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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  November 28, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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dozens to evacuate. that evacuation order just lifted. it's so big you can see from downtown denver. take a look at this time lapse which shows how fast it has spread. jacqueline, firefighters made good for us tonight. >> they did, he can see a very active here tonight, a lot of fire crews on scene. the good news is, it's 90% contained in the evacuation orders have been lifted the people can homes. it happened in the last 15 minutes. take a look at this video. you will see what everyone is talking about tonight. this was the scene as a fire lit up the sky. a fast-moving fire the caught everyone's attention started at six, grew from 3 acres to 300 field by gusty winds and bone dry conditions. there are a lot of homes in this area. more than 3000 homes put on standby for evacuations, i homes
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for those flying embers. we have seen a change in the weather the last few hours. the winds have died down. are there any homes still in danger right now?>> no, not at this point. we're able to lift the evacuation order. trigger that's great news for a lot of people who are worried. the question is, all these people have watched this fire. any idea was discussed by nature of a man? a >> can't say right now. the investigator, was dark after the fire started. he has been able to get up where the origin was. the how comes after that. tomorrow he'll be looking around, seeing what he can see and hopefully will find a lot of evidence out there. the crews have worked so hard tonight.
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good news for those waiting to find out if they can go back home. this video shows the winds firefighters up against tonight. we have an angle tonight. the winds have died down in the fire area. still quite strong the west of the foothills. we have concerns for smoke. helpful out this way across central and southwestern denver because the fires died down and it's 90% contained. it's not as much of an issue but those of the main areas impacted. the strongest winds staff to the west overnight and watch what happens early tomorrow. the winter direction ships becomes more northerly as a front comes through. that will vary a little bit. it will help things out. not much moisture. that's an area has weather
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the winter storm warning for areas above 10,000 feet until noon tomorrow. none of that moisture will come down through the denver area right now. cold, windy weather will continue for the next several days. we check with the army national guard they say the fire does not appear to be burning n the area with a have found live missions of the past. the contractor leading that search says there's always a chance that could be live shells. an hour drive from that fire, it's snowing. areas that cdot has traction laws in place. the resorts could get one foot of snow before the storm and's. take a look at the images out of gatlinburg tennessee. shocking as a popular tourist spots is under evacuation orders right now as well as dollywood. you can see flames burning just outside this hotel with people still inside. winds up to 70 miles per hour
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than 30 buildings have already burned. police are looking into terrorism and ohio state university. driver identified as an 18-year- old immigrant from somalia plotted to several people at certain slashing people with a butcher knife. i ran into the bathroom with a single stall and could lock myself in. >> msu to say the suspect posted about the treatment of muslims minutes before the attacks and i can't take it anymore. thanks, credit goes to campus officer who opened fire with the spec within a minute of his hat killing the suupect and saving lives. a man accused of killing nine churchgoers welcome them with open arms will represent himself during his death penalty murder trial. he started killing nine black parishioners in charleston south carolina last june.
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party at this denver warehouse claimed the life of a 16-year- old boy. he was an honor student in aurora. b at the school tomorrow. shooting happened early sunday morning. woman is pleading for help find her grandfathers killer. he was stabbed multipleetimes last week near cheeseman park. his granddaughter posted photos to craigslist arrested for hitting and killing a state trooper based a judge for the first time. we learned he faces a maximum of one year prison and $1000 fine for chris charge of misdemeanor traffic violations projecting over the white line and hitting the trooper. tonight, the law enforcement committee is rallying behind his family. we learn more about the man behind the badge. the trooper was so honest.
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to his obituary says he loved being a dad. these two beautiful girls with their. he loved his wife. the extent and law enforcement committee hoping to help his family get through an incredibly difficult time. >> that's what we do. >> we are there for each other. >> the same thought whenever a law enforcement family here's officer down. >> here we go again. >> she knows their pain. >> she's presidents concerns, cops for short. she is attended to many funerals like the one for jamie for the >> same type of accidents for the same stretch of highway. people not paying attention. check a video shows a semi truck driver drifted over the solid white line on the side of i 25 killing the trooper for the spec in this particular case, the evidence we have
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was results of negligence of carelessness. >> reporter: assurance own brother killed in a car accident on his way to a heart attack call. cops can connect these families putting them in touch with others who lost loved ones in the light of duty. >> >> you feel like you're the only one available certain feelings and cynical sort and says, i understand what you're going through. chayka she will be there friday for the funeral. the same day as our fallen brothers birthday. showing her support.>> we will be here when they are ready. prevalence to move over when passing an emergency vehicle so the family doesn't have to lose someone they love. the funeral will be this friday and a first church of the nazarene.
