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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  November 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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an innocent man finally gets justice after almost 3 is al will not spend another day in jail. he was wrongfully convicted of today at denver jury found hhm not guilty on all counts. we were in court today, this has been a long painful but for this man. >> and a big burden has been lifted off of him, his on bond 10 months ago but still wasn't a free man. today that all changed when the verdict came down. >> weebrought you his journey and about callous efforts to try to prove his innocence and today, those efforts have finally paid off. is accused of raping a woman back in 1987 wassserving his 48 year sentence. at this case again, fellow look- inmate came forward and confessed to the rape but that
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today the jury found him not guilty. this is a moment i thought for for a long time. >> asked him if you will forgive his accuser he said he's not holding any grudges against the accuser or the das to enjoying his freedom and moving on with his life. search is underway for the six- or heard from since you. we spoke with littleton police landfill in commerce city. what we know so far? >> this will be a very methodical and long search through this landfill in commerce city as they look for either human remains or evidence that can help police with their investigation. you see on top of the hill, peoole from littleton police, the national guard and
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suits searching to the trash. please prepare for search that could take it to six months to mplete. it's another look at the search is time for mayor tracker 70 member the woman went missing in june after moving to college to be with her boyfriend. we encourage our commission buyer has a lengghy criminal including at least one incident involving the victim. police are here with this is a dedicated and precise search. tte normal heavy equipment up there andd it's an isolated area we have them getting large scoops of trash and spreading it out. we have people going through it by hand. and chop job. these are reedy to say what brought hem to thii landfill and why now all these months after her disappearance? we reached out to avoid spam in
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return our phone calls. we're live in commerce city. is proof this fall weather is just way. record for the latest first -?snowfall november 15 is considered the date of the 3 city's lateet first winter - torm. rocky mount national park trail ridge road which is not allowed after the top is still open to traffic. chris chief meteorologist on land will finally see some snow. >> it does not feel like them and it really is. 72 the high endeavor, 55 leadville anddwe continue to have the drought concerns, moderate drought acrrss much of the front range and the southeest planes. herr's the view currently in loveland ski area hanks to their hard work with making snow , we haae that open but here's the promise of snow coming ur waa later on this week. the storm system starts to push in the pacific northwest, there's nothing around here now but depending how this tracks thursday and friday we could look into some of the first
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the metro area and the mountains. of more details on that with your old firrt look forecast. investigators don't know started a 300 acre brush fiie. here's a look at the fire -?two sheds destroyed. summer reeief is coming for farmers and ranchers impacted by the devastatinn fllods and fires in 2013, the color did department of agriculture is looking to administer $2.7 farmers still recovering. president obama speaking up for the irst time since donald trump became resident elect. president talked about the 90 minute meeting last week he says he still has concerns about a trump presidency but thinks he can succeed and he needs to surrrund himseef with the rights people. ?> i don't think he is ideological. ultimately, he is pragmatic in that way. thattcan serve him well. as long as he's got good people
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sense of direction. >> the president-elect is working to form his inner circle among the names, rudy lenny, newt gingrich and chris christie are being considered for top roles. no transfers telegen interview since being elected presidents he discussed his most controversial campaign promises and how he plans to implement them. in his first televised interview since winning, donald trump says he is saddened about reports of racial slurs and viooence by some of his supporters. the president-elect speaking directly to those people. >> don't do it. that's terrible. i'm going to bring this country together. >> they are harassing latinos, muslimss >> i am so saddened to hear that. and i say stop it. if it helps. i will say this. i say to the camera, stop it. >> a 60 minutes he seemed to
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took the defense? but for certain areas a walllis more appropriate. i'm very good at this, it's called construction. to appointing a special prosecuuor for henry clinton for the >> i'm going to hink about it.>> but the speciil prosecutor? >> i don't want to huut them? they are good people. jurco trumps refusing to say whether you put troops on the drowned to fight cris their great journals. said you said you more than the generals about prices. >> obvvously probably do because looo at the job they've done. i can tell you is we will get rid of isis. >> are looking to put a justice was overturned roe v wade? >> i am pro-life. the judges will be pro-life. >> without overturning? >> if it were overturned, they woulddgo back to the states.
