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tv   Today  NBC  July 21, 2010 6:00am-10:00am PST

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good morning. rough ride. a united airlines flight runs into severe turbulence and is forced to divert to denver. this morning 30 people are injured, one critically. we'll hear from very rattled passengers. rush to judgment -- an official forced to resign after a video surfaces of her talking about a reluctance to help a white farmer. but it turns out it was only part of the story about her overcoming her own racial prejudices. how could the administration and the naacp have failed to get the whole story?
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this morning that official, shirley sherrod, speaks out. and red-faced sumner redstone, the 87-year-old chairman of viacom, bribed a reporter trying to give up a source. >> we're not going to kill him. we just want to talk to him. we will protect you completely. give us the name and you will be well rewarded and well protected. >> and all his spokesperson can say, it was just sumner being sumner today, wednesday, july say, it was just sumner being sumner today, wednesday, july 21st, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television and good morning. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> and i'm meredith vieira. we'll get to that frightening experience on the united airlines flight.
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>> did the obama administration make a huge mistake forcing an agriculture department official to resign for comments she made in an naacp event? part of shirley sherrod's remarks were released by a blogger. cable news outlets pounced on the remarks and quickly interpreted them as racist. even the naacp condemned her, and she was quickly forced to resign. but, as it turns out, it was a story of how she chose to overcome her own racial biases nearly 25 years ago. the agriculture department now says it's going to conduct a thorough review of her ousting. we'll speak to the woman at the center of the controversy, shirley sherrod, straight ahead. plus, lindsay lohan is waking up in her new home, a jail cell. why they are talking about releasing her much earlier than previously announced. let us begin with dozens of passengers injured on a cross-country flight that ran
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into heavy turbulence over kansas. nbc's tom costello covers aviation for us and is in our washington bureau this morning. tom, good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, meredith, good morning. this was a united airlines flight from dulles airport to l.a. with 255 passengers, ten crew members, when it encountered extreme turbulence over kansas at about 34,000 feet. passengers describe a sudden violent drop, people slamming their heads against the ceiling inside the cabin, then being slammed back down into their seats and the seats of other passengers. among the injured, four flight attendants who were presumably up and working at the time. the plane then diverted to denver international airport where it was met by firefighters and paramedics. in all 25 to 30 injured, one critically. once the plane finally did make it to l.a., some of the passengers described the ordeal. >> we just -- the bottom fell out. people hit the ceiling. it was pretty bad. >> it felt like i had gone down an elevator shaft and hit the
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bottom and came back up. that's what it felt like. >> everyone was screaming and that was very horrible. >> the person behind me, he actually flew up and then he landed like kind of across the aisle onto somebody else's head. >> reporter: the injured were taken to denver area hospitals, most with what are described as moderate walking injuries. those would be bruises, whiplash, strains and sprains. the faa says its first look at the plane finds no obvious signs of damage. the faa and the ntsb are investigating but it's a good reminder, meredith, why we're all told wear our seat belts even when we're sitting down. back to you. >> absolutely, tom. very scary experience for those folks. tom costello, thank you very much. it is 7:04. now to the turbulence facing the obama administration over the resignation of an agriculture department official. was she forced to quit her job for comments that were taken completely out of context? we're going to talk to shirley sherrod in a moment, but first, nbc's savannah guthrie is at the white house with the latest. savannah, good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning to you, matt. these developments are moving really quickly. at first there were condemnations against shirley sherrod for alleged racist remarks. now some of the very first people to rebuke her are now apologizing and over the night the white house directed the agency that fired her to reconsider. this is the video at the center of the controversy. with having to help a white farmer save his farm -- >> reporter: first posted on a conservative website, it shows shirley sherrod, a georgia-based official with the u.s. department of agriculture, and obama administration appointee, at an naacp dinner in march of this year describing her reluctance to help a white farmer who came for aid. >> i was struggling with the fact that so many black people had lost their farmland, and here i was faced with having to help a white person save their land.
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so i didn't give him the full force of what i could do. >> reporter: the video became an overnight cable news sensation. >> miss sherrod must resign immediately. the federal government cannot have skin color deciding any assistance. >> the question is how many more people like miss sherrod exist in the obama administration? >> reporter: the action against sherrod was quick and decisive. the naacp condemned her, calling her remarks shameful and intolerable. the usda asked her to resign. sherrod says she was driving monday afternoon when she got the call from an official in washington. >> she said they want you to pull over to the side of the road and submit your resignation. it was just unbelievable. you know? it was just unbelievable. >> reporter: but sherrod says it was a rush to judgment. the incident she had described at the march naacp dinner had occurred more than 20 years ago, before she worked for the usda,
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and it was a story she told as an example of overcoming her own prejudices. >> that's when it was revealed to me that it's about poor versus those who have. and in telling that story, how i changed while working with him, i used that to help others to see it's not about race. >> reporter: the farmer who sherrod is accused of treating unfairly went public tuesday saying she is no racist and saved his family farm. >> i appreciated everything she done for us, and we got our farm back. >> reporter: still, in a statement tuesday, agriculture secretary tom vilsack stood by his decision to fire sherrod saying, quote, we have been working to turn the page on this sordid civil rights record at usda, and this controversy could make it more difficult to move forward on correcting injustices. but by tuesday night, the naacp had reversed course. officials looked at the full
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context of her remarks made at the naacp's own event, concluded they'd been, quote, snookered by fox news and the conservative activist who first posted portions of the video. but they acknowledged they were too quick to condemn. >> we made a mistake here. we had a very good batting average. you know? it is near a thousand, but sometimes we make a mistake and we made one here. >> reporter: for shirley sherrod, the damage has been done. >> they called me a racist, of all people! they called me a racist. when you look at my work, when you look at everything i've done, you know that i'm not a racist. >> reporter: all right. so, initially, officials here at the white house said this was solely at the discretion of the agriculture secretary, tom vilsack, that the president was briefed only afterward, although staff knew something of it, and that he fully stood by the agriculture secretary's decision. however, late last night, after the full video was posted on the naacp website, the white house contacted the agriculture
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secretary and encouraged the agriculture secretary to take another look. he now says he will and let me read the statement from tom vilsack. he said, quote, i am, of course, willing and will conduct a thorough review and consider additional facts to ensure to the american people we are providing services in a fair and equitable manner. but no word yet, matt, this morning whether or not shirley sherrod gets her job back. >> savannah guthrie, thank you very much. shirley sherrod is with us from atlanta. ms. sherrod, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> what a 24-48 hours you've had. i mean, let's go through it here. you were vilified, forced to resign and when the most elementary investigation was put toward your situation, what i like to call the oops began, the naacp which originally came out against you, apologized saying they made a mistake, and now i even understand the agriculture secretary who originally stood by his decision has said he's willing to see more information. can you describe your emotions as we sit here and talk this
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morning? >> you know, it's so hard. looking at the last 24 hours, when the department -- when this first came to light, i said to them you need to look at the whole thing, that's not the message i was putting out there. and for them all day yesterday to say they were standing by their decision, and now at this late hour, to be saying they are now willing to look at the facts, you know, it's hard to take at this point. >> what's outrageous about this is this story that was sent out there as an example of racism on your part was the opposite. it was a story of enlightenment and transformation of overcoming the narrow mindedness that you had been surrounded by as a younger woman, and here it was completely misconstrued and misrepresented. >> yes, and i couldn't get people -- i couldn't get the people i was working with,
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people who should have listened to me, to see that because that was one of the things i kept saying. you need to look at the whole thing. that's not my message. that's not me. if you look at my life, if you look at my life's work, you would know that that's not me. >> as a state worker in georgia, you tell this story about how you were dealing with a white farmer who was about to lose his farm and perhaps the temptation was there on your part to continue down the road. you had seen so many travel in the past and maybe not give that farmer, that white person, all the benefit of your help, but you had this almost an epiphany at that moment and said, wait a second, the civil rights movement was not about black versus white. it's about the poor and the powerless and this man deserves as much help as anyone. i mean, could anyone who had listened, who would have listened to the entire story, have thought of you as a racist? >> i don't think they would have. i don't think -- if -- you know,
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anyone -- you know, most people would not have known me, but if they had looked at the entire tape, i just don't see how they could have come away with it thinking i was a racist. >> i don't know who to blame here, ms. sherrod. i mean, the activist who put forward this garbage in the first place has an agenda. we shouldn't be surprised by that. the cable news network that played this on and on and talked about it has an agenda. we shouldn't be surprised by that. i am shocked at the naacp, i have to admit, that they did not investigate further before condemning you, and i'm shocked at the obama administration for not putting an investigation in place either. can you give me your thoughts on that? >> yes. i was particularly hurt by the naacp's reaction to it because if they -- you know, i put years, all of my life has been about civil rights work and
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fairness, and if they had just taken the time to look at it, to see, to look at me, to see what i've done, i'm certain they would not have come out with that first statement. but i can appreciate the fact that they now have looked at it, they've seen, and they come up with a new statement. i can accept the apology. >> and as for the obama administration, why do you think the secretary of agriculture acted so quickly in this situation? >> you know, that is so hard to take, especially when i kept saying look at the entire thing. look at my message, and no one would listen. no one would listen. >> the naacp, ms. sherrod, now calls this a teachable moment. what lessons have you learned? >> oh, gosh. you know, it's the outpouring of support has just been great for me.
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you know, i don't know that i would have done anything different because this is just me. this is my life. it's all about fairness. and then to not be treated fairly, you know, in this whole situation, it's just something hard to deal with. >> the door seems to be open a little bit to you getting your old job back. do you want to walk through that door? >> you know, i am just not sure of how i would be treated there now. that's one i just don't know at this point. >> shirley sherrod, i thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you. david gregory is moderator of "meet the press." david, good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. >> so when the administration and the agriculture department or the secretary first saw this edited version of this story, they went into full damage control and didn't bother to check if there was legitimate damage created.
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>> well, it's pretty striking, and i think your interview only underscores that. they had an opportunity to look at the full tape, just like news outlets did. they had an opportunity to talk to ms. sherrod to try to get a sense of the context here and that's a key word here. we live in an evolution that is missing sight of context. i went back. when he was defending and explaining some of the comments made by reverend wright, such a huge controversy, he took pains at that point to put that incident into a greater context about race in america. and yet in this case, the administration acted so quickly, when what was necessary here was some context. >> do they almost have to offer her her job back? >> i think it's going to be difficult not to, at this point, if they have a real reassessment of all the facts here. and certainly it's been indicated by white house officials and the agriculture department they're willing to do that. i've been told by senior administration officials, the president certainly supports going back and looking at all the facts here. so, look, as the president often
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bemoans, we're living in this 24-hour cable news cycle and he's often critical of that. they got caught up in that themselves here and perhaps judging too quickly and taking the steps now to re-assess. >> david gregory, good to see you. >> thanks, matt. >> oops doesn't even describe what happened. right? what a mess. now a check of the top stories from ann curry at the news desk. meredith and matt, good morning. good morning, everybody. also in the news the u.s. announced new sanctions against north korea announcing the sanctions in south korea. secretary of state hillary clinton said they are aimed at funding the nuclear weapons program. she and secretary gates visited the demilitarized zone. the cap on the oil well in the gulf is still holding. but now what? nbc news chief environmental correspondent anne thompson tells us what is coming up.
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anne, good morning. >> good morning, ann. this seems like the test that will never end. that is fine with the people here, as long as it keeps the oil from flowing into the gulf. but a potential problem moves just on the horizon. >> reporter: for six days now, the ceiling cap has held back the oil, but there is trouble brewing in the caribbean. a tropical wave near puerto rico could become a tropical depression or storm by thursday closing the weather window at the leak site that has allowed crews to make so much progress. >> the probability is low at this time that there would be gale force winds that could impact the oil site. that could change the next few days. we're watching it very, very closely. >> reporter: bp is working on another way to stop the oil. this plan is called static kill, a low-pressure version of the unsuccessful top kill. bp wants to pump heavy drilling mud through the blow-out preventer with the sealing cap closed to plug the well. the government has yet to give the go-ahead. >> if it's approved to do so, it's 100% chance we'll go ahead with it. i think we'll have covered all
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of the risk analysis, all of the issues with the procedures and stuff. >> reporter: bp believes the well is stable and though five leaks have been detected, national incident commander allen dismissed them as drips. >> we found nothing that would be consequential towards the integrity of the well head to date. >> reporter: now the price tag for this cleanup is $4 billion and, yesterday, bp sold assets in the u.s., canada, and egypt to help pay that bill. ann? >> anne thompson this morning. anne, thanks. today the president will sign that new financial overhaul bill that's aimed at preventing another market meltdown. he says the bill includes the strongest consumer financial protections in history. health experts are urging the fda to stop endorsing the drug avastin for treating breast cancer. this after recent studies failed to show any benefits for breast cancer patients. and take a look at what happened tuesday when a fox got his head stuck in a chain link fence in california. lucky for him, it happened near
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an ice cream store and there was a man willing to spoon feed him both ice cream and milk, so the fox was eventually able to free himself and an animal control officer said he was sure it's the cherry garcia that gave the fox the strength. look at that. i i mean, ah! there you go. it is cute. 7:18. let's go back to matt and meredith. >> i'm going to go stick my head in a fence. it's hot here today. get a little ice cream. well, you know? look! >> mr. roker is here with a check of the weather. al? >> that famous "leave it to beaver" episode. let's take a look. we have a risk of strong storms stretching from new england all the way down into west virginia, kentucky, washington, d.c. a risk of these storms, tornado possible, rain already developing. rainfall amounts generally about a half to a quarter inch, and then out west back to the plains and billings, we're looking at damaging wind, hail and an and here's a live look at
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san francisco's golden gate bridge. and yes, folks, that are plenty of clouds out there. they're going to be sticking around most of the morning. they should be clearing for a little right now it's pretty cool ouide. a coolid morning in the low 50s. 53, san francisco. 55 in san jose. but things will be warming up as the day goes on, but not a whole lot. and that's your latest weather. meredith? >> al, thank you. british prime minister david cameron makes his first official visit to washington. his trip is being dominated by questions over bp's possible role in the release of the pan am flight bomber. cameron brushed off calls for an investigation but according to new york senator chuck schumer an investigation is still a possibility. michael isikoff is nbc's
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national investigative correspondent. good morning to you. let's review what we know. bp has acknowledged that in 2007 it urged the british government to approve a prisoner transfer agreement with libya, even said it knew that agreement, if everybody said it was okay, would help them in terms of an oil drilling deal with libya. it said it had nothing to do with the release of the lockerbie bomber al megrahi. you've looked closely at this story. do you have any evidence that would indicate otherwise? >> a semantics game here because although bp says it never raised al megrahi's name, there was no question about the only libyan prisoner in a united kingdom jail who was at issue here who could be eligible for transfer and it was megrahi. >> the lockerbie bomber. >> right. what's really interesting and you'll see the senate, which is going to be holding hearings next week on this,cusing in on interesting aspects of it.