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play for the pac 12 championship, two players aren't making that trip. christopher hill got into a fight outside a bar near pearl street hours after the win over utah. police showed up, they found what they believe to be cocaine in the manslaughter. >> we're hearing from two teenagers is that 48 hours on top of or 14 or in a brutal snowstorm. this is video of that rescue wednesday. 18-year-old tommy hendricks and they continue to the sun id summits monday because they say those are best chance to get some recession to call their parents. hendricks says it saved their lives.>> sometimes you have to make decisions that are split. is a split decision to go to some and not head back down because we figured would have a better chance of survival. >> both teams have frostbite on their fees but they say they will be back hiking when they
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>> it's been three weeks since the election but it's finally official. ursula donald trump wins michigan 16 electoral votes. he beat out hillary clinton by 2/10 of a percentage point. trump is dealing with the fallout after making baseless claims of voter fraud on twitter. he previously lost the popular vote because they the people voted illegally for illary clinton. days away from a recount of wisconsin. just i made the request. the clinton campaign has push for a recount in several battleground states despite saying they haven't uncovered any evidence votes were tampered with. >> why doctors say everyone should use this after surgery. holiday travelers,
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we want to update you on the breaking news in lakewood. firefighters have worked hard all night to protect homes threatened by this fire on green mountain. here's the latest update. fire burned 300 acres and is 90% contained. emergency managers lifted evacuation orders in the past 30 minutes. five-month investigation uncovers one of the deadliest secrets and hospitals
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are risky procedures for the >> my heart died when she died. >> she was my right arm. >> we were really close. >> reporter: amanda was 18. >> she got accepted at local university >> shaner whole future ahead of her. >> reporter: that summer strip that sent their daughter to the hospital. >> we got a phone call that she was doing cpr on her.>> dead in bed. it's how hospitals describe dying suddenly and unexpectedly and we found its one of medicines best kept secrets. >> this flies under the radar and that's wrong. doctors that nationally
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not happening during surgery or in recovery room spots instead, here in hospital rooms and force for publications and risks are judged the lowest. often within hours of family, flowers and cards. >> could this have been prevented? >> the family. we feel hundred 10% it could have been avoided. >> primitive basic technology similar to this. >> $25 at structures. an alarm sounds when breathing critical levels. technology both doctors and hospitals have known for decades. instead, we found lives are being left to chance. >> everything was perfect for the >> marty schmitz wife is back in her hospital room. >> she said they found gene not breathing. jurco so was buiit.
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cyanotic. he was blue and his heart stopped and the difficulty. >> reporter: brain damage so severe, has have made the painful decision to remove life support. this didn't have to happen. >> this was absolutely preventable. >> michael ramsey has up and steve -- anesthesiology. >> this is entirely preventable . something we need to stop.>> to use it. i don't want anybody to lose a loved one to something that's preventable. >> doctors know what's causing the sun does. primarily the opiates they discarded manage pain that can also depress breathing. . woman in texas has
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-- the zika virus locally. woman had not traveled recently , she was near the south texas near the border. new satellite data ssows a san francisco harris is sinking even faster than first thought. the millennium tower has sunk 16 inches and is tilting right now. engineers estimate would think another inch a year but the european space agency satellite data shows is nearly twice that. @18 you can vote, jjin the military and not to activisss think it should be the age you can legally drink alcohol. they have an initiative to lower corridors drinking age. >> if you look at the 2015 statistics, 30% of our crashes related to drunk driving accidents but if you look at china his much larger than us and has a tricky age of 18 or
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mothers against drunk driving disagrees saying it's one of the most studied public health laws in the country and if colorado lowers the teenage we could lose federal highway funding. early cyber monday sales, the numbers are in and they show as this year's sales could be over 10% higher than last year. adobe digital insights it was all said and done, sales will be around three adobe digital insights it was all said and done, sales will be around 3.39 adobe digital insights it was all ssid and done, sales will be around .3 tomorrow. the us postal service expects to handle 750 millionn packages this holiday season that is twice what they did four years ago. ups and fedex expect double-digit increases. the deadline for ground shipping is december 15. a long weekend of shopping % begins tomorrow. we visited one you may not have heard of. it's called dolls for daughters of transparency can't afford
