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tv   NBC11 News Bay Area  NBC  August 1, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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good morning, i'm vicki nguyen. next, balancing budget safety with woes. firefighters may find themselves back on the job. drugs, guns and roosters. dozens of spectators are arrested after a radon a north bay cockfighting ring. and missing the bus. a key decision tomorrow that could affect your commute. and you're looking live on san jose today, shaping up to be a beautiful sunday morning. good morning, and thank you so much for joining us. kris sanchez is off. i'm vicki nguyen.
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let's get a look at your weekend forecast with nbc bay area meteorologist rob mayeda. >> good sunday morning. patches of low clouds and drizzle along the coast and around the peninsula for the morning. we'll see sunshine inland for the afternoon, but these mild temperatures will be sticking around for a while. much like we saw yesterday, we'll wake up to some low clouds, mainly on the coast in inner bay, and in the afternoon, mild weather will take us into the 70s, probably right around lunch time inland. notice our highs still way below average for this time of year. mid 80s for livermore for highs. low 60s around san francisco and oakland. a quick check of your seven-day forecast shows we'll wrap-up the weekend on a mild note and start off the month of august, yes we're in august now. and seeing temperatures in the 70s and 80s inland and lots of 60s near the coast. >> this morning, we are learning of a deal between the firefighters union and the city of san jose that could bring jobs ban sooner than expected. this week, 49 firefighters were laid off after the city and
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union could not reach an agreement on salary and benefits concessions. today, the union is expected to announce plans to accept deeper cuts. it's hoping it will be enough to reverse the tide of layoffs and keep four fire companies on the road. it's still unclear how many of the 49 firefighters' jobs will be restored. 40 people arrested after police bust a cockfighting ring in the north bay. investigators were led to the property near american canyon after a tip. deputies from the napa county sheriff's office, along with officers from vallejo and napa found 50 birds at the scene, along with drugs and firearms. for a brief time, chp had to shut down american canyon road because so many spectators were fleeing the scene. >> we found approximately 65 at the lightened end to maybe 80 gentlemen actively viewing or participating in a cockfight in a makeshift arena up on the hill
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behind me. >> deputies also recovered two dead birds. they are questioning the owner of that property. a 40-year-old san francisco man is struggling to survive after being robbed and stabbed at a popular park in san francisco. as many as a dozen young men apparently carried out the assault early yesterday morning. now people who live near did els park are demanding action from police. monte francis reports. police say a san francisco man was crossing through delores park on his way home, alone, at about 1:30 in the morning. as he reached this bridge on the western edge of the park near 19th and church street, police say a group of 12 men, all under the age of 21, wheat beat the man and stabbed him several times in the abdomen before taking off with his backpack. the victim, described only as a 40-year-old asian man, was rushed to san francisco general hospital with life-threatening injuries. >> they had swabs and they were
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clearly gathering, you know, evidence, and i saw blood and all. >> officers detained seven people, and then placed three of them under arrest. police say the attack appears to be a random robbery that the victim did not know his attackers, and that he was likely targeted because he was walking alone. adam wesley lives just steps away from where the attack happened. >> it's very upsetting. it seems like in the last few months there have been more and more alcohol-related incidents, open containers of alcohol, fighting, rowdiness. >> another neighbor told us he was assaults last summer near delores park. he says the park, which is popular with visitors from all over the bay area, is becoming less safe, especially at night. >> every night now, it's laid at night, there's just groups of people that congregate here, and drinking at all odd hours of the night, and -- and at times things become violent. >> other neighbors told us about
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fights and an attempted stabbing at delores park as recent as last tuesday. but a police spokesman told us over the phone, he was unaware of other violence at the park. monte frannis, nbc bay area news. the victim is now in the intensive care unit after undergoing surgery. it is unclear if he will survive. police say they are still looking for more suspects. the three now in custody face charges of robbery and attempted murder. well, jury selection starts this week in the trial of three men accused of a murder for hire plot, targeting a popular lose got owes businessman. mark akile was gunned down in march of 2008. 29-year-old paul garcia will be tried, alongside the two men he allegedly paid to shoot akile. prosecutors say he hired them for $9500. they say the plot was spurred by a love triangle and that garcia wanted akile out of the way. the three suspects face a maximum sentence of life without parole. san francisco's inmate
