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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  August 1, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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drunken rampage. at least two cyclists hit by an alleged drunk driver who could only be stopped by neighbors who took action. we'll hear from one of the witnesses. and firefighters saving firefighters? san jose's union comes up with a deal it thinks could save jobs and millions of dollars. but why now? and good afternoon. i'm chief meteorologist chef ranieri. we'll tell you about cool august days coming up and have your full week's forecast in just minutes. plus, return of the fail whale. why twitter took itself offline
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this morning. good evening, everyone. i'm garvin thomas. diane dwier is off. a quiet danville neighborhood erupted in chaos this morning as an apparent drunk driver went on a rampage hitting a bicyclist, a pedestrian and several vehicles. the driver said to be a young man in his late teens or early 20s hit a bicyclist. witnesses say then the driver proceeded to hit a pedestrian. a pedestrian crossing sign and several vehicles. despite the fact the driver's air bag deployed, he continued on his rampage. that's when neighbors band together to stop the driver. one man blocked the street with his truck. when the driver did eventually stop, several people wrestled him to the ground and held him down until police arrived. >> to see a man blocked the street here with his truck and then the kid came back down the
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street in the red truck and, of course, stopped because he couldn't get through. and just, you know, a bunch of neighbors got around him and got him out of the car and sort of held him until the police came. >> now we understand none of those hurt suffered life-threatening injuries. the driver who has not yet been identified was arrested. witnesses say they overheard him admit to police he had been drinking. a new contract could bring new hope for 49 firefighters who were just laid off in san jose. the union put forward a new money-save progposal. in it taking out the one demand the city said was a deal breaker. will it pave the way to new negotiations? rhea taramina joins us with more. >> reporter: that's what everyone is hoping for. new negotiations. the san jose firefighters union gave a new concession proposal today to the city. in an effort to save some if not
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all of the 49 firefighting jobs that were lost on friday. now the local 230 put forward the new proposal saying it will save the city more than $5 million. at a press conference today, the union said they will drop their no layoffs policy. the city had asked for a 10% pay cut. the union says they'll take a 5.25% pay cut and a two-tier retirement plan for new firefighting hires. now the city of san jose has $118 million budget gap, and they need to close $6 million of it in order to keep firefighters that were just laid off. now union officials say the firefighter layoffs will make the city less safe. >> 49 firefighters that the city's invested in are leaving employment today. and this is really not a tolerable situation for anybody, starting with the citizens. it puts them at grave risk. >> right now, the fire department has an overtime budget of $10 million.
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they say they have a plan to cut at least 3 million or almost one-third of the budget down. we'll have the details of that plan and the details of where things stand coming up live at 6:00. reporting live in san jose. >> rhea, thank you. the firefighters say higher humidity and lower temperatures have helped them nearly contain a wildfire smoldering in the desert of los angeles. it's charred nearly 22 square miles of brush. it's now 87% contained. crews hope to have it fully surrounded by tomorrow. investigators say the fire, which broke out thursday, may have been sparked by someone working on a car wheel. four homes and five outbuildings were destroyed. a 13-year-old was found handcuffed with a chain around his neck in shackles on both ankles in sacramento. and tonight, his two parents have been arrested. police say the boy's father, john vang, put the chains on him and secured the other end to the
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family's kitchen table. the father and the boy's stepmother then locked him up while they went out gambling. vang and vu were arrest forward false imprisonment and cruelty to a child. the boy is okay and is with his biological mother tonight. a judge is likely to decide tomorrow whether or not ac transit has the right to force a new contract on its employees. either way, it could mean big things for riders. bus drivers have been working under an imposed contract for nearly two weeks because the company and the union could not come to an agreement on a number of issues. so a new contract was imposed. one the transit agency says could save it close to $16 million. the union, however is crying foul saying the old contract must remain in place until both sides agree on a new one. if the imposed contract is lifted, the agency says weekend service could be canceled. stay tuned for that one. jury selection begins tomorrow in the trial of three men accused of killing a los
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gatos businessman in a murder for hire flot. he was shot and killed in front of his kondo in march 2008. 28-year-old par garcia will be tried alongside the two men he allegedly paid to shoot the man. he paid them $9,500. they also say the plot was spurred by a love triangle and that garcia wanted achille out of the way. the three suspects face a max num sentence of life without parole. san francisco inmate population is dropping. the chronicle says it's down 21% since march when the police department's crime lab scandal broke. that led to the dismissal of hundreds of pending drug cases. authorities also say a dip in crime is another reason for the decline. speaker of the house nancy pelosi says she's not nervous at all about the possibility democrats could lose their house majority after the november election. on tv this morning, pelosi says she is confident about how far the democratic party has come, where it's heading and what that means for the u.s.
