood are worried about the noise what city leaders are
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for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan. speed may not be available in your area. call today. ? as a school superintendent, i saw how unnecessary regulations from washington made it more difficult for teachers and principals. and as a dad, i know we must empower those who spend every day with our kids. that's why i worked with republicans and democrats
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of schools. i'm michael bennet. i approve this message because i believe parents and our communities
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beware of fraud and road closures downtown. >> jason joining us to navigate thug >> we got through taste of colorado now getting through nfl village. colfax and bannic and 14th avenue are closed down over to broadway. even though broadway and colfax are open there's restrictions at times closer to closer to thursday so be aware of that as well as pedestrian traffic in and around the park for today and tomorrow right before game time.
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southbound i-25 from 128th all the way down to 104th. you can see from our camera where the accident sitsn the right two lanes. they tried to move it to the right shoulder but didn't get far enough away. we have somebody else stopped there in the right lane as well. not sure what's going on there. two pick up trucks involved and that person just stopped. we'll figure out what's going on here. a monster traffic jam taking an extra half hour to get to downtown. from it's 6:31. keeping an eye on newton threatening to bring flooding to new mexico and arizona and parts of texas today. this is mexico's baja peninsula it hit there as a hurricane yesterday, category 1 but it weakened to a tropical storm before it made it inland. a shrimp boat capsized killing
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still missing. lisa is tracking where newton is heading next and what it could cohere in the south western united states. >> heavy rain is the biggest issue. here's your first alert we're likely seeing flooding through new mexico and ardz arz. we could see over three inches but likely as you get into the center of the states 1-3 inches of rain and on the desert landscape it could create flooding. here at home we're expecting an increase in cloud cover across southe more about that coming up but let's get you out the door this morning. live ver denver you can seee3 just how pretty it is. what a gorgeous sunrise. dense fog out across the plains but more shine there by noon. 77 to start and by this afternoon you guys we're talking highs in the mid to upper 80s. it's going to be warm today and tomorrow and cooler by friday. details coming up. noodles and company is facing a federal lawsuit over
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we talked about this in june. the hackers hit the company for six months before the company figured this out. >> this lawsuit is asking for $5 million in kajs. more than 100 people have signed on. the plaintiffs say the company missed the mark. we reached out to the representatives and they haven't returnnd for comment. denver seven is live this happened at meat street station in the west high land neighborhood. this is being called a random act of violence. >> people are still concerned for their safety this morning. the suspect is still on the loose. we're told he walked here into the bar station and grill and immediately attacked another man sitting at the bar from behind stabbing him in the throat. we know right now that the victim is okay this morning. major arteries in ttat
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been here before and the victim is actually a regular but he doesn't believe the attack was ?remeditated. he says it happened so quickly it took a few seconds to realize what was happening. we're told a bartenddr thought the suspect came in and hugged the victim yesterday when the attack happened. we know that police right now are reviewing surveillance footage and looking for a black man 6'3" between 250 and 300 pounds. if you have any about the attack be sure to call reporting live in west high lands, denver seven oofrmentssa woman in centennial went to a club weapon to buy a weapon and ended up shooting herself. this happened while the woman was testing a gun she wanted to purchase. shirt. accidentally shot herself in the hand. in boulder a judge says the
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the november ballot. an anti tax group was trying to get the proposal thrown out. if the measure passes there's a two cent per ounce tax added to soda and other sugary drinks. take a look at thisr police tweet that came out. it's a poll that asked if they should crack down on street racing. 83% says yes, they should. one meant sent us this video. he's angry the people breakin it. >> they're breaking not only city ordinances but the law. fixed. it's still happening now and any level is too much street racing and too dangerous. >> dpd is meeting with the city council on thursday and talking about making the streets saferr the police tell us they were trying to create dialogue and show how important it is to
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for ticket scams. there were 14 reports of phony tickets last year. the department says your best bet is to use official ticket exchanges and avoid craigslist. we checked the nfl ticket exchange last night. nose bleed seats start at $120 a piece. >> you can get in on the kickoff party today. jason this football fans. >> absolutely. the best of all, it's free. this is what the nfl kick off village is now. the mel mets are lined up in the week one match ups and then the stage. now that the sun has come up you can see the broncos and panthers. for more on what's going on peter o'reily from the nfl is here. it's the disneyland for nfl fans starting today. what's going on? >> so we open up at 3:00 today.
