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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5AM  NBC  August 2, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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we might as well show folks what we're talking about. your forecast not indicating summer time temperatures, but the golden gate bridge showing that summer time fog and traffic. that's what we know about this. a crew heading away from us with the taillights, they are getting ready to realign the center divide. no big issues here, though we are talking about the fog maybe effecting your drive here. nothing effecting your drive at the bay bridge toll plaza. a few cars were lining up in the cash lanes early. smooth drive so far along the east bay. the younger brother of san francisco giants outfielder nate sher holte sz behind bars. he's accused of going on a drunken driving rampage in danville. cainan schierhotlz was behind the wheel of a pick-up truck yesterday morning when he hit a bicyclist. he then hit a pedestrian a light poland several cars. neighbors banded together to stop him. one man blocked the street with his truck. none of the victims were seriously hurt.
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cainan schierhotlz faces ten charges including drunk driver. lawyers later today for the man accused of killing journalist chauncey bailey will submit papers for a change of venue. if they don't a judge said that he will schedule the case for trial right here in the bay area. the defense attorneys say the men should be tried someplace else because news coverage tainted potential jurors. bay and maccy are accused of killing bailey and two other men back in 2007. big changes for east bay commuters could be on the way. today a judge will decide if they have a right to force a new contract on employees. bus drivers have been working under an imposed contract for nearly two weeks because the company and union couldn't come to an greelt on a number of issues, so a new contract was imposed, but the union wants the old contract to stay until they
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can approve a new one. some developing news this morning. we got new information from the white house on the change in iraq war strategy. >> scott mcgrew has the latest. >> reporter: president obama will talk about the winding down of the iraq war later this morning. what you won't hear is some sort of mission accomplished statement. while mr. obama talks about america's two wars frequently, it's been some months since he made a major address about strategy, the most significant coming at west point late last year. in the address later this morning, we expect the president to say the military will transition to a support role. an early test of the speech that we read says there are still those, he says, with bombs and bullets who will try to stop iraq's progress. the hard truth is we have not seen the end of america's sacrifice in iraq. but make no mistake, president obama will say our commitment in iraq is changing from a military
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effort led by our troops to a civilian effort led by our diplomats. president obama will say that in front of veterans in atlanta. we will continue to monitor that as he gets ready to fly out there from andrews air force base later this morning. >> thanks. iran says three uc berkeley graduates must stand trial on charges of illegally crossing into its border. shane bower, sarah shord and josh patel have spent one year in jail in iran. they were picked up along the iran/iraq border in 2009 and are accused of being spies. support rallies were held all over the world on the one-year anniversary of their capture. organizers say their imprisonment violates international law. >> the public needs to be reminded sometimes, as i myself need to be reminded, that
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they're still there. i go on with my daily life. a year goes by. that's a very long time. >> similar rallies and marches were held in london and paris and new york as well as minneapolis and part of the international weekend of action. the president is also calling on iran to release the americans. now to news for your bottom line. how is the economy changing the way people shop? especially at grocery store? bob redell is live in santa clara this morning with a look at how many americans are pinching pennies. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. these tight times have forced many americans, perhaps many of us to come to this realization that the way we used to shop the our local grocery store was wasteful. we weren't very resourceful, perhaps those attitudes are changing. this is according to new research from deloitte and the
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harrison group. they found that 92% of americans changed their grocery shopping habits because times of tight. as a result brand loyalty is taking a hit with more shoppers turning to cheaper generic brands. 85% saying they have found a store brand is just as good if not better than a name brand. stores tell the researchers they are seeing an increased use of loyalty cards, you could upon s. according to studytudy, the taky from all of this is the recession appears to be a transformative experience for shoppers making them more frugal and these penny-pinching weighing is something they will stick with even after the economy improves. >> we believe they mean it, that they will change the way they stock pantries moving forward. >> reporter: if you are
