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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  September 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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a story that broke overnight, a police chase starting in denver stretches to adams county. it started with a possible drug case at 13th and newton. the suspects took off in a white truck. adams county deputies caught up with the truck an hour or so later. the struck was stolen and one person nown let's give you a live look outside. nice and quiet and 65 degrees and today is the last day of summer but we will still be feeling summer like heat. katie has your first alert forecast and changes. yes changes in story. downtown at 65. humidity at 42% and light winds from the southeast. here's yourrcheat sheet for
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of the front range and should be around the upper 70s but more cloud coverage in store for the rest of the day..3 here's our 24-hour planner. by noon upper 70s and mostly cloudy stont. a slight chance in the foothills and mountains and i'll bring you the extended forecast and how cool it will get as we head into the first bit of fall coming up. >> unfortunately all kinds of problemmout and about. we'll start with this accident, four vehicled and police on the way. this is southbound i-25 before 84th avenue. the express lane is the one you see there that is open. traffic is stacking up to the thornton parkway and will get much worse and heavier before it gets better. other trouble spots and late road woeshg here by havana. that's why we're so heavy on 270. this accident near morrison road finally clearing off the highway
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a fuel closure of mississippi between santa fe and broadway. more details on that coming up. widespread protestors over another police shooting in charlotte, north carolina. on the left protests are blocking interstate 85. on the right you can see protesting lighting a fire in the street. at least a dozen charlotte area officers were injured last night. they eventually used tear gas to control the crowd. they have not said how many were arrested. yestda afternoon at a charlotte apartment complex. police say an officer shot and killed kevin scott after he came outside with a gun. they were searching for a different person. scott's family is outraged and they say police are lying about the situation. they say he was holding a book, not a gun. >> there was a terrorist taken alive. they said they wanted to question him. because of you wanting to question him does his life mean
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the nation? it doesn't make any sense. some new video in from violent protests in charlotte. protestors stormed inside a walmart this morning breaking the sliding glass doors and got away with electronics. police officers in riot gear showed up blockinggthe store's entrance. so far five protestors have been arrested, seven people now and a dozen police officers were hurt in this violence throughout the night. tensions have been rising since friday when police an officer involved shooting. the man didn't have a weapon but they find now pcp in his car. brandon marshall is trying to raise awareness of police brow tallty by taking a knee during the national anthem at some broncos games. we asked him about the tulsa shooting yesterday and he didn't hold back. >> one thing i have an issue
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[bleep]and mad about us kneeling and protesting peacefully. how come they don't have the same attitude about things going on? >> he is challenging kids across the stay city to get perfect attendance. initiative like these prove he's doing more than just taking a knee. we wanted to hear your opinion on these issues so leave us a comment on the official facebook page. anld critical condition this morning. she picked up a teen hitchhiker and was the victim of a brutal assault. this happened in boulder county. the woman picked up three teens and invited them back to their house before they found another ride. one of the teens attacked her and the two other ran to a neighborhood's house and called 911. the teen that did the assault is still on the run. deputies are not releasing his name because he's a jufl.
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home depot in stapleton while trying to get away from police. shoppers in the store weren't sure what to do. they followed the man into the store and both suspects were arrested. no shots were fired and no one seriously injured. you may hear gunshots later tonight if you live in the montbello neighborhood. it's only a test but could provent crime in the future. good morning, amanda. >> good morning, yeah, denver police are testing shot spotter technology. that system is already being used in different parts of the metro area. they are bringing it to montbello in order to expand it tripling the detection area. now, here's how it works. there's a network of sensors that alert police when a shot is fired and place it within 82 feet. this is all information police are using to speed response times, save lives and increase
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the move to montbello is part of the expansion efforts tripling the detection area. people living in montbello tonight, be alert because you will hear a sequence of shots and midnight overnight and police say it's going to be between those hours beccuse the acoustics are different when it is nighttime and also that time period reflects when a majority of% shootings occur. we'll talk about how successful these systems are around the morning. stay tuned for that. in the meantime, reporting in montbello this morning, denver7 news. it's now 6:06. this 57-year old man will spend the next three years on probation after he tried to solicit a 13-year old girl on the internet. he was arrested during a sting and yesterday he pleaded guilty
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juniper bush led to this massive fire at a denver complex. two dozen units were damaged or destroyed and six people were checked out for smoke inhalation. firefighters still trying to fig yut r your out how the bush caught fire. hospitals are prepaaing for anything. jason gruenauer is outside saint this morning. >> reporter: if you see an abundance of ambulances and people milling around, don't worry it's just a drill. just a est. it's an emergency preparedness exercise for radiation exposure. they're bringing in fake patients with fake injuries that will be treated including inside a decontamination tent after fake radiation exposure.
