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tv   ABC News Your Voice Your Vote Election Night 2016  ABC  November 8, 2016 10:35pm-12:00am MST

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necessarily depending on how other states in the midwest fall. >> i think hillary clinton would wish it was florida 200 at this tim time. i think will have to grasp with a lot of things in the aftermath of this. but i want to follow up on, there was major poll problems in this election. hillary clinton may end up winning the popular vote, and it looks like she probably will win the popular vote. so, the national polls not far off. but every single state poll, most of them done by the hillary campaign. >> it's not just the public polls. we reported with the democratic, republican, senate campaigns.
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almost everyone said, it was almost impossible. the trump side had a route, but they thought it was almost impossible to win in the last 48 hours, and now he's about to. >> nobody had the data that was right. the question is, is there any way to have gotten this right? the proportion of noncollege white men, they got the sample right. it's the proportion saying they voted for trump that was wrong. is it socially unacceptable to say you voted for donald trump? you can fix sampling error, but you can't fix that. >> alex?
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if you thought that you didn't have a phone or a television set. john kerry, george bush, 2004, the exit polls had kerry winning by six, he lost by two. >> stephanie? >> well, the polls for kerry were wrong, but not the internal data. we were pretty darn close. i want to address one thing, the social undesirability of trump, there's one reason. make america great again was a dog whistle for keeping immigrants out, keeping your foot down on people, discriminating against people -- >> that's only --
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powerful ad against donald trump were the ads that used his own words. >> i'm not going to argue that donald trump made it difficult to defend him. >> in election after election, everyone said that mitt romney was racist and sexist. >> i don't disagree. >> let's take a quick -- >> you have to agree with me that it's a different -- >> that's why he won. >> i'm going we're going to come back to this. i want to go back to the state of nevada. they just had the hillary clinton win in the state. >> that's right, in fact, just a few moments ago when the state was called for hillary clinton, there was a great deal of chanting, yes we can, and hillary chanted in the room. it's only six electoral votes
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but nationwide, they're disappointed, because this was one of the states where latinos were expected to have a surge. apparently there was a latino surge that helped win nevada. but across the country, it hasn't won. we've been talking about anger all night long. from working white people, and the working class. there's also a great deal of anger tonight among latinos. night long from latinos, and their advocacy groups. now they're turning not just to anger but to fear. there's a real fear among latin latinos, because it appears to them that donald trump will win. not just fear about their relatives being deported, or
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immigrants, but fear they're going to be mainalized. people of color, muslims, blacks, they'll be ostracized and not important. what are the chances if donald trump wins, of true immigration reform? even though the exit polls say that most americans who voted today actually favor citizenship. but they also favor a huge wall. and that wall is a symbol of marginalization, that americans of color are feeling tonight. >> and if he becomes a president -- let's go back to the maps. let's look at pennsylvania, very, very close. >> pennsylvania is close. and we have 93% of the vote in.
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but it's a lead with 90% of the votes in. and i mentioned we were waiting for votes for allegany counheny. not a lot of votes left. >> leading in michigan, pennsylvania, and wisconsin? >> that's right. leading in three, he only needs to win one. >> and jim talked about the hispanic vote. sleeping giant, building the wall, about a deportation force, he woke another sleeping giant. and that's the uneducated white men in this country who heard someone who spoke to them. 49 points, the biggest record going back to 1980, an 11-point gap with non-college educated
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>> and gender gaps the likes we've seen never before. 30-some points in some states. it's another place where you'll see a sense of being left out. if you have african-americans voting by 89% for clinton, and hispanic americans voting for her by 67%, and women voting for her, you have got this incredible divide that's not just a partisan di divide among groups of people who are going to feel very, very hostile to each other. >> and groups of people around the country and in washington as well. byron pitts? >> i'm confused at this ment. >> join the club. >> i went to an all-boys school
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i've been talking to them, they see it's very american, the underdog has won. it's a very american quality. and many of my friends of color and women, many times if you're a person of color, you're told if you get a good education, prepare yourself, you can be as successful as anyone else in america. in this case, you have a woman as prepared as on paper, and she lost to, forgive me, a white guy with a haircut. >> and tom llamas, you have the champion of working class america, a man who inherited an awful lot of money, parlayed that into success in reality tv and hotels, moved himself as far
