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tv   7 News at 5 PM Saturday  ABC  September 17, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm MDT

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years nebraska played in a bowl game that was a new year's bowl game. they have only played in three since. how big would it be for mike riley? tommy am strong, gets outside. turns the corner, first down and more. flag down. >> referee: holding number 83 on the offense. ten-yard penal from the spot. second down. >> brock: thates alonzo moore. he can feel tommy armstrong. he is at the top. nearly a face mask. both of the teams, bob, tremendous effort but so much
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just not trusting your fundamentals and techniques. so much happens, as the environment gets bigger and the game is faster, you're not trusting your fundamentals. >> bob: a net gain after a couple yards. ozigbo has a first down to about the 47 yard line. >> brock: this is where you have to really start to manage this game. tommy armstrong, this is not you still need to have tempo. they would love nothing more than four yards, five yards, six yards, be methodical. continue to run at the under belly of the defense. >> bob: ozigbo caught behind the
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a big tackle. and that is a loss of yards. >> brock: he may have missed the previous tackle. in the previous set of downs. did not miss that time. and i have said this now for 20 minutes on ever game action. when is a double move going to come? as aggressive as the corners have played and as aggressive as they are going to be, when is a double move going to hit them? >> bob: only one deep safety here. oregon shows blitz. they bri 48 yard line. it will be third down and about nine. nebraska has all three time-outs. still a lot of time on the clock. over 4 minutes. but would it be four-down territory? would they will able to keep the defense on the field if they fail to pick up the third and nine? >> brock: i think you do. and you trust the punter.
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>> bob: armstrong, tries to beat the blitz. floats it to his tight end, cethan carter, can't hall it in. reggie daniels delivers the blow and the hit was clean. despite the fact that carter is shaken up and now a huge decision for mike riley. fourth down and nine. and if they go down, they will be going for it without arguably their best pass catches weapon in this situation. carter has to come off the field for at least a play. >> brock: you can see armstrong having a difficult time-out with the kramcramping and driving th ball. that ball has to be driven to your tight end. and reggie daniels did what schooler would not do earlier. the safety could not separate
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the touchdown pass. and that time, the center field safety daniels did just that. the legs, the cramping, the amount of energy that tommy armstrong has extended, you would have loved to see him plant his foot and drive the ball between the 1 and 1 of cethan carter. >> bob: the offense is not walking off with him. they are in there in the huddle. they are 1 today. so here is that question. do you not trust your defense? do you try to punt it deep with four time-outs and try to get a stop? mike riley is basically saying he feels like his offense has to continue to the drive. that's going to give them their best chance. what do you think, brock? >> brock: i love the definitive
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>> bob: armstrong on fourth down. looking at a four-man rush. fires one over the middle and it is a strike to westerkamp. a fourth down conversion for the huskers keeps it drive alive in front of robinson. >> brock: mike riley has been consistent. he was aggressive in the first half. just enough protection for tommy armstrong. he loves it. he's faced the ducks too many the last seven against them. he wanted to trust his offense. >> bob: armstrong on a keeper. to the 34 yard line for a gain of four. tonight after texas and cal finish up, it's "sportscenter" at night. that's tonight on espn streaming
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espn. with lisa concekerney and john anderson. nebraska is huddled up and playing this position as if it is their last. quarterback aw. armstrong in the secondary. armstrong's got a step!
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>> bob: nebraska leads by three. 2:30 left to go. oregon about to get the football back and they will deal with the atmosphere of memorial stadium when they do. it's a touch back. run putting nebraska on top. >> brock: the ultimate team game so often comes down to one on one battles. look at ozigbo, and he wins his battle and allows armstrong to
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>> bob: keeper for dakota prukop. to the 28 yard line. now you have a senior transfer quarterback unlike an environment he has been in before. >> brock: in my headsets like i'm hearing right now. >> bob: play action. outside, wide open charles nelson. he is a speedster and has an extra gear all the way out to midfield. a good throw outside the numbers for prukop. >> brock: good throw. you move the chains and look what happened to the tempo.
