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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  August 2, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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under that contract since last month after three months of failed negotiations. the transit agency claims workers have been staging sickouts to get what they want. the union says that has not been happening. there's been no comment from the union about the ruling so far. we will have more as the story develops. we are learning more tonight about a bay area student who was among the 152 people who died in a plane crash in pakistan last week. the plane was just minutes from its final destination when it went down in the foot hills near islamabad. everyone onboard was killed. nbc bay area's traci grant is live on the uc berkeley campus this evening where some students are in mourning, traci. >> reporter: well, tom, in a statement the vice chancellor of student affairs says that the sudden and tragic passing is a tremendous loss to the cal community. we send our deep escondolences to her family and friends. a lot of those friends met right
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here on the campus and now wonder what they'll do to fill the hole she leaves in their lives. >> she always managed to have a smile every day all day long. >> reporter: she has long marvelled at her friend's stamina and spirit. 19-year-old derud was a sophomore at berkeley a member of the women's lightweight crew team, outspoken advocate for the pakistani students association, and talented player on her local soccer league. she was traveling on an airblue jet to the capital in her native pakistan to be with her teammates at the national championships on wednesday when the plane went down. she and 151 others were killed in the crash. >> no matter how long you knew her for she really did touch your heart. >> reporter: friends from her hometown nick named her tiny. some joked she was five feet tall at the most but the small girl had a big personality which made her popular on the berkeley campus. she was planning to major in
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geography and return home after graduation to help the under privileged. she and five people on the ill-fated flight -- they've struggled to come to terms with the losses. her friend hopes to follow in her foot steps but she must return to the campus where they once spent so much time together. >> i dread going back to berkeley. it's not going to be the same. anywhere we go there are little reminders of misha. >> reporter: she says friends will read the entire koran in a private service on thursday here in berkeley. she also says they're planning to pay tribute to her at the end of august. live in berkeley, traci grant, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. the breathe of one of the san francisco giants is facing serious charges tonight and it turns out it is not his first brush with the law. 23-year-old cainan schierholtz was arrested yesterday morning on dui and hit-and-run charges. the san francisco chronicle
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reports schierholtz was convicted of driving under the influence when he was 17 years old. he was also involved in a crash last year. cainan schierholtz is the brother of giants outfielder nate schierholtz. he is being held on $350,000 bail in a county jail in martinez. police tell us he hit a bicyclist that hit a pedestrian. neither was seriously hurt. he also knocked down a light pole and hit two cars. san francisco police say a man found dead at the mission district intersection was the victim of hit-and-run. the 54-year-old man was found unconscious and unresponsive at the corner of 19th and fulton streets at about 4:15 saturday morning. the coroner's office says the wounds suggest he was struck by a vehicle. they will not release his name until his family has been notified. anyone with information is asked to contact san francisco police. we have more tonight on the sacramento couple arrested for change their teenage son to a kitchen table for days as
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punishment. >> today the couple is out on bail. our nbc station sacramento has the very latest. >> it looked like he had a chain on his left foot. it was to the right foot and around his neck. >> reporter: this neighbor didn't want to be shown on camera. she saw the boy friday night around 10:00 and says he yelled across the street asking for a wire cutter. her husband went over to talk to him. >> well, he said somebody chained him. that's all he said. he looked nervous like he didn't really want to say anything. >> reporter: she was worried but confused so didn't call police. another neighbor did. sacramento police found the teen here in the 7300 block of winnette way. they say the boy was arrested on wednesday and his father was punish him for his behavior. >> back on wednesday he was arrested for breaking in to a relative's house. when he got out, the dad was upset. had taken him home and as punishment had chained him. >> reporter: police arrested the boy's father and step mother,
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john vang saturday. they're being investigated for child abuse. >> there were metal chains around the ankles, tightened by padlocks so they could not be removed and then a long enough chain that he could be tied or chained up to the kitchen table at certain times and then at different times was chained from his neck to his ankle. >> reporter: most residents on the quiet street did not want to talk about what police say happened. one neighbor says some hmoung parents find it difficult to discipline their children living in america. >> ethnic communities go through somewhat a similar phase or trend and to say it's a cultural thing i think is a mistake on the part of the community and on the part of the parents involved. >> again, tonight that couple out on bail. in oakland today it was the first day of a five-day strike by nurses against two assisted