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wondering are shoppers feeling the pain of this, having to penny-pinch, is it much worse now not getting the brands they wanted, according to the survey, shoppers don't feel like they're sacrificing much at all. >> thanks, bob. from grocery chains to restaurants, companies are offering hefty coupon discounts only available online. there's been an explosion of online coupons at sites like and authorities say as easy as it is to find genuine coupon offers on the web, it's just as easy to get conned so double check any site if it looks like there are deals too good to be true. there's more fall-out from the crime lab scandal in san francisco. fewer criminals are ending up behind bars. the chronicle reports the inmate population is down 21% since march. that's when the police
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department crime lab scam broke. hundreds of pending drug cases were dismissed after allegations that a lab tech was skimming drug evidence. the city says different crime also contributed to the decline. lawmakers are rethinking efforts to bring arizona immigration law to their states. a republican in ohio told "usa today" he will remove parts blocked to avoid a possible lawsuit. arizona's law would have forced officers to ask for immigration papers if there is a reasonable suspicion that the suspect was in the country illegally. last week a judge issued a temporary injunction to halt that part of the. more information on a story we brought you last month. eight childhood development centers in oakland will be open this morninging despite plans to close them indefinitely. they were set to close on friday because of state and local budget cuts, but more than 100 parents protested. the centers serve nearly 1,000
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underprivileged kids. parents and volunteers plan on staffing the centers themselves, but the oakland unified school district said there was too much of a liability. the state lawstate. one block off the grid starts a new group purchase campaign. homeowners or renters who earn $63,000 or less per year or $73,000 or less for two people qualify for a 15% rebate off of home solar panel installation. for more information check out our website, and search go solar. it's 5:08 now. time to check the morning commute with mike. a new accident to tell us about. >> taking you to the north bay. come on, everyone. southbound 101 at lincoln avenue. top of the hill coming down off the grid. sounds like the accident is
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clearing from the roadway. shouldn't be an issue for folks through the area. as you are approaching highway 37, coming out of novato, still have travel speeds close to the speed limit through san rafael. we noted the look across the golden gate bridge. we have fog that could be an issue in many spots across the north bay. the east bay moving smoothly now. no major issues. we are starting to see more cars on the road. we will see slowing in the next half hour, 45 minutes. >> all right. checking in with rob. it's been cool lately. i guess you might get used to it a bit. stick around. >> it's been this way most of the summer. it's been easy to get used to. this morning, low clouds. 54 degrees. let's take you closer to san francisco. the flashing lights on the tops 06 the bui of the buildings. misty skies 54 degrees in san francisco. healthy sea breeze again pumping in the low clouds which is the way we will start this morning
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off. new week, same forecast. 50s everywhere for the morning. lunch time, some 70s popping up. pleasanton and livermore, gilroy and morgan hill seeing some 80s, otherwise 60s and 70s today. as the marine layer deepens up, we will see a cooldown by wednesday, then warming up some heading towards next weekend. 5:10 now. rabies in paradise. a top vacation spot plagued by rabid dogs. and the president will take more action to restart the economy this week. a look at his plans coming up. surprising facts about what we do online. we'll tell you what the top three are coming up in tech news. a live look at the golden gate bridge. not a lot of traffic. hazy skies this morning. cooler temperatures this week. how cool? we'll tell you. [ female announcer ] jobs leaving.
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a budget disaster. california on the brink. jerry brown's plan? you run for office and the assumption is, oh, i know what to do. you don't.
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i didn't have a plan for california. [ female announcer ] with our state in crisis, we need a governor with a plan. you need a real plan, something i'll acknowledge i did not have. [ female announcer ] jerry brown. no plan then. no plan now. meg whitman. a plan for jobs. log on. learn more.