7:22 am
the bp official who made the call to the british government to urge the transfer, mark allen, a former top british spymaster, former mi-6, chief of counterterrorism, this is the british version of the revolving door. the guy left mi-6, went to work for bp. he had a relationship with gadhafi. he was helping bp facilitate this oil deal which was front and center on both the british government's mind and bp's mind. >> and bp is keeping him away from the press right now. can he be forced to testify? >> well, look, a u.s. senate committee is not going to have the subpoena power over a british citizen but certainly you're going to see the senate. there will be somebody from bp invited. it's not clear who will show up but there will be a lot of questioning about mark allen's role and specifically how much and who bp lobbied in the british government. >> al megrahi was released for compassionate grounds because he had prostate cancer and a doctor
7:23 am
said he would only live three months. in fact he's now lived almost a year since his release. a lot of questions about that medical report. you've seen it. well, certainly when people actually read the contents of the medical report, family members and others are going to -- their blood would be boiling over this because there's exaggerated compassion for megrahi and his family. it talks about letting him return to libya, to allow him to reunite with his family. it will help with their coping with this illness. and medical evidence seems to be when you look at it closely highly suspect. >> michael isikoff, thank you so much. and coming up, she's only spent one night in
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expecting a why
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baby could make it tough forou getting a mortgage. plus the soup nazi returns and guess who was there for the opening. hair is in control for 3 days. call 800-for-avon to find a representative. good morning to you. it's 7:26 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. mike's got a look at our morning commute. >> we'll take you to the east bay, 880 first. we have an accident northbound 880, that was the report, northbound 880 at whipple road, but another report said the southbound side. both directions very slow. reports of an accident, a car went off a roadway, but sounds like there's some police activity. a lot of chp cruisers headed out t there. a lot of distraction for folks in the area. westbound 580 also very slow after an earlier cig alert. the motorcycle accident to the right-hand shoulder, but 40 minutes out of the altamont
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pass. ria? >> we had a pretty cool morning, definitely some low clouds and moisture out there. 8:00 this morning, only expecting 55 at san francisco, 58 at san jose. and as the day goes on, it's not going to be heating up very much at all. but the good news, seven days, as we like ahead, every day, a couple of degrees higher. l back to you.
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early education for some bay area kids could get caught in the stay's cash crunch.
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seven oakland preschools that serve some 1,000 low income children could close. many parents are trying to figure out what to do as the centers are their only option. some are taking matters into their own hands and volunteering to keep the doors open until at least the legislatures approve a budget that allows funding for those preschools. the group oakland parents together, they're meeting tonight at 5:30 at the santa fe childhood domt center on adeline street in north oakland. another local news update in about half an hour or so. "today" show returns in less than a minute.
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7:30 on this wednesday morning, july 21st, 2010. we have a large energetic crowd sharing the love with us out at rockefeller plaza. we'll head outside to say hello to them in just a bit. i'm meredith vieira alongside matt lauer. oftentimes when a couple is expecting is when they need to find a new and bigger home. >> these days some banks are rejecting mortgage applications just because the woman is pregnant. is that fair? what are you supposed to do if you need a loan? we'll get some advice from jean chatzky coming up in just a little while. plus six teenagers have been
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charged in connection with the suicide bullying case of 15-year-old phoebe prince. were other factors also at work in her life that played a role in prince's tragic death. we'll have exclusive new details in that case. and viacom's chairman, sumner redstone, caught apparently trying to convince a reporter to give up a source on a story that put redtone in a less-than-favorable light. we'll hear that tape and check out the fallout in just a little while. we're going to begin with lindsay lohan's first night in jail and just how many she may have left. lee cowan is outside the jail with more. lee, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, meredith. according to the sheriff's department here between the jail overcrowding situation as well as time off for good behavior, chances are lindsay lohan won't even serve two weeks behind bars. 13 days is what they're predicting, as little as just 13 days of those 90-day sentence. after that it's directly into rehab, again. this morning lindsay lohan is just another inmate in a
7:32 am
jumpsuit. all after the kind of circus you'd expect from one of her court appearances. paparazzi on the ground, news choppers in the sky, even glitter thrown from the crowd. but inside court, the big top came down and a somber, tired-looking lohan sat speechless, waiting to be taken into custody. >> all cameras are ordered to be shut off. >> reporter: and when the time came, only a courtroom sketch artist was allowed to record the moment that lohan was taken away. >> she's scared as anyone would be but she's resolute and she's doing it. >> reporter: lohan was driven away in handcuffs to her new temporary home and looked like anyone else. no more jewelry, no more cell phones and no way to tweet. >> inside it's business as usual. >> reporter: except for the fact lohan isn't with the rest of the women in this 2200-bed facility. she's by herself, isolated in a 12 by 8-foot cell for at least the next two weeks. is that time enough? some former inmates say even a
7:33 am
brief lockup can be a powerful tool. >> if she uses it to continue to blame everybody else, it's a hurdle. if she uses it to flip the switch and move forward, it's a good thing. >> reporter: no matter how long she serves, it's only part of her sentence. she also faces a 90-day inpatient rehab. addicts who have been there before say a court order is often the only path to recovery. >> one of the only reasons why i'm sober is because the courts committed me to either four years in prison or a year in rehab. as a result, i'm a convicted felon, but i spent a year in rehab and that helped me hit a bottom and now stay sober. >> reporter: but hitting bottom is different for everyone, and no one knows just how deep she is, except lindsay lohan. >> she stepped up, she's accepted responsibility and that's really all i have to say. >> reporter: meredith, lohan is scheduled to go directly into that rehab once she's released from jail. the judge wanted it that way. if she does the two weeks here,
7:34 am
plus the 90 days in the rehab, she technically won't be a free woman until september. meredith. >> all right, lee cowan, thank you very much. piper kerman knows what life is life behind bars. she served 13 months for drug-r and wrote about it in her book "orange is the new black." good morning to you. it's actually 11 months in prison and two months in jail and you really saw a difference. you preferred prison. >> there's a stark difference between a federal prison and a federal jail. between prison and any jail facility and i think that's a little surprising for folks. a jail is in many ways much more restrictive and much harder to sort of get the patterns of life that help you do your time when you're in a jail facility as opposed to a prison. >> spe of the 24 hours, lipped is it a very scary thing?
7:35 am
>> she at this point has been through the very scary process of intake. literally shedding your skin, you know, giving up your clothes, obviously your jewelry, any possessions you have, taking on that uniform, you know, that baggy -- in her case orange uniform -- and becoming a prisoner. it is a transformation. >> it's not the first time she has been at linwood. she was there for about 84 minutes for her dui and that experience didn't really seem to faze her given what's happened since. as lee cowan pointed out, she may only be there two weeks, three weeks because of prison overcrowd i overcrowding. what impact can it really have? >> i think this will be a very different experience than her previous experience. an inmate.or experienced life she's going to be in 23-hour lockdown, protective custody, and segregated housing unit which is the shoe, the hold, not a good place to be.
7:36 am
it's not a nice place to be. >> why? i think a lot of people would assume that's a much safer place for her to be, that if she were out within general prison population that someone might figure out it's lindsay lohan, let's take a shot at her. >> it it is a very secure place to be. she will certainly be safe. s not that the other prisonersce were the worst part of prison. quite the opposite. and i department like everyone i met in prison, but some of the women that i met and the things i learned from them were some of the only things of value you can really draw from the experience. i don't know that being locked in a room for 23 hours guarantees a change in lindsay. that will really rest with lindsay. >> what would you advise her to do in the time she is there? >> i would advise her to read every single book she can get her hands on, everything they allow her to have. i would advise her to write letters to the people who mean the most to her and to the people who have really been a strength to her and who have
7:37 am
helped her and to really try to forge those bonds and think long and hard about what her next steps are. that's one of the things i do. >> piper, thank you so much for your perspective. >> thanks, meredith. >> now a check of the forecast from al. thank you very much, meredith. a warm one out here. we have a cutie. who is this? >> this is haley veazie. >> all right. very cute. >> we're from alabama. >> from mass valley. and from a cutie to crinkle. >> eclaires. >> calling the shots. very nice. >> tracy. >> nikki. >> what kind? oh, the pecan cheesecake. we like it. let's check your weather, shall we? as we look, we have tropical troubles out there. a tropical wave expected to strengthen the next 48 hours. head west/northwest. even if it doesn't become a storm it will cause problems for southern florida by friday. if it does become a storm we'll
7:38 am
call it bonnie. afternoon temperatures, the heat is on down to the gulf coast. dallas 99. garden city 100. and that heat extends all the way into the southwest. the temperatures into 100 and teens. the northern plains, 80s and 90s in the northeast and another cutie. what's your name? >> kaitlyn. >> where are you from? >> and here's a live look at downtown san francisco. the financial district. and the transamerica building, as you can see, folks, plenty of clouds out there. it's another day of cloud conditions. some patchy fog and along with a little bit of drizzle this morning, but that will be drying up. things will be getting better. let's take a look at your seven-day forecast. the good news is, a little bit warmer every day this week. it's going to be pretty nice. 60s on the coast. 70s and 80s inland today.
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and a good looking family. what's your name? >> the jacobs family. >> two good looking boys there. all right. now let's head back to matt. thanks so much. you think people would learn by now that if you leave something on a voice mail it can come back to haunt you. billionaire media mogul sumner redstone has just learned that lesson. nbc's mike taibbi explains. >> reporter: the article on "the daily beast" website was about a media mogul strong-arming a subordinate into producing a show he wanted on an all-girl band called electric barbarellas. then this voice mail. >> sumner redstone. i think you know i run viacom, and cbs, and mtv. >> reporter: sumner redstone, worth $9 billion and at 87 still a volatile force in broadcasting and entertainment, was after the source of peter lauria's story. >> i know you may be reluctant. we have to have the name of the person who gave you that story. we're not going to kill him. we just want to talk to him. we're not going to fire him.
7:40 am
we just want to talk to him. we will protect you completely. >> reporter: it had a bit of a tone of that michael in "the godfather." >> don't be afraid. come on. you think i make my sister a widow? >> reporter: but writer lauria's only concern was for his sources. >> my initial thought was, i have to make sure that they have cover and they're protected. i wasn't worried about me at all. >> reporter: a viacom official confirms it's sumner redstone's voice. said the spokesman, anyone who knows sumner and his history knows he's colorful, aggressive, extremely intelligent and passionate. this was just sumner being sumner. sumner being sumner fired tom cruise, former ceo tom preston in the past and now this. >> we're not going to hurt this guy. we want to sit him down and find out why he did it. you should be willing to cooperate, give us the name, and
7:41 am
you will be well rewarded and well protected. >> sumner redstone's message to peter lauria is not crazy in the way mel gibson's tapes were crazy but it shows that maybe he doesn't have the same judgment that he once had 10, 20 years ago. >> reporter: viacom spokesman folta would only say leaving the voice mail was not a good idea. he'll have learned his lesson. for "today," mike taibbi, nbc news, new york. >> we live in a world where nothing -- almost nothing you say just goes away. >> exactly. well, that's not going to go away. >> not for a while. up next, whyxp entecta expe couples looking for a new home could have a tough time getting one. ♪ this is our pool. ♪ our fireworks. ♪ and our slip and slide. you have your idea of summer fun, and we have ours. now during the summer event get an exceptionally engineered e-class
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7:45 am
and we'll be here as long as it takes to clean up the gulf. we're back at 7:44 this morning on "today's money" why it's tougher than ever to get a mortgage. rates are at historic lows but lending standards are so tough now that some banks are actually denying mortgages to families expecting a child. jean chatzky is "today's" financial editor. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> this comes from a story in "the new york times" yesterday. we'll talk about the instance of pregnancy in a second, but generally speaking how much tougher is it to qualify for a mortgage today than it was, say, two years ago before the economic meltdown? >> significantly. we're coming out of this era of loans where people didn't even have to document their income in order to get a very, very large
7:46 am
mortgage. they could just say this is how much i earned and people were willing to take their word for it. >> and banks learned their lesson and they got punished for that. >> that's right. >> now enter this situation. you're a family. you're a woman. you're pregnant. you want a mortgage. you want to move up to a better house or buy your first home. the very fact the woman in a family is pregnant now can be a real deterrent to that family getting a loan. >> what the lenders are saying is we need to see income and we need to see income not just now but that will generally last for the next three years. these are standards set by fannie mae and freddie mac and the banks are adhering to these standards and they're checking on your income not just when you apply and qualify for the loan but before you close which can lead to problems. >> and because studies will show that a certain percentage of women who have children do not re turn to the they stay at home and become stay-at-home moms so then that family loses half the income or
7:47 am
a percentage of income. >> or if you qualified based on your income and your spouse's income, you had the baby, you're on maternity leave, now you go to close, the bank can say to you, well, you don't have that anymore. >> first of all, so a family that is expecting a child on their own need to ask some difficult questions. you know, will we be able to afford this loan down the road? but if they come up with the answer of yes, even if the mother does not go back to work, we can still afford it, what do they do? do they hide the pregnancy? >> no. even if the mother or the father doesn't go back to work you can still afford it, then qualify for that loan based on the single income to begin with just to eliminate the problem. but if you know you're going to be going back to work and you are going to be needing and receiving both of those incomes, get a note from your doctor that this is when it's okay to go back to work, get a note from your employer that this is what your salary will be when you go back to work. >> so the pregnancy issue is just one example of how tough it is to get a mortgage. talk about credit ratings and credit scores and how that is
7:48 am
impacting people today in their attempt to get a mortgage. >> we got new data from fico out this week that 25% of people now have credit scores of 599 or below. >> so they've fallen below 600. >> and that's the lowest category of credit scores. people in that category are not going to qualify in many cases for mortgages, for car loans, and if they do qualify, they'll pay significantly more. >> what's the take home message here? a, keep your credit up. >> pay your bills on time. don't use any more than 10% to 30% of the available credit you have on those credit cards. that should take your score up. >> if you're a family and expecting a child, bite off as much as you can chew? >> make sure that you can actually afford it once you go back to work because the worst case is you buy a home, you can't afford it and then we see what happens to people. >> jean chatzky, thank you very much. still ahead, were there other factors besides bullying at play in the tragic suicide of phoebe pr?
