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tv   Today  NBC  July 26, 2010 6:00am-10:00am PST

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good morning. alarming leak. some 92,000 classified documents released for the world to see, and they paint a devastating picture of the war in afghanistan. this, as u.s. forces launch a manhunt for two american sailors who vanished three days ago. top kill. bp's embattled ceo tony hayward reportedly set to be shown the door as the company's board meets today. will a change at the helm help bp's reputation with america? and painful mix-up.
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police confuse a young survivor of an accident with another girl who died. this morning we'll hear from the father who spent a week at the bedside of a girl who turned out to be someone else's daughter. the tragic story today, monday, to be someone else's daughter. the tragic story today, monday, july 26, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television and good morning. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm ann curry. those documents on the website called wikileaks could be the largest unauthorized disclosure in u.s. history. they are painting a blaeak picture. >> 92,000 documents. they span six years. the u.s. is saying the leak jeopardizes those serving in the region.
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who leaked the reports and why? what does it mean for our future there. the latest on that developing story ahead. and bp may be closer to showing ceo tony hayward the door but you will speak to another ceo doing things right. >> ford is on track to post one of its largest annual profits ever. just a few short years ago it was teetering on the brink of disaster. and a lot of people credit the guy in charge -- alan mulally. what does his company's success say about the economic recovery? we'll talk to him and unvail ford's new explorer suv. suv at a time when people are moving away from them. >> that's under the sheet there. plus, former first daughter chelsea clinton will be tying the knot in about five days. we'll look at the final preparations taking place, we are told, 90 miles north of here. let's begin with the leaked
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documents and the search for two missing american sailors who disappeared on friday. we have nbc's jim miklaszewski at the story there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ann. some analysts comparing those to the pentagon papers. the reams of documents provide specific names and dates when pakistani government officials provided support to the taliban, waging war against americans in afghanistan. on that front, there is still no new word this morning on the fate or whereabouts of the two missing sailors, believed to have been taken hostage by the taliban. u.s. military officials are still trying to figure out how those sailors got so far from base and wandered into the heart of taliban country. u.s. forces set up checkpoints desperately searching for the slightest clue, and passed out leaflets with photos of the sailors, offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to their location.
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>> there is a tremendous amount of effort going on to find them. >> reporter: but what happened is still a mystery. the two americans disappeared while driving from their compound in kabul to a u.s. base nearby. u.s. officials say it seems impossible they would have gotten lost, since they had been in kabul for some time and were familiar with the routes. but inexplicably the pair ended up 80 miles away from logar province. that's where officials say they were ambushed by taliban forces saying one sailor was killed and the other taken hostage. the suv was found riddled with bullets. despite the claims, u.s. military officials say they have no confirmation that either of the sailors was killed. they are concerned the taliban may take the americans across the border into pakistan, out of reach of the u.s. military. along that line, the new york times reports today on over 90,000 classified documents obtained through wikileaks
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revealing some officials have supported the taliban in its violence against afghanistan and the u.s. military fighting there. >> what i think was surprising was not only the volume but the detail of the information. some of the reports had named pakistani spies, operatives meeting with various militant groups. >> reporter: the white house issued an immediate, strong response to the release of these documents. national security adviser jim jones condemning the release of classified material and praising pakistan, actually, for its increased cooperation in the fight against the taliban. but the release of these documents now just as the u.s. strategy in afghanistan is being questioned and serious questions being raised about whether the war is winnable or even worth it. >> all right. can you tell us -- it may be too early but what are they saying at the pentagon about the
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release of the documents? >> reporter: some are pointing out the fact that many of the documents are at least several years old and that we have known for years that there are some elements within the pakistani government who have been cooperating with the taliban. but as jim jones said, there are many who claim that the cooperation of the pakistanis has increased greatly, that they themselves have suffered losses in fighting the taliban inside pakistan. but still these documents are going to raise very serious questions and probably fuel the debate about whether this war is, in fact, worth it, ann. >> all right, jim miklaszewski. thank you very much. we have general mccaffery with us. >> good morning. >> the taliban did not claim responsibility or did not talk about the missing sailors for more than 48 hours after the situation. what does that tell you about
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whether or not this was planned? could they have been surprised? what does that tell us about the chances of recovering these young men? >> the first 48 hours are the most crucial. the u.s. has a huge investigation going on to try to sort out how they got missing and prevent them being moved across the border into pakistan. pretty tough situation. by the way, ann, there are thousands of personnel in the u.s. army and joint operations in iraq and afghanistan. they do an incredibly good job. they are up in the mountains and provincial recovery teams. they are all over the battlefield. these two guys got away from normal procedures and were deep into logar province which is really incredible. that's where the new york times reporter was also captured. very grim situation. we'll be fortunate if we get them back. >> given that there are other
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servicemen that have been missing in afghanistan. specifically army specialist beau bergdahl. he's been missing since 2009. what does that tell us about how difficult it is to find servicemen who go missing in afghanistan? >> once they are across the border in the tribal areas of pakistan, 11,000 mud-walled villages back there. it will be difficult to get definitive intelligence that would allow us to operate with the pakistanis to recover them. put it in context. there is one other missing. bergdahl is the only one in afghanistan now. we have 88,000 u.s. personnel missing in action. almost 80,000 world war ii alone. it just underscores the incredible change in the nature of warfare.
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150,000 nato troops all over this giant country of afghanistan with now three missing in action. >> i want to get your perspective on the story this morning about these 90,000-plus documents being released now through this website. the headline seems to be that there are members of the pakistani government and military who have been working against u.s. interests in afghanistan. also, the other headline seems to be that u.s. forces in afghanistan are starved, have been starved over the course of time for resources. what is your take on this, especially given that the u.s. has just recently once again given pakistan millions of dollars in aid? >> well, billions of dollars, in fact. well, you know, it's hard to sort this out and, by the way, there are 15,000 more documents wikileaks is going to start producing over the coming months. so far, i haven't heard from either the british guardian,
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germany or the new york times, real blockbuster news. we knew there was low level coordination alleged between the pakistani intelligence service -- >> sorry for interrupting you, but have we known in this detail? these documents have specifics including names of people who are being accused of cooperating from the pakistani side with the taliban. it shows a depth of knowledge that the u.s. has not acknowledged. there are specific people they believe are aiding and abetting the taliban. >> well, i don't think there is any question that at some level, particularly along the pakistani/afghan frontier there is collaboration. some is human nature. the pakistani frontier corps is intimidated, no question, by the local tribesmen. but i do think it also underscores the astonishing
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inability we have to keep secrets. apparently this was the leak of one low level u.s. army soldier downloading documents and transmitting them to an unauthorized source. we'll see what the next 15,000 produce. but clearly the war is tough news. this is $5.4 billion a month. july's been an extremely high casualty rate. we have had over 8,000 americans killed or wounded in action in afghanistan. >> thank you so much this morning for your perspective. >> good to be with you. >> it's 7:11. back to matt. following numerous gaffes as bp's ceo during this disaster in the gulf, is this the day that tony hayward is shown the door? his company's board meets today. michelle kosinski is in venice, louisiana, with the latest good morning. >> reporter: good morning, matt. thousands here have been out of work for months.
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here's another job loss, the position of ceo of bp. the much criticized tony hayward is out and could resign as soon as today. the shrimpers, the shuckers, restaura restauranteurs and repairmen are gaining another fellow in unemployment. but tony hayward will leave with millions in severance. he delivered these memorable words. >> i'd love my life back. >> reporter: it appears he's now getting it. the man who described the spill as tiny compared to the size of the entire gulf. >> i'm not stone-walling. i was not involved in the decision-making. >> reporter: after a few difficult days before congress as oil seeped into the wetlands, he turned up in england at a yacht race. government officials say bp's board is negotiating his departure. tomorrow is expected to announce
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a huge second quarter loss, but bp said, mr. hayward remain it is chief executive officer and has the full support of the board calling the reports rumors and speculation. offshore, the boats are back after tropical storm bonnie to end the crisis and skim the oil. as the coast guard looked down, they had a truly hard time finding large quantities of oil. compare that blue water to the view weeks ago. admiral paul zukampft explains. >> we have seen a change. nine days ago we skimmed 25,000 barrels a day. seven days ago it was 56. >> reporter: he doesn't mean 56,000. he means 56. >> it wasn't because we didn't have enough skimmers. i have 780 skimmers. 780 skimmers can only find 56 barrels of oil to skim.
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>> reporter: but the work must go on to permanently kill the well from the bottom. while many feel the ceo should have used his foot to stop his mouth, it looks like a new era will begin for bp from the top. overnight, bp said no final decision has been made. the person expected to replace hayward has already replaced him in heading up the response to the bill. managing director and american bob dudley. the coast guard said the static kill attempt could start the first week of august and the relief well finished end of august. matt? >> michelle, thank you very much. bertha coombs has been covering the story for cnbc. i have a statement from bp and they say in terms of mr. hayward's future, no final decision has been made. what are you hearing from sources in the u.s.? >> essentially that's an acknowledgment of what we have been hearing from sources. a federal official told me they
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were briefed ahead of the weekend that there was going to be a leadership change and that tony hayward could resign as soon as today. what we are hearing is that he is still negotiating his package, if you will, to leave. >> you know, some people might be sitting at home asking the question, what took so long? let me ask another question. why now? why at this stage? we are in the home stretch of capping this well permanently and the massive cleanup starts after that. why now? >> the timing, precisely tomorrow at 2:00 a.m. they will release second quarter earnings. this gives them an opportunity to talk about the way forward for bp. since those comments where hayward said "i would like my life back" it was pretty clear he was not going to survive this crisis for the company. this gives in a sense to say, look, we have someone who's going to move us forward. we are lookinging ahead. that helps them close a chapter. plus, they are close to capping
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the well which is a critical moment for them? >> let's make no mistake about it. nothing about replacing hayward is a business decision. it's all about p.r. >> it's both. you want to give investors a sense of confidence and you want to close the capture saying, he was the past, he was the spill. now we have a person who's going to move us ahead, get us out of this and try to rebuild bp. >> you mentioned second quarter results coming out tomorrow at 2:00. it's not going to be pretty, is it? >> not likely. some say they may do a kitchen sink type of report. we know the cleanup costs are about $4 billion so far. that's going to go against earnings. but they are making some earnings if you had taken out the gulf spill. they have eight other rigs in the gulf and obviously production around the world. so they are not necessarily going to be posting a loss if you don't take in the issues of
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the gulf. >> all right. bertha, thanks. appreciate it. it's 16 minutes after the hour. let's get a check on the morning's top stories. natalie is at the news desk. good morning to you. >> good morning, everyone. despite a stern warning from china and threats of retaliation from north korea, the u.s. and south korea launched joint military maneuvers today designed to discourage aggressive behavior by the knot. a u.s. navy supercarrier is taking part along with the raptor, the world's most advanced military aircraft. france said today that a 78-year-old french aid worker kidnapped by al qaeda in north africa was executed sunday after a failed rescue attempt. for the first time a senior member of cambodia's killing fields regime was convicted of war crimes by a u.n.-backed tribunal. the former prison official admitted overseeing the deaths of 16,000 people but received a sentence that could set him free
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in 19 years. the arkansas my corps of engineers has been called to help in eastern iowa when dozens of buildings were destroyed when an 83-year-old dam gave way after a storm. >> reporter: wildfire threats are up in california. the largest fire covered nearly 2,000 acres was still out of control overnight. today marks the 20th anniversary of the americans with disabilities act. to celebrate, some 200 wheelchair users broke a world record sunday for the longest moving wheelchair formation. that's an impressive site. come a long way. it's 7:18. let's turn it over to matt, ann and al. >> we had some heat this weekend. things are changing here in the northeast. the jet stream has been way up to the north. we have a big upper level high. that's been the problem all week long. now we see a dip in the jet stream and the high pressure system is shrinking.
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as we saw over the weekend, temperatures record-breaking, upper 90s to 100s. today, much cooler and the and around the bay area, we're seeing lots of low colloids. no signs of anything hot in our forecast over the next few days. keep in mind, if you're heading to the sierras, active morning. we this thundershowers there. mainly south lake tahoe to yosemite. red flag warning from south lake tahoe to near yosemite until midday today. temperatures, mostly 70s inland. few 80s. the trend, especially for this time of the year is mild and breezy at times. a bit warmer by the end of the week. and that's your latest weather. >> thank you, al. the countdown is on to the so-called wedding of the year. in just five days former first daughter chelsea clinton will walk down the aisle.
7:20 am
natalie has the details. >> when bill and hillary clinton were married they had a small ceremony held in the living room of their home. this is quite a different story for their only child chelsea. by all accounts saturday's wedding will be one of the most lavish, elegant events of the summer. usually the small village of rhinebeck, new york, is peaceful. not this week. >> the circus is coming to town. >> reporter: this coming saturday, chelsea clinton will marry 32-year-old investment banker marc mezvinsky here, 90 miles north of new york city. >> the place is a beehive of trucks, caterers. >> reporter: just days ago a huge tent was put up at astor courts, the elegant 50 acre estate where the wedding is expected to be held. it has views of the hudson river and a lot of privacy. >> the biggest concern is the crush of media, paparazzi and
7:21 am
curious onlookers. >> reporter: the 400 guests, many know chelsea and marc, but the entire guest list is top secret. spielberg, strbarbra streisand oprah are reported to be coming. the rehearsal dinner is expected to take place in the stone barn at the grasmere farm estate. in a tough economy, many americans scaled back on weddings, but it appears the clintons are going all out for their only daughter. from the flowers to the food, it's lavish. that means a hefty price tag. >> for a wedding of this caliber with the types of vendors that the clintons have been hiring we expect the wedding to come in at about $2 million. >> reporter: the cost includes a band, of course, and the clintons are big music lovers. so what's on the play list? according to the website tmz, it includes such party staples as
7:22 am
diana ross's "i'm coming out," abba's "dancing queen" and u2's "beautiful day". >> i think chelsea and the family have very good taste fitting a royal wedding for the u.s. >> the gifts are already arriving. last week the president of vietnam presented hillary clinton with a mosaic portrait of her and chelsea during their 2000 visit to the country. just ahead, on a more serious note, arizona police confuse a survivor of a deadly accident with her friend who ♪
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good morning to you. 7:26 now. time to check the morning commute. >> oakland where an accident has just cleared the lanes of the south bound side of 880 on the left side of your screen coming toward us, around 66. right around the overpass. traffic is flowing smoothly, but we had an accident inlanes for a couple of minutes. see it slowing because of the volume of traffic. starting to build through oakland. no major issues here, not like sunol, southbound side shows the slow drive out of pleasanton and through sunol to fremont. little gray there. gray skies to livermore this morning. thanks to the low clouds, marine layer close to 2,000 feet thick. look at what it does to our highs today.