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is because this is only one of ?wo hospitals in the state that is ready for it. hospitals want to be ready for anything. just last friday we had a near emergency, what we thought was one at rose medical center. the entire complex placed on lock down several hours after reports of shots fire. in case of an emergency communication is a big deal and having the employees know what to do and not really get flustered by a hectic but that's how they are related. these hospitals and networks, especially with so many employees can be ready in case of an emergency. 9:00 here at resbyterian saint lukes. if you live in the area or are driving by, it's just a drill, just a test. reporting live out in front of the hospital before things get too crazy, jason gruenauer, denver7 news. the broncos are ffcused on this battle this weekend with
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demarcus ware is recovering from a broken foreman. he tweeted this picture yesterday after he had surgery. before he is back on the field because of the injury. so what if your phoneould measure your emotions? we're going to take a look at a new technology coming up. four armed robbery suspects still on the run this morning. a fifth suspect is dead after being shot by police. hear what witnesses are about the situation. fall officially begins tomorrow morninn at 8:22 but summer of a warm end t- highs in the 80s and a chance for seeing a few storms and showerseveloping in the mounnains. i'll bring you the extended 7 day forecast and how cool it will get this weekend, coming up. two big problems, flashing lights after the thornton parkway before 84th. left two lanes blocked rock
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this is the ramppnorth on santa f blocked. lanes are open and also the lanes on santa fe, i'll keep an eye on this situation. this is southbound i-25 two lanes blocked here and it's a rock solid monster traffic jam looking at half an hour plus into downtown if you stick with i-25. >> thanks jason. four people still on the run this morning after a violent robbery in westminster and
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trying to run from the scene. we saw a bunch of other officers show up, some with pretty big guns and once we saw the guns we moved away from the window. >> the chase happened in a busy neighborhood as schools were being dismissed for the day. the suspect never shot at police. two officers on paid administrative leave for firing at the suspect. there are still four robbery suspects on the run. they malibu. a panel of lawmakers is voting on the medical marijuana program. today's vote will not have any legal effect necessarily but the full legislature could take up the issue in january. this is just a first stem step. right now colorado has 100,000 medical marijuana patients.
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bomber from his own water.ersey- federal charges including use of a weapon of mass destruction. investigators looking through his journal. he wrote the sounds of bomb are health insurance is probably getting more expensive next year.
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insurance on the marketplace. no word on insurance through employer. tobacco is widely considered more dangerous than pain medication but last year more people were killed by painkiller use than guns. earlier this year the white house requested 1.(100) $1.1 billion from open yacht addiction. locker. >> instead of leaving t package they would drop it off at a secure locker at a seven eleven. 11. let's check your first alert forecast with katie. >> a warm and mild start to the day. temperatures still above average but also the end of summer will usher in a bit coolerr3
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the rest of the week and start fall. burlington bright orange sky and mostly cloudy across the plains. very cloudy across the state and seeing southwest flow aloft bringing in moisture remaining from hurricane pain into colorado. we have the chance for showers and storms mainly throughout the afternoon starting in the mountains and moving to the foothills. 67 this morning at city park and same out 50s in the phillies. 40. 84 in flatville and across the phillies 60s and 70s and boulde3 expecting a high of 82 degrees today. here's our futurecast as we head throughout the rest of the
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gradual clearing. a mix of sun and clouds staying dry. moisture will start to develop mainly at higher elevations places like vail and aspen have a chance for picking up showers and light thunderstorms moving through. you can see the phillies getting moisture quickly moving through the denver metro area. a slight chance for seeing a few afternoon showers and storms but good news is nothing severe in nature. by thursday we'll start the morning on a mostly sunny note develop. looking at the risk for severe weather we're not encompassed in any real threat today. any thunderstorms and shower that roll through will be relatively calm. by tomorrow we'll wake up to a mix of sun and clouds and highs staying in the low 80s so a sunnier day with a slight chance of afternoon storms. this is your first alert forecast. a big cool down is in store by
