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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  November 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm MST

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burned right now. we do not know if that was an out building. you can see the crews behind me as they try to keep this contained. it start at 1: 30, today, but there is another flareup right there. an active fire going on. those fire crews say they are trying to put that out. they do have contained, there is also another fire, you can see the smoke year. we are told the whole thing started up here north about hundred 40th street. that is where the street is. there a lot of homeowners that shoot in that area and that it might have been a gunshot that caught this on fire. several homeowners were working with hoses to put that out. the fire here, is contained. there a lot working to confirm that with officials. take a look at some video from their tracker seven, you can
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where it was moving, south, very quickly. they say that by the time that they heard there was a fire, they were able to go out and see the property was okay. but, it was really traveling south very quickly. again, one structure is burned down. one big haystack is burned down. no injuries as far as we are told. for the cause, we a lot of people are speculating that it was a gunshot. we will continue to talk with fire officials, and hear from a homeowner coming up at 10 pm. breaking at five, president- elect trump has chosen his advisor. priebus, on the right side of
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and steve bannon is chief strategist and senior counselor to the president. this announcement is coming up in as protests continue across the country. more than 1000 people have gathered at civic center park tonight for a rally. this is after a large protest on thursday night to where people march throughout denver. we are live at civic center park. >> reporter: you can see, at this hour, the crowd has thinned out. after a peaceful rally, earlier today, the organizers told the crowd on the outset that thursday was about voicing frustrations. today was about peace unity. we had video to show you from earlier. an estimated 1000 people gathered here today at the greek amphitheater.
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tolerance. state representative joe salazar promised the crowd that they will legislate based on what's right. for example, trump has endorsed stop salazar says that if that is a federal mandate, he will introduce state law to counteract it. >> we can stateside. he cannot nationalize our police. and he is not going to. if he is going to try to do that, we are going to put a stop to it right here and right now. >> reporter: we should also point out that the denver police department had a very low profile here today. in fact, they were staged a few blocks away in case the crowd became unruly. but, as you can see, that crowd has endowed at his late hour. live in senate -- civic center park.
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springs. and tape trump protest's. this is in downtown colorado springs. hundreds of people you see came out to this rally to protest. donald trump is saying today on 60 minutes, on cbs, that he is willing to depart 2 million 2,000,000 to 3,000,000 people in the country illegally. with criminal records, drained -- gain records or drug de >> they are talking about a fence, and the republican congress. would you accept a fence? >> for certain areas i would. certain areas of wall is more appropriate. >> that goes against what paul ryan said in the state of the union today. hillary clinton is blaming the election loss on the fbi
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campaign. it halted the momentum and she had. she said that his second letter before the election brought emails back into the spotlight. broncos are getting back on track tonight. the dramatic win against the new orleans saints. >> reporter: do not know what you want to call it, just-in-time court --? it was improbable. justin simmons jumps over the center in blocks it. parks picks it up and scampers 84 yards for a two point 2.2 version. it held up under review, and a
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>> words cannot even describe how you feel. 25 -- 23? that was a great feeling. >> i do not get high or low in these moments. i have been playing for six years. we have had amazing when the disappointing losses. i to stay even keel. whatever happens, happens. >> thh broncos improve a 7 -- 3 going into the bi-week. it puts him in a position to achieve all their goals. drew brees -- drew brees said changing our focus, this was a welcomed sight in winter park this morning.
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nothing to get too excited about yet. it was a dusting, not even an inch right there. the metro area, we haddsome records. those record for the latest snowfall is nine days away from breaking that record. it looks like boulder will break their will record. the latest snow is today's away. november 15. going to break some records. i love that video of rolling down the ruler to the smallest amount of snow and overnight. we will take that we can get. here is loveland ski area. they were out enjoying this beautiful, beautiful weather. no snow yet, supermoon tonight, just on the rise. we have beautiful conditions to see that. it is quiet conditions here
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sprinkles of snow early morning. temperatures in the 50s, 60s right now. yes, we have a fuse chances for rain and snow. the extended forecast will come in a few minutes. this is new tonight, at least two people are dead after a powerful earthquake hit new zealand. it struck after midnight, local time, and damage to buildings. they tried to one people waves. just a terrible storm in the western slope tonight, 41- year-old man has been arrested after deputies say he shot and killed an 11-year-old boy. he turned himself in today, you are looking at a picture of him.
