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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  September 28, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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it's 5:00 a.m. now a man is fighting for his life after getting shot in the head at the colonial manor motel overnight. witnesses say the man ran the place and was a kind landlord. >> amanda del castlojoins us live >> reporter: it happened after 9:00 last night. sources say a suspect came here and kicked down the door before shooting the victim in the head at point blank range, taking off after that shooting. police are still on scene at this hour. we're told at least two others were around during the shooting, but police haven't positively identified the victimmat this hour. we know people who know the man sayyhe is the owner of the motel, adding he would giver
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>> i pray for him. you know, he don't deserve to die. i don't know what happened, but whatever happened he don't deserve it. >> reporter: that shooting happening next to the purina plant off i-70. now again police haven't identified the victim. he is in the hospital in critical condition. but they're still searching for that suspect at this hour. we'll be following developments as the morning 7. let's shift gears now, because you can cash in if you catch a beautiful shot showcasing aspen's beauty. >> outside magazzne is launching its first aspen photo challenge, asking local photographers, anyone to show the town through their perspective. the winner gets 3500 bucks. let's check in with lisa to see if it is a good time to
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days and crisp nights that gives us pretty colors in the mountains. skies are clear. you'll find pretty conditions for it looks like the next 12 to 24 hours. the mountains might pick up an isooated storm or two through the central mounnains this afternoon. otherwise, clear skies, sunshine. better chance for showers in the mountains it looks like thursday and we're going to get a shot at some of this rain across the plains friday. until then, it's warm. again, between about 3:00 and 5:00, highs around 80 to 82 degrees. it's going to be a beautiful wednesday. here's your first alert it is cooler for the weekend. we'll talk about this coming up. major road issue is paving and a rough ride. yesterday i saw somebody on the southbound side of i-25 from colorado down to hampden. he was on a motorcycle and a little scared about the roto- milling deal, so he went off at yale and took the side streets. southbound side is restricted. everybody is going over to the
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next few minutes. a lot of green out there, north, south, east and west. [ chanting [ chanting all lives matter ] more protestssbreaking out affer an officer-involved shooting in california. police say they responded to a call of a black man acting erratically behind a restaurant. officers say they told him to something out of his pockets and stood in a shooting stance and officers shot him. protests are winding down in north carolina, but the demonstrations have cost the state nearly 1.5million. the governor releasing the totals, saying the state spent that while controlling the -?protests in charlotte in particular. the governor says that's just
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spend one-fifth of that helping people devastated by the flooding. the governor says he wants to reprioritize state spending. in aleppo are out of service g after airstrikes this morning. they were already full of people injured in a recent surge of bombings. hundreds have been killed in the past these hospital attacks are blamed on government airstrikes. u.s. airstrikes are blamed for killing 13 civilians in afghanistan. there was a counterterrorism strike in the region confirmed by a spokesperson. it's not clear in it was just civilians killed or also milltants. we'll keep following that story as well. thank you, nicole. denver police are looking for the person who shot two others late last night. the victims are both recovering in the hospital now. the shooting happened near the
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part of town. police have not told us who they are looking for. this morning a jury in boulder county will go back to work deciding if this man is guilty of killing a trooper. investigators say he was high when he crashed into state troopers during a high speed chase. a cadet was killed in the crash. when the jury reaches a verdict we'll send an alert through our app. we're learning more the creepy clown threat in greeley. police tell us they traced the first facebook post to a 15- year-oll boy. it's not clear if he created it or reposted it. police think the threat was not credible, but half of north ridge high school students stayed home because they ere scared of an attack. today this legacy high school football oach will return to the field after getting injured in a high school bus crash that killed the driver at dia.