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critical and nebraska having a tough time even getting lined up. >> bob: slant, bobbled, charles nelson. he's got another. there is aidan schneider. he has not attempted a kick of any kind today. prukop. lowers his shoulders and picks up the first down. and only another three or four yards or so would move oregon into what they believe is schneider's field goal range. >> brock: if this moment would be too big, he has proven to you in the second half, it is not. >> bob: prukop on a keeper,
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he's got a first down if the play stands. >> referee: holding number 85 of the offense, ten-yard penalty from the spot of the foul. second down. correction, first down. >> brock: told you indicators the back judges and side judges look for. are the arms out? are you reaching outside the frame? i don't know, in a moment like this, i'm letting the players dictate. i don't see a brul hold. and i see every indicator to a referee to throw that flag. but what a critical penalty. >> bob: 13 penalties for 126 yards now for the ducks.
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prukop. that ball's tipped and falls incomplete, intended for carrington. chris jones got a hand in. second down and 20 from midfield. >> brock: a team that has played 82 consecutiveames with a touchdown pass. does not have one on the board and a quarterback who has yet to turn the ball over the entire season, can't the final 64 seconds. >> bob: they don't need a first down to get in to field goal range. four-man rush. prukop escapes the pocket, districts traffic. heaves a deep one. he's got a man. jump ball and it's broken up! williams got in front of charles nelson at the last moment. but nelson was behind the defense.
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>> brock: incredible -- what an incredible game and incredible moments we're seeing down the stretch. just under thrown. williams, just enough speed to distract the incredibly tough nelson. it was third and 26 last quarter. third and 20 now. cessary to be in field goal range. prukop hit from behind. the ball's out. it's scooped up. running with i and the guard gets to the 46 yard line. well, that's not field goal range. now it's fourth down. >> brock: and freedom akinmoladun, the defensive end, both defensive ends for mike riley tonight, burdened by the scheme sbft the speed, finally has a opportunity to get home. he get on the edge of the redshirt freshman.
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the game. and a redshirt freshman, the biggest moment of his life. unable to contain. if we think it's loud, and my ears are reverberating the way it is for 59 minutes, i can't imagine -- and mike riley, look at his face. this is why he came to nebraska. he wasn't looking to leave corvallis. 10-14, knows at he gets a play here, this game's over. >> bob: fourth and 18 to try to extends the game.
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michael rose-ivey, all but ends the game for the huskers. >> brock: 1-5 were the cornhuskers last year. and as much as i despice rushers on third and 26, sign me up for pressure on fourth and 15. you had a mind set all game long to get after prukop. huh a mind set to go for it on fourth down in the first half. fourth and nine, four minutes to go, outside the convention alg.
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most. and i love that mind set. >> bob: it's victory formation. looks like he is going to call it a day rather than even use his time-outs. mark helfrich is not even going to force nebraska to football. >> brock: curious move. they could have run the clock out with the three snaps. how about that guy? what must he be feeling right now? what a game. >> bob: it is official. a field goal win for nebraska over oregon. and the bath and the hug for
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win against his old nemesis. >> brock: bob, you said earlier, the fans remember the past and they so badly want to get back to what they have done. they played a critical game. the noise, the environment played a huge role. >> bob: let's go to allison. >> allison: coach, congratulations. what is going through you both teams fought back. it was back and forth. really, really proud of our team. kept our poise. i thought we were really nervous at the sport. it didn't look like we were crisp at all. but really tough minded down the stretch. >> allison: what the emotions you're feeling right now to beat oregon? >> i love it. this team right now this is huge. a good team like oregon, everything they have done for us
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to be 3-0 going into the big ten conference. >> allison: yoto us that oregon is bold. how did you have to be bold to win this game? specifically going for it on fourth down in the fourth quarter? >> well, i thought that might be the last time we see the ball. and somebody told me that fortune favors the ball. we had to just leave it out here today. our kids fought hard all day. we might as well goer >> allison: tommy armstrong requiring an iv late in the game. what happen he did show you today? >> he loves football. he is really tough. he competes like crazy. it's awesome. he played a great football game. >> allison: coach, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> bob: fortune favors the ball, brock. they go for it on fourth down and get it. two-point conversions hurt oregon. they would have had an extra
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>> brock: this place was rocking this afternoon. >> bob: win for nebraska and effort for the ducks as well. usc/stanford at 8:00 on abc. so long from lincoln. we go back to the studio. guys, welcome in, stan verrett along with mack brown and mark may. at nebraska, he puts out the win. >> more importantly, they lost the games last year. they lost the tight and huge win for mike riley and e cornhuskers. >> the crew that called the game did a terrific job. and the great point they made, after the two-point conversion after a touchdown, just kick the extra points. if they do, they win the game. >> they are going to have a good team and they lost freeman today. hopefully he will get back. >> nebraska out to 3-0. the prime time game tonight.
