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tv   Today  NBC  July 16, 2010 6:00am-10:00am PST

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good morning. sight to behold. for the first time in nearly three months, no oil is spewing out of that busted pipe in the gulf. and bp says the system is holding some 18 hours into those critical pressure tests. but will that last until a more permanent fix is ready? capital quake. washington, d.c., jolted by a rare overnight earthquake. the strongest in the region in at least 36 year, but so far this morning, no reports of damage or injury. and black eye -- millions of users unhappy with what apple has done to remedy those reception problems with the new
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iphone 4. so what's the company going to do now? they're set to make a big announcement today, friday july they're set to make a big announcement today, friday july 16, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >> and good morning. 7:00 a.m. on the west coast. i'm matt lauer. >> a look at day 88 of the disaster on the gulf. that's what residents have been waiting for. no oil gushing into the sea. >> you compare that image to what we've been seeing for 80-something days, black oil going into the water. it's very encouraging. bp says it's very encouraged by the initial results of the ongoing integrity testing on that cap, but they do caution no one should celebrate just yet. president obama is expect eed t
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address the situation at any moment from the rose garden. >> let's begin with the latest on all of this, anne thompson has been in the gulf region since the start of the disaster and she's in venice, louisiana with more. good morning to you. >> good morning. bp says it's building pressure inside that well and that's what it wants to do, and those remoteremot remotely operated vehicles show no signs of trouble on the ocean floor. but bp, the coast guard nor the people here are ready to declare victory just yet. it is a sight some along the gulf coast wondered if they would ever see. the spill cam showing no oil coming out of bp's damaged well. >> we're just happy finally there's an end in sight. finally a light at the end of the tubl. >> reporter: that glimpse of hope happened 3:25 eastern thursday afternoon when a repeatrepeat
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ly operated vehicle shut the final valve. >> we'll have to reinitiate the flow. >> high pressure is what engineers want. it means the well is intact. if the pressure is low, it could mean there's a leak in the well, and the oil is going elsewhere. the test is scheduled to run through saturday. with all the caveats, reaction was muted across the country. in louisiana -- >> it's finally an end to the grou groundhog day of waking up and oil still spilling. >> in new york city. >> when i saw the cap went on and the oil was hopefully contained, i got a big grin, but i feel doubts because it's been so long. >> and the white house. >> we're still in the testing phase pl.
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>> the governor of louisiana hopes people don't think the crisis ends with the flow of crude. >> this is a step forward, but we also know this fight's not over for louisiana. >> now, if bp is able to use this cap to shut in the well, this region is going to feel the effects of this oil spill for years to come. there are millions of gallons of oil in the gulf of mexico that have yet to wash ashore. meredith? >> all right, thank you very much. it's 7:04. here's matt. >> now to that overnight earthquake felt in and around the nation's capital. people working in our washington studio felt it, and that's where nbc's tom costello is this morning. tom, good morning to you. >> reporter: yeah, i felt it. woke me out of bed, actually. and washington wakes up to political earthquakes every so often. we had a real live one. we know the folks in california are laughing at us. it was a small quake. no reports of injuries or serious damage. as i said, 5:04 this morning,
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the national earthquake center says it was a 3.6 magnitude earthquake about three miles deep. the epicenter was in germantown, maryland. but it was felt throughout maryland, d.c., parts of northern virginia and west virginia. it woke up our household. kind of a rumble that came in a wave, started low, a crescendo, only five or seven seconds or so. if i didn't know better, i would have it was that old cliche, a massive freight train rumbling by. meteorologists who lived here for decades say this is the most significant quake they've ever felt. small quakes happen every few years, the last one 2.0 in 2008, but literally 200 years ago, matt, an earthquake rat. ed d.c. in 1828. president john quincy adams was in the white house and he was talking about a big shaker. back to you. >> i can't believe you went to the old freight train line there. that's okay. we got you. tom costello in washington. tom, thank you very much.
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five after the hour, here's meredith. >> matt, thank you. president obama is expected to comment on the situation in the gulf at any moment. chief white house correspondent chuck todd is at the white house for us. good morning. >>. >> reporter: good morning, meredith. we wait for the fot talk about the good news in the gulf, he went to the heartland of michigan to try to talk about what he says is good news about the economy, despite the fact that a lot of people don't feel or see that good news, and he admits that these unemployment numbers aren't where they need to be. >> the main thing that keeps me up at night right now is we lost 8 million jobs. the month i was sworn in we lost 750,000 jobs. we've regained 600,000 this year so far, and if we stay on pace, hopefully we'll gain several hundred thousand more, but making up for that 8 million is still going to be a challenge. look, nobody in the white house is satisfied with where we are
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right now. what we absolutely are convinced of, though, is that we're on the right track. and i think that the statistics bear that out. >> reporter: what do you tell the person who may have voted for you, can't find a job or got laid off since you took office, why they should still keep the democrats in charge? >> if somebody is out of work right now, the only answer that i'm going to have for them is when they get a job. up until that point from their perspective, the economic policies aren't working yet. that's my job as president is to take responsibility for moving us in the right direction. >> reporter: you talk about a choice election this fall. are you prepared for the fact that now that means your policies, it's a referendum on you and your policies and the voters may say you know what, we're putting the republicans in charge? >> this is going to be a choice between the policies that got us into this mess and my policies that are getting us out of this mess. and i think if you look at the vast majority of americans, even those who are dissatisfied with the pace of progress, they'll
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say that the policies that got us into this mess, we can't go back to. >> reporter: do you think washington is broken? and the reason i ask you this, because when you appointed, you sent a message, either you didn't want to debate about health care on capitol hill like you did a year ago, or the senate process is going and we've got to go around it. >> the fact of the matter is that i can't play political games with the senate on these issues. i've got a government to run. and at a certain point, we have to just go ahead and make sure that people are in place to deal with the enormous challenges that are ahead. >> reporter: you're not ready to say washington is broken? >> well, here's what i'm ready to say, that washington has spent an inordinate amount of time on politics, who's up, who's down, and not enough on how are we delivering for the american people. the good news is that despite no
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cooperation from the other side, we have over the last two years stopped an economic free fall, stabilize the financial sector, when people are determined and willing to take tough votes even when it's politically inconvenient, we can still get things done. >> reporter: i've got to leave it there. vacation in the gulf, i know the first lady was touting it in panama city, florida. are you going to be down there? >> we're going to try to figure out where to take some time over the course of the summer, but a month is going to be taken up with malia going away to camp, which she's never done before. and i may shed a tear when she's on her way out. >> the president will comment about more serious issues any minute now. i asked him about this squall in yemen situation, because they apparently had some connection to that bombing in uganda, and he admitted that yemen is almost
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as bad as where things were in afghanistan a few years ago. not exactly the greatest comparison. >> no, very bad, very bad to say the least, chuck. as you mentioned, the president is about to come out to discuss oil containment in the gulf, but he has to be careful to temper his words because he does not want to appear to be doing some sort of victory lap here. >> that's exactly right. aides have been furiously trying to tamp down expectations because frankly, it's very possible we'll see oil flowing again, because this whole system was designed to contain the oil while they get the relief wells done. and so i think that's why they've been very hesitant, even with these remarks. look, let's be honest, we were expecting these remarks about 40 minutes ago. it's very obvious to me that they're still trying to figure out the right tone to take, because they don't want to raise expectations that this is over. >> and chuck, the president has just emerged into the rose garden. >> good morning, everybody. i wanted to give everyone a quick update on the situation in
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the gulf. as we all know, a new cap was fitted over the bp oil well earlier this week. this larger, more sophisticated cap was designed to give us greater control over the oil flow as we complete the relief wells that are necessary to stop the leak. now, our scientists and outside experts have met through the night and continue this morning to analyze the data from the well integrity test. what they're working to determine is whether we can safely shut in the well using the new cap without creating new problems, including possibly countless new oil leaks in the sea floor. now, even if a shut-in is not possible, this new cap and the additional equipment being placed in the gulf will be able to contain up to 80,000 barrels a day, which should allow us to capture nearly all of the oil
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until the well is killed. it's important to remember that prior to the installation of this new cap, we were collecting on average about 25,000 barrels a day. for almost 90 days of this environmental disaster, all of us have taken hope in the image of clean water, instead of oil spewing in the gulf. but it is our responsibility to make sure that we're taking a prudent course of action, and not simply looking for a short-term solution that could lead to even greater problems down the road. so to summarize -- the new cap is good news. either we will be able to use it to stop the flow, or we will be able to use it to capture almost all of the oil until the relief well is done. but we're not going to go know for certain which approach makes sense until additional data is in. and all the american people should rest assured that all of
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these decisions will be based on the science and what's best for the people of the gulf. all right? i'll take just one or two questions. go ahead. >> did you feel the earthquake, mr. president? >> i didn't. >> sir, do you think this means that basically we're turning the corner, at least, in the gulf? tell the american people what you anticipate in the next few weeks ahead because they're still very anxious about this. >> well, i think it's important that we don't get ahead of ourselves here. one of the problems with having this camera down there is that when the oil stops gushing, everybody feels like we're done, and we're not. the new cap the containing the oil right now, but scientists are doing a number of tests. what they want to make sure of is that by putting this cap on, the oil isn't seeping out elsewhere in ways that could
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even be more catastrophic. and that involves measuring pressures while this cap is on. the data is not all still in, and it has to be interpreted by the scientists. but here's the good news that i think everybody needs to understand. even if it turns out that we can't maintain this cap and completely shut off the flow of oil, what the new cap allows us to do is to essentially attach many more containment mechanisms so that we're able to take more oil up to the surface, put it on ships. it won't be spilling into the gulf. the final solution to this whole problem is going to be the relief wells and getting that completed, but there's no doubt that we have made progress as a consequence of this new cap fitting on, and that even if it turns out that we can't keep the containment cap on to completely stop the oil, it's going to allow us to capture much more
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oil, and we'll see less oil flowing into the gulf. now, in the meantime obviously we've still got a big job to do. there's still a lot of oil out there. and that's why we've got more skimmers out there. there's better coordination along the ground and the shorelines. there's still going to be an enormous clean-up job to do and there's still going to be the whole set of issues surrounding making sure people are compensated properly, that the $20 billion fund is set up and is acting expeditiously. we have a large am of work to do and people down in the gulf, particularly businesses are still suffering as a consequence of this disaster. but we are making steady progress, and i think the american people should take some heart in the fact that we're making progress on this front. all right? >> is the relief well still on target, sir? >> so far, it's actually slight ahead of target, but the problem
7:16 am
on the relief well is not simply drilling all the way down, it's also connecting it up, and that's a delicate operation that could take some time. >> what does ahead of target mean, sir. >> when does bp start paying fines based on the amount of oil spilled? >> we're going to be taking measures about how much oil is spilled. those are calculations that are going to be continually refined. bp is going to be paying for the damage that it's caused. that means not only paying for the environmental disaster and clean-up, but also compensating people who have been affected. that's going to be a component of the calculations that are made. >> what do you want to say to the people when do you expect to go down next? >> i would expect sometime in the next several weeks i'll be back down. what we're trying to do right now is to make sure that the
7:17 am
technical folks on the ground are making the best possible decisions to shut this well down as quickly as possible, that we're standing up the funds so people are compensated quickly. i'm staying in touch each and every day, monitoring the progress and getting briefed by the scientists. the key here right now is for us to make decisions based on science, based on what's best for the people of the gulf, not based on pr, not based on politics. and that's part of the reason why i wanted to speak this morning, because i know that there were a lot of reports coming out in the media that seemed to indicate, well, maybe this thing is done. we won't be done until we actually know that we've killed the well and that we have a permanent solution in place. we're moving in that direction, but i don't want us to get too far ahead of ourselves. all right? thank you very much, everybody. >> i want to bring chuck todd back in. that was the president speaking in the rose garden about efforts in the gulf to stop that oil spill. chuck, as we said, he's
7:18 am
cautiously optimistic, but reminding the public we have a long way to go here. >> i thought it was fascinating that he brought up the camera. clearly they've been sensitive about this camera down there seeing the oil spill. they know that's driven everybody's perception about what's going on down there, and now they worry it's going to move everything too quickly the other way because we don't see anything. so the fact that he sort of identified it as a problem, we have heard behind the scenes that politically they've understood this camera has been a double-edged sword for them. transparency is something we in the media always want to have, but it's caused reactions in a certain way and today that's one of the reasons that drove him out there to make his remarks. >> he was a little vague on when he would be returning to the gulf. >> he was. the first lady was down there earlier this week encouraging people to vacation in the gulf. i was dropping a hint, well, are you guys going to go down there
7:19 am
and vacation? he backed away. we do know vice president bide season headed down there next week. there will be somebody of stature in the administration that will be down there every week probably between now and when -- and when maybe drilling actually starts up again in the gulf after the moratorium is lifted. >> chuck, by the way, you talk about the camera and how sensitive they are at the white house, the people down in the gulf are nervous about the image we're looking at right now because they don't want america to turn its attention away from this crisis just because they stopped seeing that oil spewing into the water. >> reporter: and that was another message the white house was trying to send this morning. you heard that in the president's remarks because look, the clean-up efforts are still out there. you still have this debate about what happened. we still don't know -- we still don't have an official explanation from the government about what happened. and until we get it, then that's when they're going to allow for drilling to go ahead. and remember, that's economically so important down there. never mind all the clean-up and all that. you're absolutely right. i think they're worried the
7:20 am
people will stop paying attenti attention. they don't want that either. >> chuck todd, thank you very much. coming from the white house this morning. >> good morning, everybody. today in northern iraq a fire in a five-story hotel killed at least 29 people, including foreigners, women and children. some of the victims died jumping from windows to escape the flames. officials are blaming an electric problem there. two bombs exploded inside a shiite mosque on thursday in southeast iran. more than 20 people died, including members of the governor's elite revolutionary guard, and more than 160 people were wounded. today, west virginia governor joe manchin is expected to name a temporary replacement for the late senator robert byrd. byrd died last month after serving more than 50 years in the senate. firefighters are battling at least 12 fires sparked by lightning in southern california in lake elsinore. at least one house burned to the
7:21 am
ground. strong storms hit the detroit area thursday, flooding roads, downing trees and leaving more than 100,000 people without power. and a big scare on thursday for pink when the singer fell from a har n harness during a performance. she was rushed to the hospital and later tweeted nothing was broken and she would be fine. it's now 21 minutes past the hour pacific time. let's go back to you, matt, meredith and al. good thing she's okay. >> we're going to look at it again apparently. >> she tweeted to her fans that she hoped everybody thought it was cool. >> somebody else went offstage, too. >> how about a look at the weter? >> some heat to talk about, not just here but around the globe. june, the warmest on record. global, land and ocean surface
7:22 am
temperatures. a little bit more than 61 degrees. that's more than 1.2 degrees above the average. so it has been warmwa along the eastern seaboard. we're going to continue with that heat. we're looking at temperatures in the 90s, heat advisories from new york city all the way down to washington, d.c. the dog days certainly in effect. and the water temperatures also toasty as well. these are temperatures, water temperatures you normally see late august. martha's vineyard, 68. new york city, the water temperature, about 76. off ocean city, maryland, 82 degrees. no heat around san francisco this morning. a lot of low clouds. fog, sea breeze that will keep t.s in the 60s. hour by hour, notice a warm-up quickly inland again. places out toward the tri valley to be the thotest around bay area. maybe not quite as hot around fairfield. mid to upper 90s inland. close to 90, san jose. 70s around oakland. the weekend is going to start off hot inland. then we'll see cooling thanks to
7:23 am
stronger sea breeze late in the weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. matt? >> al, thank you very much. an emotional day for casey anthony. the florida mom accused of killing her own daughter as she comes cefao faceither h fami [ female announcer ] the jerry brown story.