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to get an abortion? >> he have to go to another state. and that's okky? >> will see what happens. >> in his pet's apartment, his family by his side, meeania responsibility ahead for the >> i will stay true to myself, i'm very strong and tough and confidence. i will do what is right and what speaks to my heart. jurco could lead us in a formal role. >> no. i will be a daughter. etc. the campaign that's i'm passionate about certain issues not tt fight them, bridget collie, childcare, these are things vvry important for mee but not a formal administrative capacity. check mr. trumps as you will give up the 400,000 annual salary but the one thing he starts giving up is twitter. he says if he tweees as
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restraints. ess ttan a week after election day dooald trump spoke with vladimir putin. the talked about taakling terrorism and about to tackle crisis together. students from several different schools across deborah participated in peaceful walkouts todaa in protest of the election results. the students walked down spirit of colfax to the capital building. >> the word rate was thrown around a lot and now boulder county is performing a self audit. scanning machines will be chosen at random and certain number of ballots will be picked mlb be scanned and hand- coonted to make sure the numbers match. this s done by a bipartisan made transparent to the public. >> we've never chhnge the outcome of an election based on an audit. it's checks and balances in the final stuff or the process. >> every county in, it must perform an audit just like
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between two women which turned violent overnight in brighton. one of the women was stabbed. she'' expected to survive. and off-duty texas sheriff deputy took time out of his colorado vacation to help afc for the custody. the deputy was oo vacation when he noticed a man shoplifting and hat's when he allowed his dad ann brother jumped into action and help the suspect until police could get there. new furry officers coming to the sheriff's department. three new from europe and they're being taught to detect drugs and -- and celllphones through scent. they a part of a broader crackdown in job to help find contraband. code enforcement and animal protectionnofficers will test month to see the city wants to see how useful these cameras would be manchester police officers but for others like
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if it's worth it for all the cameras. tssto use body get ready for a test tomorrow, the office of emergency management will test theecity's emerggncy out door warning sirens. that's tomorrow at 1130 in the morning. thisstask includes for the 50s science throughout the war and features a three minute such as a tornado or hazardous material spell. this is just a test tomorrow. new developments of high profile case featured in the show making a murderer. stranded with nowhere to go, how these cows were left stranded on this tiny island after mother nature struck. bikers and it started struck after helping a stranded motorist on the side of the
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it's a high-prooile case featured in netflix is making a murderer. now federal judge has ordered a% wisconsin man whose 2007 the conviction was overturned to bee released from this and under supervision. a judge overturned hhs conviction rolling his violated when he was questioned. the state attorneyygeneral's office has filed an emergency motion to stop that rellase. guilty verdict for georgia man inclusive intentionally blocking his 20 month old son in 2014. justin ross harris was convicted of murder in his
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prosecutors say he additionally locked his son in the car because he wanted to be free of family responsibilities. harris faces life in perssn when he is sentenced december 5. church targeted with hate filled graffiti is eaving ii there at least for now. vandals spray-painted tte words hail trump, and the swastika. church leaders say they left the graffiti up to show their mission of inclusiveness. reverend healthy adults says >> our response to this is not to be hate, is not to bee vengeance for revenge. it's supposed to be love and love conquers all hate. they took comfort in that. police sergeant forgot who vandalized the church and the cameras. a big loss, a journalist lost after battle with uterine
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nightly news broadcast. she worked for pbs most recently. she was here not that long ago, last september, sheetaped episodes of her show wassington a group of bikers and some starstruck after stopping to of the road. the sttanded hiker to not to be bruce springsteen. his motorcycle the group gave him a writer restaurant or someone else came to pick him up and before he ?eft, he bought it won a round of drinks and ppomised them concerttticcets. if you got a parking ticket on the university of colorado boulder campus you can get with it in exchange for canned food. universities are doing with the harvest of hope petri for food drive for justice with people who got a ticket on campus before november 1 can bring in at least four food cans to the 3 parking services lobby and haae their fine waived.