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welcome back. good monday morning to you. a live look outside, the bay bridge approach, highs for the east bay today, oakland, expected high of 68. vallejo, 85. walnut creek, 83 degrees. rescue workers continue to look for possible flood
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survivors in northwest pakistan this morning. nearly 1,100 people died after a week of flooding there. heavy monsoon rains caused the worst floods in that country's recorded history. emergency crews rescued about 19,000 people, but officials fear many more are still trapped in the rural areas. more than 1 million people are effected by those floods. overnight short-range rockets hit israel and the red seaports of jordan. they were launched from an area where islamic militants operated in the past. there is no official word on the casualties, but local media says four people were wounded. turns out you need two tickets and a rabies shot to go to paradise. the holiday spot bali is plagued by rabid dogs. so far 78 people have died in the last two years. many other deaths have gone unreported. stocks of anti-rabies vaccine for humans are low and they could run out. many countries are warning people to get pre-rabies
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vaccines if they go to bali, one of the top tourist destinations in asia. later this week, president obama will talk about his plan to get rid of bush tax cuts. nancy pelosi said she is pushing for a vote to eliminate tax cuts for americans who make more than $250,000 a year. on "meet the press" former federal reserve chairman alan greenspan said washington should let those tax cuts expire to reduce the deficit. he disagreed with republicans who say tax cuts help pay for themselves. >> tax cuts would borrow money. at the end of the day that proves disastrous. >> reporter: unemployment numbers come out friday and greenspan does not expect much improvement this year. he said economic uncertainties have put the recovery on hold. pelosi said she is not nervous at all of the possibility that democrats could
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lose their house majority. she said yesterday she is confident about how far the democratic party has come, where it's heading and what that means for the u.s. >> you know what? i'm speaker of the house. i have a great chairman of the democratic congressional campaign committee, chris van holland. we have a solid plan of messaging, mobilizing the grassroots level and management of our campaigns. and we have a 2-1 advantage money-wise. we feel confident about where we are. >> pelosi also downplayed complaints about her hyper partisan atmosphere in washington. she said people careless about politics and more about deep differences in philosophy. the first lady is championing her own cause this morng. in an op-ed in the "washington post," michelle obama talks about the need for better child nutrition. she is asking congress to pass the child nutrition bill. it would require more fruits,
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vegetables and whole grains in school meals. the bill made it through the house and senate committees, but congress still needs to vote on it. chips are on scott mcgrew's mind, but not the potato kind. we are watching reports that intel could buy a german chip company called infineon if that name sounds familiar, they are the title sponsors of infineon race way in the north bay. the interesting twist to this is infineon makes several important chips that go into the iphone and ipad. intel knows mobile technology is a big growth area, much pore than the traditional desk top. so they have been franticly working in that new space. here is an interesting change. neilsen, which measures what people do with their time says when it comes to what we do on our computers, we play a lot of games. games the second most popular thing to do behind social networking. that's facebook and twitter.
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that pushes e-mail which used to be number one into third place. 40% of anyone doing anything online right you to are on facebook. >> they are. >> all over the world which is just phenomenal. >> a lot of people. >> yes, it is. >> just trying to have fun. >> trying to keep farm going, i guess. new this morning, there is trouble in space. the international space station is in need of repairs. half of the station's cooling system suddenly shut down over the weekend forcing astronauts to power down equipment. straights will take two spacewalks to try to fix the issue. the first will take place later this week. the cooling system is critical for on-board operations because it makes sure the electronic equipment on board does not overheat. nasa says the six astronauts on the space station are not in danger. chelsea clinton is a married woman this morning. after weekses of rumors and
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intrigue, she walked down the aisle on saturday. her mom, secretary of state hillary clinton wore a dress by new york designer os ka dcar de renta. after the wedding, hillary clinton and bill clinton issued a statement. >> you guys talked about vera wang and the wedding dress, and oscar de la renta, what about the father of the bride? was it gary's tux? did he rent or buy? >> he better have it back by 8:00 this morning. >> they issued a statement, brought the tux back. now we know. i love those tux pants, they have expandable waists. love that for fancy dinners. a shrinking problem, that's good news. a crew has arrived where the
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sand barrels were busted up. that's eastbound 92 at hesperian boulevard no problems getting on to the san mateo bridge. the northbound direction where we saw the closure, that construction crew is cleared. we are back at speeds higher than listed, watch that. about 14 minutes now heading up towards the toll plaza. 580 moving smooth think through castro valley. livermore showing more traffic. that's why speeds are starting to dip down to 60. dipping down to 60, still that means a 15-minute drive out of the altamont pass. towards the dublin interchange or highway 4, cutting down towards sunol. looking at 680 through the construction zone. southbound side, look, hardly any cars. not a problem. nice smooth drive through fremont. the south bay, no big issues as far as slowing. you can see the other side of the golf course in this shot.