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connecting with the midwest. his message resonated with these people so well, and he never adapted or changed his style. wore that suit, threw on the hat, sometimes if he was going into -- an area with a lot of hunting, he would throw on a camouflage make america great hat. that was the only adaptation of jacket, played golf every sunday. but the message connected. >> and matthew dowd, he connected in a way, tom llamas is saying, people saw him as a truth-te truth-teller, even though if you look at the nonpartisan examination of the claims he was
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untruthful statements. >> well, his voters didn't take him literally, but took him seriously. things that many people laughed and said, he's not serious. but the bad things, he doesn't mean that. i think they've been frustrated at both political parties. this is not a reward for the republican party. they said, give us the biggest, brashest guy, he's giving voice we didn't have in years. give us that big, brash, in many ways bully, and he's going to go to washington and he's going to represent me. >> he's not there yet, but close. what's happening in wisconsin? >> there are still democrat votes to come in. dane county, home of madison,
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democratic. still votes there and in milwaukee. but if you look overall at the state, trump has a three-point lead. and michigan, he's had a lead all night. we've been waiting on wayne county. which is detroit, 85% is in. so, they're starting to run out of democratic votes. >> and new hampshire? >> and new hampshire, it's tight. let's see where we are donald trump has expanded his 15-vote lead. now, 81% reporting, with a sizable lead. >> all the ballots, everything is going liberally. marijua marijuana, minimum wage,
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passing. so, this very bifurcat result. >> and i want to bring this to terry, if donald trump is indeed elected, with a republican house, perhaps with a republican senate, he will be adopting the agenda they put on the table. that's what paul ryan was saying all along. >> well, good luck, paul ryan, retaining your speakership. and the thing that is trump's ideology, he's not a liberal or a conservative, he's a nationalist. make america great again is a nationalist slogan. and what counts for the people who voted for him, it seems to
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great again. seems like the people in new york city have more in common with people in frankfurt, london, hong kong, than with their cousins in albany. >> and you make a good point, terry, just because donald trump may win, that doesn't mean that paul ryan is in the clear here. remember, he has had that very, very tense relationship with donald trump. donald trump has called him weak, ineffective. donald trump made very clear his views about paul ryan when he made the announcement that he was no longer going to defend or campaign for donald trump.
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>> but we don't have a winner yet. the race is not over. one slim path for hillary clinton. all eyes on wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania. donald trump still with the lead. more results when we come back. >> we'll be back in times
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unusual, surprising. just a day ago, no one would have predicted it. donald trump, 26 votes away from becoming president. he's leading, jonathan karl, in most of the states on the board. >> he sure is. the key ones, the industrial states in the midwest and pennsylvania. let's start with pennsylvania, 48%, 49%, 95% of the vote and donald trump is winning in pennsylvania. >> just to underscore, that was considered safe territory by the clinton campaign. part of the safe, blue firewall. >> it's a state that hasn't gone republican since 1988. the clinton team did campaign hard there in the final days. barack obama campaigned there,
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pennsylvania, with bruce springsteen, the clinton. they put some effort there in the end. michigan, donald trump still has the lead. now just 77% reporting. donald trump continues to lead in michigan, and in the state of wisconsin, here, this enduring lead, 85% of the vote in. and donald trump has a three-point lead. and wisconsin, a state that might have been even more improbable for victory than pennsylvania. >> let's sit on that for a while. donald trump did not win the state of wisconsin in the primaries. he had the republican establishment against him. some of them came around, but scott walker, paul ryan against him. the talk radio network in the state against him. he was incredibly unpopular.
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campaign with him in the final stretch, and trump cancelled the trip to wisconsin. >> went to minnesota instead. >> this may be the state that puts him over the top. >> matthew dowd. >> i can't -- the historical, unprecedented, we've said that from the beginning. i thought donald trump would win the republican primary based upon data. and then i said donald trump based upon data. but the data was wrong in the second half so far. even if hillary clinton pulls out a close victory in the final hours of this, something went majorly off in all of the expectations, everybody on both sides had. >> and i think it had to be more than secret trump voters, i didn't find anybody who wouldn't say, i'm voting for trump.