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a lifetime in politics. a legacy of failure. and just ahead, the latest on mel gibson's custody fight as a fifth audiotape surfaces. >> also erahead, enrique iglesa live.
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good morning. 7:26. time to check the morning commute with mike. >> we do have an incident westbound. reports of a motorcycle driver having being cut off by a car there. and then getting into an accident. driver himself last report was on the side of the road lying there. so we will have an ambulance heading there. but again, this is just from someone who saw it in his rearview mirror. we don't see any major slowing across the bridge. meanwhile, approaching the bay bridge at tonight, smooth drive approaching the toll plaza. no metering lights. no major problems. even that low clouds there starting to clear a little bit from that vantage point. >> the clouds will clear up
7:27 am
around bay area. we have entered the typical july microclimate pattern with mid 90s towards livermore, tri-valley. closer to 90 around san jose. but notice as you drop into oakland, 74 degrees. 60s around san francisco. we're patchy low clouds. continue on the coast. same story tomorrow. sunday, we start to cool down thanks to stronger sea breeze. if you're heading to the high country today, flash flood watch is up now for the lake tahoe area. time is k.brea27 remos after the break.
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parents of students in the lowest performing schools in the state could have other options. they approved emergency regulations of 1,000 public schools. board members say students in the schools are at the risk of, quote, serious harm if they stay where they are. regulation will allow the board to speed up legislation that let students transfer to better schools. another local news update for you in half an hour. the "today" show returns in less than a minute.
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7:30 now this friday morning this 16th of july, 2010. we have some folks ready to dance out in the closet. in about an hour, latin sensation enrique iglesias kicks off our summer concert. i'm meredith vieira along with matt lauer and al roker. has apple come up with a new way to fix the reception problems on the iphone 4? they're expected to make an announcement later on today. >> also, do women now rule the world? >> yes. >> hey, when you consider just how many women are graduating from college as opposed to men,
7:31 am
how many are getting law degrees and medical degrees. some are calling it the end of t the era of men. mel gibson and his ex-girlfriend facing off in the courtroom as a fifth rant on tape has been released. >> reporter: the website radar online has just released that photo on your screen of mel gibson's ex-girlfriend, allegedly showing her teeth knocked out by gibson himself. now she's trying to strip him of custody of their baby daughter and took him to court for an emergency hearing. this, as you mentioned, tape number five has been released. and once again a warning, the language is harsh. >> reporter: the website radar online says that's mel gibson
7:32 am
screaming at his ex-girlfriend, oksana grigorieva. they have a baby girl together, that's her, only 8 months old, and already caught between angry, feuding patients. both sides went to court thursday for an emergency custody hearing. oksana says gibson is an unfit father and should be stripped of his visitation. . she's handed over the now infamous tapes to investigators. >> i would like to show you what mean really is [ bleep ], [ bleep ], [ bleep ], gold digger. all true. you [ bleep ] did this to me. >> reporter: it's now key custody in the case, showing alleged threats. >> [ bleep ] to the side of the head, all right? >> reporter: and oksana claims domestic violence. >> what kind of man is that hitting a woman with a child in her hand. breaking her teeth twice in the face. what kind of man is that?
7:33 am
>> you're all angry now. >> reporter: the hearing lasted all day, the courtroom sealed. gibson's lawyer wouldn't speak with reporters. >> the answer is no comments. >> reporter: neither would oksana's lawyer. >> he's been proven to be by the tapes, a racist, a bigot, probably a criminal because he threatened her with bodily harm. probably an unfit father. he's better than a triif he can that of losing custody. >> reporter: oksana wants custody. his ex-wife wrote a letter to the judge, mel gibson never abused me during or after ore relationship. mel was s a wonderful and loving father. still, the l.a. sheriff's department has launched a domestic violence investigation, focused on gibson and oksana. >> right now, we don't have real evidence. we have tapes, but if the tapes
7:34 am
reflect what really happened, he's certainly prosecutable for at least assault and battery. >> reporter: the new tape also highlights deep financial problems. including selling his private box at lakers games. >> i sold it because of you! i don't have any [ bleep ] money. i have to support you and everybody else. i have to sell paintings. >> reporter: this morning tmz is reporting the judge will continue to allow mel gibson to see his daughter, so the current visitation agreement remains in place. that includes daytime visits and one overnight a week, but matt, investigators are just now starting to review these tapes and anything can still change. >> all right, jeff thanks very much. let's get a check at the weather. >> as we look across the country, we have the heat here in the east, a risk of strong storms along the upper midwest. 78 degrees in portland, oregon, today. 93 in l.a. 114 in phoenix, arizona. we're looking at hit or miss
7:35 am
seeing lots of sunshine around san jose. to the south, maybe later on this afternoon, may see clouds building up. look at the thunder showers in the southern sierra this morn. flash flood watches are around lake tahoe area. use caution. if you're heading up to the high country. bay area temperatures, 80s and 90s inland again today. 60 forz san francisco. it will be a hot start to the weekend inland. trending cool we're a stronger sea breeze on sunday. >> and don't forget, if you want to keep track of your weather all long, go to the weather channel on cable or >> now to casey anthony, the mother accused of killing her daughter caylee. >> reporter: it was a courtroom,
7:36 am
but shackled by leg irons, casey anthony was in the same room as her brother, father and mother, the first time the family has been together in 20 month. and while casey brother's lee told her twice "i love you," bringing her to tears. >> how are you related to casey anthony? >> she's my sister. >> reporter: this strange family reunion had both brother -- >> what flies with my mom isn't going to fly with a police officer. like what are you doing? >> reporter: -- and mother. >> it's the wrong date. july, not june. >> reporter: forced to testify by prosecutors who believe casey should be executed if convicted with murdering her trial. >> the words that you use to describe the smell in the car was, dead body. correct? >> correct. >> reporter: one potentially damaging piece of evidence comes from casey's own mother. >> 911, what's your emergency? >> reporter: it was a call for
7:37 am
help that immediately had detectives looking at casey as a suspect. >> there's something wrong. i found my daughter's car today and it smells like there's been a dead body in the damn car. >> reporter: casey's defense team says she talked about the smell of a dead body to create more urgency, to get the officers to come to her house more quickly. >> i don't know how the mind works when you're under stress. again, i said whatever i said. i can't analyze it. >> reporter: and even though remains were found in the woods around the corner from the family home with dna evidence to match, cindy says she does not believe her granddaughter is dead. >> i still think caylee is alive. >> reporter: thursday was also the first time casey's brother and father had seen her since casey's jailhouse letters were made public. in one of them, she claimed as a teenager her father and brother had sexually abused her. i woke up night after night with my sports bra lifted over my chest, or if i had a regular
7:38 am
bra, it would be unhooked. >> we certainly think it's a side show. having said that, this kind of stuff is going and it's very distracting. unfortunately, we just can't say oh, that's not relevant and ignore it. we have to investigate it. >> that was nbc's kerry sanders. up next, apple expected to make a big announcement on the iphone problem, right after this. beep-beep! beep-beep! beep-beep! ] [ buzz! ] [ beep-beep! ] it's... time! shh! [ girl ] it's on! [ female announcer ] walmart and p&g present the jensen project. family movie night is back. make yours complete with all of this for just $9. save money. live better. walmart.
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7:42 am
iphone's antenna? the company has scheduled a news conference later today to address some mounting complaints. nbc's george lewis is outside apple headquarters in cupertino, california. >> reporter: apple will not announce a full blown recall of the iphone. will apple opt for a simpler, cheaper fix? mark contreras makes his living as a tennis pro. when he's not giving lessons, he's taking calls from potential clients. >> every call for me is very important. >> reporter: that's why contreras got worried when his new iphone started dropping calls. contreras is one of the 1.7 million people who bought the iphone 4 when it came out last month, and he's not alone in complaining about its reliability. consumer reports tested the iphone and said it could not recommend it after finding a design flaw in the stainless
7:43 am
steel antenna that surrounds the device. if you touch the bougttom left side of the phone while you're on a call, the signal fades and you can lose your connection. >> only the engineers who built this phone can really explain what happens when you touch the phone this way. >> reporter: according to bloomberg news, apple's engineers knew about the problem before the iphone went on sale. >> it is the thinnest iphone in the planet. >> reporter: apple ceo steve jobs wanted a sleek design and the stainless steel antenna made it possible. >> while they chose a design they knew could pose potential reception problems, they felt confident their engineering team could solve the problem. >> reporter: one solution, a $29 plastic accessory called the bumper that fits around the phone like a rubber band and prevents you from touching the antenna, or you could go with a piece of duct tape. all of this has made apple an easy target. >> and the number one sign you purchased a bad iphone, it only
7:44 am
accepts calls from mel gibson. >> it's certainly a known, real issue. what i think is interesting about it is as an iphone 4 user i don't notice it. there aren't lines of people waiting to return their iphone 4s. >> reporter: despite the problems he's had with his iphone, contreras says he's willing to stick with it as long as apple serves up a quick fix for the flaw. now one quick fix might be to give away those rubber bumpers to people who have already bought the phone, although that kind of detracts from the phone's sleek appearance. matt? >> george lewis, we'll wait to see. thanks very much, george. michael paul is a corporate crisis manager here in new york city. omar wasso is a technology analyst. good morning to both of you guys. >> good morning. >> michael, let me start with you, okay, this is somewhat new territory for apple. this is the darling of the technology world. they're used to people patting them on the back saying, you guys are hip, you guys are great. >> that's right. >> and how do you think they have to handle this at this news conference today? >> this is not only an apple but
7:45 am
a steve jobs hit. he supposedly knew himself about a year ago from one of his techs. he said keep moving forward. so i think the bottom line here, though, is this rubber bumper is not going to be the fix. if i bought the phone a couple days ago and my buddy gets it 30 days from now and it's perfect, i want the perfect phone. >> in terms of handling a corporate public relations crisis and you're the expert on that, so far this company has basically taken the problem -- one problem approach. they can't have that tone at this news conference, can they? >> the root of this is trust. they can't have that tone and the bottom line is we need to know what happened, when it happened, when you knew it, and make sure you're coming transparentally to us. >> is it possible that because they've been such a darling and haven't had a situation like this they simply don't have the people in place who knew how to deal with a crisis like this? >> they may have some folks in place who had experience. they don't have the experience within apple of having problems like this on a consistent basis and that's going to be a problem for them. >> you mentioned steve jobs.
7:46 am
conflicting reports. one major newspaper said he may have known of this problem before these phones were shipped. another says he didn't learn about it until after. if it turns out he did know, how big a hit? >> major hit. we want some humility. we want him to admit that he was wrong. we want the tech to come clean as well because he is nervous about speaking to the media right now, and there are a lot of people trying to reach him. >> omar, let me bring you in here. 1.7 million people rushed out to buy the iphone 4. many of those people are not happy with it. what do they want to hear at this news conference today? >> well, i think mike made the main point which is people do want a clear explanation. apple made clear you can return your iphone up to 30 days and given it only came out less than 30 days ago, there is that option for people who might be from frustrated with their current phone. people want to hear a clear explanation, the ambiguous
7:47 am
explanation that is have come out so far are insufficient and what you are going to hear is the detailed report on how they're engaging this problem, the latest software update that came out yesterday makes some progress, how perhaps it's not just hardware, it's an interaction between software and hardware. >> if they tell me i can get a band around the iphone, even if it's for free, i like george's poi point, people bought the phone because they like the looks of it, the aesthetics, the way it looks in their hand. rubber band. to look down at >> and certainly that's a complaint, but it's a relatively -- i mean, asking people to put a rubber band or the bumper on isn't a major imposition either. i think you will see, though, apple wants to make a stronger claim that this is fixable with things like software, with perhaps a coating they may be putting on the current batch of iphon iphones. so it's unclear whether they actually are going to do the
7:48 am
bumper as the solution. i think maybe a sort of more sophisticated presentation that tries to say this is something that is partly about software, pa partly about how the algorithm they used to represent the antenna signal and interact with the antennas. i agree with you, though, the bumper -- they're doing a press conference, that's going to leave people wanting more. >> you followed this business a long time, omar. have you seen anything with apple like this before? >> well, you know, the one thing that's a little bit like this when they first released the iphone it came out and had a $600 price and then a few months later they dropped it quickly and there was an outroar of people saying, hey, wait a minute, you've just burned your most loyal customer and they issued a $200 gift certificate to everyone who wasn't an adopter. they have had moments like this. they seem to have been caught off guard by this and are now trying to play catch-up. >> omar wasow, mike paul, we'll
7:49 am
see what happens when they make their announcement todame, a li from grammy winner enrique iglesias. ♪ thank you! ♪ phew! [ ernie ] we make our cookies the way only keebler elves can: with a little something extra. so every bite can be uncommonly good. [ but aleve can last 12 hours.. tylenol 8 hour lasts 8 hours. and aleve was proven to work better on pain than tylenol 8 hour. so why am i still thinking about this? how are you? good, how are you?
