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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  November 30, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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we begin with breaking news. the mother and her two children who went missing yesterday have now been found dead. their van was found in lone tree earlier this morning. their bodies, all three inside. jennifer laber was last seen yesterday afternoon picking up her 3 and 5-year-old boys from school. she never came home. she was reported missing last night. ago. we have live team coverage of this. mark boyle standing by where the family lived. let's go to lone tree where jayson luber is where the van was found. >> a spokesperson for the douglas county sheriff's office called this a horrific end to a missing persons case here in lone tree. that missing silver van was
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passerby along the backside of this empty sports authority in lone tree. inside, the bodies of those three missing people. 36-year-old jennifer laber and her two young sons, ages 3 and 5. authorities would not say at this point hhw they died but they said they do not have any suspects at this point and there's no threat to the community at this point. they also added that the husband and father is cooperating with law enforcement at this point. laber was last seen picking up her sons f they were reported missing around 8:00 last night. the sheriff called this a very active and ongoing investigation, trying to figure out how and why this happened. one thing that they added, an amber alert was never issued in this case. they say because there were no red flags and no threats or any harm of violence that was going to come of this. that's why they didn't send one out. we've been reporting on this story all morning. instead this case ends with three people found dead here in
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this case, we're now going to send it over to denver 7's mark boyle live in the family's neighborhood. >> as you were talking about, with the lack of amber alert here, because there were no signs of threat to those children, that's exactly what neighbors around here are telling me. they say they knew this family well. this is a close knit neighborhood and they say it's seriously a shock to everybody, and no indication that this was going to happen. one of the neighbors told me, he's ver and absolutely saw no signs that anything was wrong here. the husband, ryan, has been inside this house with investigators, a lot of neighbors around this area binding together with him in order to help support him and figure out how to move forward in this. i asked one of the neighbors who's been inside talking to ryan how he's doing right now, and they said as best as can be expected. investigators have been here within the last hour or so coming and going from the house but really most of them have
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just one deputy outside here. we're going to continue to talk with some of the neighbors that knew jennifer and these two children well, as well as how they're moving forward with ryan. i know some of them are already talking about some memorial plans. we'll keep you up to date with the latest. we'll be out here at the scene talking with investigators. live in highlands ranch, mark boyle, denver 7. >> such a devastating story. we'll have much more to come on our newscast on this developing story. coming up in the next half hour the three were last seen. you can get the latest information on our denver 7 app. there's a tornado right there. >> overnight deadly tornados ripping through the south, more than 20 tornados touched down from louisiana to tennessee. houses just ripped apart. you can see some of the damage here. all the debris just mangled. three people havv died and four kids are in critical condition. after the 24-hour daycare they were in was completely destroyed. winds there reached up to 60
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thousands left without power. and the storms are having an impact on those firefighting efforts in tennessee. look at this extensive damage. this is in gatlinburg where four people have died and hundreds of homes and buildings destroyed. now thousands forced to evacuate. here at home it is a much different story. much calmer here in the metro area. blue skies. let's send it over to lisa hidalgo for a check of our first alert forecast. it's cold. >> it's chilly. the sun is out. we're not dealing with the wind so it doesn't feel as cold a lot more sunshine today. a pretty nice start to our afternoon. it gets a lot colder as you head west though. allens park, 18. conifer currently 22. but we're now above freezing across most of northeastern colorado. as the day goes on, things are going to warm nicely. we'll be in the low 40s this afternoon with clear skies tonight and another cold evening. early tomorrow you're going to find more teens and 20s to kick off our thursday.
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and tomorrow, low to mid 40s for northeastern colorado. 20s in the mountains. it gets colder on friday with a chance for snow. in fact we're tracking two storms. we'll show you which one will be the bigger of the two and when it hits coming up in just a few minutes. now to the devastating plane crash with the brazilian soccer team onboard. 71 people died. fans are mourning the loss of the team. six people miraculously made it out alive. the team was on their first finals game after a huge win. that's the team celebrating that big win and it was definitely going to be an exciting trip. cell phone video before boarding the plane. and then there's the story of these two. allen russell with the beard, he survived the crash, and sitting right next to him, deneilo patilla, the team's goalie. he initially survived and was able to call his wife.
