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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  September 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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shots fired at the colonial manor motel in denver. and one man is fighting for his life. >> here's a look at where it happened, near i-70 and clayton. >> denver 7's amanda del castillo joins with the latest on the investigation. happened all after 9:00 last night. sources telling us the suspect kicked down a door here and shot the victim in the head at point blank range before taking off. police were on scene for nearly eight hours before clearing the scene just after 5:00 this morning. at least two others were around during the shooting. while police aaen't identifying the victim, people who know the man say he is the owner of the motel. a former tenant adding the man
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>> i mean, i pray for him. you know, he don't deserve to die. i don't know what happened, but whatever happened, he don't deserve it. >> reporter: again, police aren't identifying the victim this morning, but he is suffering, or he is in critical condition, rather. they're still searching for that suspect. live in denver this morning, i'm amanda del castillo, denver 7. two people are in the last night at federal near harvard. police not releasing information. they say no arrests have been made. it's now 6:01. here's your first alert we are in for a beautiful day. this is from our camera in akron. going to be a lot of sunshine for the morning drive. very similar to yesterday. temperatures this morning are in the 50s. by this afternoon we're likely going to be in the mid- to upper 70s by 12:00.
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clear skies. nice through the evening. by 6:00 tonight you can still be sitting on a patio. mid, upper 70s through the castle rock 77. in the mountains 60s and 70s. it's the last few days of september. it will get a lot cooler. here's your first alert for october. it might feel like october before we get through some of these crashes. southbound side of i-25, the southbound side of 84th avenue, are blocked up. this jam goes back to 104th. other trouble spot, at i-25, or i-70 and 225, the westbound side, the accidents are closer to havana. there was debris on the highway. two separate crashes. that jammgoes back to nearly pena boulevard. the ramp transition to go west
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heavy duty traffic. north side of town extremely heavy. the big breaking story we're tracking this morning, the plane that was shot down over ukraine in 2014 was brought down by a russian missile. that is the finding from a two- year investigation just released today. the missile came from russia and was fired fromman area controlled by pro russian rebels. you may remember the flight was 2014 when astern ukraine in it down, killing all 298 on board. more than 100 individual suspects have been named in this criminal investigation. we'll be following developments on that today and also any response from russia to this. new information on the story of creepy clowns threatening to shoot up two greeley schools. police say it is all a hoax and this should be a warning, they
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back to a 15-year-old. the post claimed clowns would open fire at greeley's island grove park on halloween. police say social media helped it morph into threats to north ridge and franklin high schools. police say they were flooded with phone calls. >> there was people commenting afterwards they were getting off of work, that supposedly they seen clowns around and it went viral. >> half of north ridge high yesterday, too scared to go to school. investigators are trying figure out if the 15-year-old created this post or just reposted it. another fight caught on camera on the 16th street mall. this happened at california street monday night. a 20-year-old is now ii custody. he's facing charges for public fighting and interference. officers say dorsey was involved in two separate fights. here's a look at one of them. police say thanks to increased
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no one was hurt. that increased security comes after this incident over the summer when an urban traveler swung a pipe at people. this video went viral. the city has since taken steps to improve safety. happening today, a boulder county jury is set to decide if a man is guilty of killing a troopee in a crash. police say ch was driving high. cadet taylor thyfault was killed in that crash. legacyhigh school's head football coach is heading back to work today. the news comes as we're learning more about the deadly crash. jason gruenauer breaks down that report and has more on the coach's return today. >> reporte we will start with the head coach here at legacy
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today for the first time in about two and a half weeks since that fatal bus crash. all this in preparation, because he will be on the sidelines coaching them this friday. he had to be hospitalized for a few days after that bus crash. they picked up the varsity and jv teams at day when crash happened. denver police say the bus ii the crash had no obvious precrash issues. other than that, dpd offered no additiooal updates to the incident itself. coach voorhees will be meeting with the media before today's practice. he's not expected to talk about the crash ittelf, according to the school district. instead, talk about himself, his current recovery, and moving forward. also thanking the community for the outpouring of their support.
