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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 530  NBC  July 31, 2010 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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near the intersection of 19th and church streets. a 40-year-old man was walking home when a group of 12 people attacked him. investigators say the men under the age of 21 jumped the victim, beat him up and stabbed him and robbed him. the man was taken to san francisco general hospital with life-threatening injuries. police detained seven people and placed three supports under arrest. dolores park is a popular spot not just on the weekends, people who live steps from where the attack took place are frustrated in what seems to be an increase in violence in and around the park. >> it's very upsetting. it seems like in the last few months there have been more and more alcohol-related incidents, open containers of alcohol, fighting, rowdiness. >> reporter: police have not released the victim's name. he is a 40-year-old asian man
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and a resident of san francisco. his injuries are life threatening. the motive appears to be a random robbery. police say the three people in custody are 20, 18 and 17. they are facing charges of robbery and attempted murder. live in san francisco, monty francis. friends of three bay area hikers being held captive in iran held a rally in the streets of san francisco on the one-year anniversary of their capture and imprisonment. it was one of many events held internationally. more than 100 people gathered at 16th and mission to drum up support and get signatures for an international petition to pressure iran to release the uc berkeley graduates. they were detained while hiking along the iran/iraq border. iran accused them of spying, but
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they have not been charged with anything. >> the public needs to be reminded sometimes as i, myself, need to be reminded that they're still there. i go on with my daily life. so does everybody. a year goes by. that is a very long time to keep up the energy of attention. >> after a rally organizers led a march through the mission district. similar rallies were held in london, paris, new york and other u.s. cities as part of the international weekend of action. a judge will decide monday whether ac transit has the right to force a new contract on its employees. bus drivers have been working under an imposed contract for ten days because the company and union could not agree on a number of issues. the transit agency say workers are staging a sickout. the union is denying that. >> we have a right to collectively bargain, working conditions, hours of work and benefits for our members.
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if a district could dictate, you wouldn't have a union. >> the district is requiring to have a balanced budget. if there is no money to run buses, there is no money to run buses. >> ac transit served 236,000 riders a day. weekend service could be canceled. expect the potholes in oakland to get bigger. the city has put off repairs for so long, 400 million behind and falling behind more each day. the city's public work agency says oakland needs at least $26 million to make a dent but the city will see $8 million this year. crews usually tackle roads in the best shape first. sidewalk maintenance affected by the money crunch. an undocumented family in the bay area feel like prisoners in their own home. they fled arizona because of the new immigration law. they sat down with damian
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trujillo to talk about their fears and hopes. >> reporter: fearing retribution for not having a green card the family asked we id their identitied. the family ran from arizona and maricopa county sheriff, joe arpaio. >> what goes through your mind when you hear sheriff arpaio? >> terror. >> reporter: the father says he feels terror at the mere mention of the sheriff's name. he has been organizing raids in his county. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: the father says they were no longer taking walks to the park or the store. they were prisoners in their own home. that is when the family made the decision to leave. how difficult was that decision? very difficult, says the father. they had to leave everyone and everything behind. jobs, friends, family.
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[ speaking spanish snmdñr. >> reporter: the mother says leaving family behind is what hurts the most but they made that sacrifice for their children, a 12-year-old and her 18-year-old brother. >> i think it is incredible they won't give us -- in arizona for just us to have more opportunities to here. >> i find it incredible how much they actually care for us and they love us that they actually, you know, give up their family that are there. >> reporter: the 18-year-old says it is not easy listening to the whit pspers and slander. >> people slander on people. outsiders, illegals. i don't have antenna sticking out of my head. >> reporter: there are those who say you don't belong to this
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country. the father says he respects people's opinions but is doing what any american father would do for his family. damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. when we come back, who says the terminator can't be licked. the unusual birthday president austria has given to governor schwarzenegger. new bullet proof vests to save canineesiv h lndou a yow gged sorns fpohe tr- efimercrhtig.le with high-speed internet from at&t,
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dog washing proceeds to buy bullet proof vests and other gear for canine officers. if your dog isn't dirty, you can make a cash donation. equipping dogs who wear badges is tough this year with cities locked in tight budget battles. why all that specialized gear is so important. >> if you watch when he runs, he is not affected by it all. >> reporter: baker is about as quick as they come and he is testing out the latest in canine protection. >> this vest is designed to allow the dog to get good ventilation, but also so he can move well. >> reporter: shoulders out, vital organs covered and ready to take what a criminal can dish out. >> each section has a panel. >> reporter: panels that protect from bullets and stabbing. skydiving buckles for rappelling
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with a custom fit unlike the old ones that can be heavy and restricting. >> we want them to be light and still protect them. >> reporter: cover your canine is bringing canine teams to pet food express stories this weekend. >> the teams are coming out. the public is invited to come down, learn about the dogs, learn about the jobs they are doing and suggest our canine teams. >> reporter: each vest can run $1, 400, which may seem like a lot but protecting dogs like baker is important. >> dogs cost $6,000 to $10,000. the amount of training we put into them, we put thousands of hours into these dogs before they are street capable. >> reporter: it is not just the money and the time, he is a lovable dog who takes on the worst of the worst.