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have experienced electrical failure. some survivors were reporting the plane may haveun out of fuel. investigators have uncovered the black boxes and hoping it will provide clues in to the cause of the crash. new at 11:00, a woman shopping inside a convenience store gets held at gunpoint. grabbing her around the neck as he demands the cashier hand over money. the suspect is described as a black man last seen wearing a raiders jacket. if you recognize h police. a security guard is accused of sexually assaulting a student. at ponderosa high school where the alleged incident took place. he was arrested. postell has been an employee there since 2014 of september. he now faces possible felony charges. he is out on bond.
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principal is back. parents reached out to denver 7 demanding answers as to why he was allowed back on campus. school district leaders say he didn't violate district policies, he is allowed back in school. he's expected to be back in court friday for those assault charges. a cu professor is under fire after posting this picture on facebook. it's a picture of michelle obama followed by comments undertone. the poster was michelle heron, who works at cu school of medicine. >> i think you have to hold yourself to a higher standard as being a public employee as well as being a professor in such a critical field. >> both children's hospital and denver health are looking in to the matter. heron declined to go on camera but said she was responding to
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people make comments about melania trump but saying anything about michelle obama is considered racist. she said her comment was ignorant but she insists she's not racist. she's since removed the post as well as her facebook page. this grandmother is now going to spend decades behind bars after her disabled grandson was found dead in a bathtub. 50-year-old onesia a hitting and killing colorado state trooper taylor tefo. prosecutors say gebers was under the influence of meth. he hit and killed a trooper. another trooper was also hit in the same case. trooper cody donohue will be laid to rest friday. the u.s. honor flag will make another solemn trip to our state for the funeral. he says our state's law enforcement has become part of
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trooper lost his life is just a few miles away from where trooper jamie jersefiks lost her. what are they doing to make it safer between castle rock and monument? the governor wants three lanes from colorado springs to fort collins. utah's i-15 is what he compares it to. it has three lanes and right rail between ogden and provost through salt lake city. however, utah has a higher gas tax and penny roads. colorado would need a new way to find to pay for the roads. >> it costs, for instance, to do about 10 to 15 miles of one lane in each direction, $240 million. our budget is $1.3 billion. >> cdot is now in the middle of studying i-25. it is costing $2 million and the results are not going to be back until may of 2018. president-elect donald trump
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billion-dollar business. his stake in his company has raised serious ethical concerns. trump is also filling his cabinet. >> reporter: donald trump's growing cabinet. the president-elect is stopping fellow billionaire wilber ross as secretary of commerce and goldman sack's executive mnuchin as secretary. he praised trump's new deal to keep 1,000 jobs with carriir in inan mike pence. >> the president-elect and vice president picked up the phone and called the ceo of united technologies and told him we want to keep jobs here. can't remember the last time a president did that. >> reporter: tomorrow trump and pence will be in indiana to announce the deal as the first leg of their victory tour. they'll end the day with a big rally in cincinnati, ohio. applause for trump who broke breed last night with mitt romney, a possible secretary of state contender, the man who
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a fraud and a phony, now says -- >> i happen to think america's best days are ahead of us. president-elect trump is the very man who can lead us to that better future. >> reporter: that better future for trump will come at a cost. his business. he announced on twitter he'll leave his business in total to his children to focus on running the country. legal documents are being crafted which will take him completely out of the business operations to avoid conflicts of interest. trump says he'll hold news conference in two weeks when he steps away from his business. if he takes questions from the press, it will be his first time since july. kenneth moton, nbc news washington. new details emerging in an abduction case after a california mom went missing and was found alive weeks later. the woman's husband now speaking out about what the kidnappers did to her while she was gone. >> caught on camera, two men get in to an all-out brawl on the uk highway.
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>> a man in new york walking
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or pay zero dollars for a 90-day supply of tier 1 and tier 2 drugs, with home delivery. open enrollment ends december 7th. call unitedhealthcare now about an aarp medicarecomplete plan. ? new developments on that horrific attack on ohio university's campus. isis is saying the student who carried out the attack was one of its soldiers.
