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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 3, 2016 12:37am-1:06am MDT

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hillary was having none of it. >> i am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive, dangerous vision and behavior of people who support donald trump. >> security removed the heckler as hillary supporters cheered. >> and the rumor mill is on overdrive suggesting that christmas, britain's prince harry will his girlfriend, an american actress, hasn't said much about her famous foe but she has dropped what could be some hints on social media where she says she's the luckiest girl in the world. >> it's the real deal. prince harry and the american tv actress. >> the romance is certainly real. in terms of the long-term potential, that appears to be surprisingly serious as well. >> megan's life is now becoming an open back and everyone is asking how she managed to snag
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bachelor. >> the thing about megan is that in addition to being an exceeding isly beautiful actress, she's also a very devoted humanitarian. she's interested in many of the same causes and charities that harry is interested in. >> megan recently spoke to the vancouver sun newspaper about how great her life is, saying, may cup runnette over and i'm the luckiest girl in the world. she was talking about her hit show "suits" and fashion line. but was she really talking about prince harry? there are other clues. she just posted this image of a bye and girl banana cuddling together with the text, sleep tight. "is that message for your red haired prince?" >> this is the house where she grew up outside los angeles. megan's father is white, her
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megan describes herself as mixed race. now that she's been thrust into the spotlight, a bit of family drama has surfaced. her half sister samantha is calling megan nare narcissistic and selfish and said harry would be appalled at how he treated their father. he recently filed for bankruptcy saying he has only $200. megan's mom is a yoga instruckor. "inside edition" caught one her mother on wednesday. >> i have no >> megan is very difference from prince harry's previous love interest. >> she's american, which is radical for the royal family. really not since wallace simpson has that been the case. she is divorced. she is actually older than harry is by several years. she is an actress. >> on "suits" megan wears tight fitting outfits. the role is super sexy. will she now end up wearing a royal tiara?
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megan to his father. short of putting a ring on it there's really no more serious step you can take. it's jimmy kimmel's halloween tradition, sharing video of papers telling their kids they ate all the candy. is it funny or down right mean? >> we ate all of your candy. >> jimmy kimmel is back with his notorious halloween candy prank. but many are asking, is it funny or a >> i ate it all! that we're really sorry. >> i don't like you. >> that's so mean. >> it's mean, but i laughed through whole thing. >> it's hilarious and cruel. >> i don't think it's cruel. >> i do. >> we ate all of your halloween
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left. >> i hate all your halloween candy. >> you're just joking. >> nope. i ate it all. >> but no one took it better than this little lady. >> nope, i ate it all. >> well, i'm not mad. i'm not happy, but i still love you. >> that is the ever. we'll be right back. next, uproar over the woman who explored the world's largest grave yarned hot pink bikini. >> oh my gosh, look at all those bugs. and kid body builders as young as five. even little girls. >> team usa!
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>> talk about keeping up with the kardashians. the incredible results. >> hi, look at me now. then, melania trump behind the scenes as she hits the campaign trail for the first time. next "inside edition." >> deborah: a stunning find at a church in jerusalem where archaeologists are pretty sure they have uncovered the actual burial tomb of jesus christ. the conservation team working at this site found a large marble slab on to which a had been carved. experts are now working to determine if, indeed, that slab is christ's tomb. many people are familiar with the catacombs of rome, a series of early christian burial sites. there are also catacombs in paris, home to an estimated 6 million remains. diane mcinerney has the story of a woman known as indiana jane who is stirring controversy by exploring the paris cat a combs on a
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descending into the catacombs of paris in a hot pink bikini. >> it's really hot down here, very suffocating. luckily i brought my bikini. >> the catacombs contain skeletal remains of six million corpses. >> holy crap. those are all skulls. >> i'm up to my chin! >> she found the catacombs flooded with water. that's when she mounted her hot pink surfboard. >> surfing the catacombs. >> on social media, alison's adventure is getting decidedly mixed commentary. she entered the catacombs by lifting a manhole. apparently a big no-no. "she deserves to be fayneed for disrespecting the resting place of so many souls."
