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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  November 13, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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denver 7 new starts right now. neerly 300 acres burning near dia and investigators say could be done on purpose as an try trump protesters continue nationwide including 1000 in denver. a spike in hate crimes, hundreds reported all tied to the election. at first, history is decided as donald trump makes his first week appointment as president elect, his white house chief of staff and one of his top advisers. controversy as he uses back on one of this core campaign positions. >>reporter: in his first big decision as president like he named rice previous as his chief of staff he is chairman of the republican national committee and he also tapped stephen bannon as chief strategist and senior counsel, the former head of conservative bright part news and a critic
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he said they are highly qualified leaders that work well together on the campaign and led to a historic victory. now i have them with me in the white house as we work to make america great again. in an interview trump is backtracking saying he will focus on criminal illegal immigrants and the millions of others? >> after the borders secured and everything is normalize who will make a determination on the peop that were talking about, they are terrific >>reporter: on the supreme court ? >> i am pro-life and the judges will be pro-life. >> we reject the president- elect. >>reporter: for five days and nights protesters have gone into the street across the country. thousands more were out on sunday. >> if you select why doesn't he support the whole us.
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looking forward to the job ahead. >> we've have both houses and the presidency. trump protesters continue here in colorado and northern 1000 people gathered at the pet amphitheater. organizers callld it a peaceful rally of unity and inclusiveness but one mommy her said he will not give them an open mind presidency. >> absolutely not let me tell you why, you don't go on a campaign trail and demonize communities and the way he has in the language he used in them all the sudden turnaround and say i will moderate myself. we put that out there you cannot take it back. you are looking downtown colorado springs in a similar rally is taking place and
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dislike over the outcome of the election. postelection drama is taking it according to usa today there are more hate crimes have -- happening then after 9/11. they say there have been more than 200 reports of hate crimes and hate faced intimidation and harassment nationwide since election day. the president-elect tells 60 minutes takinggthe president's $400,000 per year salary, he also says he will not take any big vacation saying there's too much to be done. take a look at this, several grass fires northeast of dia kept fire crews busy this afternoon. investigators say the 300 fire may have been set on purpose and landowners they it was a mile wide. mark doyle is live and he was
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>>reporter: this is inside the fire lance and you can see the black burned out on the ground in the fire came close to businesses and farm homes and we are allowed on the property by the landowner you can see this pile of office still earning strong and the fire is fully contained. >> the fire started great over there where that orange code is. it was in that position for almost 2 hours. >>reporter: when they saw the flames they said they had two options, call 9 firefighting into their own hands and fire crews never showed up. >> there was a lack of response, it was the community that pulled together to at least stop the destruction of homes and horses. >>reporter: those on the front lines are quick their own personal tractors and garden hoses and said there was a lot of confusion from the start. >> i am the neighbor and i called it 2:01 pm and dispatch
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20 can i told them it was impossible. >> asked if there was anything aad they said it was a grass fire that was contained. >>reporter: the group said they work to evacuate over one dozen radio horses and save homes and they were on their own. >> they called for hope 4 times. >>reporter: no one showed up? no one's been on the property at all, the deputies showed up and they were there fighting the fire with >>reporter: several males so they were trying to keep the fire from jumping the road and continuing to spread. >> the wind changed and hopped over the creek reading came up on this little lip that we are standing on. >>reporter: tim walsh owns a farm consists of 300 acres that burned speared his grass. >> you never could imagine something like this.
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to get. >>reporter: is alfalfa sticks are different story, thousands of dollars lost in hundreds of grasping gone along with 2 and use sheds and adams county is investigating as an intentional fire. >>reporter: adams county not willing to say what they believe started the fire and we will continue to follow their investigation. live in adams county, mark boyle, denver 7 thank you so much, but their homes after a fire lakewood near south wins and west can techie -- kentucky. it started in a storage shed in both homes caught fire when a guest meal decimeter failed an accelerated. crews are still investigating exactly what started the fire. 2 people are dead in new zealand after series of earthquakes rocked the pacific ocean. the first was a 7.8 magnitude earthquake that was powerful
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people were sent running into the streets terrified for their lives. >> doors were opening and closing in the whole house was moving. creaking, moving. >>reporter: that sounds scary in new zealand is still feeling large aftershocks that the tsunami warnings have been lifted. grab some shades and look up, right now the extra super moon is lighting up the denver sky, check out the time lapse video from earlier this evening when the oon was at its brightest. social media is going crazy over this. the biggest super moon nearly 70 years. if you don't feel like going outside, tomorrow morning just before 7 am you will have another try and the moon will be completely full. it was clear and hopefully we can get a beautiful shot. >>reporter: that is one of the best time lapse as i have seen in temperatures are on the cool side and 40s and 50s here in
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with 36. for the overnight lows will mostly have 20s and 30s for the eastern plains and in the mountains a bit cooler with teens and 20s and officially 37 skies here in denver and as you are planning tomorrow morning it looks like we will have sunshine and 42 to start at 7 am and by 11 am we will have a temperature xt two. finally have chances for some rain and snow in the seven-day forecast and i will have the details coming up here at tragedy on the western slope and a man is behind bars after he shot and killed an 11- year-old little boy, 41-year- old james marsh rush from grand junction turned himself in, deputies say yesterday the 11- year-old was shot at her home before dying at the hospital. right of the investigation is ongoing and the boys name has not been released. he is not related to the victim. one of karl rove's most
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bars, investigators say graham gyde has been living in louisiana for the past six months and was going by the name james sawyer. they say he had several facebook pages in that same name . time is running out for homeless camps right here in downtown denver, people have 2 days to remove their belongings as the city plans to clear out camps on tuesday. the sweeps will happen outside the shelters on lawrence street and you may remember that the city peered out the cams in march and they have only grown in the past eight months. the people that live out there say they simply have no where to go. >> when you are being swept off the box the you are used to laying on the alleys you are used to being warming go to the one place you know.>> they say there is a public health threat and it eates a lot of tension and lawsuit.