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we don't see clouds. cloud cover likely to come through this area as well. rob has been talking about your forecast. expecting lowe clouds, maybe fog. he has a better eye on things and he'll let you know about that forecast coming up. it used to be just for keeping in touch with friends, now facebook is the place to go for policemo looking for l law brakers. s ♪
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welcome back. just before 5:24 this morning. a live look at san jose. overcast skies. temperatures right now, we have 54 degrees. southeast wind at 5 miles per hour. humidity is up there, thanks to the fact that we have moist marine air pumped inland. 57 now in oakland. overcast skies. san francisco, this is a view from our camera atop the building there. the red lights flashing atop downtown. can't see much below it. after the bay bridge, can't see much at all. the base of the clouds, close 400 feet, 300 feet. we will watch how that will impact sfo. air quality just fine. that's that all-day ocean air conditioning. the trough across the west coast is keeping that mid level moisture away from the sierra and mainly down towards southern california. no worries about dry lightning or thundershowers across the
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high country today. the trough hung up across the west coast, underneath it a thick marine layer. typically we could see 60s along the coast, 70s inland which sun usual for july. that will continue to be the case now for the first few days of august. not much changes this week, mid 80s inland, tri valley, morgan hill mid 80s. otherwise 60s and 70s for most of the bay area today into about friday. if you want to search for summer, you can find it still in palm springs. 107 degrees. 80s around l.a. fresno, 90 degrees. sacramento, only 92 today. that is a pretty cool day for sacramento standards. south lake tahoe, near 81. san jose, upper 70s to near 80 today. closer to the water, around the inner bay, 60s and 70s.
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ukiah warm, 93. the seven-day forecast will cool things off mid week as the marine layer deepens, sea breeze strengthens, warming up some approaching next weekend. back over to you. >> thanks. new this morning, one city is turning to facebook trying to help fight crime. the new delhi police who created a facebook page where people post photos of traffic violators. they already have pore than 17,000 fans. many of them posted motorcyclists without helmets and cars stopped in crosswalks. so far 665 tickets have been issued using those facebook informants. most of those tickets were given to police officers caught breaking the rules themselveses. in and out. lindsay lohan, she is out of jail. free this morning, but we will show you where she is now. >> and a possible end in sight for the oil spill in the gulf.
5:27 am
a live look under the water where the gulf staticwiilll s p will soon get under way. a live report coming up. nd
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laid off san jose firefighters make a last-ditch effort to save their job. they say if it does not work, they may not be able to save your family. >> a judge will issue a key ruling today that will effect hundreds of thousands of ac transit riders in the east bay who have had spotty service lately. i'm christie smith, that story
5:30 am
coming up. >> good morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. coming up on 5:30, monday, august 2nd. >> time is flying. >> mike has an early look at the commute. >> folks are flying through this area legally, of course, 65 miles per hour is the speed limb. that's about the speeds we are seeing coming through the maze. very light volume still. 18 minutes off the carquinez bridge. i will call out the oakland coliseum, after work there's a game. a's playing at 7:05 against the royals. may see some slowing as we always do. >> the royals will be freezing when they come to town. they will not be used to this weather. in oakland, 57 degrees, clouds to start off your morning. if you are heading out to the ball game, bring a jacket. 70s in san francisco, mid 80s inland around pleasanton and
5:31 am
livermore. the younger brother of san francisco giants outfielder nate schierhotlz is in jail this morning. just got off the phone with officials at the contra costa county jail, they tell us cainan schierhotlz faces multiple chargeses after an apparent drunk driving rampage in danville. a live look at the martinez jail this morning. the 23-year-old was behind the wheel of a pick-up truck when he hit a bicyclist on danville boulevard neon sunday morning. he then hit a pedestrian, a light poland several vehicles. neighbors finally banded together trying to stop them. one man blocked the street with his truck and schierhotlz finally stop. several other people wrestled him to the ground and held him until police arrived. >> the same man blocked the street here with his truck, and then the kid came back down the street in the red truck and of course stopped because he couldn't get through. just a bunch of neighbors got