7:49 am
we'll have the latest on that story. first, these messages. it's pain relief without the pills.
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good morning to you. it's 7:56 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. want to check in with mike. he's got a look at the morning commute, taking us to the peninsula. >> palo alto, where things are slow. an accident happened here northbound 101 at around university avenue. sounds like a car went into the center divide. the airbags deployed. one driver drove by said the person who was driving was holding their head in pain, trying to get out of the car, but they're shoved up against the guardrail. both sides are seeing this because it is in that center divide. other side of the water, slowing at whipple road in the east bay, still have that earlier accident causing distraction. both sides very slow. here further north in oakland, slowing past the coliseum and also gray skies. >> there are gray skis and lots of clouds.
7:57 am
cool weather as well. even at noon, we're not going to be very much warmer than we are now. we're in the low to mid-50s or so, but things will be warming up. we'll be at 60 in san francisco. 66 in oakland. and at san jose, we'll be at 70 by the time noon comes around. today's high, 76 on the inland areas. almost up to 80. coasts in the low 60s, but it will be going up from there, a little bit every day. we'll have more news in a little bit.
7:58 am
7:59 am
oakland is now closer to becoming the first city in the nation to allow pot as a wholesale industry. late last night, the city council voted in favor of a plan to license four production plants. there was heated debate over the issue. >> the silicon valley of cannabis, you've got an issue here. you're late. so if oakland wants to do this, you've got to start. because berkeley is starting. >> supporters of the plan say it would mean more money for the city and a safer marijuana crop. opponents are worried it means the end of mom and pop style pot producers. another local news update in about half an hour. "today" show returns in less than a minute. [ man ] my perfect summer is grilling up a masterpiece. daily. [ woman ] my perfect summer is having everyone over. and having money leftover. [ female announcer ] safeway lets you have it all. with thousands of everyday low prices and great club card savings. [ man ] my perfect summer. [ woman ] perfectly priced.
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[ female announcer ] safeway. ingredients for life. now introducing all new refreshe beverages. get four 6-packs for $3.49 with your club card. and any 2-liter 2 for $1. pour yourself happy with refreshe. exclusively at safeway. we're back now 8:00 on a wednesday morning, the 21st day of july, 2010. that was al roker saying hi to some of his friends out on the plaza on what looks to be a beautiful day here in new york city. by the way, if these people come back on friday, they'll be treated to a concert by one of the great singers/songwriters of this day. that is john mayer. he will be live in our 8:30 hour this coming friday morning. should be a great show. out on the plaza, i'm matt lauer along with meredith vieira and al roker.
8:01 am
and coming up, you have some new information in that tragic story we covered for quite a while, the suicide, the bullying death of phoebe prince. >> the 15-year-old who committed suicide in january. six of her classmates have been charged in connection with the case, but did the teens' problems extend far beyond high school and the bullying incidents? coming up an exclusive look at newly attained court documents that are very revealing. also ahead, i hope we all agree, a much more positive story. we're going to meet a young man who is only one of ten people in this country to have received a new kind of bionic hand. he is going to be here to show us how it has changed his life and it's changed it dramatically. there's michael right there. >> that is quite something. >> something he couldn't do a short time ago. >> amazing. and a little bit later on more fallout from the surprise announcement of the engagement of bristol palin to levi johnston. they're talking about how they'll be getting married within a few weeks. now, it looks like for some
8:02 am
reason, we'll find out why, marriage may be put off for a little bit. >> before we go any further, let's get a check of the top stories of the morning. ann is at the news desk with all the headlines. ann, good morning. thanks a lot, matt, and all of you this morning. good morning. today on this broadcast a government official at the center of the new storm of controversy after being accused of racism said that she's not certain she wants her job back. shirley sherrod said she was pressured to quit the department of agriculture tuesday after a conservative website posted part of a speech she gave in march, describing her reluctance to help a write farmer. after the video was used to vilify her on fox television she lost her job. then a video of the full speech backing sherrod's story that she was actually explaining how she overcame her own prejudices. it also turns out the incident happened 24 years ago and that she helped the farmer who today says she helped him save his farm. the white house has encouraged the agriculture secretary to review the case. severe turbulence at a united airlines jet last night ç
8:03 am
injured at least 25 people, one of them critically. the cross-country flight from washington to los angeles was diverted to denver. witnesses said that passengers and crew members were thrown so violently around the cabin, some hit their heads on the ceiling. a 12-year-old girl was swept away by floodwaters near flagstaff, arizona, tuesday and drowned. county emergency officials warn 900 people to seek higher ground as heavy rain fell on an area ravaged by wildfires last month. secretary of state hillary clinton announced new sanctions today to curb north korea's nuclear program and its aggressive behavior towards south korea. secretary clinton and defense secretary gates toured the demilitarized zone in a strong show of support for the south. meantime, china expressed deep concern today about joint u.s./south korean military exercises which are scheduled for next week. overseas markets are mostly higher today. cnbc's erin burnett is at the new york stock exchange keeping a close eye on fed chairman ben
8:04 am
bernanke today. erin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, ann. ben bernanke is the person to watch. everyone on wall street wants to hear what he's going to say. in his testimony to congress this afternoon, how will he answer the question about how big the risk is that america is going to fall back into recession? does he think the fed needs to do something else to try to help the economy and perhaps, most important, does he think this economy is going to start adding jobs on a massive scale? those are big questions everyone will be waiting to hear the answers to that. his answers matter but another bright spot, ann, maybe he'll think about this. apple says the economy is doing just fine, thank you very much. ipad sales through the roof, and apple knocking it out of the park on earnings. at least people want those gadgets. back to you. >> erin burnett, thank you so much. now here's brian williams with what's coming up tonight on "nbc nightly news." hey, ann, good morning and thanks. as you may know the bluefin tuna is in big trouble. they were already threatened by overfishing. now along comes the gulf oil
8:05 am
spill. they could disappear entirely. we'll have a progress report on "nightly news." ann, for now, back to you. it is now 8:04. back outside for a check of the weather with al. thank you so much. we have these nice folks from florida. they brought some flowers. well, thank you very much. would you like to smile? some nice flowers for you. and these nice people from las vegas. let's check your weather, see what hngapnipe. salt lake city, ksl-5 sizzling, 100 degrees today. we are looking at a risk of strong storms in the northeast all the way back into the central plains along a frontal system, low-pressure area going to be causing some problems. heavy thunderstorms. we're looking at well, the sun is beginning to shine through the clouds in downtown san jose. it's going to be sunny eventually when the clouds burn off. we have clouds along the coast but patchy fog that will be making its way and breaking into
8:06 am
sunshine this afternoon. mid-to high 70s inland and along the coast, low 60s. every day it's going to get a little bit warmer and it's going to be a great weekend ahead. and that's your latest niweathe we nd weathe t andhat's your lat test r. matt weather.ç matt? still to come, did more than just bullying factor into the tragic death of 15-year-old phoebe prince? exclusive new details in the case. chevy traverse. a consumers digest best buy, with a 100,000 mile, powertrain warranty. it seats eight comfortably - not that it always has to. now, get 0% apr for 60 months on a 2010 traverse with an average finance savings of around fifty seven hundred. see your local chevy dealer.
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i'm proud i got them off the couch. well, sort of. anncr: be well... with all the great tasting ways to eat lighter. only from jennie-o. love to see kids' spirits shine. superstar and mom, martina mcbride and sunny d ♪ sunny taste. sunny spirit. sunny d. brings out the best in kids. ♪ sunny d we are back now at 8:09 with the new details in the bullying/suicide case of phoebe prince. she's the 15-year-old who took her own life back in january
8:10 am
allegedly after being tormented by a group of classmates. today national correspondent amy robach is in south hadley, massachusetts, with the latest. amy, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to u you. phoebe prince moved here to get a fres new start. newly obtained court documents show phoebe prince was deeply troubled before she ever set foot in south hadley high school. it was a story that made headlines around the country, a warning about cruelty and the dangers of bullying. phoebe prince, 15 years old, beautiful and smart, committed suicide after months of relentless torment by her high school classmates. >> a car with a couple of kids in it, throws a drink calling her an irish slut, an irish whore, why don't you kill yourself, and she did. >> reporter: the so-called mean girls, four girls who reportedly saw phoebe as a romantic rival along with two popular boys she dated. in the days leading up to
8:11 am
phoebe's death prosecutors say the mean girls bullied her so often phoebe hanged herself at home to escape the torture. >> from information known to investigators thus far it appears phoebe's death on january 14th followed a torturous day for her in which she was subjected to verbal harassment and threatened physical abuse. >> reporter: all six accused bullies have been criminally charged with felonies and could face years in prison. but court documents recently obtained by emily vaselton of "slate" tell a different story, one that suggests the teen's troubles extended beyond the halls of south hadley high. >> the most surprisingly involved her mental health history because that really hadn't been disclosed. >> reporter: the documents revealed that in november of last year phoebe attempted suicide swallowing an
8:12 am
antidepressant drug and going into organ failure. also detailed in the documents, phoebe had taken prozac and had a history of cutting herself. an interview with a classmate shows the extent of phoebe's self-mutilation describing how she, quote, lifted up her hoodie and showed cuts on her chest above her bra and all the way down to her hips. >> it changes how we might think about what happened to her in south hadley as a result of the bullying and how much the kids who bullied her couldn't really be held responsible for her sue sued. >> reporter: there's no question the bullying was taking its toll on phoebe a. text message sent on the day of her death threatening suicide. quote, i can't do it anymore. i'm literally home crying. what more do they want from me? do i have to -- od? also a note asking for
8:13 am
forgiveness. the six teenagers who have been indicted are faces charges from statutory rape and will get under way this september. >> amy robach, thank you very much. amy, who you just saw in that piece is with us exclusively, the senior editor for "slate." emily, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> in the media the cause of phoebe's suicide has been linked basically to a back of jealous predatory kids who acted en masse because phoebe was new to the school and very popular with boys. the d.a. described it as a nearly three-month campaign of relentless and torturous bullying. after reviewing the grand jury report, you found something quite different, didn't you. >> right. i was looking at police interviews and i've also done a lot of interviews with students and, you know, there were a couple of conflicts that phoebe had with different kids. she got involved with a boy named shawn and that made his girlfriend upset. and another boy, austin, and that made his girlfriend upset.
8:14 am
this was sort of normal girl drama until really right before she died, the last day of her death when the bullying really became serious. >> so none of the kids you talked to or school administrators thought she was unfairly targeted by kids? they thought there was a reason for it? >> well, that she was involved in these conflicts, that it's more complicated than predatory pack of kids descending on her and that there are different levels of culpability of the kids. there were really only three kids involved in bullying her on the day that she died. the other three kids no one says were anywhere near her the week before her death. >> and yet they have all within charged. >> and facing serious felony charges. >> from your research you do not believe the facts justify that criminal retribution? >> it's hard to see how that is the right solution in the case which isn't to say terrible blame department happen here or that this death isn't tragic. just the notion of criminally charging six teenagers in a way
8:15 am
that blames them for the death of the girl who had this much more history. >> in pushing for those charges, one of the reasons he did so was because the school had dropped the ball in terms of dealing with bullying. did the school do enough? i mean, they knew phoebe had a past history of some serious problems. her mom alerted the school to that. they knew she had tried to commit suicide right after thanksgiving. >> right. so there was a counselor on nurse in regular contact with phoebe and her mother, between her suicide attempt in november and her death, and the question is whether the school should have been doing more than that, whether there should have been a broader effort. i don't feel i know the answer to that. it's a really hard question. certainly i think that after phoebe's death, the school bungled the public relations aspect of this case. they were bound by confidentiality laws not to explain -- not to say what discipline they were imposing but they didn't do a very good job of making that message come across clearly and the community really parts of it lost
8:16 am
confidence. >> do you think part of this was just an impulse on people to place the blame somewhere? >> yes. i think this is a really sad, awful thing, and i think we do have this strong impulse to want to point fingers and have a clear explanation, a very clear black and white narrative for what happened in this case. and it's just more complicated than that. >> and right now they are heading into pretrial situation in the fall, are people in town, is it more about phoebe or is it about these kids and maybe some injusti injustice? >> i think it's more about phoebe and one reason for that is when you have criminal arges in a case like this you really shut down honest conversation. lawyers get involved. it becomes very difficult to apologize, hard for people to take any responsibility. so the town, i think, really has not had an honest conversation about these charges, you know, what these particular kids did versus some sort of broader failure of the adults in the community or a broader problem
8:17 am
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>> announcer: today's health is brought to you by nicorette. quitting sucks. nicorette makes it suck less. we're back with 8:20 on "today's health." a new technology that's opened doors for a special young man. we'll talk to him in a moment. but first, nbc's chief medical editor dr. nancy snyderman has his amazing story. good morning. >> it's an amazing story for a very amazing young man. michael waldrin, one of ten people to get a new type of bionic hand, a great advancement in the field of pros thetics. >> when i was younger, making friends was tough just because some kids would see the hand before they would see my
8:21 am
personality. that was the hardest part of growing up having to always kind of try to teach people to look past that. >> today is the day 18-year-old michael never thought he would see. he was born with a congenital malformation that robbed him of four fingers on one hand. >> he doesn't deserve that. he's such a good boy. you always want your kid to be popular or normal or whatever. it's hard when he comes home and says, you know, somebody called him stubby or piggly wiggly and there's nothing you can do. that's the hardest part. he has to learn to deal with that on his own. >> and that's exactly what he's done. from playing in the orchestra to starting for his high school lacrosse team, michael has taken his birth defect and learned how to adapt. >> i use a lot of rubber bands, duct tape, i think a coat hanger. if somebody tells me i can't do something, it just makes me work twice as hard to figure out how
8:22 am
to do it. >> today low tech meets high tech. he's getting a bionic hand and for the first time it will help with a partial hand amputation and allow each finger to move independently. >> this is the first device externally powered, it has power from a battery. if we give an input signal to one of the electrodes, that information is being sent down into the processor and then to the fingers. >> little things that many of us take for granted michael is learning to do for the first time. >> wow. >> and two weeks after getting his hand, another milestone. michael graduated from high school. >> graduation is huge. you know, the exchanges, the new
8:23 am
lives. and grasping the new life with the new prosthetic, how amazing is that? that's the whole package right there. >> michael is here with his mom, fran. good morning to both of you. hey, michael, how are you doing? >> i'm good, how are you. >> i'm great. how long have you had this? >> a little over a month. >> how does it feel? >> it takes a lot of getting used to. i picked it up. >> the learning curve is pretty quick? >> definitely. >> you had become expert at learning to do things with one hand or adapt to the hand you had, your right hand, and now you're learning to do things as a two-handed person. >> yes. i'm pretty much working backwards. it definitely is different from the norm. >> this isn't a quiz but let's talk about how you use it, how adept you are and how small an object you can actually pick up
8:24 am
with it. can you show me some things? >> well, one of the things according to the programming is if i hold an open signal i can actually go into a pinch to where i can pick up smaller things like this block. if i can get hold of it. >> and the way you're doing that, you can show me with this arm here by flexing these muscles in here. >> when i say the open signal it's pretty much just as if you were opening your fingers how this muscle here would open then that electric pulse is picked up by a sensor right here and then if i go to close there's another sensor on this side. >> interesting. you were born right-handed, right? >> yes. >> you were born with trying to use the hand that was least able to help you. >> yes. >> and now i understand you're going back to trying some things right-handed. >> yes. when you're born with a condition like this you have to go through therapy and that's how they realized i was supposed
8:25 am
to be right-handed so i had to work around that and learn how to write and do everything with my left happened. >> can you pick up the box of tissues because your mom is a cryer. >> this is very emotional. this is what i dreamt of the last 18 years, you know, for finally there was something out there that could help him, make life a little bit easier. >> you really decided that he would have to face these challenges in many ways on his own. you didn't sit there and go out and fight his battles and teach him how to do things or do things for him. you felt it was important for him to figure things out. >> absolutely. i've always given him the opportunity to try anything and everything he's wanted to do. and he figured it out on his own. >> and apparently michael, from what i read about your mom and what she said in the piece, you're someone who has always maintained a pretty incredible
8:26 am
attitude through all of this. we have every confidence, nancy, this is going to be a life changer for him. >> absolutely. smart. >> a good candidate for this. >> fabulous candidate and young and that helps with the adaptation. >> michael, congrats. it's a pleasure. fran, more tissues. er ue thyo good morning to you. there is slow traffic because of an earlier accident at whiple. there was an accident and a lot of police activity and an ambulance has headed down to the scene as well. that's the reason for all of the continued slowing. it should slow up for a bit. westbound 580 coming into livermore, things haven't sorted themselves out. things are starting to move more slowly. between those two sections, sunol moving pretty nicely. sun is coming out there, too.