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difference. if someone made a five dollar donation that equates to five stocking stuffers. dolls for daughters the nonprofit toys for boys are holding a toy shop at the national western complex saturday. take a look at this time lapse. right here that's where the fight about in area. we had gusty winds come through in the foothills but nothing as far as moisture. 90% contained ight now. the winds have died down to the southwest at dia. pressures rising, temperatures falling. 31 degrees at the
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high temperature for today was five. normals are 46 and 20 five. normals are 46 and 21 to 72 and 10 below. maybe smoke advisory because of the fire. gatlinburg tennessee, 30 billings district 30 buildings on fire. they had strong winds coming through roping off the front goes by thh gate and unafraid to help quench those fires. spends all of these weather systems around. we'll bring a new cold fronts down through colorado tonight. it comes through drive us down here but 3 to 6 inches of additional snow possible announce. along and west of the continental divide, northwest facing slopesswill be heavily and give us the snow. the metal. her, three tonight
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along the front range, the lows will drop the low to mid 20s in the teens were scattered snow showers and amounts. partly cloudy skies, flurry on the planes during the day its jinx -- it shrinks down during the day. 17 for the high at leadville. you're heading to the mountains to enjoy that new snow, bundle of tomorrow. temperatures in the low to mi winds tomorrow. tomorrow still windy day with a high temperature expected at 38. partly cloudy skies, northwest winds 15 to 25. when the letter but the temperaaure stays chilly when they and thursday. 38 thursday. colder ride a. flurries in the metro area. more snow coming up.
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saturday, 50 sunday. clouds increase monday and it will be ahead of the next really good cold shop by the middle of next week. that will put us into the deep freeze along with a few inches of snow in denver. staying atop a breaking news. firefighters lifted about evacuations near green mountain. we spoke with residents as they packed up for the >> one residen in this area from 5 o'clock. there is no fire on the downside. she saw fire here three months ago were able to see fire on the mountainside and 20 minutes ago, the evacuation in this neighborhood was lifted.>> reporter: that was at 6:23 pm. just before lindsay monarch, her husband and two kids came back with their christmas tree.
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emergency lights on the mountain , please blocking the neighborhood they let lindsay go in for her two cats. >> how close at your house to that? >> it's a right here, probably fire and then our house. i got the cats and the frame from our wedding. i thought about the wedding dress but that really? i just that. in the two laptops. >> this is the fire truck of the westernmost plank of the all the equipment it has to help put the fire out. this house, the lights went off, set up for christmas. they probably were not taking the hillside was suddenly be on fire. we drove around this neighborhood winding a row of cars leaving. those same residents are back
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the screaming about gary
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welcome to seven sports extra. it's cyber monday. i shopped online looking to buy 62 yard field goal at a huge discount. couldn't find one. last night, brandon mcmanus kicked the ground right in front left it in it. she's got a short field, dropdown won the game. topics of discussion today. not kicking and screaming but kicking and shopping. we have the latest. >> took a day after the kansas city chiefs push the broncos in the third race in the afc west, all the talk monday was about aqib talib shell of his teammate. this is an example of a team
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absolutely not players assistant. >> yet to be in pads and helmets to understand what's going on at the time. rocha. >> there's a lot of emotions. i got one good place in that place. there's a lot of emotion behind it when you love you teammate, and make sure he's right. secus competing, those two are five. >> you probably wondering did gary kubiak have any regrets about not putting in the overtime and playing for the tie? the simple answer is no. general manager john elway defended the decision monday singh was much better for the team to go out on this but to go down swinging. >> eagled the division football game we did it was something our kicker has done before.
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kick but it's something he's done any showing companies. >> reporter: the broncos found the right man for the donald stephenson told them or seven monday he's absolutely right that going forward at that position. the broncos fall 74. waiters and 92. [ event concluded ] tte pick six off cam newton ann the lambeau leap into the black hole. at the bar scene in star wars figures darth va good call this the jar jar jump.
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how our weather forecasters
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>> you are always under pressure >> we're supposed to be accurate.
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>> dicky: from hollywood and nashville it's "jimmy kimmel live after the cmas"! tonight, jessica chastain -- willie nelson -- justin moore -- "mean tweets country music edition" -- and music from hunter hayes via hologram. and now, well done, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, everyone. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for everything, really. thank you for coming.


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