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you no longer have to be a superhero to lick the terminator. you only need to have the right postage. austria released a stamp featuring arnold schwarzenegger. the release coincides with schwarzenegger's 63rd birthday. he was born in southern austria. the two-story summer house where he was born will open as a museum. still ahead at 5:00 -- >> you can walk around my store. >> behind the scenes of sin city's newest reality show. where the hottest tourist attraction in vegas this summer is a pawnshop. a nice, sunny, warmay d day today. more from rob mayeda next with the answer.
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las vegas attracts millions
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of tourists every year, many from northern california. lately many of them are making a stop in the most unlikely part of town to see the pawn stars. chuck henry from our l.a. station gives us a tour. >> reporter: bright lights, big city. las vegas the gambling capital of the world, the hottest, newest tourist attraction in sin city is not a posh hotel or a hip nightclub or a sold-out vegas show. this building is the most popular and most unexpected tourist attraction in las vegas. >> today i'm going to take you around the pawnshop and give you a tour. >> reporter: yes, a pawnshop. this is not just any pawnshop. four of the most unlikely tv stars own and run this place. >> i'm rick harrison and this is my pawnshop. >> reporter: pawn stars is a hit on the history channel. 6 million viewers watch what
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unfolds. >> what can i help you with? >> these are extremely rare. >> baseball hall of fame. they could be worth a lot of money. >> i just want our viewers to know how popular you are, okay? these people are not here because they want the air conditioning. they're here to see you. tourists by the bus load flock here to meet rick harrison and his family, the pawn stars. >> you couldn't cast a crew like my family. >> reporter: rick's dad they all the old man, rick's son corey. >> it is weird to be on tv, to be a star. i can't picture myself as a star. >> reporter: and long time family friend chummily. the items for sale here range from the ordinary -- >> you find higher end diamonds. >> reporter: to the wild. >> we just bought this. you may or may not see that coming up on a recent episode.
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>> reporter: to the wow. >> those two broaches are fabrege. >> reporter: and the down right wear. >> i have a number one "playboy," the one with marilyn. >> the first issue of "playboy." >> reporter: rick says what you see on tv is the real deal. >> after i started doing this show other reality tvs are not that much reality this is me. you can walk around the store. >> reporter: pawn stars is not only a reality tv phenomenon, it has also been a major boon for las vegas tourism. just like the casinos on the strip, the pawnshop is a tourist destination in itself. >> keep walking, please. >> they give you the keys to the city. yeah. they are appreciative. i'm bringing tourists downtown. >> reporter: thousands of people line up each day braving the intense heat.
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it was over 110 when we were there. why did you come to this pawnshop? >> because we live in portland, oregon, so we have seen it on tv over and over. we were here. how could we pass up the chance. >> we saw it on tv. >> reporter: wait a minute. you are not from here. i can tell by the accent. >> south africa. >> reporter: not only are downtown las vegas businesses benefiting, so is the fremont street experience. >> this part of las vegas was the forgotten part of the strip and now i have thousands of tourists a week coming down here to hang out in the part of the strip everybody avoided as much as they can. >> reporter: i'm chuck henry. i'm trying to put together a list of occupations they made reality shows, plastic surgery, tanning booths, pawnshops. what is next? >> there is a reality tv show waiting to happen.