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shot and was at a home. he was brought to the hospital and died. the investigation is ongoing and the boy's name is not been released yet. jeremy james mushrush is not related to the victim. five people after this place in lakewood. this is in the area off of south bowens. the fire started in a short -- storage shed. it was accelerated when it passed meter failed. fortunate, no one was injured. >> was invested -- arrested in louisiana. he was going by the names of james sawyer. he had several facebook pages in the same name. we're getting started with you here in denver7 news. makes you look up at the sky tonight, it is going to be beautiful. it is going be the biggest
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the forces here in denver, and all of the star wars far fans
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new at five tonight, a group of subaru enthusiasts hit the road honoring other subarus killed by drunk drivers. miles to buy,. we have this story. on the memorial cruz. >> reporter: most of the subaru owners do not know him. two men killed in separate crashes caused by drunk drivers. >> it started out with tj. 90 % of the people there did
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outside of our state but there is a colorado connection. his brother mark. he said michael was killed in portland after march. the driver slammed into the back of his subaru. at 80 miles per hour. >> there are no words that can describe but i feel. >> reporter: they see his name on the name of other -- windows of other cars is meaningful. >> it really touched my heart. >> reporter: c.reports 150 people are killed in alcohol- related traffic crashes each year in colorado. >> it is very painful to lose a loved one to a drunk driver. you suffer a great loss.
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golden two black hawk. >> they were not street racing are going fast, they were minding their own business. it is heartbreaking and i did not even know them. >> reporter: denver7. this is new tonight, friends marked the anniversary of terror attacks with paris today. it started with a balloon release in memory of the 130 people that work killed in multiple attacks last year. the plaque honoring the victims one of six plaques placed around all of the city. 90 concerts -- concert goers were reopened. a concert by sting. people are still coping with the night club shooting. they came out with a pride festival today though. more than 150,000 people came out and prayed. posting pictures of the
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tomorrow, we are expected to get a new update weather hot social club will be offered in denver. it has 90,000 ballots, still. each of those boats will matter, especially on the issue of whether pot can be smoke in public. veterans, living here in colorado, are fighting to get access to medical marijuana. they are suffering one in five veterans suffer from ptsd. the colorado board of health began to add this to the list of conditions that could be treated by marijuana. >> there is a stigma attached to cannabis useefor the use of ptsd. a lot of veterans don't think it is a viable option for them because the state has not deemed an option for them.
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with merriment -- medical marijuana dozens eight's. the forces here in denver today. the costume exhibit opened in the denver art museum. it is three years in the making and features 60 original costumes. from all seven films. there are no replicas in the film. is completed with glass casings for east 360 degree costumes. >> we had a theme that went to skywalker ranch three different times. identifying different pieces they would bring into the show. >> it is just so cool. i'm a big fan. >> if you want to wait on this, this dramatic presentation is on display through april 2. you
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we are taking a live look at the new denver. make sure you head out outside and check out this. the biggest supermoon in seven years. happening right now. you can check it out, east, the best viewing is at six the clock. check it out tomorrow morning also just that 7:00. completely full and we will have all the details. let's get over to thank goodness the weather is cooperating with our supermoon. this is something you want to miss when you look out the door. it will be a spotlight all play tonight. the weather looks great. the great shot of the full moon there. we have some tightness out there thanks to the moon., but
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a chance for rain and snow coming into our forecast. it is on the extended forecast, though, so we will have to wait a little bit. humidity is at 29 two -- % . right now we're in the 50s from dia to colorado city. our satellite radar shows pretty quiet. we had a few thanks to a week cold front. it slid across the state likely. it did not last long, note significant accumulation. we will get more later. allen's park is 33. 13 four broomfield. dusty wind, starting to die down through the state. our overnight lows will be
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for tomorrow, back in the 70s once again. sunshine on the way. to getting to school, it will be a cooler start. 72 degrees scott tomorrow. another useful day. temperatures in the 70s and 37 for tonight. we will have 20s and 30s for the eastern plains. our future cast shows more about tomorrow, 72 degrees and mostly sunny. 72 for lakewood in littleton 69 for inglewood. country, 71 degrees for you. 50s and 60s for highs tomorrow in the mountains.
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going to be absolutely gorgeous. then there is a chance for rain and snow for low 50 force and 30s. look at on friday, a high of 45 degrees and back in the 50s again by saturday. we will see high clouds. i think the more significant snow will be in the higher elevations, but we're crossing our fingers. are you going to make us wait? thank you so much, stacy. there is a new way to get out of paying your parking ticket. how a simple act of kindness
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there is a new continue at the big-box wars. many people talk -- go to amazon prime. but are the deals better than sam's or cosco? we did some comparison shopping. >> reporter: sam's club, cosco's, or amazon prime.