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we will look ahead to that one and show you the highlights
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this game tonight, usc and stanford gives you a look at christian mccaffery, the heisman candidate in prime time here on abc. eastern. in progress right now, nick saban and alabama taking on mississippi. ole miss beat alabama the last two years. nobody has ever beaten nick saban three times in a row since he's been at alabama. downyoungblood has it and going with it. >> gets to the quarterback. scoop and score.
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year. and deron payne with a defensive touchdown frp the tide. >> alabama's going to win because they played great defense and they force the turnovers for scoreses here. >> second and three. damian harris, 67 yards and finally drag him down. say he was down at the 1. so two plays later, it will be scarborough who will finish the job for a one yard touchdown. >> nice goal line surge by the offensive line of the crimson >> tide just added another defensive touchdown. jonathon allen, 290 pounds. >> look what i pounds. >> looks like mark may runs for a touchdown. >> with a jet pack on my back. >> he would have gotten cramps. >> the tide in control, 48-30 as they head down to four minutes to go in the game. so high scoring game in this one.
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at it? >> alabama is a complete team. young quarterbacks getting better. they are the number one team in the country. in trouble, a time that eas had their number on the road. they come out and dominate. >> hostile environment for alabama. on the road, in e has made big z plays. he has settled down. >> jalen hertz making an impression. and de'andre francois, from florida state, on the road with his team from louisville. honoring muhammad ali and the butterfly decal on the field. and lamar jackson, floating and stinging himself. >> he is so special. we do it himself. he can run, he can pass. and nick and bobby petrino have
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end of the touchdown pass. >> the speed, the finesse and able to get to the there for a tackle. >> 362 total yards. five total touchdowns. louisville, 63-20. michigan, they were down early in the game, the wovm reens come back to win 45-28. and speight, 229 yards and a touchdown. usc and stanford. start. >> nobody is able to stop him. receiving the ball, rushing the ball or special teams. that is one thing that usc has to slow down. if they can't stop him, they have to slow him down. >> usc has to do what? >> he has to give it to him in space. he has tremendous speed. >> all right. usc and stanford, getting ready to go. we will see new a half hour here
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denver an news. two teens found dead. one shot to death at a house party and another at a track meet. donald trump just hours away from touching down in the springs. live ahead of the big colorado rally. tragic breaking news. we now know two local teachers died in last night's crash on i-25 in loveland. 34 ideal jarrett summerville taught at long mont and his wife was a teacher t fort collins. their 2-year-old in the backseat and survived. a longmont high school sent a in and out out saying there will be a trauma team available on tuesday. a 16 year-old girl is shot and killed outside of a house party overnight and the shooter
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neighbors living near west ridge say gunshots woke them up at 1:30. police found the young victim lying in the street. reporter: police responding to shots fired in the morning. they went to the 1300 block of monica witt. >> the girl got shot. >> alyssa montoya says the victim is her best friend haley vargas. police found vargas in the street with a gunshot to her torso. taken to the hospital where she died. >> you don't think about that. you just think that you will go out and have fun for a while and come home to your family. reporter: news of vargas' death spread over social mediaa the actual incident developing loud enough to wake neighbors. >> you think it is a house party on a friday night with teens getting crazy and fighting in the front yard and you learn that a young girl was killed and you heard possibly
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that's hard. >> some neighbors sathey heard as many as nine shots. one of them killing a young girl. someone alissa describes as a best friend. and tonight police are still searching for the shooter. the suspect is a hispanic man in his late teens with a skinny bill. hoop ring in his nose and darkk hair. another commune is really from the death of a high school student. brandon reis. he collapsed at a meet i broomfield yesterday. nicole brady was at a memorial for him hours later. he was a friend to all. >> yes, he was and by this morning hours after the sudden death the charter commmnity was
5:33 pm
together at the school's track. and nobody was surprised that so many people would come out for this remarkable young man. >> it will be a long time before anybody walks or runs the track without thinking of brandon reis. >> he is amazing teammate and amazing friend and captain and leader. >> his teammates friends and their families all gathered to grieve just hours after learning they had lost one of students. >> he was a humble star. he was not a show case student look at me. no ego in brandon reis's bones. >> and everyone said he excelled at everything. cross country. science and speech and debate and his friend mostly think of how he treated other people. >> if anyone cameeup to you and asked who is the nicest person and the sweetest person your answer would be brandon.