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living facilities. the union representing the nurses says negotiations have been going on since february. more than 125 certified nurses and nursing assistants rallied outside the piedmont gardens living center today. workers upset about disciplinary provisions in the contract. the union says there would be consequences for calling in sick. nurses say they want to be treated fairly. >> we've been -- we have no contract. we're not asking for much, just to maintain what we have which is our pension and health insurance without a cap. the wage increase is not important. >> about 120 workers are affected at the piedmont gardens facility, 30 more at the grand lake gardens assisted living 4: center. the strike will continue for the rest of this week. palo alto leaders decide tonight whether a measure that could prevent them from reducing firefighters' staffing should go on the ballot and if voters approve the measure come november it would also prevent the council from shutting down fire stations without public
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input. union officials say it's in the best interests of public safety. council members say the measure would prevent them from controlling costs. today the state board of education unanimously approved rigorous guidelines for students called the common core standards. the new plan is to help students improve their understanding of math, english, and economics. it's part of an effort to make academic standards tougher and more consistent nationwide. the state superintendent jack o'connell says those measures will help with the race to the top which in turn will help bring in $700 million to fund the new curriculum. >> this is an historic occasion. it means california's curriculum is going to be even more rigorous, more relevant, and is going to be aligned so that our students will have seamless educational opportunities. >> critics say more work is needed to make the plan work for students learning english. california is the 29th state to approve the guidelines. and new guidelines could be on
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the way for how school districts give out pink slips. massive budget cuts have led to teacher layoffs in almost every school district in the state but how do the pink slips stack up when comparing low performing schools versus wealthier neighborhoods? nbc's jodi hernandez tonight will see if the numbers add up. >> reporter: many say low income schools like this one here in richmond are constantly getting short changed as teachers come and go but there is a move under way to stop that revolving door as teachers and provide stability for kids who may need it the most. it may be summer but these twins are staying on top of their reading and math skills gearing up for the sixth grade. >> you go back to school and it feels good that you're in a different grade. you learn about different things. >> the richmond boys are praying they get solid teachers.
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like most low income schools this one has struggled to keep a steib stable teaching staff. the school board member charles ramsey estimates 10% to 20% of the staff will be new to campus because of layoffs or teachers leaving the district. >> if you have good, solid teachers and then they get laid off within two or three years to try to replicate all that you've gained is almost impossible. >> reporter: but there is a push in sacramento to change that. lawmakers are debating a bill this week that would ensure teacher layoffs at low performing schools don't out pace layoffs at schools in wealthier neighborhoods. miles and malik know a good teacher can make a big difference in how they view school and can impact their dreams of becoming an astronaut and a police officer. >> i'm trying to do my best. that's what i did.
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>> reporter: not everyone is for the measure. the california teachers association tells me they have some very real concerns about it. the measure has already passed through the senate and assembly appropriations committee will debate it later this week. reporting live in richmond i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. and still ahead tonight at 6:00, building for the future provides a portal to the past. coming up the discoveries archeologists have made during work on san francisco's doyle drive project. >> i'm scott budman. coming up, security goes high tech. we'll show you how you can use your mobile device to check your own home. also ahead, is your teenager addicted to the internet? new risk factors being linked to excessive web surfing. and we'll take you inside the new temporary trans bay terminal in san francisco. the changes riders can expect to see. good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff
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ranieri. four consecutive months across the bay area of cooler than average temperatures continues. only 77 in san jose today. we'll let you know aboutr c cinh ooweather comddin miler e ofof the week in just a few. those people are happy 'cause they're gonna have a good time, and they've got extra money in their pocket. those are happy passengers. how much does it cost for those snacks again? nothing. at southwest airlines, when we have a sale, it's a sale. [ male announcer ] southwest airlines has flights starting at $49 one-way. book now only at [ rand ] how can you not want to get on the plane? come on and get on the plane. we're saving you money. now that's a plane full of happy. [ employees ] grab your bag. it's on. [ ding ]