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northern speeding the saints but if you did not see the ending ou better watch this so you know what everyone is talking about tomorrow. drew brees hit brandon codes for 32 yard touchdown pass to tie the game at 23. all the saints had to do was keep the extra point in they would have a victory. it is blocked. justin simmons blocked the kick and into will park's hands and he raised 80+ yards down the field and staying inbounds all the way to the end zone and that counts is 2 points in the nfl in the broncos pulled out a 25- 23 victory and woody paige will have more on that crazy play in the incredible when in new orleans coming up later on xfinity sports extra. 6000 people have contributed but how much study
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thanksgiving meals. and breaking down the most burglarized places in the city.
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new tonight at 10 pm, and act of kindness that has been in the denver community for six decades and it could come to the end did they help thousands of families in need during thanksgiving but they are now in need of help and sally joins us now and organizers say they are running out of time. >> they have five days to come up with thousands of dollars to buy enough baskets to keep families this thanksgiving who throughout colorado. >>reporter: single mother of 4 says that making ends meet is a constant struggle. >> at work in construction and it's hard when you don't have 3 time with your kids. sometimes i'll be working to pay the rent. >>reporter: making the warm thanksgiving meal is not always part of her yearly budget. >> it is hard when you don't have the income to provide something to celebrate.
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been coming in the form of the basket every year, all thanks to the generosity of daddy bruce randolph who has cooked thanksgiving meals for families until he died in 1994. >> whose randolph was an icon in the mmunity. >>reporter: kane harris is a member of the foundation and took over the cause in 2003 and has been distributing food baskets ever since. >> it was a calling that we felt from god. >>reporter: the norofit foundation is in need of help, so far this year raised only $65,000. >> we need $150,000 to feed 5000 families. >>reporter: with thanksgiving around the corner organizers are calling on the community to land. >> we have five days to pay for
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raised by the saturday before thanksgiving, families like thanksgiving might -- families like cynthia me skip thanksgiving dinner. >> you can donate online and volunteer and we have all of this information on our denver seven at. great information and you can be a holiday hero and help feed local children in need, 1 in 4 colorado kids is hungry and between now and the end the month your donation at any federal credit union will go to the food bank of the rockies to help buy items for weekend food bags given out by the community food share program. to keep with the spirit of thanksgiving cu is letting drivers pay off your parking tickets with the food donation, don't think you can park legally, this only works if you had a ticket before november 1
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tomorrow through thursday. a lot of people here in colorado driver subaru and you probably know one of them where you are when yourself but busiest hit the road honoring other subaru owners who were killed by drunk drivers. the colorado chap organizers five-mile memorial drive starting in golden and ending in black hawk. most of the subaru drivers do not know michael josi or 2j shaw, the men being remembered not doing anything, they were not going fast, they were making their own business. it is heartbreaking.>> within 150 people were killed in alcohol-related traffic crashes each year in colorado. you may have to shell out extra cash for your water and denver water is proposing a rate increase and it will train earned an additional 3% in
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you can find out tomorrow whether social pot clubs will be allowed in colorado, initial -- initiative 300 is too close to call tonight and they still have $90,000 to count and that is proof that every single book that you cast counts. the word rigged has been thrown around a lot boulder county making sure that you know things were on the up and up and you are invited to a voting equipment audit can see this accuracy of the machines as it tallies the votes. of pulling expert is more than his words, he says that if trump won more than 240 electoral votes he would eat a bug and he kept his word. >> haricots -- here it goes. >> you are a man of your word,
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>> a little money, mostly honey but if it's good enough for a sneak -- snake. >> is very descriptive and has a good spirit. protecting your stuff, denver seven investigation reveals a list of neighborhoods were burglars are striking after poring over many reports this is what we found, in denver homes in hampton come in at number 5, that is followed by east colfax, curtis park and montebello in second. first my place goes to green valley ranch with 416 burglaries over the past five years and we talked to deputies in arapahoe county and they see the key is to make sure your house is not appealing. i want them to mp the fence and kick in the door because that is more time and
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will create more noise. >> when it comes to when they hit the most it is weekdays and not weekends and the 28th is the most popular day to break in. student set of venture county elementary school in adams county are still out of schools crews work to fix the plumbing problem that had students eating outside. there is about 3 inches of standing sewage water in the classes. >> it's interfering with their health and they cannot focus, it is waste. >> the tri-county health de working to figure out why the sewage is backing up in the south wing. the goal is to have the school open sometime this week. sad news in the music world as leon russell has died. you see him playing right here and so's -- sources close say he passed -- passed away in nashville last night and was recovering after heart bypass surgery. he was primarily a keyboard player and play back pop --