5:34 pm
will get through this and i'm here for you. >> i have never met anybody like him that puts everybody before himself. >> brandon had two younger siblings at the school and so many others that also looked up to him. now, they struggle to understand this sudden unfair loss. >> >> one of the worse things happen to the best people. >> the school will make sure that brandon is not forgotten. >> no one is going to the name brand don reis. >> it is too early to know what led brandon to collapse. he died at the hospital surrounded by his family. monday there will be counselors and the principal says they will take it a day at a time and work with his family to make sure there is official celebration of his life. -?>> such a sad story. new tonight, this looked much worse than it was. aurora battle crews battling a fire at a facility this morning
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4th street. nobody hurt and three to four unnts impacted. the cause is under investigation. there are a lot of questions surrounding a shots fired call yesterday at rose medical center. it was quite a scene with dozens of officers surrounding the hospital. the entire complex is on lockdown for three hours. several streets were shut down. the denver police never found any victims or a suspect. investigation is i'm meteorologist stacey donaldson. sunny skies and we continue to have beautiful weather around the region. tube we will have overnight lows in the 40s for the front range and really the thunderstorms we saw across the eastern plains earlier have moved out of the state. we had severe thunderstorm warnings that have been canceled and they are all out of colorado and not expecting any redevelopment. the forecast tonight and through the evening is 70s for the next couple of hours and by
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and around 11:00 in the 50s. it will be a nice mild evening for us and 50s for the front range and 40s in the even plains and 30s in the mountains and we will talk about what we can expect to round out the weekend and if it includes thunderstorms. developing now, u.s. military officials say an air strike targeted syrian forces. it stopped an air raid after learning a syrian military was hit. say 62 soldier were killed in the air strike. the obama administration expresses regret for unintentional loss of life. donald trump is headed to colorado. in a few hours speaking to supporters at a rally in colorado springs. denver 7 reporter lance hernandez is at the airport and trump supporters lined up at
5:37 pm
rally. >> they wanted to see him. some had been waiting for four- and-a-half hours. you can see the crowd on the tarmac behind me and they are still filing in after going through metal detectors. the crowd was waiting outside in the sun, they were met by several political entrepreneurs. >> we jumped him. >> vendors set outside the hangar to sell gear. deplorable me is the biggest >> charlie lucky and william marine among the first in line. charlie says they tried to see trump the last time he s heree but didn't get here soon enough. >> we were 600th in line and by the time we got to the door there was no time. >> listening to the candidates is person if you want to be an educated voter. >> hearing the candidate regardless of whether or not you agree is part of our process. >> now the gates opened up at
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?rowd continues to file in and no word on how big of a crowd they are expecting. again, mr. trump going to speak to the supporters at 7:30. we will have information on what he says on the newscast at ten. reporting live in lorado springs lance hernandez, denver 7. trump's daughter ivanka is mmking her way to col. the trump campaign says she will be in denver for a fundraiser on the 21st. there was a block party called get out the taco truck and vote. ms. teeo's taco truck has been parked outside trump's campaign office because of his views on immigration. it was vandalized but the owner says it was important to bring the truck out to get across the most important message of all. >> the importance of voting is crucial especially in this election.
5:39 pm
the competition in our hand and we want to encourage everyone to vote. >> at today's event volunteers talked about the differences between trump and hillary clinton and help registered people to vote. >> we will continue to follow the latest on the campaiin trail for ten minutes as we check the candidate's claims. >> take a look. c dot just wrapped up testing of its traffic drone for the past four hours the drone was getting a bird's-eye view as concert goers headed to the academy. tim mcgraw is performing. >> manage not being able to fill up your car with gas. that could be a reality for
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5:41 pm
scary moments at seaside park.