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population is dropping "the chronicle" says it's down 21% since march, when the police department's crime lab scandal broke that led to the dismissal of hundreds of pending drug cases. authorities say a dip in crime is another reason for the decline. all ac transit bus service could be cancelled next weekend if a judge decides tomorrow that the agency cannot force a new contract on its workers. right now, bus drivers are working under an imposed ten-day contract because of labor disputes between ac transit and the union. the agency claims workers have been staging sickouts to get what they want. the union says that's just not true. drug companies have the green light to start producing vaccines for the upcoming flu season. the fda has approved the vaccines for the particular strains expected to hit the u.s. this flu season. this year, experts are expecting at least three strains of the flu, including swine flu. you'll only have to get one shot, though, to be protected
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from all three. a hospital in santa rosa will offer a helping hand today for the uninsured teenagers and children from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., kaiser medical center will offer free medical and dental care, physical exams, immunizations and hearing screenings. it's part of the neighbors in health program. no appointment is necessary. last year, some 400 patients received free care. the free health care will be offered at the hospital's campus on old redwood highway. still ahead on "the bay area sunday," more secrets published in the public domain. why the wikileaks investigation is centering around college coe coeds. and are bay area supermarkets and big-name stores leading behind a toxic paper trail? it's not what you buy, but what you're getting in return. we'll show you the disturbing health findup.
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the main culprit suspected in the leak of thousands of afghan war documents may have links to several m.i.t. students. according to the "boston herald," a 23-year-old m.i.t. grad said he met and exchanged e-mails with army intelligence analyst bradley manning. he denied any role the in the leak. the fbi confirms it is interviewing several students in the boston area with apparent ties to manning. nbc's david gregory will have much more on the wikileaks scandal on this morning's "meet the press." he'll speak to admiral mike mullen about how the leak could cut soldiers in danger as the war wraps up its deadliest month. iran says three u.c. berkeley graduates must stabbed trial on charges of illegally crossing the border. the three have now spent more than a year in jail in iran. they were picked up on the iran/iraq border in 2009, and they're accused of being spies. but they have yet to face a
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judge. support rallies were held across the world yesterday, on the one-year anniversary of their capture in san francisco's mission district, more than 100 people gathered to call for the trios' release. organizers say their imprisonment violates international law. >> the public needs to be reminded sometimes, as i myself need to be reminded, that they're still there. i go on with my daily life, so does everybody. a year goes by. that's a very long time to keep up the energy of attention. >> similar rallies and is marches were also held in london, paris, new york and minneapolis as part of the international weekend of action. the president has also called on iran to release the americans. did coast guard allow bp to use too many toxic chemicals to break up oil in the gulf coast? that's the accusation levelled by congressional investigators who say the coast guard rubber stamped bp's request to use the dispersant, which is extremely
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harmful to marine life. a federal director says the chemicals can only be used rarely and in limited quantities on surface water. but investigators say the coast guard allowed bp to use thousands of gallons of the chemicals. meanwhile, new information from noaa says most surface oil has degraded to a thin sheen, and is hundreds of miles from the loop current. researchers say there is still much more oil now sinking to the ocean floor. the spill triggered changes at the 63rd annual blessing of the fleet in louisiana. organizers cancelled the boat parade and festival, but the event still took place in st. bernard parish. a catholic priest blessed all the vessels. paper receipts. most of us touch them daily at the grocery store, the mall, even when you get your morning cup of coffee. now new tests from a national environmental group show those paper receipts contain high levels of bpa. it's a chemical that has been linked to cancer and other health problems. >> the environmental working