8:27 am
>> it's looking pretty nice there as well. the clouds have lifted in some areas and there are some areas where there is even some drizzle. 60s along the coast but lots of 70s inland. it's pretty mild for july. but really it's going to be getting warmer and a lot better as the days go on. today's high is mid-70s and 60s along the coast. enjoy.
8:28 am
sweet n' sour filled twizzlers. the twist you can't resist. the man accused of shooting
8:29 am
a chp officer on 580 could be in court for attempted murder of a police officer stemming from the shootout early saturday morning. he planned to open fire on workers at the american civil liberties union and an environmental foundation on monday morning. he wanted to start a revolution. police say he has anti-government sentiments towards politicians. another local news update in half an hour. the "today" show returns in less than half a minute. have a great morning.
8:30 am
8:30 now on this wednesday morning, july 21st, 2010. where does the time go? summer feels like it is flying by. it's a beautiful morning out here on the plaza. and just ahead in this hour, we'll get some design advice from nate berkus telling us
8:31 am
about color, how to infuse color into your home, even if you're like me and very frightened of the notion of color. i'm. >> white wall kind of gal. embrace the color. also ahead, do you set curfews for your kids? >> yes. >> yes, yes, yes? >> they don't always keep them. >> i'm not great. now that they're in college it's very hard. >> good luck with that. >> yeah. >> it can be a bone of contention for kids. it can be tough for parents. what age do they start? what should the punishment be if the child breaks the curfew? we'll talk about that in just a couple of minutes. >> i think we can all use advice on that. also, by the way, if you watched the "seinfeld" episodes you probably know who we're talking about in these pictures, the soup nazi. >> no soup for you. >> that's right. and the man who inspired that is back in business and look who was there for the first day, for the grand opening. meredith loves soup. >> i used to go there all the time back in the days i worked at cbs and i would be so scared,
8:32 am
literally -- >> really? >> did he remember you? >> he wasn't there. no soup for me. they didn't yesterday while i was there but they used to. the soup is so good. >> but it's too hot for soup. somebody else who is very hot, selena gomez has a hot career and she has a new family film called "ramona and beezus." you were a big fan. >> i read them in third grade and then in fourth grade and now i get to do the movie. >> how does that feel? >> it's an hop honor. i was terrified. she didn't want anyone to turn these books into a movie. it's an honor to be a part of it. >> and proof of what a great actress, beezus is the straight "a" student. >> i didn't make that straight
8:33 am
"a" in school but i did my best. >> she's a goody two shoes and since meredith says straight as, which one of us do you think was the biggest goody two shoes? >> do you mean like straight as? >> straight as, you know -- >> what are you talking about? it's did he haefinitely ann. >> you would be a straight "a" student. >> i didn't always get straight "a." >> the smiley faces. >> they weren't smiley faces, they were hearts. okay. enough of that. stop ridiculing me. let's talk about you. it sounds like a real labor of love. you had this connection when you were younger and you get to work with this really cute -- >> she is 10 and she will make you cry. she is beyond talented. i was blown away the entire time i was shooting with her. >> she gave you sisterly advice all the time. >> she gave me advice about everything. i was going through a break yum and i started dating someone else and she goes, sweetie,
8:34 am
don't you think it's too soon? she's so smart. like she's way smart. >> is it true you will be leaving "the wizards of waverly place"? >> we don't see a future just yet with it but we'll see. >> do you have a second album coming out? >> my second album is called "the year about rain." it will come out this fall before school. >> what a talent. how old are you? do you mind my asking? >> i turn 18 tomorrow. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. >> so much talent. >> birthday tomorrow. movie opens on friday. >> a good month for me. thank you so much. >> mr. roker? >> yes, let's check your weather. >> what have you done recently? >> really nothing compared to selena. i'm a slacker compared to her. let's check it out today. storms all the way from new england back to the plains. in the pacific northwest, warm
8:35 am
through the southwest. storms in the upper well, here's a live look at sunol. there are some clouds but the sun is breaking through. it's a cool mid-50s, warming up to about 80s. let's take a look at the seven-day forecast. highs along the coast, cool 60s. the good news is, things will warm up day by day and we'll have a beautiful weekend in store. ro that's your latest weather. you can get your weather any time of the day or night weather channel on cable or online. matt? oh, uncle willie. that's right. i saw matt walking away, i'm thinking -- take a look if
8:36 am
you will at the strawberry jam jar. 111 years old, bernice madigan. worked for the government for years during world war i. honored at a museum. and we have adrian allen. adrian is a handsome devil from wilmington, north carolina, 100 years old. attributes his longevity to staying active outdoors. enjoys playing bingo. mary millen of powersville, missouri. she's 100 years old today and a retired teacher who taught on an air force base in spain and an avid reader to boot. gussie levine of monsey, new york, writes children's books and all the proceeds to st. jude's children's hospital. fantastic. and altus davidson of stroud, oklahoma, 100 years old.
8:37 am
claims his ngevity is accepting the good lord when he was just a kid growing up. eleanor anderson of orlando, florida, is 100 years old. stays active. loves doing different crafts. rosalind weil, san diego, california. 100. hosts bridge parties for her neighbors on a weekly basis on the weekends and loves being outdoors and watching birds. you can't beat the combination. that's it. play some more bridge. now back to little new york. all right, willard. thank you very much. when we come back, how a splash any lor can freshen p [ meg whitman ] if we could only do one thing, putting people back to work would be the most important thing. the human cost of 2 million californians out of work is devastating,
8:38 am
and i think, often, politicians forget about that because they don't see it every day. i see it every day. i think raising taxes on californians today is absolutely the wrong thing to do. we have to streamline regulations, we have to cut taxes for businesses, and then we have to stand up and compete. california needs to lead the nation again, and i think we can do it. 'cause they're gonna have a good time, and they've got extra money in their pocket. those are happy passengers. how much does it cost for those snacks again? nothing. at southwest airlines, when we have a sale, it's a sale. [ male announcer ] southwest airlines has flights starting at $49 one-way. book now only at [ rand ] how can you not want to get on the plane? come on and get on the plane. we're saving you money. now that's a plane full of happy. [ employees ] grab your bag. it's on. [ ding ]
8:39 am
this morning on "today's home" color, changing the look
8:40 am
does not need to be a major home renovation. some paint and creative thinking can go a long way. nate berkus is an interior design expert and host of "the nate berkus show." it's great to have you. i was just saying to you in the break, i'm one of those people very scared of color. i go into a store and there are so many options. >> it's paralysis. you're in the paint aisle and no one know what is to do. >> you say not to be afraid. >> what i say it this. everyone thinks when you want to incorporate color into your home you have to paint the entire room or you have to commit to buying a sofa in red. that's not the case. the best way of doing it is through pops of color, through paints that are inexpensive, quick, and some creative things people don't think of. >> speaking of creative, let's start with this. this is a book case. it's all white except for the inside right there. >> favorite decorator inside trick, meredith, of all time. you can use this in kitchen
8:41 am
cabinets or a book case you buy from a big box retailer, paint the back. bookshelves are mott just for books. they're for our picture frames, our mementoes, things like that. when you add a great splash of color like this turquoise, that makes everything more important. >> it makes everything pop. >> absolutely. so what's cool about that this is something you can literally do in a few hours. you take everything out, take the shelves out, paint the back, and you've just brought color into your room without a big commitment. >> a picture of a floor you painted orange, of all things. talk about not being afraid of color. >> well, i'm allowed to be bold, i guess. i have permission. >> so if you buy a house, the floors are crummy or there's a rug on top and you remove it and the floors are bad, you don't automatically have to replace the floor. >> people spend a lot of money refinishing floors and sanding and sealing and they think it's a weekend project and it turns into a ten-year project and then there's marital issues. so the truth of the matter is that if you've got hardwood
8:42 am
floors and they have a bad finish on them or they're in bad condition, one of the things that i've done in my interior is i'll grab a gallon of paint. you have to ask the expert in the paint department what the best is. you can pick any color. i've chosen a great green here. i painted my floors white because they were in bad condition and it changes the whole feel of the space. >> any color will work? >> any color. you just have to make sure it's sealed probably. that way it won't chip or fade. >> let's move on to accent pieces. this is where i incorporate color into my home. >> a lot of people think that. people think immediately, pillows or a throw and that will be my color or fresh flowers, which is great. but another way of doing it, and these pieces are a great deal. these are both from ikea. the chair was unpainted and it was unfinished wood and it was 20 bucks. >> which is great. >> isn't that great? i paint it had bright yellow and this is like a pop of color. you can repaint it some day if
8:43 am
you don't like it anymore. again, it's not a big commitment. it's a much cooler way. >> and we have a picture of a room that's classic until you put that yellow chair in there. >> the yellow chair, the pops of color are the things that take that to another level and everyone can do that. everyone can absolutely make that decision on their own. >> okay. and any kind of paint in particular that's best for these? >> you know what -- >> semigloss? >> i like it on furniture because it has a sheen and looks better. again, this table, ikea table, under 100 bucks. it comes in red. >> you don't have to paint it. >> no work but a great way to bring in color. >> and finally head boards. a picture of one from one of the magazines that is yellow actually. you can take a simple room and with a head board change everything. >> that's all black and white and gray, that room, and with that bright pop of yellow, that's what makes it an interior that looks like it's, you know,
8:44 am
been professionally done. and so that's the way to incorporate color that makes it look like you've hired a professional. >> and not just color but fabric, too. this is a blue velvet. you experimented with the fabric. >> i'm a velvet fan. call me elvis. the thing about velvet, it's a great fabric because it's a very deep fabric so this beautiful blue looks great in a room of all neutrals and velvet retains the color. it looks rich. >> for somebody just starting out to incorporate colors into their rooms, the number one piece of advice, do you start small with something simple? >> absolutely. look at your wardrobe, your favorite dress. a favorite sweater. take the color from that. paint the back of your book case. buy an accent table or, you know, a chair like that and see how you like living with it. >> sometimes i bring flowers in and see whether that color works. is that good? >> that's a great way. i love fresh flowers. i think it's a nice thing we do to honor ourselves even if it's from the grocery store for a
8:45 am
couple of dollars next to the sink in the morning makes you smile. >> you make me smile. good advice. now i'm not so scared. by the way, the show premieres september 13th. up next, how to set curfew for
8:46 am
8:47 am
back now at 8:47. this morning on "today's family" setting curfews for your kids. believe it or not, it can be done in a way that will minimize the fussing and the fighting. david swanson is a clinical psychologist, father of three and author of "help -- my kid is driving me crazy: the 17 ways kids manipulate their parents and what you can do about it." hey, david, nice to see you. you say when setting a curfew for your kids or deciding on a curfew for your kids, three things should come into play, safety, better interest, and situational happiness. >> these are three inate parental desires. as parents we want our kids to be safe.