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that didn't tell me who they were voting for, but they were college educated women. who knows about the secret trump support. but there is something that the data and polls are missing. >> we do have, late deciders, this is interesting. when did you decide, last few days, last week. many decided earlier. but break it down to, did you decide last week? if you dec days, trump outweighed clinton. >> we're coming up on 1:00 a.m. eastern. one state still voting. donald trump, 26 electoral votes away from the white house. hillary clinton has a small path, she's not giving up. we're not ready to call anything. the latest results, coming up.
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it's 1:00 a.m. in the east. 10:00 p.m. in the west. and we have an amazing election night going on. donald trump has 244 of the 270 electoral votes he needs to become the 45th president of t united states. and hillary clinton has 215. the polls just closed in alaska. three electoral votes in alaska. but let's just go through the most consequential states, starting with new hampshire. put that up. and we're going to show where the votes are in the state of new hampshire. there's the state of wisconsin,
11:01 pm
three-point lead. nevada, we've called for hillary clinton. and let's go to pennsylvania, wisconsin, and michigan. >> new hampshire, donald trump has a, hillary clinton now has a slight lead in the state of new hampshire. only four electoral votes, she has a slight lead. the first lead of the night we've seen in new hampshire. pennsylvania, 96% for donald trump, almost 50,000-vote lead over hillary clinton. to have a lead, with 77%. and about a 59,000-vote lead. the state of wisconsin, donald trump continues to lead 87% reporting, a three-point lead. out west, in arizona, where democrats had hoped for an upset
11:02 pm
>> he only has to win one of the other big states. >> he would win wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania, one puts him over 270. and maine, only one electoral vote, he's way ahead there as well. >> a lot of possibilities here, evening. matthew, in some ways, an entire industry blindsided. >> i think a country blindsided, as well as an industry. every single media association that did their own polling, the clinton compa
11:03 pm
campaign. and i think we're going to be asking a lot of questions in the days that follow this, how was this missed? i actually think this was a bigger miss than the brexit. there were way more polls done in this race going up to this, and the arguments were clear. so, i think this is the biggest miss the world has seen. >> you know who didn't believe those polls? listened to him say this isn't over. they didn't listen to us, or anybody else about the polls. it's not over. >> and cecilia vega, give us a sense of what it's like at the javits center. >> well, bewilderment.
11:04 pm
questions in this room right now. people don't know what's going on. they don't know if they're waiting for a concession speech, they're hoping they're waiting for a victory speech. one man, with a paper hillary clinton mask on top of his head. this was supposed to be a party. and i'm standing underneath this glass ceiling, the that at this point i think a lot of people are wondering if in fact it will be shattered tonight. >> radio silence from clinton command? >> complete radio silence. but we're hearing from top democrats and clinton campaign donors saying the race is over.
11:05 pm
his campaign and the white house. take us inside the white house at this point. jon had the tweet from david plouffe, he was as certain as anyone that hillary clinton would win. it sure seemed that president obama believed it would be a victory as well. >> i think we all got and it would be good for the democratic party to take some time and look at what happened. maybe we weren't listening enough to those voters. she clearly didn't perform as well as she needed to with african-americans, hispanics, even women. and he overperformed with white men. so, we have to understand what happened here, and also understand that white men used
11:06 pm
coalition. but we've completely lost them here. >> stephanie, one of the things we talked about, we saw in the primaries, bernie sanders out of nowhere to give hillary clinton a real fight for the nomination. but a lot of hollowing out of the democratic party. at lower >> this has been troubling, we're very confused, because the numbers were just so wrong. just all across the country. i was in florida stumping for hillary clinton. i saw people coming out to the polls, they wanted to make sure their votes were in the bank for hillary clinton. i don't ow if there was some overconfidence in the democratic
11:07 pm
regrouping to do as a party. >> and bill kristol, donald trump was talking about during the primaries, maybe this was a hostile takeover of the republican party. maybe on the verge of winning after that hostile takeover. >> and i think matthew dowd made the point, but it's extraordinary that donald trump was not a politician or a military officer. the upset in the republican party was striking, they normally nominate the next in line, a former vice president, former governor, and to win an upset like that, we're all going to be underestimating the impact of this. you don't have an anomaly of this magnitude, and things go
11:08 pm
i don't buy that. i don't know that paul ryan will be speaker of the house, i hope donald trump reaches across the aisle, and across country, because it's a divided country, whichever one won. i hope there's a message of unity. but what he chooses to do, he doesn't agree with paul ryan on the heart of the republican agenda, a different view of immigration, trade, is he going to go ahead with the trade policies he's talked about? we're in more uncharted waters than we even think. >> alex? >> one thing it makes you think, president obama's personal popularity is separate from where he's left the nation. this is a rejection of continuity. president obama said at the convention, hillary clinton is continuity. he campaigned for her strongly. and voters sent a powerful message there.