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will not be waived for a food donation. here's a new gadget ggtting attention on line. it's a smart watch part by your body hhat. this uses thermoelectric's which converts temperature reaches into electricity. tells yyu how much you generate the other day. big show this morning. ?t's called super moon meeting its biggerrand brrghter and happens when the moon full the same day with its orbit is closest to earth. they come around about once every 13 months but with what makes this one special is the fact the moon looked bigggr than at aay point in the past 68 years. if you missed it, you can still see the remnants of it tonight. i want to show you a couple different vvrsions of the clouds today. out of respect for joni mitchell and june collins i will not seeing but
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view question people colors on the sky as we get the sense that . fantastic. that same clouds will get from the vantage point of the denver museum of nature and science to see that little line of clouds. i will say after 40 years in this business, i know a lot about clouds but maybe not >> weather conditions, 65 at dia, 23% committee, winds out of the west and 7 miles per hour 72 the high record is 79. normal 53 happened to the month, our average temperature 51.5, 9.4 degrees warmee than normal. contract to make this the warmest driest on record going
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the select all that much compared to what we've seen recently. this will have more impact on our weather late this week. tonight with lows in the 40s, my 20s and 30s back to the ght - west, mountains 18 at ganus and 17, the coldest across the state dry and sunny. beautiful day once again with temperatures way above the no reach close to 75 in the denver area. 56 degreessat leadville, 65 expected at aspen, a lot of the resorts have to back off their opening day because we're not seeing that's cool weather. they'll shift later on this week. mid-seventies over most of the eye 25 corridor for tomorrow.
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expected across the metro area. to be a dry and windy day. fire danger high, very little moisture since 1 july and not much since 1 october. be really care referral. mostly clear breezy mouth. he'll be a sunny warm day will happen again fowedneeday as a storm gets closer, thursday the change comes through. wind increase wednesday, thursday and turns colder, 50s and early high poly by midmorning and then dropped into the low 44s in the afternoon with a mix of rain and snow. identical be a heavy 3 snowfall for denver we make it
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measurable snow of the season, write a must skies clear, colder day just 40 and the lows drop into the low 20s by saturday.. they warm back up over the weekend with low 60s coming in again sunday. wednesday another minor storm era. he'll become a significant plains blizzard that will see it go by too fast to do here. >> they could use the moisture aa well. new zealand still feeling aftershocks after the deadly 7.8 magnitude earthquake. two peopll died and hundreds stranded north oo christchurch. take a look at these cows. three of them spotted on a tiny island of grass.
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>> heavy rains wash the entire committees affecting 8000 people . emergency crews say 60 communities have no indication whatsoever after rivers over load, several briiges collapse.
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welcome to victory monday.
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and rookie safety will parks catch aad run of his life. two points up in a victory to monday on one play and the best decision ever, to wear white cleats. again, this close to one point loss. the social media messages and tweets saying he was out of bounds. ?> you talk negativv about me you will get response. if you think things didn't go your way you to know you're going to do, that's how i feel about it. i'm not too worried about what 3 people are saying. >> that site. broncos country said he did and it's gamm over. broncos win. ill be flex by network tv. a 630 primetime kickoff. the primetime spotlight on
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asking the paxson lynch instead trevor is the guy again coming back, hanging tough to bring third downs and a two touchdown passes, gary kubiak said he so sorry can play they had to but they need to play better and bigger down the stretch. return the ball over the lasttfew weeks. with you getting hit or not, are charged in football. we have to get trevor to play big. i don't want to play okay or good. i'll him to play date for the ?fotball team. terrible news here for the rabbits, starting goalie out to the rest of the playoffs, he was injured plainniff the us against mexico in a world cup qualifier. he's out for the rapids western conference series of mls championship.
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measurable snow on the season anddfeeling more like the season of time we get to the end.
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together. and the controversial choice. also, after that meeting in the oval office, president obama late today on what the meeting was like. and does he still believe mr. trump does not have the temperament to be president? also breaking, the verdict is in. the father charged with first the states of emergency tonight. more than 40 fires burning in the east. and this evening, the american city where families are being told to wear masks. the major new guidelines tonight about the kind of drug millions of americans take to help prevent strokes and heart attacks. and gone too soon. paying tribute tonight to


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