8:48 am
we want to look out for their better interests and future and see them be happy. when we try to set a curfew, we see they're not happy so this creates a conflict. as a parent you should always put safety first. >> you'll hear some parents, the more lenient parents say, wait a second, i'm not going to set a curfew for my kids until they prove they need one. in other words, until they screw up. is that a good approach? >> no. it's a horrible approach. >> why? >> curfews keep kids safe so we want them back at a reasonable hour, but it says more than that. i'm working with a 17-year-old right now and his parents were divorced some years back. at this point he wants nothing to do with his mother. i asked him, what happened? what went wrong? he said, i never felt she cared about me. the example he uses over and over and over again is the idea that she didn't care when he came home. >> parents who say i don't have a curfew because i trust you and know you're a responsible individual is doing a disservice to the child? >> i wouldn't say she is doing a disservice but is expose that go child to an unnecessary safety risk. i mean, we both have kids and
8:49 am
i'm going to ask you, what good comes about for any kid after 11:00 p.m.? >> mine are 9, 6 and 3. they're not out until 11:00. what's appropriate? >> i think 16 is really when the idea of a curfew becomes front and center. this is a typical driving age and so for a 16-year-old we're looking at 9:00 or 10:00 curfew. for a 17-year-old maybe 10:00 or 11:00. for an 18-year-old, midnight. >> how often have parents heard the lie where a child comes home and they say, you know, joey's mom lets him stay out until midnight. mike's mom lets him stay out until 1:00 in the morning. it doesn't necessarily mean that it's true but how does a parent deal with it? >> it's so funny because we all deal with that. the kids want to pose the example of others -- >> pit you against other parents. >> this is character comparison. always put safety first and happiness last and stick to your guns. you may even want to set up a meeting with other parents and
8:50 am
set up a similar curfew so you don't have to struggle in the future. >> many people relax the curfews at this time. how do you get kids geared back up for school? >> start about two weeks out. get things back into the typical routine so this has to do with everything, not just curfew but the video games under control. if your kid had a bunch of schoolwork to get done, get that done because they will sleep in and get them up earlier. that's the trick. >> send your kids off to college, all of a sudden they have no curfew and then come back to your home for the summer. do you impose a curfew again? >> i think you do. you're hoping with that kurfy few, by the way, they've internalized it and it's a good message they get to bed on time and do well at their studies in school. >> you just created a problem in meredith's home. nice to see you. >> thank you. >> the book is "help, my kid is driving me crazy." the return
8:51 am
8:52 am
do you have a favorite "seinfeld" episode? >> of course. i think the one about the soup man. is that what we're going to talk about? >> they are real and they're spectacular. >> that was one line. what was the episode? >> that was the episode. that's it. >> when you double dip. the double dip episode, you're
8:53 am
putting your whole month into the salsa. >> and mine was the bet. >> master of your domain. >> puffy shirt. >> for many fans, it was the soup nazi and now the man who infired ti inspired the episode is back in business. peter alexander has the details. excuse me, i think you forgot my bread. >> bread $2 extra. >> $2? everyone in front of me got free bread. >> you want bread? >> yes, please. >> $3. >> what? >> no soup for you. >> reporter: for the last six years there's been no soup for anyone, not since the inspiration behind that unforgettable "seinfeld" closed up shop at his iconic store. >> gazpacho, please. spanish. >> adios. >> reporter: but now the original soup man who has long blind the soup nazi nickname is an insult is back.
8:54 am
they had a deejay, dancers, fine, one dancer. >> soup's on, right? >> reporter: a yankee slugger and a television legend. not that one. >> do you have your money ready? >> i have my money ready. >> reporter: of course nothing says cool and refreshing on a sweltering new york summer day like a hot, steaming bowl of turkey chili. >> bread? beautiful. >> you're pushing your luck, little man. >> reporter: and apparently we were pushing our luck to think that the man behind the soup would show up to his own reopening. he departmeidn't. >> chickenvegetables. >> reporter: no vegetables? no soup for you. lining up from norway, egypt, even as far away as new jersey.
8:55 am
>> no soup for you [ bleep ]. >> reporter: but, fortunately in the end -- hi there. no bread. there was soup for all of us. how is it? >> delicious. >> reporter: i hear you. >> we all found a favorite. >> turkey chili is fantastic. really good. >> what's it called? >> very good. >> they're all good. >> golden raisins. bad imo , >>odi n'do badt mood, i . shouldn't be after that. >> the cups are smaller. the shrinkage. only on "today" -- the incredible lady gaga. then enrique turned up the heat.
8:56 am
this friday john mayer. kn good morning. it's 8:56 and i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> it's slow southbound off of
8:57 am
24 and you have the slowing northbound now because of this accident. slow coming out of livermore but starting to recover there. still a tough drive in both directions of 880. typically the southbound direction is slow approaching the san mateo bridge. more news after this. advantage topical solution treats dogs... ( barking ) but destroys fleas. e, skso yveri fonaadvantage,
8:58 am
the flea specialist for gentle, but effective, flea control. today neighbors will have one more chance on aproposal to allow the city to install more energy-efficient lights. tonight's meeting is at 7:00 at san jose union hall.
8:59 am
more news in 30 minutes. the "today" show returns in about a minute. have a great day.
9:00 am
we're back now with more on "today" on a wednesday morning, the 21st day of july 2010. a little threat of rain later. but right now we have bright lue skies, kind of warm and sticky. >> this is why we're having thunderstorms. >> later today. most people don't seem to mind, sticking around. thank you, folks. nice to see you. out on the plaza, i'm matt lauer along with al roker and tamron hall filling in while natalie is on assignment. and coming up, we're going to have more on sarah palin's reaction to the news that her
9:01 am
daughter, bristol, and levi johnston have gotten engaged. >> talk about family drama. there's actually new video of bristol saying her mom disapproves of her plans to marry levi johnston, the father of her beautiful son. while that may not come as a big surprise, lee vi's family apparently not happy about the marriage, as well, or the possible marriage. the question is, will they call it off? will they put it on hold, and will sarah palin attend? we have the latest from bristol's new interview. >> you said this is like a modern-day romeo and juliet. >> reading the interview, it is. >> let's hope it ends differently. >> love. >> yes, yes. >> all right. >> okay. maybe "a midsummer night's dream." in any event, tonight's "money 911" team is here to answer your questions about hard financial choices a lot of folks have to make these days. >> a lot to get to. let's go inside. ann is standing by at the news desk. she has a check of all the headlines. ap, good morning again. >> matt, thank you so much. good morning, everybody, at least 25 people were hurt last night, one critically, by severe turbulence over kansas on a
9:02 am
united flight from washington to los angeles. witnesses said some of the passengers were thrown so violently they hit their heads on the ceiling. the plane was diverted and was landed in denver. a federal official accused of racism and forced to resign said on this broadcast today she's worried about how she would be treated if she got her job back. shirley sherrod said she was pressured to quit on tuesday after a conservative website posted part of a speech she gave in march describing how she was reluctant to help a white farmer in the 1980s. once a video of the full speech was surfacing, it was clear that sherrod was explaining how she overcame her own racial prejudice and helped the farmer. the white house has urged the agriculture secretary to review this case. today president obama signs that new financial overhaul bill that's aimed at preventing another market meltdown. he says the bill includes the strongest consumer financial protections in history. the u.s. announced new u.s. sanctions against north korea today. announcing the sanctions in
9:03 am
south korea, secretary of state hillary clinton says they're aimed at halting activities that helped fund north korea's nuclear weapons program. retired coast guard admiral thad allen says the cap in the bp oil well in the gulf is still holding. he describes five leaks, however, around the well site as very small drips and says that the seepage found on the sea floor is from another well. meantime, there are hopes that the bp well could be permanently sealed within two weeks. those are some of the top stories at three minutes past the hour. back outside to matt. keep our fingers crossed on that. ann, thanks very much. time to get a check of the weather now from mr. roker. thank you very much, mr. lauer. we have some blue skies and the risk of severe weather stretching from new england all the way down into washington, d.c., as far west as cleveland, ohio, parts of indiana already seeing showers firing up down through west virginia and kentucky, and rainfall amounts about a half to a quarter of an inch of rain.
9:04 am
heavier rain offshore, and then later today, also out west from kirksville, missouri, all the way to billings, montana, we are looking at strong storms. more thunderstorms firing up there. heavier rainfall amounts coming in. we're talking about anywhere from 2 to 4 inches of rain here's a live look at downtown san francisco. you can see the trans american building there as well as plenty of clouds that will be clearing as the day goes on and sun comes out. but the temperatures won't be going up too high. san francisco's high is only 62 degrees but it's higher in the mid-to higher 70s inland and in most other areas throughout the bay area. a look at the map -- look at the seven-day forecast. it's going to be getting warmer every day. go out and enjoy. and that's your latest weather. tamron? >> all right, al, thank you. bristol palin may not rush to
9:05 am
the altar after all. she is now describing for the first time her mother's reaction to the news. nbc's norah o'donnell has more. norah, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tamron. sarah palin is not happy about her teenaged daughter's engagement and bristol palin is now saying that after planning to get married within weeks, she may prolong the engagement in hopes of winning her mother's approval. >> i think that levi's actions will speak louder than words. >> reporter: just last week bristol palin was planning her dream wedding. but now she admits my mom doesn't approve. >> and i think that him stepping up and getting his education, ged and what not, getting a job and supporting us emotionally and financially and what not, then i think she'll accept it. >> reporter: in fact, sarah palin won't even say if she'll attend the wedding. bristol palin tells "us weekly" she is going to wait and see if he changes. >> i would love to have my
9:06 am
parents at my wedding. i would love to have my dad walk me down the aisle. i hope we can come together as a family. >> reporter: sarah palin has made no secret of her disgust by levi johnston. sarah and todd palin met with levi johnston last month to put an end to all the bad blood. >> i said i was sorry to sarah and todd. >> reporter: but at this point there are no plans to meet again as a family. bristol palin says, my mom is out of town all the time and it's hard to talk on the phone because we don't have cell service in most of the state. and there is no set date for a wedding. bristol admits every family member of mine has concerns about her marriage to levi and, quote, that is scaring me. >> she still is excited. she can't help but be affected by everybody else's concern. >> reporter: the young couple admit they are seeking marriage counseling and have ruled out a reality tv show. >> bristol and levi are insist enter that they're not doing a
9:07 am
reality show. bristol says she does not want cameras in her life 24 hours a day. >> reporter: now bristol and levi's engagement has not gone over well with family or frie s friends. in fact, levi's mom apparently cried upon learning of their upcoming nuptials and levi is also estranged from his sister who writes a blog that bristol claims is controlled by anti-palin operatives. so bristol says levi's sister won't get invited either. tamron? >> norah, thank you. the executive editor of "us weekly" magazine, carolyn, she's a new mom trying to adjust to that is difficult enough, but i said earlier it's like a romeo and juliet when i was reading this article. she is so torn. you can read it. >> it is like romeo and juliet. last week she talked about how she was so excited to be engaged and now her tone is changed. she is much more tentative. she realizes her family and friends are not really onboard. >> is she regretting her decision, "a," to come out so
9:08 am
publicly? "b," to being secretly engaged to levi? >> i think it is giving her pause. she wants to wait and get marriage counseling, to be sure this is right for her and for her son. >> i know she was asked to give examples how levi was changing and she said, well, he's studying to get his ged. >> absolutely. she said he is starting to study for his ged. hopefully he'll pass. >> she didn't sound confident. then again reading the interview. >> i don't think she has reason to be confident yet. it's been all talk and not necessarily action. she's waiting for him to step up to the plate. >> she revealed her mom did not learn live on tv. she had a conversation with her before the news broke. >> she had cold feet and had a heart to heart, said we're engaged. we're going to get married. >> is she struggling with this family? there was a quote her brother report reportedly called her a swear word, her father is angry.
9:09 am
is she buckling to this pressure, this family frepressu? >> i'm not sure she's necessarily buckling but she is taking it into account saying it's hard to have all these people react to this way and it's given her pause. she says maybe i'm going to take a little bit of time, see how it goes and i hope this works out. >> what does he say? >> levi? >> levi. >> he says i love bristol. i'm going to be there for my son. i'm going to make this work and all i can do is show. it's going to take time. >> you ask her in the interviews, is there any chance this is a publicity stunt or was this some kind of thing to help her mother's career and she shot that down. >> she said how could it be a celebrity stunt for my mom? she doesn't approve of this. she doesn't want a reality show. she doesn't want to be followed by cameras. she wants to get married and be happy with her family. >> she is like, that's not for me. >> she said that's absolutely not for me. i don't want cameras following me around. i want a life with my 18-month-old son and my
9:10 am
husband-to-be. a normal life in alaska. >> what is she doing to smooth things over with her mother? >> she said it's hard because her mom travels a lot, there's not good cell service, so she is doing the best she can and is hoping levi will step up to the plate. we're going to get marriage counseling and take it day by day. >> and just again, do you think they're get married anytime soon? >> definitely not soon. i think it's going to be a couple of months. originally it was a couple of weeks. now she is much more tentative. i think a few months if at all. >> she says they are not living together, they are abstaining, a promise they made to the relationship and themselves. >> bristol was clear about that. they're going to abstain until marriage this time and they're not living together. he is living in wasilla and she is in anchorage. >> that is a familiy drama unlie no other. carolyn schaefer, the new edition of "us weekly" hits newsstands on friday. up next, advice if you can no longer afford your home and the best way to build your credit. and later, cool vacations to
9:11 am
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♪ somebody call 911 welcome back to "today's money 911" where we try to help you in financial emergencies. our crack team of experts jean chatzky, the author of "money 911," david bach, "finish rich" and carmen wong ulrich. we're going to go to holly from plainfield, illinois. good morning, holly. >> caller: hello. >> and what's your question? >> caller: my husband may be losing his job after 22 years with his company. i was wondering what happens to his pension? he is fully vested. do we get to cash it out? if we can, what are the financial downfalls of this? i know we would need the money to help support our family even though this may not be the best option. >> jean, they're in a tough
9:15 am
spot. >> you are absolutely in a tough spot, holly. here is what i want you to do. talk to the benefits administrator at that company about the options. the way pensions typically work they roll out over time. so what you don't want to do is lose all of the tax advantages for cashing all of that money out in advance of your retirement date. the benefits administrator at that company will know what the specific options are for that particular pension plan. and i know you know this already, but you want to do anything possible to earn a little bit of extra money so that you can maintain that tax protection as long as you possibly can. >> all right. good luck, holly. and now we have a video question from maggie from lafayette, louisiana. >> i am 25 years old and currently do not and have never had a credit card. should i get a credit card to build my credit? i pay my student loans and my bills monthly.
9:16 am
a new credit card would hurt me in the end, what should i do? >> the good news is she doesn't have to have a credit card. she could buy a car, get a car loan, try to buy a home. they're going to want to see a credit record. so the truth is i would tell her, yes, get a credit card. here is the key. they aren't bad. it's how we use them. if you use it responsibly, pay it off every month. pay it on time, you'll quickly build a credit score and then the key is that first card you get, use it for a long time. the longer she uses, that helps improve the credit score. i would say go get that credit card and a lot of great websites, an example, to look for credit cards. >> a lot of 25-year-olds can't get a credit card because they don't have that credit score. >> so it's a catch-22. >> get a secured card.