5:32 am
around him and got him out of the car and sort of held him until the police came. >> none of the victims were seriously hurt, but cainan schierhotlz faces ten charges including drunk driving, driving without a license and leaving a hit and run. this could be the week, we see the first big steps to a permanent kill to that leaking well in the gulf of mexico. kristen dahlgren is live in venice, louisiana with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. we are all waiting now on what is called the static kill, one official said it is going to be a lethal injection. so they're doing the last-minute preparations, then they will begin to fill that leaking well from the top with mud and try to seal it off with cement. similar to what we saw in the top kill earlier. they hope the new cap is able to hold the mud and the oil down. this time they will fill up the
5:33 am
blow-out preventer. they are still continuing work on the relief well and say intercepts will be 5 to 7 days from now, then they will fill the bottom of the well with mud. they hope to have that completed then by mid-august. a lot of people say this could be the beginning of the end. they're hoping to start that static kill tonight or tomorrow. for people here still watching carefully to see what happens there are glimmers of hope. they reopened some fishing areas here to fishing. bp's ceo yesterday said he would eat the fish out of the gulf of mexico. but a lot of people here are worried they will be forgotten once the well is permanently sealed. here's what one young fishing captain had to tell us. >> there's all this millions of gallons of oil that are in there hiding below the surface that you fly around it might not look so bad but i guarantee you in the next couple of years, we've
5:34 am
got serious work to do. >> reporter: the coast guard has committed to being here for the clean-up through the end of this year. back to you. >> thank you very much for the update there. uc berkeley campus is in mourning this morning. a cal student was one of the passengers killed when a pakistani airliner crashed on wednesday. misha dawood was a rising star on the women's soccer team. she was on that air blue flight from karachi to islamabad to join her pakistani soccer club for its national women's championship. all 152 people on that plane died. no official cause has been declared, but there was fog and heavy rain at the time of the crash. the union representing san jose's firefighters unveiled a new proposal to save the city more than $5 million a year. city leaders say it's too little too late. union leaders proposed cutting take-home pay by 5.25%. they would also increase health care copays for office visit and prescription drugs. union leader says if the city accepts the plan, it would save
5:35 am
the jobs of firefighters. >> 49 firefighters that the city's invested in are leaving employment today. this is not a tolerable situation for anybody starting with the citizens, puts them at grave risk. >> over the last few days, the firefighters have already been turning in their equipment and badges. the union did not initially agree to a 10% cut so the city is required to meet its huge budget gap and was forced to go ahead with the layoffs. several middle eastern governments plan to block blackberry phones. scott mcgrew joins us now and says that's is marvelous news for blackberry. >> sure, research in motion can manage without business in united arab emirates, possibly in saudi arabia. the governments there don't like blackberry because the e-mail on the phones is so secure. the internal police agencies there cannot tap it. now, while they're claiming they are worried about terrorism, the
5:36 am
governments monitor all kinds of activities. the uae will not take the blackberry away but will turn off access to the cell phone system for blackberry starting in october. you may have seen president obama using a blackberry. in fact, he's theprident to use. people in american government use blackberry almost exclusively. sometimes it's the only phone they're permitted to use because it is so secure. any press that talks about blackberry being so secure it can't be spied upon is good press for blackberry. >> i understand it now. thank you very much. 5:36 now. lindsay lohan is a free woman. she got out of the lynwood jail in los angeles overnight. she left through a side door. she went to jail july 20th for probation violations. now that she's out, she will report to a court-mandated the 0-day alcohol rehabilitation program.