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group looked at 36 receipts from major retailers. it found that 40% of the time, the papers contained high levels of bpa. in some cases, up to 12 times the exposure limit set by the government. safeway receipts were the worth offenders, according to the test, but bpa was also found on receipts from mcdonald's, whole foods, walmart and the u.s. postal service. >> after daily exposure, can mimic hormones and cause problems. >> this man supports the efforts to ban bpa from food containers and baby products. he's hoping the next step will be paper receipts. >> i handle receipts just about every day. i've been concerned about bpa for some time now, and tried to get it out of the products that my baby bottles and sippy cups and what not, make sure that's bpa-free, and hearing it's on receipts, i would like to have as little of it in our environment as we can. >> the american chemistry council says the bpa levels are low and is not easily absorb in
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the skin. but it acts like an estrogen and can effect the reproductive system and metabolism. cashier akel liberal says he handles hundreds of receipts a day. >> it makes me kind of worried, because i ado a lot of people every day. >> he has no idea how much bpa he may be exposed to. he says he isn't worrying gloves, yet. >> i'll probably change my habits. >> experts recommend throwing away receipts and making sure you don't stuff them in a bag with your food products when you buy groceries. meanwhile, a state bill to ban bpa from food containers and baby products has passed the assembly. it's heading to the governor's desk later this year. if it passes, it would take effect in january of 2012. well, there is still much more ahead on "the bay area sunday." coming up, so you weren't invited to the wedding of the year. no problem. we have pictures of former first daughter chelsea clinton's big day. and it's shaping up to be
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another beautiful day here in the bay area. you're looking live at christy field. meteorologist rob may ata will have your forecast. [ son ] i'm a good son. dependable. i call my mom every week. i even bought her a computer with my new citi forward card. then one day... have you seen this?
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good sunday morning, time now is 7:17, and you're looking downtown at san jose this morning. two friends in norway created a flying boat. it's made from a rubber boat, a steel frame, wings from a hang glider, and a propeller motor. yeah, quite a hodgepodge. but as you can see, it got off the ground. as simple as it looks, the friends say it can fly up to 10,000 feet and hit speeds of about 53 miles per hour. one of the inventors said flying it was like driving a motorcycle in heaven. that's interesting. weather wise, it's shaping up to be a mild week in the bay area. good time to take your flying boat out. here is rob with a detailed look at your forecast. >> we're seeing a pretty nice start to your sunday morning, though once again we have low
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clouds, locally inland and with the marine layer still thick for this time of year. may see some mist in spots along the coast. and as we head through the afternoon sunshine inland, but don't expect a heatwave any time soon. still seeing that strong sea breeze and mild temperatures for this time of year. satellite radar shows you that most of the moisture that did fire off some thundershowers that produced some lightning strikes and sparked fires to our south and east, most has stayed off toward arizona and nevada with those tropical low pressure across the coast, relatively drier air, higher in the atmosphere, showing up in orange on this map, and not expecting to see any mountain thundershowers to wrap-up the weekend. notice the jet stream here anchored across the west coast and in this pattern we typically see a thick marine layer and don't get the monster ridges of high pressure which squish down the sea breeze like we would typically see this time of year. so most of this week, below average temperatures, especially inland. 70s and mid 80s as you get out to the delta. tri valley locations, maybe a
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few upper 80s out there are are but that's about it. 70s and 80s in san jose, 60s in oakland with at times, low fog on the coast and some mornings that may include some mist. if you're heading into southern california, that's where some of the hotter temperatures can be found around the valley near los angeles, central valley, obviously. that looks pretty warm at 98 degrees fortress fresno. bay area temperatures wrap-up the weekend much like the way they started which means the warmest places like morgan hill, los gatos looking at mid to upper 80s. close to 80 in san jose. 60s in san francisco and san mateo. oakland trying to get close to 70. concord, mid 80s. north bay, 70s. notice the higher elevations further away will make a run at the 80s. close to 90 toward lake port. so the seven-day forecast shows things staying mild next few days. warming some, heading towards next weekend. of .