11:09 pm
this isn't left/right anymore. this is old/new. top-down washington and government has failed this country, so we're going to blow it all up. that's part of the big message tonight. >> people were saying, we hate those charted waters. we know where that chart goes, and it's not working for me. >> yup. >> so, what they want, it's what trump kept saying about african-americans, if not directly to them was, what do you have to lose? they felt there was a lot to lose. close to 90% of them voted for hillary clinton. but trump voters, that's exactly right. what do i have to lose? >> and this is what i'm trying to puzzle over, i think your
11:10 pm
my question, what are they going to get? what is donald trump going to do for these voters who have now put their faith in him? >> he's going to attack nafta, the count companies that take jobs out of american. we haven't mentioned this yet, but evangelical voters, he didn't prove that he loved god more than his rivals, we saw the bible come out but not again, but he got the vote because of the supreme court. >> to pick up on the point that
11:11 pm
moran, he says he's going to tear up trade deals, and nato. he's been critical of the operation in mosul and the iran deal. how does the world react? >> in shock. he's about to take over the united states, in this power. the president is an office with a great deal of power for a person who knows how to pick it up and use it. if there's one thing he's demonstra demonstrated, he's that guy. >> and martha, you questioned donald trump closely on this during the debates. but right now, we have americans on battlefields in afghanistan
11:12 pm
>> yes, and his understanding of military policy and civilian/military divide, i don't know that he really has a plan for what he's going to do there. he has general mike flynn with him, he'll quickly tell you he has 200 admirals and generals backing him. i think mike flynn has been a huge influence on him. i was also looking back at an interview tim kaine gave. tim kaine has a son in the he was asked, if donald trump is democratically elected, and your son is serving as a marine, you wouldn't trust his life under that commander-in-chief, and kaine said, i wouldn't. that's an extreme thing to say. the people in the military defend the constitution. that's what they do. >> and let's take one more look at the key states.
11:13 pm
hampshire, hillary clinton seems to have a lead. she's maintaining with 85% in. but new hampshire is only four electoral votes. go down to pennsylvania, 20 electoral votes. solidly, democrat for a long time. and donald trump continues to have a considerable lead, with 97% reporting. further west to michigan, donald trump continues to it's narrowed. 87% reporting. wisconsin, 87% reporting, and donald trump has a three percentage point lead. >> needs to win only one of the three states. and let's look at minnesota, as we keep an eye on the trump headquarters in the new york hilton right now. i'm sorry, clinton.
11:14 pm
three-point lead, the thought that minnesota is even close is not something that was anticipated. >> i want to go back to the first time i really met donald trump, at the iowa state fair. he was really just coming on the scene in a big way. flew the helicopter in, trump on the side. the people at the iowa state fair couldn't get enough of him. we were walking around, seeing if anyone supported hillary clinton there, anybody. and donald trump, bringing kids on his held capitop helicopter. he was charming them. >> i grew up in upstate new york, you go home, and you see trump/pence signs everywhere. we go back to the bernie sanders comparison, both had a message for the working class in the country.