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mid to upper 60s so our current temperatures are highs come saturday and sunday. overnight lows dropping back into the 50s. cloudy and gloomy on the roadways. morning. this is from air tracker seven. looks like they just left the scene here in evans over top of santa fe. an auto bike accident blocking a ramp. they have all clears now which is good news and maybe not too serious of an with. we have one of the alternates because this section of mississippi is closed down from brad way to santa fe and you can't cross from mississippi over here so that's closed this morning. the best option is north on lincoln street to alameda and continuing to santa fe and maybe to federal and get around the closure that lasts until tomorrow. i-70 some of the road work
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southbound i-25 from 120th down to this accident. you can see the traffic jam at 104th avenue. it's rock solid this morning. it's at least half an hour from 120th down to the crash scene. this is at 120th and colorado. other problems up there. side streets up to 36 into downtown will save you time. a eer truck roll over yesterday on toov closed the pass for ten hours. the truck was halling hundreds of cases of mick lobe ultra. witnesses say the drivers said he had never driven on loveland pass before. hazmat crews were called in to deal with this crash on highway 119 in longmont. a semi truck tipped over a load of treated sewage.
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horrible smell as you can imagine. a high school teacher is in trouble for flag desecration. he's suspended and school officials meeting with him later this week. there's a home own with a contracting nightmare. he hired a crew to clean up the damage from a the work isn't getting done. >> a homeowner says an angry employee kicked over paint buckets and vannalized a home. we spoke to the home own of the company. >> i find it completely unacceptable and ridiculous that a subcontractor would cause such a big mess on the property. it's unacceptable. >> if she allows us back to clean up the work we will or she can hire someone else to
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>> the homeowners tell us they want the work finished. they haven't reached an agreement with the contractors. i took the person that did this to my niece. >> an emotional plea for the family of a 16-year old murder victim, an interview you will only see here on denver7 news. as we head to break, a live
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a mix of sun and clouds. we head throughout our very first day of fall thursday morning and throughout this weekend as you can see, a big drop in temperatures back in the mid to upper 60s with more showers developing in the afteoon. the major problem now is coming in from the north side of town to downtown denver.
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all the way down. the accidents remain blocking the express lane and the left lane and traffic is barely moving. it's half an hour from 120th so side streets are better options on washington, pecos and federal down to highway 36. otherwise you'll be sitting in free parking right now. smartphones continue to inevacuate but this next one may be a lite much. mit is working on a new device to detect >> it bounces wireless signals measure behavior so it can tell if you're excited, angry, happy or sad. researchers say it's it's # 0% accurate. it can be used in term stats siting your emotions can affect the temperature in your home and it can measure how often you feel a certain way. >> that's weird. >> i don't know if i want my
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happy. this woman is the wicked wig of the west and she's been on a crime spree for the past month.
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the power of the sun and the wind. it can fuel our lives and our economy, too. over 10,000 jobs in colorado alone. but when washington gridlock was choking the industry, something had to be done. so, i teamed up with republicans and democrats to pass the new laws we needed to help renewable energy grow. protecting the jobs we have and generating more for the future. i'm michael bennet, and that's
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it's been a rough start to the day. problems all over town. a big accident at southbound i-25 before 84th. the left side has been blocked half an hour now. that's how long it's going to take to get through this traffic jam from 120th avenue through 84. if you use herein or pecos it's going to take half that time even though you have to wait through the traffic lights and back on to the interstate. this is a big spot here this 7, they have that accident over there at central park and i-70 and looks like it's going to be blocked up one of the lanes there also affecting a bit of the highway. also another problem on i-70 that's affecting it now coming in as the eastbound side of i-70 near the purina plant. -?numerous problems here this morning on the north side and the south side is quiet. it's the north side that looks
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different story weather wise. we started calm but cloudy. slowly making its way over the horizon, sunrise at 6:47 in denver this morning. southwest flow aloft throughout the day today ushering in cloud coverage and moisture and we're continuing to pick up showers po feshl the hunderstorms mainly can't rule out the slight chance for seeing passing showers this afternoon in the metro area. also across the front range starting off the day at 63 degrees. breaking news out of turkey, an attempted attack on the eu rayly capital.