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great weather for the largest free outdoor event west of the mississippi. it's happening in fremont today. more than 600 artists' booths, dozens of food booths and two stages offering free music are spread out along four miles of downtown streets. nbc bay area is one of the ev t event's proud sponsors. 200,000 people came out to the festival of the arts yesterday to enjoy themselves. nbc bay has the dish on the event, including a photo slide show. you can still get in on the fun. the doors are open today from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. well, it has been called an american royal wedding. and now we get to see pictures of chelsea clinton saying "i do." the clinton family released pictures of the former first daughter's wedding at an exclusive estate along the hudson river. aside from the photos, though, almost everything about the clinton/mezvinsky nuptials were kept top secret.
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hillary clinton said we could not have asked for a more perfect day to celebrate the beginning of their life together. and she looked beautiful in that vera wang gown. still ahead on "the bay area sunday," don't mess with texas. a pigskin powerhouse is taking its livestock seriously. we'll tell you about the grade a drama. yesterday at china basin, the giants doing their best to torment the rival dodgers. plus, the a's call on boof, and the veterans and is the niners theatfo aba that and more in sports. m
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dozens of deadheads will live it up today at jerry garcia amphitheater in san francisco. and they will celebrate jerry day. the event meant to honor the life of the late "grateful dead" singer. it's held in the city, the same neighborhood where garcia grew up. the concert starts at noon. jerry garcia died of heart failure back in 1995.
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he was 53 years old. it's been a big weekend for bay area baseball. we have that and all the highlights in your morning's sports. >> good morning, everyone. with baseball's trade deadline passed, that means the push for the playoffs is now really on. and the giants bulked up in preparation. yesterday adding relief help with javier lopez and ramon ramirez. what they did not get was a bat. if yesterday's game was any indication, they should be fine. in the china basin, zito once again on his game, holding the rival dodgers at bay. zito did allow three hits in this game. one of them, unfortunately for him, spelled trouble. casey blake. that ball is gone. solo blast, 1-0 dodgers. the only run zito gave up. bottom eight, the same score. two outs, buster posey on first, and pat burrow, the hero. jonathan brockston deep, the
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line drive shot, 2-1 giants, second straight save without wilson as they get the win 2-1. no moving and shaking for the a's as the trade deadline came and went yesterday. instead, billy bean looked within, calling up boof bonser, and yes, in case you're wondering, his legal name is boof. he changed it himself. meanwhile in chicago dallas and company trying to prove they didn't need a trade in order to remain competitive and entertaining for the rest of this season. top two, big inning for the visitors. derek barton, third rbi single of the inning. scores roj davis and mark ellis, capping off the four-run-inning making it 4-0 a's. the a's get the win, 6-2. meetings, mohawks and is a holdout. that summed up the day at 49ers headquarters. the lone holdout, franklin. the nose tackle continues waiting for a long-term deal. as for everyone else, though, they were there. yesterday, all about the meetings before those first practices get under way later
7:26 am
this afternoon. now, some players getting reaequipme reacquaint reacquainted. others showing off some new hair-do. everybody, though, seemed pretty excited for another season, one with a whole lot of potential. >> there is nothing you can do to actually just, you know, be football-ready, but play football. so we'll see. we'll go out there and practice and hopefully it's good. >> well, the sharks took care of their final free agent matter yesterday, the left wing had 20 goals and 36 points last season in san jose. and last night out at stanford, it was the last semi final at the bank of the west classic as mare i can't her poef her poef dropped the first set 6-1, but stormed back winning the next sets 6-2, 6-2 taking the match. she will face victoria azarenka tomorrow. that's your look at sports. have a great day.