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live in broomfield, at legacy high school, i'm jason gruenauer, denver 7. this morning we have some new video of a lakewood 5-yyar- old making big strides in her recovery after being rescued from a e fire. west metro posted this video of her taking her first steps since the rescue. firefighters found her hiding in the closet inside this burning home. people across the nation are speaking out, calling for changes in police and one little girl's voice is being heard louder than others. >> we just had to protest because y'all are treating us wrong. we do this because we need to and help. >> more from her emotional message up next. plus, crossing east colfax can be a life or death situation at times for some pedestrians. businesses are hoping to change that. denver7's eric lupher breaks down the issue and the solution. eric. >> reporter: mitchh they want
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their business. but it will cost a lot of money. how are they going to get it? i'll tell you coming up. you're stepping out the door to 50s this morning. it's just a touch cool at the bus stop. this afternoon it's going to be hot. more low to mid-80s. here's your first alert it does cool down this weekend. details coming up. one of the two big accidents remains. you can see i-70 is getting better. 225 getting better from the earlier crash at havana. i-25, that's still not better, i-25, that's still not better, co i first met mike on a fundraising event i was an aurora scholar this year. at his birthday party. mike is a very nice guy. he's a really nice guy. he can do 62 pushups. mike is a great friend to the ethiopian community. mike's not like other politicians. he's not like other republicans. i think he's better. mike's one of us. he's one of us. mike coffman es uno de nosotros. mike is one of us. i'm mike coffman, and i approve this message.
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welcome back to denver 7. airtracker7 high above keeping an eye out for any driving situations we have this morning. thank you for joining us today. now here's nicole. first alert news here, palestinian president abbas
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passing of shimon peres, extending sorrow and praising him for seeking peace. overnight we learned president obama, bill and hillary clinton and prince charles are set to attend the funeral in jerusalem on friday. bill clinton's people did confirm he is attending the funeral. things are back to normal at the charlotte police department headquarters in morning after a suspicious ppckage was found in the mail room. it for hours. police saa there was no threat made to the department. no one was hurt. the package was deemed safe, but investigators did not reveal what was inside. the package comes a week after the officer involved shooting that led to days of protests there. the big talker this morning out of charlotte is a little last night's city council meeting. she quieted the room with this
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shouldn't have to feel like this. we shouldn't have to protest because y'all are treating us wrong. we do this because we need to and have rights. our fathers and mothers are killed and we can't even see them anymore. it's a shame that we have to go to that graveyard and bury thee. >> she was one of several kids who spoke at the meeting. all of them pleading for change after that deadly police shooting that ended the life of keying lamont some protestors calling for the resignation of charlotte's mayor. police made an arrest at protest. akota pipeline they were arrested for blocking traffic. they say their purpose yesterday was to gather and pray for earth. the sheriff's department is reviewing the protest video to see if additional arrests should be made. these two men who rushed
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"dancing with the stars" are now facing criminal charges. the protests was done in connection with lochte's involvement in the scandal in rio. new investigations are in place for people living near this wildfire burning in the mountains near san jose. one home has far and hundredd others threatened. it's been a tough fight for firefighters because of the winds and extreme heat. right now this blaze is only 10% contained. good news, no one has been hurt. closer to home, two grass fires shut down part of 285 for hours yesterday. this was just ahead of rush hour. no structures were threatened. but a nearby golf course was evacuated. the highway was reopened two
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issuing a strong message to dog owners today. pick up after your dogs. they were forced to close an area over the weekend because, you can take a look for yourself, guess what's in those bags. volunteers and workers picked up and removed 424pounds of dog waste. i want to know who had to weigh it all. or pick it up. >> it's 6:15, i hope that breakfast - >> sends a message in a pile, >> pick up after your dog, that's what they're saying. i know it's 80. it's been nice and warm. but i want to talk about snow. you know how much i love snoww and we're not that far off. look at the dates. here's your first alert that our average first snow is october 19th. average first freeze, though, october 7th. we're talking less than two weeks away. we are talking temperatures that will be dropping early next week. next couple of days, enjoy it.