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voorhees and his team and all they've been through.. jason. >> reporter: it's been quite the last two and a half weeks or so. head coachne way voorhees suffering serious injuries assa result of that bus crash. 3 he and two other coaches had to be hospitalized for severrl days as a result of that crash. meanwhile, his team, several of the players were injured. they had to return to class and return to the football field. they chose to just a few days after that crass, all of this without but not anymore, because as off now, as of today, coach wayne voorhees back at work at legacy high school and heading back to the field here at leg see high school -- legacy high school. he'll lead practice and won their game friday. the team won two games while the coach was recovering, including their homecoming game
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game in honor of their coach. i've been in contact with coach voorhees. hear what he told me in a couple of minutes at 5:30. live at legacy high school in broomfield, i'm son gruenauer, denver 7. this denver based company is in trouble, massroots and it's cctting 40% of its workforce after defaulting on debt. this is a look at their web site. it helps people find smoking buddies, even pot shops them. they were the biggest sponsor for denver's 4/20 rally this year. chipotle says they're going to hire 5,000 new employees across the country. you can go to any chipotle for an interview today. it's no secret parts of colfax are scary for pedestrians. our eric lupher joins us along
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all up. >> reporter: good morning, mitch. we're talking about the colfax collaborrtive. that is made up of business owners along this stretch. they believe they're losing buuiness because there's not enough parking and believe it's unsafe, including hiss intersection at colfax and perry. >> this is a good example. there's no on street parking here. there's no -- the traffic is so close to where i for a pedestrian, the crossing is hazardous to take on. there isn't that much time to cross. >> reporter: so here's the deal, four business improvement districts spanning nine miles of colfax got together, asking council for half a million curbs, the overall look and feel along this major corridor. as we come back live, if
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from the 2017 budget. but the deadline to get this money approved is today. so this collaborative group is running out of time. eric lupher, denver 7. how ddes a free concert sound in brad paisley is giving a free concert tomorrow. >> he'll be attthe air force academy in colorado springs. this is part of the country college nation tour. he takes the stage at 8:00 tomorrowwnight. it's free, open to anyone. there is more violence on the 16th street mall. why the man says he decided to record it instead of helping. it is not your usual -?doormat. jersey on the floor. i'm kind of hoping for snow, but it's not going to happen, not yet. we are getting close to our average first snowfall date in denver. today a lot of sunshine. 50s to start. 80s this afternoon. perfect weather for your kidd this afternoon if they've got soccer or football practice.
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there's a man from downtown who is accused in a violent brawl on the he was actually involved in twoo separate fights according to police. this started off with one where there were several men and women fighting, this is video of it. but they broke up pretty quickly we're told as soon as police arrived. the video is just one reason why the mall has extra security. the man who recorded it says he was too scared to intervene. >> you could be trying to stop something and end up a victim,
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it happen, and you're stuck in a position where you just have to observe ignorance. >> he says he lives near the mall who is worry is worrying about safety. bill clinton will be among those attending the funeral of former israeli leader shimon peres. bill clinton tweeting this photo of the two together, calling him a brilliant eloquent friend. the israeli foreign ministry clinton and other dignitaries will attend. he has been called the last link to israel's founding fathers at the age of 93 after suffering a stroke. california is realizing underage prostitutes are victims too and won't charge
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protecting them. a senator says you can't be a prostitute if you're not old enough to legally consent to sex. president obama is nominating the first u.s. ambassador to cuba in more than 50 years. the man played a key role in establishing ties between the u.s. and cuba. some critics don't to be nominated, aacusing castro and the regime of violating human rights. owners at one bar taped a colin kaepernick jersey to the floor for people to wipe their feet. the quarterback divided the nation last week with his decision to kneel during the national anthem. customers there have mixed emotions about the doormat. >> what went through my mind
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a joke and how would you feel if someone take a police officer's uniform and stepped on it? >> i was not offended by that. ?eelive in a free country. >> enough people were offended that the owners removed it after a few days. the lady with the red hair, she was proposed to during the red sox yankees game. the boyfriend might have been a little bit nervous. he dropped the ring. the entire yankee stadium, they're all looking around. they jumped in to help. >> just look at the would-be groom's face. pretty horrified at the idea he dropped the ring. not how he imagined this going. they found it and she said yes and the crowd went crazy. >> listen to the commentary. the ring is down! >> you know what's on the floor
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>> all kinds of goodies. good weather this weekend for baseball. last weekend for the rockies. >> it's kind of sad. >> temperatures this morning in the 50s. first alert headlines, 80s today, 70s by friday. weekend. plenty of sunshine. mountain showers expected to develop tomorrow. and we'll get a chance here in denver by friday. i'll show you that coming up. 50 now. winds are out of the souuhwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. another very dry but bright drive into work this mo you're going to find 50s as you step out the door. 60s though by 9:00. it's another pretty fast warmup. 76 by 12:00, 1:00, and highs in the low 80s today. a lot of sunshine. yesterday it was clear skies made for a beautiful day. same thing today. erie you're at 81. parker a touch cooler, close to 80. denver 82. then in the foothills we have evergreen and conifer at about
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and low 80s on our western slope. futurecast you're going to notice a few changes here. today we're going to see a few clouds build in the mountains, isolated storms that could pop up. eastern colorado, though, clear skies, really we stay dry for the next 24, 48 hours. it's early tomorrow morning that we'll then be tracking this next disturbance. it will likely bring showers to southwestern colorado by early that's going to sprrad farther east throughout the day thursday. clouds stream in over town tomorrow and a better shot of rain friday. not a great chance. ten, 20% chance for a few showers. it will get cooler. low 80s both today and tomorrow. the bright spot continues to creep farther over as we move the seven-day forecast. the weekend nice, low, mid-70s. it's going to be a little bit cooler saturday into sunday. but not as cool as next week. next week that's when we're going to be tracking a better
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temperatures will really start good time of year. short sleeves ne day, sweater the next. 38 on the board. >> overnight, yep. >> we're getting into a couple of problems unfortunately. latest problem on i-70, westbound side near havana, peoria, that's just coming in. not seeing lanes blocked just yet. i'll take a look at that morr in a minute. downing around jarrard craig hospital there is an accident as well. not causing a huge delay,,but something to watch out for there. into the high country we have an issue that will be a big problem e rest of the day. that's from 9:00 until 4:00 today. they're doing work and bringing helicopters in for ttat avalanche reduction system, that system that helps make avalanche danger a little bit an hour on berthoud pass today - from 9:00 to 4:00.