9:17 am
this is a card you actually put cash money onto and use it responsibly and keep building cash money for about a year or so and then they'll extend you a credit line if you're being 25 and she's working, especially her current bank. >> you'd be surprised. you'd be surprised. >> let's go now to skype. we have jillian from scottsdale, arizona. am i pronouncing your name correctly? >> that's right. >> what's your question? >> well, i'm currently contributing the maximum into my roth i.r.a. and funding my 401(k) to my employer match and so i'm wondering is it worth also opening a traditional i.r.a. even though i don't qualify for the tax deduction or should i just invest in bonds for retirement? >> she is in a great spot there. >> i think you're ahead of me here. put as much money as you can into the roth. there are limits. a traditional i.r.a. makes sense if you're going to make too much money to qualify for the roth which i think you mentioned you are going to be making too much money so go to a traditional
9:18 am
because this is still a tax deduction for what you put in and it grows tax free. that's the power of all i.r.a.s no matter what type you have is that they grow tax free even though you pay taxes on withdrawal but make sure that within all those i.r.a.s you allocate your assets, put your money where it's going to do some work for you and do a lot of research. >> here's the thing, people like jillian, we all admire them because they're saving like crazy. let's know what we're saving for. go to and fill out the ballpark figure to see if you're on track, putting enough money away for retirement. it's easy. i recommended this on the show last week and i was hearing from people on facebook and twitter, oh, my god, it only took 15 now to christina in new jersey. good morning, christina. >> caller: good morning. >> and what's your question? >> caller: i have an fha mortgage and i've always paid my monthly payments. i currently do not make enough money to cover my mortgage anymore. i can't refinance since i'm
9:19 am
current and i don't qualify for any modifications with my mortgage company. is my only option a short sale or foreclosure? >> jean? >> no. absolutely not. your lender is confused. ans you don't have to be which delinquent in order to qualify under the make a home affordable program. go back to that lender. explain you can show a hardship that you are having trouble paying your bills, even though you're not late and if you have trouble go to, get a counselor to make the phone call with you. >> we have viewer e-mail now from leanne in missoula. she writes, i am a single parent with an adult son entering graduate school. he has some scholarship money but plans on taking out subsidized and unsubsidized own a house with a reasonable amount of equity. is there a cheaper way to get money to help him? what are her options? >> i commend her for wanting to
9:20 am
help her son not come out of school with a lot of debt. have your son go get those loans first. especially the government loans. because what she's really deciding is where she is going to borrow money from to pay for college. i don't want you to borrow money out of your home to pay for your son's college. a lot of parents do that. the kid gets through college and you still have to pay back that home equity. my recommendation is get the college loans that he can get. mom should focus on her so, i know this is for graduate school so what i think for parents it's one thing to help pay for the kids for undergrad but when it comes to grad school -- >> you're on your own. the gravy train is over. missoula, montana, i wanted to correct that. stretching your dollar to stretch your wardrobe. some of the best accessories for under 50 bucks. later before you buy the hot dogs and peanuts, the fat and calories at the ballpark. uh, what? sir, it's a simple question,
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i just want to mention we had some nice folks who helped us out with our lend a hand today. what else do we have coming up? >> accessories on a budget. under 50 bucks and places to chill out in the hot summer sun. >> that's right. and we also have coming up in "today's kitchen" the secret to keeping your fish flavorful and moist. all that and more. welcome to the modern world, people. woolite isn't just for your delicates! it's for all your clothes! with woolite complete you can wash everything, from jeans to tees, 'cause it has the right balance of care and cleaning. and say goodbye to fading, shrinking, and stretching. after all, a lady never reveals
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good morning, everybody. checking the commute in oakland, 880, on the right side of the screen, a solid block of cars there. there's a series of accidents, one at 23rd, 5th also reports of another accident on the northbound side. look at the travel times on the bottom of your screen, just really jamming up and continues to grow because of the time. 580 is is your better alternate. here's your forecast. well, the numbers are not too high.
9:27 am
cool morning in the low 50s. 52, san francisco. 57 here in san jose. and things won't be warming up very quickly or very much as the day goes on. 60 in san fran. 70 in san jose. let's look at the seven-day forecast. today is the coolest day of the week. the good news is, the forecast will be warming up every day. along the coast, a cool 60s. more news in a minute.
9:28 am
twizzlers. the twist you can't resist. an arrest in san francisco caught on tape is raising concern this morning. somebody posted the video on youtube. it shows police arresting a mother while her child sits in a stroller nearby. she appears to be drunk and clearly resisting arrest. officers struggle to get her inside the police car but one officer eventually shoves her to the ground. police commission president joe marshal says it's difficult to watch this video but also says it's dangerous to place blame based on a video without getting the entire story.
9:29 am
the officer did say he used force in his written report. he has turned in his badge and gun as the department does its investigation. san francisco police are looking for a female bank robber who may be targeting other cities, too. she was caught on surveillance video robbing two san francisco banks. you can see that there. one was friday and one was monday. daily city police think that she hit a bank just before noon on monday. she is 5'3" mt. h with curly brown hair and a gun. more local news coming up in half an hour and the "today" show returns in just a minute. have a great morning and we'll see you back here in a minute.
9:30 am
♪ ♪ we keep on waiting for the world to change ♪ that's grammy winner john mayer's hit back in 2007, "waiting for the world to change." a fan favorite and the young man from connecticut will be making a trip into the big apple for a live concert this friday morning right here on the plaza. right here on stage. coming up in this half hour, if
9:31 am
you can't stand the heat, why not go on vacation? >> we'll tell you the great options for chilling out this summer from arctic cruises to ice caves to kid friendly water have some ideas for you. look at that. >> cool off just looking at the video. and we are midway through summer, so you probably don't want a spend a lot of cash on a new summer outfit. this morning how to add style and sparkle to your clothes with things you already have by accessorizing for 50 bucks or less. those things 50 bucks or less. >> all right. in "today's kitchen" the steamy secret to cooking the perfect fish whether you're grilling or baking. we're going to show you the easy way to make sure your fish doesn't dry out. >> that's a big problem. we need some tips. but first, what happens when a not so normal family meets the paranormal? say hello to the world renowned psychic intuitive long island mom and star of the all new sci-fi reality show "mary knows best." good to see you. >> thank you for having me.
9:32 am
>> you already know what questions we're going to ask. >> so just start answering. what was your expectation coming to the "today" show, i wonder how that's going to go? >> well, i've been waiting to come on for like eight years. eight years. and put it out there to the universe surrendering, okay, what will be will be and here i am. >> the focus around you and your family. >> my family, right. mary knows best on sci-fi on thursdays. it's really reality, living in a family where your mother is a psychic. >> your kids still lie to you. chris is a skeptic. >> it's not chris. carl. >> you're like carmen soprano with psychist abilities. how does that work? i've never seen this. how does it affect your ability to be a parent? >> it doesn't.
9:33 am
it doesn't affect me. it's not an odd job. it's not who i am. did you decide to put on brown eyes today? it's who i am. my children don't know me any other way. it's who i am. >> even when they're not in the room -- >> they don't have to be in the room. mom like you.e freaky to have so they can't -- they couldn't fudge things with you. >> i'm not infallible. no one knows 100% of everything but when something has to do with my family, if somebody can be hurtful or wonderful, i zone in. 90% of the time i'm right. >> i want me some of that. i have two kids. mary occhino, thank you so much. >> and this is "mary know's best" on thursday nights at 9:00, 8:00 central on our sister network. >> you are correct. >> now, al, a check in our neck of the woods, here's a live look at downtown san jose.
9:34 am
the clouds are beginning to clear and lift. it's going to be a beautiful day. although, not a very hot one. we are in the mid-50s now and we're not going very much higher to the mid-70s or so. today's high, 76. along the coast, low 60s. the good news is, every day it's going to bump up a couple of numbers to some very warm temperatures and a beautiful weekend ahead with lots of sunshine. enjoy. what is the sound that a sheep make before it explodes? that's your latest weather. >> i learn so much here, it's unbelievable. thank you, al. up next, we'll show you some chill acts for a great vacation. i work for a different insurance company. my auto policy's just getting a little too expensive. with progressive, you get the "name your price" option,
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♪ this morning on today's travel, great places to chill. if the summer heat has you feeling fried, you may want to take a cool vacation. we've got travel journalist from you look like you want to get to a cool place with that dress on. >> i want to tell you, this has been some hot weather. i want to take you out west. you now how lego opened up a lego land store out here? >> right. >> out there they have opened up a water park for kids out there, a theme park. what they allow kids to do is build their own raft. you get an inner tube, soft lego bricks, so you customize your ride. it's fun for the whole family. water temperature, 80 degrees, matches the air temperature. >> carlsbad, california.
9:39 am
>> between san diego and anaheim. >> also a place out in spits berger, wherever the place is. is it an arctic cruise. >> it's a workout with the words, but we made it all the way to the 80th parallel, which is 10 degrees below the north pole. we made it to an island, a spit of land that has walruses on it. it is a really great excuse to have a champaign toast. when you make it there, it's like a trophy trip when you make it there. cheers! >> how long from the u.s.? >> it's a long trip, a few flights. we did it -- actually, it was pretty short. it was about six to seven days. >> you have to take a couple of days traveling over there. >> yes. >> that's a little expensive. >> that is. >> here is one not so expensive. >> we have a cruise that leaves,
9:40 am
just inaugurated, the norwegian epic, the fireworks were just broadcast there from nbc when it was in new york. now the ship has moved down to miami. it goes to the caribbean. on board they have 20 different bars. one of them is an ice bar. it's just like those ones, it's modelled after the ones in scandinavia. you go into this ice bar, put on a hooded cape. they give you gloves. everything inside is made of ice. the equivalent of 60,000 ice cubes. but they don't give you anything for your feet. i wore open toed feet, my shoes were freezing. it was 17 degrees. >> what about what you sit on, do you have padding? >> nice little padded, a fur area. it's a lot of fun. >> that is silly. >> it is silly. >> also another idea. i'm surprised this is in new mexico. there are these ice caves that you can actually go inside. >> yeah. >> i didn't know this was in new mexico. >> this sounds very cool to me.
9:41 am
it's at the location of an extinct volcano that erupted 10,000 years ago. there's a collapsed lava tube. it's this perfect chamber that you go into, it's like a natural ice box. so you take a look at it. see that green tint? >> yeah. >> that's from arctic algae. you go in there -- >> all the way down to mexico. >> that's right. you're stepping on top of 20 feet of layers of ice. it's called the ice caves at the bandera volcano. >> closest city to fly into. >> albuquerque, 90 miles. >> thank you so much. you get so excited about the travel, you make me want to go. >> you can also ski in south america. >> ski in south america. >> everybody is skiing. >> okay, valerie. thank you so much. coming up next, accessorizing your summer wardrobe for $50 or less. right after this.
9:42 am
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9:45 am
well, if you want to heat up your summer look but don't want to spend a lot of money, the right accessories can do the trick from oversized jewelry to high heels. some of the hottest accessories of the season, and i love this part, for $50 or less. lisa, good morning. >> good morning. >> so you were saying this is the best way to spruce up your outfit without spending a lot of cash. >> accessories are a great way to switch up day to night or season to season and summer you're free to experiment with color and bolder pieces. at this price point why not? >> and some can transition you to early fall so you get more free money. let's take a look at the first category, jewelry. >> these are a great way to add a bit of color to an outfit. if you're wearing a white dress or something, that's a nice dash of color. >> and you call those boho beads? >> boho beads. then we have this great necklace from nine west versatile in two ways. first of all you could wear it to work or wear it casually.
9:46 am
you could wear it as a necklace, wrap it around your neck or as a bracelet. it goes with everything. it's really great. big is what we're talking about this summer. big pieces. talking about cocktail rings like this from top shop and these are $25 apiece, and these are my favorite. they're very wonder woman-esque $13 each. they're very bold. we've seen ashley green from "twilight" wear something similar. >> that makes the statement, back off. i'm here to stay. let's talk about shoes. >> shoes are not easy to find at a $50 price point. >> they're not. >> we found three great pairs that serve three different purposes. first the boat shoe. you think boat shoe, preppie, conservative. not so with this steve madden style. they come in a lot of different colors and then there's, of course, this crazy, sparkly -- >> you have to have the glitter boat shoes, of course. >> a great alternative to a
9:47 am
sneaker. a little more stylish. >> and a cute summer skirt as well. >> it adds a little personality to an outfit. >> sexy summer heels. a lot of women have weakness for this kind of shoe. u may want to experiment with . a color like teal you can wear with a white dress or rolled up khakis. >> you see sarah jessica parker do that, have one color and, bam, a color in her shoe. these are adorable. >> flat summer sandals, you have to have them. this style comes, as you can see, in an array of colors and styles. everybody loves these shoes. >> and these are classic. you can wear them next summer and the summer after that. >> they're $50 each. you get the cork which is a big trend. the leopard is a big trend and the silver is fun to wear. >> and that green suede is pretty as well. beautiful. and what's a wardrobe without a nice handbag? >> in the summer you carry around a lot of stuff with you -- >> water, everything.
9:48 am
>> ipod. so you want a lightweight tote that is stylish and this gap tote fits the bill. it's metallic so it's neutral. $3 $39.50 and, really, you can carry anything in it. >> you can carry it at night, too. and what about the other bags here? >> two clutches. this one is from nine west. what's great about both of these, this has the hidden strap and this has the removable strap. it makes it much more versatile so it's a day to night bag. >> and that orange is so summer. it says something. so cute. >> this comes in other colors, the nine west bag. >> and this is great, too. >> what's summer without a straw tote. this is a cool update on it with this patent leather trim from spiegel and it's $39. a great carry-all. >> everything on this table under $50 so we'll take it all. lisa, thank you so much. >> thank you. and up next, unwrapping the secret to cooking the perfect fish.