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student graduated with honors. some are wondering what changed so fast. >> i don't know if training or anything else, doing it was just me protecting myself. >> the teen tried to run people over, then got out of his car, started stabbing people on monday. the school is now working to restore a sense of normalcy. new details emerging this morning on this california mother who was found on thanksgiving day after allegedly being abducted by two women. sherri papini's husband keith described her condition after her release saying her face was covered in bruises, her hair had been chopped off and she weighed only about 87 pounds. she had also been branded. >> there was some sort of eitter an exertion of power and control and/or maybe some type of message that the brand contained. >> did they say something? or was it a symbol? >> it is not a symbol. but it was a message. >> sherri papini disappeared
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california home november 2nd. she was found on the side of the highway 140 miles away on thanksgiving day. investigators are now searching for the two women who are reportedly armed. a violent case of road rage caught on camera in the uk. you can see two men arguing on the highway. one of them gets back in to his truck. he rams in to the truck behind them. one guy right there, he has a shovel. they're trying to fight each other. still no clue what this fight was all about. caught on surveillance video walking the streets of new york. then right there he goes in to the back of an armored truck and he steals a pail full of gold flakes. the pail reportedly worth more than $1 million and apparently weighed more than 85 pounds. police now searching for that man. fidel castro's ashes have begun a journey around cuba. the journey will retrace the path he took after seizing power, however it's going to happen in reverse.
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funeral which happens sunday. several world leaders are planning to attend. the clock is ticking for protesters fighting against the dakota access pipeline. the u.s. army core of engineers issued a december 5th deadline for most of them tooleave the protest site. protesters say they aren't leaving nn matter what. they say the pipeline will destroy sacred cultural sites and contaminate water. officials are warning protesters they'll start blocking supplies and people from entering the campsite. >> it's sacred but it's also good busines water resource. >> the governor of north dakota warned protesters about the winter weather and says officials will stop rendering aid to those who choose to stay. the former south carolina police officer accused of shooting and killing an unarmed black man took the stand in his own trial. michael slager looked in to the jury's eyes and told them he started firing because he was afraid for his life. >> i made a decision to leave the force.
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stopped from what it was trying to do. >> prosecutors are calling the shooter a murder because walter scott, seen in the green shirt, could be seen running away in this cell phone video. slager claims scott grabbed his taser and threatened him with it. that's something not seen on the video. listen up, broncos country. a man so confident in his team he vowed to onny wear shorts until his beloved green bay packers brought home a week. he spent weeks in shorts and said he didn't care h got. after a four-game losing streak, the packers finally won monday night. >> so he's in pants now? okay, good, because it's cold. we've got temperatures here in the 30s. really cold. we have clear skies though. you can see the storm in the upper midwest bringing more snow. it'' still bringing gustier conditions out across the northeastern plains but skies are clearing. in the mountains you'll find a little cloud cover. this here from our loveland ski
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just a few icy patches. it's going to be mostly sunny today but chilly. we're seeing calmer winds across the state. but we're tracking a storm. in fact, twoostorms. a weak one toward the end of the week and then a much stronger storm next week. it looks like this one come monday, tuesday could bring some of the heaviest snow of the season for us here in denver. right now 37. it feels like 37. yesterday at this point we had wind gusts up to 20, 30 miles per hour so it felt like 20s and 30s. now you're going to find wind 30s. not as bad. a little colder for the mountains. look at mere sterling and akron. spots where i said there were gusty winds. feels a lot colder there as those winds pick up. sterling feels like a temperature of 22. we'll be in the low 40s this afternoon between 1:00 and 3:00. overnight tonight, more teens and 20s. chilly early tomorrow morning but then a little increase in cloud cover as we're tracking another system rolling in. highs both today and tomorrow
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inglewood, 40. montclair, 41. in lakewood, a high of 42. in the mountains, more 20s there. leadville always a little bit colder. upper teens. we're in the mid to upper 40s in pueblo and lamar. not much to show you on futurecast through the afternoon. let's fast forward to 8:00 tonight. still dry across the state. it's going to be overnight tonight in to early thursday morning that we'll start to see more snow near steamboat, near craig. you're going to find clouds increasing here along the front some of that snow spreading east of the divide by tomorrow afternoon. we're likely going to see a few more inches on thursday. then overnight thursday night in to early friday we get a shot at a little bit of snow here in denver. it's not going to be much on friday. likely just flurries to light snow. but it is going to be a lot colder. by the end of the week, temperatures dropping in to the 30s, low 30s. we're close to freezing friday. heading in to the weekend,