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7:53 am
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good morning. time is 7:56. checking your commute. mikes a an update on the motorcycle in the carquinez bridge. no injuries. the driver was what they call fully dressed, had all safety equipment, leathers on. driver is walking around. no slowing still on that westbound direction. westbound highway 4 though another report of a motorcycle accident there. this time the motorcycle had a brush with the mitsubishi. both are on the right side of the roadway. that's an area slowing right around summersville. still off of the bridge coming through the area as well. we heard of an incident. i was worried because i told you about the last four days. this is the traffic in the northbound side because of some equipment that has to be moved. we will see slowing there anyway, rob. >> we are seeing sunshine there.
7:57 am
otherwise, clouds around san francisco and on the coastline just like yesterday. 50s an 60s to get the day started. as early as noon, agency toss low 90s inland. tri-valley locations to be the hottest today on pleasanton and livermore. 90s, san jose. only 60s on the coast in san francisco. so really only the inland areas seeing the heat in the start of the weekend tan sea breeze turn stronger. inland spots cooling off next week. time is 7:57. more news after the break.
7:58 am
7:59 am
we have an update to the massive san jose school fire we reported here on nbc bay area news. flames destroyed 1 classrooms at trace elementary school. firefighters say somebody did intentionally set that fire. investigators are looking to find out who did it and why. a portion of the school was saved, but portable classrooms will be used for the upcoming school year. and classes are set to begin now august 16th. the "today" show returns in less than a minute. have great friday, a great weekend. see you back here in a bit. [ man ] my perfect summer is grilling up a masterpiece. daily. [ woman ] my perfect summer is having everyone over. and having money leftover. [ female announcer ] safeway lets you have it all. with thousands of everyday low prices you can always count on. and even more great deals when you use your club card. like breyers ice cream and popsicle novelties just $1.99.
8:00 am
and safeway hot dog or hamburger buns, just 89 cents. [ man ] my perfect summer. [ woman ] perfectly priced. [ female announcer ] at safeway, that's our promise. that's ingredients for life. ♪ 8:00 now on a friday morning, the 16th day of july, 2010. it is a bright, sunny morning in mid-town manhattan. al just said it is also real close and sticky out there. >> these folks are really close. >> they are. >> we are packing in because we have a great summer concert in this half hour. grammy winner and superstar enrique iglesias. right now, by the way, we need to ask enrique about something. you he know, during the world cup soccer competition he was rooting for
8:01 am
spain, right? >> yes. >> early in the competition he said if spain were to go on and win the world cup, he promised to waterski naked. in business biscanyne bay in miami. we're going to ask him about the in a couple minutes. >> he said he was going to get drunk and then waterski naked, like you do often on the weekends. >> that's tubing. >> i don't know how to break it to you guys, but the facts now show women rule the world. >> yeah! >> you can snicker all you want, buddy boy. more women are going to college. >> i think it's great. no, no, no. >> more women than men graduating from college, bigger numbers, making the financial decisions at home. more and more women. is it the end of men? we will discuss. >> this means i am now your ball and chain. >> exactly. >> yeah.
8:02 am
and how observant are you? do you think you're observant? >> no, i'm not. >> do you notice if your date changed in the middle of a dinner? >> i would think so. >> wait until you see chris hanson is going to be here and he will show you that some folks are not quite as observant as they should be. >> a lot to get to. let's go inside. ann curry is standing by at the news desk with the headlines. >> i do. good morning once again everybody. for the first time in nearly three months no oil is spilling from that ruptured well in the gulf. bp is monitoring the pressure after closing the valves on thursday on the containment cap which at least temporarily is stopping the leak. >> we won't be done until we actually know that we've killed the well and that we have a permanent solution in place. >> a rare earthquake jarred many awake before dawn this morning in washington, d.c. the 3.6 quake at about 5:00 a.m. was centered in germantown, maryland, while it was still a
8:03 am
relatively small quake the u.s. geological survey said it was the strongest one in the region in at least 36 years. an overnight hotel fire in iraq claimed at least 29 lives. officials say some of the victims may have been foreigners who worked in iraq's oil industry. they say the fire appeared to be accidental banking giant goldman sachs agreed on thursday to pay a record $550 million fine to settle civil fraud charges tied to the mortgage meltdown. federal regulators say goldman's sold investments linked to subprime mortgages without telling buyers they were created with information from a client who was betting on them to fail. the senate, meantime, on thursday passed a far reaching overhaul of financial industry regulations and president obama is expected to sign it into law next week. the new bill promises new consumer safeguards but gives regulators more time to come up with detailed rules with input from banks and other institutions. overseas markets meantime are mostly higher this morning. we have cnbc's trish regan where people are again focusing on earnings, trish.
8:04 am
>> they sure are, ann. good morning to you. we just got citi out seconds ago. citigroup reports it beats earnings. this comes along with ge parent of this network. it beat earnings expectations. bank of america beat earnings expectations. a little bit of good news there. investors are clearly watching the financials carefully today both because of the goldman sachs settlement you mentioned, ann. goldman is in play. also because of there's a lot surrounding the financials today. keep an eye on technology as well. not such great news out of google after the bell. >> trish regan this morning, thanks. high temperatures and lightning are being blamed for an outbreak of brushfires on thursday across inland areas of southern california. at one point a dozen fires were burning and about 80 people had to be evacuated. and, get this, a man in washington state is now under arrest after police say he stole necklaces and other items from a store. the man was caught when his car ran out of gas just 50 feet away. police are now calling him the bad luck bandit.
8:05 am
it is now 8:04. let's go back outside to meredith and matt. ann, thank you very much. this young lady right here, back from chicago, to be here, 25 hours. ended up with the front seat. how about that? >> good. you deserve to have the front seat. >> good for you. >> that's very nice. the day is perfect, obviously, for a concert. mr. roker, where are you? i'm right over here. over here. nice to see you. we have some lovely young ladies here. what's your name? >> kristen. >> and? >> jenna. >> yeah. >> kate. >> where are you from? >> rockaway. >> all right. i used to live in rockaway. very nice. obviously things have gotten better since i left. let's check your weather, see what's going on. hey, sacramento, california, kcra nbc 3 hd. suy, sizzling 102 degrees. got se rora ainund the gulf coast this morning. also some showers and thunderstorms firing up western new york into ohio. wet weather, also some scattered showers through the southwest.
8:06 am
unusual. a slight risk to strong storms in the northeast later today along the frontal system. also a slight risk along the cold front and back through the plains. we're looking at sunshine in the pacific northwest. temperatures in the upper 70s. temperatures in the teens. here's a look at oakland. we have the sunshine after low clouds earlier this morning. let's show you temperatures as you approach lunch time. 80s and 90s inland again. a case where we'll have the heat for spots out towards the trivalley, southern santa clara valley also looking toasty today, staying quite cool on the coast and san francisco, the 60s there. the weekend will start off the same way. as the sea breeze turns stronger, temperatures will slowly cool, maybe not so much inland on sunday. definitely by monday and tuesday. hey, who's the bride to be? when is the wedding? >> august 28th. >> a lot can happen. now let's go back over to
8:07 am
meredith and matt. thank you very much, al. now that it is friday, wondering what to wear for your weekend getaway? we have some great ideas and hey a 'ttou aot money. up next, the end of men. why women rule the world right after this. suitcase? huh? ♪ where do gummy bears hide? under the seat. look! yeah! ♪ [ telephone rings ] [ male announcer ] the all new chevy equinox. [ man ] guess who? dad! [ man ] enjoy the trip! okay, daddy! [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] a consumers digest best buy. with a 100,000 mile powertrain warranty. it takes you farther... and brings you closer. [ buzz! ] [ beep-beep! ] it's... time! shh! [ girl ] it's on! [ female announcer ] walmart and p&g present the jensen project. family movie night is back. make yours complete with all of this for just $9. save money. live better. walmart.
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8:11 am
in the fine print of this week's" atlantic magazine." there's been a seismic shift in sexual roles, we no longer dominate society and there's compelling evidence. more women are graduating from college than men. there are more women in the workforce and in middle management positions. more 0 women make the financial decisions at home and are having children on their own. and when given the choice, they have baby girls over boys. but relationship expert and guys' guy steve sanagotti has his doubts. >> not only are men not dead and not outdated, but alpha males and strong guys are more necessary now than ever. >> reporter: for decades hollywood has been warning us. from women taking over boardrooms to women taking over the universe. so to test the theory that men
8:12 am
are, gulp, the weaker sex, we sized up the state of the male at bull and bear pub. are you finding your masculinity being challenged at all these days? >> only in the ways that i like. >> it's a threatening proposition that we may be able to do things on our own and it's okay. >> reporter: do you think men are becoming the weaker sex? >> i don't think there is a weak sex. >> 60-40, 70-30. >> reporter: in whose advantage? >> men. >> we need somebody to cuddle with. i do at least. really, who would we pick on? >> real men will always be in and they will always be in in our lifetime unless it's a genetic morphing that happens, genetic mutation. >> reporter: so, ladies, until that mutation comes along, it looks like you're stuck with us. for "today," kevin tibbles, nbc news, chicago. ♪ what a man
8:13 am
so, in fact, is it the end of men? hair yet cole is is an etiquette expert, and media editor at nbc. the fate of all men resting on your shoulders. >> i'm here. >> are you up to the task? is it the end of men? >> it is not the end of men. the article that ran so vastly overdrawn and yet you do want to say what happened to us? where did we go wrong? some of those figures. >> it needs to be pointed out that women are equal to men. and i don't think that men even today in 2010 believe that. so they got hammered with it. there are so many points throughout this article that say women are getting the education, they are rising in the ranks. women going back to work make an industry for other women to be able to take care of their kids. >> just some of those numbers you're talking about, every two
8:14 am
men who get a college degree, there are three women who do the sa same. women earn 60% of masters degrees. about half of all law and worry about what dennis said. where did we go wrong? don't we have to avoid the temptation to say if women are doing well it had to come at the expense of men? >> it doesn't have to be a zero sum gain. isn't this what we wanted? isn't this why we wanted title 9 to help lift women and affirmative "the atlantic monthly" spends pages lamenting it. i say bring it on. also what this shows, harriette is the remaking of our economy. >> that's true. >> men with muscles and no college degree could earn a lot of money into the silicon-based economy with information services and i.t. where women are every bit as strong as women. >> i thought you were going somewhere else. >> no, we're not going to go there. but i do think that, and as it
8:15 am
points out in the article, that because intelligence, communications skills, and men can say intelligent, because communications skills in particularly are more highly revered than brawn today, women have a much better chance than they did when manufacturing was number one, when construction was number one. >> business is a relationship. it's not who you now. it's how you make them feel. and women are better at making people feel better than men. >> with all the time and energy focused on women over the last 30 years or 40 years, do we now need to refocus energy -- >> i think we really do. i'm waiting for the obama administration or someone in congress to launch a grant program to study what ails men. i think we're ready for that. there are some up sides here. >> for parents of boys, i'm sure they're nervous because if if you look at -- >> they're falling down in school. >> they're falling behind in school. and we want boys and girls to do
8:16 am
well. i actually really think this article is screaming respect women. i think we do need to remember that. that's how i look at it from a women's perspective. >> you say women are equal. i think they're saying women are kicking men's butts. >> i read it the same way. maybe that's a male perspective. i think we need to say that so that we will be treated as equals. it needs to be screened so that the balance ends up, oh, yeah, okay. >> you talked to moms -- i know i'm twins, teenagers, the boy wants to play video games all day. the girl is a firecracker who is applying to school, doing all kinds of things and what is it where these girls have so much drive bred into them and wasn't focused on training boys to be that way because they were just supposed to be that way. >> so now they have to work a little harder. >> or they have to get some great abs to find a great earner to take care of them. >> how did dennis do supporting all men? that's a mixed review. that's a mixed review.
8:17 am
thank you very much. >> you try it. >> see, that's the problem. men turn on each other. they turn on each other. up next, why ialsnwa always believing. we'll put your powers of observation to the test. ♪
8:18 am
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so we got the '97 camry. when i was 16, i got the camry, and i drove it for nine years. then when i turned 16, i was passed down the camry. i was like, "yes!" [ man] and then we just got a camry hybrid. it's just such a perfect, practical car. [ boy ] i'm hoping to probably get the new camry hybrid. [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] share your toyota story on ♪ we are back at 8:20. you've heard the expression you can't always believe what you see and hear.