9:49 am
9:50 am
9:51 am
♪ this morning in "today's kitchen" keeping fish moist and flavorful on the grill or in the oven. michael is the executive chef of crystal springs resort in new jersey and he's here to show us. michael, good to see you. >> good to see you, al. >> you say the secret to keeping your fish moist is to kind of wrap it. >> correct. it actually keeps it moist and enhances the flavor. we're going to start rolling the fish together. >> now what kind of fish are we talking about? >> red snapper from florida. >> but would this work with most kinds of fish? >> absolutely. i have a striped bass which is local from new jersey and hal but the which is a little bit
9:52 am
different. >> you can do that with halibut. so how do we get started? >> i think we start with a little bit of olive oil. drizzle it so the fish won't stick. if you want to follow me, grab a piece of fish and we turn it around. >> on the skin side? >> skin first down so we can season nicely with salt and pepper. nice fresh ground pepper. flip the fish around one time and also a little more seasoning. want to season the fish on both sides. thank you very much. and then a little fenl. >> could you use your own -- whatever kind of fresh vegetables there are? >> very thin. very thin. a couple shallots. >> some garlic. >> finish up with a little bit of the olives. some tomatoes.
9:53 am
a bay leaf. one or two of those crushed berries to give a little perf e perfume. >> and butter on top. >> butter always tastes good. >> of course. >> and you have the healthy part of the extra virgin olive oil. bring it together in the middle. a little bit right on top. >> going to squeeze it? >> and put it back together like a little lunch bag. and this on the sheet pan. >> could you put it right on the grill? >> absolutely. i would put white wine because you have more bottom heat so it doesn't dry up on you. >> okay. to accompany this we have a nice little salad. >> a little tomato salad, yes. some cherry tomatoes from our resort in crystal springs. >> what is this, basil?
9:54 am
>> small basil. lime zest and juice. extra virgin olive oil. simple. i love to keep the player simple. tomato is so sweet. we toss it a little bit. just toss it up. we can maybe get a little fresh pepper if you don't mind. >> sure. >> excellent. so we set this aside. i like to really serve the tomato with the snapper. it's a beautiful, healthy, fresh dish. it's summary. if you do a barbecue, even better, outside sitting on your deck or in your garden. >> and the great thing you can prep these packets beforehand. >> correct. and you can take them out and throw them on the grill. that's the great part about it. and then we're going to do the snapper. going to open them up and see
9:55 am
the beautiful flavors. >> that's gorgeous. that's fantastic. look at how moist that is. >> yes. >> fantastic. >> just set them right on top now. >> okay, yum. thank you so much. >> chef michael, thank you so much. recipes on our website. promise me low prices.
9:56 am
and stick to it. like seriously low prices. [ male announcer ] at safeway, we made a promise of low prices. and we're keeping it. [ female announcer ] take our great club card specials like four 6-packs of refreshe soda just $3.49. and any refreshe 2-liter 2 for $1. i need to know that when i'm here, the low prices will be too. monday, tuesday, everyday. i'm a big fan of everyday. [ male announcer ] and with thousands of everyday low prices, you'll save all over the store. [ female announcer ] low prices you can count on. at safeway, that's our promise. that's ingredients for life. good morning, everybody. the time now is 9:56.
9:57 am
we're tracking on again and off again trouble spots. >> yes. westbound 680 has cleared but in half an hour things were blocking the lane and that caused considerable backup coming down out of vallejo. just south of there and west. northbound 880, a series of accidents through downtown oakland, still about half an hour from 238 up past downtown heading towards the toll plaza and we show a slow down out of fremont down to mill speed das. an alert there on 880 all the way into milpedas. >> warming up as the day goes on. noon things are not hot. 60 in san francisco. 70 in san francisco. mid-to higher 70s and the good news is every day this week the numbers are going to go up just a little bit and it's a great
9:58 am
weekend ahead. >> optimistic information about the bay area real estate markets. sales are picking up so fast that we're now some of the hottest housing markets in the country and the best selling homes in america are in the 94703 zip code. also in the top ten, 94621 and 94603, which is oakland. homes in the 94527 in are rodeo and also selling very fast with buyers finding lots to like. >> because it's affordable. because you can purchase very nice home here in 95122 for less than 500,000, something that was impossible to do a few years ago. >> neighborhoods in southern california round out the top ten. more local news for you in half an hour. the "today" show returns in a minute. have a great morning. we'll see you back here in a
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> it is wednesday, around here we know it as winesday, july 21st. we made it to the middle of the work. >> and look at our festive wine glasses. >> it's winesday. if you put down your glass, heaven forbid, you might get it
10:01 am
mixed up with somebody else's. so now we have flip-flops for your wine glasses. and it's so classy. >> these are ugly, they're not cute at all. but you'll never forget which one is yours. >> drinkable wine wear. >> $19.99 for a set of four. your guests will love them. >> cheers to winesday. we're a little nervous today, we have a guest in the house. we have several guests in the house. the ones that we're not afraid of. we've got some friends visiting from boston. their darling daughter, chip flaherty, the lead counsel for walden media. i think i have that right. >> he's a very big deal. it doesn't look like he has a law degree, but he does. a wonderful movie coming out. i saw it last week. ramona and besus. adorable, adorable. >> we also have sr else in the house, we have a writer from
10:02 am
"u.s.a. today," we're going to shout her out. olivia barker is with us. >> she's hiding. she was here a year ago when the book came out. >> please don't show me, that's what she's saying. >> there she is. >> we're on our best behavior today. >> a couple of people are back in the news, lindsay lohan finally went to prison. we have a mug shot and they call it the perp walk. it looked more like a red carpet than a perp walk. she got out of the suv and through the throngs of reporters and what-not. and there she went. she's going to be by herself in a 12 by eight-foot cell. and people threw confetti, like a party. >> apparently then she was handcuffed and led away. which is always, you know, pretty degrading, i think. i think that's when reality sets in. we should remember this is the second time for her. so had is her second mug shot. the second time she gives a
10:03 am
fingerprint. the second time to be cuffed. the second time to go to that facility in lynnwood. >> they say now she's going to serve as little as 13 days. >> but they cheered when she got there, all the inmates were thrilled to see her. but then she had to do the cavity search and then she didn't feel so good. >> 13 -- >> i'm sorry. >> why did you bring that up? >> that has to be the most degrading. unless you're used to getting brazilians. i guess maybe some people don't mind. i would think for me that would be the most degrading thing in the world. >> i think people were going to smuggle in contraband, drugs and what-not. >> i wasn't born yesterday. >> they have to check her, that's part of it. >> i know, but i don't think -- you never get used to that, do you? >> i wouldn't know. but she's going to be in there maybe for just 13 days. i'll be honest, it doesn't seem like that big of a deal to me. less than two weeks because of
10:04 am
the jail overcrowding. that's the story. the question is, when she gets out, will she be a different or new lindsay or the same girl as before. >> when she gets out to, she goes directly to a rehab center that she cannot leave. let's just pray that she really turns her life around. it's possible, hoda, even you can find redemption. >> mel gibson again -- what's the news on him today? there are a million tapes. i have to say that now that the tapes keep coming out that you're inured to them. for example, if your dad yells at you every day, you sort of tune it out. i feel like when i'm listening to these types over and over, i get numb. >> i feel so sad about both situations. both people have the great opportunity that this great country can give them. both people at the height of their careers. mel gibson, the sexiest man
10:05 am
alive. he did one of my most favorite movies ever, "braveheart" seemed to have a stable family, great wife and kids that stood by him. now you hear the ranting of someone that you almost can't believe it's the same person. the juxtaposition of the two people. and lindsay, i did an interview of her when she was 12, the cutest adorable thing from long island. how do you get from here to there? you get so applauded, so rewarded. so surrounded by everybody telling you how fabulous you are, how brilliant you are. how -- nobody ever says no to you. and as a result, that becomes your reality. and yet, the very thing you need the most is somebody that loves you enough to say no. >> it's funny. we had, i mean debby gibson on, she was a star in the ' 80s, she
10:06 am
said she was so afraid she was going to blow it. some of the others don't think it. she did. >> did you notice her mom? >> her mom was right there the whole time. >> she was parented. not that some good parents end up with children that go astray. i'm not saying it always happens. but pretty much, the norm. steady parenting and if your parents say no, you can't have that. and no, i'm going to take it away from you. and it's, your parents were very strict. >> yeah. we weren't allowed to do anything. we could hardly leave the front yard. >> you went off to summer camp and did everything you could possibly think of. >> we weren't allowed in the beginning, because in america kids were getting kidnapped. that didn't happen overseas. they were like, people just come and snatch young children. we had to stay in the yard all the time. number two, we were not allowed
10:07 am
to go on dates in junior high and high school, because there wasn't dating there. imagine that ordeal of running and sneaking. >> but you were born in this country, right? >> it doesn't matter. they came from older school. i used to have to -- i got asked to one of the proms, i stuffed a prom dress in a backpack and met my prom date at 7-eleven. >> you slut! >> you have to do what you have to do! >> that's about the most romantic story i ever heard in my life. >> i changed right behind the slurpie machine. it's strict. but we figured out ways around it. >> your mother is horrified. she never knew about that. >> it's in the book, i told her. but knowing there are margins there, even super-strict ones, are so much better. >> the limits, you're telling them, i love you enough to put limits on you to protect you. >> sure. >> but the trouble is these people become the money-makers,
10:08 am
it's their credit card. they're all on the payroll. and if you don't work and you're not a star -- >> whoever has the money, has the power. the game changes when you know you can control all that stuff. >> let's get back to summer camp for just a moment. we went to summer camp. >> yes, we did. we're going to show a piece on it today. it's called minisync summer camp in port jersey, new york. here's a clip. >> who's coming to camp today? >> kathie lee. >> yeah, kathie lee and -- >> kathie lee and i forget. >> kathie lee and someone else. >> coda. >> coda recorder. okay. >> what? okay. that's just mean. >> that's just mean.
10:09 am
>> is alley here? >> ali -- >> hoda, your name, you are egyptian. >> whatever. ali, thank you from the bottom of my heart for that clip. >> there was a big welcoming sign when we got there. >> yes, kathie lee and hilda, it said. by the way, in case you care -- the ants in my apartment are dead. the guys in the building, the turbo -- blew the turbo stuff in the building and i was tiptoeing around this morning, turning the lights on and looking for them -- none. i hope they're gone. >> so it was roto-rooter kind of thing? >> termin ex, from the building. i just wanted those ants out of
10:10 am
my apartment. >> there are ten pages of suggestions on here. >> it was the professionals that came and did it. >> we're talking about favorite camp memories. kathie wrote in a mouse had babies in my sleeping bag. drinking bug juice. and color war every year. lots of fun camp memories. >> up next -- >> she knocked you out with this cool song called "knock you down." singer, songwriter carrie hilton back after this.
10:11 am
10:12 am
10:13 am
by age 12, carrie hilton taught herself to write songs. and by age 18 she was cutting vocals and engineering sessions. she's written songs for mary j. blige, just to name a few. now at 27, she's a full-fledged star with two grammy nominations, an album in the can and one on the way. you've got a whole bunch of
10:14 am
projects, thanks for stopping by. >> you look like an avon ad right this very moment. >> well, thank you very much. thanks to my glam team, they keep me good. >> when you're 27 it takes about half an hour. when you're our age, we're here at the crack of dawn. >> why did you decide to do this avon ad? >> you know, avon, i felt like, i just didn't want to do any and every endorsement that came my way, you know what i mean? and for me, they represent the everyday woman. >> and affordable. i do music for the same reason. you know, i want to break boundaries. age boundaries and color boundaries, i feel that avon really does that. it's also empowering. it allows five million representatives the means to make a living. on their own schedule. >> i thought that was great. and it's a perfect partnership. >> your debut album, which was
10:15 am
very cool, it was called in a perfect world, was number one all over the place, you won a lot of awards for it. are you working on another one? >> i am, it's coming. >> what are the nerves that go along with that. >> that was a blessing, i have to thank my fans for that. i just do what i do. >> and the big guy. >> absolutely, god. for aligning everything properly. i know it doesn't happen for everyone that has that same dream that i have. so it was a blessing that it was received so well. and this time around, there really are no nerves, everyone is talking about the sophomore curve. i do what i do and after that, it's out of my hands. >> this is organic to you. this is what you've done your whole life. >> i think the best part about you is you write your own stuff. you can always tell when someone writes their own stuff. it's so much more athentic. >> it's probably, more emotional -- >> connection. >> are you still writing for
10:16 am
other people? because you write for everybody. >> yeah, i am. i've slowed down a little bit, because the art thing takes up so much of my time. >> we came to you. we said, we're going to do a duet album and we want to you write a song for us. where in the world would you possibly begin with a lyric? >> oh, my gosh. well you guys are always talkinging about fashion, every time i sit down you've got a comment about the fashion. so it would have to be that. >> and you're like glamorous women. so it would, i think you could go a little vain. >> well, we'll leave you to write it in your spare time. >> who are you working with on your new album? >> i, we haven't done the features yet. but i am working, the core of my project is polo and timbaland. and the third is danger. you never know what we're going to come up with. >> that's the fun of it. >> we didn't want to rush it, we wanted it to be as organic and
10:17 am
emotional as the first one. >> we wish you good luck. thanks for coming by. >> you should stay sweet, or we're going to come and find you. >> nothing about this perp walk in the future. >> absolutely. >> up next, hoda and i go to summer camp and the kids finally learn what a hoda-woman is. >> it was 106 degrees, too. >> never looked better, have i. y's senses.
10:18 am
10:19 am
don't i? [ barks ] because i think food speaks a language of love. that's what inspired me to rethink dry dog food. [ female announcer ] chef michael's canine creations. [ chef michael ] mmm. tender shredded pieces made with real meat... and crunchy garnishes to enhance the mealtime experience. yes, bailey-- just for you. [ barks ] [ female announcer ] chef inspired, dog desired. chef michael's canine creations.
10:20 am
summer's here and there's no better time for the two of us to shed our stillettos and head out into the wilderness. >> we did because we couldn't resist an invitation from the campers at a new york state sleep-away camp called campus kids minisinc. where it was all about survival. >> yes, it was. >> i don't know about you, hoda, but i'm not really the camping sort. >> what are we going to do? >> i don't know, what do they do at camp? >> i have no idea. >> it probably involves a kayak and a bunch of kids. >> i don't even like my own kids. let's go find them. >> hello. >> hello. >> hello, campus kids. >> is this going to be fun for us?
10:21 am
>> yes. >> are you sure? >> why? what's so great about camp? >> boating. >> absolutely not. >> high ropes? >> exactly, no. look, are we ready? >> no. >> what do you mean? >> you have to get dressed. >> we are dressed. >> you're a not appropriate. >> cheers. just not the same. >> welcome. our two new campers. kathie lee and hoda! [ cheers and applause ] everyone ready for activity? >> yeah! >> kathie lee and hoda. >> archery? >> keep it towards the target. that would make sense.
