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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  November 14, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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federal court awaiting class action status about the sweeps involving area homeless people when plaintiff we spoke to said he lives on the street because whenever he goes to a shelter he gets sick so he plans on putting up a tent and refusing to move when the sweeps happen tomorrow if that's the case the city will be removing his belongings and moving them to a warehouse and he can claim at some point later and in some cases leftover stuff is thrown out. of lawsuit. again filed in federal court in the legality of the enforcement of the city's urban camping band which means the sweeps. are they legal and constitutional. they say it's a public health hazard and the people behind me say they have a right to rest and the right to stay. as of right now the urban camping band and the enforcement is the law of the land until a judge says otherwise.
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5:30 and you can see jason has not only his jacket on the beard is starting to fill in. 45 degrees this morning. it's a little chilly early. 66 by noon and warming up nicely. 3:00 were at 72 and sunny and warm and about five or seven degrees warmer tomorrow. today low 70s and tomorrow upper 70s and you will find 60s near evergreen normal. we are tracking the potential for pretty high fire danger. feather watch goes into effect on the western slope tomorrow morning. we're not talking chance for rain snow until thursday. we will show you where it looks like just how cold it will be coming up. >> just in time for thursday is a late shift. we have the good drive on the northbound side of i 25 and you
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and there will be elaine shift on tuesday for the new bridge at the center part of the bridge project and then they replace the ones tearing down and replacing the other ones that remains on the far west side. we see a couple of minor problems. right next to city park the 23rd in a minor accident and no alternate needed at wadsworth and highway 285 justin a bombshell in a book that b donald trump thought he would be dropping out of the race by october 2015. and advisor to new jersey a chris christie says trump told kristi in early 2015 that he did not expect to make it past fall at which point he said he would endorse kristi. as we now know kristi -- kristi ended up endorsing trump. cnns book unprecedented -- --
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changed everything december 6. >> developing now the anger taking a nasty turn. police reporting a rise in hate crimes. here is one that happening colorado. a 12-year-old daughter was told quote now that trump is president i'm going to shoot you and all the blacks i can find. the southern poverty law center have -- has tracked more than 300 heat incidents -- incidences and less than a week. there are calls for condemn hate crimes. he called for americans to stop it. >> today we may find out -- find out that social pop falls -- that social pot clubs, remember the denver election office had about 90,000 ballots so today hoping for an update for final outcome. >> the word raid as thrown
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making sure that you know things are honest at 9:30 a.m. you are invited to a voting equipment audit. you can see the ccuracy of the machines as it tallies. >> we invite you to join for a look back at the highs and the lows of colorado political coverage. tomorrow night's discussion at the auditorium is the final in our tap the vote series we partnered with the post and you can learn more on the channel and look for in the spotlight section. >> five people looking for place to spend the night. this happened yesterday near south owens. fire critters -- both homes caught fire when a gas meter caught flames. >> no school again today for students in adams county. crews are working to fix a big plumbing problem.
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three inches of standing sewage water in the classroom. >> they can't focus. it's not good for their health. it's natural gas. it's waste for a reason. >> tri- county health department are working to figure out why the switch is backing up the goal is to have the school open paid this week 535 and you may have to shell out extra cash for your water next year. denver water is proposing a rate increase. th earn denver water an additional 3% in revenue right now a race against time. five days to come up with $150,000 to buy enough supplies to feed 5000 families for thanksgiving so far it has only raised $65,000 and now they're calling and you to help them families who depend on the organization say this is the only way they would have holiday cheer. >> it's hard when you don't
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to celebrate. >> she started the tradition and cooked meals until he died in 1994 the deadline is saturday. if you would like to donate head to our website and look for a donation link see you is letting drivers pay off tickets with the food donation. it only works for tickets issued before november 1st but you can pay the fines with food starting today through dui citation numbers are down and that's according to the colorado state patrol troopers in that partner is continuing its push for zero incidences. this time last year to per jamie was hit and killed near castle rock. a retired army colonel sentenced to eight yards for the crime. we have a look at your dui statistics.
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feat compared to the 3800 citations that were issued. those numbers include drivers were driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. the man who is charged in her death, he was reportedly drinking during before during and after a broncos game before heading -- before getting behind the wheel. the trooper wa another trooper when dispatchers alerted her about a possible drunk driver headed her way. the caller was following the retired army executive and she tried to get the man stopped. moments later the woman was hit and the man will serve an eight- year sentence for hitting and killing the trooper.