7:27 am
even with the sunshine breaking out later on, mid-70s san jose. breezy at times. sea breeze keeping things cool on the coast. we'll stay in the pattern through midweek. turn a little bit warmer in toward the weekend. no real signs of heat. we're talking maybe some upper 80s inland. time now is 7:27. more news after the break.
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breaking news out of richmond. police have found the car that was stolen with a child inside.
7:29 am
a thief carjacked the car from a gas station at carlson and imperial, just before 6:00 a.m. apparently not realizing that a 5-year-old girl was in the back seat. she was dropped off nearby about 20 minutes later. she was fine and the car was just found on 39th street. no arrests have been made. i'll have another local news update for you in half an hour. the "today" show continues. enjoy your morning.
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wow. how pretty is that? it's 7:30 now on a monday morning, the 26th day of july. i believe that's a view from the top of the rock in rockefeller center looking over central park and the northwest to the george washington bridge. these are some of the nice people gathered on this sunny day after storms rolled through and reduced the humidity. inside studio 1-a, i'm matt lauer along with ann curry in for meredith. ahead, new details in the search for kyron horman.
7:31 am
police re-searched the area where he was last seen. coming up we'll hear from his step-father who works as a detective, matt. >> also ahead, the impressive turnaround of ford. despite the bad economy and after refusing government bailout money, ford is having one of its most profitable years ever. what does that mean for you and the economy as a whole? we'll talk to ford's ceo alan mulally who's here to talk to us and unveil the new explorer for 2011. always fun to get a first look. >> also, sit good for a marriage? why nearly one in four couples in the united states now sleeps in separate beds. many sleep in separate bedrooms. >> these are happily married couples. we begin in arizona. a young woman mistakenly identified as the sur vooir viv deadly accident. her family is speaking out. kristen welker has details.
7:32 am
>> reporter: marlena cantu's loved ones are in pain this morning but they wanted to use this story to prevent this from happening again. >> i'm going to miss my daughter. she's still with me. it's going to be very hard. >> reporter: frank cantu and his partner delores are devastated. for more than a week he thought his daughter survived a car crash only to find out she actually died. >> i was led to believe that was marlena. it wasn't. >> reporter: cantu, a college student, had taken a trip to disneyland in california with four friends from her phoenix high school including her best friend, 19-year-old abby guerra. last weekend cantu was killed and guerra survived when their suv crashed after a tire blew out as they were driving back to
7:33 am
arizona. somehow their identities were mixed up and the cantu family spent a week at the hospital thinking their daughter was badly injured but alive. >> we were there all week, day and night. i think i slept eight hours last week. >> reporter: according to the family, dental records finally showed that the young woman who survived was abby guerra. her family and friends thought she was dead. >> i was shocked to hear about it. >> reporter: guerra is a member of the women's soccer team at evansville university. her teammates were getting ready to attend her funeral when they got the news. >> to me, the news that abby guerra had not died was, while surprising, something that made me feel like this is great. there's a chance. >> reporter: this isn't the first time this type of heart-breaking mix-up has made headlines n. 2006 whitney cerak and her friend laura van rhine were in a similar mix-up.
7:34 am
for weeks laura's family sat by the bedside only to find out it was whitney and laura had not made it. the family has talked about the mixed emotions they have even though whitney survived. >> it's still a bittersweet moment. i know when we get together with them, we have our daughter and they don't have their daughter. >> reporter: right now, marlena cantu's family has to go through the painful process of learning to live without her. all they want is an answer about how this mix-up occurred. >> you can't explain. there is so much grief. >> reporter: cantu wants steps taken to make sure this doesn't happen to other families. meanwhile abby guerra is in hospital in phoenix in critical condition. her head was shaved for brain surgery. her face is swollen. her family didn't want to comment and neither did the hospital. matt? >> it's a tragic story. thank you very much. let us turn now -- sorry
7:35 am
about that -- for a check of the weather for mr. roker. >> our hearts go out to both families and the young man who was killed in the car crash as well. let's see what's happening for the day and the week ahead. we have a risk of above normal temperatures from the gulf coast into the rockies and we have above normal temperatures in the pacific northwest. midweek period the heat comes back to the midwest with the heat not as bad as it was. above normal temperatures in the pacific northwest. in the latter part of the week, below normal temperatures. temperatures c and here is the reason why we see cool temperatures again. low clouds and pretty thick marine layer of more than 2,000 feet thick. no trouble getting to the trivalley this morning to the sierra. busy morning, south of lake tao show, thundershowers, red flag warning on the west slope from areas north of yosemite to the soung shore of lake tahoe through midday. temperatures through t 70s to low 80sgh inland. 60s san francisco and oakland.
7:36 am
don't expect much in the way of warmer weather. low clouds will stick around with the sea breeze. slight warming approaching the end of the week. and that's your latest weather. if you want to keep track of your weather all day long check out the weather channel on cable or the new and improved ann? >> there are new developments in the search for 7-year-old kyron horm horman. kate snow is here with details. good morning. >> good morning. this is the largest search ever in oregon. they have pursued 3300 leads, made significant progress, but this morning, 7-year-old kyron is still missing. over the weekend, investigators were back where it all began, searching around skyline elementary. after kyron attended the school's science fair with his stepmother, terri horman on june 4th he simply disappeared. terri said she last saw him
7:37 am
heading down the hall to the classroom. when they sat down with "dateline," kyron's mother, father and step-father said they believe terri is involved. >> with help? did someone help her? >> we don't have any evidence that indicates that, but we personally think that's the case. >> reporter: kgw reports investigators are looking at some of terri's friends including searching their homes and giving polygraph tests. kyron's family released a statement about one friend in particular, deedee spicer: she's refusing to cooperate with law enforcement. detectives learned deedee abruptly left her work as a gardener on the day kyron went missing and didn't return for an hour to 90 minutes later. >> i was watching the investigation right from the start. >> reporter: kyron's stepfather
7:38 am
tony young is a detective in medford, oregon. he first grew suspicious when police submitted terri to more than one polygraph. >> i thought something must be right. something is not allowing them to check her off the list. >> reporter: isn't it possible that she was just nervous? that she didn't pass her lie detector test with flying colors because she was emotional or upset? >> there is more to it than just that. the information you're giving, does it hit your ear and sound right? does it make sense? >> she couldn't explain to them for about two hours worth of time where she was or what she was doing. >> reporter: over the weekend, a new report that terri told investigators that on the morning of the disappearance she was driving around country roads trying to calm her younger daughter. neither terri horman nor her friend spicer responded to our
7:39 am
calls for an interview. terri's lawyer calls it a witch hunt. with all the drama the family hopes people won't lose sight that kyron is a little boy lost. >> he's not with us. still pretty empty. >> so far no one has been named a suspect or a person of interest. you saw some of the interview there. you will hear more tonight on "dateline." kyron is grinning in almost every photo. they firmly believe, ann, that someone knows something, that he is out there. they believe he's alive and if someone would come forward with information they could find him. >> a lot of people hope they are right. thank you very much. for more of kate's report catch an all new "dateline" tonight on just ahead, what's behind ford's remarkable turnaround?
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just a year and a half ago the auto industry appeared to be on the ropes.
7:43 am
two of the companies took government bailouts but not ford who is now on track to post one of the largest annual profits ever. we'll speak to the ceo in a moment. first, here's nbc's kevin tibbles. >> reporter: it's been a bumpy road for u.s. automakers. the economic downturn hit the car industry hard, reduced production, layoffs and plant closures made the rebound difficult. >> it's slowly recovering and improving, but it's not going to be, you know, completely out of the woods or completely in a prosperous area for some time probably. >> reporter: overall, u.s. auto sales dropped dramatically over the past decades. experts predict sales to reach about 11.5 million this year, a big drop from the year 2000 when sales hit around 17 million. still, there is guarded optimism, especially for ford, the only carmaker among the big 3 to avoid bankruptcy and a government bailout. >> it was absolutely to ford's
7:44 am
advantage to not take the bailout money. >> certainly knowinging they have gone through rough times and have come through it on their own makes a big difference to us. >> reporter: ford is on track for one of its largest profits ever, posting second quarter earnings 15% higher than last year. gm and chrysler have also posted stronger profits recently. with experts pointing to streamlined costs, increased demand for american-made products and toyota's recall troubles as reasons why detroit is making headway. >> ford will hold its own, simply because they have the benefit of a new, fresh product line. >> reporter: mark and his son chris are buying ford for the first time since the mid-90s with one generation happy with the safety ratings. >> high levels of reliability, safety, performance. >> reporter: and the other happy to have his own set of wheels. >> it's a great car. >> reporter: for "today," kevin tibbles, nbc news, chicago.
7:45 am
>> alan mulally is the ceo of ford motor company. good to have you back. >> good to be here. >> it was in the end of 2008. you guys went to washington in trouble. the u.s. auto industry was on the brink of collapse. you have just announced your fifth consecutive quarterly profit. do we have to resist the temptation to say, "let the good times roll"? >> clearly this is very much a slower recovery, matt, as you know. we are cautiously optimistic that we can continue to grow. >> you're the last man standing if you look at the meeting before congress in 2008. you and the ceos of chrysler and gm were there. mr. waggoner is no longer in his job nor is mr. nardelli. you were anyoble to survive bece you did a good job and you didn't get tainted by taking government money. >> i think clearly everybody resonated with the fact that
7:46 am
ford had a plan. we were restructuring ourselves to get back to profitability. that resonated with everybody. the letter and notes and the feeling that we didn't take precious taxpayer money and we were runninging a good business with great products. >> five quarters in a row and your market share is increasing. how much of a benefit did you get? how many rewards did you reap based on the troubles that toyota went through in the past year, having to recall 2.3 million cars? >> all the data says that most of the people selecting ford, it's about 50/50 between the japanese offerings and also the other offerings from around the world. i think it's really the strength of the new product line, having a complete product line. >> it's hard to deny their nightmare was your gain. >> i'm sure they will get it fixed. they're a great company, but we are so pleased people love the ford product line. >> let me ask you about broader
7:47 am
issues. you hear people talking about the possibility that the country could head into a double dip recession. from the seat you're sitting in, do you see that happening? >> we do not. with the monetary and fiscal policy and everybody's attention on growing the economy which is the most important thing for us, i think we'll have a good, steady growth here. >> if you're wrong and the country does experience the double dip recession, what would be the impact on the auto industry here a couple years after the recovery for you began? >> the most important thing is we have sized ourself to operate profitably at a lower demand which is great for us. we'll continue to match production to the real demand and hopefully won't have to do it again. >> you have made a comment a couple of times. you have sized yourself. you cut your workforce dramatically over the last five years and americans are desperate for jobs in this economic recovery. are those jobs that you got rid of gone forever?
7:48 am
or with the good times you're experiencing, might a good portion of the jobs come back? >> we are looking forward to offering fabulous jobs and careers at ford. we'll announce that the reveal of the new explorer today which will be made in chicago. we're going to invest $400 million for 1 2r,200 new jobs. >> that's a fraction of the jobs that have been lost, even at ford over the last five years. how many jobs could come back? that's what i'm asking. >> clearly it will be determined by how fast the industry and economy comes back. with the position we are in today we can offer great jobs going forward. >> last question, a personal question. you turn 65 in august. >> it's the new 50, i think. >> a lot of people wonder how long you will be at the helm of ford. what's the answer? >> i'm honored to serve for a few more years. >> you can be there for three more at least? >> absolutely.
7:49 am
>> he says with a smile. we'll see. alan mulally, we're going to unveil the new ford explorer for 2011 in a few minutes after this. ♪ have you driven a ford well-being. we're all striving for it. purina cat chow helps you nurture it in your cat with a full family of excellent nutrition
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7:52 am
you can join for a dollar. hurry, offer ends august 7th. weight watchers. because it works. we're back with ford's ceo alan mulally and we are going to unveil the 2011 ford explorer. suvs ruled the world for a while. there was a rollover incident with suvs and then everybody wanted better fuel economy. why another suv? >> with improvements in fuel economy, safety, everything ford has. >> we joked and said what would you do if we put a toyota under here. >> he came back with -- >> more fuel efficient, a great choice. >> better than a toyota. alan, why don't you show us what the explorer for 2011 looks
7:53 am
like. [ cheers and applause ] >> whoa! >> besides fuel efficiency -- >> the most important thing is the capability, quality and the fuel efficiency and the safety. >> if you want the most fuel efficient engine which is a four-cylinder do you pay a premium for that? >> absolutely. you get a 30% improvement with the new i-4 engine with eco-boost, fuel injection and more torque with a lower rpm. it's a better driving vehicle. >> you should do this for a living. we'll be right back after your local news and weather. that putting your name on every jar was a guarantee of quality. with a name like smucker's, it has to be good.
7:54 am
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7:56 am
good monday morning to you. 7:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. mike has good news. >> good news for people in brentwood. sigalert canceled. a tanker overturned a couple of hours ago. they had the lanes blocked 2 1/2 hours in the westbound direction. slow westbound highway 4 through antioch and also looking at livermore. that's your morning commute, 28 minutes now for that drive, slowing to 30 miles per hour out of the altamont pass. any fog through the area. clouds through the altamont pass this morning. and clouds slowly breaking up around the inland valley. we'll see highs 70s to low 80s. fle pleasanton and livermore, oakland mild through the middle
7:57 am
part of the week. warmup as we head to the weekend. not much change in the weather patte pattern. low clouds still locked in on the coast. time now is approaching 7:57. we have more news coming up right after this short break.
7:58 am
navigating today's real estate market is complicated. you've seen the signs. that's why having the right real estate agent is more important than ever. at, you can find experts in short sales or bank-owned properties or commercial real estate, agents who can help speed up the process, no matter how intricate. and that's good news, whether you're trying to sell or hoping to buy. because the only sign you really want to see is "sold." nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. if you take ac transit, head out a bit earlier today. there may be route cancellations and delays. the east bay bus system and the
7:59 am
union driver and mechanics are still at odds over how to deal with the $56 million budget deficit. management wants $15 million in concessions. last week between 180 and 230 bus drivers called in sick every day. according to ac transit, that's more than twice the average before the dispute. local news update for you in half an hour or so. "today" show returns in less than a minute. have a great monday morning.
8:00 am
we are back at 8:00 on a monday morning on the 26th day of july, 2010. we have a lot of reasons to be happy this morning. first of all, we have a great crowd gathered on the plaza. as important as that, we have lower humidity. it's a huge change from what we have had over the last week or so. >> finally the jet stream is dipping down. high pressure has sunk a bit. people are getting a break. >> kind of a perfect day. >> it's really nice. >> over the weekend it was 100 degrees. this is nice, baby.