8:21 am
"dateline" nbc's chris hanson put that to the test. >> we're about to demonstrate how our eyes may not be as reliable as they think. how we fail to see something that should be obvious. a woman who asks for directions who suddenly turns into a man. think you'd notice? >> excuse me. i'm sorry. can you help me? >> reporter: this woman is asking a random person on the street for directions. without warning they are rudely interrupted by a gigantic poster of me. >> where is it? >> reporter: the man doesn't notice he's now speaking to a different person. >> 15 blocks that way. >> can you help me? >> reporter: watch. we'll do it again. a woman starts asking for directions. here comes the poster. >> wait. but where am i right now? >> and now a man takes her place. our subject looks puzzled for a second. but continues to give
8:22 am
directions. >> grand central is five blocks out. >> all right. >> reporter: now it's my turn to give it a try. a "dateline" intern starts asking for directions. >> actually from here -- >> reporter: and then i step in. will she notice i took his place. >> walk that way. >> reporter: she keeps right on giving directions. >> two avenues. >> reporter: how is this possible? a psychologist explains. >> this is where you do not expect something that big to happen in the environment, that kind of change. because that never happens. >> change blindness. >> one more example in sn. >> we do have this. we call it change blindness. the last clip, they're quick encounters but what would happen if there was a switcharoo in tight quarters area during the middle of a date, for instance, and mr. right turned into
8:23 am
someone else? on has invited us to set up our cameras and shoot tonight's speed dating event at the watering hole in new york city. >> everyone here is going to meet everyone here. >> reporter: but this man's speed dates will be a little unusual because a few minutes after each date begins, he's going to switch places with another man, spencer. >> hi, how are you? >> i'm jeff. >> karen. >> reporter: spencer excuses himself. >> give me one second. i'll be right back. i'm so sorry. >> yeah. >> reporter: and she doesn't seem too pleased. when the other man comes back and sits down -- >> sorry. >> that's okay. >> reporter: apparently she doesn't have any idea that she's now sitting across from a completely different man. now let's see what happens when we switch women in the middle of a date. >> this is definitely -- oh, thank you. thank you. >> reporter: will he notice that the awesome hazel eyes he's been
8:24 am
looking at will soon be blue? >> would you excuse me for just one minute? >> you can do whatever you need to do. >> i'll be right back, i promise. >> no problem. it happens. when they leave after the first minute. >> uh-oh. i lost points? >> reporter: he has no idea he's now speaking to a different woman with different colored eyes. i mean, it's hard to make it up. it's funny stuff but it has serious consequences. this is why pilots who are looking at their laptops for their schedules forget about everything else and overfly their destination. it's why we get into accidents, make knnotoriously bad witnesse at trial. if something happens that we don't anticipate, we don't necessarily pick up on it. and in this world where we're on
8:25 am
blackberries and cell phones and talking to 20 people at the same time, you miss stuff. i mean, we did another one where a guy comes in to take a survey, one woman hands him the sheet. she bends down to give him something else and another woman comes up. no one noticed. we got gutsy with it. used a 60-year-old woman, 20-year-old woman. still the guy didn't get it. i had to show him the video. >> you say the dating sequence, women were more likely to pick up on it. why is that? >> reporter: sometimes women focus on the eyes and men focus somewhere else. >> i have a funny feeling that's it. by the way, what happened to your eye? >> reporter: i just had a little accident and it should clear up in the next couple of days. >> katie went to the bathroom on this show and i came in. nobody noticed for weeks. you can catch more on this special "did you see that? "it's been four years. tonight on nbc. just ahead, it's not your
8:26 am
imaginati imagination. enrique iglesias live in concert. good morning, everybody. time now, 8:26. i'm brent cannon. checking the latest on your morning commute. this time, mike takes us to livermore. >> some slowing there. i want to tell you about another accident that's happened here also, westbound 580 around springtown, north livermore avenue. the red showing up there. further back coming out of tof altimont pass. >> sunshine this morning.
8:27 am
lunch time already in the 80s to 90 inland. on our way out towards the trivalley, seeing highs in the mid-90s. we should see a combination h combination of 80s and 90s. san jose and oakland, 60s and 70s. monday and tuesday we cool down big-time inland.ç 7:27. more news after the break.
8:28 am
a warning for bay area businesses, thieves hit local office buildings in palo alto
8:29 am
smashing windows and stealing electronics. the burglaries are happening just east of highway 101 and south to san antonio road. police say similar crimes are happening in other neighboring cities as well. they recommend that businesses and office buildings not leave computers in plain sight and improve light and surveillance if they can. police are also adding additional patrols in the area. more local news coming up in half an hour. the "today" show returns in less than a minute. have a great friday. we'll see you back here in a bit.
8:30 am
♪ baby i like it the way you move on the floor ♪ 8:30 now on this friday morning, july 16th, 2010. a plaza brimming with fans this morning. grammy winning superstar enrique iglesias is here. his new album just debuted at number one on the latin charts. he will take our summer concert
8:31 am
stage in just a moment. this series has been wonderful. >> we've had some great acts. >> another great act will be here. >> we look forward to travel a little bit this weekend, how you can dress well on a weekend getaway when you can't take your whole wardrobe with you. how to take the appropriate things to look good. i'm sorry. >> i thought that was meredith. >> getting ready for the concert. >> we had a premature explosion there. >> as it were. >> whoa, whoa. >> anyway, also coming up, more magazines are telling us how it might be easier than you think to change careers. a think a lot of you may be thinking about this. >> especially when you're older. >> and barbara corcoran will be here to tell you how much house you can get for about $150,000. >> that's good. >> that's an amazing buy. >> and you are standing to talk about the weather.
8:32 am
>> actually just to adore you. that's why i'm here. but since i'm here, i'm also going to give you your weekend outlook for you. here is what we have going on. for saturday we're expecting to see a risk of strong storms through the upper plains. sizzling in the southwest, rain in the southeast and then sunday warm in new england. more heavy storms possible and here's a view of the golden gate bridge this horng. we have fog draped across the midspan there. that's the typical sight for san francisco. inland will be warming quickly, 80s, maybe even near 90s around livermore, maybe around 12:00 this afternoon. topping off in the 90s inland. cool 60s around san francisco and the coast. 70s around oakland. we kick off the weekend the same way, mild with clouds on the coast and trending cooler. monday and tuesday, sea breeze turns stronger next week.
8:33 am
that's your latest weather. don't forget you can check your weather any time of the day or night. the all new designed >> sounds impressive. mr. roker, thank you. when we come back, stacy london will show you how to pack for a weekend getaway and a big concert from enrique iglesias
8:34 am
8:35 am
back at 8:35. this morning on "today's style" getaway wear. if you're going on a fun trip but don't know what or how to pack, don't worry about it. stacy london of tlc's "what not to wear" has some solutions. that is the hardest thing when you go to pack that overnight bag, what should i put in here and what shouldn't i? >> you want to look stylish, trendy, but you can't bring
8:36 am
everything with you, and you need pieces that have use value that can do double duty and are packable but it's a little bit tricky so we're going to show you some trends for summer that are easily translatable for traveling. >> okay. let's start with our first trend which is pastels and our model karen will come out and show us what you're talking about. >> now we talked about pastels on the show before. what better way to wear a pale color than with a killer tan in the summer. what i love about this loft dress, it is micro fiber. it is a jersey that if you feel uncomfortable, worried about lumps and bumps, wear a maiden form slimmer underneath. what's great, it works as a blank canvas. you can dress this up like we have. go out, see the theater, go to dinner, or you could wear flats with this and go sightseeing. >> it's perfect. >> it's just a beautiful color on her. >> and the best thing, it doesn't look like -- >> that's why micro fiber jersey or cotton jersey easily packable, doesn't wrinkle.
8:37 am
you can throw it in a ball and it will still look great. >> karen, thank you very much. our next trend is called chambray. erin. >> that is on erin. we've done something trendier here. erin is younger. the chambray is the shirt. >> is it denim? >> that's what people ask all the time. it it is a lightweight cotton and the weave actually makes it look like denim. it's lighter in color. lighter in weight. really breathable, easy to wear. now we've done it a little bit trendy with a micro mini and, frankly, the minis are very big for summer. we've done it in a cirinkle polyester. again, doesn't wrinkle. it's meant to look a little distressed. this is great going on a day of museums or art galleries, something trendy. >> this look wouldn't work with me. >> well, it could work with you, come on. >> you know what i mean? >> the idea you can use this shirt in a much more casual way, layered with a tank top and walking shorts and you have an outfit during the day. >> looks terrific. erin, thank you very much. the next trend i have never
8:38 am
heard of before, gypset and stephanie will show us the look. >> so my stylist actually told me about this. gypset is jet set and gypsy or gypsy and jet set. the idea is i think it's like rich bohemian so it looks very glamorous but it doesn't have to cost a fortune. this is great if you're going on a warmer tropical vacation. you want something for evening that's comfy, easy to pack. so matching dresses are still in even though minis are big but this is a great dress to do with a flat sandal so you get comfort and style even for evening. it doesn't wrinkle and the trick here is bold accessories with a great color. look at the belt we're doing, something with the woven leather. we're mixing beads and rhinestones. >> and then the big bag. >> the big bag. and you can switch this up for day. do a different bag. add a head scarf and big sunglasses. >> she looks fantastic. stephanie, thank you very much. the last is military. let's bring out mary.
8:39 am
>> now mary is doing military. military was huge this season. the pockets, the olive, khaki. what's great, i love this for antiquing in the country. we're talking about cotton cargos that are lightweight and cooler than jeans. the military jacket i think you can wear over almost anything for the day. keep it feminine with a pattern blouse like this one from banana republic. this way you're doing something a little bit feminine and staying on trend. this is totally use value friendly. you can dress this up with high heels that are metallic. >> really? is. >> oh, yeah. change up the jewelry. you can go to a party in the evening. >> high heels with this would look good? >> absolutely. >> okay. you can mix this up, too? >> this is the great thing. you can mix them up because they are basics. the idea is by changing accessories you can extend the life of the clothing from your day vacation into an evening thi thing. >> let's bring all the models back out for a second. last word of advice, stacy? >> pack well.
8:40 am
pack well and be comfortable. wear things that honestly you're going to be able to use in more than one way on your trip. >> stacy london, thank you. you look great. up next, enrique iglesias live in concert on the plaza.
8:41 am
8:42 am
>> announcer: the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. he has had more hits than anyone else on the latin charts. we love him. enrique iglesias. new york city! everybody raise your arms. raise them a little higher.
8:43 am
come on. clap with me. here we go. ♪ ♪ monday night and i feel so low ♪ ♪ count the hours they go so slow ♪ ♪ i know the sound of your voice ♪ ♪ can save my soul ♪ city lights, streets of gold ♪ look out my window to the world below ♪ ♪ moves so fast and it feels so cold ♪ ♪ and i'm all alone ♪ don't let me die ♪ i'm losing my mind ♪ sing it with me ♪ baby just give me a sign ♪ now that you're gone
8:44 am
♪ i just want to be with you ♪ i can't go on ♪ i want to be with you ♪ want to be with you ♪ want to be with you ♪ i can't sleep i'm up all night ♪ ♪ through these tears i try to smile ♪ ♪ i know the touch of your hand ♪ ♪ can save my life ♪ don't let me down ♪ come to me now ♪ i got to be with you somehow ♪ here we go ♪ now that you're gone i just want to be with you ♪ ♪ i can't go on i want to be with you ♪
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♪ want to be with you raise your arms, come on, everybody. side to side. come on, new york city. ♪ got to be with you ♪ now that you're gone i want to be with you ♪ ♪ i can't go on ♪ i just want to be in new york city, everybody ♪ ♪ now that you're gone ♪ i want to be with you ♪ i can't go on ♪ i want to be with you ♪ just want to be with you just want to be with you ♪
8:46 am
♪ new york, put your hands in the air come on ♪ ♪ just want to be with you just want to be with you ♪ ♪ just want to be with you just want to be with you just want to be with you ♪ that's enrique iglesias getting up close and personal with his fans. he'll be back right after this.
8:47 am
8:48 am
multiplatinum grammy winner enrique iglesias with "euphoria" and just debuted at number one on billboard's latin albums chart. enriq enrique, congratulations. >> thank you. >> great to have you here. >> i didn't know your wife was dutch. >> my wife was dutch. we had a major competition, you and me, in the world cup.
8:49 am
we'll get to that. we'll get to that. you said this is your most surprising album ever. what makes you say that? >> i think it's my most eclectc album. it's my most diverse. hopefully you will see it with the next song. >> we'll hear that in a second. you did six songs in spanish, six songs in english. why did you go that way? >> there are two different versions. a little more english and spanish and the other has more spanish than english so fans can pick either one or the other, which is cool. but for me, i grew up in miami. i grew up speaking spanish like that man here. >> pit bull is here, usher is here, lionel richie. a nice group. you also have a song that is on the sound track for "jersey
8:50 am
shore." i have to know what it was like to work with snooki and the situation. >> the guys were great. easy going, down-to-earth. they were easy going. it was probably the fastest video i've ever done. >> that's cool. >> you have to buy the album. >> we will. here's the thing -- >> nicole, acon. >> during the world cup you promised that if spain won the world cup you would waterski naked in biscayne bay in miami. when is it going to happen because we're going to do a split show. meredith and ann are going to come down for that. >> matt -- >> when are you doing it? >> let me tell you one thing, you look better than me skiing naked. >> i didn't make the promise. >> what's the biggest bet you've ever made? >> it is not to ski naked in biscayne bay, i can tell you that. >> look at my legs. i have chicken legs. >> do you want to see him ski naked in biscayne bay? i think they do. >> i said i would do it late at night, not in a full moon.
8:51 am
>> what are you going to sing? featuring pit bull, enrique iglesias. >> new york city! make some noise! ♪ girl, please excuse me if i'm coming too strong ♪ ♪ but tonight is the night we can really let go ♪ ♪ my girlfriend is out of town and i'm all alone ♪ ♪ your boyfriend is on vacation and he doesn't have to know ♪ ♪ no one can do the things i'm going to want to do to you ♪ ♪ shout it out scream it it loud ♪ ♪ let me hear you go ♪ baby, i like it ♪ the way you move on the floor ♪ ♪ baby i like it
8:52 am
♪ come on and give me some more ♪ ♪ oh, yes, i like it ♪ screaming like never before ♪ baby i like it ♪ i, i, i like it ♪ party, karamu, fiesta, forever ♪ ♪ girl, please excuse me ♪ if i'm misbehaving, oh, ♪ i'm trying to keep my hands off but you're begging me for more ♪ ♪ round, round, round ♪ give a low, low, low ♪ let the time-time pass ♪ because we're never getting old ♪ ♪ no one can do it better turn around i'll give you more ♪ ♪ shout it out scream it loud let me hear you go ♪ ♪ baby, i like it ♪ the way you move on the floor ♪ ♪ baby, i like it ♪ come on and give me some more oh, yes, i like it ♪ ♪ screaming like never before ♪ baby, i like it ♪ i, i, i like it
8:53 am
♪ the deejay in miami ♪ i want to play ♪ now watch me ♪ it's a different species ♪ let's party on the white house lawn ♪ ♪ stick with you all night long ♪ ♪ i see you watching me ♪ you see me watching you ♪ i love the way you do it ♪ i love the things you do ♪ don't stop ♪ just keep on ♪ won't stop thinking ♪ won't stop ♪ come on ♪ party, karamu, fiesta, forever ♪ ♪ baby, i like it ♪ the way you move on the floor ♪ ♪ baby, i like it ♪ come on and give me some more ♪ ♪ oh, yes, i like it
8:54 am
♪ screaming like never before ♪ baby, i like it ♪ i, i, i like it ♪ baby, i like it ♪ the way you move on the floor ♪ ♪ baby, i like it ♪ come on and give me some more ♪ ♪ oh, yes, i like it ♪ the way you move on the floor ♪ ♪ baby i like it ♪ party, karamu, fiesta, forever ♪ ♪ party, karamu, fiesta, forever ♪ enrique iglesias. there's more music ahead on a friday morning. >> announcer: this morning everybody loved enrique. next friday catch john mar n ir t n er oayveod.""tli
8:55 am
8:56 am
good morning, everybody. time now is 8:56. i'm brent cannon. following a thick commute through livermore with mike. >> north livermore avenue. the other sides are starting to clear up. right there we still have that accident, still been an issue for half an hour. so you have the slowing right
8:57 am
around north livermore and springtown. better over towards the double interchange. the wood debris sounds like( is clearing. the bay bridge toll plaza, it is clear. more news after this.
