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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 11  NBC  August 2, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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intttogein pg getting intoheti tot boom in the east bay. medical marijuana could help more than growers cash in in oakland. millions suffer from chronic sinus problems especially kids. tonight, a first of its kind procedure helping pple breathe easier faster. but first -- >> you won't find a kinder, sweeter man than mehserle. >> a father fights for his son's freedom. good evening, everyone.
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i'm tom sinkovitz. >> and i'm lisa kim. two sons, two families whose lives are forever changed on new year's day 2009. johannes mehserle convicted of voluntary manslaughter last month in the shooting of oscar grant. grant's family has been outspoken and emotional throughout the trial. now for the first time, the father of mehserle speaks out about his son. our vicky nguyen joins us live with more. vicky. >> lisa, it is the first time we're seeing personal family photos of mehserle and the first time his father has spoken about his son. he told us with a quiet resolve he believes his son was wrongly convicted. he says he thought they were going to bring him home, and now they're doing everything they can to convince the judge to free their son. >> thanks for coming out. >> reporter: todd mehserle hugged supporters. he stood outside san jose city hall holding signs to show they
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haven't forgotten the former b.a.r.t. officer. >> there's a lot of people that know my son and they know exactly who he is as a person, as a human being and the facts speak for themselves. that's why we say he's wrongly convicted. >> reporter: mehserle's family launched this website just a couple days ago, asking for donations and letters of support. they've also posted personal photos of him as a young basketball player, a family man and a graduate of the police academy. >> always tried to be a law-abiding citizen. he certainly was one. graduated in the top of his class. one of the top percentile of his police ka cadmy class. proud of what he did. looking forward to the rest of his life and having a happy one in the kmount. just gone awry. >> reporter: sherry mitchell says rallies will be held all over the bay area to support mehserle. she says the counterprotest at the first event in walnut creek ended peacefully when both sides were able to talk about the
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case. >> there was a lot of shouting and arguing. but what you would see is people would sit and share their points very loudly. but at the end they would shake hands. and so what i saw was new dialogue taking place. >> already the guest book on his site has several comments including one that reads in part there are a lot more people that do believe in you than don't. stay strong for your son. mehserle's case is under appeal. his family is adamant that the fatal shooting of oscar grant was an accident. >> you won't find a kinder, sweeter man than johannes mehserle anywhere. >> the family says b.a.r.t. should be held responsible. they say the department did not offer proper training and he should have been required to carry his taser on the opposite side of his gun. lisa? >> vicky, you've been waiting for this for a long time. did anything surprise you, talking to mehserle's family and father? >> all along we knew the family
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knew this was very much an accident, but now we get a better sense of how todd and his family feel that their son is being held as a scapegoat for b.a.r.t. >> as you said, two lives changed forever. he'll go back before the judge on november 5th for his sentencing hearing. a judge moved back that date to give his attorney more time to prepare. mehserle could receive anywhere from felony probation to 14 years in prison. and we'll have complete coverage of that sentencing when it does happen. tom? new tonight, a deadly crash kills a bay area musician. the lead singer for a popular metal band was killed when he was thrown from his tour van on the way to a performance. 28-year-old mach daniel seen here was the lead singer for the group early graves which recently released its second album. he lived in pacifica. early graves was traveling in the band funeral pyre whose guitarist was driving. they were en route to a
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performance in reno when the driver fell asleep. daniels was ejected from a rear cargo area where he had been lying down. he was not wearing a seat belt. also new, reaction to a ruling by a judge in favor of the bus drivers. the judge said the contract forced on the drivers union recently is invalid. after three months of failed negotiations, ac transit imposed the contract. that increased health insurance costs for workers and established new work policy to help bridge a $56 million deficit. tonight, a bus driver insisted the judge saw unfairness in the contract. >> at some point you have to care about your employees, especially if you want them to deliver a good job for you. and that's not what this was. >> well, tonight ac transit's board of directors said a decision on an appeal will be made later this month. the union disputes ac transit's claim that workers have been staging sick-outs since the contract was imposed. with toyota facing hundreds of lawsuits over mechanical
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problems, new information released tonight reveals the company knew of at least six sudden acceleration incidents as early as 2003. that information is included in thousands of court documents filed in orange county. most of the lawsuits against toyota were filed after recalling millions of vehicles because of excacceleration problems. later problems with brake problems involving the prius. owners claim the value of their cars dropped. toyota says it looks forward to defending itself against the allegations. $99.97 million. that's how much meg whitman has spent so far. jerry brown has spent $633,000. brown reports he has more than $23 million in the bank, having raised $2.8 million during the six-week period that ended june 30tedh.
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whitman pulled in $3.3 million from donors and has more than so milli $10 million on hand. $91 million has already come from her own wallet. will he or won't he? oakland residents will find out friday if mayor ron dellums will run for a second term. six other candidates have already filed to run in november including councilwoman rebecca capellan and former state senate president pro tem don perata. dellums has mixed reviews since 2007. his creditics say he's been abst when he was most needed. supporters are quick to point out that his focus two years ago was increasing the number of police officers to its highest level. pot potential has plenty of people eyeing oakland. even celebrities say they'd be interested at trying their hand at pot farming. what will they look like and what will it take to run them?