6:37 am
down and hop out of work early. come down after school and it's a mini nfl theme park here. we'll have broncos legends here, people like john lynch and rod smith signing autographs. come down and meet them and great food and opportunities to try your hand at >> that is today 3:00 to 8:00 and 10:00 to 6:00. >> we'll be starting at 10:00 here but then we roll into the concert. the gates are free and open around 3:00 for the concert starting off with dierks bentley. we'll show america's game the premier of that into is did he recollects bentley performance and one republic. that's an incredible celebration
6:38 am
if you're at the game get there early oo see this special moment to celebrate super bowl 50. i know broncos fans are excited. this opens today 3:00 to 8:00 and 10:00 to 6:00. road closures to deal with here at civic center park. they have special entrances. there's an nfl shop and get your picturesstaken and try your hand. i hear peyton manning will be here tomorrow to run through a bit of yours truly. tune in tomorrow morning. that will be fun. >> that's a good contest. >> it will be great. >> i can see the work productivity of denver going down. >> yeah and then through friday because thursday night's game will be late. who can forget this video? motorcycle riders shutting down
6:39 am
this one. your tipsshelp police make arrests. a live look inside mile high stadium i believe there's a yoga class going on.
6:41 am
satellite and radar not picking up a lot from the east. this is burlington. you will find a lot of cams ra look like that. here in denver a mix of sun and clouds and mid to upper 70s. tomorrow looks perfect. more on the broncos game night planner coming up.
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season starts tomorrow. >> that's right, it might be tomorrow before they clear this accident. feels like they have been monkeying around with this. they moved the car to the shoulder but two lanes still blocked. this traffic jam if you can see on the map goes back to 136th avenue and it's rock solid. we're looking at 45-50 minutes in downtown. some side streets can help you out. it will take some time to get through the traff it's 6:42 now. denver frontier airlines launching nonstop service from miami to uba on december 1st. nonntop service from denver won't be available. here's the deal. you have to catch a four hour flight from denver to miami. then a one hour flight from miami to havana. hillary clinton in hot water because of her e-mails. the colorado company that ran
6:43 am
in another investigation. those details ahead. 6:42 as we head to break. another ppcture from mile high
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you probably remember this video from july. they call the ride "kill the streets" they were trying to raise awareness object motorcycle safety. denver police have arrested three people so far in connection with this ride. this is the photograph of the three men accused driving and speeding they say they're going through cell phone video trying to find the license plates of members. two men accused of breaking into two homes in lariier county yesterday morning. one 911 caller says he woke up and saw a man leang his house. officers found a pair hiding in
6:46 am
home. a politics alert for you. we're getting a look at how colorado voters feel about several ballot issues in november. our partners found support for increasing minimum wage. 55% in favor for that. that minimum wage would go up to 12 dollars an hour by 20-20. voters also support bringing back the primary. they also want it to be open to however, voters are not thrilled about colorado care. the universal healthcare plan, 27% would say no to that -- 27% would say yes compared to 65% saying no. the company managing hillary clinton's private e-mails is being targeted against.
6:47 am
deleted documenns linking to the e-mails. >> we found out the clinton foundation and clinton health access initiative are ignoring new york state laws that require charities to reveal where each -?individual foreign donation ce from. instead they are listing all their foreign donations as one lump sum. that's just the tip of the iceberg. you can read our full investigation in the free denver 7 app. a politics. our partners at the denver post say williams is the first third party candidate in recent memory to make it to the debate stage. she qualified because 1% of colorado vooers identify as libertarian. denver was the first station add the boulder boulder race in fort collins. the new csu stadium will be part
6:48 am
we don't know details about the route but that will be revealed this afternoon at 4:00 and it will take place in fort collins. boulder boulder has been a tradition for 37 years. so we'll be at the meeting and find out what they say. >> i have an idea. what about the fearless fort collins? it has to play off the name a bit. >> yeah, we'll hope. a little bit of fog this morning. down south we're tracking you can see the heavier rain in3 through arizona and new mexico. they're expecting 1-3 inches, maybe even more across the southern edge of those states. here at home we're likely going to see some clouds mainly across partssof southern colorado but mostly sunny skies here in denver. it's staying dry across the northern half of our state. 80s today and tomorrow and dropping to the 70s on friday.
6:49 am
south. a beautiful shot from pikes peak this morning. left over snow from recent storms. as you look up to the north and east from the futurecast there's cloud cover and dense fog that is starting to clear up between (1) 000-1200 so we should see more sunshine, plenty of it through the afterroon. that's what it looks like by 2:00. you'll find overnight tonight again clouds covering parts of southern colorado both today and into early tomorrow morning. otherwise, we are up for very dry weather. september for us here in denver and across the state is gorgeous. you'll find that over the next few days. mid to upper 80s and it's one of the warmest days. highlands ranch 87 and flatville 86. in bennett today a high of 5. low to upper 70s in the foothills. low 70s in the central mountains and 94 in pueblo.