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we've got clear skies across colorado. beautiful thhs morning. very bright. that's a live look from our viera wireless camera in limon. eastbound drive this morning a lot like yesterday. you'll get hit with pretty good sunshine in the next 30 minutes. we're in the 50s now. expecting 74 or 75 by noon. then like yesterday we'll see highs in the low 80s. pleesant through the evening. still in the upper 60s by about ?:00. we're right now at 51 park. 37 at estes park. conditions have been perfect for the channing of the leaves, when you get clear, cool nights and warm sunny days, it helps punch the color. we've got great weather for that. 60s and 70s for the central mountains for highs today. low to mid-80s across northeastern colorado. denver at 82. pueblo today 86. and in fort collins you'll also be at 82. skies stay clear. if we get any isolated storms today, they're few and far between.
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afternoon, early evening, our mountains could see a little activity. clear skies from fort collins south to denver and east to limon today. it's overnight tonight into early tomorrow mornnng that this next disturbance. it's a pretty weak one, but it will bring showers to the mouutains tomorrow. we'll get a little increase in cloud cover. could get a few more clouds acrrss the plains tomorrow. we're going to overall stay dry in denver, with our best shot at a little bit of rain on friday. temperatures are also going to the weekend. another day of 80s tomorrow. another bright spot on our seven-day forecast. on friday, though, we've got a rockies' game. will be the last weekend for baseball. temperatures likely in the low 70s for the start of the game. slight chance for a few showees. and then we'll drop into the 60s during the game. by saturday, sunday, low to upper 70s both days. here's your first alert there's no snow on our even-day, but monday, tuesday, highs only in the 60s.
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trouble spots unfortunately. we'll start with the accident on i-25. you can see the flashing lights. this is down by 84th avenue. the left lane and express lanes are the ones blocked. two lanes are open. these folks are doing it right. go all the way up to where the choke point is and then move over. it's called the zipper effect. you can read all about it on the driving you crazy section of traffic is stacked up to 120th. heavy stop and and it's really rock solid. over half an hour to downtown. other big trouble spot was here on i-70. westbound side. accident near havana are clear. traffic jam on 225 and i-70, in its wake. you can see that on the camera that goes almost back to pena bbulevard. it is improving, but will take some time. this is the c-470, e-470, and i- 25 commute.
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that would be northbound, southbound, east and west here across -470. preety good looking drive to the south side for now. colfax avenue is a tough stretch occasionally, especially for pedestrians. eric lupher is looking at the problem with crossing colfax. >> reporter: when those pedestrians have trouble walking across crosswalks or don't have anywhere to park, that hurts business. a group called the colfax this fixed. they're asking for a lot of money from the city of denver. 3 four business improvement districts spanning 9 miles of colfax got together to form the collaborative asking for half a million dollars. >> this is a good example. there's no onstreet parking here. there's no -- the traffic is so close to where i am.
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is hazardous to take on. there isn't thattmuch time to cross. >> reporter: the deadline to petition city council is today. ss the clock is ticking. back to you. thanks, eric. here's incredible video out of australia. watch as a dolphin jumps onto a man's surf board. the junior surfing champion was chasing waves earlier this month when the dolphin decided that would be a good place to land. his father was filming whole time. the teen wasn't hurt and said % the incident was pretty cool. he's going to jump back in the water. >> that's crazy. >> that would never happen again, would it? there seems to be an app for just about everything. but how about saving a life? >> how officers say they used an app to save man threatening to jump off a parking garage.
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police releasing new images
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robbed a u.s. bank, just north of i-70 aad colorado boulevard. it happened last friday. no word how much money they got away with. no one was hurt. here's your first alert it's gorgeous from the plains to the mountains you're going to see a lot of this, sunshine this morning. camera. here's your cheat sheet on this wednesday, we're expectinn temperatures to soar well above normal. you're going to find sunny skies state-wide today. and a few mountain showers. likely not until tomorrow. widespread. highs 82 in denver, mid- to upper 70s in the foothills. just getting this alert, northbound d line mineral station for rtd along south santa fe delayed at least 15 minutes due to mechanical issues with the train there. d line out of the mineral station. still have the tow truck trying to clear this accident southbound i-25 at 84th.