5:37 am
ac transit bus drivers are awaiting a key decision from a judge on a labor dispute. christie smith is live this morning in oakland. that decision could really effect service cuts which effects riders. riders have had a tough time lately. >> reporter: they have. you know, there's a couple of schools of thought on this. many people believe it's the union, and if they win in court this could ease some delays that riders have been dealing with in the east bay for nearly two weeks now since ac transit imposed a work contract that apparently includes some big changes to schedules and rules for bus drivers. the agency says about 20% of the drivers have been failing to show up for work in a sick-out. the union says those numbers are inflated and that some drivers may not be showing up because of safety issues or other concerns. now, on friday, an alameda county superior court judge listened to arguments on both sides of the issues. the union is asking for an injunction asking ac transit not
5:38 am
to impose the contract. negotiations were stalled last month and arbitration is expected to start august 20th. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thanks for the update there. >> people that take ac transit want to know how it will effect them going to work. >> you count on it being. there. >> most cases you can count on it being there and on time. we have seen delays, specifically the transbay service. leaving the transbay terminal out of san francisco. friday, a list was released by ac transit n most cases one or two departures were canceled. in some cases a half dozen have been canceled. check before you leave. b.a.r.t. is a good option as well. all trains reporting on time as well. san mateo bridge, that's moving smoothly. i have not heard about the dumbarton express having an effect on ac transit.
5:39 am
back to you. still cool and maybe a little fog heading out today. >> seeing that around the golden gate bridge and highway 17, good bet you will be running into some of that. san jose, skies lighting up to the east. you can see some low clouds out there. 54 at golden gate. mist underneath some of those low clouds. 54 degrees. the sea breeze blast nothing fairfield again. the reason why, low clouds into some spots around dublin and out towards pleasanton. good news for that sea breeze, in terms of air quality which is fine, but we will not warm up a whole lot. temperatures eventually getting into the 70s and 80s inland. san jose, upper 70ers to 80. the first few days of august are going to turn cooler by wednesday. espe70ally inland. we will warm up some, mid 80s, if you want to call that hot. >> thanks. it's 5:39 now. shopping on a budget. see how to keep the household
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expenses down while getting all the items on your shopping list. >> and keeping your kids safe. simple tasks to keep your household cleaning products from doing more harm than good. >> a live look outside this morning. san jose, we have been talking about those cool temperatures. you can actually see some of that gray haze sticking around as the sun begins to come up. looking for a high of 78 in santa jolyse abo a. jo about 80. milpitas 81. [ male announcer ] how can rice production in india,
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affect wheat output in the u.s., the shipping industry in norway, and the rubber industry, in south america? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex global economy. it's just one reason 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment objectives, risks, fees, expenses, and other information to read and consider carefully before investing.
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the very things we use to keep our house clean and smell fresh are often dangerous in the hands of young children. tracy potts is live in washington, d.c. >> reporter: the spray bottles are what they are focusing on in
5:43 am
this latest report, laura. in california, the poison control system handles almost 900 cases of accidental poisoning every day. that's a lot. well over 250,000 children over the last 16 years that they studied have been poisoned accidentally as a result of household cleaners. we figure out how to lock up the medications, keep the kids away from the cosmetics, but it's the household cleaners that seem to be causing a problem. every other area has gone down. these have not. the children most at risk, you might not be surprised, those aged 1 to 3. the toddlers, they get into everything. the issue here is that the kids take these spray bottles, put them in their mouths, they realize something is wrong and the first thing they do is inhale.
5:44 am
that pulls the chemicals down into their lungs and causes more damage. according to the report, 4 out of 10 of these incidents happen in the kitchen. bottom line, what should parents do? number one, lock it up. use those child safety locks. particularly if you are in the kitchen and you keep these items below the sink and a low area where kids can get to them. number two, another option, store them higher. somewhere in the higher cabinet where your toddlers can't reach them. number three this sounds simple but something the cpsc in washington recommends, if you use those spray bottles, they almost always have a quarter turn so that you can lock them and when they're not in use. do that. a lot of people don't. they just use them, put them back under the sink, that often leaves them open for toddlers, and they can be very dangerous. laura? >> thank you very much. we happen to lock up all of our cabinets this weekend.