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after a good july for your money august is even better. scott budman is here with the numbers and the news. >> reporter: better than expected numbers from the manufacturing sector and that kept investors in the game after the july fireworks. the new month is starting off with a bang. 200 plus up on the dow. big tech companies like hp, google, and ibm pushing the nasdaq higher. speaking of hewlett-packard it settled a lawsuit late this afternoon with the department of justice. the suit alleged that hp along with other companies paid kickbacks to exchange for business. hp denies engaging in illegal
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contact. the connecticut attorney general is looking into how apple and price their e-books saying there is concern that deals between the two companies may keep rivals from offering competitive prices. no comment from either apple or amazon. switching to physical things you can read "newsweek" has been sold. audio equipment giant sidney harmon saying he will buy the magazine. at this point terms of the sale haven't been released. >> thank you. federal stimulus money coming to a neighborhood near you. that's the plan from the housing trust of santa clara county. nbc bay area's damian trujillo shows us how neighborhoods with high foreclosure rates are getting help. >> there's hope. >> reporter: you can't blame new homeowner, jay, for showing off a little. >> the kitchen, cabinets, appliances. recessed lighting and the master bedroom and new doors throughout the place. >> reporter: he is just days away from moving into his first
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home in san jose's eden vale neighborhood. >> very excited to start living here full-time instead of just at night. >> reporter: stimulus money was given to loan prospective homeowners $50,000 toward downpayment or renovation. >> we were very honored to receive an allocation of $25 million to help the neighborhoods that are the worst, hardest hit by the foreclosure crisis. >> reporter: jason is the first homeowner to benefit from the program. >> they want to get people into houses. they want this to be a thriving community with good neighborhoods. >> what we're trying to do with this targeted money is to keep this housing stock and these foreclosed properties as a community asset. we want local folks to be able to buy these homes. >> reporter: talk about making a good first impression. >> i think any time foreclosed homes have someone move in those members of the community now see the house as actually a living
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entity as opposed to just a structure. >> reporter: one thing worth noting, the loan payment is deferred until you sell the property or refinance or pay off the primary loan. >> i can actually store alt stuff i have. >> reporter: but that won't keep jason from doing his part to put the neighbor back in neighborhood. damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. among the qualifications, good credit and income of $120,000 or less for a family of four. at&t is playing hardball at san jose with plans to build a major league ballpark for the oakland as on downtown property a portion of which is owned by the phone company. a store anytoday's chronicle report said the center located on the proposed ball site is not for sale. the report says the snag may have something to do with the city council vote that blocked at&t from developing housing on property owned a short distance from where the proposed stadium would go. since last year the league has looked at sites in oakland, freemont, and san jose for a new
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ballpark. the giants are opposed to any as move to san jose saying the giants' territorial rights include the south bay. it was disclosed today that the 49ers spent $4.5 million to win the june election to build a new 68,000 seat stadium next to great american santa clara. campaign finance reports were filed today by the team. santa clara and the team are expected to finalize the lease and development agreement for the project soon. it'll include $114 million in public contributions. the niners must still secure financing for the stadium. the california supreme court today upheld prop 209, the 1996 proposition that banned affirmative action and public programs. ruling in a san francisco case the court struck down a city ordinance designed to help minority and women owned businesses. the vote was 6-1. the court said san francisco could save its program only if it can show it is a fix for entrenched discrimination but the court rejected the city's
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argument that prop 209 is unconstitutional. it's time to check out the weather. beautiful day. >> a lovely day. still a little cooler than usual. jeff ranieri is standing by. >> it certainly is. while it's sunny out there we do have interesting things when you look at the meteorlogical side of the weather scope here happening today. right now you're noting winds northwest 10 to 15 miles per hour. typically this time of the year these winds out of the northwest, 10 to 15, even close to 20 miles per hour, would help to warm up our inland spots from the north bay to the east bay. certainly into the 90s. but we have had this fog picture staying put for the past eight to ten days and you combine that with some slightly cooler air aloft and that is what has helped temperatures stay about 5 to 10 degrees below average for the past several weeks. 76 in santa rosa for today's high. only 68 in san rafael. 76 napa. 71 freemont. 86 in gilroy. then you head up the peninsula and that mix of 60 to 70