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110 degrees, folks waiting in line. >> storm chasers. have they done that one? >> yeah. i have contributed to that crazine craziness. today's high, nowhere near las vegas temperatures. we got close to 90 in the valley. 61 san francisco. the sunshine, that all day long sea breeze keeping things cool. 80s inland. earlier today, fremont festival of the arts, mike innoue sharing these photographs. a cooking demonstration and folks enjoying the sights and sounds. going on tomorrow. great weather expected. san jose 75, breezy outside. things have cooled off. san francisco in the 60s right now. that wind northwest at 16. so that cool marine air
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continues to spill in across the bay area. some weather headlines for the morning, patchy low clouds, pumped in by the sea breeze, mist along the peninsula and coast. for the afternoon sunny skies but mild. we are into august and talking 70s and 80s inland and not much change in the seven-day forecast. temperatures trying to climb up the end of next week. 80% of our summer has been so cool, this trough hung up across the west coast instead of a monster ridge of high pressure, we had a dip in the jet stream. the marine layer is thicker than usual. for most of this week we had below-average temperatures. most of the new week ahead is going to conclude the same thing. the sea breeze will keep our temperatures from getting too warm. mid 80s inland, 70s in santa
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clara, 60s on the coast. maybe some mist along the coast as we show you temperatures for sunday. more or less what we had today. areas south of san jose, mid to upper 80s. 60s for san francisco. east bay looking at a range 60s, oakland 80s, further inland and the north bay high 70s. santa rosa and that vlad o. weather looks great like those san francisco giants. >> you know what was great weather for today? beating the dodgers. >> they got it today. it was an exciting one. the giants showing why you never leave a baseball game until the final out. an exciting finish against those dodgers. >> plus, the giants getting
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what more can you ask for in a rivalry? last night at china basin, the giants nearly blew a four-run ninth inning lead before pulling off the victory. today more drama. this time san francisco needs the come-from-behind heroics. in the process saved barry zito from another loss despite pitching a gem. the lefty working hard to keep the dodgers in check. top of the sixth, rafael furcal fooled. we are still scoreless. top of the seventh, it is still that way. zito allowed just three runs, but one was a whole lot of trouble. casey blake. that's gone. solo blast makes it 1-0 dodgers. zito allowed that one run in
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seven solid innings. would that be enough for a dodger win? same score, buster posey, pat burrell, deep, line drive shot. 2-1 giants. that ended up being your final. they get a second straight save without brian wilson and their second straight win over the dodgers. 2-1. the giants busy off the field pulling off trades at the deadline. first san francisco swung a deal with pittsburgh for lefty reliever javier lopez, in exchange for joe martinez and john bowker. bringing in brady ramirez for daniel turbin. the dodgers appear to be serious in turning things around. today l.a. adding ted lilly from the cubs.
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in addition to ryan theriault. and a pitching prospect. lilly has the second worst run support in baseball. the dodgers adding octavio dotel from the pirates. all was quiet for the a's as the trade deadline came and went. oakland facing the al central leading white sox. dallas braden going for his second win in a row. early highlights at 6:00. the sharks crossing off the final order of business. they inked a one-year, $1.8 million. the forward coming off sports hernia surgery but has said he is recovering well. the rookies have company in santa clara. 49ers first-year players reported to training camp. today was the veterans' turn.
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the niners filed back into team headquarters for a day of meetings before hitting the field tomorrow. everyone present and accounted for except one, franklin. the nose tackle has not signed his $7 million franchise tender. the rest of his teammates are focused on football and high expectations for this upcoming season. >> the biggest part is getting acclimated to the game. there is nothing you can do to be football ready. we'll see. we'll go out there and practice and hopefully it is good. >> we had semifinal action at the bank of the west classic today. the day beginning with a semifinal between number one seed samantha stoszer and victoria az rankica. stosser goes down.
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tonight maria sharapova is in action. let's see if she can make it to the finals. that's it for the news at 5:00. we are back in two minutes with more news. the bay area at 6:00 is next.
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good evening. i'm garvin nos for diane dwyer. it is one year to the day the iranian government detained three bay area hikers accusing them of being spies. the anniversary is motivation of friends and family to remind you they are still not free. we are joins with more on a rally that friends held in san francisco's mission district today. >> reporter: garvin, friends of the hikers marked today's one year anniversary with a rally and march t


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