5:45 am
>> spent the weekend putting on those safety latches because the kids are getting at that point. lead poisoning is another hidden danger in your home. a sonoma county community service group says children under 5 are most at risk because their growing bodies and brains are more sensitive to the damaging effects of lead. protect your family by making sure toys are not worn or eaten by your kids. they put everything in their mouth. wash the toys since they can pick up lead dust from deteriorating paint and soil. check recalls frequently because sometimes you might have something that has been recalled. make sure you get a home lead test kit. you can get that at your local hardware store. time is 5:45. you are watching nbc bay area news. >> they have an emergency hotline number for the lead pois poisoning as well. keep that by your phone. >> jury selection today starts in the trial of three men
5:46 am
accused of a murder for hire blot. mark achilli was gunned down in 2008. 29-year-old paul garcia will be tried alongside the two men he allegedly paid to shoot achilli. prosecutors say he hired them for $9,500. they say the plot was spurred by a love triangle. friends of achilli are glad to see the trial finally begin. >> nothing, nothing, nothing is worth this kind of anger and mark would never hurt anybody, never hurt anybody in his life. for this to be directed at him, the most easy going, so friendly, so full of life, such a people-loving person. >> the three suspects face a maximum sentence of life without parole. crews have the upper hand on a wildfire smoldering north of los angeles. they hope to have it fully contained by tonight. it is now 87% contained after burning 22 acres in palmdale. flames also destroyed four homes and five outbuildings.
5:47 am
it is believed somebody working on a car sparked that fire on thursday. in los angeles county, crews knocking down a smoky wildfire alongside the north edge of highway 101 in calabasas. it did char about 12 acres of heavy brush. buying store brands means saving big bucks. bob redell is live in san jose with a look. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. you know, if there's an upside to the recession that we have been in for quite some time now, it is that it's made us smarter consumers, especially when shopping for groceries. we are less wasteful, more resourceful, more precise in decisions, and less picky when choosing between name brands and generics. the pocketbook rules the day. there is research to back up what i'm saying. coming up we'll share that with you. >> we'll check in with you. >> as ifno carrierringringconne0
5:48 am
>> there are times friday into saturday i get two days worth of sleep that i would get on the monday through wednesday. >> you are so lucky.
5:49 am
>> i've been there. with a 15-year-old and 9-year-old it's easier. we are getting to where you have already been. >> let's pretend you went to the movies. let's say you did. you might have seen the movie "incepti "inception" you might have seen "dinner with schmucks." this got good reviews. it came in second over the weekend, which was a big surprise. i would have the figures in front of me except i left them on the printer. "incepti "inception" continues to do well. leonardo dicaprio in this mind-bending movie. it's been number one for about three weeks. the one that's a surprise is "salt." the critics liked it it's just never been able to -- >> not catching on. >> maybe it's the female lead. it was supposed to be a male lead to begin with. i don't think so.