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degrees. while we're used to the fog this time the year 61 is still 9 degrees off the mark for much of san francisco. the fog already having an early start moving back in. it started around 2:00 p.m. pushing back into the city. 61, humidity at 72%. so we talked about the cooler air aloft. it's really kind of getting trailed in here across the bay area from the jet stream which is pushing right across the northwest. it's kind of an unseasonably far dip here to the south that's helping keep us mild across the bay area and it looks like the trend will continue because not only do we have the mild air throughout a lot of the northwest but also the fog over the next couple of days. starting off tomorrow morning with low to mid 50s not only the fog and the coast line but low clouds all the way to our east bay inland location and possibly some along the coast line. by midday we'll start to heat up in fairfield 78 degrees, livermore 75. san jose 73. gilroy also expecting 73. 6:00 a.m. starting off with temperatures in the mid 50s once
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again with the patchy fog and plenty of sunshine by 11:00 a.m. inland. coming up we'll talk about when summer may return and when our best next chance of, yes, maybe getting some 90s in here. i'll have that coming up. >> we'll believe it when we see it. thank you, jeff. improving weather conditions are helping firefighters in southern california gain control of a large wildfire. the crown fire has burned 14,000 acres in northern los angeles county. it is now 89% contained and firefighters expect to have it surrounded by tonight. the fire destroyed four homes. investigators believe it was started by somebody working on a tire of their car. and cal fire says two men have been cited for starting a wildfire in curran county last week that destroyed 23 homes. the fire burned more than 1600 acres ne acres aboutd=miles north of los angeles. investigators say the men were using an electric saw to cut a steel pipe when sparks set nearby brush on fire. the men will face a fine despite
6:21 pm
the fact they did have permission to work in the area. still ahead at 6:00 social networking has forever changed the internet and political campaigns as well. coming up, the rule candidates could soon face when they tweet. some are calling it a side effect of the recession. we'll show you how the economic g tshabiam in a.icerrn drink habits in america.
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san francisco is about to get a glimpse of its future as far as public transportation is concerned. the venerable trans bay terminal where buses from uni, ac transit, and other agencies picked up and dropped off passengersor decades is now closed. it will take several years for a new permanent trans bay terminal to be built so for the next seven years a temporary trans bay terminal is going to be in place. in its hayday near the end of world war ii the downtown terminal served 26 million bus
6:24 pm
and train passengers every year. the temporary terminal has a lot of modern amenities already that the old terminal never had. >> there's a lot of pluses to this. obviously it's a lot cleaner than the current facility which has really fallen in disrepair. a lot of homeless there. we've got a clean site, well lit. we have better lighting, full-time facility manager and security 24/7. >> the old terminal is being replaced by a $4 billion transit center to house buses, commuter trains and perhaps some day high speed rail. a pair of 132-foot cranes from the port of oakland cruised across the bay today on their way to the east coast. the port has been replacing its outdated cranes with larger, state-of-the-art models, so it agreed to send a pair of the older cranes to the massachusetts port authority. the shipment of hand me downs is expected to reach the port of boston by mid september. you might want to cut down
6:25 pm
on the amount of time your teenager spends on the computer. turns out the longer they spend online the greater the risk of depression. we have a report on this new scientific research. >> reporter: like pep rallies and pimples the internet has become a fixture in the world of teenagers. there is research to be done online for school work not to mention the huge popularity of social networking but when the net is the only social scene a teen has experts say it's a sign of a serious problem. >> whether you're limiting your social interactions or it's impacting your school work or your job or your interactions with your family, that's when we start thinking that something is looking more pathological. >> reporter: in fact pathological or excessive use of the internet may lead to depression in teens according to new research. researchers say teenagers in their study were mentally healthy at the beginning of the study but those who became addicted to using the internet
6:26 pm
were two and a half times more likely to become depressed within a matter of months. what is unclear is which came first, the internet or the risk for depression? researchers did not ask the teens whether they had a family history of mental illness. >> it's a little hard to know if it's the internet impacting depression or if depression also impacts internet use. >> reporter: child psychologists say teens should be limited to about an hour of recreational screen time each day. that includes mindlessly surfing the net, social networking, video games, tv, and movies. >> they really need to make sure they're still involved in other activities like sports or clubs or going out with their friends so that they're still getting the social interaction. >> reporter: and not social isolation. >> of the 1,000 teenagers in the new study just 6% were classified as having an internet addiction. still ahead tonight at 6:00, 13 days later lindsay lohan is released from jail but it's what happened next that's drawn the
6:27 pm