8:58 am
we now when when dozens of oakland police officers will be taken off the street because of budget cuts. the department says as of august 2nd they will no longer have enough officers to respond to certain kinds of crimes. holmberg larrys, identity theft, violations of restraining orders and finding runaways are some of the reports that will not bring an officer to the scene. victims file reports online through a program called cop logic.
8:59 am
another update coming up in half an hour. the "today" show returns in about a minute. have a great friday. see you in a bit.
9:00 am
♪ i just want to hold you ♪ i lost my mind ♪ well, i don't care ♪ i'm in new york city sno♪ ♪ i can be your hero, baby ♪ i can kiss away the pain ♪ i will stand by you forever ♪ you can take my breath away
9:01 am
♪ i can be your hero ♪ i can kiss away the pain ♪ sing it loud ♪ stand by you forever ♪ you can take my breath away you can take my breath away ♪ ♪ i can be just want to be your hero ♪
9:02 am
give alisa a big hand. >> thank you. >> we're back now with more of "today" on a friday morning. out on the plaza. for those of you just tuning in, we're going to explain why this young lady is on the show in just a little while. did you get it, al? >> got it. >> thank you. >> enrique iglesias just put on a great show on the plaza. your name again? >> melissa from the bronx. melissa is now a goddess for every woman in this audience. >> can i ask you, melissa, what
9:03 am
was that like? >> it was nice. i mean, you know, i'm not star struck. >> just nice? >> i mean, it was hot. i'm thinking 30 thoughts. >> at least 30. but it was nice. thank you. >> if you tune in for another song you will find out melissa play as prominent role in that song. enrique, thank you. >> congratulations. >> here we go. here's the moment. >> you guys have been amazing. >> the kiss, by the way. >> you want to see this. roll it again here. take a look, melissa. the moment. the moment -- >> there is the moment, melissa. >> we are all bright red and every woman in the crowd is sweating. >> as are the guys. >> let's go inside. ann has a check of the
9:04 am
headlines. >> we need to recover. >> all right, okay, you guys. take a moment while i give you the news. bp said this morning it is encouraged by early test results on its new containment cap and said there was no sign of any underground leak. on thursday bp closed the valves on the cap shutting off the flow of oil into the gulf for the first time in nearly three months. bp is taking pressure readings every six hours and warns that it is still possible, however, that the oil flow could resume before a permanent solution is in place. much of the washington, d.c., area was rattled awake due to a 3.6 earthquake near german down, maryland. it caused no serious damage or injuries. this morning in northern iraq a fire in a five-story hotel killed at least 29 people including foreigners, women and children. some of the victims died jumping from windows to escape the flames. officials are blaming an electrical problem. in southeast iran, two bombs exploded in the shiite mosque on thursday and more than 20 people were killed. more than 160 people were
9:05 am
wounded. apple is holding a news conference today to respond to complaints that its new iphone 4 loses signal strength and can drop calls if a user's hand covers a particular spot. well, some analysts expect apple to give a bumper case to iphone 4 users which is said to solve the problem. today west virginia governor joe manchin is expected to name a temporary replacement for the late senator robert byrd. byrd died last month after serving more than 50 years in the senate. firefighters are battling at least 12 fires sparked by lightning in southern california and lake elsinore. at least one house burned to the ground. and there was a full house but most of the seats were empty on thursday during a scientific conference in stanford university. that's because the majority of those taking part were choosing to stand because it was a conference on the serious health dangers from too much sitting. it is now five minutes past the hour. let's go back outside to matt. thanks very much. still a little noisy out here.
9:06 am
mr. roker is at the head of the stage where the concert has just taken place, al. >> all these ladies wanting to know where their kiss from enrique was. i guess it's one per concert. there's enrique over there chatting with some fans and doing a little interview with telemundo as we take a look at your weather, show you what's happening. we'll show you for today it is hot. this is the warmest june on record for the global land and ocean average temperatures just a little bit above 61 degrees. and along the eastern seaboard it is going to be hot. we have heat advisories from new york city to washington, d.c. temperatures in the 90s. even though water temperatures way above normal, martha's vineyard 78. the beach in atlantic city. the water temperature 74. these are water temperatures you don't see u here's a sunny view, looking out to oakland, hazy skies right now. let's look at the forecast. lunchtime temperatures, low 70s
9:07 am
around oakland. san francisco, 65. inland temperature later on today will be climbing into the upper 90s inland as we see the temperatures towards livermore, 97, 90 in san jose. we start off fairly hot inland for the weekend and we cool down sunday. a stronger sea breeze will lead to dropping temperatures, especially by monday and tuesday. chilly for july by tuesday. that's your latest weather. natalie? >> al, thank you. sheriff's dekt 2i6s in los angeles are reviewing the audio recordings allegedly of mel gibson as they face-off in court. nbc's jeff rosson joins us again with details. >> we actually have breaking news in this case. the website radar online has released that photo on your screen of mel gibson's eks girlfriend allegedly showing her teeth knocked out my gibson herself. now she's trying to strip him of
9:08 am
custody of their daughter and took him to court for an emergency hearing. this as a new tape number five has been released. and once again, some of the language has been harsh. the website radar online says that's mel gibson screaming at his ex-girlfriend. they have a baby girl together. that's her, only 8 months old, and already caught between angry, feuding parents. both sides went to court thursday for an emergency custody hearing. he says gibson is an unfit father and should be stripped of his visitation. she's handed now over the now infamous tapes to sheriff's investigators. >> you're very je you're very mean. >> because i'd like to show you what mean really is [ bleep ], gold digger, all true. you [ bleep ] did i >> reporter: it's now key evidence in the new custody case, showing alleged threats.
9:09 am
>> you need medication. >> you need a [ bleep ] bat to the side of the head, all right? >> reporter: and she claims to most tick violence. >> what kand of man is that? hitting a woman when she's holding a child in her hand? breaking her teeth twice in the face. what kind of man is that? >> oh, you're all angry now. >> you're going to get -- you know what? >> [ bleep ] deserved it. >> reporter: the hearing lasted all day. the courtroom sealed. gibson's lawyer wouldn't speak with reporters. >> he answer node comments about anything. >> reporter: neither would her lawyer. >> guys, i'm not going to really comment. >> proven toby the tapes, a racist, bigot, probably a criminal because he threatened her with bodily arm. probably an unfit father. >> reporter: she wants sole custody of their baby girl but mel gibson now has an ally in hollywood, his soon to be ex-wife robin. she just wrote a letter to the judge. mel never engaged in any
9:10 am
physical abuse of any kind toward me before, during, or after our marriage, she wrote. going on to say, mel was a wonderful and loving father. still, the l.a. sheriff's department has launched a domestic violence investigation focused on gibson and oksana. >> right now we don't have real evident, we have tapes but if the tapes reflect what really happened he is certainly prosecutable for at least assault and battery. >> reporter: the new tape highlights deep financial problems. including selling his private box at lakers games. >> i sold it because of you! i don't have any [ bleep ] money. i have to support you and everybody else. i had to sell paintings. >> this morning tmz reports that the judge will continue to allow mel gibson to see his daughter. that includes daytime visits and one overnight a week, but natalie, investigators are just now starting to review those tapes as we november, with these situations, anything can >> and a lot to review there.
9:11 am
jeff rossen, thanks so much. now here is al. all right. thanks a lot, natalie this morning on "today's real estate" what you can get across the country starting at $140,000 whether it's a mountain hideaway or something contemporary. real estate expert barbara corcoran is here with some great properties. good morning. >> good morning, al. nice to see you. >> where are we starting first? >> we're going to start in seattle, one of the most beautiful places to live and wait until you take a peek at this particular home. a little bit unusual. there it is right there. that's where you want to go if you want to have a short commute to downtown seattle and live on the water. this is a hideaway just minutes -- hold it. i have the wrong property. let me catch up with you. forgive me. this is a floating boat is actually what it is. it looks like a little house. that's your backyard. you just jump on in the water there. it's built on very old logs, 100 years old, and the property taxes living in a boat like this are amazing. >> because there's no property. >> there's no property. you're on public land or public water.
9:12 am
you can swim in it for free. you can live there and this is what it costs to maintain. it's a really affordable $300 a month and that covers your mortgage, water, your garbage and taxes each year, not month, is $580 a year. you just go over the bridge and you're in downtown seattle in one of the best markets in the nation. that's an extra little room. there's also a loft space i think we'll see in a minute. in mint condition. you can move right in and there's even a secret prohibition door that you can't see in those fphotos. >> and this is called a floating home. what's the difference between that and a houseboat? >> it has no motor. it sits there and that's where you live. if it has a motor then it's a motorized boat -- >> a houseboat. >> you've got it. >> to the northeast, auburn, maine. this is a nice one. $420,000. great views in this community. >> this not only has great views but it has a great spirit of living. the people here truly love each oth other. the community sense is what draws people here. and if you happen to love hot r balloons you have 100,000 visitors every august to see the
9:13 am
biggest hot air balloon festival in the nation. that's part of the big back porch. there's that gorgeous view. you can see that from every window in the house. it's actually a view of mt. washington. it's got 5.7 acres so you not only get this big old rambling house, all that acreage. >> and privacy. >> your dining room, a brand-new kitchen, cathedral ceilings, two stories of windows in the living room. that's one of the three bedrooms in the house. it has gleaming hickory wood floors throughout. i love that corner fireplace with the stone. i feel you can settle in and be happy all year round. >> right at the beginning we saw a long driveway. you say that adds value. >> a long driveway is the status of driving up there to your mansion. so it has an association that's worth a lot of money. >> very cool. now to nevada. this is incline village, the most expensive, just under $500,000. you say this is a real value. >> it is a real value because
9:14 am
this is not an inexpensive part of the country. it looks small but it's bigger. that's the view you're paying for. nowned golf and hiking.d and that's what you're living in. from the outside you never expect you'd get a big tiered living room, all the rooms are large. all the rooms are new. it has so many windows you can't escape that great view we saw a moment ago. that's the kitchen. what's to complain about that? it has everything and it's got those granite top breakfast bar and lots of windows throughout. this is great value, actually. >> we haval baster, alabama, just under $140,000. >> well, what do you get for $140,000? not usually much. when you see this house, that does not look to my eye like a $140,000 house. it's a lot of house for a cheap price. >> is there anything behind it?
9:15 am
>> yeah, yeah, yeah. this is the back of the house. the front looks so good and the back really needs larger windows and a few shutters, i think, but there's that rambling living room. every single spot in this house is large. they have raised beds in the backyard, fenced backyard, and all the bedrooms have those big sunny bedrooms and lots of closets to boot. >> barbara corcoran, good to see you. side that new home you want tot make sure you're ready if there's a power failure. how to save hundreds of dollars with the right backup plans. up next, a first aid kit to protect your skin from the summer heat. insurance company. for a different my auto policy's just getting a little too expensive. with progressive, you get the "name your price" option, so we build a policy to fit your budget. wow! the price gun. ♪ ah! wish we had this. we'd just tell people what to pay. yeah, we're the only ones that do. i love your insurance! bill? tom? hey! it's an office party! the freedom to name your price. only from progressive. call or click today.
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summer fun can mean basking in the sun or splashing in the pool. it can lead to serious skin irritations. putting together a summer first aid kit to protect your family without leaving the beach. we have a dermatologist from here in new york city. she has all the answers. in your kit you have a number of things. first of all the big thing, sun burn. of course we want to sues use an spf. but what happens if we fail and we actually have a burn? what can we do? >> so if you have a sun burn, it's really important to use cool compresses or ice
9:19 am
compresses. take anti-inflam tories to decrease the redness and prevent the swelling that occurs with sun burn. use some cortisone cream to help take out the sting and the redness f. if you're still uncomfortable, try an oatmeal bath, green tea compresses and milk compresses to help to eliminate some of the burning sensation. >> so it's not an old wives tale? >> no, they really work. heat rash and sun poisoning, i've had both of those things. what can we do? >> heat rash and sun poisoning are different. heat rash is caused by hot, humid environment. sun poisoning is actually a reaction and so they are a little bit different. what's key between the two reactions is both are self-limiting and will go away if you get out of the sun, you wear protective clothing and you keep yourself unexposed. they differ in that the sun poisoning, being an allergic reaction, is often worse if you're on antibiotics, if you're on birth control pills. the sun poisoning will come just
9:20 am
in the sun exposed areas. but the cortisone cream, the oatmeal bath can help that go away. >> what about the skin irritations from swimming in general? there are a lot of those and they're wacky ones. >> there are actually. a few happen all the time. hot tub folliculitis occurs when the chlorine in the hot tub is not great and as a result you can get these little red bumps that occur all over your body a few hours after. and you might need to go on antibiotic for that. the sea bather's and the swimmer's itch occur depending on where you're swimming. if you're in the ocean and you get out of the ocean and have bumps or rashes under your swimsuit, it's like ly that you have sea bather's eruption. swimmer's itch occurs in the lakes. it occurs in swamps. and that one occurs all over art to feel stinging and tri prickling. wash off quickly, if you can't
9:21 am
do that, towel off, take off the swimsuit to prevent the organisms from getting to your skin. and then that's about all you can do to prevent it. >> okay. ring worm. doesn't sound like fun. what can you do about it? is. >> ring worm is actually just a fun gallon infection. there's no worm involved. it's a common summer eruption people get also known as jock itch, also known as athlete's foot. and these are red patches that occur. they're highly contagious. you want to be careful about sharing your towels. wear flip-flops in the shower. you want to avoid sharing your sporting equipment. these things will travel from person to person throughout an entire family in a short amount of time. >> really wash everything and there is really nothing we can put on top of them to make them go away? >> actually there is. for ring worm if you have a fun gallon infection use over-the-counter products like lotrimin that help the rashes to go away. >> thank you so much.