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blocked. traffic jam back to 120th avenue, about 45 minutes to downtown now. thank you. 6:25now. a suicidal manthreatens to jump off a parking garage at los angeles international airport. police saw him in time. >> they say it was their phones that helped save the man's life. surveillance video shows the man hanging over the edge of the garage, appearing all but ready to let go. two airport police officers respond, but realize they have a problem. the man only sp pulls out his smartphone. >> utilizing google translate to try to make sense of some of the things he was saying. i saw that he was actually willing to take possession of the phone to try to facilitate the translation. >> distracting the man just enough, another officer hops the barrier, pulls the guy to safety. they saved him. >> great there. coming up, the latest on a
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survivor. joins us with the latest. o %- denver 7 takes a ccoser look at the law when your house is deemed uninhabitable. this is a story that will get you fired up. a nasty note left on a veteran's car. why it will teach you never to judge someone based on their in colorado, we stand together, but congressman coffman stands with donald trump and will support trump for president. they've spread falsehoods about president obama. trump: oh, no. coffman: i don't know whether barack obama was born in the united states or not.
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6:29. through the magic of television, we're able to give you live looks outside our beautiful state. grealooking day here in denver. >> okay. really? it's 6:30. lisa-- >> that's not that funny, though. think about it, really not that long ago we were throwing magnets on the board. >> get the old felt board out. now we have all of this technology. this is in akron, where it's
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chilly this morning. mid- to upper 40s near parker. we've got city parr at 51. some 30s in the mountains. estes park you're a fewwdegrees above freezing. cold to start, but warm this afternoon. you'll be closer to 70 in the foothills. evergreen today 74. and here's your first alert we have another day of 80s here in denver. denver today a high of 82. we're going to get there pretty early on. in fact, by midday we're in the mid- to upper 70s. it is clea wide today. here's your first alert that we do have 60s on our seven-day forecast and a change for the weekend. details coming up. we have a lot of traffic coming down from that north side of town. 45 minutes at least fr 120th to downtown. this is the result of from this accident here that's finally being cleared off. the tow truck is almost, they're almost loaded with that car on the tow truck. southbound side to the express lane, left lane are blocked and have been for a long time. look at the traffic jam from
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it's rock solid in there, barely moving. when they get the lanes open it should improve quickly. it will take time. northbound side of 225 is heavier than normal. started with accidents near havana. long gone, but still feing the effects. 225 to the south and drive across c-470 is quiet for now. just in to the first alert desk, there may be a deal in shutdown. there's an agreement to provide money for the flint waaer crisis, paving the way for a spending bill to be passed. the senate failed to pass this measure yesterday. this bill has the long awaited funding to fight the zika virus in addition to the funding for flint and other cities facing water emergencies. the gooernment, the bill would keep the government funded through december if passed. denver policc are searching for whoever opened fire at a
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hospital, now fighting for his life. >> the shots were fired last night at the colonial manor motel. it's where we have amanda del castillo this morning. she has tte very latest for us. >> reporter: police aren't identifying the victim this morning. but we know he is in critical condition after being shot in last night after 9:00. sources say the suspect people who know the victim identify him as the ooner of the hotel. a former tenant saying the man has a wife and baby. police cleared the scene just after 5:00 this morning, after spending nearly eight hours on scene. this is a few blocks away from the purina plant off i-70. the victim still fighting for his life this morning. reporting live in denver, i'm manned man, denver 7 -- amanda del castillo, denver 7.