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got inside the embassy. so far investigators say the man appears to be mentally unstable and has no known links to any kind of terror group. the family of a teenager murder victim is now speaking out. they say they want justice for 16-year old haley var gus in this photograph who was shot and killed in the middle of the street after a weekend house party. she survived leukemia at the age of 14 and wanted to become a doctor becaase she out of hospitals. >> two years ago we were happy and celebrating because she beat cancer. and now here we are hurting because we lost her to a senseless crime. >> police say they are still interviewing and trying to track down the people at the party. ?hey tell us they are looking for a hispanic man 5'6" and 130 pounds in connection to the
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woman "the wicked wig of the west bandit" there's the security picture. there's a $7,000 reward for anyone who might know information about this women. she's targeting banks and safe ways and albert son's grocery stores. she's hit five banks in the past five months. denver police trying to track down this man who they believe he hit and killed a cyclist near the denver country club back in police have worried he's left the country. if you know anything about these cases call crime stoppers. things might look chaotic outside saint luke presbyterian hospital this morning because officials are training for an emergency. they don't get this training very often, jason? >>reporter: no, they don't. it's so important given if an emergency situation were to actually happen. so we'll run you through
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about doctors, nurses, first responder here at saint luke's presbyterian medical center. it's starting at 9:00 a.m. this is just a drill, a radiation exposure drill. thhy're bringing in 20 patients with fake injuries and put through a decontamination tent and everybody is running through the process if this were to happen. the important part here is the why -- saint luke's is one of two hospitals across the state of colorado and only one of 76 in the country that i emergency like this. so some type of raid logical event and exposure were to hatch, they have the bone marrow transplant program to treat the obviously just this past week we saw a potential emergency at the rose medical center. shots were fired and turned out to be nothing but that's why it's so important that doctors and nurses and everybody gets this type of training. it starts at 9:00.
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appointment here, don't worry, it's just a drill only lasting a couple hours. new serious significant accident for us here this morning on the westbound side of i-70 in the construction zone in havana. you see the four vehicles with extensive damage. we do have big time traffic delays westbound i-77 at havana affecting the drive at 225 northbound 225 coming up from colfax. other trouble spots we'll get to in a minute. 6:36 now. the former mayor in the hospital this morning battling a digestive illness. he should be in the hospital for a few days. they're hoping he can get back home bay the end of the week. ivanka is coming to denver tonight. the campaign hasn't released information about where the event is happening.
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tomorrow. mike pence will speak and also donald trump jr. and ivanka trump. the arccitect of mile high stadium says they $16 worth of upgrades. that includes new seats, suites and potential for a new standing room only section. the stadium is only 15 years old. the architect tells us in today's cllmate it's hard to keep on pace with other in the city. >> some call it the arms race in the nfl. every year somebody is bigger and bigger. >> it will be a few mmre months before the board makes a decision about the upgrades.
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public money. it's 6:37. the town of la salle stinks right now. neighbors say it's vile and waking them up at night. >> i own a business a mile north of here, the plant, and i've got guys quitting because they can't take the smell. >> it does burn the nose and eyes and will make you nauseated whether to punish the plant. >> county commissioners could suspend the land's use permit. an important note, despite 266 complaints the plant has only been in violation of the door limit once. wells fargo is accused of scamming millions of customers. hear from the senator calling for a criminal investigation. a tragedy during homecoming week, a 17-year old girl dies in
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a report of an accident involving an rtd bus at monaco and alameda at cedar. looks like there's a bus thhre just seeing this as you are from air tracker seven. the right lane is blocked and traffic is know how serious this accident was. the rescue squad was down there peaking our attention pretty significantly. the other situations are continuing on i-70 and this i-25 accident southbound at i-25 before 84th avenue. left lanes are blocked and there's a traffic jam ongoing now for 45 minutes on southbound i-25 and i-70. this accident near new york is
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havana is blocked up to pena boulevard. so let's take a look at our cheat sheet for the weather. we're seeing temperatures still above where they should be this time of year. mostly sunny skies across the front range and much of the state. gradual clearing throughout the afternoon and cooler conditions by this weekend. today is our official last day of summer so tomorrow fall will start and high temperatures today still feeling warm in the mid to lower 80s across the denver metro area. 60s and 70s and lower 70s for the western slope. the ceo of wells fargo testified in front of a senate committee yesterday. >> the company blamed employees but elizabeth warren blames the ceo you should resign.