9:22 am
>> thank you. >> good advice. it wasn't necessarily pleasant material but we learned something and maybe it will help somebody listening. d later on, actress claire g n danes nominated for an emmy will stop by for a chat after these messages.
9:23 am
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9:26 am
do-overs do exist. [ female announcer ] new clinical skincare. neutrogena. #1 dermatologist recommended brand. good morning, everybody. time now, 9:26. i'm brent cannon. checking in with mike and the commute. a couple new issues to tell you about. >> the northbound 101 at actually over on your right, accident in lanes there. you see the slowdown. this is late for the slowing to occur, otherwise, the clearing has started clearing up around the airport. 85 at 280 -- homestead is where there's a second accident on the right coming through the south bay sunnyvale area. >> you can see sunshine there, not the case though around san francisco. actually have a few extra low clouds and yesterday morning at the same time, low clouds trying to back off the coast there
9:27 am
around santa cruz. still locked in across the coastline. look at the sierra. thundershowers out there, keep that in mind around lake tahoe. that includes your weekend plans today, 80s to upper 90s inland. the same pattern for the weekend, then trending cooler on sunday. more news after the break.
9:28 am
twizzlers. the twist you can't resist. today's the last day car poolers can pay the $3 car pool toll by cash at the golden gate bridge. if you don't have a valid fast track account and tag you'll have to pay the full $6 toll. to get the $3 rate, you do have to have a fast track account in the good standing and you have to stop at a staff toll lane so that the collector can validate that you have enough people in the car to qualify as a car pool. more trouble on the bay bridge may mean an expensive fix. caltrans says several aybi i--b
9:29 am
are showing signs of stress. last september, an eyebar did crack, causing chaos. the span will eventually replace the new one in 201. hp is shrinking its real estate. it plans to close its long-time campus in cupertino. it will transfer several thousand workers to it's pail low -- palo alto headquarters over the next two years. more local news coming up in a half hour. the "today" show returns in less than a mine the. have a great friday. we'll see you back here in a bit.
9:30 am
♪ ♪ i can't keep loving you ♪ and half of my heart that's the new hit "half of my heart" by john mayer who will be stopping by the plaza next friday for a live concert. and then two weeks from today, superstar and "american idol" winner carrie underwood fisher, her country croon to the heart of the big city. and later this summer, "california girl."
9:31 am
♪ sun kissed skin so hot it will melt your popsicle ♪ >> kate perry hits our concert stage. we will be rocking all summer long. >> so hot it's going to melt your popsicles. >> snoop dog on that song. it's pretty good. >> just looking -- >> changing the subject we want to talk about what happened this morning, grammy winning latin singer enrique has one more song and you know he did something amazing. he grabbed someone out of the crowd. >> so hot it will melt your possible sickle. >> we'll see that coming up. and coming up in this half hour, if you've always want ed ed to follow your passion or change your career, we'll meet two women who did it later if life and they actually say that it's easier to do this later in life. a number of factors that causes this.
9:32 am
allows this and they've been very successful. so we'll find out what their tricks are. >> wonderful. >> also with all of this summer heat going to be almost 100 here -- >> bring it on. >> sometimes it can lead to power failures, as you know, in your homes. this morning lou is here with his power outage backup plans to hopefully help save you hundreds of dollars on everything from your lights to your computers and that little gadget as well. >> all right. meantime, we have lester and jenna here and they're going to tell us what's coming up on the week. we'll head to the gulf, get the latest on the oil spill. the big question, will the cap hold? plus, i love you, you're perfect, now sign here. as older men and women look to protect their assets, many baby boomers are flocking to sign prenuptial agreements. why prenups are not just for the rich and famous. also, lindsay lohan is scheduled to go to jail next week to serve 90 days behind bars. what's at stake for the young actress now? will she be grant add delay and what happens if she doesn't show up? we're also going to start a new
9:33 am
series "today goes to camp." we take part in various day camps. i was first up head to go dog camps where owners and their pooches spend some quality time together. that was me. some quality time together at dog camp. it's actually the dog and the owner both go to camp at the same time. massage and spa. >> the dog gets a massage? >> the dog gets the massage while you get a massage. it's crazy. >> in the same room? >> not the same room. >> good. here's a look at san jose, nothing but sunshine and it is a totally different story in san francisco. we still have low clouds. look at the difference in temperatures. we have the low clouds, still in the 50s, almost 74 degrees already in livermore. notice the wind, gusty around fairfield. if you're heading to the sierra, look out for thundershowers. highs inland today around the
9:34 am
bay area, 80s and 90s. we trend a bit cooler by sunday. and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you. up next, getting a second chance by changing careers. we'll meet two women who took the leap. avon invents advance techniques lotus shield. like a lotus leaf repels water... our lotus shield treatment defies humidity. just a little instantly smoothes... hair is beautifully in control for 3 days. enjoy your freedom. new advance techniques lotus shield. want it? get it. fight frizz. look fabulous. call 800-for-avon or go to to find a representative. is "the farmer's vegetable patch," right? there's a full serving of vegetables in every manwich. so you're made of vegetables, yet you're eating vegetables? exactly. [ male announcer ] every manwich has a full serving of wholesome vegetables. manwich. meat your vegetables.
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[ female announcer ] stop mid-morning hunger with kellogg's® frosted mini-wheats® cereal. an excellent source of fiber from 100% whole grain that helps you stay full, so you can stay focused. also, try chocolate little bites. so, how'd the meeting go? outstanding, i wowed them with my chocolate chip center. we asked real people to film themselves taking the activia 14-day challenge. hi. my name is toni. they say that as you get older your system gets more sluggish. i'm a skeptic. however, this stuff tastes pretty good. really good. yeah, i like the way i feel. it's not a gimmick. it really, truly works. i would highly recommend it to anyone else to take this challenge. help regulate your digestive system. take the activia challenge. it works or it's free. ♪ this morning on "50 living
9:38 am
it, loving it" changing careers in mid-life. we have the editor in chief of "more" magazine. she says changing careers gets easier as you get older and joining us is norma davis. they're great examples of this. let's say good morning to all of you. why do you think it's easier when you get older? >> you get to this point where you say it's now or never. you're 50. you've got maybe 20, 30 years left. i'd better hurry up and do it. i have the experience. hopefully you have a little bit of a paycheck there that you saved and you know you're going to bounce into it really fast. you've got the know-how. >> norma, you worked at a phone company. you had a lot -- it must have been gutsy for you to make the sudden change. what inspired you to do so? >> i believe it was my children, my grandchildren, watching them, bringing them up, taking their
9:39 am
pla them places to have fun. i wanted to leave a legacy. >> you created something called a family play center near philadelphia, basically where kids can gather. >> yes. >> and it has become pretty successful. >> yes, there's a lot of fun. the children, the neighborhood, everyone truly enjoys being able to take their chirp some place safe, clean, fun. you can have a birthday party there. >> but you didn't know all of that was going to happen. you kind of went with it with the risk involved so there's -- it's kind of scary. >> yes, it was scary. >> margaret, you have the same kind of situation. you were a stay-at-home mom, two kids. sometimes yoga instructor. >> exactly. >> what prompted you to suddenly become a jewelry designer and purveyor? >> i made one piece and then a friend liked it and it sort of grew organically from that. but it was really when i started getting the response that it
9:40 am
really started growing and growing and got in "sports illustrated" swimsuit. >> so you didn't -- you got into the magazine "sports illustrated" which is amazing and your son wanted to take the magazine to school to show people and you said, no, that's not going to happen. you're not going to take the swimsuit issue to school. so what did he say to all of his friends at school? >> this was in 2007, the first time it was in an issue and he wanted to take the magazine. he was 1 it at the time. i said, no, why don't you just go to school today. so he went off and he came home and he said, mom, i told all my friends that were you were in "sports illustrated" swimsuit. i said, well, what did they say? your mom's old. >> oh, no. >> a very humbling moment. >> still, it's a priceless story and since then, as i understand it, even one of your pieces, even though this began so organically, it ended up on the cover of the magazine. >> yes. that was huge. it was on a billboard and that was really wonderful. >> that is just amazing. so you were just success stories
9:41 am
but not everyone -- >> not everyone gets to be a covergirl for "sports illustrated." >> there are some major risks involved. >> yes. >> and what would you say would be the best advice to people watching who are interested in maybe changing? >> these guys took enormous risk and did very well. sometimes you have to start off by taking a workshop or a class. you can do that while you keep your job. you can volunteer and, you know, people who think they're too old to volunteer, 50, you're not. you can go in there with the 20-year-olds and learn a lot more a lot faster. you can do a vocation vacation where you actually go on vacations and work in the field you might be interested in. we have many, many stories in the magazine about that. or you can moonlight, get a second job and then you ease into that next career. >> leslie james seymour, enabling us. thank you so much. and coming up next, backup systems to make sure your house isn't left in the dark. dove goh now with nutriummoisture. adding nourishment to freshness.
9:42 am
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hi, reservation for the carter family? ahh yes. your room is ready. [ female announcer ] free high-speed internet... relaxing pool... cozy beds and free breakfast with hot waffles. need to relax after a long day of vacation? comfort inn. now stay two times with comfort inn or any choice hotel... and you can earn a $50 restaurant gift card. book now at but look below the surface. your mouth is no different. just brushing leaves germs behind. adding listerine® antiseptic cleans deeper. [ boom! ] to penetrate and kill more germs. [ exhale ] [ male announcer ] listerine®. clean deeper. get healthier™. this morning on "today's home" fail safe backup systems. the summer heat with lead to a lot of power interruptions that could cost thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home or
9:46 am
business. host of "house smarts" is here with what you need to make sure all your systems are go all the time. lou, good morning. good morning. let's start with the people who have all that important information on your home computer, if you have a home office, you don't want to lose power especially if you're in the middle of something big. >> uninterruptible power sources is what these are. apc, an electric company so they know electricity. you plug your computer into this with their software. the computer will never know the power is out. it'll keep going and it will give you time to shut things down properly and with the proper software it will actually do that for you. if you're not home or in the middle of a spread sheet or something at work you can actually walk away from it. it will shut everything down properly and then when the power comes back on, you don't lose any data. >> perfect. not all that expensive either. >> and these two items 60 bucks for this one and $170 for this one you can run for another hour if you need to keep working. >> an investment to have the safety there. now let's talk about your garage -- often if the power is out and your point of entry into your home is through your
9:47 am
garage, well, you're not going to go very far. >> 70% of american people use the garage door as a front door. chamberlain drive, the power goes out, it has a battery backup system that will work for 40 cycles. so you can still get in and out. remember, in an emergency, though, you have this red cord. if you're inside the garage and you have to get out, you pull this out and it disconnects the system. >> it releases. >> and you can open the door manually. this is a great convenience item, less than $300 installed. >> this is the worst during the storm if your subpump is out. >> you have to have a backup and the key element on these backups is the agm batteries. nobody does maintenance. these are completely sealed. they last up to five years so you put it on your calendar. you replace this in five years so you get the maximum backup. these things will run up to 36 hours on and off. >> good. okay. and then what do we have? >> generators. portable generators are great but you need to be home. you never want to use them
9:48 am
inside. this one is by honda. it will run a refrigerator, a couple of lighting circuits and a subpump. this is a whole house system. it will power half of the house. it's 17-kw and installed it will power everything. you don't need any of the other stuff. >> more expensive? >> about $7,000 to $10,000 installed but it's an added value proposition for you on your home. and, finally, a backup radio. this is real quick, a backup you crank. it even has a usb on the back that allows you to charge your cell phone in a power outage, that's going to keep you safe when the power goes out. >> great information and couldn't be more timely. thanks so much. coming up next, one more song from grammy winning assume star enrique iglesias.
9:49 am
9:50 am
coming up, claire danes is in the house. >> plus the results of our
9:51 am
ambush makeovers. >> first, though, enrique iglesias performing his hit "hero." go. ♪ would you dance if i asked you to dance ♪ ♪ would you run and never look back ♪ ♪ would you cry if you saw me crying ♪ ♪ and would you save my soul tonight ♪ ♪ would you tremble if i touched your lips ♪ ♪ would you laugh oh, please tell me this ♪ ♪ would you die for the one you love ♪ ♪ hold me in -- this is where
9:52 am
new york city sings with us. ready? ♪ i can be your hero, baby ♪ i can kiss away the pain ♪ i will stand by you forever ♪ you can take my breath away ♪ would you swear that you'll always be mine ♪ ♪ or would you lie would you run and hide ♪ ♪ am i in too deep have i lost my mind ♪ ♪ i don't care
9:53 am
you're here tonight ♪ ♪ come on ♪ i can be your hero, baby i can kiss away the pain ♪ ♪ i will stand by you forever you can take my breath away ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, i just want to hold you
9:54 am
i just want to hold you ♪ ♪ a.m. i in too deep ♪ have i lost my mind ♪ well, i don't care i'm in new york city ♪ ♪ i can be your hero baby ♪ i can kiss away the pain ♪ i will stand by you forever ♪ you can take my breath away ♪ i can be your hero, baby ♪ i can kiss away the pain ♪ sing it out ♪ stand by you forever
9:55 am
♪ you can take my breath away ♪ you can take my breath away i can be your hero
9:56 am
good morning, everybody. time now 9:56. i'm brent cannon. the latest look at your morning commute with mike. how about the east shore
9:57 am
freeway? >> the bay bridge freeway, a nice approach. we haven't had metering lights on all day there, folks. approach down the east shore freeway, very light. 18-minute drive coming off of the carquinas bridge. everything is flowing,ing gooding good bridge, visibility may still be an issue. >> fog throwing over the golden gate bridge this morning. inland temperatures bouncing up into the mid-70s. a bit of a sea breeze breaking into fairfield. if your travel plans include the sierra, look out for thundershowers, flash flood watches around the lake tahoe basin this afternoon. 90s inland again today, another hot day, especially for the trivalley. same kind of weather on saturday and sunday trending cooler.