5:50 am
i think she's spectacular. never really caught on at the box office. >> not worth her salt. >> been waiting all week to use that one. people who live in the south bay are paying more for cable after comcast announced higher rates. the increase effects cable tv and internet customers in san jose and other parts of santa clara county. we did find a way to safe about $10 a month. prices are up on everything from limited basic service to digital premiere and the cost of movie channels. comcast says the increase amounts to about 3.8% each bill. now the little bit of good news. the digital economy tv only package is going down in price from $39.95 a month to $29.95 a month. nearly nine out of every ten teens still texting or talking on the phone while driving. that's according to a new survey released by aaa and seventeen
5:51 am
magazine. drivers found they do everything from texting to putting on makeup while driving, despite the fact that 84% of them know it increases their risk of getting into a crash. 6,000 people a year die in distracted driving crashes. california is one of 30 states which prohibits distracted driving activities. you have to be paying close attention to the road in order to avoid the perils of potholes pocketing bay area streets. one city is in need of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of road work with, but they won't get it any time soon. christie smith is live now in oakland with more on that story. >> reporter: good morning to you. we are in the front of oakland city hall where you think it would be smooth sailing. the mayor comes here every day to do business, but here on 14th street there's a sizable crack in the middle of the road. and you're likely to find quite a bit of this in oakland because the city is $418 million behind
5:52 am
in making basic street repairs. apparently it keeps getting worse. in 2006, the city was $300 million behind in repairs. oakland needs about $26 million a year just to start reversing this trend. but the still is likely to only get about $4 million for repairs. alameda county imposed a $10 per car vehicle registration fee for the november ballet, but even with that, oakland will only get about $1.8 million a year. until things improve, avoid it if you can or keep your shocks up to date. christie smith, nbc bay area news. the good spots, the south bay, a lot of surveys, 101 through san jose, one of the worst commutes, but they've been working on that. some good news for folks in that are
5:53 am
area. >> but it's always rough before that smooth pavement comes in. out to the east bay, earlier this year, actually last year there was a report that came out, they give the worst roads to california, 185 or mission coming through hayward, also 238 where they struggled with construction. finally looking better with that construction project coming off the castro valley y. 880 and 92 because of the expansion there, that is also a rough ride. not necessary because of potholes but because of the activity going on. in mission there is a lot of pot hole activity. in oakland, the freeways are moving smoothly. that's what we count on in the morning commute. a speed limit for most of those drives. a live look. look at this. the line. the line in these lanes because the third cash lane was closed up until a few moments ago now they filled in all four cash
5:54 am
lanes approaching the fastrak lanes. you can see the headlights here that will continue to build, but right now not a major issue. just 18 minutes off the carquinez bridge down towards berkeley. we will show you where there are more slowdowns. livermore out through the altamont pass, 16-minute drive out of tracy through livermore, highway 64, sunol grade. they are doing the h.o.t. construction lanes where we have seen major slowing because of improvements they are trying to do. we may see that in the middle of the day as well. >> we will send it over to rob with a look at the forecast. certainly cooler. >> the sea breeze doing its thing around the bay area. pumping in low clouds. we will call it partly cloudy now. looking off to the east, 54 degrees right now. low clouds once again around the golden gate bridge. 54. a west wind at 7 now. the sea breeze is good news for air quality in addition to being a mild summer so far. we have yet to see a spare the
5:55 am
air day. you can see no problems air quality-wise. satellite radar view shows you no moisture drifting into the mountain areas, also good news for fire danger what we have is a pattern that is very unusual for us this time of year. that ridge of high pressure which typically sets up over the desert southwest, it's over the southern plains. so we are not warming up inland. a strong sea breeze pumping in the below-average temperatures. we will see it for the better part of this week. by mid week, temperatures inland cooling off more. so some of the warmest places will be out towards the tri valley and morgan hill area, a continuation of our weekend forecast. and speaking of the forecast for sierra, it will be warmer around south lake tahoe than most of the bay area come wednesday. that tells you how strong the sea breeze is. close to 80 san jose. 85 livermore. 60s for san francisco and
5:56 am
oakland. to the north bay, 74 for petaluma. hot weather will continue up around ukiah. temperatures will in the 90s. trending cooler for mid week, warmer moving closer towards next weekend. >> if you are squeezing in a trip before summer ends, pack more money. one airline is now charging for carry-on bags. spirit airlines started charging for carry-on bags over the weekend. spirit says it will speed things up and discourage passengers from stuffing the overhead bins. spirit is charging $30 at check-in for any bag too big to fit under the seat. it goes up to $45 for passengers who wait until they get to the
5:57 am
gate. the president will talk about his strategy for the wars in iraq and afghanistan this morning. we have an early look at what he plans to say. and back in business. parents ban together to keep local child care centers open despite state cuts.
5:58 am
5:59 am
s. ace transit gets things rolling again. what you will want to watch for before you hit hit the road today. final preparations under way to kill the oil leak once and for all.


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