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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 11, 2016 2:05am-2:35am MDT

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that's what you're go to go walking into. >> the good news, believe it or not, that is not the route they were going to climb. they were actually happy and thankful that the south face they were to climb, their route they had planned was completely untouched by this. this is just one episode. they said that this entire valley was cracking and tumbling and sliding down this face the entire day and night. >> i can't believe that they stuck around all night while that was going on. like when the earth is like that constantly all night, you can't see what's going on. at some point it's time to go. >> i've got to believe these guys and their guides knew that they were in an area that they did feel safe. would have hightailed it out of there. >> as dangerous as it is, it looks so cool. two crazy videos. but the stories behind them even crazier. we're going to start in south africa. you can see we'll go to the
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amid the chaos and small children, pretty safe to assume you're looking at a school bus, a private bus but for the school. suddenly you see that for the chaos and standing up suddenly comes to a stop, everybody starts grabbing their bags, sitting down. is the bus moving at this point? it's just come to a stop. this fellow is coming aboard. this bus had been driving along. this guy was in another car. apparently something had been thrown from the bus, mbe rock, and it had cracked the windscreen. this guy pulled in front of the bus, stopped. the driver, thinking it was an emergency, opens the door, and this guy strolls onto the bus. he feels like he knows who the perpetrator is. >> apparently nobody is really sure who threw what. he's talking to a kid in the back. he has a word with the driver. i guess he's giving him a finger
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you see what he just did? he took his belt off. he doubles it up, grabs this child, and then attacks him, whipping about 14 times, over and over and over again on this child's back and face, on this child's arm, before finally deciding he's had enough and he gets off the bus. >> please tell me this man is under arrest and in jail. >> i wish i could, gayle. but no. he is not. in fact that is why this video is up on facebook. the parents to help police track this person down. now we'll head over to china. you can see this group of wannabes walking aggressively through this car park. you can see a whole heap of machetes. >> they're vandalizing without a car. >> rumor online is that this is a rivalry between schools. basically what they're saying
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very similar service to what that's people do hired these triads to come by and smashup all the vehicles of the rival schools. >> this is a modern 21st century "west side story" kind of stupid stuff. >> it's crazy. holly oli pettigrew? >> check them out. >> ugh. >> this is like speed posing. >> i think different videos, same model. >> exactly. this video was recently posted but he caught folks' attention on the internet last year with this video here. you see with every second and every slash, mm-mm. >> he's going through every page
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>> in the modelling world, magazine shoots, you're often not getting paid. catalogues, you're there all day. you're changing hundreds of times. >> i'm impressed with the fact that it looks like a dance move with the way his footwork goes back and forth. it looks so choreographed. >> we've heard it, we've never seen it. >> i'll give you two of the most difficult poses that you can do, okay? first one. >> oh, goodness, you're always doing sitting there for instagram. >> the other one is, i need that cap. i've been doing it for many years. if you concentrate, you can do both at the same time. >> thank you very much. >> he looks angry the whole time. >> he's hungry. he's trying to be cute and he's hungry. two ladies fighting in the
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guess what it's about. >> they both knew it was coming, i mean, hey. he's pulling out all the cards for this trick. >> impressed yet, baby? >> see who is the true magician here. >> that's magic. she got a man to commit. from the makers of claritin. clarispray provides 24-hour, prescription strength relief from sneezing, runny nose, and nasal congestion. return to the world. try clarispray today. i had that dream again -- that i was on the icelandic game show. and everyone knows me for discounts, like safe driver and paperless billing. but nobody knows the box behind the discounts. oh, it's like my father always told me -- "put that down. that's expensive."
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[ voice breaking ] and that's when i realized... i'm allergic to wasabi. well, i feel better. it's been five minutes. talk about progress. [ chuckles ]
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gold bond rough & bumpy skin therapy. used daily, it exfoliates, smoothes, softens. reduces bumps 74%. gold bond. ultimate lotion. ultimate skin. this first video takes me back to my youth in the uk. in a bad way. because this exact thing happened to me in the exact way it happened to this guy. early in the morning in manchester, outside a club. not much going on. keep an eye on that guy there.
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bang! guy goes flying off the curb, ends up underneath the bike, gets one last hit from the guy. what a scum bag. completely out of nowhere, sucker punches completely unconscious, gives him that last kick before being pushed away and he legs it. police are looking to identify this guy. no word on why he punched this dude. looks like a serious punch. it was. he was knocked unconscious. but no injuries guy is fine. it's all going down in kazakhstan as well. these two ladies really getting into it. looks like something out of a wwe match. picks up the chair, throwing the chairs at each other. boom, the other girl gets it too. throws a shoe, before the video finally cuts out. my favorite part is around here where this guy tries to get in the middle.
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guys keep fighting. >> he walks away. >> you're going to do it anyway, go on. two ladies fight in the street, what do you reckon it's about? >> a man. >> i hope not. the oranges on the table. they're fighting over the groceries. >> you're so close. they're fighting over an orange. >> an orange? >> in the singular. >> orange you glad it wasn't about a man? they're hanging out and as oli would say, they're doing some -- >> pick a card. >> any card. >> she pulls her card. there you see it. ten of diamonds. >> what was that card? >> ten of diamonds. >> he picks up a different deck of cards. >> she picks a new one. show it to us. puts it back in the deck.
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one, two, three. >> impressed yet, baby? these magic hands. >> she's going along with it. >> i want you to grab the corner like this. >> ooh! >> that's entertainment. >> so remember, facing away. >> there's definitely going to be a diamond at the end of this. >> there bette nice move. >> magic. >> he sees the words on the other side of the card. he pops up the little red block. >> will you marry me? >> i think she's still pretty shocked from the magic trick. and he pops the ring on her finger. >> that was slick. >> she seems flat-out stunned. >> it came out of nowhere.