9:58 am
good samaritan took pictures and sent them to police, hoping the looters and vandals would get caught. police have posted those pictures on their website. one man is seen leaving a foot locker with what looks like is stolen goods. neighbors tell us that the trial was about justice for austere grant and not reasons for people to come to oakland and loot. we have an update to the massive san jose school fire. flames damaged about 16 classrooms at trace elementary school july 5th. firefighters now say somebody intentionally set that fire and investigators are looking for who did it and why. a portion of the school was saved, however, portable classrooms will be used for the upcoming school year. classes set to begin august 16th. we'll have more local news coming up in a half hour. the "today" show returns in about a minute. have a great friday. we'll see you in a built.
9:59 am
10:00 am
captions paid for by nbc-universal television from nbc news this is "today" with katie lee gifford and hoda kotb. from studio 1 a in rockefeller plaza. >>s very serious chuck nice is helping me out on kathie lee's last day of vacation. >> i'm very serious chuck now. >> are you all right? >> i'm happy to be with you for a change. it's great to be here. i thought you hated me.
10:01 am
>> no, i like you okay. i like you okay. all right. so we were talking about the jersey housewives. >> yes. >> the jersey housewives with all the table throwing and freaking out, chuck's wife is a hunl fan, but you don't get it? >> i can't stand the show. i think it's ridiculous, but i think that andy cohen is a genius, because andy cohen has figured out the key to successful television. >> which is? >> crazy people. let me get some crazy people and just put them on the screen. are you crazy? you get a show. he's like the crazy oprah. you crazy, you get a show and you're crazy you get a show. >> it's working. it's working big-time. >> my wife will not stop watching. if you put it on for 24 hours, she would get no sleep. >> the marathons when they're on, i feel -- i understand your wife. >> it's insane. >> a lot are spending time at the pool or beach over the
10:02 am
summertime. there are things that people should be aware of but often aren't. let's say you show up first, you get juror spot. you know the people who come and sit right up next to you? there's an entire beach for miles, but they choose to set next to you. it's beach etiquette. >> you need 20 seats, but when it's crowded pick a spot where you're alone. i'm an island as far as i'm concerned. what's funny is my wife doesn't have the same, you know -- she'll walk up and be like i'm right there. i want to be right there, and i can't say because people are listening. i can't say, i don't want to be next to them. >> we spread our stuff out. we put a towel way in front of us so you get the room. you see what i say? >> i bought an extra umbrella. we have three umbrellas now. >> that's the way to do it. >> it's me, my wife and the kids. we have three umbrellas. they really don't like the sun.
10:03 am
>> here are other things people don't like. playing music too loud. that's the most common violation. >> it's obnoxious. why do i have to listen to your lousy music? >> second thing people don't like is smoking. i agree with that. >> even though the beach look like one big giant ashtray. >> sometimes it does. the third thing people don't like and you'll relate speedos on men. >> i have a theory on that. women don't really have a problem with speedos. they have a problem with what's in it. >> no. it's the whole thing. >> really? >> yes. doesn't matter who is in the speedo. >> here's what i'm saying. matthew mcconaughey in a speedo? you have a problem with that? i rest my case. i rest my case. your honor, i move we dmis the case. that's what i'm saying. >> he's like the extreme. most people you don't want to see. >> most people you don't want to see, but if you look like
10:04 am
matthew mcconaughey you can wear a speedo. >> this is really touchy and no one tells the truth on this one. is it okay to urinate in the ocean? >> it's all right because quite frankly fish do it. >> bobby thomas is upset. >> you know that sea bass you ate, it was swimming in it's own caca. >> i'm trying to figure out the whole beach and your personal space. that's why hoda had me sit 10 feet away from her. >> you're good right there. >> in the pool -- >> no, that's a big no-no. >> i think it's hard when you have children. sometimes the rest room isn't right there. >> no, i'm sorry. listen, please don't be offended america, but if you are over three years old peeing in a pool, you're an animal. you're an animal. don't do it. >> here's the other one. 77% say don't ask a stranger for
10:05 am
help with sunscreen. this happened. i was on the beach two weeks ago, and this guy was standing on the beach. i was watching him, and he had sunscreen in his hand. he was all by himself, and he waited until three girls came up. he charmed them, and by the end they were putting sunscreen on his back. >> by the end of that they were in the back of a van on the way to his basement, because that is not something you do. you don't put sunscreen on a stranger. it rubs the lotion on its skin and does what it is told. that's crazy. >> what are you talking about? >> "silence of lambs." that's what he did. he gave them lotion. you don't rub stuff on strangers. no. >> can you believe three girls did it willingly? we have a new study out, okay? it is that belly buttons -- this is the key to your success in sports. according to this duke university study, it's as if your belly button is higher
10:06 am
you're a better runner. if your belly button sits lower you are a better swimmer. >> so apparently what they have said is that in most black people the belly button is higher, which means you have a higher center of gravity and you can run faster. whereas in most white people, the belly button is lower, which means you can swim better. here's my point. i can't believe you spent all this money to tell a black man he cannot swim. you could have given me $250 and i could have done this study for you. here's my money. can we swim? no. no, we can't. >> thank you. thank you. case closed. >> i hope no tax dollars went to that study. >> here are the five signs if you're concerned that you will get divorced, if you want to know in advance. >> i would like to know. i've been married for 12 years. i'd like to know. >> if you are married to a man withmy testosterone and you know
10:07 am
who you are, those beefcaky sort of -- >> that's called basil testosterone. it's because those men are far more sexually excitable and active and far more likely to cheat. i agree with that. >> if you marry before you're 18, there's a 48% chance you'll divorce. >> that makes sense, too, because your brain doesn't stop developing until you're 25, which means you are swla brain damaged at 18 which is why you got married at 18 because you're stupid. okay. >> excellent. okay. if you -- what was this one. if you don't smile in photographs. you know those scowly, brooding people. they're just cranky and uncomfortable in life anyway. >> yeah. if you find another scowly, broody person, brood at each other and be happy and listen to morse see. >> here's the last one. if you lived with someone else before you got married? you can do comparing. if you lived with someone else
10:08 am
then you're more likely to get divorced they say. >> that's interesting. i wouldn't know. i've never -- i've never lived with anybody except my wife. we kind of lived together, she lived at my place and her place, but we never had one place together. only my wife is the only person to do that. there's another very telltale sign. if you walk in and your best friend is using your wife as a mattress, then there's very possible that you're going to get divorced. >> thank you for that information. >> it's just a sign. >> we have a big show. we're getting to bobbie's buzz. we have cody gifford in the house. are you okay? >> we're already. >> look at him. >> i like chuck better, i think. >> chuck gets a big kick from cody. >> i'm admiring cody because it seems as though he has ability to attract women no matter what their -- they were like female
10:09 am
flies hanging around. any female wants to be around cody. it's crazy. >> one of the women who does is bob bobbie's buzz. every friday she does a minute of all the cool things we should have. >> i found some smart solutions last week, hoda and the gram girls upstairs, laura and mary. they came to me with this kaplan md lipstick that looks like a normal lipstick. look at the top. it's a macgyver tool. >> you can do it with one hand. >> you can see that on air. hoda, said no more lost caps in the bottom of my bag. smart solution. i love that. close your eyes if you're embarrassed, but this is going to help your girlfriends look perky without a boob job. this really does work. you can touch it. my mom will cringe right now. i have large girlfriends and they're heavy and i tested it
10:10 am
out personally, and i was amazed. you put on the double-stick and lift it and it stayed all day. so you can wear backless shirts and its waterproof which is another big thing. last but not least, just for you i found awe cool men's item. you can slip the ipod in it. >> that is awesome. >> genius. >> i got news for you. there's a few men i know who could use this as well. that's all i'm saying. >> let's check in with miss sarah. >> i don't know want to know how chuck knows that. we got typical answers in response to beach pet peeves. we had the smoking and litter bugs and people making out next to you and the sea gulls which i know we can vouch for the angry sea gulls. not everyone wants giant evil birds swooping down.
10:11 am
>> they are evil. they go into your bag. they don't care if you're there. >> that's your house you're at, the sea gulls. >> oh, stop. coming up, two lovely leading ladies. we're going to catch up with bridget moynahan and claire danes. and there's the meatloaf. yuck. look what sometimes happens with the ordinary bag. it slips. oh, bingo, falls in. mom was mad. mom should have used glad forceflex with the stretchable drawstring that grips the can and stays in place. plus, it has the stretchable strength of forceflex. that's all today for glad tv. [ both ] don't get mad -- get glad! and you have that moment of... "oh, yeah!" well... this... is mine. sprinkled with cinnamon, sparkling with taste. cinnamon toast crunch. enjoy the cinnsation. this complete, instant dorm send tis just $49.y with the kmart back to campus sale.
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10:14 am
bridget moynahan has played numerous roles to a cia agent to a bartender. >> i'm supposed to say i'd like to see that. i would have. but in the film adaptation moynahan plays a character she can really relate to which is a mom. >> nice to see you. >> we know this came from a serious of books before. were you familiar with the books before the preliminary? >> i was. i read them as a kid. i went back and revisited it and kind of related to different parts of the book but got memories of antics i got into with my friends and clearly
10:15 am
ramona was responsible for all of those. >> isn't it funny that a book from 50 years ago -- >> 51. >> why do you think it's still relevant to kids today. >> there's a lot of adult themes in the book, and in this movie my husband loses his job, and it's just relating to a lot of things that are happening in today's family. >> i saw it yesterday. it's extremely relatable to the times we live in right now. the great thing about it is it really shows how family helps you get through difficult times. that's the lovely thing about it. >> absolutely. everybody kind of came together in the family and helped each other out. ramona really brought it altogether. so it's a nice thing. >> i have to pay you a speed limit. first of all, it's a great movie. secondly, what was up with them making you look at plain as -- is that like you're a mom?
10:16 am
is that their way of saying you're a mom. honestly, you don't look like any of the mothers i see at the park. >> i don't look like this in my house, though. >> you know what's interesting, too. when you think about the age, because kids are trying to figure out at what age she should go, who do you think it's for, bridget? >> it's a wide range. probably 7, 8 up to, you know, teens. >> easily. >> selena is a huge draw, so i think there's going to be a wide range. parents are going to get a lot out of it, too. it's going to be a surprise to parents that they're going to be emotionally affected by it, which in most kids movie they proent aren't. >> i have to say when it was over what dawned on me was this is a great movie, it's family oriented and it was fun to watch. it wasn't in 3d and wasn't animated and there was no violence. what? >> really good values. it's a nice, sweet story. >> now, next month you are a
10:17 am
cover girl, aren't you? >> yes. >> for "self" magazine? >> yes. >> you've gotten in amazing shape. i'm sure people ask a variety of questions, but one is how do you stay so fit? >> what do you do to keep that figure? people want to know that. >> people don't want to hear you eat really well and work out. >> tell them you eat cheeseburgers, and this just comes naturally. >> fried twinkies and all the good stuff. i've been a athlete my whole life, and i continue to do it. i did it through my pregnancy, after pregnancy. >> you've dealt with the paparazzi. that's kind of tricky sometimes. how have you dealt with that successfully? >> i just -- i just kind of keep to myself and have kind of a quiet life. i'm not interesting in that kind of attention and i certainly don't want it for my son. we have a nice, mellow, easy, quiet life.
10:18 am
>> good luck with the move. we wish you the best of luck. it opens nationwide on july 23rd. she's a golden globe winner and two-time emmy naul nye. >> claire danes tells us why she's lashing out. or the juicy beef franks on a delicious bun fixed up just the way you like them. well, whatever it is, you can enjoy more of it with walmart's guaranteed unbeatable prices on all your cookout favorites. ♪ save money. live better. walmart. ♪ morning! mor-ning? i'm your genie. you're wishing for a deliciously, nutritious fiber cereal.
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10:21 am
the plane in rome last week when she heard the good news. she was nominated for an emmy what ward for her leading role in "temple grandin." >> now she's the spokesperson for the eye lash growing prushgt latisse. congratulations on everything. first of all, this hbo film is just amazing. it got great accolades. >> thank you, thank you. i care so much for temple specifically, and i invested a lot in the project and movie. >> it's a difficult role to play. your character has autism. trying to fit that role must
10:22 am
have been touch for you? >> it was. there was a lot of homework i had to do. that is me. >> isn't that tremendous? >> yeah. so she's autistic and she's the first person to have written about autism as somebody who has it, which seemed paradoxical because they're so inward focused. that was very surprised. she loves animals and science and became -- went on and faced enormous adversity and revolutionized the slaughtering industry. she created a more humane way to kill cattle. >> leading them through the chute they had to go through. >> i saw this and i found your performance, number one, just tremendous. >> thank you, thank you. >> i think that you brought a great deal of empathy and i don't know how you made that transformation. i did not see claire danes, man.
10:23 am
i'm serious. >> thank you. >> that was very impressive. >> she's an incredible person, and it was very intimidating playing somebody who, of course, is alive and would see it. >> what did she think of it? >> she liked a lot, which meant so much to me. i was totally fixated on her. i wanted her to recognize herself, what she did. >> although you talk about your performance, i'm looking at you. if you look closely at claire and we encourage you to look closely, the eye lashes are insane. they look fake. i don't know if we can show it. it's hard to show. close your eyes. >> stay right there. perfect. >> tell us what's happening behind those. >> it's very funny with me talking about temple and latisse in the same context. it's the first and only fda approved product to make lashes grow longer, thicker and darker.