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lawsuit, a wrongful death wants -- lawsuit against henderson and the bar that served him. we will talk about what p cs doing next to combat the dui issue in the next half-hour. "denver7" reporting live 5:38. veterans fighting to get access to medical mayor -- for medical marijuana one in five vets the wars in iraq and afghanistan suffer from ptsd. the case is in front of a court of appeals. they voted against adding it to the list of approved conditions that will be allowed to be treated by medical marijuana. marijuana helped ease his anxiety. >> it is help me with my ptsd. the state has not deemed it a viable option.
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with medical marijuana. >> denver city and county leaders are gathering to come up with ways to make denver mmre sustainable. the second annual sustainable denver summit. 500 leaders are participating to create a move -- a roadmap mayor michael hancock will be there in the sum it happens all day at the sheraton downtown. >> 539 in new numbers show international student enrollment is growing. institute of international education finds more than 11,000 international students studied at cu boulder csu and du during the 2015, 2016 school year that the 5% for china sent the most students followed by india, saudi arabia, south korea and kuwait. >> subaru hits the road -- wrote to remember other drivers. >> the message they're spreading to keep everyone safe.
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successful without our volunteers. >> this week goes above and beyond for some of our most beautiful creatures. >> we are in for a beautiful warm couple of days. highs in the low to upper 70s and then we are talking about a 30-degree to 40-degree cool down as we get to the end of the week and we talk more about that plus a chance for snow
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>> tributes continue to pour in and control hall of fame musician leon russell. he passed away in his sleep. he was recovering from a quadruple bypass surgery. he made a name as a keyboard player back in the 60s but he was a well-known songwriter. his hits and he was inducted into the rock 'n roll hall of fame five years ago bikers goddess -- a surprise to help a stranded man in the picture they snapped is >> bruce springsteen's motorcycle down. they did not recognize him initially. they gave him a ride to a restaurant. >> here is the viral picture but the group says before
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drinks and promise concert tickets. >> that's even betterr >> "denver7" first alert. just in. people all over the world enjoying views of the moon. we're seeing new video from beijing. this is the moon rising their and beautiful pictures captured and his is a daylight picture. look how huge it looks in sydney the uk is going to get a great view of well we have been enjoying the vis in denver. >> beautiful. >> 30% brighter and the biggest and brightest we've seen in 70 years. >> i was worried about the clouds but it was huge early on in the neck operator. >> it did block it but it made it pretty. gorgeous now with clear dry conditions. here is your che sheet for
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and that the latest first snow here in denver. there is a chance for snow thursday and friday but we might pass the state up. we will -- we will keep an eye on it and track the storm which will take us from sunshine and 70s monday, tuesday and wednesday into the 40s but friday. ?bout 30 degrees cooler. beautiful start. we go from the super moon and bright start from our camera and sterling, gorgeous sunrise and a little high cloud cover streaming in across northern colorado. watching a storm that is washington and oregon and brings no. we are getting a few clouds. 37 in parker. 43 in estes park just above freezing in boulder. pretty mild start in the 70s right around 2:00 denver high of 72 degrees in castle rock hits 68. evergreen at 64 and mid to upper 50s there alan's park and estes park.
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pueblo. this is a good 20 degrees above normal tomorrow about five degrees or seven degrees warmer were talking temperatures that are dangerously close to the record highs the record high is 78 setback in the early 40s. you're going to find the normal high of 52 and we are well above it warm again wednesday but a change. on thursday rain and snow possible. likely you notice from our temperatures obviously with the high 53 we see the mountains will see snow and thursday night into friday getting cold enough that we could see briefly turn over to snow if it is not officially snow then we are getting through another dry couple of days. 54 saturday and 60 and sunday and we could easily be passing that date. that november 21 latest snow
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records. >> a lot of seasonal rose are open. >> we are 10 days away. >> we have a pretty bad accident down to the southwest side of the state or city rather. this is 285 right there at 470. however off of 285 let me show you the northbound side of wadsworth within a couple of accident right before you get to 285 at jefferson it sounds like they have the northbouud lanes temporarily blocked while they are tending to people that were hurt and cleanup -- the big debris field. it appears to the east to get you under 285 and get you back over it is to 85 that way you get back up to 285 kopecka wadsworth but that's a good way to get around. the rest of the ride looks nice. down here the east side of town lights are not working right. hopefully it's not affecting the crossing arms we've had problems with their on the stretch causing delays in one accident 23rd and colorado
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>> 5:47 a.m. and a lot of people drive subarus. yesterday enthusiasts hit the road honoring other subaru owners killed by drunk drivers. the club organized the 25-mile memorial drive. it started in golden and ended in black hawk and most drivers do not know the two men who were remembered. >> they want street racing. they weren't going fast. they were minding their own business and it's heartbreaking. >> they report with the 150 people are killed in alcohol related traffic -- traffic accidents each year and colorado 5:28 a.m. this week's everyday hero is up to the challenge butterflies live a month but in the short time they arrive at the butterfly pavilion in westminster thanks to the staff and plants.