5:42 pm
can near a 5k charity course. >> the bomb was too sophisticated to be a prank and believe it was designed to impact the run based oo the time it went off. police are not sure of the motive. after extensive search, two to three other pipe bomb devices wwre found wired together and om that one went off. fortunately no one hurt. >> six governors have declared a state of emergency after a piline leak is causing short short age. 250,000 gallons of oil was found leaking into a pond in alabama. it comes from a pipeline that drives nearly 40% of the east coast gas. in tennessee and georgia gas prices have gone up 30 cents a gallon. >> concerns in central florida. a massive sinkhole opens up at
5:43 pm
water to an undergroundwater source. more than 200 million gallons of waste water laced with radioactive chemicals are seeping into the water below. officials claim the water is safe to drink but neighbors say they are very worried. well today penn state university putting controversy aside by paying homage to the late joe paterno. the 50th anniversary of his first game and first victory as head coach. participated in the coin toss and talked about his influence in a video presentation. five years since paterno was fired for his lack of response in the jerry sandusky child abuse sex scandal. we are doing fact tracking. donald trump admitted that president obama was in fact born in the u.s. but he also claimed heroin is coming in the
5:44 pm
that was traveling with hillary clinton on the day she collapsed. marsha zellenger has the truth meter. >> this video of hillary rodham clinton colllpsing in new york city set off a fire sttrm of controversy over the status of the woman holding her arm %- setting off speculation as to whether she was clinton's undercover nurse. and personal lisa bardak. >> their argument was that hillary clinton has been so secretive that uncover nurses are working for her. >> those photos hit main street media including this photo matching characteristics. >> the finding she is a staffer christine velo that worked in
5:45 pm
2001 to '09 and helped with issues and claims of being her worse bringing a worse rating pants on fire. you go to new hampshire where it says heroin and comes from the southern border. >> donald trump making that claim during a c nc interview -?as he talked about illegal immigration and the need to secure the borders saying that heroin is flowing southern border. political fact going to fact track trump's claim. >> donald trump was trying to make the point that people shouldn't just care about in a border town because it affects the rest of the country. >> the main source of heroin comes from mexican and south america making the claim true. as far as president obama being
5:46 pm
facts rate that as a full flip- flop. we have a conversation with governor john hickenlooper june us at 3:00 on sunday. a denver restauuant along south broadway is back open with a new look and a new purpose. last week we told you a drift tiki bar was closing for renovatton. it is reopening tonight with a revampp food and drink menu. the sales humanitarian workers. say it over and over with me. fore you email me. >> yes. this is a stack of emails. we know they already flooding in. that new tiki bar ii going to feel just like home with weather like this. temperatures in the 70s and 80s. beautiful blue skies over the state. here is a picture from love land ski area. the previous one from colorado springs. over denver, nice clear skies and here is upcoming dates that
5:47 pm
in five days, this coming thursday, fall beginnings and 44 days halloween is up and 60 days thanksgiving and what do you know 99 days until christmas. just putting things in perspective for the next few minutes, that is what it is looking like. warmer days for sunday. ten degrees warmer ttan today. the sunshine sticks around and so do the 80s. temperatures in the 70s from city park dakota and 77 for golden. satellite radar picture has been quiet for us. nice area high pressure settling in. strong thunderstorms have moved out of the state so it is nice and quiet over denver. last night you probable got caught in some hail or lightning and we had a big strong storm but all of this thunderstorm activity has moved out of the state and out of southeast colorado where we did have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect.
5:48 pm
severe weather and that's exactly what happened. in to tonight, i don't think there will be redevelopment. if we see any, that is where it will come from and the thunderstorm watch has been canceled and we do have high fire danger towards fort collins and wyoming for tomorrow. we will have gusty winds and extra warm tomorrow afternoon thank to high pressure settling in and lots of sunshine and warm air. your broncos forecast tomorrow, a warm start and we will have 80s tomorrow afternoon with lots of sunshine and the down to the 70s during the game and if you areehaving a barbecue lunch it looks like mile conditions with a temperature at 83 degrees. now as we go to tonnght, lows in the 50s. tomorrow back in the mid to upper 80s for the afternoon with lots of sunshine. our satellite radar picture future cast keeps it nice and quiet through tonight and tomorrow as well. so that high pressure is going to protect us from any storm that is moving through the state at least for the next
5:49 pm
51 degrees with clear skies and the overnight lows in the 30s for the higher elevations and chilly from leadville to as pep to gunnison. our high tomorrow 87 degrees and sunny and warm warmer during the day. 83 for aurora and 81 for castle rock tomorrow. we will have 60s and 70s for the mountains and 90s southeast colorado with a seven- day forecast. lots of sunshine on the way and wednesday we start to see changes. a cold front running through, thursday, friday and saturday. chances of scattered afternoon storms and the highs will get back in the low 70s. 50 degrees on friday and thursday is the first official day of fall and 79 degrees will be the high. molly. pretty pleasant. coming up next.