attention. >> new optimism from bp tonight as the company prepares to move forward with its plan to permanently seal that damaged well in the gulf. and the hard truth is we have not seen the end of american sacrifice in iraq. >> president obama on the iraq war. will the planned withdrawal of the troops stay on schedule? bringing what is important to you to your smart phone. how you can keep your home secure on the go. ge
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in the future, all social media may not be equal. california's political watch dog group the fair political practices commission is looking closely at the candidates who are tweeting and communicating on facebook. as kevin riggs from our nbc station in sacramento shows us at issue is whether new media political messages should be regulated. >> a search on california
6:30 pm
budget. >> reporter: jennifer lobbies for health care reform at the state capitol and wonders how the political messages sent over her blackberry would be regulated. >> so if i put that on twitter does that now count as grass roots lobbying? >> reporter: the political world is atwitter over a proposal by the fair political practices commission to require greater disclosure on twitter, facebook, and other social media. >> right now it's the wild west out there. there are no rules. >> reporter: veteran democratic consultant, steve, is a prolific campaign blogger. >> the rules have to change because the way we communicate is changing and i think these rules are good for our staff. >> technology changes. >> reporter: jim is a member of the commission. he says the staff is being asked to develop new rules affecting blogs, websites, tweets, and other posts. they would require disclosure of messages tied to campaigns or candidates. you've seen the tv ads which contain a disclaimer at the end identifying who paid for it? it's the same concept. >> it's this clash between technology and a well established point of law that voters have a right to know who
6:31 pm
is paying for campaigns. >> reporter: many campaign consultants are upset saying the changes aren't practical. >> you are only allowed 140 characters on a tweet so where are you going to fit in a message and disclaimer? >> i think this does infringe on free speech. >> reporter: backers say links to the disclosure message could be used. the idea is to affect campaigning not lobbying or other forms of political expression. they say this taming of the wild west won't be easy. >> to reiterate they say the proposals would affect only campaign and candidate messages. the commission is scheduled to pick up the issue at its meeting august 12th. no resolution is likely before the november general election. much continues to be made of republican meg whitman's money. democrat jerry brown isn't doing badly himself. brown has $23 million on hand to finance his race from the governors office. that includes the $2.6 million he raised during the most recent six-week reporting period which ended june 30th.
6:32 pm
we're expecting a report from the whitman camp shortly. she has given her campaign $91 million of money so far and she said she'll spend up to $150 million. when legislators return to the capitol today they were greeted by the cast of "the wizard of oz" who showed up to encourage lawmakers to pass a budget as quickly as possible. jokes aside the state is dealing with a month-long budget stalemate. republicans are proposing cuts to education and social services while democrats are proposing additional taxes to close out the $19.1 billion deficit. neither side seemed to be budging at this point. this year lawmakers are trying to be more creative in how they tackle these deficits and trying to stay away from the budget cuts that increase california's unemployment. l.a. congresswoman maxine waters will face a house trial this fall on three charges of ethical wrongdoing. the house panel today formally announced she has been charged with violating ethics rules. the charges focus on whether
6:33 pm
waters was wrong in questioning federal -- requesting federal help for a bank where her husband owned stock and she owned stock as well and has served on the board of directors. she denies the charges. the allegations come just days after the ethics committee listed 13 charges against representative charles rangel of new york. president obama declared today the u.s. combat role in iraq will stop at the end of august on schedule as promised. after seven years and 36,000 u.s. service members killed or wounded in iraq, there are now just four weeks to go. president obama took credit today reminding veterans in atlanta that he had pledged to end u.s. combat roles before september. however, 50,000 u.s. forces will remain in iraq to train iraqi soldiers. >> make no mistake. our commitment in iraq is changing from a military effort led by our troops to a civilian effort led by our diplomats.
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>> with u.s. forces set to leave there has been a spike in violence mostly because iraqi politicians cannot decide who should govern. a lawsuit against the obama administration health care reform law has survived round one in court. the state of virginia argued that the federal government is exceeding its constitutional authority by requiring citizens to buy health insurance or pay a penalty. a federal judge denied the government's motion to dismiss the lawsuit saying further hearings must be held before he can decide on the merits of the case. more than a dozen other states have sued the government in a separate lawsuit. >> all that buildup for today's test for the static kill attempt on bp's leaking gulf oil well on hold tonight. the company delayed the effort until tomorrow. this was supposed to be the day for that test which would determine whether engineers could begin pumping mud into the blown out well to seal it permanently. but late today bp reports it found a small leak in the hydraulic control system.