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snow in winter park, don't get excited, just a dusting as you can tell that nice to see some snowflakes falling. by the way, denver and boulder are both closed to breaking records -- close to breaking records for the latest snowfall ever. hard to complain about the beautiful weather but people want to ski. >> we need some snow, novemb seen a snowfall start and it looks like we are about to break the record. boulder will break the record of november 15 can we have no forecast in the extremely near future but some on the 7 day forecast. outside it is uniform partly cloudy skies and the beautiful superman. check it out, you cannot miss it . it will warm up over the next few days an afternoon highs in the midshipman 70s
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rain and snow on the seven-day forecast as i mentioned. this is towards the end of the week right around thursday and if you making plans with the -?system going through the appl show you in a minute. 36 degrees right now and quiet. humidity at 48% and 11 mi./h and it was breezy today but the temperatures today are mostly in the 40s and 50s and it's cooler at dia and longmont and dirty but temperatures mostly in the 40s. the satellite picture husband front going through and just a little dusting that we need to get the snowball rolling down the hill and have snow systems to bring moisture. it has been 32 consecutive days that we have not seen any rain or snow in the denver area. overnight lows in the 30s but temperatures mostly in the 40s hour by hour and tomorrow afternoon back into the 70s
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sweatshirt to start and 42 degrees and 72 going home with sunshine. another pretty day and 37 tonight with early cloudy skies in the superman will be completely fold right before sunrise. keep that in mind. temperatures in the 20s and 30s across the plains and teens and 20s from gunnison to aspen in steamboat at 29. tomorrow we will have a high of 72 with mostly sunny skies and we will have the 70s all along the front range was 60s mixed in from aurora to bennett and castle rock and parker. a little closer here and 62 for liquid and 69 for aurora and 72 for wes minister and for the western sub temperatures in the low to midshipman 60s. the 7 day for caskets warmer each day for the beginning of the week, 75 on tuesday one of the bright spots and here comes a storm system, a chance for
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snowfall will be in the mountains. we will have overnight lows dropping into the 20s and it will be chilly on friday compared to what we are used to. 45 degrees is the high and we have been about 20 degrees above where we should be. >> you been spoiling us. >> now back to reality. >> some people are excited. thank you stacy. c is roughly jumps on the bandwagon taking part in the manikin challenge and putting inspiration into your sunda and we will introduce you to
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new tonight, cu boulder takes the manikin chaalenge to a new level, you are looking at
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a perfect time to have some fun in the box football team is now ranked -- buffalo football team is now ranked number 12. 5000 animals to feed. our 7 everyday hero is up to the challenge. >>reporter: on average butterflies live one month but in that short time they thrived at the butterfly rebellion in westminster thanks to the staff and the plants. >> without the plans to support the butterfly nectar not have butterflies. >>reporter: volunteer vicki mara is here to help. >> here in this beautiful exhibit we keep it primed and ready to go for gas and she helps outside. >> did you have to wait to plant bulbs? >>reporter: she gives her time the here every week. >> going on seven years in
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>> we would not be so successful without our volunteers. >> i love working the butterflies, they are incredibly beautiful. >>reporter: beautiful even after they have died and she helps make displays and shadow boxes for the billions butterflies and flowers so they can be used as a teaching tool or sold in the gift shop. >> we are experimenting with pressing the flowers to use in a little shadowbox with the butterflies that are spread and pinned. >>reporter: technically vicki is not elected dr. us. >> includes butterfly and moss said they would study butterflies and moths. >>reporter: she is a dedicated volunteer of the butterfly pavilion who helps butterflies thrive for all of us. >>reporter: would put you in the front row. >> the independent insurance agent of colorado and denver 7 what to make you a 7 everyday hero for all of your
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if you would like to nominate someone as a 7 everyday hero go to the denver and click on the
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check this out, a lot of people are talking about the new addition to the denver art exam, the star wars costumee exhibit is three years in the making and features 60 original costumes from seven films and there are no replicas, all original in glass casing that allow a 360 view. and than 100 never before seen items. stacy is headed over there. >> i was really impressed. >> is the best that they were not replicas. >> temperatures in mid-70s for tuesday and wednesday and then finally a slight chance for rain and snow on thursday but
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mid-40s for friday and overnight lows in the 20 but most of us that will be in the higher elevation so we will keep our fingers crossed for more moisture. coming up the broncos turned a tough loss into an unbelievable victory in one play, they discuss the blocked extra point and very exciting, what it means for the rest of the season, plus an avalanche


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