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i-70. easy driving this. but restrictions on berthoud pass today. this is terrifying. a truck speeding towards the baseball field lost control and ran over two fences before coming to ress in the middle of the parker park. no kids were hurt. however, the truck's driver was taken to the hospital. police trying to figure out what went wrong. these men are on thh run this morning. the violent crime they're accused of. -? and don't worry, brad pit is sttll why you should not click on an article claiming otherwise. ? who's the genius who puts a girl in heels on a subway grate?
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you get a little cranky when you're hungry. better? much better. this scene will never make the cut. my dad gave me those shares, you know. he ran that company. i get it. but you know i think you own too much. gotta manage your risk. an honest opinion is how edward jones makes sense of investing. when heartburn hits, fight back fast it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ? tum -tum -tum -tum ?
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welcome back. it's 5:23. if you look closely through that haze in new york ciiy, that's the statue oo liberty. good morning. right now deputies in douglas county need your help finding these women. take a look at this picture here. these surveillance photos. they're accused of going on a shopping spree at kohl's with a stolen credit card. it's believed they took the card from someone's locker over at 24 hour fitness in highlands ranch. a crime in denver, police say the men in these pictures robbed the u.s. bank north of i- 70 and colorado boulevard. this was last friday. kind of tough to see their faces. they're hoping somebody may recognize something, because you can see they have guns, they took cash. they're on the run. no one was hurt. did yahoo! wait too long before revealing its huge data breach?
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yes. they sent a letter to the ceo, accusing her of an unacceptable delay. 500million accounts were hacked two years ago. but yahoo! didn't tell us about it until last week. the senators want answers on what ahoo! knew and when. they also want to know what the company is doing to prevent another breach. >if brad pitt died, if would be everywhere. if you see an article today saying he's dead, do not believe it. it's a fake article that's going around facebook, claiming as we mentioned, it's a same, all to -- scam to try to get your information. it asks for your facebook user name and password. if you fill ttat in, hackers could take control of their account. i'm going to call out the ladies, brad pitt is still alive. >> i'm not dead yet. i'm feeling much yet. i'm not dead yet. >> so you're telling me i have
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person, adele, she's done it again. >> her third album reached diamond status. ? send my lovv to your lover ? >> diamond status means her record h been sold more than 10 million times. only took 10 months and that's just in the u.s. this is the second time she has done this. her first album also reached diamond status, but it took twice as long. she's getting even better. records. >> how many people can say that? i don't know who has hit diamond status. >> i don't know who is on that list. has to be a small one. beautiful skies. sunshine, ots of it. if we get showers, isolated in from fort collins to boulder to denver, a beautiful day. mid-50ssthis morning. the kids could uue a light sweatshirt at the bus stop.
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afternoon. sunny, warm. erie at 81. boulder at 80. here's your first alert it's almost october, this cannot last forever. we're going to talk about the cool down coming up in a few minutes. how can rick ansley not have diamond status? he's never going to give you up. i-70, central park, there is an accident, one freeway crash. the map hasn't adjusted so it's showing red coming in from peoria to the crash in havana. in the left lane, someone hit th zone. slow ttaffic there, but that's the major highway accident. overnight construction has been picked up. marijuana and kids do not mix. but in one situation they do. how buying pot is helping children in our state.
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in colorado, we stand together, but congressman coffman stands with donald trump and will support trump for president. they've spread falsehoods about president obama. trump: oh, no. coffman: i don't know whether barack obama was born in the united states or not. coffman and trump are too dangerous for colorado.
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just about 5:30. busy morning for denver police. they're looking for two shooters. the latest shooting happened just after 9:00 last night near the intersection of fedeeal and west harvard. police say someone took off after shooting two people. they're now in the hospital. they haven't told us who they're looking for. around the same time police say someone shot a man in the head at the colonial manor hotel, about 11 miles from the other shooti off after that shooting. amanda del castillo live at east 46th avenue with what we know about the victims right now. >> reporter: police aren't identifying the victim at this hour. but we know that he is in critical condition after being shot at point blank range. police are still searching for that suspect as mitch said. we're told that the suspect actually kicked down a door


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