8:01 am
>> happy to have it as are these people. i'm matt lauer along with ann curry. al roker joins us as well. folks, don't miss this special offer. only moments left -- do you know those expressions when shopping, especially on the home shopping networks? they have a way to get into your head to make you feel you must spend your money quickly or you will miss out. we'll talk about the psychology of that, the tricks of the trade and how you can avoid those impulsive buys. >> that sounds like great advice. a lot of people will be buying an extra bed. get this number. this is surprising. did you know nearly 25% of all u.s. couples, happily married u.s. couples, live in separate beds? in fact, some of them have separate bedrooms and are building two master suites for homes being built today. it's a trend. is it a good idea? bad idea? >> i don't like it! >> i like the separate bathroom
8:02 am
part. >> you know some people snore, some people get up early, crack of dawn. anyway, we'll get to the bottom of that. what else? >> it's hard to believe, but it's been more than 30 years since andrea mccardle burst onto the scene as annie. well, she's back in the play "annie" but in a different role. she's coming up later in this hour. >> she sounds like an angel. >> this lady behind us here just asked me to move because i'm blocking her view. >> just move then. >> i apologize. let's get a check on the morning's top stories with natalie at the news desk. good morning. >> good morning, matt, ann and al. an online whistle blower said it has no reason to doubt the reliability of some 90,000
8:03 am
previously unseen documents it released on the war in afghanistan. they appear to confirm the chaotic nature of the nine' year conflict that some pakistani officials have been giving support to the taliban. the white house is condemning the release saying it risks american and allied lives. a massive search continues for two u.s. sailors missing in afghanistan. the taliban is now claiming that it killed one of the sailors in a gunfight and captured the other. add one more job to the thousands lost in the gulf oil spill. there are reports that bp's ceo tony hayward is about to resign perhaps as soon as today. hayward is said to have been negotiating an exit package that could be worth more than $18 million. overseas stocks are higher and cnbc's melissa lee is at the new york stock exchange. >> good morning, natalie. investors are mulling the results of the european bank stress test released on friday. the good news is that all but seven of the 91 banks tested
8:04 am
actually passed. the bad news is many say the tests weren't strict enough because they didn't test what's known as the banking portfolio which holds a vast majority of sovereign debt. that could lose value if greece and portugal continue to have problems. the key will be reaction in the stock market and also in the currency markets. natalie? >> thank you, melissa. a sailboat largely made from more than 12,000 recycled bottles docked at sydney harbor after four months crossing the pacific ocean. the idea is to draw attention to ocean pollution from plastic waste. that's incredible. it is 8:04. now to al for a check of the weather. >> thank you very much, nat. we have college-bound graduates here. where are you going to school? >> mercier college. >> ducane university.
8:05 am
>> thanks for coming down. let's check your weather. we'll show you as far as our pick city today, nbc bay area san francisco, widespread low clouds, drizzle and 62 degrees. as we check the rest of the weather we have monsoonal moisture in the southwest and showers there. remnants of bonnie along the coast. less humid in the northeast. northern minnesota into north dakota, a slight risk of storms. warm in seattle. and he's another look at the pick city of the day. san francisco, we've got low clouds, misty skies and a healthy sea breeze out there blowing in all the low clouds into the altamonte pass, out to fairfield this morning. eventually, we'll see clearing approaching lunchtime, but look at temperatures inland. we should see 80s and 90s this time of the year. mostly 70s today. a few low 80s. over to pleasanton and the south near morgan hill, mild temperatures for the middle part of the week. approaching the weekend, we
8:06 am
should see a little bit of warming as high pressure strengthens briefly approaching friday. and that's your latest weather. ann? >> all right, al. thanks. coming up next, how retailers get you to spend more money than you meant to and how to avoid being caught up in the buying frenzy. that's coming up after this. or , it has an available dual-view entertainment center. driving my sienna says, "sure, i'm a mom. but i'm not running around rocking mom jeans." miss, there's a diaper bag on your roof. please. ♪ [ male announcer ] meet the family and the toyota sienna on youtube. ♪
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reviving the economy means reinventing the way we do business. here's to the owners showing us the way. [trumpet playing "reveille" fades to silence] back at 8:09.
8:10 am
this morning on tricks of the trade, the hard sell. retailers aren't only tryinging to get you to spend your money, they want you to spend it quickly. janice lieberman is here with more on that. it doesn't sound good for us. >> the strategy is to get you a tokt now and not think about what you're buying. we see it on tv, online and at the malls. when it comes to closing the deal, no one does it better than the tv shopping networks. kw qvc, hsn and shop nbc rake in a whopping $10 billion each year. but how? we were giving a tour of home shopping network's studio in florida for an inside look at how the big sell works. >> this is the epicenter of buy
8:11 am
now, act now at hsn. they have been doing it for 33 years where viewers just somehow feel compelled to get to their phones and charge away. now all the retailers are catching on. >> our customer loves to be the first. they also love something that's exclusive, something that no one else has. so we are actually giving them this opportunity and creating these experiences and then we're pulling those levers that really prompt them by saying "it's only available for a limited time." >> exclusive, limited. >> reporter: in other words, buy now because you won't get the same deal tomorrow. >> welcome to the hsn family. enjoy your first purchase with us. >> reporter: while hsn has been luring in buyers for 30 years with the buy now strategy, other retailers figured out that customers don't want to miss out on a good deal. retail analyst marshall cohen tracks the trend and says retailers are desperate for business. >> this year we are beginning to
8:12 am
see retailers turn it up. they are taking a page out of the playbook from online retailers and auction sites, even the network shopping where the consumer is really about act now. it's about getting the consumer to wanting to buy it now, use it now. buy it right this minute or you're going to lose out on the deal of the day. >> i think you should buy that. >> reporter: no one knows it better than this mother-daughter team who are addicted to the auction shopping sites like a limited number of designer items are offered to a members only site for discount. if you don't act now, you lose. >> i call my friends and i say, can you pick me up at 12:20? i need to be by the computer at 12:00. >> things are 70% to 80% off retail. these things could be $500 and you get them for maybe $200. that's a major savings. >> reporter: janet and cynthia
8:13 am
brag with the best of them on the bargains they acquired. >> this is an addicting process. retailers online and in store are convincing you that they are inviting you into a special deal. >> reporter: even major department stores hit you with e-mails enticing you to buy now. >> all i want you to do is replace what you're using now with the patented tease styler. >> reporter: whether you have to have the comb now or feel the need to have the computer with you at all times the sales pitch is working, at least for the retailer. do you think you're addicted? >> guilty has charged. >> she is. hsn says to just use your remote, click away and get your purchase. 27 million homes have that. qvc has an app so you can go to
8:14 am
the phone and press away. >> this whole "act now, the price won't be available tomorrow" makes sense. they want your money. isn't it that they are afraid the longer you have to think about it the less likely you have to spend. >> if you think about it, take a breath the next day you think maybe i didn't need the tease-ease comb now. >> if you're buying something you need, but because of urgency they are getting you to buy things you never considered. >> they are saying values are good. if you get it and like it it is a good value. but it's something you may not need that second. >> if you react on impulse and buy one of these things and have buyer's remorse a day later are you stuck with the product because you have entered the exclusive club or something? >> it depends where you buy it. you have to check the refund policy. the shopping networks say you can return. they are liberal. but you can only use credit. so you're spending more money.
8:15 am
you have gilt credit and you can buy more next time. >> don't store credit card information with the site. >> make it difficult for yourself. don't have everything on their site. if you have to give your information it takes effort and maybe you won't want to do it so fast. >> sometimes i'm flipping through and i watch them selling jewelry on the sites. are you relying on the reputation of the channel? >> of the retailer. how long they have been in business. but, again, you can return it. you can go for an appraisal. in the past people have been pleased or they wouldn't have been on the air this long. >> and big sellers? >> our addicted gals lent us some addresses. she got this $600 dress for $268 because -- >> because she acted quickly. >> the ear rirings retailed for5 and she got them for $20. did she have to have these? the copper dress? i'm not sure. >> she seemed happy.
8:16 am
janice, thank you very much. up next, why more happily ♪ ♪ oh, love me ♪ oh oh oh ♪ just love me ♪ oh oh oh ♪ just hold me ♪ oh oh oh ♪ just kiss me ♪ oh oh oh ♪ just want me ♪ l-o-v-e ♪ love, love, love, love ♪ ♪ ♪ l-o-v-e ♪ love, love, love, love why go one more round ? you don't need a rematch, but a rethink. with lunesta. lunesta is thought to interact with gaba receptors associated with sleep. lunesta helps you get the restful sleep you need. lunesta has some risk of dependency. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving or engaging in other activities
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while asleep without remembering it the next day have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations, or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions such as tongue or throat swelling occur rarely and may be fatal. side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache, dizziness, and morning drowsiness. stop fighting with your sleep. ask your doctor if lunesta is right for you. get lunesta for a co-pay as low as zero dollars at discover a restful lunesta night. [trumpet playing "reveille" throughout] reviving the economy means reinventing the way we do business. here's to the owners showing us the way.
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all-natural benefiber. the fiber supplement that's tasteless and dissolves completely. to make getting fiber easier. that's the beauty of benefiber. this morning on today's relationships, couples that sleep in separate beds. it may sound like something your grand parents did, but the truth about modern married life may surprise you. hey, natalie.
8:20 am
>> whether it's because of family, different shifts more couples are saying good night and going their separate ways. >> good night, honey. >> good night, dear. >> reporter: lucy and ricky had separate days. if it feels outdated to you, guess again. according to the national sleep foundation, nearly one in four american couples sleepd in separate bedrooms or beds and the national association of home builders says it expects 60% of custom homes to have dual master bedrooms by 2015. >> my husband has to sleep on the couch for half the night and then come to bed so he won't bother me so much. >> i'm probably old-fashioned. i feel more safe and secure having my husband next to me in bed. >> those bedroom sets cost a lot of money. >> exactly. >> reporter: allison cohen is a marriage and family therapist who believes that choosing separate beds can lead to healthier individuals and greater intimacy between partners. >> sleep issues stemming from
8:21 am
restless regular syndrome to getting up to use the restroom in the night, snoozing in the morning, being on different wake/sleep schedules. these things impact the night sleep. when you're more well-rested, you are more productive at work, you bring home positive energy and it impacts your relationship. you have more energy to communicate, to spend time together. you have more energy to have sex. >> i think the benefits of sleeping separately, especially if one person isn't sleeping well, outweigh the negatives. i'm just generally happier during the day, nicer to him if i'm well-rested. it makes our relationship better, i think. >> as much as i hate when she leaves, when she leaves, i sprawl out. >> reporter: if there is no pillow talk like on "the brady brunch". >> good night, darling. >> reporter: is your relationship doomed to fail? >> people don't talk about sleeping in separate beds because there is a stigma. but for people who put a tremendous value on a good
8:22 am
night's sleep, which i think most of us do and are afraid to say, it can be a creative solution that's effective for the relationship. >> apparently even hollywood is catching on. according to in touch weekly, kevin jonas of the jonas brothers and his wife sleep separately because of his snoring, ann. >> that's a lot of information. thank you very much. we have bruce filer, a columnist with the new york times. he's the author of a book called "council of dads" which is a lovely book and we have a relationship therapist. thanks for joining us this morning. i guess a big question is how did you come into this? you were first thinking about writing this article because of your own experience in your own family. not you, but -- >> first of all, my grandparents slept separately and i thought it was outmoded. then i began to see the numbers we heard about a quarter of americans doing it. by the way, it's doubled in the last decade. i would say, ann, in my own
8:23 am
writing i try to bring people together. "the council of dads" is about bringing friends together for your kids. really, we live in a world where families, couples eat together, pray together, work together. sleeping together is almost the last bastion of togetherness in a relationship. >> so it's a good thing or bad? >> good thing. we spend more time as couples sleeping together than doing anything else. the thing is the bed has become incredibly chaotic with the tv, twitter. one in five young people are checking their facebook overnight. if i think about my bed it's like, okay, i'll get up early with the kids. you move the car. the bed is more crowded than the kitchen. >> we heard a person saying it's good for a relationship. is it? >> i think it's a yes or no. >> what do you mean? >> for some couples it's a good thing where the woman said i'm happy coming home if i sleep well. some couples use the connection as synergy.
8:24 am
to make the decision not to be in the same bed doesn't work well for them. if it's a physical issue, fix it. if it's emotional, work on it. if you're at an age where it doesn't matter because you're retired, not worried about connecting at night, don't worry. >> that's right. >> whatever it is, talk about it. >> what the experts told me when i was doing the piece for the times is it's an accomplishment. that's the thing. that's why my whole riff in the piece is brush up on your bediquette. i feel now -- i used to be a bad sleeper. then i got sick and spent a lot of time in bed and found it healing. if it is a problem, the specialists can fix it. snoring, apnea, restless leg. if it's lifestyle we have to talk about it. we teach our kids table manners. as adults we have to practice mattress manners. so each couple should come to it
8:25 am
on their own and not be threatened by the idea. >> we have to be transparent in terms of the origin and root of what's going on. >> a lot of men may feel threatened by the idea. their wife doesn't want to sleep in the same bed with them. i'm making an assumption. >> i talked to a professor who interviewed people and said men and women feel they will get more sex if -- >> let's bring up the word. >> -- from the bed sleeping as couples. the main thing i feel after doing this piece is that it is something that i'm doing that's constructive. it's like 7:00 a.m., i have done something already to help my marriage by getting through the night. >> but don't assume that there is a problem when there's not. have the conversation and then move forward with whatever the situation is. >> okay. i better call my husband. thank you so much, both of you this morning. by the way, to read bruce's article ae a ept of the book head to for
8:26 am
that. up next, al catches the acting bug. good morning to you. it is 8:26 on this monday morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. it is time to check the traffic with mike. for close to a half hour, we have seen the northbound side near ignatia road slowing. we have the big interchange, and it sounds like two lanes are affected. one lane is blocked by a car on the side there. no injuries are reported for the northbound side of 680. if the southbound side is looking at the sunol grade heading down to fremont. at washington boulevard, we have some debris there to clear up as well. the skies will take time to
8:27 am
clear near sunol over to san francisco and the east bay. and down from san jorge to morgan hills, we have a lot of clouds that pushed inland overnight thanks to the sea breeze. look at the temperatures. by july standards, still pretty mild in the upper 70s to low 80s midland. not much change through midweek. then approaching the weekend, temperatures slowly starting to climb it iinnds. is 8:27. more news right after the break.