6:35 pm
if the test is successful, the heavy mud could begin pumping tomorrow. bp engineers say the static kill may permanently plug that well but they may not know for sure until they finish a relief well in another week or so. the epa says the new study shows the dispersants used to break up the oil in the gulf are no more toxic than the oil alone. even the agency admits the study is limited. one species of shrimp and one variety of small fish were tested. the tests involved determining how much of the substance would kill them. the long-term impact is not known at this point. nearly 2 million gallons of chemical dispersants were used in the gulf. still ahead at 6:00 what archeologists have uncovered at one of the bay area's largest construction projects. >> plus lindsay lohan is released from jail. what now for the troubled pop star? good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. more mild august days with only 77 in san jose.
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i'll let you know how long this cooler weather is going to be sticking around coming up in my seven-day forecast. those people are happy
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in san francisco, work on the long-awaited doyle drive replacement project is speeding along. while some are building and demolishing others are assisting. >> we examine the search for some of the rich presidio history. >> reporter: the stillness of the presidio national cemetery sits in stark contrast to the bluster of construction all around it. everywhere digging, pounding, demolition as the doyle drive replacement project surges forward. one caltrans worker isn't just focused on the future of the land. he's searching for its past. >> this is an excellent location to see what's happening here. >> reporter: chris caputto is the on site archeologist for the
6:39 pm
doyle drive project and among his roles making sure historic sites aren't damaged by construction. >> this is the largest one called battery slaughter. >> reporter: among the areas, a series of 1900 gun batteries long covered in trees and brush. >> there are four different rooms underneath here that have never seen the light of day. >> reporter: the team is also busy probing the construction rubble for artifacts. among recent finds a native american pestle, old stirrup, beer cap, and dice. >> you can definitely picture military men kicking back off duty one night and having a beer and maybe throwing some dice. >> reporter: he says the artifacts tell the inside story of early military life in the presidio the same way a stack of recovered cobblestones reveal the early architecture. >> we're in a national park that's an historic district so much of the planning for the project has had to really respect and be aware of these natural historic resources. >> obviously these things are big and didn't go far.
6:40 pm
they just got tossed over the bluff. >> reporter: the archeologists also recovered large granite posts believed to be the original gates for the national cemetery. he hopes they and the cobblestones will find use in the presidio once again reuniting the area's glorious past with its bold future. nbc bay area news. cash strapped muni, bus drivers will soon receive a pay raise of nearly 6%. it's a requirement for the union representing muni's 2200 bus and train operators and because it's part of a city charter the salaries are not subject to collective bargaining. the city charter states employees of local 250-a must earn an hourly wage that's the average of the two highest rates in the nation for transit operators. the wage increase will cost muni $8 million. the board of directors has no choice but to approve the raise tomorrow. it will be retroactive to july 1st. lindsay lohan is out of jail
6:41 pm
but not home yet. she had to go straight to rehab after serving 14 days of her 90-day sentence for violating probation. she will not be let out of rehab early. the judge says she has to spend three months in treatment, no breaks. lohan managed to dodge the papparazzi slipping out the side door of the jail just after 1:00 a.m. and into a waiting car. can't get enough? the 2010 list of the top party schools in the country has been released. the university of georgia wins the national title this year. the same can't be said for its football team though. the campus in the tiny downtown area of athens, georgia is surrounded by nearly 100 bars. ohio university took second place. penn state third. uc center bravo came in eighth. the list is based on e-mail surveys of over 120,000 students at colleges across the country. it's not just college coeds who are hitting the bottle. this year the number of adults drinking alcohol hit a 25-year high according to a new gallup
6:42 pm
poll. 67% of americans say they drank. that is the highest percentage since 1985. the poll says beer is still america's favorite drink. it's held the top spot since 1992 except for one year, back in 2005. >> that's not really much of a surprise. >> i don't think so. >> my wine might compete around these parts i suppose. >> where was san diego state my alma mater on that list? party school. when i was there we used to be number one. >> i don't like the georgia bulldogs. >> talking about my wife now. >> i love your wife. >> thank you. >> welcome back. >> i was in london checking in on the olympic preparations. >> really. >> yes. >> we're always thinking olympics here. >> mike single taritary of the will take in boot camp so to speak. are you buying into the dodgers sweeping the giants over the weekend? we'll check in with them and the goholf st that just kept going. jeff? we've got mild temperatures
6:43 pm
that just keep coming and also fog already at the golden gate bridge. we'll let you know about the unseasonably cool pattern continuing this week just ahead. what this droid does will change how you do movies. with blockbuster on demand, this does hit films on a 4.3-inch screen so big, the way you see them will never be the same. introducing the new droid x. pre-loaded with blockbuster. the next generoen io dofs.