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storm. on sunday, mostly sunny. highs in the low 50s. you can just flip those numbers around come tuesday. ?his could again be some of the heaviest snow here in denver that we've seen. we're well below normal. coming up in a few minutes, we'll show you where we should be on the last day of november and the 1st of december. >> it just looks cold. winter is coming as lisa just showed you. that means you need to get your home ready for those chilly temperatures. i don't just mean turning the heat on. we're talking about issues you may not even think of that could turn deadly if you don't take care of it now. our partners at aaa have some tips for you. >> it's always a good idea to have your chimney checked at the start of the heating season just for regular maintenance. it's also very important to know what to do in case there is a fire so every adult in the home should know how to use a fire exttnguisher and where to find one. it's also important to have everybody sleep with their doors completely shut. many home buyer deaths are
11:22 am
moooxide poisoning and have not one burn on them. it's said that a third of those could be prevented if the doors were shut. >> so here's another tip. when you start a fire in your fireplace, make sure you use clean paper and kindling. that can also prevent fires from getting out of control. a woman is brutally attacked by some home invaders in her own home and the entire beating captured on home surveillance camera. >> plus, a woman goes on a
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right now the search is on liquor store where he worked. the store owner is offering a $5,000 reward. he says that employee stole thousands of dollars over the weekend out of the office and all of it caught on video. >> me and my family, we're very devastated about the loss of the cash and even our employees are very much devastated because other employees, they are very
11:26 am
he's not been seen. the store owner fears he may take a look at this. terrifying security video shows two men attacking a mother in her own home. that's before they then ransacked the place. police say the men broke in to the apartment through a kitchen we window. they waited for the woman to come home. the victim is speaking out she wanted to remain anonymous because she says she's living in fear. >> everything has changed here because my sense of security and stability is not the same. the fear is always following me even whee i'm home. >> police are now trying to track down the two men caught on video in this attack. shocking surveillance video -?surfacing this morning of a woman vandalizing a car for six hours. all of this while people stopped to take pictures, just staring at her, instead of calling police. you can see the woman using a
11:27 am
piece of wood, all to destroy the car. it wasn't even her own car. but that wasn't all. she then got on to the roof of the car and started jumping on it. >> angry. i'm hurt, frustrated. at the same time i understand that she has a mental problem.% >> the two, the victim and that woman didn't know one another. the woman was caught and she's being detained on a psychiatric hold and is being evaluated. we're still tracking breaking news here at a mother and her two kids found in a van earlier this morning, all dead. this after the three were reported missing yesterday afternoon. we have the latest on the investigation. plus, the latest on
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denver 7 on top of breaking news at 11:30. a highlands ranch mother and her two young kids found dead inside their van. last seen picking up her kids from school yesterday afternoon but she never came back home. the three bodies were found earlier this morning. we're continuing our team coverage this half hour. marc stewart is joining us where the family was last seen. let's check back in with jayson luber who's following the investigation for us this morning. he's live where the bodies were found. jayson. >> they we found inside the family minivan which had been parked along the side of the
11:31 am
sports authority in lone tree. a passerby spotted the van and called police. law enforcement found the bodies of 36-year-old jennifer laber and her two sons, ethan and adam, 3 and 5 years old. law enforcement would not say how they died at this point but did say there is no suspect in this case at this point. the husband and father is cooperating fully with law enforcement. he was actually the one who reported the three missing yesterday. laber was last seen picking up highlands ranch yesterday then she never went home. this is still an ongoing and active investigation according to the lone tree police department and the douglas county sheriffs, they're trying to figure out and piece together how and why this happened. at this point they're not calling it a murder suicide. at this point they're not calling it a homicide. they're just saying this is a missing person's case that met a, quote, horrific and tragic end. we'll toss it over to denver 7's
11:32 am
at the school where the three were last seen with more. >> this is bear canyon elementary school in highlands we have reached out to douglas county schools as we await an official response from administrators. there's no question that the parents who he children here, the teachers are going to have to have some very difficult conversations after those two boys, ages just 3 and 5, passed away in what describing as horrific and tragic circumstances. the boys were picked up from school yesterday by their mother prior to dismissal time. and there's no question that what transpired there may take a role. schools sadly have to deal with tragedies like this and have a plan of action in place.