8:28 am
a 7-year-old girl is recovery from surgery this
8:29 am
morning. a pitbull bit her in the face over the weekend. witnesses say she was in the backyard of her house near the intersection of mcarthur and 82nd avenue when the owner of the pitbull asked if she wanted to pet the dog. they say the dog lunged at her and bit her face. it is unclear whether the pitbull owner will face charges in the attack. the dog was taken by animal control, but it is not known yet if it was put down. another local news update in a half hour. the "today" show returns in less than a minute. enjoy your monday morning.
8:30 am
♪ tomorrow, tomorrow ♪ i love ya tomorrow ♪ you're always a day away back now at 8:30 on a monday morning, 26th day of july, 2010. that takes you back, doesn't it? over 30 years ago andrea mccardell singing the signature
8:31 am
song from "annie." and now she's back as part of the show. not only will we hear about that. we'll find out how al got in on the act. >> i just couldn't help myself. >> oh, you couldn't. >> i could have. i broke away from two stage hands to get up there. >> they were holding you back. >> hey, you brought down the house. >> we'll check in with andrea mccardell coming up. >> also coming up, i don't know about you, but i have always wanted to make a great tomato sauce. we get the ones from the jar, but they say when you make a great sunday sauce, as they call it, the italian people get together and make a wonderful sauce, that it's just unbeatable. >> you make a terrific pasta putanesca. >> a friend gave me that recipe, but a good tomato sauce you can use all week. >> and they taste better later
8:32 am
in the week. >> we have an expert on that. >> enjoying his stuff. >> what he's doing is showing you three ways to use red sauce and pairing each one with a wine. >> i'm looking forward to that segment. >> exactly right. >> also something we were too familiar with these days. that was the science of sweating. we're talking about sweating and the heat we have had. we'll tell you the best ways to keep it in check when sweating could be the sign of significant medical issues as well. >> i thought it was good for you. >> before we go further, mr. roker we are not going to be sweating today. >> let's check things out. today we are basically looking at beautiful weather in the northeast. in the week ahead we have gorgeous weather, above normal temperature into the plains and pacific northwest. below normal on the california coast and through the southwest. into the midweek, mid plains as well, warm in the east and out west. the latter part of the week we cool down in the east.
8:33 am
showers through the so hey, we have lots of clouds to start off the morning near san jose. eventually, those will break up approaching lunchtime. down to morgan hill along the coast, we have clouds down to the altamonte pass. we have different types of clouds, thunderstorms are firing up across the sierra this morning. the red flag warning continues down to yosemite through 10:00 this morning. the bay area temperatures, mid-70s for san jose. upper 70s to 80s inland. san francisco and oakland, not much change through midweek, but then it is a built warmer by friday. you can check your weather day or night on the weather channel on cable or online. >> thanks, al.
8:34 am
8:35 am
twizzlers. the twist you can't resist.
8:36 am
we're back with one of the most beloved musicals of all time. "annie" debuted in 1977 to commercial and critical acclaim, thanks in part to its star, 14-year-old andrea mcardle. al recently caught up with her. >> it's hard to believe it's been more than 30 years, matt, but the original annie is all grown up with a new role in the show that may surprise you. ♪ the sun will come out tomorrow ♪ >> reporter: from its first day on broadway, "annie" was a hit. with catchy music and precocious kids stealing the show every night, this crowd-pleaser stole the hearts of theater-goers winning seven tony awards including best musical, spawned countless productions around the world, and was twice adapted to film. ♪ tomorrow ♪ you're always a day away >> reporter: andrea mcardle
8:37 am
starred as the original annie on broadway, a role almost every girl in the '70s dreamed of playing and one that would make her the youngest actor ever to receive a tony award. 33 years later, andrea has hung up the curly red-haired wig and now is starring as the mean ms. hannigan at the north carolina theater. >> i have waited all my life to play a woman like miss hannigan. the grass is always greener. i was the ingenue for quite some time. i played every girl next door and the romantic leads. i have always wanted to play characters, always. >> good morning, children. [ shouting ] >> good morning, miss hannigan! >> reporter: what's it like being back on the set of annie? >> it's a powerful thing. i'm not going to lie. i'm scared to death.
8:38 am
i have a lot to li up to. this is part of my legacy. >> when you're backstage and you hear the music cue for "tomorrow," do you find yourself -- >> it's frightening. >> do you find yourself mouthing the words? >> yeah. ♪ the sun will come out >> it's hard for me. i have to really focus to not, you know, slip back in it. ♪ just thinking about tomorrow >> ah-ha! caught you. >> when you step out on stage as miss hannigan, in a way you have come full circle. there is almost something freudian about it. >> yeah, it is. it's bizarre. i'm having a tougher time getting the movements of this show into my body than any other show i have done in 30 years. >> why? >> this was a giant chunk of my adolescen adolescence, of my life. it's still following me around. i think i needed to get older and definitely not be an ingenue
8:39 am
anymore. i feel lucky to have the chance. >> a chance director casey hutchin was thrilled to provide. >> you're used to seeing her sweet. it's hilarious to see her swinging her hips around. what i admire is she wants to create her own version. i respect that all the habits she's had to tear down. it's a hard process. she's committed to being original and unique and she definitely is. ♪ when i'm stuck with a day >> after 30-plus years, andrea was more than ready to pass on the torch. you played annie for years. it has to be weird when you see another actress playing the role. >> we have an incredible girl playing annie. it's a tough role. the talent is a given. you have to have heart. >> when it ended, was it difficult? >> no. not difficult. i left the broadway production at 14 to go open up the west end
8:40 am
production. when you're going -- finished your freshman year of high school you don't want the red fright wig, mary janes, ankle socks, you know. >> how big a part of your life is "annie"? >> it's a memory for me now. but i realize to other people it's impossible for them to see me another way. there are other musicals of all times that make money and "annie" is one of them. i'm attached to that forever and i'm proud of it. i am. but it's time to move on. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow >> this really is, for me, full circle. it's satisfying. ♪ it's only a day away >> it's a terrific production at
8:41 am
the north carolina theater company. the interesting thing is the director wasn't sure she was going to have andrea mcardle sing "tomorrow" and andrea was reluctant, but they ended up doing it together. >> it's really cool. she seems like she's having a blast. >> you can't not have a blast. in fact, i was there. you know, there is another star of the show who's bald, you know, daddy warbucks and i decided i was there, what the heck. i may as well try to take part in this. ♪ i don't need anything but you ♪ >> can i join you? >> who the hell are you? >> daddy warbucks, jr. >> junior? >> dad! >> you look different than i saw you. ♪ i don't need anything but you ♪ >> well done. >> thank you, dad. >> oh, let me look up "shameless". >> it's after "ham." >> there's your picture, right there. that's cute, al. thank you very much. still ahead, the big event
8:42 am
this weekend. we'll head to rhinebeck, new york, and check out those people are happy
8:43 am
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back now at 8:43. 20 years ago today president george h.w. bush signed the americans with disabilities act into law that ensured everything from equal employment opportunities to access to public transportation. well, now, two decades later, one of the messages from the disability community is to think beyond the label. >> oh, sure, we have plenty of employees that you can label as different. like janice, fashion deficient. >> open kimono time! >> value controlume control syn >> we focus on the talent and skill each member brings to the team. no one's concerned about labels,
8:45 am
not even mine. >> visit think beyond the label. >> bonnie st. john is the board member of the national organization on disability and the woman in the commercial is the star of think beyond the label. good morning to you. >> good morning to you, ann. >> i'm so excited to be on "today" on this landmark day. >> and to have this big anniversary. a lot has changed and a lot has not changed. you were in the commercial. i'll start with you. you had polio when you were young? >> i contacted polio when i was 5 years old. i was allergic to the vaccine. it hasn't stopped me. >> bonnie, you were born with a -- leg. >> they amputated my leg when i was 5 years old. >> you have a prosthesis. what's amazing is how many people are under the umbrella of being disabled. >> one in five. >> it is a remarkable number.
8:46 am
so the thing since this was passed, signed, what has changed and what hasn't? >> well, of course, there have been lots of improvement with public transportation, curb cuts, building codes. but we still have a long way to go, too. >> mm-hmm. one of the areas where there is a long way to go is in employment. >> we're excited. the kessler foundation and the national organization on disability have come out with new survey results which because they have surveys going back 20 years we can take a good look at -- we can measure how far we have come and what's changed in terms of quality of life for people with disabilities as opposed to people without disabilities. one of the biggest gaps we found in the recent data is employment. >> that's right. in fact, 21% of all working age people with disabilities say their employee, compared to 59% of people without disabilities. >> that's a huge gap. it's gotten better over the last 20 years. only ten percentage points.
8:47 am
when you think about quality of life, if you don't have a job, that's the hard thing. you can't go to restaurants, take vacations, do the things the ada paved the way for accessibility for if you don't have a means to do it. >> what is the message to people who look at people with disability and don't know how to talk to people with disabilit s disabilities? >> what makes me happy to be involved with the think beyond the label campaign is it changes attitudes. it allows people who looks at the person who wears crazy ties or the woman who speaks loudly or the woman who uses a wheelchair who can't make coffee. it has little to do with labels. labels have little to do with how productive or talented we can be. >> we are working with the national organization of disabilities working with employers to help them change their policies and procedures for hiring and recruiting and to
8:48 am
break down the barriers that make it hard to bring people into the workplace. more employers are starting to understand that people with disabilities have to be problem solvers. we have to have perseverance and the data is starting to show. we are some of the best employees they can tap into. >> we saw videotape because -- are you the dancer? >> i am. >> congratulations on that. >> being involved in dance and being involved with getting a message out like the think beyond the label campaign allows me to capitalize on capability rather than limitation. >> besides being a board member you are also an olympian. >> i have had to solve problems to go skiing, just to do things other people do easily. in the work place employers can tap into that positive attitude and perseverance we bring. studies are really validating that it helps transform the workplace. we are a positive addition. get out there and employ us.
8:49 am
>> our morning has been more positive from having spoke to you. thank you very much. an important message on this significant day. coming up this morning in today's kitchen, a simple and delicious home made tomato sauce. first, this is "today" on advantage topical solution treats dogs...
8:50 am
( barking ) but destroys fleas. ntagouvete rianfo r advae,ag the flea specialist for gentle, but effective, flea control.
8:51 am
and this morning on today's kitchen, we're going back to basics, real basics. a simple pomodoro sauce, a red sauce, tomato sauce. all it takes is oil, salt, pepper, tomatoes. and joe is here to show us how. >> good morning, matt. >> a lot of people overthink tomato sauce. it really is that simple. >> it's the most basic of basics. i'm not a chef. i'm a food guy, a wine guy. i think about entertaining and this is something everybody should know how to do. tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, salt. that's it. >> and we'll get more daring after that and add things. what's the mistake people tend to make? >> not getting the right ingredients. we have real garlic. we peeled it, crushed it. >> no powder. >> no synthetics. the best olive oil you can
8:52 am
afford. evoo and the most important, the great tomatoes from in and around naples. that's the ingredient. if you like more olive oil flavor, use more. you can't make a mistake. it's simple fundamental cooking. we'll extrapolate it and use it with wines. >> does it freeze well or does that defeat the purpose? >> you can jar it, put it in bags. the main thing is when you get the tomatoes out, squeeze them, break them apart and get it to a consistency that the sauce wants to be fluffy. what people do with the sauce is overcook it. it becomes brown, reduced and yucky. you want it light, fluffy. you want the texture of the tomato. these are neopolitan tomatoes. >> you have to get your hands in there. >> this is how we transmit the
8:53 am
love. >> not by squirting it out. >> let's be careful. we squish it up and once the garlic is brown. >> takes a couple minutes. >> a couple of seconds. do you want to smush? >> no, no. i'm fine. >> we'll take a little bit of the sauce and -- >> yeah, you looked at your sauce. not my suit, you looked at yours. you don't wear an apron after you lost the weight. >> i'm not a chef. i'm a home cook -- an accomplished home cook, but a home cook. >> okay. >> so let it simmer, low temperature. we are looking for 20 minutes, half hour. >> it will break down a little bit. >> if you don't get them with your hands, use the spoon. make sure you break down the tomatoes. you want a nice fluffy, light consistency. not so different from what you have in the jar. this has been cooked already. >> this is the foundation. this is the basic red sauce.
8:54 am
if i want to get daring what, herbs and spices do i put in there? >> beautiful sicilian oregano. put it in and we have oreganotto. or if you like it spicy put in peppers. >> once it's too spicy -- >> you can add more tomatoes. the beauty of the sauce is with a basic sauce you go to so many dishes. you could make spaghetti pomodoro. basic. have guests over. boil some pasta, put in the sauce, a little parmesan, fresh oregano. >> when you use it you would pair it with a certain wine? this is the best part of you being here. >> i love tomato sauce. it exalts simple, great wines. this is dolcetto from italy. >> okay.
8:55 am
you ev you're not drinking alone. >> i thought kathie lee was back. >> this is a great one. we have from california a barbera. >> why do you like that wine with pizza? >> i think pizza is a slice of americana at this point. use an american wine. terrific with a simple pizza. this is a pizza i do on pita bread. mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce. bang, bang, in the oven. easy, easy. >> finally? >> this is chorizo. this is from spain and we have a great, luscious, juicy wine with broccoli rabe. >> and you are part of a new chef. >> "master chef." we are looking for the greatest home cook in america. >> where? >> all over the country. look for it on fox tomorrow night. >> okay. you're dead to us.
8:56 am
>> w good morning, everyone. it is 8:56. we have an update on 680 with mike. >> as you are coming to the walnut creek interchange, the northbound side, the buildup is growing here from an earlier accident blocking one lane. it is still causing good slowing
8:57 am
coming out of diablo and heading up to walnut creek in the interchange. 24 is slow in the noncommute direction into the tunnel because there's only one more there, so that's expected to pick up as the commute starts to build. the rest of the east bay is good, nodeys. no backup there at the toll plaza. more news after this. u a frte. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. a budget disaster. california on the brink.
8:58 am
jerry brown's plan? you run for office and the assumption is, oh, i know what to do. you don't. i didn't have a plan for california. [ female announcer ] with our state in crisis, we need a governor with a plan. you need a real plan, something i'll acknowledge i did not have. [ female announcer ] jerry brown. no plan then. no plan now. meg whitman. a plan for jobs. log on. learn more. more than 1,000 san francisco kindergarteners with start with an investment fund. it puts $50 in a savings account to send 20% of the city's kids on to college. families and donors add to the funds then later. in three years hopefully all kids will have this kind of an account. another update coming up in a
8:59 am
half hour, and the "today" show returns in a minute. have a great monday. see you back here in a bit.