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that is a bit of magic, she got a man to commit. i'm going to stir the pot of debate here. give me your best guesses. a guy claims that his dog brought this what he says skull to him while he was out fishing. they're in oklahoma. he takes this bone and shows it to the camera. for the life of me, i have never seen anything that this. in my opinion it clearly does look like bone. i agree with him that it's a skull. >> it looks like a seashell at first. but no, i see what you're talking about. >> i spent the last two days on the phone with my biologist buddy mark, he works for the government, he's a certified biologist. he looked at this and he says a cadaver! >> no way. >> he said this. the bone projections on the back
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but the antler holes are deer. >> i swear that's what my biologist friend said. >> i know he said that but he was probably joking, because you have funny friends. >> you believe in ghosts and not chupacabra? >> i don't believe in ghosts. >> look, we have like the whole nation watching the show now. if you guys out there have any clue, have ever found anything like this, go to our facebook page,, and let us know what you believe this is. found in oklahoma near water. those are the two clues we've got. what will you eat instead? >> i will eat whatever is on the table. >> she's young but this girl -- >> has a very clear message. >> what's behind some very
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[ announcer ] cortizone-10 eczema relief is specially formulated for eczema, with the strongest non-prescription itch medicine for fast, lasting relief. cortizone-10 eczema relief. feel the heal. apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, essive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. kids have the most fascinating minds. unfortunately we can't understand them most of the time. this little girl along with her crocodile tears has a very clear message. >> i want to eat whatever is on
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>> this little girl has a very emotional reason for why she doesn't want to eat chicken or meat. >> why do you think you don't want to do that? >> because they're animals and i like animals. >> good for her, that's really sweet. >> do you think they suffer? >> i think they don't really like being cooked in the oven. >> that's the moment she became a >> this moment is one that you will not understand. you know there's a problem. your 2-year-old is letting you know. you just don't know exactly what it is. >> what are you yelling at? >> mommy, mommy! [ yelling ] >> this whole argument is with dad.
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wrong because she's mad at him. >> i don't know what you just said. >> don't you think this is a ploy by dad, get all that energy out because bedtime is coming? >> who that? >> nobody. >> who is daddy? all right! this beautiful metropolis of hong kong. >> millions of people live on top of each other, full of super tall buildings which are really fun to climb. >> once again, we've got another video from him, he sets his sights on something special. you can see the building underneath is still under
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dangerous ones we've had on the show. you can see they're making their way through the building. the building is nowhere near complete. it's a bit of a concrete shell. once they get on the top, that's when they head up the crane. they head up the outside. >> is it really that scary? it looks scary for us because we're not there doing it. >> different human beings have different thresholds for adrenaline. this guy might get it from climbing up the side of the building. >> i get that rush every time i sit down. >> then he does this by standing on top of the thing. this is where i was like, okay, there's safety, there's gloves, there's preparation. this is straight up, no thank you. >> that's the part where i would go -- >> but he get a few nice pictures of the place before he makes his way rather gingerly down. they quickly run off down the street before anybody can catch up with them. there's only about 200,000 more buildings for him to climb in
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he has a plan for his parents' house. and it will soon become clear. >> he's got over a thousand rolls, estimated to be about 60 miles of tape. >> see how dad feels about this prank after flying in from overseas. >> who knows how long of a
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2:27 am, click on "tv show," or check it out on our mobile app. >> don't be picky.
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at the tape it channel. >> you guys are geniuses. >> this time there is a very specific and well-chosen target. he's serious. he opens up the roll of tape and he's done. >> whoa! >> is this like pranking your cellphone? >> you know what, i'm kind of with you, gayle, because i think your parents will be around to get you he's got over a thousand rolls, estimated to be 60 miles of tape. by the looks of it over the first minute or so of this video, they use most of it. >> it doesn't breakeasy. you're going to need scissors. you're going to need knives. >> what a tremendous waste. >> after what i can only imagine is hours of work, you can see the results. >> how long is this tape?
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obviously someone didn't get a lot of time to do this. >> we don't just get to see the taping. we also get to meet dad. the most patient dad ever. because dad's tired. dad's just flown in from overseas. >> remember the time i was on tosh.0? >> that's where it all becomes clear. the let's tape it channel got a little bit of exposure on the kind of show that likes viral he says, i got attention for those videos, i wonder if i can get attention for this one. it's even worse. the pressure is increasing for dad. >> i don't want to be taped. >> if this is the kind of thing you enjoy, they have a website, check it out. thanks for joining us today. check out for lots more content. we'll see you on the next "right
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i checked. airport shuttle's in 15 minutes. dubenich: i-i'm sorry. uh, mr. ford, sorry. i know who you are. i've, uh -- excuse me. i read all about you. i know, for example, that -- that when you found that stolen monet painting in florence, you probably saved your insurance company -- what? -- $20 million, $25 million. but i just, uh, know that when you needed them... what happened to your family is the kind of thing -- you know this part of this conversation where i punch you in the neck 9 or 10 times? we're coming up on that pretty quick. i just want to offer you a job. what do you got? somebody stole my airplane designs. oh, i see, and you'd like me to find them, right?
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i want you to steal them back. nate: you're sure pierson stole your designs? oh, look, my engineer goes missing. he disappears with all my files. and then one week later, pierson announces an identical project. come on. i don't know. stealing them back, it seems like a stupid risk.
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