6:43 am
you took uring this scam and should be criminally investators. >> there's a class action lawsuit being filed by former customers. the big stories of the day, the latest on dramatic protestors unfolding in the south overnight. hear how much damage was caused in the wake of a police shooting. it's one of the most
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following a couple big traffic situations where the fire truck is about to leave ob northbound alameda. the passengers are on the bus sitting on the side of the road there. take a look at the other trouble spots southbound i-25 still clearing up the accident. they have the last of the car right before 84th avenue. this is a 50-minute traffic jam. this is 128th avenue down there. side streets like federal are a much better option. i-70 is messed up at the construction site at havana and
6:46 am
colfax. that's a horrible drive right now on the freeways unfortunately. 6:45 now. dramatic video out of north carolina in charlotte where violent protests broke out. >> there's a group of protests surrounding the police car. they're hitting and punching it. the police officer was able to get away in this situation. but at least a dozen other officers were injured. 0. >> this is the police, his name isskeith scott. officers say they were searching an apartment complex looking for someone else when scott came outside with a weapon. multiple officers opened fire and scott never fired a shot. >> the shooting happened yesterday afternoon but protests stretched well into the night. things are beginning to return to normal.
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republican presiddntial nominee donald trump speaking out on the washington post story. theereport on his charity claiming the money from his fy lan throw was used to pay off lawsuits. rival hillary clinton criticized trump over t "fraud and the rules do not apply to him he believes". a castle rock student killed in an early morning crash yesterday morning. a memorial is filling can candles and flowers. she was driving on the wrong side of the road when she hit a truck head on. >> if anybody needs anything, we're all here. the community is backing you up.
6:48 am
crash. the truck was owned by the douglas county school district. investigators are not sure why she was driving on the wrong side of the road. tonightou might hear gunshots in a denver neighborhood. it's only test and could be a valuable tool to help keep you safe and help police track criminals. amanda de castillo is live for us in montbello to explain. >> reporter: police are using the shot spotter technology around different parts of the metro area and tonight they're residents living there be aware of shots between 8:00 p.m. and midnight tonight. police say the testing won't pose any danger as they won't be shooting into the air or at the ground. they will be using a but lel trap. here's how it works. the system uses a network of sensors that alert police about shots fired within seconds. it places with bullet within 82 feet of where it was fired.
6:49 am
and it's led to several requests and recovery of firearms. police are not sharing the locctions of those sensors for safety purposes. so tonight if you're in montbello, remember from 8:00 p.m. to midnight you're going to hear a sequence of shots and it's all part of that spot shotter testing. the water is all clear in boulder this morning. on the left thhugh is what it looks like monday pretty gross. we told you about a cloudy water warning yesterday morning. city crews flushed the system twice to get rid of the calcium. police are looking for an attempted murder suspect. boulder county deputies say he's a 16-year old and not releasing his name as a result. he attacked an elderly woman who picked him up. ?he woman is in critical condition at boulder community hospital.
6:50 am
felony child abuse charges. their 17-year old son is blind and autistic. the parents were feeding that child a diet of soda and crackers and that's it. authorities never knew anything was wrong until the boy was taken to the hospital for dehydration. doctors say he looked like a "concentration camp survivor". here's how to help jude's hospital. go to a chilies and at or mac a donation. last day of summer and it feels like summer? >> a little bit. by the weekend it will feel like fall. 8:22 is the official start to autumn. we'll still see temperatures in the 80s.