9:00 am
now with more "today" on a monday morning. 26th day of july, 2010. we're hanging out with a nice group of people on the plaza. just a gorgeou day. my goodness. bright blue sky, low humidity, nice warm temperatures and we're having a good time. i'm matt lauer along with ann curry here with us while meredith is off today. >> she's back tomorrow. >> she is. really nice out here. coming up this half hour, more about a story that's very disturbing. a heart-wrenching case of mistaken identity.
9:01 am
police in arizona wrongly identified the survivor of an accident that left another young girl dead. now the father who held out hope at the bedside of the girl he thought was his daughter is speaking out about his painful loss. we'll tell you more about the story in a couple of minutes. >> very sad. another sad thing that's been developing is something called gray divorce. couples that have been together 20 years or more suddenly getting divorced. when you have been together that long you have family, finances, emotions, all wrapped up. we'll tell you the top four areas to look out for if it happens to you or somebody you love. >> we are going to switch gears and talk about something a lot less serious. sweating. why do we do it? when i got married, my husband and i said our vows, before he kissed me, he had to wipe the sweat off his upper left. >> this guy sweats in the
9:02 am
shower. he's always standing in a puddle. >> you know it. >> and he's a big guy. that's a big puddle. >> anyway, it's embarrassing for a lot of people. we'll get to the bottom of that coming up. >> before we go further natalie has a look at the headlines. good morning. >> good morning again. nato forces are conducting a massive search for two sailors missing in afghanistan. an afghan official says they left their base without notifying afghan security forces. the taliban is claiming it killed one and captured the other. pakistan's most powerful spy agency says allegations that it is cooperating with the taliban in afghanistan are unsubstantiated. those allegations are included in more than 90,000 u.s. intelligence documents wikileaks published over the weekend. the deaths of 19 people at a crush in a northern festival.
9:03 am
new amateur video shows a panicked crowd trying to get into the festival. 340 people were hurt in the resulting stampede. organizers say the love parade will never be held again out of respect for the victims. a stunning medical mix-up in arizona put two families through a torturous ordeal. two friends were in a car accident. only one survived but their identities got mixed up. kristen welker spoke with the grieving father. >> i'm going to miss my daughter. you know, she's still with me. just a matter of -- it's going to be hard. >> reporter: frank and his partner are devastated, holding onto each other for support.
9:04 am
>> reporter: frank cantu and his partner delores are devastated. for more than a week he thought his daughter survived a car crash only to find out she actually died. >> i was led to believe that was marlena. it wasn't. >> reporter: cantu, a college student, had taken a trip to disneyland in california with four friends from her phoenix high school including her best friend, 19-year-old abby guerra. last weekend cantu was killed and guerra survived when their suv crashed after a tire blew izona. they were driving back to somehow their identities were mixed up and the cantu family spent a week at the hospital thinking their daughter was badly injured but alive. >> we were there all week, day and night. i think i slept eight hours last week. >> reporter: according to the family, dental records finally showed that the young woman who survived was abby guerra. her family and friends thought she was dead. >> i was shocked to hear about it. >> reporter: guerra is a member of the women's soccer team at evansville university. her teammates were getting ready to attend her funeral when they got the news. >> to me, the news that abby
9:05 am
guerra had not died was, while surprising, something that made me feel like this is great. there's a chance. >> reporter: right now marlena cantu's family has to go through the painful process of learning to live without her. all they want is an answer as to how this mix-up occurred. >> there is so much grief. flood victims in eastern iowa are adding up the damage from a weekend rainstorm that caused a dam to burst, destroying dozens of buildings. more than 70,000 children and teenagers go to the emergency room every year from injuries for medical devices and contact lenses top the list. one-quarter of the problems contact lens suffers, infections and eye abrasions occur from wearing lenses too long without cleaning them. leonardo dicaprio won the battle of the superstars at the box office.
9:06 am
"inception" was number one taking in more than $43 million. angelina jolie's "salt" was second. it is five minutes past the hour. now outside again to matt, ann and al. >> my son wants to see "inception." >> mr. roker is over there. >> "despicable me" is killing at the box office. you want to wish a happy birthday to your dog? >> yeah! happy birthday, cooper! >> cooper's a year old. we'll take any audience -- dog, cat, any -- as long as you watch, we love you. let's check your weather, see what's happening. why the big change in the heat? well, last week the jet stream way up in canada. a big area of upper level high pressure. well, this week the high pressure area has shrunken. a dip in the jet stream brings
9:07 am
cooler air. saturday, temperatures 90s to 100 new england to virginia. today, a little and a view of san francisco shows we have lots of low clouds and misty skies as we show you the satellite view. you can see the low clouds over the peninsula down through san jose and goal gilroy. meantime, off to the east, areas south of lake tahoe and yosemite are seeing lots of thunderstorms this morning, be extra careful going to the high country later this afternoon. the bay temperatures, mostly 60s inland. not much change for midweek. then heading to the weekend, a little bit warmer inland. we'll see a few mid to upper 80s by friday. and that's your latest weather. natalie. >> all right. thanks so much, al. well, this morning on today's health, the science of sweating. we all do it, especially in the summer. it can be embarrassing at times but when does it become a
9:08 am
problem and what are the best treatments? dr. carrie peterson is an internist. good morning. >> good morning. >> we all sweat. me on my third run up the stairs today breaking out in a sweat. for a lot of people there are actually real reasons why they sweat. let's talk about the biology of it first. what's happening as we're sweating? >> very simply the reason we sweat is to cool our bodies down. we are warm-blooded mammals and we must maintain a constant body temperature in order to survive. so whenever our temperature goes up, we bring it down with sweating. it can go up for any number of reasons. first, just this gorgeous day, this warm weather. under stress, when you're anxious, it creates the release of stress hormones which causes your body temperature to go up. even simple bodily functions like digestion and breathing can cause our body temperature to go up and then we sweat to bring it down. >> so what's actually happening in our body then? >> when our body temperature goes up, our brain tells our
9:09 am
sweat center, which is the sympathetic nervous system, to release an impulse. this impulse goes into all the thousands of nerves in our body. when it hits the sweat glands, there's a chemical released called acetylcoline. it causes the sweat glands to release the fluid which is 99% water and 1% salt. >> some people, though, they sweat excessively and it can be very embarrassing. >> that is correct. first off, the average person sweats about 1.5 ounces a day, which is about a shot glass worth. for people that sweat excessively, this is called hyperhidrosis. it affects about 3% of the population. and they sweat about 7 ounces a day, which is a lot more. like you said, it causes a lot of social embarrassment. >> when you mentioned what's in our sweat, 99% water, 1% salt so a lot of people may wonder where does the bad odor come from then. what triggers the smell? >> sweat itself is odorless.
9:10 am
the smell comes from glands that sit right next to the sweat gland. they release an oily substance. when that gets released to the surface of the skin, bacteria that sits on our skin breaks it down into this acid and it's the acid that we smell. >> let's talk about ways to control sweat, of course. and there is actually, i didn't know this, a difference between deodor rant and antiperspirant. what is that. >> there is. antiperspirant is a sweat blocker whereas deodor rant is for the odor. two separate purposes. >> so if you sweat profuse i'vely, you probably want more of the antiperspirant. >> yeah. so the treatment options for sweating start with an over-the-counter antiperspirant. it works to block the sweat glands by causing the ducts to swell and the sweat can't escape. we have several here that we can see, including the clinical strength secret, which is a higher percentage of aluminum zirconium, contains 20%.
9:11 am
there's even a prescription antiperspirant and this is aluminum chloride in it, which is even more effective than some of these topicals. with any of these they should be applied to dry skin, so they should be applied at night. skin. so they should be applied at night. >> at night? >> most people put it on in the morning. >> right after you shower. but your skin will be moist. >> correct. if you put it on at night it's more effective. if you use it twice a day it can be too irritating. putting it on at night is the best bet. >> i have heard of people who are excessive sweaters that you can get botox in the forehead, armpits. >> right. >> that's not a cheap option. >> it's not. >> how often would you do that? >> botox, which is fda approved for hyper hydrosis is effective for the hands, soles of the
9:12 am
feet, armpits. there is weakness of the muscles under the skin. it lasts eight months. i do it in my office. patients love it. it's very effective but it is expensive. it costs $800 for one treatment. >> on both sides, for the armpits or whatever. so that adds up. oral medication. i know there are things that need to be precipitation as well. >> that is a great option for people who sweat excessively in the face. there is a drug called robinol which blocks acetyl choline. it's not for everybody. lastly there is a surgical option for extreme cases. this is quite interesting. what this does -- it's called a sypathectomy and it cuts out the nerve sentscenter that causes excessive sweating.
9:13 am
>> just really quickly, it can be a symptom of other medical conditions. >> yes. if you don't have primary hyper hydrosis it can be due to high ready disease, menopause, adrenal disease, lymphoma and leukemia can cause night sweats. >> check with your doctor if you are sweating excessively. great to have you here. >> thank you, natalie. >> appreciate it. coming up next, breaking up is hard to do, especially after more than 20 years together. we're going to have advice on the challenges of so-called gray divorce. and later, the best summer vacation spots for your family and, yes, even your pooch. but first these messages. ♪ da, da, da-da-da, da, da-da-da, da, da-da ♪ [ female announcer ] there's a place called hidden valley where kids not only eat their vegetables, they can't get enough.
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this morning on today's relationships, gray divorce. the recent news that al and tipper gore were splitting up came as a surprise to folks, especially after images like, of course, the kiss. but they are not alone. a quarter of all recent divorces in the united states have been between people who have been married two decades or longer. donna is a senior writer for money magazine which reported on so-called gray divorce in their latest issue. psych psychiatrist gail salt is a "today" contributor. good morning. >> hi. >> gail, i imagine it doesn't matter how old you are. it hurts. >> it tends to hurt more than a younger divorce where people focus on the young children. when you're older you worry
9:18 am
about being lonely, being older, sick, who will take care of me? you wonder if you can start over again and it is painful to split up from a spouse that you have been with your whole life. >> there is also a financial component to this where most places -- or only nine states community property is a 50/50 split. >> right. as gail said it is a difficult divorce at any age, but you have been together for decades the financial stakes are much higher. there are only nine states where it's community property and you split 50/50. most divorces settle out of court or through negotiation. there is a lot to negotiate. >> when you're involved in that, there is so much that's intertwined between the finances and the emotion of this. also, the fact that for both parties you don't know whether you're going to have a companion again. >> correct. companionship is important to everybody. the fear that, frankly, there is
9:19 am
a smaller pool to choose from if you're a later life divorce, that's a reality. who's back out there? people who have gotten divorced, perhaps people who are widowed but there are fewer people to pick from that can be your later life companion. people get scared about that. >> and the finances of this, donna, especially later in life when you're talking about to retire or maybe you are retired, 401-ks, pension plans, that's a problem. >> a really big deal is the house. you probably have a nice house and usually when you get divorced, one of the spouses wants to keep the house. they might want to do it and keep other assets. you have to think about can you afford to keep your home anymore? you had two incomes coming in. you have mortgage, insurance, property taxes, maintenance and upkeep. people don't think about it. but you may be better off if you sell the house while you're still married before you divorce
9:20 am
and you can have a fresh start. >> what about the 401-k? >> that's right. your retirement assets. you have been saving for retirement together. iras, 401-k and pension are all on the table. they are considered marital assets. if you're lucky enough to have assets like that they are open to negotiation as well. you need to split those up. especially something like a pension can be very lucrative. you want to get a piece of that. keep that on the table, too. be careful about the taxes. there are tax implications to dividing that up. >> you have to get a financial expert in there. >> it's a good idea to have a consultant. there are divorce-certified financial analysts that you can find to help you figure out, give advice on how to divide up those important assets. >> gail, probably a lot of couples -- gray divorce couples don't seek emotional help. >> unfortunately they don't. they feel embarrassed, ashamed. they think nobody will
9:21 am
understand, nobody is doing this. when you're hiding you don't know other people are doing it as well. it's important to get support. first from family, friends and honestly, i would advise therapy or a support group so you can meet other people who are entering the singles scene at this late stage which is a unique spot. when you have other people doing it, first of all, it provides instant social something to do. it can be hard to be a third wheel, to be with the other married couples. so find other singles. therapy to help you over the mourning process and find new passions to inject new interests, new things to pursue to make the next act a wonderful one. >> that's a good point. >> and we have to leave it there. thank you very much. coming up, the newest member of the joy fit club who tipped the scales at more than 400 pounds. he's lost more than half his body weight. later, the countdown is on eddise of the iggest of the year.
9:22 am
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coming up, pet friendly hotels. >> the details on chelsea clinton's big wedding. >> but furirst your local news d weather. oh, boy, if i wasn't married. [ laughs ] i tell my husband the more time i spend in it, the less stressed i feel... and the fewer headaches i get. honey, mommy's having a timeout, ok? [ male announcer ] meet the family and the toyota sienna on youtube. ♪ and the toyota sienna on youtube. activia is better than ever! hey, you guys. want to try activia's great new taste? today is your tasty lucky day! sure, why not? isn't this the yogurt that, you know... helps regulate your digestive system. ooh, i think i'll pass. no, no, no! trust me. it is beyond tasty. okay! mmm! wow! i can't believe it, i love it! mmm, this is really good!
9:26 am
new best tasting activia ever! taste it, love it, or it's free! ♪ activia good morning once again, everybody. it is 9:26. i'm wrent cannon. brent cannon. we are checking in with mike and looking at the south bay. >> overall, it is nice. we have a few patches of yell he chiclets there. even in the typical commute directions, we are looking good. northbound 101 at de la cruz, we have one lane blocked for about 30 minutes. this place hasn't shown any backup. the toll plaza has not showed any problems all morning. you also have to have the headlights on in many spots
9:27 am
because the low clouds are just an indication of the cool down around the bay area, right? yeah, lots of low clouds from the toll plaza to the golden gate bridge down the coast. we are seeing lots of low clouds and lingering clouds near san jose and the santa clara valley. we still have thundershowers firing up south of lake tahoe down to yosemite for today. look at our temperatures. we have the all day sea breeze, and we have hazy skies inland. the 60s are along the coast. another cool day tomorrow, then a bit warmer approaching thursday and friday. it is 9:27. more news after the break.
9:28 am
san francisco's transportation agency makes the grade according to a new federal audit, but there's room for improvement. muni consistently turning in annual reports of inspections late. it also says muni failed to advertise special fares for passenger who is are on medicare.
9:29 am
however, the transit system passed all the rest of the federal guidelines with flying colors. . today is likely a day of rest for thens tens of thousands of people who ran in the san francisco marathon over the weekend. the man who won this year not only broke the course record, but he did it in his first ever marathon. 25-year-old stanford grad student keith beckdall has never run a 26.2 mile race. he was hoping to set a pace that was comfortably hard, but the pace was good enough for a two hour, 28 minute, 28 second finish. he crossed the finish line first and set the record. more local news coming up in a half hour. the "today" show returns in less than a minute. have a great monday. see you back here in a bit.
