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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  September 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MDT

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. an officer's vehicle behind me calls in and hits his lights and sirens and right here at
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the civilian driver was not injured. sheridan from colfax from north 13th is closed while the investigation wraps up here. no injuries out here. unfortunately there's closures and there's estimating another 20 minutes. live in denver, darryl orr, denver7 news. at a mosque in florida. this is the same moss mosque attended by the orlando nightclub shooter, omar mateen. they're investigating the fire in force pierce, florida. the flames are out. a reporter is seeing people showing up to the mosque now to pray. it isn't clear yet if this was an accident or arron but fire
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mosque attended by omar mateen and it's the day after the 9/11 anniversary. denver seven was on the scene early sunday morning as police are searching for a killer. the victim was shot after a fight. police have not told us what they are looking for. aurora police say they caught a guy way up colfax. the chase ended when a denver officer rammed into his car. police in aurora think this suspect might have something to do with the come found dead in her apartment on saturday morning. this weekend supporters gaered for a prayer service at parker adventist hospital to rally around a douglas county detective. they turned out to ppay for dan bright who was shot two weeks
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suicidal person. family and friends are putting up signs on his hospital window thanking the community for the support. >> it shows how much cares about them and just the whole law enforcement communityy right now is your chance to help the detective. they are holding a blood drive from 9:00 this morning to 2:3 this afternoon. jonbenet ramsey's brother is speaking publicly about his sister's death. it's the first episode in a series of three. he said it's finally time for answers. tonight investigation discovery is beginning a three part
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american murder mystery" and it has unseen footage where her brother as "something bad happened." hillary clinton is recovering from a case of pneumonia. he diagnosed clinton on friday but that didn't stop her from going to the 9/11 memorial ceremony yesterday. this is a look at her leaving the memorial early after becoming overheated. is in trouble. jill stein is going back to north dakota to face charges after spray painting construction equipment at a controversial pipeline site. >> i'll say the real criminal here -- the real vandalism is the desecration of the indigenous land that had just taken place. >> she's charged with misdemeanor criminal ttespass ann mischief but so far dozens
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to stop the pipeline project. it's been 15 years sinister errorists attacked us killing 3,000 people. >> yesterday first responders and militaryersonal led a 9/11 remembrance ceremony. >> we wanted to bring our grandson. he wasn't born yet but ww want him to know the importance of be free today. >> at the end of the event people got a chance to enjoy a free tribute concert. >> you might see haze and smell smoke in the air today but the evergreen fire department says it's from the solar fire burning southeast of meeker. a large fire at an old sugar mill in longmont happened uf of highway 119.
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out what started the fire. a tragic story developing this morning after a bus carrying local high school athletes crashes at dia late yesterday. >> a bus driver is dead and a handful of football players recovering this morning. a memorial now at legacy high school is forming. >> yes, some people came last night and dropped off balloons and flowers keeping the football team as well as the killed bus driver in prayers this morning. let's walk you through what happened. the jr. varsity and varsity football teams from legacy high school were coming back according to police one of the buses circled back around and veered off the road and ran into one of those concrete bridge supports head on. the damage to the bus was severe and the adult female bus driver
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to the hospital. 15 students who are players have been taken to the hospital. many of them have been treated and release. some coaches suffered more serious conditions. it was a scary night for a lot of parents concerned for their football players as they came back here to the legacy high school last night. they had crisis support team people here and had to get another bus and thing that. more crisis management people on scene here at the school today. it's homecoming week and several events are going to be cancelled or definitely affected. we're hoping to get an update today from the school district. from now reporting outside legacy sool, jason gruenauer, denver7 news -- -- high school. this morning we're hearing
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miracle on the hudson crash. there's nothing worse than trying to figure out how to get your child to a life saving appoint.
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a 22 year-year old australian man is facing attempted murder charges after critically injuring a man. rescuers found a woman alive in this the attacks happened hours after russian leaders and the u.s. greed to a new cease fire plan. 48 people have been hurt in turkey after a car bomb went off near the governor's offense in eastern turkey. smoke is seen billowing from the area in pictures. a vehicle loaded with explosives went off near a police check point. no claim of responsibility however this is the first day of
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also following a developing three children have been killed in tennessee alonggwith four adults in a house fire that broke out in south mems. three children were taken to a hospital in extremely krit cle condition. one picture from the scene shows the felony investigations unit on seen. we'll keep following this and a former passenger is sharing her miracle on the hudson experience. >> it felt like we hit a concrete wall going at about 150 miles per hour. it was a very hard impact. >> tracy is one of 155 people on board the plane safely brought
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real to her. she says even after they landed frigid water filled the plane and the back door was busted. she de it out on the wing and was rescued but a ferry. flash forward seven years and there's a movie about it and she even got to play herself in a sceee. you can catch "sully" at any major theater. i've heard it's this week seven every day hero has found a way to make life easier. >> reporter: a simple ride to a doctor's appointment can be life changing. >> there's a million different things to worry about when you're helping your child fight cancer. >> reporter: jerry jones would know. her son daniel battled leukemia although he was only three and a half years old when he died.