6:50 am
lot of sunshine. it will stay sunny through the end of the week. it looks like there's a cold fronn. by friday temperatures will drop and upper 70s friday and then on saturday we're in the low 80s so it's ooling both days so we put the bright spot there friday an% saturday. gorgeous weather but you will find it's cooler than what we see today and tomorrow. tomorrow night for the broncos game we're expecting temperatures to be around 80 degrees for the by 5:00. should drop to around 78. this weekend sunday is the warrer of the tto days. here's your first alert, it's cooler by tuesday. i saw you laughing at me over there. i donnt know why. i'll find out llte e. >> no, i was just think aing
6:51 am
celebrations in downtown tomorrow. now the wipers are going on this car, those to the southbound side of i-25 have been trying to hook up this car for the last 15 minutes out of the right lane and it's just been a process for us. that's why we're still looking at a monster traffic jam here on southbound i-25 at 104th. take a look at the map. now we're backed up to 144th avenue so it's an hour to get through this traffic jam. if you choose to sit in it, use roads like washington anddgrant. or maybe even pecos to get down to 84th avenue in thornton. that could save you a ton of time because it's rock so lud there. 120th and highway 85 a new accident there. also police activity off of havana near 6th avenue causing slight delays. 225 aad i-70 down to the denver tech center, all very typical
6:52 am
it's 6:51 and peyton manning not taking the field tomorrow night but he's making an impact on the community. >> listen to this phone call with a delta county man dealing with cancer. >> you still have to fight. know i'm pulling for you and yoo're in my prayers. >> the man only has weeks left to live. his last dying wish was to meet manning. >> his cancer has taken away his ability to speak but he mag phone and his spirits are lifted certainly with that phone call. >> i think peyton manning will have a laating impact here in colorado. getting you caught up in the big stories. the broncos kicking off the rg season tomorrow night. the nfl is throwing a party to celebrate. plus, a violent crime in broad daylight. a man's throat is slashed inside a restaurant.
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6:54 am
one person had their throat slashed yesterday in the highlands. >> live at the restaurant this morning with more, amanda? >> it happened here at the immediate street bar and grill yesterday afternoon. police are looking for a black
6:55 am
250-300 pounds. police say he walked in -?yesterday afternoon and immediately attacked a man at the bar.% he stabbed that man in the throat. we know that the victim is okay this morning still recovering from the attack. the suspect luckily did not puncture any major arteries in his neck. reporting live from west high lands this morn, denver 7. we haae a big traffic alert out in aurora. you're looking as i am at the 7. this is havana north of 6th avenue and you see damage to this van and also this vehicle here and the whole front has been removed from this accident here. so both directions north and southbound havana are closed. you see the skid marks hhre right theee where it looks like the vehicles collided and pushed tte van over here and this car remains this way so we're not hearing yet of any of the injuries involved in this
6:56 am
we'll get you more information on that. havana is closed down and i want to give you good news. take a look at the camera. the traffic jam unfortunately goes back to 144th avenue. a quick update on eadly crashes we followed yesterday morning. we know two pick ups were involved in the deadly crash on i-25 near 104th. one of the drivers reareneded the other one. the first drive was killed the second not hurt. the highway was closed several hours. a pedestria killed at deer trail yesterday. the crash happened in a construction zone. the victim was not a construction worker. that person has not been identified yet. authorities say they don't know why the victim was in the rood in the first place. road blocks in the area should be lifted later this morn in the star wood fire.
6:57 am
acres but no buildings have been damaged. here's your first alert. beautiful sun rides and cloud cover making for as start. fog out east, it will be foggy through mid morning but you'll notice on the futurecast around 10:30 things clear out and under a lot of sunshine this morning. mid to upper 80s today and tomorrow. here's your first alert -- we're tracking two cold fronts. the first one on friday and second into the next weee. the game isn't until tomorrow but thh nfl kick off village is taking over civic center park. we have the big nfl helmets here. the week one match ups ask the big one, broncos and patriots the stage for the concert tomorrow. today the kick off village opens 3:00 to 8:00 with plenty to do. lombardi trophies and more and
6:58 am
rewant to repiend you we still have 14th avenue and bannic closed down. restrikss around colfax also bbcause of so many people around the park. then broadway is closed on sunday for the colorado remembers 9-11 program happening on sunday. so we will have that activity and everything will open by next week. good advice. steer clear of those areas and >> pull out your orange and make sure it's ready for tomorrow.
6:59 am
? what if we made a paint that was so special that was such a jewel among paints that you had to seek it out. nope, even easier than that. more like taking a left on that street where you usually take a right that wasn't so hard. and if finding that paint made you and your walls beam with pride, is it still paint?
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good morning, america. donald trump and hillary clinton on attack. >> the secret is he has no plan. >> putin looks at her and he laughs, okay. >> trading sharp jabs over her e-mail, his taxes and isis. a war of words even before the debate. tropical storm alert. newton slamming mexico now heading for arizona on its way to making history as the southwest and the midwest brace for dangerous rain and flash floods. fox news fallout. former anchor gretchen carlson gets $20 million in a massive settlement after those bombshell sexual harassment allegations against ex-chief roger ailes. the secret recordings that could be behind the deal and why is another top star leaving unexpectedly. and get ready to dance from


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