11:15 pm
again, they were talking for people who might be a high school graduate, may not have had an opportunity to go to college. which is a huge issue, and they wanted the opportunity, too. and think that, bernie sanders may cringe at the notion that some of his supporters went to donald trump, but it was something that sanders and trump tapped into. and i think there will be an autopsy in the democratic party about whether hillary clinton got that message across that she could do something, too. >> and this is from bucks county, an obama voter, he said, i've never voted republican, but i'm voting for trump this year. and why?
11:16 pm
she wanted to be a politician her whole career. staying in a marriage for that, that bothers me a little bit. does anything bother you about donald trump? they're both who bibhorrible,bu going with trump. >> i want to go outside to t.j. holmes in times square. tell us about the crowd, what you're seeing and hein shocked and confused, same here in times square. something i've never heard before is quiet. it's been quiet in times square this evening as the results have popped up on the screen behind me. it's overwhelmingly a pro-hillary crowd. and they've been shocked. we set up this facebook booth, and this instagram oval office.
11:17 pm
office, the pro-hillary crowd, they've been in absolute shock. the place has gone quiet. seven days a week, 24 hours a day, times square, you hear noise. you're not hearing much of anything. ayla, hello, you have a smile on your face. >> considering the fact that florida was republican, i'm disappointed. but it's not shocking. i love in boca raton, very pro-trump. >> are you holding out hope? >> it sucks, but it is what it is. >> thank you so much. and if you want to hear from more voters, you're welcome to,
11:18 pm
they're hiding, but got a little bit more vocal. you hear, let me go ahead and toss it back to you right now, george. but the place has gone quiet this evening, something i never thought you would hear about times square on an election night. >> and we're still waiting for crucial battleground state results coming in. donald trump, only 26 votes away from the white house. we'll be right back. vo: introducing the new motoz droid with moto mods, exclusively on verizon. boom! vo: transform your phone in a snap. with the only next gen network that lets you get the most out of it, because verizon lte advanced delivers 50% faster peak speeds in 450 cities, coast to coast. buy a motoz droid and get another one free and $300 back. and get 20 gigs of data with no surprise overages,
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and we're back now, coming up on 1:30 on the east coast, 10:30 p.m. on the west coast. and donald trump has 244 out of 270, to 215 for hillary clinton. he's ahead in in michigan, and pennsylvania. and we also have some news out of pennsylvania. pat toomey has won defeating
11:23 pm
>> he didn't reveal who he was going to vote for until the end. you have to look at this day for the republican party, because outside of what happened with donald trump is having an unbelievable day. holding on to the house, losing very few seats. look at the senate races. they are winning indiana, florida, wisconsin, now they've won pennsylvania. new hampshire is very close. kelly ayotte may win in new hampshire, and blunt is ahead in missouri. will keep control of the senate. the question that bill kristol raised, what does the republican party stand for? because they ran on a very different agenda than donald trump. >> well, theemocratic party needs to have the same condition. if this continues, donald trump
11:24 pm
republicans take over the senate, and republicans suffer very few losses. everyone thought it was the end of the republican party 30, 60 days ago. the democratic party has to realize, 34% of the electorate rejected the democratic party. >> and hillary clinton did underperform what she needed to >> it was the effort to get nonwhites, hispanic, african-american voters. and this is what president obama did in 2008 and 2012. look what she did tonight, at least so far into the evening. ten points, she lost, to what obama was able to perform just four days ago. donald trump gained 11 points
11:25 pm
country. >> we're still waiting detroit, milwaukee, philadelphia, but is one of the stories tonight going to be that african-americans, who came out in record numbers for barack obama, did not have the same enthusiasm for hillary clinton? >> well, i don't think anybody expected they would have the same level of enthusia between fighting to win and being a leader. when you're a candidate it's great to have a winning strategy. but i don't think anybody up there that's a supporter of trump or a republican can say one policy that he'll actually do to keep any of the promises that he's made. not one thing.
11:26 pm
going to build the wall. we don't know how he will bring jobs back. so, i hope that will be a story that will be filled in. >> that will be a challenge for him. still 26 electoral votes short of what he needs right now. 244 to 215 for hillary clinton. we'll be right back. remember 2007? smartphones? o m g ten years later, nothing's really changed. it's time to snap out of it. hello moto. snap on a jbl speaker. a projector. a camera that actually zooms. it's a phone you can change again and again and again. hello moto. get excited world. moto is here. the new moto z with motomods. buy one moto z droid, get one free.