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in castle pines, swat team inside a gateed communnty. the son of an aurora police officer is under arrest, accused of shooting a gun inside and outside one of those homes. the 28-year-old suspect ran to a neighbor's home, barricaded himself in there and surrendered. his officer he had important information about the weapons he had access to and his state of mind. investigatoos say a man's mother is to blame for his death. investigators say she didn't feed him or give him water. he weighed less than 90 pounds. neighbors say the 69-year-old woman was frail and was caring for her disabled son by herself
6:34 am
federal investigators demanding millions of dollars of medicare funding back from the state after a report found abuse at a center for people with severe intellectual disabilities. "the denver post" says one person was burned with a blow dryer, another forced o perform sex acts for a soda. federal investigators say safety protocols are definitely lacking. a lafayette family says the city is forcing them off their own they've been living in a van in their yard since june, after an electric fire made their home inhabitable. they say they've been ripped off by contractors, then the insurance money dried up and they had no place else to go. the city says because their home is uninhabitable, they're not allowed to live anywhere on that property. >> when you're 70 and disabled and, it makes me mad, you know, because people just think we don't care about the way we
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>> the city ttlls us here at denver 7 the home needs to pass several more inspections before anyone can safely live there. this weekend boulder is for anyone needing a warm place to spend the night. the homeless can't just walk in. for the first time they'll have to register ahead of time, either in person or by phone. then they'll find out in they have a bed by noon that day. the father who allegedly tried to kill his little boy by crashing his car mmkes his you can see on the left where he was in the hospital. he was there for several days. this was a month ago. but the boy's mom says he is doing well. his dad, nathan weitzel, is facing charges of attempted murder, child abuse and assault. he admitted to being high on cocaine. the legacy head football
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>> jason gruenauer joins us with more now. we just lost that live shot. we'll get to jason in a bit. right now at 6:36, outrage is growing this morning after someone leaves a nasty note for a disabled veteran on her car in colorado springs. here's a look at the note. it reads "you shower don't look or act handicaa. don't care what you think ." >> i thought it was kind of funny, people can judg how somebody looks. whether they have a disability or not. >> that note was left on catherine rodriguez's car. she was serving in the military and she suffers from seizures and has had several brain surgeries. whether a disability is visible or not, in colorado all you need is a placard or license plate as proof.
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the power of the sun and the wind. and our economy, too. over 10,000 jobs in colorado alone. but when washington gridlock was choking the industry, something had to be done. so, i teamed up with republicans and democrats to pass the new laws we needed to help renewable energy grow. protecting the jobs we have and generating more for the future. i'm michael bennet, and that's
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it's 6:39. will be a nice afternoon for kids that have practice. upper 40s to low 50s this morning. winds west-southwest and that wind will boost our temperatures. 80s by 4:00. longmont 82. castle rock, 77. and in denver, 82. here's your first alert that we have a chance for showers friday.
6:40 am
office pool to figure out what this is. any guesses? >> insulation? >> maybe. kind of -- somebody said it looks like the capsule from a spaceship. >> sass swatch. >> it's between lanes one and two. big wad of something, half the size of that van. it's slowing down traffic from alameda. 225, jamd up solid to a pair of accidents between alameda and 6th avenue. huge from iliff up. business owners on colfax feel like they're being forgotten by the city. >> eric lupher is live off of colfax now with the plan of action. eric. >> reporter: good morning. i'm off colfax and perry. a good example, business owners
6:41 am
fixed and crosswalks are dangerous for pedestrians. they're asking the city to come up with a half million dollars to fix the infrastructure from about a 9-mile stretch. improve pedestrian safety and infrastructure. an online petition was launched. they formed a colfax collaborative. >> colfax has its own sort of history and coolness and some people want it to be left behind, but when it omes to safety, we can't leave it behind. >> reporter: it is up to the city council and the mayor to
6:42 am
bond going to start construction. we'll see what happens. the deadline to get the money, today. i'm eric lupher, denver 7. 6:42. going to get you caught up on the big stories of the day coming up in our morning sprint. how one broncos program coulding paving the way for
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6:44. your morring sprrnt starts with a shooter on the run after a shooting last night at denver's colonial manor motel. condition this morning. denver7's amanda del castillo joins us now with the latest. >> reporter: it all happened after 9:00 last night at the motel you see behind me. sources say the suspect came here, kicked down a door and shot the victim in the head at poont blank range before taking off. we know now police are still searching for that suspect. they spent nearly eight hours on scene before taking off just after 5:00 this morning. we're told at least two others
6:45 am
shooting. while police aren't identifying the victim this morning, people who know the man say he is the owner of the motel, a former tenant adding the man has a why and baby -- wife and baby. police haven't positively identified the man. they're still searching for that suspect. live in denver, i'm amanda del castillo, denverr7. right now the u.s. is investigating if one of its airstrikes killed civilians in afghanistan this morning and how many there are some conflicting reports. u.s. officials say they did conduct an airstrike, counterterrorism strike in the region and they were aware of afghan casualties, but they did not say a number. afghannofficials say at least 13 civilians were killed. there are reports militants were killed. we'll continue to follow this. the nfl could be looking to
6:46 am
prevent domestic violence in the league. they're looking at a youth program that teaches healthy relationships. the nfl met with the project and said it might expand it to ?ther cities. a boulder countt jury is set to decide if a man is guilty of charges in a crash that killed a trooper. police say christopher gebers was driving lie when he speed chase. deputy taylor thyfault was killed. an update on a deadly crash we brought you yesterday. police say a 28-year-old man not wearing a seat belt when he was hit by a truck on parker rrad near jewell. they say he was speeding and didn't have his lights on.