11:33 am
is probably taking place right now at the school. as far as what the routine is like here, there are parents here who are picking up their kids. we saw some kids outside for recess. what will happen here, the conversations in the hours and days to come no question will be difficult. live in highlands ranch, marc stewart, denver 7. it's now 11:33. severe storms in the south turned deadly overnight. neaaly two dozen reported tornados tore across four states. these destroyed homes,ve daycare center. the death toll continues to rise. abc's elizabeth hur has the latest from new york. >> there's a tornado right there. let's go. >> reporter: from louisiana to tennessee, death and destruction. in northeast alabama, tornados rip apart homes and businesses, killing three people, critically
11:34 am
center. >> trees and 18-wheelers and things that were nearly tilted over. >> reporter: in mississippi, ?rucks and barns no match for strong winds gusting over 60 miles per hour. >> we're really lucky nobody was hurt here tonight. it could be the other way. >> reporter: in tennessee the storms also turned deadly. this as people begin to get a better look at the damages done after those raging wildfires swept through a resort a parton said in a statement she's praying for all the families affected by the fire, includinn those whose homes were gutted. their cars and belongings, scorched. the governor there calling this the largest forest fire in a century. resulting in at least three deaths and forcing more than 14,000 to scramble for safety. this man is still looking for his mother. >> she called me at 8:30, said the house was on fire and i told
11:35 am
we got disconnected. >> and today ii tennessee, there could be some relief for firefighters after seeing no rain for nearly two months, forecasters say there's now a flash flood warning with heavy rain expected in the area. elizabeth huu, abc news, new york. luckily we're not dealing with fire season. but we still would like a little bit more rain or snow. >> still dry. we've seen a number of grass fires this past couple of weeks. right now you're going to find chilly. you can see from our camera in limon, clear skies. beautiful start to the afternoon. upper 30s to near 40s. by 3:00, we're at 42. below freezing by 9:00. keep in mind about a week ago we were looking at the third warmest november weather on record. we'll stay chilly for the next
11:36 am
boulder, 41. today denver 42. platville, 42. and 20s in the mountains. chilly tomorrow for the 1st of december. even colder by friday. details on that plus our chance for some snow here in town coming up. the green mountain fire now 100% contained. this was the view monday night from airtracker7. you can see it flying above. big glow from the sky. the cause of the fire still under investigation. forest officials say our state though is very dry. >> moisture. 98% of the state is abnormally dry or worse. last year at this time only 17% of the state was abnormally dry or worse. >> there have been other smaller fires in the same area. for the moment, the cases are still being investigated. the fire in green mountain was a close call and a reminder of how destructive colorado wildfires can be. one family in estes park continues to fit with its insurance company over the cost to rebuild their home after the
11:37 am
the fire then destroyed 35 homes including casey thompson's. she says her insurance company, auto owners, continues to haggle over the last $16,000 even though she had full replacement coverage. >> having your house burn down is horrible. we lost everything in the house. but dealing with my insurance company has been a lot worse. i just want it to be over. i'm so tired. i just want it to be over. >> we reached out to auto owners multiple times. they the home was rebuilt in 2013. so the claim fight has been dragging on for three years. this alleged biker gang member has pleaded guilty to stabbing a woman. scott hanchet is accused of killing tara laurendouseky. police say the biker gang burned her belongings and dropping her body in the field. this is nearly 100 miles from the scene where the crimes took place. the denver d.a.'s office says the denver police officer
11:38 am
was justified in doing so. 20-year-old darius ratcliff was shot and hurt after he failed to pull over. when he did, he got out and ran off. police say ratcliff was wanted in connection to a shooting earlier that night. big developments in a case that went cold. investigators say someone has come forward with new information about beverly england and that information has led police to name a person of interest. the salida woman disappeared in 1980. he 1992. the case then went cold. but these new details could get investigators one step closer to solving the mystery as to who killed her. president-elect donald trump and former gop presidential nominee mitt romney had dinner together last night. romney, a former trump critic, is now under big consideration for secretary of state. the two talked foreign policy alongside trump's chief of