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a new health department report may make you think twice about that next $5 hot dog you get at the ballpark. espn looked at food safety at stadiums and here in the bay area, highest number of violations has been recorded. 34% of its inspection reports are in violation of health codes. hp pavilion in second. oracle arena at 19%, and candlestick park had 13%. the fewest health violations were found at at&t park. 4% of the inspections there were in violation. a high school in kansas is changing its logo, because it doesn't have the money to mess with the university of texas. texas asked gardener edmonton high school to change the logo because of the similarities with its own. school leaders at the high school say their old logo is not a longhorn, it's an oxen because they're the trail blazer, but they admit it does resemble the university logo. >> they expressed some level of
7:28 am
discomfort with that logo and preferred we use something else. >> the new logo looks like this, and school leaders say it should avoid anymore copyright issues. much more ahead on the bay area sunday. coming up next at 7:30, silicon valley is flipping for the flip board. we'll show you the brand-new app and the company that designed it.
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time now, 7:30. you're looking live at san francisco and you recognize that, the palace of fine arts there. good morning and thank you for joining us, i'm vicki nguyen. let's take a look at your weekend forecast with meteorologist rob mayeda. >> good sunday morning, we're watching patches of drizzle. we'll see sunshine inland in the afternoon, but the mild temperatures sticking around for a while. much like we saw just yesterday. we'll wake up to some low clouds mainly on the coast and inner bay and through the afternoon we'll see mild weather that will take us into the 70s, probably
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right around lunch time inland and notice our highs still way below average for this time of year. mid 80s for livermore for highs, 70s san jose, low 60s in san francisco and oakland. quick check of your seven-day forecast forecast shows we're wrapping up this weekend on a mild note and start off the month of august, yes we're in august now, and seeing temperatures in the 70s and 80s inland and lots of 60s near the coast. the chief scientist at twitter is opening his own elementary school in san francisco. "the chronicle" says he founded al at that vista to create a fun place where students can study art and math in small classes. the independent community school opens this fall with children entering junior kindergarten, kindergarten and the first grade. twitter is back up and running after an outage overnight. the company says the site was taken down for planned maintenance. yesterday, a message popped up on the site saying the company needed to fix what it called an elevated rate of errors. that message was posted after twitter hit a major milestone.
7:32 am
the site's 20 billionth tweet was recorded yesterday morning. the united arab emeritus says it will block some messages on some smart phone. they say it could pose a threat to national security and social values. government leaders say they're singling out the blackberry, because it automatically sends user data to servers overseas where local laws don't apply. remember when apple had that press conference to explain the death grip and other problems with the iphone 4? well, steve jobs used a four-letter word at that event. he called a magazine article about the problem "bull [ bleep ]" that got our business and tech reporter thinking. what is it like to hear a fortune 500 ceo call your hard work a bad name? so he asked the reporter who wrote it. >> it was quite a shock. i was back in new york in bloomberg headquarters, and i saw the headlines come across the head -- the headline come
7:33 am
across my iphone. and, you know, it was surprising, but, you know, we really vetted that story extremely carefully for quite a long time. and, you know, we felt very confident in our sourcing. >> you can catch the rest of that interview the at 9:00 this morning on press here right after "meet the press." the ipad is still one of the hottest gadgets on the market and now a new app gives users another fun way to experience it. as business and tech reporter scott budman shows us, it's a new way to read your news, twitter and facebook feeds as if they were pages in a magazine. >> both will eventually warm up. >> reporter: the current buzz of the tech world comes from a start-up in a stark, white office with ipads everywhere, it could pass for a small apple outlet. instead, it's the home of flip board, the biggest hit in the ipad's app store. >> the ipad was what allowed that to happen.