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danger. she recently paddled her surfboard close to a volcano. she's also appeared in the show "naked and afraid," but nothing as controversial as cusk her way through the largest gravesite in the world in a hot pink bikini. they're pint sized competitors oiling up and flexing on stage which begs the question, how young is too young to compete in bodybuilding? >> the boys range from 11 down the kids are that young for actual weightlifting so instead they do lots of push-ups and sit-ups. >> in a week's time they will do anywhere from 500 to 1,000. i push them hard, and they like it. >> reporter: they take the competition very seriously, like the grown-up body builders. these kids are sprayed and patted down with oil to make their bodies glow. >> show time, boys, girls.
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this is a bodybuilding competition. >> brain has coached his 11- year-old son through 20 competitions. >> i push joey as hard lacy go. >> the event is sanctioned by the professional natural bodybuilding foundation. >> the kids are doing resistance training. they're not doing heavyweight lifting or nick. >> 13-year-old amber is following in her bodybuilder mom's >> team usa! >> the boys go first, flexing and posing, and then it's the girls' turn to impress the judges. the winner for the boys, nine- year-old jeremiah camacho. and for the girls, his eight- year-old sister schuyler. their mom sals bodybuilder. >> i'm so proud of them. >> the american academy of
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youngsters should avoid heavy lifting until they reach physical and mental maturity. coming up, how tippi hedren said that working with alfred
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hclinton and i approve thisy message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one. "what's your position on equal pay for women?" "it's too early in the morning to ask that question." "you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. blood coming out of her wherever." "i think that putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing." "i don't wanna sound too much like a chauvinist but when i come home and dinner's not ready, i go through the roof." "so you treat women with respect?" - "uh, i can't say that either." - "alright."
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>> deborah: for decades actress tippi hedren had a secret, and she is now revealing that she was stalked and assaulted by director alfred hitchcock who made her a star in movies including "the birds." >> it was horrible. it was opening up about the abuse she says she suffered at the hands of alfred hitchcock, the legendary director who made her a star and then ruined her career because she refused to sleep with him. >> it is the worst thing to be the object of someone's object serks if you are not interested. it became unbearable. >> tippi was a struggling
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plucked her from obscurity. she writes about hitchcock's obsession with her in her new autobiography. he suddenly grabbed me and put his hands on me. it was sexual, it was per vehicles and it was ugly. the harder i fought him, the more aggressive he became. >> how serious was it? did alfred hitchcock try to have sex with you? >> well, he never got that far. i stopped it immediately. >> reporter: him -- retaliated, she says, wi he replaced mechanical birds with real ones in that famous attack scene from the birds. that's not fake blood. she really was pecked in the face by the birds. >> he told me wee ruin my career. i said, do what you have to do, i don't care. i'm out. >> tippi's legacy lives on in daughter melanie and granddaughter dakota johnson,
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"fifty shades of grey." too much for this grandma. >> have you seen it? >> no. >> she's a grand marks after all. if would you like to read an excerpt of her book, come to
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>> deborah: still to come, how one woman is showing her appreciation for law enforcement after those cops were murdered in iowa. closed caption sponsorship
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>> deborah: finally today an act of healing after the shooting of two police officers.