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household items anywhere else. >> i love cosco. >> reporter: they prefer sam's club. >> paper towels, toilet paper. >> reporter: then there is this mother, who gets everything she needs from amazon pride. >> a quick two minutes. order it and it will be at the mailbox. >> reporter: warehouse stores know you can get things online these days. they are concentrating on installation. don't need tires? than just about hearing aids or eyeglasses? consumer reports magazine says sam's and cosco is on their prices are lower than most change. -- chains. what about more than household goods? in particular, amazon subscribe and save program.. gets a additional five %
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every month. so the low price winner is cosco! the lowest prices overall. >> they are still 12 % less in average prices of those items when you compared to amazon. sam's club was in second place. five % higher than cosco's. but the high fee means you have to shop more to see those savings. >> building that makes it worthwhile is pending $600 or more per year just to ea >> reporter: amazon was the most expensive even with free shipping. there's no single wet winter. cosco is best if you buy a lot in one organic produce. sam's has lower membership fees. amazon is best for convenience. maybe you will not impulse buys as much. in the spirit of thanksgiving, see you will let drivers pay off parking tickets with a food donation.
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assistance program. it does not mean you can . legally and carry cans in your bag. it only works for isssed tickets before november 1. we're keeping our eyes on to developing breaking stories. we're getting our first look at present collect trump advisors. a large brush fire has already burned one structure north of
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we're going to keep you updated on breaking news. a large breasts fire you see here. eric decker seven, flew over the scene. that fire has continued to roll over the last few hours. we are live. >> reporter: there are two
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some flashing lights behind me. we are told that there -- it is contained right now. these are videos from earlier today. is about a mile wide and started at 148th avenue. moved south very quickly. we are told, by some homeowners, people were shooting guns and that may have been started the the fire. they are not confirming this at right there they called 911 for different times. they were never able to find the property. the sod farm has survived all of this. but a lot of brush, 300 acres of brush burned in all of this. fire crews are still trying to find out the hot spots. it is totally contained, they
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to this. no injuries. we would have the latest and will take you inside the fire line and show you some of this fire coming up at 10:00 p.m. we are live in adams county. also staying on top of this breaking news, trump has chosen his top advisers. right side of the screen has been named as chief of staff. and steve bannon has been named strategist and counselor. the protests continue here in colorado. over a dozen came out to -- 1000 came out to civic center park. it was peaceful and did not get out of hand. nearly 3/4 of the us population survey except trump's election as legitimate.
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99 % of trump's supporters saw the election as legitimate. 58 % of club clinton's reported did not support them. fox news sunday morning, they talked about the protests we're seeing nomination. she said trump is the president and calling on prop -- top democrats to stop. forward and come to calm and peaceful transition. many of them professional and paid. ask them to give this man a chance. so that this country can flourish. >> so far no one has spoken out about the protests. have different protest for you. only colorado, they have had
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warm weather. this is downtown steamboat springs. more snow, less hate. power to the people. make colorado snow again. we have little hope on the horizon. i've never seen a weather protest before. maybe a rain dance here and there but that is about it. the weather now you can go out and enjoy the supermoon. mid to upper 60s this afternoon it is another warm day tonight. overnight lows in the 20s and 30s. 20s higher up, in the mountains. 37 degrees and partly cloudy skies. as we go into been rest of the evening, the temperatures will drop into the 40s. we'll talk more about rain and snow coming up.
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gunshots were fired inside. hundreds of people fled the mall near albany. after witnesses were heard gunshots inside the mall. no injuries were reported and no arrests were made. it is the biggest in the statist -- state of new york. rock 'n roll hall of fame leon russell has died. he died in nashville last july. leon russell was primarily a keyboard player. for joe cocker. beach boys also and many other artists. a blindfold away with had become one of the youngest contestants ever on abc's shark tank. we're going to introduce you to him. you will love him. in the deal that earned him a spot with the sharks.
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? ? ? when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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a great honor for a 10-year- old boy from broomfield. he is one of the youngest tank. he sells lemonade stands, and they are popping up all over the country. originally, they started so he could buy a $400 lego set. little did he know, he would end up making thousands at the farmers market in broomfield. jack is now selling his hot chocolate and creations of other young entrepreneurs. >> pitching in front of them was unreal.
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went into a. it was totally worth it. just a great experience. >> how well spoken as he? he went up a $50,000 loan at the hopes to expand his business. up and you have never seen. alive animal manikin challenge. see use ralphie. ralphie and all of her handlers. good news from the cu campus today. the football team is w number 12 in the nation. that video helped a little bit. temperatures are comfortable right now.
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doesn't it feel like a supermoon night tonight? that is it right there. this is not something you will not be able to miss tonight. default weather for cloudy skies tonight. as you walk outside, it will be the brightest thing in the sky. mild, with a few high clouds tonight. a great night for a supermoon. finally, a chance for rain and snow in the seven-day forecast. we're coming up on records for the latest snowfall we have ever received. 54 degrees outside as the warmth continues. the wind is six miles per hour.