6:47 am
-- thrown from his car. a legacy high schooll football coach returning to school today, wayne voorhees. denver7 will be there for you. follow the latest developments on his recovery, plus the crash investigation, on our free denver app. new numbers show health insurance premiums are going up in colorado. some say the rate increases are catastrophic to their way of life. there the rates 21%. lawmakers will likely take this up during the next session.. the race for the white house, the presidential candidates launching new attacks following monday night's debates. both hitting each other hard. both claiming victory. but donald trump complaining about a faulty microphone and unfair questions from the moderator. >> did anybody see that debate last night? he maae it very clear that he
6:48 am
>> almost every single poll had us winning thh debate against crooked hillary clinton, big league. >> clinton is in new hampshire today where she will be joined by bernie sanders. trump is holding rallies in the midwest. the fbi is examining the possibly phone hack of democratic parry staffers. the not clear if the breach is new or part of the original dnc e-mail breach from june. the russian government is thought to be behind get to decide if people who are terminally ill should be allowed to legally get medicine to end their own lives. there's an ad in favor of the measure and it features brittany maynard, the california woman who moved to measure. she died last november. the colorado law would be similar. you would have to prove you have six months to live and take the medication without
6:49 am
benefit from pot sales. last november voters decided the state could keep $66 million in surplus tax revenue from marijuana. it's now being given out. the state is distributing millions of it to schools in the next six months. ooe of the new programs is being used for bullying programs. each school chosen will get $40,000 per year for bullying prevention. right now douglas county deputies are trying to find these women, they're suspected of going on a shopping spree at kohl, card. deputies believe they snatched the card from a locker at 24 hour fitness in highlands ranch. denver based chipotle is hiring 5,000 people today. that breaks down to 60 new employees at each location. open interviews from 8:00 to 11:00 this morning. this is a part of their second annual national career day. if you're interested, register
6:50 am
denver 7 app. the weather this week has been pretty perfect. will it continue? >> no. short answer. yeah. >> wrong answer. >> sorry, it's fall. winter is around the corner. >> whoa, whoa, don't be talking about snow yet. >> not down here yet. here's your cheat sheet. 50s now. we'll be in the 80s this afternoon. lots of sunshine expected. if you want weather like that, dayle, you know it's not colorado. things are going change. nice and warm today, lots of sunshine from our viera wireless camera. it's beautiful across the northeastern corner. it's very bright this morning. we're going to see a lot of sunshine state-wide. you get up into the mountains today and you'll notice a few 3 thunderstorms popping up. just a little cloud cover building by this afternoon and evening. we stay dry from denver to boulder to limon. very clear hrough tonight into even early tomorrow morning.
6:51 am
you're going to see more showers moving in on the western slope by tomorrow morning. we're expecting that to eventually creep farther east throughout the day thursday. likely a few more clouds in town. our shot at rain in denver not until friday. we're going to stay pretty dry until then. 50s early this morning. 74 by 12:00. another day with near 80-degree highs. clear skies tonight and perfect. 8:00, 10:00, we' low to upper 60s. very mild through the early evening. highlands ranch today you're at 82. boulder a high of 80. we've got keenesburg at 82. parker 79. mid- to upper 80s covering southeastern colorado. and low 80s on the western slopes. it's a lot like yeeterday when you look at our temperatures. things do start to gradual cool. as we head into the weekend, even the first of next week, it's going to be about 15 to 20 degrees cooler..