9:30 am
>> let's go. >> no. >> let's go. >> the more i'm in your world, the less i can be in his. >> that's zac efron, stealing young girls' hearts ever since "high school musical" hit the screen. now he's in "charlie st. cloud." we'll catch up with him tomorrow on "today." lots of young ladies looking forward to this. also, the excitement is building for one of the most anticipated events of the
9:31 am
summer. chelsea clinton's wedding, the only child of the president and hillary rodham clinton is marrying mamarry ing on saturday. you can imagine the emotion the first family is feeling. >> their only daughter, and a cherished daughter, a very apom accomplished girl. congratulations to them. >> i wonder what they're going to eat. also, taking your four-footed friends on vacation with the family. it can be hard to find hotels that allow pets. this morning "travel & leisure" has the five best hotels from washington state to washington, d.c. >> cute. i was trying to figure it out. i saw a hat on one and -- oh, look at that. >> when i say four feet, i meant four-footed, not only four feet.
9:32 am
>> just to make sure. they take care of people under four feet as well. >> also, don't you love fresh corn? >> i do. >> especially the sweetness of the bicolor -- the white and the -- we're going to talk about how to prepare one of the tastiest treats from our neck of the woods. >> that's a noisy vegetable. very noisy. and splattery as well. >> just keep shucking. >> there you go. >> i peeled corn this weekend. i wondered if there is a right way to shuck. we'll find out. >> let's check on the weather, al. >> oklet's show you what's happening. there is wet weather in the mississippi river valley. less sunny in the northeast. warm in the pacific northwest. for tomorrow, a risk of strong storms in the upper mississippi river valley the warmth returns to the
9:33 am
and you can still see overcast skies around san jose. those satellite pictures are starting to show the clouds breaking up on the west side of the santa clara valley. look at the north bay. still socked in from santa rosa down to san francisco. a mild day today. eventually clearing skies inland, but with that all-day sea breeze, near 60 in san francisco. the mid-60s for oakland. 70s and low 80s inland through midweek. then warmer for the weekend, but the coast is not changing a whole lot, 60s on the coast and mid-80s inland by the weekend. and that's your latest weather. >> thank you very much, al. just five days before chelsea clinton's wedding. just who is on the guest list? >> not us. >> that's coming up after this. [ girl ] bye mom! bye sweetie! you'll do great.
9:34 am
9:35 am
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okay. so the countdown is on for the so-called wedding of the summer. >> in five days chelsea clinton will walk down the aisle in upstate new york. >> when bill and hillary were married they had a small ceremony in the living room of their arkansas home. as you can imagine it's very much a different story for their only child chelsea. by all accounts this wedding will be one of the most lavish, elegant events of the summer. usually the small village of rhinebeck, new york, is peaceful. not this week. >> the circus is coming to town. >> reporter: this coming saturday, chelsea clinton will marry 32-year-old investment banker marc mezvinsky here, 90 miles north of new york city. >> the place is a beehive of trucks, caterers. >> reporter: just days ago a huge tent was put up at astor courts, the elegant 50 acre
9:38 am
estate where the wedding is expected to be held. it has incredible views of the hudson river and a lot of privacy. >> the biggest concern is the crush of media, paparazzi and curious onlookers. >> reporter: the 400 guests, many know chelsea and marc, but with the clintons as parents of the bride, the entire guest list is top secret. spielberg, barbra streisand and oprah are rumored to be among those coming. guests are reportedly staying at the nearby beekman arms and the rehearsal dinner is expected to take place in the stone barn at the grasmere farm estate. in a tough economy, many americans scaled back on weddings, but it appears the clintons are going all out for their only daughter. from the flowers to the food, it's lavish. that means a hefty price tag. >> for a wedding of this caliber with the types of vendors that the clintons have been hiring we expect the wedding to come in at
9:39 am
about $2 million. >> reporter: the cost includes a band, of course, and the clintons are big music lovers. so what's on the play list? according to the website tmz, it includes such party staples as diana ross's "i'm coming out," abba's "dancing queen" and u2's "beautiful day". >> i think chelsea and the clinton family have extremely good taste befitting a royal wedding for the u.s. >> no word whether or not the couple has a registry, but gifts are already arriving. last week the government of vietnam presented hillary clinton with a mosaic portrait of her and chelsea during their 2000 visit to the country. i can't imagine what they would need. >> we should get them a fondue pot. >> it's coming back. >> good for her. we have watched chelsea grow up from when she was a little girl. we have watched her go through so many stages in her life. >> she's an elegant, poised
9:40 am
young woman. it's nice to see her reach this. we're going to switch gears. we have the best hotels to pamper your pooch in. sure, why not? isn't this the yogurt that, you know... helps regulate your digestive system. ooh, i think i'll pass. no, no, no! trust me. it is beyond tasty. okay! mmm! wow! i can't believe it, i love it! mmm, this is really good! new best tasting activia ever! taste it, love it, or it's free! ♪ activia
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it's all in the pepperation. we hand-season fresh, never-frozen usda choice beef and cook to order. new handmade burgers with fries starting at just $5.99. like the rojo burger, drenched in rich, smoky hickory sauce. for a little more, enjoy the new avocado burger, or the ultimate stacked, with twice the meat and cheese. wrap your hands around the perfect burger with fries. starting at just $5.99, right now. only at chili's. this morning on today's travels pet-friendly hotels. if you want a getaway for everyone including your pet there are great locations coast to coast. we have the features director
9:44 am
from "travel & leisure." good to see you. >> you, too, al. >> we're talking four-star hotels becoming pet-friendly. >> four and five-star hotels are getting in on the pet business. 72 million americans have dogs and 16 million of them travel with those dogs. that means dollar signs for hotels. >> what makes it a pet-friendly hotel? >> the main thing we were looking at is both owners and dogs would be welcomed with service, attention to detail and a sense humor. >> on the west coast, i love this hotel. the coronado bay resort. >> how much fun is it that in southern california a hotel decided to have a dog surf competition once a year. they're cute, but they are staying up better than i do. >> they have four feet. >> that's true. lower center of gravity. if you want to get your dog ready for the competition, do one of the surf boot camp
9:45 am
packages they offer. you get one night's stay, a dog surf lesson, board shorts. and a little surf & turf meal from room service -- not for you, for the dog. >> now to seattle. the w. has nice perks. >> it's known for being whatever, wherever service. they are offering the p.a.w., pets are welcome. this is the thing about hotels. they're like, look at how much fun we can have and make guests happy. they give you a welcome treat. they give you turndown treats, lots of treats. a dog bed and if it's your dog's birthday you can get a dog birthday cake. this whole segment has a lot of aww. >> now to chicago for the hotel allegro for the pets in the city program. >> this group is very thoughtful about pets.
9:46 am
they have a wine hour in the afternoon and your dog doesn't have to be left out. they have mocktails for the dogs as well. you're laughing, but seriously, we can be serious for a moment. people treat their dogs -- >> three drinks later, look, it's a dog. >> people treat their dog like their kids. why not make it a special occasion for them? >> now to the mandarin oriental in miami. >> this is one of my favorite hotels. it's a gorgeous property. as soon as your dog walks in or waddles in depending how heavy he is, he gets a little bit of attention to detail and welcome. he gets a little charm for his collar. a mandarin oriental charm. then they have dog trainers. so you can have training for obedience or a fun walk, run around the gorgeous property. and they have dog beds and all the amenities you would want for a dog. >> $219 a night.
9:47 am
that's pretty good. >> the one thing you have to know about the dog programs is you have to call ahead. some want an extra $100 to clean the room after the dog has left. a lot of hotels including the next one don't charge you to have a dog stay with you. >> we're going to washington, d.c. >> the liaison capitol hill. this is a property with affinia. they offer a chew toy specific to the city. if you're in chicago you get an al capone chew toy. in d.c., a capitol hill chew toy. so you get a little capitol building. >> very cute. >> yeah. >> with all of the programs are there size limits to the dog? >> over 40 pounders, your dog won't be staying in a lot of hotels. they don't want an additional person in the room. >> as far as the programs, for people who are allergic to dogs -- >> that's something to be
9:48 am
conscious of. the hotels maintain rooms or floors dedicated to people with no four-legged friends. we did a great story on this. check out our website. >> coming up next in today's kitchen, sweet summer corn three ways. first, this is "today" on nb@
9:49 am
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9:50 am
this morning in today's kitchen, one of summer's sweetest vegetables, fresh corn. hot chef jimmy bradley of new york's red cat restaurant is here to show us simple ways to enjoy the summer staple. you're in on the action. >> we're toasting corn today. how are you?
9:51 am
>> i'm great. this is the best month for corn, right? >> this is the season. >> i was doing it this weekend on the grill. >> all right. we're going to do a little bit of that as well. >> you've got white corn, yellow corn. what's the difference? i wonder about that. >> it's basically where they come from. >> one's not sweeter than the other? >> not necessarily. the sweetness of the corn depends when it's picked more than the color. >> you're making a good summer salad? >> this is a salad that just perfectly shows off the corn. it has other ingredients for flavor. >> you have asparagus and potatoes that were cooked already in there. >> we'll put in a little thyme. >> salt. >> and tomatoes. i'm toasting more corn here. >> okay. you like it toasted to give it the extra crispness? >> right. i don't want it raw. >> not really cooked all the way through? >> i think corn is best when it has a little crunch to it. >> do you serve this cold?
9:52 am
>> no. we serve it room temperature, just like this. we're ready to eat this. >> delicious. that looks great. no salad dressing or oil? >> we have salt, pepper, oil. this is a salad of no acid. the acid is the tomatoes. oh, my goodness! >> fire! we're good. >> let's put that like that. shall we taste? >> we have soup as well. >> shall we plate it now? >> we'll bring it over here. >> this goes here and we have the soup. >> perfect. okay. that looks great. >> lovely. it's pretty. >> should have made this this weekend. burning corn would be popcorn. that wasn't on the recipes today. >> that corn is extra cracked right there. >> extra crispy. >> there we go. >> let's go back here to see how you make the soup here. this is a summer soup, so it's cold. >> yeah. >> mm, that's good.
9:53 am
>> we're going to take corn off the cob. my trick is to cut it in half first. with the taller one it falls all over. with the shorter one it doesn't. i will put it on the plate to catch everything and also so i can scrape the cobs down. >> at a grocery store you can't peel the whole thing. how can you make sure it's good? >> it should be fresh. it shouldn't have divots in it. it should look clean, fresh, not black at the top. the outside shouldn't be bruised. so just scrape this down. when you have a bunch of ears it gives a good amount of milk that comes from the cob. this is the corn that's come off the blender. we won't do that today. i would pulse it quickly. >> you blend it and put in cream or -- >> this is regular milk. i would do probably 3:1 corn to
9:54 am
milk. i wouldn't fill it all up. do it in batches over and over. >> great. all right. >> when you puree it, you would strain it through something like this. >> or it's too chunky? >> you take the outside of the k kernel off, so it's chewy and you want it sweet and velvety. >> adding some embellishments. hi, ann. >> what is this? >> this is chili oil. i take the chili flakes and olive oil. >> that's brilliant. the cob in there is great. >> i have corn on the cab here. interesting variations that you can add to it. you have parmesan? >> instead of plain corn on the cob we have mayonnaise and parmesan. >> tastes so fresh. you did such a great job. we have more coming up. >> we have a little corn salad,
9:55 am
too. >> i'm going to have that. up next we have hoda and kathie lee. .
9:56 am
good morning, everybody. it is 9:56. i'm brent cannon. mike has a little bit of a
9:57 am
heads-up in the road. >> it is metal in the road on the northbound side of 98. reports of it there, there's no slowing, but we have a light volume of traffic passing through. if you want to be an extra in the moneyball movie, go out there. a nice drive over from 880. there's some haze there, but not an issue. the golden gate bridge, there's some fog there, but it looks pretty good. >> the low clouds go way inland. you can see the golden gate bridge seeing the clouds, but they are starting to break up. north of san jose, they are socked in by low clouds. look at the clouds out there. sper still filling in out there. 70s and low 80s inland. oakland, the same forecast through wednesday. then we warm up inland thursday and friday. we are learning more about another bay area pitbull attack. the latest one happened in
9:58 am
oakland. a dog bit a 7-year-old girl in the face. she is now recovering from surgery. witnesses say they was in a backyard near mcallister and 82nd achb when the pilt pitbull lunged at her and bit her in the face. >> if they do have a dog in their home exhibiting questionable behavior, regardless of the breed, they should address that straight away and talk to someone. >> now, the attack came two days after a 2-year-old was mauled to death by three pitbulls in concord. it is unclear whether the oakland pitbull owner will face any charges. that dog was taken by animal control, but we don't know if it was put down. more local news coming up in a half hour. the "today" show returns in a half minute. have a great morning.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today." with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. it is fun day around here. july 26th. it's not just any monday fun day. >> it certainly isn't. >> it's called our sextennial. >> oh. because we're 600 episodes. >> that surprised me. >> today. >> i know. did that surprise you? >> we. >> it just flew. >> i'm shocked.