6:51 am
the state of colorado. we're seeing southwest flow ushering the moisture in from the remnants of hurricane pain. there's a chance for showers and a few isolated storms later on. our wireless camera from burlington this morning showing cloudy conditions. elsewhere a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day today before increasing cloud coverage and a better chance for showers at higher elevations. downtown denver at 65 degrees where the winds from the southeast hour. highs today across the front range expect temperatures lightly above average in the lower 80s for much of denver. high lands ranch at 84 and evergreen getting up to 76 with the mid to upper 80s expected across the north eastern plains today. in terms of risk for severe weather, nonexistent across colorado. storms developing are not turning severe this afternoon. manly scattered showers and
6:52 am
here's futurecast as we role through the models. mostly cloudy by 11:00 and clearing and expect pockets of area this afternoon.denver metr- increasing cloud cover by 4:00. you can see a chance for moisture developing mainly along the mountains and phillies and metro area around 5:00. the best chance for seeing storms is south of i-70 around this time and as we head throughout theover night hours things clearing out. thursday morning we'll start the official f sunshine. tonight in denver getting down to 57 still feeling very mild overnight. by tomorrow morning, more sun and also a slight chance for a few passing storms mainly in the afternoon and early evening. here's our seven day forecast as you get into the swing of things. this weekend temperatures feeling more like fall in the mid to upper 60s and better chance for showers developing mainly in the afternoon but take a look at the lows. a lot cooler back down into the
6:53 am
here. air tracker 70 over the i-70 drive at havana. you can see four vehicles involved here. this is the patrol truck here so hopefully they can hall these guys out of here. that vehicle needs towed out of the scene ere. it's going to be here for some time. take a look at the map. you can see the heavy stop and go traffic frrm pena to havana. an accident from colfax northbound 225 and on i-70. it's made 225 a horrible drive coming north after mississippi trying to get up on i-70. this is an extra 15 minutes from parker road. this accident on i-70 by the purina plant is gone. the big one is cleared southbound at i-25 all lanes are fiemly open but take a look at the traffic jam. 45 minutes from 128th avenue
6:54 am
down to 84. if you choose to use the express lane it's going to cost several dollars but it's opening up into downtown. 6:54 now. an eight-year old girl is recovering after she was hit by a driver outside of colorado springs elementary school. the incident happened before 4:00 on monday. the driver has been identified as april price. she's being ticketed for multiple violations. we're hearing from the both teachers who died after a roll over accident friday night. the couple had a huge impact on the the kids they taught. their two year old daughter survived the crash with just a few bumps and bruises. >> when i look at her, i see her freckles like my sister and i see my sister. >> i look forward to every day i get with her. she's awesome and a blessing.
6:55 am
link to that on our free denver7 news app. it's 6:54. it's 6:54. washington is broken. a blatant case of special interests buying influence in washington. a draft bill by scott tipton was largely written by tipton's biggest campaign contributor. even worse, tipton's plans threaten thousands of recreation industry jobs. gail schwartz will protect colorado's public lands, gail schwartz -- independent leadership for colorado. house majority pac is responsible
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still have big traffic trouble spots including this one. there's more tow trucks here on the westbound side of i-70 and havana. left lanes blocked and figuring
6:57 am
this traffic jam goes back to pena boulevard. stop and go that's barely moving is about a 25-minute traffic jam. the map shows us the other heavy spots on 225 aad the north side messed up from earlier crashes. the crash on i-25 is gone and take a look at the c-dot camera southbound 25 at colorado boulevard. that's not a fun ride to the denver tech center..3 all right, very good, thank you jason. if you mis morning's show don't worry you can download our new pod cast. you can get caught up on big stories while driving into work. >> we record our 5:30 to 6:00 a.m. half hour. you can search denver seven mornings pod cast on your app. it's available right now on the free denver7 news app.
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up the snow guns. >> they haven't announced their opening day yet but the snow making is starting at loveland ski area next weekend if the temperatures drop enough. >> exciting seasons changes and the official last day of summer tomorrow. fall starts at 8:22 in the morning. today a slight chance for passing showers and storms later this afternoon. for the most part, expect a cloudy day and temperatures staying in the 80 through thursday and a big cool >> the first fall weekend.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, violent protests erupt in north carolina after a deadly police shooting. >> how many times? >> protesters destroying police cars injuring at least a dozen officers, setting fires, shutting down a highway and looting trucks. the driver trapped inside terrified. >> they're on the back of the trailer as we speak right now. >> as outrage grows nationwide over police shootings. breaking right now, massive wildfires tear through the west torching 12,000 acres. burning through an air force base and delaying a rocket launch. and closing in on a highway. now concerns growing as winds pick up in the west. donald trump facing new questions about his charity accused of using more than $250,000 of donated to settle


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