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tomorrow is national night out a night devoted to security and safety across the country. in silicon valley home security is becoming more portable thanks to a local company. >> nbc bay area's business and tech reporter scott budman takes us for a secure look inside.
6:45 pm
>> reporter: the same broadband pipe that brings movies into your home -- >> enter access code, disarmed. >> reporter: can now bring peace of mind into your home. i control makes software that makes security more portable. >> consumers want in general to stay more connected to everything about their life. >> reporter: that's the ceo paul dawes. his silicon valley company while cluttered has created a smooth and easy way to keep track of what's important to you at home or on your mobile device. >> we're really leveraging mobile technology to allow someone to stay in touch with their kids and know what's going on with their family, to know if they have a small business what's happening at that business and to be able to check on their property. >> reporter: just fire up your phone or i-pad and you can check up on a camera you set up outside your house or it could be a camera inside your house. so you can check your mobile
6:46 pm
device to make sure your kids got home safely. >> and because i control uses existing lines, it's clean as well as convenient. >> it's all wireless equipment so there is no drilling through walls or running cables and all that. >> reporter: it's security paired with mobility, a bright idea to keep you safe. in palo alto, scott budman, nbc bay area news. i control is working with broadband companies like comcast and at&t as well as security companies like adt to bring its software right into your home. >> innovation. jeff ranieri here. let's talk about the weather, jeff. 90s? >> no. >> any time in the next couple years? >> maybe this upcoming weekend. it has been unseasonally cool out there. let's look at when we did have some 90s tom. san jose did have a 90-degree reading back on june 27th. san francisco had 87 on june
6:47 pm
12th. oakland had 90 degrees on june 12th as well. so we did have some heat but there hasn't been much of it. when we did get it, it was early on. we'll continue with these mild temperatures. take a look at this. san francisco while cool with the fog typically already dropping to 56 degrees as the fog had an early start. 82 in livermore. 83 concord. 80 currently in fairfield. we'll see the fog continue through tonight with a drizzle at the coast line, low clouds inland. for tomorrow a few warm pockets so we'll look at more isolated 80s in the forecast but overall across the bay area a continued mild start to august. the fog is offshore right now and is going to stay there as we continue throughout tonight or tomorrow and for about the next three to four-day period. as we take a wide look out here at the satellite loop we do not have any wide, large scale storm systems. the jet stream which controls the cooler air in the atmosphere is taking a dip across the northwest helping to drag down the cooler air aloft. you combine in the fog with that slightly cooler air aloft and it
6:48 pm
is enough to keep our fches about five to ten degrees below average as we head throughout this week. we are looking at the potential for widespread 70s as we head throughout wednesday's forecast across the bay area even for our interior spots that usually see a few 80s the past couple days. it's going to feel more like spring than summer. a lot of you are rejoicing in the comfortable weather. it isn't too bad. kind of chamber of commerce weather. 54 in san jose. 54 expected in los gatos. a few warm pockets tomorrow in the extreme south bay. morgan hill and gilroy mid 80s. evergreen also 85. san jose 78. freemont 76. and we'll go with more low to mid 70s from san mateo to redwood city with 65 expected in san francisco. 78 in orinda and over toward alamo temperatures near 80 with san ramon and from the north bay 60 to a 30-degree jump heading up into lakeport.
6:49 pm
seven-day forecast, yes it's august and we're talking 70s wednesday and thursday even for places like livermore and our other inland locations like concord and also fairfieldment then by saturday and sunday mid 80s coming on back. so nice and toasty for you there. >> there it is. >> you're getting close. >> we're trying. >> all right. jeff, thank you. i guess it's time to put on the tutus. >> when i say "the nutcracker" lisa thinks the family ballet but we know, jeff and i know the nutcracker means mike singletary football. >> okay. >> right, jeff? >> yes. i'm with you. >> me and jeff are tight like that. the bark may be much bigger than the bite but it's a great story. the 49ers doing what few nfl teams do anymore and yes it is the nutcracker drill. grueling. we'll take you out to practice in santa clara. real simple. coach, how do you do it?