7:34 am
>> that's co founder mike mccue, a silicon valley veteran who says as good as the ipad is out of the box, it hasn't been the boon to the publishing industry he thinks it could be. >> when the ipad happened, i realized there was an opportunity to actually start to bring some of the aesthetics of print and some of the beautiful type graphy and topography that we know in magazines and bring that more into the digital world. >> so flip board brings you the news and photos you want on the ipad's ten-inch screen, letting you choose and organize your content. it also sends facebook updates in full form instead of a scroll, and let's you see tweets from your twitter account as if they were pages in a magazine. the app is free. what you stream on it is your choice. >> and actually start to create your own magazine. that was made up of all the things that your friends were sharing with you. and that looked as beautiful as any magazine that you would buy off news stand.
7:35 am
>> reporter: with 20 people on board and more to hire, flip board is growing so fast, it hasn't even put a sign on the door. but it is putting its stamp on the ipad. of in palo alto, scott budman, nbc bay area news. the justice department says it is suing oracle for fraud over software contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars. the department says oracle failed to give the government the same discounts on software that it offered to commercial customers. the contracting question ran from 1998 to 2006. oracle has not commented on the suit. investors are gearing up for a new week on wall street. here is cnbc's sue herrera with a look at what's ahead in the world of business. >> is there any hope for the nation's job market? the labor department releases its july jobs report on friday. most economists predict the nation added about 100,000 jobs last month, but those gains may not be enough to reduce the 9.5% unemployment rate. automakers report july car
7:36 am
and light truck sales, and they are expected to basically be flat from year-ago levels. also coming this week, big chain stores roll out their sales figures for the month of july. blackberry maker research in motion unveils a new smart phone that uses touch screen technology. the latest challenger to apple's popular iphone. this past friday, president obama visited auto plants in detroit owned by the bailed-out automaker, general motors and chrysler, this week he was in the hometown of chicago to tour a ford plant. remember, ford took no bailout money. it's the tv show that just won't go away. las vegas beams up thousands of sci-fi fans for the annual star trek convention this week. this year, look for actors william shatner, leonard nimoy and patrick stuart to attend. and if you want to know what done ais doing, head to macy's. there is a fashion line designed for juniors called, appropriately enough, "the material girl collection."
7:37 am
i'm sue herrera. get all your business news on cnbc. >> and a reminder, you can also get your business and tech report before the markets open starting at 4:30 in the morning. a 24-hour san jose institution is shutting its doors. the cardinal coffee shop served its last meals overnight. some people we talked to last night say they have enjoyed the food, drinks and music for more than 30 years. >> i think it opened in '63, '64, and it was always open 24 hours. it was the place to be. >> the owner says she was not able to negotiate a new lease with her landlord. the restaurant's final last call officially happened just before 2:00 this morning. still ahead on "the bay area sunday," the golden state isn't even earning a bronze when it comes to kids' health. we'll show you the latest rankings coming up. and those 3-d glasses bring the action and fantasy right to you, but they could be causing some very real problems for your
7:38 am
body. the three-dimensional health warning, comineaup. [ indistinct conversations ] [ female announcer ] this is not a burger. it's better. because with 57% less fat than regular ground beef, it's better for you. you see, this is a morningstar farms® meatless griller.
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that's right, meatless. and it tastes as good as it looks. so you can still enjoy that grilled-burger taste you love... and everything that comes with it. morningstar farms® grillers® original. [ indistinct conversations ] now that's more like it. [ ding! ]
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time now, 7:40, and you're looking live at christy field in san francisco, shaping up to be a very mild summer day. california falls near the middle of the pack in an annual survey on the well-being of u.s. children. the golden state ranks number 19 on the list. new hampshire was number one. the spot is held for eight of the last nine years. minnesota and vermont followed as numbers two and three. mississippi ranked last. in its report, the annie e. casey foundation cited poverty as a significant growing threat to the nation's children. 3-d movies aren't new, but black buster titles like "toy story 3" and "avatar" are bringing issues into focus, 3-d movie sickness. we show you why 3-d certainly
7:41 am
isn't for everyone. >> reporter: joshua brand is a film major at arizona state university, a self-proclaimed movie buff. but when it comes to a certain type of film, he can't bear to look. >> after a while, it just gets strenuous, you know, and starts to hurt. >> reporter: brand has lateral for i can't, a relatively common problem where the eyes have trouble focusing on 3-d images. >> your eyes are moving really quickly, like they're focusing and refocussing and trying to adjust themselves and you can feel them working too hard. >> when he goes into a 3-d movie, there are two images to see. one out of each eye. the way his muscles are controlling his eyes, the muscles get tired very quickly. and so they tend to have a problem maintaining that same viewing angle. >> reporter: dc optometrist dr. steven glasser says as 3-d movies become more popular and with the addition of 3-d television, he is seeing an influx of patients who actually get sick from watching these types of pictures.