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floor and he said mom, will you take the baby one of my toys so that baby not cry no more? i figure ii a three year old knew what it meant to just give of their own belongings then i could find a way to help also. >> she started daniel's care van. >> it provides free transportation to kids with cancer and other threatening illnesses to and from their appointments if they lack transportation. >> reporter: kids like six year old jamie and her dad. >> she helps them get to the hospital in aurora from loveland. >> it's been a huge blessing from her picking them up and bringing her back and the past two a half months has within a blessing. >> very dedicated to these patients. she sits here sometimes waiting
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appointments so see can take them home. >> reporter: she does his five days a week. >> maybe me and the kid get to sing a silly song or tell a joke or watch a cartoon on the ipad and the parents a lot of times get to take a nap in the backseat. so they doo't have to worry about anything in the car. >> i have a surprise for jerry. for trans porting the brave and helping so many families denver independent insurance agents of colorado would like to nominate you as a seven every day hero. >> that carrshe uses has about 2,000 miles on it. you can visit our website, aroundd8:30 or so. if you click on the the community tab you will see the
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>> yes, that's her full time duty. it's nonprofit and she doesn't make anything. >> if we could give back and get people to donate. >> i was about to cry through that. >> i know, you'rr going to make me cry, stop. >> when kids are involved i'm a sap. are you ready for your cheat sheet? >> i love the cheat sheet. we are expecting cooler weather. cold front moving in this morning so we have a better chance for storms with this a lot cooler but we had clear skiee. this is different. this storm is going to wrap up more moisture with this and we'll see temperatures drop tomorrow with a chance of showers. this morninn low mid 60s as you walk out the door. mid to upper 70s about 2:00 to 4:00 and more cloud cover through the afternoon. scattered storms and shower possible through tonight. i'll show you what that looks like on futurecast.
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yesterday and still summer like on sunday. today we have denver at 76 and keens burg and flatville at 77 and mid to upper 60s close to 70 in evergreen. boulder you're at 75 today. statewide still hot down to the south. not much of a change near pueblo the colder air not reaching tha. they will get a chance for thunderstorms. futurecast shows clouds building by the afternoon. a mix of sun morning and afternoon. down across southern colorado and closer to the springs pueblo down through the san louise valley, a snow mix early tomorrow morning likely above 12,000 feet. that's when it looks like it's at midnight. we'll see more cloud cover and a chance for a few showers.
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we could get more scattered storms and ssowers throughout the day tomorrow. tomorrow will be even cooler and that's at 5:30. so we go from 70s today to likely some mid to upper 60s tomorrow. cooler and a little more cloud cover at 67 here in denver. then we'll warm up another ten degrees by wednesday. you'll find a slight chance for a few storms each afternoon through thursday. things are getting drier and so far this cin pretty perfect. saturday and sunday you can see jason, here's your first alert with a lot of soins on he board. upper 70s and sunshine this weekend. we have a pretty tough drive in some spots here this morning. we're starting with the accidt we have involving a denver police officer at 14th and sheridan. from colfax heading south is closed from 13th heading north they're still investigating where a denver police officer was responding to a scene and
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intersection. everybody is okay but you see significant damage there and waiting for the tow trucks to get the cars up and out of here. it could be another 20 minutes. we'll see how long it takes and i'll keep you posted on that. taking a look at the west side of town still a lane blocked at i-60 at 6th avenue -- -- i-70. no delays at dia. time 15 minutes at it's 4:50 and the regular season of the nfl is back and once again, national anthem protests took center stage despite it being 9/11. >> pretty much all the players stood except for the miami dolppins. >> the kansas city chiefs decided to interlock arms.
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the anthem. in today's tech bytes samsung's stock opens at a two month low. >> this after news of the smartphone the galaxy seven note catching fire. tesla is upgrading the auto pilot which has been listen ked to a deadly crash. >> it uses cameras and sensors to steer vehicles. the software update will be >> researchers have invented a device that can read individual pages through a cover. the camera can read up to nine sheets of paper without flipping aapage. teens with diaries everywhere are now panicking. >> those are your tech bytes. have a great day everybody. the world could always use a little extra happiness.
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in chicago an 18-year old woman is dead after someone opened fire during a vigil for a person killed over the weekend. it happened a day after the star hiih school catholic leet was shot six times in a drive by. not be able to play football anymore. the security company that used to employee the orlando nightclub shooter is now in
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more than $150,000 saying the psychologist listed on the shooters security guard license application never e evaluated him. the company says that's not true. if the government gets its way you will not have to pay for your cable box anymore. they want to do a free app instead. the fcc is expected to vote on when was the last time you posted something nice on your friend's facebook page? not just giving them a like or smiley face. >> a real personalized comment can brighten their day. there's a new study that says seeing comments could cause the same kind of happiness as getting married or having a baby. it's cheaper. researchers say people have to see 60 comments from close
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impact though. >> wow 60 comments? >> not just from one person from everyone. >> i have one wedding. i don't need anymore. that's kri si though. severe weather in the yellow and green. we could get general thunderstorms today. temperatures will top out in the we're seeing a lot of that on our forecast. we'll talk more about that coming up at 5:00. southbound i-25 still restricted as they're doing some road milling. smell that? it's fresh ground road. the southbound side is restricted, just a hazard for you but no delays. through the arapahoe project wide open for us at least for right now.
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we're working on at 5:00 a.m. today. the search is on for a a good samaritan in kansas shot multiple times while trying
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chase. so you can. a school bus driver is dead and several high school students injured and police wan to know what happened. the latest on the investiggtion. plus, a killer on the loose in denver. what may have led to this deadly shooting in a moment. two suspects attack a with a baby at walmart but two good samaritanssjump in. . good morning, thanks for joining us on this monday morning. i'm mitch jelniker. >> and i'm dayle cedars. we're heading to nicole brady for breaking news. >> reporter: we have been following this fire that broke out at the florida mosque attended by the orlando nightclub shooter. the sheriff's department confirmed this fire was intentionally set overnight.


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