6:50 pm
basically you have three seconds to flatten your teammate head to head in a confined space. >> that's the nutcracker. >> yes. use your imagination. this is an old drill. the toughest do survive. now it's a mike singletary staple. >> when you say nutcracker, people start talking oh, man they're just going to beat each other to death. no it's not that. what we're trying to do is be a fundamentally sound, technically sound team because that team is the team that's going to win those tight games, the close games. >> notice the hp background there for the 49ers camp. it's been a painful seven years around here on both sides of the bay. no playoffs for the 49ers or the raiders. the niners' key to breaking through this drought? alex smith. this guy has nine lives. >> reporter: if you're seeing a different alex smith quarterbacking the niners at this year's training camp it is somewhat by design. if he is not more vocal he is at
6:51 pm
least much more assertive. >> i just kind of take whatever i want out there. i'm going to get. if i want to take a rep or jump here or there i just do it. >> reporter: what has changed is that he is not in a battle for the starting job. >> now it's different. my focus is to do every single thing we can to get ready for opening day. >> he has the control of the offense. it's just a matter of making sure he takes the time to really see the whole defense and not just maybe sometime look at the safety. >> for a quarterback consistency is a two way street. for the first time in smith's career he is going to camp with the same offensive coordinator he had the season before. >> not even the same game. you know? night and day. for everybody, not just me. all of us out there, all 11 guys on offense. how much better we feel with the system now where we're at. >> and where that is right now is just the beginning. >> this is an entirely new year.
6:52 pm
we haven't accomplished anything at this point and we have to have that mindset and go out there every single day and not just endure this but get better. >> with the niners in santa clara, lawrence scott, nbc bay area sports. >> a lot of insiders around the nfl will tell you the 49ers are among the favorites to win the nfc west their division. david boss, out with a concussion. that means the rookie takes over as the starting left guard for now. as for the raiders we will be in napa tomorrow. we also had some fun with jerry rice. five days from now rice will be inducted into the hall of fame. 47 years old, still in game shape. he left for the hall of fame today but was on "sports sunday" last nightng talki about his big speech on saturday. >> i'm a little bit country. >> you're a lot country but that's how we like you. be yourself out there. >> i'm going to have a great time, be myself but i want people to know that i'm very
6:53 pm
thankful to have the opportunity to go into a very elite group of guys. >> we will be with jerry rice in canton, ohio this weekend. let's get to the giants now. are you believing in the magic? this is the best they've played in years. no kidding. they've won 20 of the last 25 games. tommy, you were out there with me this weekend. >> it was fun to watch. giants swept the dodgers. today they have the day off. tomorrow they are in denver to start a road trip against the dangerous colorado rockies. matt cain and edgar renteria leading the way yesterday on national tv. we got a kick out of this. lisa, you're a golfer. your swanky country club they don't have the cart paths and walkways but on this one, the pga stop yesterday. the tee shot. >> is it going right toward the green? >> it was. it just kept rolling. in fact it'll be rolling for the next six minutes.
6:54 pm
>> got to get there somehow. >> it'll keep rolling. we'll see it in about four minutes and it'll keep rolling. >> thanks a lot. >> we'll be right back with the number one timethalan watching r than watching golf on rnth rnteinet. ♪ [ horns honking ] ♪ [ male announcer ] come into an at&t store and experience tv like you've never seen before. ♪ for a limited time, get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months with dvr included.
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star to marijuana mogul oakland's first of its kind pot regulation is getting new attention. millions suffer from chronic sinus problems especially kids. tonight a new procedure helping people breathe easier and faster tonight at 11:00 after "dateline." for the first time games have overtaken e-mailing as america's number two online time waster. if you guessed number one is facebook feel free to celebrate with a game of farm. the nielsen company survey indicates the social network site facebook commanded 85% of the time americans now spend on social networks and if you're spending your online time gaming the electronic arts of redwood city has the most popular ones. experts speculate the drop in e-mailing could mean people are shifting to facebook or texting to communicate with their friends. of course they are. >> thank you very much. where is the picture? >> are you my friend on facebook? >> will be.
6:58 pm
the huge new suburb planned for the shores of san francisco bay will forever change life along the bay. redwood city's plan would be the largest bay lands development since foster city with up to 12,000 homes. we need the jobs but opposition has spread to nearby cities. activists shout save the bay. return the old ponds to wetlands. the owner offers to restore some marshes in exchange for development. can it be done ecologically sfr from water quality to levees can plansers build safely at sea level?
6:59 pm
critics say no stop the studies. nbc bay area agrees with redwood city to move forward with developers' costs. why


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