7:42 am
it's because these programs use two images to create that three-dimensional effect. >> if the individual has a problem where one eye is seeing significantly clearer than the other, or there's a muscle imbalance, where one eye will not work very well with the other, 3-d becomes a real problem. >> reporter: that can lead to some uncomfortable symptoms, anything from headaches to dizziness, even nausea. >> and they take off the glasses, rub their eyes, and have to wait for their eyes to calm down. the muscles to feel better before they can put the glasses back on. >> reporter: studies show that about 3% of people who watch 3-d movies experience vision problems. but as these movies and 3-d television become more popular, glasser says it will be more like 8 to 10% of people getting sick. >> i think they should, you know, figure out ways to make it accommodate everybody. you know? so my eyes don't hurt. >> and that was dorene againstler reporting. dr. glasser says an eye examine should help patients figure out if they'll have problems with 3-d. he says a simple prescription for glasses or contacts can also help alleviate any eye trouble.
7:43 am
still to come on "the bay area sunday," arizona's illegal immigration law is reigniting debate right here in the bay area. coming up, larry gerston joins w live in th studi look at the ripple effects of the controversial legislation. lo
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7:45 am
while the illegal immigration issue is grabbing headlines in arizona, it's quickly becoming a contentious issue in california, as well, the debate spilling over to key races for both the governor's race and senate races in california. for more, we turn to political analyst larry gerston. good morning and welcome. >> good morning. >> larry, let's talk about what is at the very core of this immigration issue. >> yeah, it's kind of split. there are two interconnected issues, if you will, vicki, regarding immigration. the first has to deal with whether illegal immigrants are helpful or harmful to society. and a second, which level of government, be it national, state, local, you name it or a
7:46 am
combination, perhaps of all of them should be responsible for managing illegal immigration. now, on the first point, most studies show that economically, illegal immigrants are a net plus. that is, the cost of services they get is more than offset by their contributions to society. so that's okay. particularly in jobs that the rest of us don't want. but there is a social cost. and that is resistance by those many of us here to illegal immigrants who might to participate and we just don't want to let them in. at least among some people. >> well, the question that we have been struggling with for years is, is this a state issue or a federal issue, or can there be some happy medium? >> yeah, that's become the sticky point. there is no question about it, especially given the inability of congress to consider new policies in a very controversial issue. now, historically, the national government has managed this issue, period. and the courts have upheld that concept. recently, states and local governments have passed hundreds of laws regarding illegal immigrants. a few welcoming them.
7:47 am
most attempting to remove them. and arizona's new law is just the most recent example, but not the only example. >> and this issue is figuring into key races here in our own state, as well. >> yeah. yeah, it's become a hot one. no question about it. again, as it has in the past. now, both republican candidates, meg witman, of course, running for uds senator, want to see tougher immigration laws. they're making no distinctions here, very, very clear. witman states she opposes amnesty, period, end of story. now, when you get to the democrats, jerry brown running for governor, of course, and incumbent democratic senator barbara boxer, they are more open to a federal law that would provide some sort of road to citizenship for ill levels. but brown, particularly on a federal law that requires states and cities to forward fingerprints of anyone arrested to federal authorities. so he's pushed cities to do that. so that's his way of saying, you know, i'm not all ma'am bee
7:48 am
pamby on this stuff, i've got my own issues, as well. the bottom line here is that all candidates are weighing in on that thorny issue, and that is critical. >> it does seem like they are speaking to their party lines. we talk about this coming up in november. how is it going to play out? >> this is one of those things you've got to watch very closely. most people consider immigration an issue for motivating disgruntled whites. but on the other side of the issue is a growing and angry latino voting block. this could be 20% of the vote in november. so the successful candidate will be that person who captures votes from both groups, rather than alienating one or the other. and you know what, straddling that line won't be easy for anyone. >> and that's politics. >> that's it. >> thanks, larry gerston. appreciate you being here. and still ahead on "the bay area sunday," we'll be checking in with meteorologist rob mayeta for your detailed forecast.