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welcome back to abc news coverage of election night 2016. here again, george stephanopoulos. >> 1:30 a.m. on the east coast, 10:30 p.m. on the west coast. trump with 244, clinton with 215. and hillary clinton holding on to a two-point lead in minnesota. the state of michigan, donald trump holding on to the lead, about 70,000 votes. 16 electoral votes. donald trump leading the state of michigan. new hampshire, only four electoral votes.
11:31 pm
votes. state of pennsylvania, this is a big one. 20 electoral votes. and donald trump ahead, 49% to 48%. that would get him just about there. 20 electoral votes in the state of pennsylvania alone. and up by about 60,000 votes. tom llamas, take us inside the trump high command. >> they're excited, and they want the networks t election for donald trump. there's a little bit of frustration, because they feel they have won this race. that being said, donald trump got a promising sign, mary bruce reports that paul ryan congratulated donald trump and
11:32 pm
speaker ryan up close. what do you think is going through his mind? hope you heard the question. go ahead. >> george, we know that speaker ryan did have that conversation with donald trump, this is clearly a warming-up we're donald trump and paul ryan have had this very contentious relationship throughout the election. we've seen paul ryan over the last few days, saying he'd be willing to campaign with donald trump but it never ended up happening. we've heard paul ryan saying donald trump's name, the t-word, something he was reluctant to do throughout much of the campaign.
11:33 pm
trump, the healing process going forward if donald trump does in fact win the presidency. >> and we know paul ryan had a distaste for a lot of the language he saw, against the muslim ban. very strongly for free trade agreements. i can movement to get rid of the trade agreements. >> well, it's also international affairs, paul ryan favors a more aggressive u.s. foreign policy. that's not donald trump. they disagree across the board. it's hard for me to imagine them
11:34 pm
perhaps on social issues, they could probably agree on the supreme court. and cokie, repealing obama care, replacing it with something else. and more tax cuts to promote economic growth. >> absolutely. and paul ryan has this whole better way that he talks about of a whole host of legislation i'm not sure that donald trump will oppose him on any of that. one place they could have an argument on is spending. and the question of infrastructure. think about that. we do have a crumbling infrastructure. airports are terrible, and this is where you could hire
11:35 pm
college degree to build roads, airports, train stations, schools, hospitals. this may be a place where trump can deliver to people what he's talking about, and republicans in congress may have to swallow hard and add to the deficit. >> and he'll get democratic votes for that as well. >> absolutely. lots of democratic votes. >> and the muslim ban, the trade deals, he did also kee idea that in his first few weeks in office, he would move to get rid of obama care completely. >> and we haven't talked about that tonight, but he hammered home those premiums that were rising in the final weeks of this campaign. every time he mentioned that, every state he would go to, the numbers would get higher and higher, and the crowds would cheer when he said he would repeal obama care.
11:36 pm
obama care affected as well. >> and let's go to amy robach, what do you got? >> a lot of impatient people here, ready for the race to be called. and susan, with me, you supported trump. are you surprised at all by tonight's results? >> not at all. >> not even a little bit? >> no. >> why do you >> it's similar to when reagan got elected. there's a silent majority that will vote what their heart says. >> trump said tonight would be brexit times 50. looks like he may have been correct. what are you seeing tonight in this room? >> it's exciting, seeing everybody is positive and
11:37 pm
in the room. >> this has been a negative campaign, we have a divided america. you see the signs, women for trump. but that's been an issue, there's been a big gender gap for who came out for whom. why, as a woman, did you vote for trump? >> i believe in what he says. do i believe in the way he says, not really. i don't believe in clinton at all. she proved she was pretty much disreputable. she's been in the government 30 years, has made a lot of money off being in the government. there's something wrong with that. you make it in the private sector, i'm happy for you. >> was it a vote against hillary rather than for trump?