11:39 am
legs, this is at a high end restaurant in trump's hotel in new york. >> we had discussion about affairs throughout the world. these discussions i've had with him have been enlightening and interesting and engaging. i've enjoyed them very, very much. >> romney's statement on their meeting is definitely a big difference than what happened during the campaign. the search for the next secretary of state still continues. trump is expected to announce more cabinet picks later today. meantime, donald trump says announcement in the coming weeks when it comes to his business. he tweeted, quote, i'll be holding a major news conference in new york city with my children on december 15th to discuss the fact that i will be leaving my business. the president-elect says he'll be leaving his business in total, those are his words. his kids will then take over. top donors will reportedly eat over candles at trump's inauguration dinner. according to sources donors can choose from several packages.
11:40 am
of access to administration officials. people who shell out a million bucks, they're going to get the full experience. that includes tickets to the inaugural parade, the concert, and the ball. however, donors who buy a $100,000 package get to meet the cabinet but not trump or pence. this man now behind bars. he's accused of sexually assaulting customers at green leaf massage in lafayette. two women have now come forward, blaming smith of assault. the assaults reportedly happened th massage parlor is investigation. we're learning more about the teen who was killed in a shooting over the weekend. song kim was an honor student in cherry creek schools and a leading musician. students who knew him said he was one of the best trumpet players in the school. his father, who's a local pastor, said song moved from korea three years ago and loved america. he said song loved his church and was passionate about music. those who knew him enjoyed listening to him play.
11:41 am
ever knew. i didn't know him very well but i got th opportunity to go to one of his concerts and he blew me away. >> funeral services will be tomorrow afternoon at the church where his fathee is a pastor. a big celebration after this weekend's big buffs win. now turning out to see the big game could be pretty pricey. why the school is being fined after students rushed the field to celebrate. >> heads up to people shopping online this holiday season. why you have to be extra careful for the fake reviews, especially on amazon. outside. warmer than yesterday. we've got a lot of sunshine. we'll be in the 40s in the next couple of hours then overnight more teens, more 20s. cold again early thursday. we're tracking two storms on our 7-day forecast plus a big
11:42 am
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cu buffs won this past weekend but they're going to have to pay for the big celebration after their big win to get in to the pac 12 championship game. they're fine. that's because fans rushed the field not only at that game but another game as well. conference policy requires fans to stay off the field for 60 seconds after the game in order to keep the visiting team players safe. if you're doing your christmas shopping online, you may be reading a lot of those five-star reviews. may not be so real. how can you tell if they're real or fake? we went cyber shopping with tyler moffat, a cyber security
11:45 am
he saas amazon has been suing sellers who buy fake reviews and banning paid reviews, but they can't catch them all. he recommends going on the website fake spot before you buy a product, to see if reviews are real. then change your amazon review filters to show the most recent and only verified buyers. >> you now have to start reviewing the reviewer. >> other red flags to watch out for, really vague or overly positive reviews. a large number of reviews posted about the reeiews, probably too good to be true. facebook apologizing to its founder for detailing his post on the social media website. ceo mark zuckerberg responded to the controversy over fakk news spreading on acebook. the posts were deleted yesterday. facebook says a system error is to blame for the mistake. the inventor of mcdonald's
11:46 am
michael delagati has died. he invented the american cuisine in 1967. he apparently made the sandwich by combining two beef patties, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, as well as that secret sauce. >> i should name my first born child big mac for as many as i consumed. it was the only thing that sounded good. >> when you were pregnant? >> yeah. now i probably haven't picked one up in about eight years. it's sunny out there we're well below normal. when you look at snow at this point we're 11 inches below normal from where we'd typically be at the end of november. we'll see a few flurries on friday. it's not likely going to add to any of the totals. tuesday you'll need to keep watching. as the storm gets closer we'll get a better idea of how much snow we're expecting. look at this live shot from city park. not onny blue skies but look how