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the largest free outdoor event west of the mississippi continues into fremont today. more than 600 artists' booths, dozens of food booths and two stages offering music are spread out along four miles of downtown streets. about 200,000 people were out at the festival of the arts yesterday. nbc bay area is one of the events' major sponsored, and it runs today from 10:00 to 6:00. so get on out there, if you can. it's going to be great and beautiful bay area weather, as usual. here is nbc bay area meteorologist rob mayeta with a look at your forecast. >> we're seeing a pretty nice start to your sunday morning, though once again we have low clouds in the spots on the coast, locally inland, still thick. may see mist and spots along the coast and as we head through the afternoon, sunshine inland, but don't expect a heatwave any time soon. still seeing the strong sea breeze and mild temperatures for this time of year. satellite radar shows that most of the moisture that did fire off some thundershowers that produced some lightning strikes and sparked fires to our south
7:52 am
and east, well most of that stayed toward arizona and nevada with this tropical low pressure, relatively drier air, higher in the atmosphere, at least showing up in orange on this map and not expecting to see any mountain thundershowers to wrap-up the weekend. notice the jet stream here just anchored across the west coast and in this type of pattern we typically see a thick marine layer and just don't get those monster ridges of high pressure which squish down that sea breeze and cooler air like we would typically see for this time of year. so most of this week, below average temperatures, especially inland. we'll have 0s and mid 80s in the warmest place as you get out to the delta trivalley locations and maybe a few 80s out there, but that's about it. 70s and 80s in san jose, 60s in oakland, and quite a few clouds and low clouds on the coast, and mornings that may include mist. if you're head to go southern california, that's where some of the hotter temperatures can be found around the valleys, near los angeles, central valley, obviously, looks warm at 98 fortress know. but sacramento, 98 is pretty
7:53 am
mild. 81 around south lake tahoe. bay area temperatures will wrap-up the weekend much like they started, which means that morgan hill, los gatos, mid to upper 80s. 60s again for san francisco and san mateo, oakland trying to get close to 70. there you see concord and pittsburgh, mid 80s. north bay seeing 70s. notice the higher elevations further away will make a run at the 80s. close to 90 toward lake port. so the seven-day forecast shows things staying mild the next few days, warming some heading towards next weekend. you no longer have to be a super hero to lick the terminator. you only need the right postage. austria has released a postage stamp featuring california governor arnold schwarzenegger. the value is $1.30, and 600,000 of the stamps will go into circulation. an all-new "meet the press" is minutes away. here is david gregory in washington with a preview.
7:54 am
>> good morning. coming up, afghanistan, the leaking of secret war documents during the deadliest month for u.s. troops. why is this a threat to u.s. soldiers? the president's top military adviser will discuss why he thinks it is. chairman of the joint chiefs of staff admiral mike mullen. then the economy. if this is recovery summer, why does it still feel like recession? three key voices weigh in. federal chair allen greenspan, mike bloomberg and pennsylvania governor ed rendell. plus, high unemployment and ethics scandals. our round table on the president's tough political challenges. all this morning on "meet the press." thanks for making us a part of your morning. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00. "meet the press" with david gregory is next. have a great sunday.
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