11:38 pm
have the possibilities i had when i grew up. >> and what do you think about how he speaks to women and minorities change? >> yes, absolutely. i want to see what he's going to do. >> are you going to go to bed tonight? >> not until they call it. >> any predictions? sleep this evening? >> i'm not sure, but i'm pretty sure michigan will put him over. >> susan says michigan will go for trump. >> and tom llamas, we're hearing from trump's campaign manager. >> tweeting this out, things that were true. undercover trump vote. mike pence for vp. hillary's floor and ceiling are the same.
11:39 pm
>> and congratulations coming in from overseas? >> high fives coming from the kremlin. putin is a big winner, and it will remain an open and perhaps unanswered question how much the russian government was mucking around in the election. but putin will have a freer hand in ukraine, and eastern europe. he's a person trying to 27 years ago today, the berlin wall fell, opening up borders to be much more porous, and shrinking russian power. and today, the guy who will build a wall won. >> and marine le pen, some
11:40 pm
>> we were just over in france, talking to the french politicians about donald trump, and there is some support over there. but when you look at the world and we wake up tomorrow, there will be a lot of reaction from around the world, and what it means for everybody. will he pull troops out? and the other thing, i don't think any of us really know. >> that's the thing, the point i wanted to get tom llamas, i'll bring it to you first. we know donald trump started to get security briefings, the same that hillary clinton received. the conclusion of 17 of our national security agencies that russia was behind the hack of the e-mails. he went out day after day and said, i just don't believe it. >> not only did he say that, he
11:41 pm
he said it over and over again, and crowds loved it. even when marco rubio said, it w wasn't a good idea that republicans were promoting this. donald trump said he was joking, but he at one point endorsed the leaks. e-mails showed some voters, maybe he's got a point, maybe he believed that. >> but 17 professional intelligence agency people, giving him the facts. >> and he says he knows more than the generals in iraq.
11:42 pm
time. he said the generals were reduced to rubble, but came back and said it's the civilians, not the military. >> and how could the intelligence agencies be wrong, but they told us we had weapons of mass destruction in iraq. and the iraq war became so incredibly unpopular. >> absolutely, we said, the intelligence agencies had been wrong in iraq. >> we're waiting for the results in michigan, wisconsin, and pennsylvania. but charlie, this is something we've talked about a bit tonight. american people, skeptical of everyone. intelligence agencies, business leaders, the press, politicians, leaders in washington. this is a repudiation of all of it. >> it certainly is.
11:43 pm
whipping on the press. you still have some of the marks. >> every single day. >> but i'm gobsmacked, what brings me up short, we don't know, we have no idea what waters we're in. we're in uncharted waters, because he really hasn't given much signal as to what he will do. he says i'm going to cure this to do it. bill, bless your heart, you think he may come out with a conciliatory statement. but every time he's spoken, it's all about him. it is about me. that's basically what it comes down to when he gives a speech. and i have a feeling he's going to take this very personally, and not be very conciliatory. and that worries me. and the other thing, the other thing, words matter.
11:44 pm
when you start your campaign calling mexican immigrants rapists and murders, insult hispani hispanics, saying he's going to deport all 11 million. he got 29% of the hispanic vote in this country. that's just amazing to me. and needless to say, his comments about women, and his support among women, than expected. >> and this is pretty telling, charlie. if you break down that question about the cments that were made on access hollywood bus. trump voters were asked, trump's treatment of women, do they bother you? and the majority of trump voters, 54% said not much, not at all. i think it will be a discussion
11:45 pm
dads with their children, the ads played with trump's comments and the children listening and watching, and what pents will say on the day after. 54% say it will not matter that much. >> they said it didn't care, it's in the past, he's going forward. >> but tom llamas told us that donald trump went upstairs in trump tower to talk to melania lot of people said, what was that speech? and she spoke about cutting down on bullying, to get at, among the criticisms of donald trump, what he's done on twitter, the comments made about women. that was perhaps the first sign they have to do some healing. >> i think we have a sense of what a potential trump white house would look like.