10:22 am
>> hip-hip, hooray! >> i'm so competitive, it's sick. >> what's next? >> ropes! >> high ropes. >> what are high ropes? >> can an old person do it? >> how old do you think i am? >> how old do you think i am? >> 26. ♪ hallelujah >> kathie lee, kathie lee! >> i'm in shock. >> i'm still in shock. >> me, too. >> what's next? >> she did so good, kathie, you get to sing. >> name a kathie lee song.
10:23 am
name just one kathie lee song. anybody? >> we have a guest singer. >> we do? >> hoda woman. >> kathie lee. >> i cannot do it. i'll give it a shot. here, hold this, please. >> hello, dolly ♪ ♪ >> well hello, dolly ♪ ♪ it's so nice to have you back where you belong ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ >> we're about do take a little raft. these kids are wearing us out. we're going to do something that comes natural -- sit. >> bye! see you!
10:24 am
>> bye kathie lee and hoda. >> bye camp minisinc. >> i have to do everything around here. >> don't worry about me, i'm good. >> let's go. which way, this way. >> my thighs haven't had this much exercise since the prom. >> ha did you just say? >> i don't know. >> those kids were so sweet. >> such a great beautiful camp, terrific kids. ali, thanks for that piece. >> how you can keep your hair from frizzing. another summer solution. >> and it's on to who new? and reality tv trivia. i'm going back to school shopping at kmart.
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10:26 am
mmmm. right then. two more wishes? i'm good. oh. back to the lamp then. see ya! [ female announcer ] kellogg's fiber plus bars. you couldn't wish for more. good morning, everybody. time now is 10:26. we check in with mike and take a look at the commute. >> highway 92, ten minutes ago, we had an accident still eastbound at 92 at he will camino real. that's where you see very slow traffic coming off of 280 cutting over to the san mateo hills. 101 is starting to clear up through san mateo and the bridge itself. you can't really see the peninsula side. things are starting to change. we have your forecast.
10:27 am
>> good morning. fog and drizzle but the clouds will be going away. most of the areas are in the 70s along with the coast in the 60s in cool but mild july air. as we look at the seven-day forecast, mid-to higher 70s inland and 60s along the coast. it's going to be getting warmer every day.
10:28 am
a new field poll about the candidates and the people who support them.
10:29 am
most republican, moderate conservatives, and people who plan to vote for a republican are usually pro life. despite that, 5% of them plan to vote for carly fiorina who is pro choice. another poll indicates that most b.a.r.t. riders do not favor price roll backs. riders would longer have longer service cars and cleaner vehicles. the new fiscal year will begin with a budget surplus. plus, they will vote tomorrow on how to use that money. a bay area man may see his nba dream come true and might be able to live it out in his home town. he is from palo alto but plays from harvard. he was not drafted but got a lot of attention after playing in the nba and summer league.
10:30 am
he could be a warrior by the end of the day. the "today" show comes up next. have a great day. we'll see you then. we're back on this wednesday with more of "today." it's time to play "who knew" our weekly quiz game. we're going to see if you can survive questions on the hottest, most dramatic reality tv shows over the years. kathie lee is across the street at nbc's cafe. those who win get a gift card and those who don't get a special personal gift from kathie lee herself, her cd. we have the author of a fun book, "my fair lady" general lancaster. how are you? >> i'm good, thank you for
10:31 am
having me back. >> are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> a great couple visiting from pasadena, california. let's look at our fist clip, listen closely to the following question -- ♪ ♪ >> in addition to billy ray cyrus, which of the following celebrities have appeared on "dancing with the stars" -- >> buzz aldron. >> you are right, baby. >> you got it. >> i knew you spent the last weekend watching all reality tv, buzz aldron is the correct answer in this one. >> you have to wonder what the first meeting of all of these stars were on the show. kate gosselin. buzz aldron. i went to the moon, that's what i did. >> i was fun on the show, i
10:32 am
thought. >> he was fun. >> let's go across the street to kathie. >> one of the biggest reality tv shows to hit the airwaves, let's watch the following clip. ♪ ♪ ♪ like a bridge overed troubled waters ♪ >> true or false, clay aiken was the winner of the second season of "american idol." >> false. >> they know! that's too bad you didn't win my cd. >> yeah, that's a shame. >> so clay aiken actually came in second. >> he came in second and that worked out really well for him. in the lift of the top ten earners from "american idol," five of them weren't winners. five of them didn't win in the top ten people. >> wow. sometimes it's good to come in second. >> right. i mean reuben, not on the list, sorry, pal. >> back across to kathie. >> lovely ladies from new jersey. this show introduced a
10:33 am
lesser-known part of the east coast, as well as some new dance moves. watch the clip. ♪ ♪ >> so classy. which of the following names is not a cast member of the "jersey shore." -- >> the circumstance. >> boy, that's a very popular show, apparently. here you go! wow. >> i've got to say, people are so keyed into reality tv, they're nailing these. >> new jersey is going through a whole renaissance of their reality shows. "the real housewives of new jersey" "jersey shore." we know it's reached critical mass, because not long ago, senator mccain sent snooki a tweet about tanning.
10:34 am
he said he would never tax her tanning bed. >> back across to kathie. >> that's disturbing on many levels. this gentleman is from georgia. this weight loss reality show has improved and inspired dozens of lives. let's watch the show. >> yes, betty sue, do it again. go! >> dig, betty sue, dig! >> and he's just vicious in the workouts. >> over the many seasons of "the biggest loser" what is the record amount of weight lost by a woman? 76 pounds, 120 pounds, or 209 pounds. >> i would take a guess. 120? [ buzzer ] >> stop it, let's -- this is what he gets, okay? >> see, they're all happy. >> stls a lot of hip hop in there. >> the correct answer is 183 pounds. >> that happened last season with ashley johnson. she lost 48% of her body weight
10:35 am
and that season, michael lost 254 pounds, but neither of them were actually the biggest loser out of all ten seasons, that's danny cahill who lost 55% of his body weight. >> a lot of them keep it off. >> they do. >> these ladies are living in the moment. they are from florida. eating bugs and rolling in the mud was required in this stranded in the wilderness show. let's see a clip. >> it's like hoda's apartment. which of the following was not one of the tribes on season one of "survivor"? >> gobi. >> i don't know, i guess you're right. >> i take offense to the apartment comment, kathie lee. >> she doesn't care.
10:36 am
>> so gobi is the correct spot. >> well, you asked me, do people watch this show still? apparently they do. it just finished its 20th season. there are 40 different iterations of this from different countries around the world. people are watching it everywhere. >> we have time to one more. >> we'll do it really quick. visiting from boston. the line between actor and musician is being cross constantly. let's see how the "real housewives dogs it. ♪ don't be tardy for the party ♪ don't be tardy for the party ♪ >> in addition to kim and danielle staub, which other cast member "real housewives" recorded a single? >> you're busy watching "monday night football," aren't you? >> exactly. >> take a guess. >> i'll go with c.
10:37 am
>> and you'd go wrong. [ buzzer ] >> everyone has a story. >> the correct answer here is lou anne. >> it is. and her album went to number 10 on the dance tunes on the dance mix on i-tunes. so that means that either america is really into campy music or is a sign of the apocalypse, i'm not really sure. >> jen, thank you. her book is called "my fair lazy." how to make home run decisions at the concession stand. see the difference? pillsbury toaster strudel, the one kids want to eat. whoa! do you know what our favorite part of shooting hoops is? 3...2...1... overtime! ♪ ♪ we're the kids in america ♪ oh, oh, oh
10:38 am
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10:41 am
time to take a look at those concession stand calories you're consuming, because let's face it, it's hard to root for the home team without buying some peanuts and cracker jacks. >> here to tell us how to keep ballpark food from taking a bite out of our diet is nutritionist madeline engstrom. >> you don't think calories. >> let's have a little reality eating at the ballpark and start out with the pretzels. here's a question, does this large soft pretzel have more or less than 450 calories? >> more. >> you're right. hoda got that one. >> i forgot, we didn't have our buzzers. >> how many calories does it have? >> 500. that's without the cheese dipping sauce. this is just the plain pretzel.
10:42 am
>> not worth those calories. >> if i'm going to have 500 calories, i want something else. >> i thought it was a question between the peanuts and that. >> that's a separate question. >> nuts of course are full of heart-healthy oils, good for you, lots of protein. but look at this typical ten ounces bag of peanuts in the shell. does this bag have 600, 900 or 1200 calories. >> 100 calories. >> and 110 grams of fat. we know the song -- >> 1200? >> 1200 in this bag. that's a lot. >> that's a lot of nuts. >> if you're on a diet, a crash diet -- >> that's going to be a day. so you don't want to munch on these, even though they're healthy. >> can you have two? >> that's the trouble, you can't eat just one. >> they don't have the oils. >> i'm going to eat one right in front of you. >> maybe you want to have cracker jacks. >> buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks. >> no, i get paid to sing.
10:43 am
not much, but anyway. >> stay away from the nuts. you want to get some cracker jacks. for these 1200 calories, can you eat four cups, six cups or eight cups of cracker jacks? >> i'm going to go with six. >> why don't you. >> because you're right. >> there's 1200 calories right there. >> these i like. >> you can have all of this, or that. >> all of this is 1200 calories. >> why wouldn't you have this? this is really great. so follow the song. >> this is your chance to shine. you always do well. >> without alcohol? >> all of these different drinks. lowest to highest calories. this is your set, kathie lee. >> what are these? >> this is pink lemonade, a milkshake, a regular beer and a regular soda. 16 ounces of each one. rank them, lowest -- >> the lowest -- >> regular milkshake.
10:44 am
>> the beer and then this and then that. >> well, you're almost right, make one little switch. >> kathie lee gets it. she has to get two points for this. the lowest calorie, the lowest is the soda. regular beer, and a milkshake at 500. >> you're doing well. >> she had one thing to change. if i would have changed these two -- i would have done it, too! >> anyway, for those of us not eating sushi at the ballpark -- >> you're a tough crowd. with the pizza? >> you're getting on our nerves, we have a chili dog, that's my job. which one is going to be lower in calories? is it the plain cheese pizza or the chili dog? >> the pizza. >> which one do you think is lower? >> no, the hot dog is, 400
10:45 am
versus 600 calories. >> what an unruly crowd we have. >> these have the most of anything, right? this has a lot. would you have to walk four miles? seven miles or ten miles. >> seven. >> ten. >> seven is it. you'd have to walk seven miles, this is about 700 calories. do we have a winner now? >> no, i think hoda got it. who won the all-star game? was it the national league or the american league? >> who cares? >> you can both get this prize, it's usually the national league, right? don't they usually win it? >> no, the american league usually ones. >> let's give it to anthony. >> thank you, madeline, i was only teasing you so . coming up, the summer beauty bummers and chipped nails,
10:46 am
coming up next. every day if you don't always like the taste of them. i'll be right back, ok? ok. ok. good thing v8 v-fusion juice gives you a serving of vegetables hidden by a serving of fruit. v8. what's your number? get a 1 dollar coupon for v8 v-fusion juice at ♪ ¿por que no probamos esto? [ male announcer ] old el paso. a special blend of seasoning for especially delicious tacos. feed your fiesta. summer ain't summer without popsicle pops.
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10:49 am
10:50 am
we're back with today's beauty. the summer bummers that cause everything from melting makeup, to unfortunate tan lines. >> the we've enlisted the expert, rebecca george for beauty tips. >> we love all of these tips. >> we have a few tan lines. >> summer is the toughest beauty season. we're exposed from head to toe and it's about 110 degrees for the past few days, it's not easy. >> bikini -- the bikini area is troublesome. >> issue, issue. >> it's tough, it's a hairy situation. >> oh! >> you know what -- >> this is venus bikini kit by gillette. >> you have to be careful of what you say on this program. >> everything you need to be feel confident in your bikini. it comes with a four-bladed raiser, it comes with a trimmer.
10:51 am
>> a four-bladed -- what have you got going on down there? >> how about a lawn mower, my gosh! >> it's $9, it will feel make you feel very confident in your swimsuit. >> moving on to tan lines. >> this is from st. tropez, their instinct glow. wash on, wash off bronzer, you can go from zero to bora bora just like that. it's fantastic if you want to cover up the tan lines instantly. >> that's not your color, that's my color. >> you have to rub it in. >> it's $15, available at st. tropez. >> you want to let it set for a minute or two and apply it to dry skin. >> it has a nice sheen and a good smell to boot. >> well of course it's so important to wear sunscreen in the summer.
10:52 am
but a lot of people complain it's too heavy and thick. this is a great solution from ddf, their oil-free ultra light moisturizing lotion. it's not going to feel super-heavy on your skin, $40, ddf skin another bummer, the sunscreen spills in your bag, it's sunscreen towelettes with an spf of 30, you can put them in your beach bag, rub them on and you'll have something. >> but that doesn't clean up the mess you already have in your bag. >> i could help later with that. summer of course you can't let go of your anti-aging routine. because you need to do everything you can to keep away those lines. >> but now i'm talking about me. but you don't want to have heavy-duty cream on. this is a great solution from olay, their total effects -- >> i like this stuff. >> cooling hydration, it
10:53 am
contains ingredients like vitamin c and e. >> it also contains cucumber, aloe and mint. >> people have trouble with their hair when you're in the -- >> not all people. >> i do, i do. >> this is from phillip kingsley, it's called swim cap. because no one is walking around with a swim cap. >> hoda does. >> this is a cream thaw rinse on your hair before you go into the pool. it contain s sunscreens, calva. this is from l'oreal professional, ammonia-free hair color. it won't cause breakage. available at salons. and don't give up your makeup routine. use a sealing gel, aqua bunny, waterproof, sweatproof,
10:54 am
humidityproof, your bronzer will stay on. and look at the opi, this is the new hybrid manicure that will stay on for three weeks, your nails won't chip, peel or yellow. >> wow. >> thank you, rebecca. >> rebecca, we'll be back with more of "today." r azazazazazazazazazazazazazazazz
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the adorable selena gomez is going to be with us tomorrow. in the meantime we have our own miss adorable. >> brad wrote in, i think i found my favorite reality tv ietheemoment. kathie lee talking about the ietheemoment. kathie lee talking about the bikini shaving moment, l.o.l.! -- captions by vitac --
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