10:24 am
yeah. >> you're a spokesperson for them? >> i'm a spokesperson. i started using it earlier in the year. it taking about 12 weeks or four months to have the full effect realized, but after four weeks you start to see the change. it happens in stages. they grow longer and become fuller and darker. >> you need to trim yours. there's so low. >> i've had the most incredible experience with it. it's a prescription product so there are amazing benefits and risks. go to their website at and see your doctor. >> good luck with everything. we appreciate it. >> i appreciate it. two lucky ambushes are coming up in a minute. can i use my hands? is that alright? i take good care of my body and i do it so i can do this. [ male announcer ] to keep doing what you love, keep your heart healthy. cheerios can help. the whole grain oats can help lower cholesterol.
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10:26 am
water daily. embrace the pure life. nestle pure life. ♪ good morning. i'm brent cannon. breaking news on the iphone 4 the big head line, if you like it, bring it back. if you don't want one, don't buy one. apple has been admitting and dealing with complaints about the antenna on the iphone 4. so far, jobs says they do know there's a problem. they said they're working on it, they've been working on it nonstop but he's not offered a solution. >> we're not perfect. we know that, you know that. and phones aren't perfect. but we want to make it -- make all of our users happy.
10:27 am
if you don't know that about apple, you don't know apple. >> jobs saying that they shipped the iphones before they found out there was a problem with the antenna. now he's about to begin a question and answer session with reporters and scott budman, who's one of those inside is tweeting the updates. you can get those at nbcbayarea. we have live coverage on more tonight coming up at 5:00 and :00 traffic and weather coming up after the break.
10:28 am
10:29 am
welcome back. northbound 680 just before you get to durham road, a lot of folks know, the old-timer's sign there, it was causing considerable backup from heading up in through melpitas. northbound 101 heading up the peninsula, still slow through palo alto in spots. not a big deal heading up into the city.ç the golden gate bridge, you do have an incident northbound side. an accident just south of the northbound tower, which you cannot see here. that's the problem, visibility. >> a lot of fog there. san francisco almost 80 already. inalready around livermore, looks like it will be hot. we're seeing more of a sea breeze blowing through the bay. look out for thundershowers around the sierra, 80s and 90s inland today. to kick off the weekend, sunday and monday, sea breeze turns stronger and we start to cool
10:30 am
down. thank you for joining us this morning. the "today" show continues come up next. have a great friday and a great weekend. don't forget the latest from apple tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. more of "today" on our plaza ambush makeovers. helping me outs is mr. chuck knight. >> and helping us out is louse lacarri and -- and today and us weekly contributor jill martin looking lovely. >> you went out on the plaza today and found? >> we found two great ladies that were so excited and they came here just to be made over.
10:31 am
both of them. >> let's meet the first teacher. dawn is 44 years old from massachusetts. been married to her husband for 20 years and has two kids. because she rides motorcycles in her spare time, her usually outfit is jeans and a t-shirt, and she is ready to change it up. let's listen. >> all right. we're here with the vieira family. spelled the same as meredith but no relation, right? >> yes. >> you want this for your mother. why? >> she's an awesome mom and takes care of everybody and lets herself go. she needs something for herself. >> you need a little color. i have to say it. i love this. you're a biker chick, but we want you to look biker sheik. what do you think? >> absolutely. ready for the sturgis trip. >> they're going on vacation. are you ready for a whole new look? >> yes, i am. i'm very excited. i appreciate it. >> it's time. so we've got -- here's the whole peanut gallery. husband and the kids. keep your blindfolds off until i
10:32 am
give you the green light, okay? here is dawn vieira before. let's see the new you. oh. wow. wow, wow, wow. hold on. family, are you ready? take off your blindfolds. all right, all right. dawn are you ready to see yourself? >> i don't know. >> you look hot. turn around right here and take a look. you look hot. that is a sexy haircut. louis, tell us about the hair? >> this is the most perfect haircut for dawn, because she has fine hair. the only way she could wear it before was tied back in the ponytail with a motorcycle helmet on or not. here jennifer lawrence gave her this great short haircut, the focal point is the bangs, and then highlighted just the top of her nose a little lighter to
10:33 am
accent and sculpt it. >> what do you think? >> it looks amazing. i love it. >> unbelievable. >> jesse's very happy. jill, the outfit is great. >> she can't go on a motorcycle in this. we wanted to keep the edge with this great black skirt but we wanted her to look flirty. look at this great top with the detail around the neck. >> you look awesome. big round of applause for dawn. go over here with your family. >> that was lovely. >> all right. so it's time to move on to our woman number two, and her name is karen from woodland, texas. she's never colored her hair, and her husband sent us to help her cover her grays. let's cover her story. >> i'm here with the cutest couple. they've been married 27 years. unbelievable, but you say your wife has had the same look for all 27 years.
10:34 am
>> absolutely, yes. and she's got such natural beat tu, i like to see something different. >> you're a smarty pants for saying that. you are beautiful. we're going to take you from the nice sandra dee to the naughty one. what do you think? >> i'm excited and a little worried. it will be great. i need a new look. >> we'll take good care of you. >> all right. >> all right. we're here with her husband, chris. chris, keep your blindfold on, okay? >> okay. >> all right. here's a look at karen before, and karen, come on out. oh, my goodness! wow. >> hotty, hotty. >> now, chris, i want you to keep your blindfold on because i'm leaving with your wife! all right. chris, take off your blindfold. >> oh, my god! >> karen has to see herself. she can't take it. turn around. >> oh, my god.
10:35 am
>> you look gorgeous. >> i don't recognize myself. >> you look beautiful. louis, that hair looks sexy. >> the question is should i cover gray or should i not. this answers the question. i mean, this removed years and then of course jennifer lawrence took off about 8 inches and gave her this bob. she has too much hair and it's bushy. she cut into it. >> it looks thick and full and fun and healthy. and the color. >> chris, you're drooling. what's going on over there? >> she was beautiful before and she's even more beautiful now. >> enjoy that outfit. >> we didn't want to push it too far. we gave her this great black dress. >> dawn, come on out. big round of applause. >> do not forget that all summer long we do our ambush ladies on thursday. >> up next, keep that flame alive even when the kids aren't home. sounds naughty, right? no. that's right after this. fiber one chewy bar.
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it is summertime. the kids are home and while there's sizzle outside it could feel more like fizzle when it comes to romance. >> you can make time for a game of strip poker. we can help. >> he's the contributor to and lisa is a contributor to "shape" magazine and the author of "boys lie how
10:40 am
not to get played." in the summertime the kids are around a lot more obviously. so how do you keep the romance cooking? >> it's like the long day's journey into night. the kids are up early and go to sleep late. one thing you got to do is get them to sleep early. work them really hard during the day. sports, exercise. if i could send my kids digging ditches, i would. i want too tire them out. i don't wait until dark. pull down the curtains and blinds, start at like 7:00. they're tired. that's so you have some time with your spouse. >> that makes sense. i work my kids to death during the summertime. at the park, my son, i know you got asthma, but get up there and run. >> he has the stair master at home. >> a lot of times couples end up talking a lot about their kids, lisa. they don't talk about -- to each other or about ich other. zo grown-up things.
10:41 am
this is what happened when i had them. what happened when you had them? they go back and forth with complaining what he did, what she did, and what to do with them. the adult conversation is out the window. you have to make sure you don't spend that time venting to the significant other about the kids. >> make that time kid-free. >> kid-free so you can talk about grown-up stuff. >> i have a trick. if we have a baby-sitter, we take our baby-sitter with us whether we go out. it's not necessarily a date night, but we go out as a family but the baby-sitter is with us for a little part of it. >> i'm going to call that a waste of money. you stay home with those kids because that's what i pay you for. >> date night is important. i mean, you should have that, shouldn't you? >> you should have that date night, and you should try to not stay home and sit in front of the tv or veg with the significant other. when you have that time go do something so you have memories about it so you go and actually go rock climbing, go see a
10:42 am
movie, do something together. >> sometimes seeing a movie, you don't have any conversation. you sit and watch and gu back home. you don't really connect in that situation? >> it depends on the movie. >> i think getting home -- i even say having a little -- you've heard the term st staycation. a family vacation is not really a vacation. with your partner doing a little staycation. margarita and jimmy buffett in the background. >> what is this notion that you have of reliving the remanslaughter of yoromance of your youth? >> when you have kids you watch them grow up, and if you start to remember your own summers past and ear talking about intimate see here, placing naughty games. >> i'm going to be alone today. >> what about truth and dare? taking yourself back to the day
10:43 am
a little bit. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it much. kids' birthday parties for less. cody gives us the picks for the must sees for the weekend after these messages. to help significantly extend his healthy years. a groundbreaking 14-year study by purina... proves that puppy chow, then dog chow nutrition, fed properly over a lifetime, can help extend his lovable antics... up to 1.8 healthy years. [ barks ] long live your buddy. oh, max! long live your dog. purina puppy chow and purina dog chow. long summer days, and not enough sleep. what i wouldn't do for a do-over. [ female announcer ] new neutrogena® clinical skincare. exclusive ion2 complex combined with activating cream helps restore collagen depleted skin. neutrogena clinical skincare is clinically tested to undo the look of a year's worth of skin aging in just 4 weeks.
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10:47 am
remember the days when a clown and cape were enough? we're talking about kids' birthday parties and they've gotten out of control. >> that's so true. parents spend hundreds of dollars and they don't have to. >> they want to have the best party on the block, but amy goodman has good ideas. she's a senior editor for "all you" magazine. this is one of those things. this is a keeping up with the joness things, and someone wants to up it one. you can do it affordably, right? >> with things you have in your housekeeping it practical, crafting, imagination goes a long way to have a festive and fabulous party. >> we have three themes going. this is fun. >> this is going to the circus,
10:48 am
and you really want to have an engaging table, right? it's fun to do a little take on the invitation. this was actually the zoo cracker box that we cut into, and this is their ticket they have to bring to the party. >> so smart. >> kids love that. >> you want a fun activity, so we cut out little paper cone hats that kids decorate with pens and stickers. the centerpiece is edible, but we have the kids decorate the cup cakes using m&m's jelly beans. me daughter just did this. some of the decorations end up in the mouth. this is multi-purpose here. we have a red and white theme, nothing over $5, the table cloth from walmart. it's really, really reasonable. >> let's move to under the sea, shall we? >> here we have a very creative
10:49 am
violate. this is the invitation that you roll up in into a bottle. >> you roll it up and put it -- >> put it in the bottle. >> being able to repurpose the bottle. the kids throw the shells in. obviously, you deliver these in hand, because they don't travel through the post very well. you get on your bikes with your family and deliver those in person. the food theme is very under the sea with the gummies and sharks. >> and goldfish. >> check out the sea globe. this is made under the sea. this was a mayo jar we spray painted the lid to which we added water, one teaspoon of glycerin and the glitter. >> you screw the lid on and have it. >> we buried toy treasures inside mardi gras beads and candy so they can bury the treasure and reuse the pail at the seaside. they take the fish home in a bowl. that's very -- talk about interactive and fun.
10:50 am
>> let's go camping, shall we? >> this invitation is homemade on a piece of construction paper using a piece of gifting paper. that looks like a tenth. they bring their sleeping bags and pillows, so we have customized the pillows they decorate with puffy pants. >> you have to let them dry so you can use them later. and then smores for the sweet treat and canteens to take home. all are biodegradable plates from party city. these are 20 cents a piece, 15 cents a piece. >> this is smart and terrific. have a great weekend. coming up next, courtesy of cody gifford, what you should see this weekend. first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:51 am
10:52 am
hey, if you're here you might as well visit the silas. visit the bottling plant. fiji water comes from a natural artisan well. go now to to see our entire 30-mine the show plus these incredible vacation deals and book your own fiji adventure. it's great getaways fiji at
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10:54 am
time for the weekend movie preview with cody gifford. two megastars return to the screen. >> before he gives us his reviews, let's take a look at movies this summer. >> have you seen movies this summer? >> toy story 3, a-team. >> karate kid. >> what did you think of a-team? >> i went sure going into it, but it was hilarious. >> "get him to the greek". >> it was too coarse for me but it had hilarious parts. >> my mom got out of the movie, that was racy. >> that was an opportunity to watch. >> what's been your favorite? >> "eclipse". >> "eclipse." >> edward, jacob? >> jacob. >> jacob. >> good man. this is a good guy right here.
10:55 am
>> aim a 40-year-old team jacob. >> i think that's like seven for team jacob so far. >> anybody own a shirt? >> anything you look forward to? >> deception looks good. >> i can't wait to see des pi pickable me. >> des pickable me. >> and everybody is saying it's hilarious and cute. i'm looking guard to seeing that soon. >> can you tell the common theme in cody's piece? what's the common theme? >> girls wanting to be team cody. >> that is the common -- there is one young boy, but it seems like -- >> one. >> the hits are the one we expected, "eclipse." >> star driven and girls love it. this weekend we have "inception." i saw it on monday and it blew my mind. there's a lot of hype about it.
10:56 am
that's sometimes good or bad. it's the premise of dream invasion, and what i thought was extraordinary about this movie is it's set up like a dream, like the actual viewing experience. >> it makes you feel like you're in a dream. >> you start off right in it, and you don't know where you are and how you got there. you become more accustomed to the surroundings. as you dive deeper into the subconscious, it's more difficult to rationalize what's going on. >> you become more disoriented. >> critics like this one? >> it's kind of going both ways, but the human mind is the most complex structure on earth. to have a streen play that doesn't reflect that -- >> was it written by the guy who wrote "momento"? yes. >> the sourcer's apprentice, the kids will love it the. it feels a lot like the same pace -- >> so it's national treasure
10:57 am
with wizards, so it will do very well. >> pretty much. >> nice job today. >> we can't keep the chicks away from him. >> i amird and am jealous. thank you for being with us today. kathie lee will be back next week and you'll be back for the guys tell-all. we'll see you. have a good weekend. we'll see you. have a good weekend. bye-bye. -- captions by vitac --
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