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>> you know what? i'm speaker of the house. i have a great chairman of the democratic congressional campaign committee, chris van holland. we have a solid plan of messaging and mobilizing the grassroots level and management of our campaigns. and we have a 2-1 advantage moneywise. so we feel very confident about where we are. >> pelosi also downplayed complaints about the hyper partisan atmosphere in washington arguing that it's less about politics and more about deep differences in philosophy. a rate increase for cable customers, but we found a way to save you ten bucks a month. plus, coming up, they're cute, cuddly and on a mission. why this event could bring about big changes for pet care here in the bay area. good afternoon on this sunday. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. our mild august days continue. the fog back in san francisco. it's 66 right now. we'll tell you about even more
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cooling for the week ahead in my seven-day forecast.
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in case you were wondering, twitter enthusiasts, they can tweet again. the san francisco-based microblogging site was out of service this morning affecting nearly 100 million users around the world. the usual screen that allows people to send a tweet said the site was down for a plans maintenance but it was expected to be back in a few hours. it was done to remedy what they called an elevated rate of errors. starting today, comcast is raising rates for most of its south bay customers.
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it affects internet tv and cable customers. but we did find one way you could actually save yourself $10 a month. first, though, those increases. as you can see, prices are up on everything from limited basic service to digital premiere, even the cost of movie channels. comcast says the increase amounts to roughly 3.8% each bill. now the good news. comcast digital economy tv package is actually going down in price from $39.95 to $29.95 a month. today's rate hikes will not affect anyone who is locked in to any kind prove motional deal. beer and wine all part of a fund-raiser for fido, next. and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a live look in san jose. plenty of sunshine for the south bay. but how about for the rest of the week? details in my seven-day forecast coming up.
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the humane society silicon valley is host tgs summer music and wine festival at its new location in mill peteas. hundreds of families along with their pets, of course, spent the day sipping wine, eating snacks and checking out all the facility has to offer. >> humane society silicon valley is so much more than an adoption facility. we have got all kinds of programs and services that we want the public to know about, such as doggy day care, boarding, grooming. we've got a dog park. a medical center. education programs for kids and teens. >> on hand for the event was abby the surfing dog in the film "marmaduke." they were able to saemp beer, wine and receive special discounts. the festival ends tonight at
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6:00. >> how many oscars did "marmaduke" win? >> i don't know. the dog looks cute. >> chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is here with another terrific day. for those of you who don't like your sum tears hot -- >> yeah, toeltsly. no complaints coming into the weather center. the past week or so, even though we are going to be going down in the record books here for the month of july. here's a look right now at the fog that's building in across the golden gate bridge. traffic a little slow at times. but it's all a sign of this pattern we've been stuck in. the fog combined with cooler air aloft. let's take a look at what that has meant when it comes to our temperatures here. in san jose, just checked the latest data that's now come in for the entire month of july. our coolest average before for july, back in 1987, was 68.3. and as of now, the july average was 67.9. so when you average in the high and the low temperatures, the coolest july ever in san jose.
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pretty remarkable when you think about it. especially that we've only had two 90-degree days in san jose since about the beginning of june. current temperatures right now, we started to see them get a little bit back up there today. 75 in santa rosa. 75 novato. 80s creeping up from concord down into livermore. for gilroy with 87. still below average. 80 in sunnyvale and 70 in san mateo. weather headlines show more fog at the golden gate bridge returning throughout all of the coastline for tonight. that will even bring some drizzle for the coastal regions. it's going to stay warm in the valley spots for monday with more 80s popping for us. but overall, for a majority of the bay area, it's going to mean a mild start to our august here as not only are we contending with the fog that continues offshore at about 2,000 feet. but we've got some cooler air aloft up in the upper atmosphere. so it's really still kind of that one-two combination that's
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helping to bring down temperatures about ten degrees below average. it's pleasant. you get to maybe not have the ac cranking as much as you get to go outside and enjoy yourself quite a bit more. this is the other cool tool in the weather center. the water vapor imagery. when this loops around, it's a little bit of a kink. a little bit of a twist in the atmosphere right there. and that's what's dragging down cooler air right here into the bay area. once again combining in with our fog. typically this time of year, high pressure sitting right over california helping to heat us up. it's so far off shore. keeping it miles for monday. a few 80s far inland interior spots and for tuesday, well, widespread 70s across the bay area expects. as we start off tomorrow morning on your monday, you get back to the work routine and maybe sending the kid off to the summer recreation stuff. 55 at 6:00 a.m. patchy fog inland. 11:00 a.m., still calling it mild with sunshine popping. now the south bay is the place where the heat is going to be. if you want to go anywhere tomorrow, one of the many
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california parks. that's going to be where you want to take the kid possibly to one of the waterparks in the south bay. 70 in san mateo. 66 in san francisco. and then as we head over here towards the east bay, anywhere from 69 in oakland to 82 in san ramon. 85 in fairfield. and anywhere from 74 in san rafael to 89 in lake port. heading toward the coast, cooler with the fog with 60. more on this any time on the weather channel on cable and we'll look at low 80s inland for tuesday. then look at this. yes, ghooer august. we've got upper 70s. inland as we head into wednesday. we may get in real heat as we look ahead towards next weekend. all in all, it's comfortable. >> where are the 90s? where have they been hiding? >> i cannot them packing a little while ago. more than 100 volunteers who spent their sunday mipicking up trash say it's the marine mammals and fish that will
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benefit. they focused along strawberry beach. a spokesman says that part of the beach, the berkeley marina and san francisco bay trail is very popular and in need of a good sprucing up. >> chose this spot because it's one of the save the bay trash hot spots. it's one of the spots around the bay that collects the most trash and discharges it into the bay. >> they found large debris like tires and microtrash, which is harmful to wildlife. birds mistake small pieces of plastic for food and become sick or injured when they eat it. >> not so much cleaning up but shaking off the rust for the 49ers today. >> we are practicing. >> your ready for some football? >> the season begins right now. the 49ers are on the field as we speak. we'll head out to santa clara and check in with the 49ers. practice number one in what's going to be a long and hopefully promising season. we are hanging out with jerry rice tonight before he heads to the hall of fame in canton, ohio. he stops by nbc bay area. and this nascar driver knocked a
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little who'soozy. we're back in a minute.