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help. i want you guys to be hydrated. >> a woman gives an officer food and water, then hugs him tight. >> i want you to go home to your families because i want my dad to come home to me and i want my friends to come home to me. an
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>> but see why the hero then got read the riot act by his wife. >> looky who popped out of the garbage bin. >> bear is like, huh? >> what happens when a cub strays way off course. in a car parked on a freeway, a cop discovers a strange sight. >> i am mystified. >> the crazy story behind a married couple's standoff. >> i think it's time for a split. >> plus, the buzz w shot at a new ipad mini. a dog trying to pick the presidential election with tennis balls. >> why must i be involved with this? >> and a husband in the shower when suddenly -- >> so not civil. >> see the psycho surprise his wife has in store. >> so many times we see something happening, we think
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something? and these videos somebody does. start in chile. here we are in an indoor mall. watch this woman, that kid, he takes something from him. she says, police, police, starts to run away. >> the old cafeteria trick. >> went down, though. >> the man who tripped that robber is 84 years old. he's knocked to the ground and knocked unconscious. >> wow. >> he stuck his leg out bonked his head on the floor. >> what happened to the young punk, though? >> the young punk did not get away. people jumped in and stopped the kid. 15 years old. he was with his mother. they say his mother has a record. no word on if that 15 year old will face charges, though. >> great tackle. that guy should put that on his scouting tape. >> that 84-year-old man was taken to the hospital, has to stay there for two days because
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he said his wife, not exactly happy with what he did. she wouldn't talk to him for four hours, she was so upset, saying i need you with me, didn't need you to get hurt. you know what, can't let people come in and bully us. we have to do something. in this next video in russia, that guy right there has a bag, carrying about $6,600. >> boom! cold. >> that man is not letting go. he's holding on to that he's hit upside the head nine times but doesn't let go. that guy runs away, but this poor man, he is able to get to his feet. he's shaky and eventually he can't stay up. >> oh, no. >> i think he's -- >> he falls down. has to be hospitalized for numerous head injuries, but the guy, though he got away, two days later he was arrested. if he's convicted, he faces ten
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the dogs are going crazy barking and there's a big raucous coming from outside, so david monty grabs his camera to go investigate. >> look at the bear. >> bear's like, huh? you caught me. >> stuck in my garbage con container. >> david wasn't surprised here. he had actually seen a bear family out in his yard. the dogs had alerted him, so he grabs what he calls the banger, like a loud sound to scare off the rest of the family, but knew there was still something going on outside. >> looks like garbage. >> bears, when they smell food, they are very, very crafty. looks like he's lifted into the garbage box and couldn't quite get out. >> look at that face. >> that nose. >> feed me, please, give me some honey. >> how about just let me out. david does and runs away and goes right for the tree.
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everybody camps off into the woods, reunited. now to a different part of the world. this guy is poking around underneath a rock. >> no, dude, you're getting too close to the hole, man. back up. >> let me add, australia, that might clue you in on what's about to happen. now he's really froze. here he comes. that's in eastern brown snake as we've come to know on the show, those are dangerous. he was face to face with it. >> that got the heart racing. what do you think couples argue most about in the car? >> directions, yeah. >> directions it is. you see this car kind of parked awkwardly in the emergency lane? a police officer sees it, walks up on the car, taps the window,
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they don't do it, so he opens the door and finds this. >> are you kidding? >> like it was put in a corner. >> the couple is sitting back to back, not engaging. they are giving each other the silent treatment. >> on the side of the road on the freeway. >> the wife wanted to visit her family. they couldn't get on the same page, so the husband pulls over and they just sat there. now, here's where it gets the police officer is questioning them and they won't even talk to him. >> who's the dude in the back? >> that would be the husband, because the officer finally had enough and put him in the back seat and drove the pair to the police station. >> i am mystified. >> yes, you have officially seen it all. >> i think it's time for a split. got to this point, save your money. >> they are going to need it for the fine the husband received and he was also docked six points on his driver's license.
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they got it together and decided to talk to each other and were allowed to go home. >> six points on his license, she's going to be doing a lot more driving. >> i got an easy way here, let siri do the navigating. >> siri has no clue. >> google has it way better. >> no, no -- >> no! brandon brown who watches in dallas is our latest winner i >> you could win, too. all you need is wednesday's buzz word, be at least 21 years of age and a legal resident of the u.s. or canada. >> the "rtm" buzz word coming up in just a bit. >> stand by, everyone, for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. these images are going to be way too familiar to you. especially if you are a fan of psychos and 1960s classic by
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>> no, no, no! >> a scene that has engraved itself in the deepest, darkest places of your mind. very much, and in this case -- time to take a shower. starts the water and suddenly the doorknob jiggles. and trust me, this man is getting smeared. and it's a pregnancy test coming at him. freaks him out! double line. >> means one thing for him, they are pregnant and this was their


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