6:52 am
and tomorrow. then few showers on ffiday. low to upper 70s this weekend. if you have plans to head to the mountains to see the leaves changing, you're going to find nice weather there. pretty dry across the plains. then here's your fled that we're dropping -- first alert that we're dropping into the 60s next week. we have a lot of guesses. some say it might be the remnants from the balloon boy. >> what? >> it's just -- mache something. >> almost like the inards to a hot tub thing. the cdot guys shut down the two lanes and picked it up. it was not heavy enough for two guys not to pick it up and all lanes just opened. the traffic jam is tremendous. goes back nearly to university. take a look at the map.. still ave other trouble spots. northbound 295 accident near
6:53 am
of that accident. looking better on i-25. it will take some time. accident near 84th is gone. 3 heavy stop and go traffic there. and you can see that long line of traffic on that northbound side of 25 to that debris that was there at colfax. you cannalso see heavy traffic in the tech center. cdot camera shows us heavy traffic. this is an accident where some people reportedly were trapped at colorado and 8th avenue. airtracker7 was dispatched up that way. you can see there's the gas station. this would be 8th ba downtown. you can see the significant damage to the cars here. 3 even this one on the northbound lanes. is would be the southbound this would be the northbound - side of colorado boulevard. some traffic getting through. with that car in that turn lane, looks like they'll be there for some time treating the people that are hurt nd big time traffic jam there. 8th and colorado next to trader joe's. 3 having fruit trees in your yard can be great for eating fresh fruit or making your own jam.
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just four minutes until 7:00. this accident on colorado boulevard next to trader joe's aa 8th avenue initially was called out as people trapped. the fire department, police department are all there blocking off one south lane. northbound 225 to the 6th avenue, north side winding down. debris is gone. accident looks like it's gone at arapahoee but still heavy through the tech center. people in boulder are but too much fruit can be a bad thing because all those apples often attract bears. that's where one group comes in. it's called community fruit rescue. it sends crews to pick up the fruit and they divide the apples into third.
6:57 am
third for the volunteer and a third for the community. theegroup teaches tree owners how to create different things with the fruit. we have details on our free denver 7 app. you can win big bucks for taking the best picture showcasing aspen's beauty. the magazine s asking photographers to send pictures. top prize is $3,500. our average first snowfall here in denver average first snow october 19th. the average first freeze, october 7th. today it's not going to happen. sunshine, 80s the next few days. it gets cooler. 70s for the weekend, 60s early next week. 60s will feel nice. >> yeah, it will. >> friday night football looks good. >> looks perfect. broncos are out of town this weekend.
6:58 am
too. >> finish off the season with the power of the sun and the wind. it can fuel our lives and our economy, too. over 10,000 jobs in colorado alone. but when washington gridlock was choking the industry, something had to be done. so, i teamed up with republicans and democrats to pass the new laws we needed
6:59 am
otecting the jobs we have and generating more for the future. i'm michael bennet, and that's why i approve this message. with prism on the go from centurylink, you can watch your shows from wherever you want to. like from here. or, with their wireless set-top box, from here. uh-huh, uh-huh. now show me. don't tell me. i did show you. and tell you. i showed you while i was telling you. paul, acting is about the economy of words. mom: yes. okay. ah, i'll just process that. you're the actor. feel like a hollywood insider...
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om centurylink. good morning, america. donald trump on defense after that dramatic debate. >> and i was also holding back >> takes aim at the moderator, the media, and even his mike. >> my microphone was terrible. i wonder w i on purpose. >> hillary clinton taking a victory lap. >> as trump doubles down on his criticism of the former miss universe saying her weight as a big problem. what the beauty queen is revealing on "gma" this morning. breaking news. a deadly police shooting in california. sparking protests overnight. the image from the scene showing officers confronting an unarmed man then opening fire. >> shots fired. sending an ambulance. >> the investigation right now. marlins mystery.


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