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good evening. the road begins today. in fact, as we speak. maybe not the road to the super bowl. more realistical three, road to the playoffs. it's been seven years since the 49ers last playoff appearance. a seven-year itch here. the team headquarters in santa clara late this afternoon. their first practice of training camp. hello to alex smith looking sharp early on. i can tell right now this is a playoff team. they've done all the right things so far in the off season. bolstered the offensive line. signing all their draft picks.
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get that stadium issue passed. most importantly for alex smith, they retained their offensive coordinator jimmy ray. frank gore right there as well. we'll hear from the 49ers when they get off the field. we'll give them a little time to get off the field and check in with them at 6:00 in our newscast. not just sweating at practice. this is a huge week for the 49ers family. they'll be chartering a flight to ohio, getting all the vips on board to witness jerry rice. he's being inducted into the pro football hall of fame six days from now. thises should first year of eligibility. he retired five years ago. also a brand new beginning for the 47-year-old. >> i wish i had a crystal ball i could look into. i'm going to live life every day, and i'm not going somewhere. you are always going to see me and you are going to see my face somewhere. i'm having a great time. you know, i got so many challenges out there. and i'm just looking forward to what the future is going to
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bring for me. >> yeah, the future as a hall of famer. that's the near future. this saturday, gets inductd. tonight, jerry rice our guest on "sports sunday." tune in at 11:25. should be a nice show. giants baseball. this is what happens when you are the hottest team in the league. another national tv game. the giants looking to sweep the dodgers tonight. we'll have postgame coverage also on "sports sunday." the a's on the south side of chicago. hello to gio gonzalez. he pitched really well into the eighth inning. had 11 strikeouts. but the fifth inning wasn't so good. brent littlebridge for chicago, a bases loaded triple. clears the bags. passed the diving matt carson into right field. all three runs score. really the a's couldn't recover. however, they had a chance. top of the sixth inning, a golden opportunity to get back into the game but jack cust strikes out. the a's lose to the white sox,
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4-1. the oakland athletics drop to third place in the american league west. on the farm, recognize that lady on the right? billy jean king. a legend on hand. she won this tournament in 1971 watching maria sharapova in the championship match at stanford. sharapova looked solid all week but had a point there. but really tonight, or today it was victoria ozuranka from belarus. turned 21 years old yesterday but she's going to celebrate today in a big way. her first title of the year. really emotional after the match. she wins the bank of the west classic on the stanford campus. straight sets, 6-4, 6-1. we saw a nasty crash on the track. thankfully no major injuries. it happened in the nascar race in pennsylvania. pocono, pennsylvania. emotional week for nascar. one of the team owners, jack raasch, got in a plane accident. so a lot of people thinking about him. also on the track now, watch carefully. elliott sadler slams right into
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the guard rail. look at the impact there. just looking at it you know it's serious. trying to get out of the car. kind of knooked woozy. he said he just got the wind knocked out of him. that's the extent of the damage to elliott sadler. in the end, greg biffle who wins this race. finally tonight you, golf a little, garvain? >> not at all. >> okay. well, par is 72. maybe 71, depending on what course you are playing on. stuart appleby, even if you don't golf you can appreciate this. shoots a 59 today. that's -- a 59 is the course record for the pga tour stop in west virginia. a 59 and 21 under for the entire tournament. stuart appleby wins the tournament and breaks a four-year drought. wins a million bucks. >> didn't we have a couple other rounds in the 50s? >> the fifth 59 in pga tour history. >> don't play golf. play tennis.
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>> so you like the bank of the west classic. >> you talked about billie jean king playing. when you watch the old film of that and now -- they look like they are playing in slow motion. >> it's also not in hd. >> i can't be bothered if it's not in hd. >> thanks, raj. a warning from iran about what it will do to the cal grads being held. and how president obamaorlft ar grades himself for his first year in office. es
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go to for round the clock news updates.
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