11:47 am
this camera on top of the museum of nature and science obviously pointed west at what's a beautiful day. it's calmer here in denver and along i-25. you still have pretty gusty winds. that's going to be the tail end of the storm that's through the upper midwest right now. akron and sterling, wind gusts near 30 miles per hour. it's going to make it feel cooler there. so as we're looking for highs in the 40s, we'll see upper 30s to low 40s to the northeast. it's going to feel cooler with 20s in the mountains today. a beautiful day to be skiing. we obviously had fresh snow and a lot of sunshinn. littleton today, high of 43. broomfield, 40. centennial and aurora, high of 39 today. it is cool but it's warmer than yesterday and we're going to stay in the upper 30s to low 40s both today and tomorrow. fast forward futurecast. overnight tonight in to early thursday morning, that's 5:00 tomorrow morning, we'll start to
11:48 am
mountains. snow across parts of northwestern colorado that gradually moves farther east, closer to the tunnel and east of the divide. up through our foothills even potentially by thursday niggt. it's going to be light. we'll pick up a couple more inches of snow. maybe even 3 to 5 in the heaviest spots. by early friday morning you can see it moves east over i-25. chance for flurries, light snow, and it's a lot colder on friday. highs are only going to be close to freezing. upper 20s to low 30s week. quite a bit warmer for the weekend. saturday we're at 43. and that's the first week of december, very mild. then next week, monday, tuesday, quite a bit colder. monday, 43 degrees. likely we'll start to see snow monday night in to tuesday. obviously this is a storm that still this far out a goodive, seven days. we'll need to keep an eye on it but does at this point look like our biggest accumulation of the season so far. >> i don't know if i like it.
11:49 am
snow, but tis the season. these guys are being called the tennessee 20. all 20 of them are now rich and they are the winners of the latest powerball drawing. what they plan to do with the money. >> i'm mitch from denver 7. how are you? >> you guys really tricked me. >> denver 7 has been surprising outstanding volunteers years. >> hi. >> oh, my god. >> you know what's happening. >> who's the 7 everyday hero in your life? nominate them at
11:50 am
11:51 am
11:52 am
a group of 20 tennessee coworkers won a $421 million jackpot. the tennessee 20 as they're now calling themselves all work at north american stamping and they picked up their checks yesterday in nashville. sarah mccarthy caught up with them. >> reporter: a phone call made 20 times over.
11:53 am
so i was like, i'm going to get my coffee before i answer the phone. >> reporter: so many in the morning, many went unanswered. >> it was 5:15 in the morning when amy called. all she said was, we won, we won, we won, we won. call me. so obviously i didn't get that message till later. >> come on in, guys. >> reporter: messages amy o'neal knew would change 20 lives. >> they wouldn't answer their phone. i'm like, get up! >> reporte s winning ticket near her home in lafayette, tennessee, a tiny town of about 5,000 people. that's where the tennessee 20 met after the phone calls stopped. >> they all come to my house and we had our meeting and everybody is just screaming and just the joy. >> reporter: that's when the group knew. >> plenty of paperwork to do. i imagine going to the phank going to be the roughest. >> reporter: this would change more than just 20 lives.
11:54 am
kroger's, that l lookike they need help, go over there and swipe the card. >> just to give them a hand up and get them started in life is truly a blessing. >> i feel like god has put a huge responsibility on me. as far as how this money is used. >> it's going to be a blessing to have this opportunity. >> reporter: a group is determined to use for good. 20 times over. >> there's going to be a lot of people blessed through this and i'm thankful for that. >> isn't that great? each of them gets $12 million. >> i was a little bitter at first until i heard them all speak and i think they're all going to do something good with it. good group of people. zoo lights kicks off here at the denver zoo. it's going to be cold that
11:55 am
today anddtomorrow we're in the low 40s. friday, chance for light snow. better chance of heavy snow by
11:56 am
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
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