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littleton and 52 for castle rock. we had a little bit of white snowfall come through northwestern colorado this morning but it has moved out. we get a little late dusting on some of our higher mountain towns. we will take what we can get that we have not seen any snow across the front range yet. temperatures in the 40s, and tomorrow afternoon with it will warm up. if you're headed to the bus stop, early, 42 degrees to start out. 72 degrees on the way home. mostly sunny skies and a beautiful afternoon. 37 tonight with an overnight low. steamboat to eagle to aspen 27. western slope 27 for you. tomorrow, 72 for a high and a beautiful day. well above for we should be for normal afternoon high. we should be in the low to mid
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59 for estes park. a little closer here, broomfield, 71. 73 from montclair. if you are in centennial, 69. 60s and 70s across the plains. a little cooler out here with the upper 60s in sterling. we keep getting warmer and warmer, 75 for tuesday afternoon. a high and bright spot out there 74 it moves through on thursday in a chance for rain and snow. look at friday with all of that sunshine. 45 degrees for our high. a great-looking weekend. a little bit more normal. >> what is normal? especially get a moon like tonight. crazy things happen. specially and sports. >> i have never ever ever seen a victory snatched from the jaws of defeat in the afternoon
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two points down to two point up in a seven back -- 3 record. justin simmons got up high and will parks returned it all away. did it
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welcome to seven sports extra. talk about finding ways to win. this way, the broncos found today with one i've never seen. except album -- alabama. they put the saints up by one, ?nd ended up getting the broncos a two point victory. a tremendous turning point on one play. there will be no quarterback change coming in the bi-week. you see the game highlights. too bad picks, saints scored 17 unanswered. 10 max -- 0. trevor came back in the fourth quarter. it was 17 -- 17. they one 4 -- 2. broncos also recovered to former -- fumblee. eight big one by tj would. broncos up 23 -- a 17.
5:48 pm
one. 122 left, and the extra point to take the lead. the play of the year for the broncos, justin simmons. the high juup to block it. rookie safety will parks/it out of midair. took off down the sidelines the did he step out of bounds? the saints said he did. he has white shoes on, who could tell. they could not get evidence to overturn it and that is the game winning stern -- score. let's get live to the superdome right now. >> reporter: g lionel that you have defining moment in the season, and that was one of them. when you look at it, it came
5:49 pm
know this about justin simmons. 40 inch -- lead. it was not an accident he made this happen. focus, do your job, play like broncos. what does that mean for team? do not have a single five-star recruit. it means that you have to grind. you have to find a way. pretty, it was more graffiti than da vinci but it worked. they were able to run the ball a little back -- bit -- bit. the broncos found a way to win. we talked to cover after and about what was their most impressive of the season. >> this is a big game for us. we knew that going in. we found a way to do it somehow in some way. we were really proud to be part
5:50 pm
>> throws right, and pass will be caught in the end zone. touchdown, denver. >> we want to get that first round by. that's what it takes. we get into it one game at a time that is what we are doing. >> no one wants to go into a bye week with a loss. i'm happy we got this win and got the rest of it to get back of it right. >> get this team fresh for the last 6. we're going to play six playoff games. i think for that the first 10 weeks we have to get better. and i am proud of how hard we fought. >> reporter: they are going to get guys back to work derek wolfe told me he thinks he will be ready for the november 27 game against the chiefs. matt paradis can use the time off.
5:51 pm
bi-week. it changes the entire object of the weekend for the team. live for new orleans. a big win for the broncos. much more broncos saints tonight at a later newscast. try and woody paige, on sports extra tonight. as you heard troy say, check the denver7 after the bi-week, mile high at november 27. cam newton, to function as. it was a touchdown panthers. they led 17 nothing. picked off by eric berry. put in a spin cycle for good measure.
5:52 pm
marcus peters just ripped away, to get back to the jeeps. that set up cairo santos. the walkoff game winner and got it. wow, the chiefs scored 20 unanswered. they are 7 -- 2. a half-game ahead of the broncos. now, college, the cu buffs. they are going to beat they are now 8 -- 2 for a monster game next saturday at pulse and field. watch the kickoff at 1: 30. there is no game day coming on from espn in boulder. they are not coming to boulder the saturday.
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the falcons one at csu. they still not have one in the spring since 2002. college hoops. braden call a was the big shot today. he not that one down. followed him at 21 and that the last second he's up to. nice job in a turnover. he had it and wanted 64 -- 61. the final. are the broncos saints
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