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support the butterfly nectar would not have butterflies vicki mara is here to help. >> we work in the exhibit keeping it primed and ready to go for guests and we help outside. >> amy did you have to wait to plant bulbs this year because it's been so warm. >> vicki gives her time every week. >> going on seven years in january. >> i don't think we would be able successful without our volunteers. >> i love working with they are so beautiful. >> beautiful even after they died. vicki makes displays and shadow boxes so they can be used as a teaching tool or sold in the gift shop -- gift shop. >> we have bben experimenting with pressing the flowers to use in a shadow box like this with the butterflies that are spread and pinned.
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butterfly specialist. i am not one who studies them. >>reporter: but she is a dedicated volunteer that helps butterflies -- thrive. >> we put you in the front row for a surprise. >> denver sending in the independent insurance agents of chicaao want to make you a for all of your volunteering. thank you. >> to nominate a hero go to the denver and click on community and there you will see seven everyday hero's. >> this 4-year-old will blow you away. he's playing college baseball the story of beating the odds to get here. >> black friday is next week. what it -- whether you will --
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at village inn, a good meal is about more than just how it tastes. it's about how it makes you feel.
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make this the best thanksgiving with the best pie in america from village inn. bring home favorites, like pecan and pumpkin supreme. to order your thanksgiving pies, go to
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>> 5:53 a.m. little on a scholz wanted to play college baseball. scholz college. it's to lift his spirits. he's had a myriad of health challenges. >> who taught you how to do that ? >> a teacher myself. >> parents say he's been playing sports since he was a toddler the schultz's had -- he's had open-heart surgery and now he's waiting for heart but since he loves sports the college said we will sign him
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>> you can get out and plaa today but skiing, 44 degrees, winds out of the southwest at five-15 miles per hour. it's the southwesterly wind that will bring in warm and dry conditions tuesday wednesday were starting to see fire weather watches pop up in we will talk more about that at 6:00. look at the change. 50s and jason highs only in the 40s. >>e and we have one and 23rd and colorado boulevard. the big problem csp state patrol with two separate crashes on the northbound side of wadsworth at jefferson. so it appears to the east and estes to the wet -- west can help you get around it. >> the new owners of this $2.2 million historic castle plan to rent rooms and expand tours.
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redstone castle. the new owners want to bring tours to the area and the first rooms for rent since 2002 could be available by next summer. if diamonds are girls best friend than ladies meet your new pal. this is the sky blue diamond. it's more than eight carrots and one of the largest of its kind and going up for auction on wednesday. expert say it could fetch up to $25 million the biggest shopping season of the year is away. the first tip here in the best deals will be on things giving most black friday ads have been linked online. a good place to check them out his bf ads .net. matt shelton says the best answer so far appear to be from target, best buy, walmart, sam's club and kohls. and this year you don't have to
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deals that we used to have to wait and stand in line for our available online. >> other hot items are gaming systems and small appliances even. here is what you don't want to buy that would include outdoor sports gear bedding, cookware and software. there we go with safety money a look at what is coming up on "good morning america" right here in "denver7" it is 7:00 a.m. the lone survivor of this fatal crash is once again in police custody accused of murder. yoga instructor alexandra devol was arrested for the second time . investigators say last may devol intentionally drove her suv off this 200-foot cliff in hawaii with her sister in the passenger seat. >> she was arguing with the person whoever was yanking on her head and she was in a rage. >> the crash was just an
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judge throughout the charges ordering her release siding no probable cause for murder. and last month the grand jury indictment. >> it's the things that are missing from the case that make the case. >> coming up at 7:00 a.m. dan abrams ways and live with your gma first look. i am lindsay davis, abc news, new york. >> coming up next. two people in the hospital after stabbing what police think lead up to the stabbing.
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>> in "denver7" news starts right now. 6:00 a.m. and this little girl lost her mom a yearrago after she was hit and killed by a drunk driver. have people gotten the message? we take a closer look. >> devastation in new zealand. a series of killed at least two people. you 6:00 hour starts with your once in a century site. it's the super moon as it rose yesterday afternoon. >> it was beautiful. i was worried the clouds would cover it but it was gorgeous. one of our photographers sent us a video this was about 4:00 a.m. a gorgeous site and still so bright. a live look outside. expert say the moon is completely full right now we've


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