10:01 am
it does fly. is that a milestone, 600? what happened to 500? >> for 60 minutes it's not much. for frank's 27 years at "monday night football," it's nothing. but for us, two women, so competitive, it's a miracle. >> it is a miracle. and we got to open up "usa today" which is nice. on the front up here it says filler. tammy filler. >> she's home still with her bra brand-baby. >> and we miss her. and there's lots of hilarity. >> hilarity, yes. >> there's a picture here. >> it's quite the, as they say, spread. and we want to thank olivia barker. >> we love olivia. here is mary and laura. they're kind of pictured. >> yes. and as articles go, what did you think? >> i thought it was really nice. >> compared to what i'm used to. >> it's a home run! we thought it would be fun to take a little look back of our
10:02 am
600 episodes. it's a quick thing. it's just a little, like, snap. >> we have no idea. >> let's watch it. >> so we'll see. >> guess what? it is time for the new edition to the "today" show. miss kathie lee gifford! >> nobody will mind. >> you can't eat the food. ♪ apple bottom jeans ♪ boots with the fur ♪ everyone has a story ♪ >> that sounds like something else. >> this glass supposedly can hold -- >> hold on. zproo -- a whole bottle. >> i've got to be careful. >> you're an amateur. >> that is crazy. >> i'm sorry, but there's room for another glass. >> oh, i always forget the show is a whole hour. >> get it. get it. >> halloween theme. >> come on. just keep jogging. keep your feet moving. ♪
10:03 am
>> kathie lee! >> mom, you just sliced yourself on that knife! >> what kathy thinks of the kitchen, she walks in. she says, oh, this is what a kitchen looks like. >> i'm not the one bleeding. ♪ >> attention, macy's shoppers! sale! >> i got it! >> cheers. >> cheers. >> cheers. >> and we're still cheering. so thanks to all of you for being along on this great ride that we're having. we so appreciate you all. and you're calling your friends and you're sitting around and who knows what you're doing in the privacy of your own home. >> we don't want to know. >> but our show is doing well because of and you we're very grateful. and our incredible staff. >> we have a terrific staff. >> we've got a whole show to do. >> there's a new study out that
10:04 am
says will sitting kill you? >> literally. >> yeah, they studied 120,000 american adults and found the more you sit around, the shorter your life span is. and most of us, most people in offices, cubicles, wherever, sit all day long except to go for lunch and that kind of thing. >> when you think about civilizations through all the years, it's only recently that we have been sitting as human beings. we were hunters, gatherers. >> right. >> and squatting in fields doing things. you know what i'm saying. there was part of your lower extremities were being used constantly. >> they're saying when you sit like that, it cramps everything down there. and, you know, you end up having issues with triglicerides and all that kind of stuff. >> they should get up. >> everyone should get up. >> what surprised me, even people like you that get up and
10:05 am
run like a maniac even first thing in the morning, it doesn't really help if you sit all day long. >> you've got to keep moving. >> and it's far risk for women than for men. >> you could even sit on a ball fwhauz makes your core move. there was somebody that used to do that. >> it was weird. that didn't last long. that is a scary statistic. and there is something you can do about it. >> did you have a nice weekend? >> yes. how about you? you went to the hamptons. >> randy falco used to work here at nbc for years. look at his cool setting at his house. look at the two people who have drinks trying to hide them out of frame. me and melissa. dropping them down. everyone else is fine. that's janice huff who you guys have seen on the weekends on the "today" show. susan and randy falco and jane hansen. it was a nice dinner party. they had a chef who came and cooked. >> look at this. they really went out. that's beautiful. >> it was a relaxing, beautiful
10:06 am
day. >> you stayed longer than you planned to because it was hotter than you know what. the only place to be was somewhere near the water. we stayed home pretty much. but bambino got fixed. yeah. >> oh! >> little bambino. there he is. when we took him in to have it done, he's 3 1/2 pounds now. he's gained two pounds. so in other words, there wasn't a whole lot to fix. but whatever he had, we took. so i was going to go see "salt" friday night. frank and i were going to come. but we bring him home to the vet. and you cannot leave your baby at a time like that. he did not know what had hit him. but he sat there. i kind of loved it because i thought, it's been years since i, you know rs crad, cradled. he didn't sleep. he just looked at me, like, what happened, mommy? for six hours. he's much better. then on saturday, from baltimore, thank you, pete for that. my brother and his wife and his daughter and granddaughter came.
10:07 am
and even though they're here in new york, i so rarely see them. so it was wonderful. we sat under my daddy's tree. we call that tree epi. and daddy was born in annapolis, maryland, and taught us all to love crab. it was special. and then we went to see "salt" last night. >> how was it? >> it came in second after "inception." but i enjoyed it. it's quite the ride. the thrill ride. and i think angelina jolie is the only actress on the planet that could have played this off. >> tell us what she played. >> we're not quite sure. she works for the cia, but you don't know if she's a russian spy as well. i don't want to give everything away, but she apparently did, like, 95% of her own stunts. and it is a nonstop action. so cody's going to be on later in the week to tell us what he saw of it. >> and i want to see "inception," too. i've heard both sides. some people loved it. some people couldn't stand it. the people who didn't like "shudder island," which i kind
10:08 am
of liked. >> some people want to go to the movies and be entertained. some people like to go and be challenged intellectually. you know who you are. cody's seen "inception" twice and he's seen "salt," too. it's happening so much. if you miss one thing, go see it for her performance. she's pretty amazing. >> all right. let's see. this is an interesting story. a petite passenger who was aboard a southwest flight. she was flying standby. >> that's key to the story. >> she gets on the plane, sits down. and they say, excuse me, ma'am. someone who had a ticket needs to come in and take your seat. >> well, it was an extra seat. >> there were two seats. >> two seats. >> there was an empty one and then hers. they asked the standby to get off so another passenger can get on and have two seats. >> because they were overweight. >> they were overweight. >> for their standards at southwest. >> yeah. >> that passenger turned out to be 14 years old. >> yeah. >> so there is some question about -- but even the airline agrees that they handled the
10:09 am
situation poorly. and they're going to apologize to the lady that had to get off. boy, you don't get criticized too often for being too thin or, you know -- >> i know. i mean, you get the idea -- i wonder if the woman paid for two seats. >> not criticized, penalized. >> i wonder if the woman paid for two. because if you paid for two, they're your seats. >> but she hadn't until she got there, hoda, and they realized she was too heavy to be in one seat. >> she paid for one? she paid for one. >> sherry sherrod. we don't want to judge it until we know about all the details. >> we're never going to know any details of anything. >> okay. sara, did you have a lovely weekend, too, sweetheart? >> i did. i spent it in a pool. >> in a pool. you should. >> we're going to do our favorite things. >> this looks like our regular run-of-the-mill pump. this is a cole haan and nike air.
10:10 am
they use the nike air technology to make the heel comfy. kind of like a sneaker but not exactly. >> especially if you're going to be in them for a long time. >> i have a couple pairs. both pairs, the one i'm wearing and this are both cole haan. they're a little pricey. they're almost $200. but if you're going to have one good pump you can walk in, that's it. >> okay. there's this young lady from vermont. her name is grace o'brien. she's studying to be a designer, a fashion designer. lives in vermont, as i said, but has family and all of that and wanted to find a way to use her skills and make more money. so she has started something called she sent this to me which is kind of cute. it would make a great gift. i never wear kitchen aprons because, as you know, i'm ale e allerg allergic. but for her i'll put it on. it does this. it's very cute. apparently ladies are now ordering them, sending everybody away from the house, cooking for
10:11 am
their husbands and greeting them in nothing but this. >> is that right? >> which doesn't matter what you're eating for dinner after that. everybody's so happy. then there's this that snaps on. your little towel. look at that. >> that's great. >> uh-huh. see? >> look at you cleaning. >> and excuse me for the whole thing. >> the matching gloves. >> she sent one for you as well, hoda. do we have time? >> of course we do. look at nastia. that's cute. >> and it's pink and it's got this. >> very sweet. >> that's fun. >> i love it. nastia got her hair done for this. >> you look adorable. >> hi, sara. >> sara's favorite thing we'll get to at the end of the show. >> we will. >> sorry, darling, she just kept talking. all righty. up next -- >> do you understand? read the article. up next, gold medalist.
10:12 am
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any resolutions? my resolution is the same as always; keep her full and focused with my fiber. [ all ] 3...2...1... happy school year! [ female announcer ] this school year, make a resolution to give your kid kellogg's frosted mini-wheats cereal. an excellent source of fiber from 100% whole grain. that helps keep them full so they can focus on the day ahead. keeps 'em full... keeps 'em focused. he's just 28 and already apollo anton ohno is the most decorated athlete in history, holding eight medals for short-track skating. >> because everything he touches turns to gold, silver or bronze, he's tackling projects off. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> you absolutely adore summer more than anybody. or do you long for the ice?
10:15 am
>> i love the summer. i love winter, i love all seasons, but the summer is nice. it's been heat. >> we watched you in vancouver do your thing. what have you been doing since then? because a lot of people haven't seen you since. >> wow. i haven't slept in my own bed basically i think more than seven nights toelg s total sinc games in vancouver. >> so you're sleeping around? >> in hotels. >> you're sleeping around. >> a lot of fights with a lot of pillows. no. i've been writing a book, which is fantastic. i just finished it. it's going to be out in october. >> uh-oh. you're going to have competition. >> me and you, ohno. we'll root for yours. >> and then, you know, i launched my own company, nutritional supplement company called eight zone revolving around my open nutritional needs for the games. >> how many calories do you need to go through each day when you're competing? >> it depends on what type of activity i'm doing. every day is different. you have to eat accordingly. >> do you still work out?
10:16 am
>> i have to stay fit. that's kind of who i am as a person. i believe in health and fitness. my brain functions better. everything works better. >> you'd miss it, too. >> i would miss it. >> your book, it's kind of a life story? >> it's a life story. a lot of life lesssons. we go very deep. a lot of insecurities i've had as an athlete that you shield for a long time, you bring them out. >> is that hard? >> it was very hard. i talk about a lot of things from my relationship to my father when i was younger to the mother i never had to a lot of things that shaped me into the character i am today. >> you do a lot of motivational speaking. does that play into those speeches as well? >> absolutely. as we were talking off camera about twitter -- >> yeah, i follow apolo. you have some cool anecdotes. >> you're coming on with us? >> are you kidding? absolutely. i've been tweeting since a couple days ago. have as many people watch as possible. for me, it's like self-therapy. you talk about what you're doing during the day. you inspire people.
10:17 am
at the end of the day, no matter how olympic medals i have, i'm trying to inspire somebody else. >> what else are you doing? >> i'm here today to announce this awesome partnership. this brand-new partnership, a six-year deal basically between the ussc, the united states olympic committee, and the bmw group. and it outlines not only just the financial needs and the help that they're going to have as an official sponsor for the new mobile partner, but actually, they're going to go over just the financial needs that we have. not only will we have access to the technology, the speed, everything evolving around their company, it's going to set up a performance-based category. moving forward, everything is revolved around aerodynamics. bmw focuses on a lot of same thing. we never had access to this before. we'll have access as athletes. hopefully we'll be able to see it for the next two years in london and then sochi and beyond. >> are you going to keep
10:18 am
competing? >> right now i'm taking a break. >> he's been doing it for years. maybe acting. >> first and foremost, i'm very proud to be an olympic athlete. it's an honor to compete for your country. i've had an amazing career and very happy about where i'm at. >> darn good dancer, too. >> and cute. >> thanks for being with us on our 600th episode. >> thanks for having me. up next, the etiquette of disciplining other people's kids. >> that's the key. other people's. after this. >> brats. [ announcer ] how do you plus up breakfast? introducing total plus omega-3 honey almond flax cereal.
10:19 am
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10:21 am
whether you are chaperoning your child's trip or hosting a play date, at some point you might find yourself in the awkward position of having to discipline somebody else's child. >> no one wants to do that. so we called in the professional. we love this woman. stacy kaiser is a psychotherapist and the author of "how to be a grown up." we love it when you come, stacy, because you just don't -- you just cut to it. >> no b.s. >> you cut right to it. what is the problem with kids these days? >> the problem is that parents are not parenting. you know, we had those easygoing -- easygoing philosophy because our parents were too strict and we need to
10:22 am
find the center. >> but if you're on a play date pretend and you have your child and someone's child, are you free to discipline that other kid if that other kid starts getting rambunctious or into trouble? >> you're talking about the parent, all parents around? >> if you're on a play date, it's your child and somebody else's kid. >> i say if you're the only parent, absolutely. especially if there's a safety issue. as a matter of fact, anywhere you go, if there's a safety issue and that kid or another kid's at risk, you jump in immediately. but if it's you and another child, then you tell them on the front end, these are my rules at this place or in my home, and we follow the rules. if you tell them on the front end, then you know you can back it up on the back end. >> let's go forward with that analogy. and we're at the playground. and you're with your child and another child is there. you're talking to the parent. and all of a sudden, their kid throws sand in your kid's face. and the parent does nothing about it. then what do you do? >> that's a delicate situation because as you know as a parent, our children are like our property. it's our finest thing. in an earthquake or fire, we're
10:23 am
going to grab them first. you want to make a general statement to the group. we don't throw sand at the park. nobody is allowed to throw sand. >> what if the woman says, that's my child? and you have no right to say that about my child? >> then you graciously apologize and then you can pull your child away from the situation and say to them, listen. you're not going to be playing with little johnny over there because johnny throws sand. >> okay. what if your hon were on a plan someone behind you is kicking the back of your seat. the parent next to that child is doing absolutely nothing. >> sees it. knows it's happening and does nothing. >> that actually happened to me on the plane coming here. like everybody else, i want to reach back and grab the kid's foot. rule number one, you don't touch a child unless there's a safety issue. what i always tell parents to do is you support and suggest. so to support and suggest means you would turn back and support the parent and say, i know it's really hard to sit still on a plane, but make a suggestion. but your son is kicking my seat.
10:24 am
that's exactly what i did. >> you should tell the parent, not the kid. >> absolutely. you always talk to the parent. >> could you tell one of the flight attendants and ask them to? >> sure. if you're one of those people who's a little more passive, you can call the flight attendant over and say could you please tell me? >> a lot of times it's tone. you can say something in a nice and gracious way as opposed to, you are letting your kid! which is what you want to say. >> that's part of what i think is really challenging is. other kids can be annoying. >> not mine, of course, but everybody else's. >> if you can't control another child, it can be irritating. so you have to calm yourself down so that you can find a way ♪ ♪ oh, love me ♪ oh oh oh ♪ just love me ♪ oh oh oh ♪ just hold me ♪ oh oh oh ♪ just kiss me ♪ oh oh oh ♪ just want me ♪ l-o-v-e
10:25 am
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10:26 am
for strong muscles, vital energy, a healthy immune system, and a real difference in your dog. purina one improved with smartblend. discover what one can do. good morning, everybody. it is 10:26. i'm brent cannon. we are getting a check on the commute with mike. >> we have an easy drive coming down here off of the peninsula southbound through san mateo. still showing a slowdown heading to the highway 92. that was the first to show the slowdown sticking around for quite some time this morning. the rest of the peninsula is looking good heading south through palo alto. look at that, the rest of the south bay is pleasant as far as the drives. northbound 101 and 87 are both clear right now. the santa cruz mountains could see low clouds, though, right,
10:27 am
rob? yes. notice the temperatures in the green, they are in the 50s with lots of low clouds. it is breaking up near san jose. it will be a mild day, breezy at times. 70s to low 80s inland. 60s for oakland and san francisco. the north valleys are going to stay cool with patchy clouds. the same story for the middle of the week and we warm up in time for the weekend. it is 10:27. more news after the break.