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can't make. the miracle at michigan 2. colorado doing work in big house.
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5:52 pm
country. flush how is it going. welcome. i'm jamal webster. c u buffs got tested after starting with 2-0. a c su team that was not ready and an idaho state team.
5:53 pm
bill mccartney honorary captain. shades of cordell. 37 yards at 7-0. later defense got it done. fumble and picked up by derrick mccartney and buffs made the house feel small. 1st quarter to them and 2nd quarter michigan. darbo and after bad tackling he will be walking to the zone, he has 35-yard and michigan led 24-21. 3rd quarter cu had an answer. seffo backed up and willis reed drives one to shay fields that covers 70 yards and gave c u a 28-24 lead. that was the last time they scored. sefo gets his right ankle
5:54 pm
buffs now 2-1. backyard brawl. c su and northern colorado. collin hill making his start and took the half to get going but hit el roy masters, jr. for a two yard touch. first points. then hill found his stride literally. watch the kid fly. made the defender look silly and you won't catch him until it is too late. rams out to here is another dime. pitch and catch by michael gallop 16-yard touchdown and hill accounted for five tds and rams roll over unc47-21. florida state and louisvle. home of the greatest. cards held a tribute to muhammad alii. boy did the butterflies sting like a bee.
5:55 pm
the kid can pass it. hits jaylen smith and building the lead to 18 and jackson, man, leader in the heisman clubhouse. watch the dude work. 47 yards into pay dirt ass louisville crushes the second ranked team in the country. 63-20. lamar jackson we see you. and we see the bison north dakota state. 3rd quarter tied and iowa in the red zone. cj bether looking for somebody, anybody. finally locates math vanderburg. hawk eye nation took a 21-14 lead and north dakota state not going away easton stick made it look easy. chase morelock to make it 21-20 after a failed two point conversion set the table for that. a 37-yard cam peterson winner
5:56 pm
to the nfl, broncos running back c j anderson has the momentum for tomorrow'sstill with the colts. back in march the broncos brass matched the miami dolphins on the undrafted back keeping him in denver for the next four seasons. % el way challenged him to be the best version of himself. that is what we are seeing. a touchdown in week one against carolina no one has pushed him like his mom. mother's day is the second sunday in may but a job in the anderson house. cj says she is his harshest critic. so harsh that she has never praised him. >> oh, no. the coaches ain't ever gave me a game that said i did everything right. that's the goal, if i can get my mom to say you were one hundred percent on my sheet i might retire. not so fast running man. on pace for 1,000 yards. got 32 in week one.
5:57 pm
made the pro bowl in 2015 and started the last 7 games rushing for 849 yards. and 8 touchdowns during that span and now he is the featured back and the man that will get the carries and can't wait until what he does. that's it? >> that is it. wow. all right. what do you have for us, stacy? >> a good-looking day tomorrow. highs in the 80s. warmer tomorrow afternoon than it was today and we stay in he first day of fall on thursday d stay there into the weekend with partly cloudy skies and a few showers. broncos games tomorrow looking good. >> the first day of fall. >> thursday. >> surprise. i'm going to look at theeleaves
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>> announcer: the following is a presentation of espn on abc. welcome to the pac 12 opener here on the farm. primetime from stanford's pa lashle campus where rose bowl winning head coach david shaw likes to call their style intellectual it features a heisman hopeful, christian mccaffrey as the ultimate play maker. still, a familiar foe awaits. the trojans have bounced back since opening weekend and with game-changing speed burners of their own, they're out to show everyone how the west is won. it's a pac 12 title game rematch. a classic rivalry.


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