11:46 pm
propositionals. jeb bush got four delegates, spent $110 million. he goes into the general election, the most massive infrastructure of hillary clinton, 50 times more headquarters, outspent donald trump 5 to one. won all the debates, and he's a somali pirate, and thi time of large tanker ships, and donald trump will go into the white house thinking, i did this. >> and people voted for him. it's not just him. there are millions of americans who voted for donald trump. this country does rest on the consent of the governed. you may disagree with them, but they voted for donald trump, and
11:47 pm
him. they believe it's about them. and i think we have to keep that very firmly in mind. >> and this is why i keep coming back to it. i think you're exactly right. the question is, what is he going to do for them? >> and on that point, as i look around, i think there's a lot of confusion, people are asking, what happened tonight. i've been with donald trump for 500 days. my question is, what happens tomorrow? and i don't think anybody but donald trump knows what he'll do. he'll say one thing, and do something else. he'll make a promise and go back on it. if he does have the senate and house, and he's the president, he can do whatever he wants to do. and we just don't know until he starts in office. >> governing is a serious business. you can't promise one thing and
11:48 pm
i hate to sound like an establishment, sober boring, it's important to get policies right. there's a world order that has not failed for 70 years. and this country hasn't failed so much either. a lot of good things have happened over the last 30, 40 years. let me just finish this. if trump can change, i'm hoping he changes. if he has the attitude that i fooled everyone in primaries, in the general election, i can keep doing this for four years, it will be bad for the country. i think it will not work and will end up badly. >> he said, i can fix this country for one term. i may not have to run for re-election. >> alex? >> remember the donald trump you
11:49 pm
the mexican president, after winning florida, very conciliatory. and martha, your point that this is not just an american phenomenon. it's a global phenomenon. everywhere, people think those guys who think they're better than us, they've failed us. so, the first thing he has to do is make disruption safe, because government is a it's time to get a lot of money and power out of washington and into the people's hands. if he can help the republican party or even the democrats -- >> talking about this globally, the trump movement would have its own party in europe. here, what donald trump has to
11:50 pm
broken the republican party is. how much does winning heal wounds and how much is the pressure from the conservative part of the party to go to donald trump and say, you have never run as a particularly conservative >> well, the supreme court pick, that will be one of the first orders of business. all eyes on wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania. we're live with the latest results when we come back. okay google, show me korean restaurants in boulder. google assistant: i found a few places. vo: the new pixel, phone by google. exclusively on verizon. the only next gen network that lets you get the most out of it. how is this possible? vo: because verizon lte advanced
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it's 11:00 p.m. on the west coast, and donald trump is closing in on what may be the biggest upset in american political history. 244 electoral votes to 215 for hillary clinton. he needs the electoral votes in gray states, starting with pennsylvania. >> pennsylvania, one of the many shockers of the night. 97% of the vote in. and as you see, he has a solid lead, 75,000-vote lead. and if you look at where the
11:55 pm
watching allegheny county, that's pittsburgh. and philadelphia, if you look at philadelphia, 99% in philadelphia. even in the counties around philadelphia, as you look, 98%, 99%, 100% of the counties. not a lot of obviously democratic votes in the state of pennsylvania. if he wins president trump. >> and michigan, looking the same, a little bit closer than it was. >> but trump continues to hold the lead in michigan. the other one, the more likely, wisconsin, he continues to have a very enduring lead in wisconsin. 90% of the vote in, and he still has a three-point lead in wisconsin. >> and any one is enough. the state of arizona, still hanging out there in the west,
11:56 pm
if you go to the possibilities board, what would hillary clinton have to do. arizona, trump has a solid lead. give her new hampshire, she has to win all the remaining states. if she wins michigan, doesn't get 270, michigan and pennsylvania, 268. needs to win new hampshire, michigan, pennsylvania, and wisconsin. >> and is behind in all but hampshire. our election coverage will continue. dot kot h donald trump has 244 electoral votes. 215 for hillary clinton. donald trump is closing in on the white house.
11:57 pm
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12:00 am
and we're back now, 2:00 a.m. on the east coast. 11:00 p.m. on the best coast. and we're still here, because donald trump is closing in on the 270 electoral votes he needs. 244 to hillary clinton's up in the midwest. michigan, leading in the state of michigan. he's leading right now in the state of wisconsin. you see it there, as well. 49% to 46% over clinton. leading now in the state of pennsylvania. a win in any one will almost certainly give him the white house, because he's also leading in the state of arizona.


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