10:28 am
the golden state warriors
10:29 am
knows the community is watching closely. jeremy lindsays he's humbled by the attention he's getting from the asian american community. his main goal is to become a better basketball player, but many people in the asian-american community think he's had to prove himself even more than others in a sport where there are not very many asians. >> seeing this apart from the asian-american community, i start to think about, well, there are a lot of kids that look up to me, so i'm very thankful for the opportunity and the responsibility. >> jeremy lind will be the first taiwanese to play on the nba level. more than 1,000 san francisco kindergarteners will start with a college investment fund. a new program begins this year putting $50 into a savings account to help 25% of the city's kids go to college. families and community donors will add to the funds. the hope is that the program will gain a popularity and soon
10:30 am
all kids will have an effect. thank you for joining us. the "today" show comes up next. join us again here at 4:30. have a great day. see you then. ♪ we're back on this fun day with more of "today "skp" and ae celebrity news that will have you buzzing. >> bonnie fuller is editor in chief of >> hello, ladies. >> well, well, well. we were enjoying a hot summer weekend and you guys were getting all the buzz. >> it was a quiet weekend until this morning and now more mel news. another very disturbing tape that's been revealed of him
10:31 am
talking about oksana and having sex in front of her 12-year-old. >> this is the seventh tape released by radaronline. >> he produced some of her recordings. >> her music. >>er had music. and actually co-wrote some of the songs. and now she wants to re-release these, and he's not putting what they call his john hancock on the whole thing. >> can you imagine? why not? i mean, you just have to wonder, you know, what was going on that would have pushed her to make all of these audiotapes public when she knew that he was holding the strings on this record that he produced. >> haven't they proven, though, she's the one that released them? >> the suspicion's on her sister right now. >> oh, releasing it. >> where is he? >> she didn't release them to the police, we noticed. they go to a website, to radaronline. >> where is he? what's he doing? does anyone know? >> he's been extremely quiet. however, he did have a visit with the department of child and family services. they met with him in court last
10:32 am
week. apparently for about two hours. and as a result of that, the judge decided not to take custody away from him. >> oh, okay. interesting. >> and mel has hired someone to supervise visits with his child, with lucia. >> smart idea. >> to protect him from further accusations. >> we'll be hearing that tape, i would imagine, all day. it just came in so we have to bleep everything out. >> it's pretty long. >> so lindsay is now on her sixth day of prison? or jail? >> she did not have a good weekend in jail. >> a meltdown? what happened? >> and not the good kind. >> no. i feel for her. i feel for her. apparently the jail is absolutely frigid. she was shivering and crying and wailing to such a degree all night that the other prisoners, her cellmates, started to taunt her. >> we're not learning much yet. it's as if she's still thinking it's all about her. the court thinks she needs to learn in prison, which is it's not all about you. you live on a planet with other
10:33 am
people, and you obey driving laws and alcohol laws. >> right. >> she and mel need to get together and have a 12-step program and go on "dancing with the stars." >> with sarah palin and meet a few grizzlies and have some perspective. >> speaking of sarah palin, i was reading about sarah palin and kate gosselin coupling. >> kate gosselin is taking her kids on a camping trip to alaska as part of her show. >> yes. it's all part of the reality series, which is not reality. >> kate is now being billed as a maverick mom. >> oh. >> maverick mom. >> so what does palin have to do with the whole deal? >> it's a soft opening for her series which is going to be "sarah palin's alaska." so this is the way of introducing her. >> a cross-over. >> same network? >> no, one is discovery, and one is tlc. >> okay. >> so there's some relationship there. >> a common denominator called ratings. >> yes.
10:34 am
>> sarah's dad is a former science teacher. so apparently he's going to give lessons to the kids. >> ooh, it might be very cute. it's certainly not illegal. sarah palin, if she's wanting to be the nominee for the presidency in 2012, you wonder why if she's thinking very clearly about everything she does in the next couple years, which is establish a pattern. >> she's certainly establishing more income for her family. apparently she's being paid about $1 million per episode, eight episodes for that show. >> what's the latest with bristol and levi? does he have something else going, levi? >> yes, he does. funny you should ask. >> he's in a music video. >> of course, he is. >> yes. >> what took him so long? >> he sings or is he dancing? >> he's -- >> he's the love interest, isn't he? >> he's playing a role. but so far no takers, we hear, for their new reality show. that's not been an easy sell. >> because of the "us weekly"
10:35 am
cover didn't sell well at all. it was a real bomb. >> real bomb. do you think people are just tired of it or innately characters that aren't that interested in? >> they're not that interesting. if you really get down to it, neither has really done that much except scandalize their families. >> a couple of movies were doing well this weekend. you saw both of them. "salt" is number two. did you guys see that? >> i saw "salt." >> loved it? >> do you think she's the only one that could have carried it off? >> absolutely. >> i can't imagine any other actress doing this. she's extraordinary. >> you have to give her cred for all of the action scenes and doing most of her own stunt work. what's funny is after being in all of these bloody situations and acting situations, she comes out looking gorgeous. >> she doesn't even have a limp. she's jumping. she's on the ground. she's bloodied, battered and gorgeous. >> of course, she is. >> well, come on. >> i did like at it was so female empowering. >> yeah.
10:36 am
>> and that she was so strong. >> although she had -- >> don't give it away. >> i said achilles heel. >> there's one scene, and maybe we shouldn't give this away either, where she has to cover a camera and she uses an article of clothing that a man would have never used. >> he could have used his boxers. >> she had a jacket on. >> she doesn't need her underwear. >> don't you think this bodes very well for female leads? i mean, she carried it, $36 million opening. >> they said she was paid $20 million for it, and they leave it totally open for a sequel. >> we'll definitely be seeing her again. >> we'll have the quell with you guys next week. thank you so much. ne >> thanks a lot. next what happens? >> the guy who lost 220 pounds. the before and after, how he did and maybe you can, too, after this. ...and... um, it's only 10am. who hasn't had their jimmy dean breakfast this morning? mmmm!
10:37 am
now lets orbit i feel awesome. you're all awesome. jimmy dean breakfast sandwiches, fight the morning fade. honestly, i'd love to do this for the rest of my life so i have to take care of myself. [ male announcer ] to keep doing what you love, keep your heart healthy. cheerios can help. the whole grain oats can help lower cholesterol. it's simple; love your heart so you can do what you love. for the first time, discover exotic fragrances... and rich moisture from aveeno, the naturals brand dermatologists trust most. introducing positively nourishing moisturizers. with active naturals, they're clinically tested... to lock in moisture for 24 hours. now, skin can be soft and beautifully fragrant. that's the best of both worlds. new positively nourishing. and experience our enticing body washes, too. only from aveeno. that's the beauty of nature and science. it's all that people notice.
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10:40 am
♪ enjoy my life all right. it's time for a look at me now the joy fit club and the induction of its newest member. >> his name is pedro gomez jr., he's 38 and he's lost more than 200 pounds. here's his story. >> my name is pedro gomez jr. and i am from brooklyn, new york, born and raised. i have been overweight for most of my life. growing up, i stayed away from sports, social events and even my high school prom. i felt happy when i was eating because i wasn't thinking about anything else. as an adult in the workplace, i
10:41 am
was still a very shy guy. meeting people was a very challenging thing for me to do. i had no confidence in myself, and i saw myself as a big fat failure. at my heaviest, i weighed over 400 pounds. i was limping. i couldn't breathe properly. and it was an obstacle for me to walk five blocks. by early 2005, i was walking down a flight of stairs when i tripped and i felt so dizzy that i couldn't move. for my birthday in 2006, i decided to give myself a birthday present that would change my life forever. i attended my very first weight watchers meeting. i had lost seven pounds in my very first week. i have experienced plateaus, but through it all, i just kept saying to myself, you are worth it. it's as simple as that. >> oh, and he is. and before we meet pedro, let's talk with the leader of our joy fit club, today's nutritionist,
10:42 am
joe bauer, that pedro struggled with like so many people do, the emotion. >> this guy is pure inspiration. he took it one day at a time, one pound at a time. and you know what? he accomplished something that he thought was impossible. and so many people use food to cope with emotions. >> he said he gave himself a gift. all you have to do is one step. like that first meeting. this was his achilles heel. >> he started feeding his emotions with unhealthy food at the age of 5. >> that's all he knew, really. >> absolutely. these were some of his favorites. so as he started to lose the weight, he worked on this, he found new ways to cope with his emotions. and when he gets sort of like that bingy feeling, he'll either put on his sneakers and head out the door for a walk, or he'll pick up the phone and he'll engage in a conversation which is a great distraction with either a friend or a family member. >> the buddy system. >> or he sticks on his ipod and he grooves out to great music that really brings him to a happy place.
10:43 am
he loves aretha franklin and stevie wonder, gloria estefan. >> there's no food there, joy. why doesn't he choose something else that might satisfy him? >> because it's not about food. he's not hungry. when he's anxious, lonely, sad. so this really worked for him. and he's going to blow you away. this guy is pure love. >> all right. pedro, i love him. >> he's eligible, i understand, right? >> yes, he's very eligible. >> here is pedro's before picture. all right. come on out. let's see the new you. ♪ new york >> wow! oh, my gosh! >> how you doing? >> how you doing? come here. >> good for you! >> thank you, ladies. >> congratulations. >> thank you, ladies. >> wow! you look so good. >> oh, my goodness. >> so much love in the room. >> how do you feel, honey? >> fantastic. >> i love that first day you gave yourself a gift. and did it -- right on that day,
10:44 am
did you feel things starting to change for you when you made that choice, pedro? >> all of those changes did not happen overnight. i was adjusting to what i was going to run into in my diet and exercise program. i just took it one day at a time, one pound at a time and one victory at a time. >> 220 pounds later. >> 4 1/2 years. >> you did it the right way. god bless you. you're an inspiration to everybody out there. >> your knees are good? everything's good? >> looking good, pedro. >> all right. up next, toys for grown-up girls and boys. >> you'll like these gadgets right after this. in some of nature's best ingredients. that's how we created purina one with smartblend. nutritionally optimized with real salmon, wholesome grains and essential antioxidants, for strong muscles, vital energy, a healthy immune system, and a real difference in your cat. purina one improved with smartblend.
10:45 am
discover what one can do. how'd you do that? do what? you made it taste like chocolate. it has 35% of your daily value of fiber. tasty fiber, that's a good one! ok, her mind. [ male announcer ] fiber one chewy bars. and this one i'm taking to the house. the ice cream man is here! breyers all natural grasshopper pie. walmart's the only place you can get it. they love it when i take my work home with me. [ shaniya ] daddy i want more ice cream.
10:46 am
[ laughs ] this is it! [ all ] 10...9...8... a new school year has so much potential! any resolutions? my resolution is the same as always; keep her full and focused with my fiber. [ all ] 3...2...1... happy school year! [ female announcer ] this school year, make a resolution to give your kid kellogg's frosted mini-wheats cereal. an excellent source of fiber from 100% whole grain. that helps keep them full so they can focus on the day ahead. keeps 'em full... keeps 'em focused.
10:47 am
10:48 am
time for "today's tech" and the hottest gadgets to help you stay cool in the heat.
10:49 am
>> he's on a gadget. he's driving around. >> this is from citizen bike. and these are folding bikes, great for commuters. this one is called the gotham. i'm going to put the kickstand down here. they fold up to be something like this. >> wow! looks like a tricyle. >> you can actually check this and bring it on the airplane. >> is it light enough? >> super light, like 25 pounds. >> that's not that light. no, thank you. >> what's amazing is they start at $164. it's pretty reasonable. and they're only available online, citizen bike. >> very cute. i love that one with the little basket. >> our eyes. >> these are cooling eye masks. you put them on. they have lavender inside. you keep them in the fridge overnight. >> do those really work? >> they do relax you. >> i don't know if they take the puffiness away, though, do they? >> but they're supposed to cool you off on a hot afternoon. >> put them in the refrigerator. and they do smell fantastic. >> 15 bucks. >> from aroma home.
10:50 am
this is a flip cage. my book is all about garage inventor. it's called the flip case. what it is, it has all these different functions. you can flip it like this. it protects it. then you can use it as a stand, as a handle. it's a great way to kind of be on the go and still have your camera protected. it's very cool. and you find it in gadget nation and whatnot. >> forgive me if i'm the biggest idiot in the room. that has nothing to do with the garage. >> garage inventors. >> what does it have to do with the garage? like a picture of your garage. all right. >> you have great pictures, this is a printer. you don't have to hook it up to a computer. it's a picturemate. the pictures are beautiful. glass, matte. right now it's digital slide show mode. >> just plug your camera in and it starts printing things? >> just plug it in and knock them right out.
10:51 am
>> one particular size? >> all different sizes. it comes with paper. you can buy more paper. it comes out to about 26 cents a print which isn't too bad. >> very cute. >> if you're going to the water, this is pretty cool from a music player that can go in the water. you can do laps and whatnot. >> i might even swim if i had that thing. >> it's fun. it can handle up to 15 feet in water which is pretty deep. >> but you get your hair wet under there. >> what about the earplugs? >> they're designed to be in the water. isn't that great? >> this is good. >> this is great. >> you want to read in the pool. this is called the aqua reader. just kind of floats poolside. there's a spot back here for a drink. and it's about $30. and speaking of drinks right over here, this is called the bottle top. these things snap onto an open bottle. this way you can close an open bottle. it now has a top. you have the different colors. you can see whose can is what. >> why would you put it on
10:52 am
there? >> let's say at a picnic, it gets knocked over. >> saves it. and in today's, a lot of people want to save it. >> also you know whose soda's is what for a pick anybonic. this is developed by the military, believe it or not. we've got some sand right here. you put it on sand. sand doesn't come through when you go this way. but i love demonstrations. excuse me. when you sprinkle sand on top of it, it goes right through it. so it goes right through. >> perfect for the beach. >> perfect for the beach. so the sand goes through it. i don't know if we're seeing it on camera so well. >> but it won't go the other way. >> so you put your blanket on top of this. because i hate all that sand. i hate the sand. it drives me nuts. i'm a miami guy, but i don't want the sand getting all over me. >> this was pretty good. compared to usual, this was really darn good. >> we're glad your foot's better. >> better than usual? >> we'll be back with m
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before we go, sara, we want to make one quick correction which we rarery have to do. sarah palin's alaska will air on tlc, not discovery. >> so it is in the family. sara, we didn't get a chance to talk to you. what is your favorite thing? >> an iphone app called lose it. it's a weight-tracking system. for those of you who have blackber blackberrys, they have something called live strong for $2.99. it allows you to enter your food, watch what you're eating, keep yourself honest. you can do calories, what exercise you've been doing so it calcula calculates. it's a nice visual way to keep track. they say at the end of the day, it's looking at what you really are eating. >> it never screams at you for
10:57 am
being weak. >> it sometimes says, "you are fat!" just kidding. tomorrow, steamy summer fashion. >> plus, motivational speaker tony oobbi we'lwosm. ofis wisd. >> what's it called again, hoda? >> it's called boomsday. meantime, have a magnificent monday. >> thanks for being with us. do
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