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jean elie is live in oakland where a new cultivation orderen answer is taking root and growing a lot of interest. jean? >> reporter: tomorrow, oakland already has the university where students learn the tricks of the marijuana trade. and soon it will have large-scale marijuana-growing operations where some of these students will find work. >> my girls at 15 could get cannabis rather than alcohol. it was the same when i was child. >> reporter: he believes it's time to tax and regulate marijuana. in fact, he wants to grow it in this office space he owns in oakland. >> you're not going to see huge football fields. you'll see small containers of 2,000, 3,000, 5,000 at the most where the different varieties will be pat regulation is critical. >> reporter: oakland city leaders listened to his ideas, checked into potential revenue and recently passed a cultivation ordinance, opening the door for marijuana farming in oakland. so far 226 people are in line
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for a permit. council member rebecca capellan says medical marijuana patient and talk show host montel williams is interested in setting up shop in oakland. four permits will be on the table. each one costs $211,000. oakland will benefit from permit fees, taxes on sales and job growth. >> average employment of 376 jobs. at an average rate of, i think, $52,000 per employee. >> operators of harborside health center are concerned big operations will squeeze out hundreds of small patient growers. but wilcox says there may be room for everyone. >> small growers can come in and rent space. you know, hypothetically, you could have an office. >> oakland is expected to begin accepting applications for the permit in september. the hypothetical oakland marijuana grow could be a reality as soon as january.
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and that list of people interested in those four permits is expected to grow. by the way, the federal government is also interested in what's happening here in oakland. city staffers confirmed dea asked for a copy of that cultivation orderen gae en answ. jean elie. new tonight, a travel woorning just issued for a popular tourist destination. more on that in just a moment. then sinus sufferers have a new alternative to surgery. we'll show you the procedure some bay area doctors are using instead and how patients say it's working. good evening, i'm raj mathai. we had a slice of hollywood in oakland tonight. brad pitt is out of here, but the crew remains, filming during the "a's" game. >> it's east coast meets -- go ahead, jeff. >> another mild monday for us with 77 in san jose and three
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weeks and counting of cooler temperatures. thought it couldn't get a cooler? ll, it'st coming. i've got details in my seven-day forecast.
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tonight, there's more frustration and another delay in the gulf of mexico. engineers had hoped to test the static kill method on that blown oil well. but a mechanical problem means the postponement. crews hope to fix it by tomorrow so they can get back to sealing the big leak which erupted 105 days ago now. government scientists now say oil spilled out at a rate of 62,000 barrels a day. slowing to 53,000 when the cap was put in place two weeks ago. the total, nearly 5 million barrels, by far the world's largest accidental release of oil into an ocean. today marks two years since the early morning fire bombings outside the santa cruz homes of two animal researchers. authorities are reminding people with rewards on claims the fbi is offering $20,000 and the city of santa cruz $30,000 for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of those responsible. investigators say they want the public to remember the two families were traumaized.
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both researchers worked at uc-santa cruz. tonight students are mourning the death of a freshman killed in pakistan's worst plane crash. the 19-year-old had planned to travel with her family this summer. but she made a last-minute decision to join her soccer club. for a tournament in pakistan. the plane was just moments from its final destination when it went down last week. all 152 people on board were killed. those close saying those lost will be missed. >> it's not the same. there are there is a travel warning in effect for u.s. citizens headed to bali.
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a rabies outbreak. so far 78 deaths are blamed are the epidemic. tourists are encouraged to get pre-exposure rabies shot before they leave for the popular destination. people believe that dogs will take them to heaven. irchls if you're one of 31 this next story could leave you breathing easier. sinus surgery can be painful especially for kids. but as our scott budman shows us, there's a new procedure here in the bay area without the sting. >> reporter: as catcher for his youth's baseball league, 12-year-old matten magi takes a hot of hits. it's also this --
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>> they all thought i had something wrong with me. >> he had blocked nasal packages. >> we'll get to see what your nose looks like today. >> reporter: surgery would fix the problem, but it's a small wire inserted into the nose and a balloon is inkpleekt ed. surgery takes less than an hour. recovery is quick and relatively painless. >> reporter: nathan is now able to run harder and play longer without getting winded. >> this is what it's like to breathe. >> reporter: and for nathan, that's a home run. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> doctors say the procedure has
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little or no side effects. the best candidates for that surgery are people who have sinus chronic problems that don't respond to prescription medication. in monterey county, the spca is offering a reward for information about it. they seized one of the horses because it was so undernourished. when officers returned for the rest of the herd, they had been moved. there is something scarier on the jersey shore than just sno snooki. then it swam back out to sea.
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this was the third shark sighting. the surfer captured this whole yoe. >> i know, you could hear them. they were so close. if you didn't think it was going to get any cooler, guess again. we have another drop unseasonably cool weather coming our way in our seven-day become. temperatures are drastically different. 86 livermore. 85 fairfield. 76 napa. 76 santa rosa. 68 in san rafael. los gatos with 86 and 88. it is a function of the cooler air plaguing us in the higher levels for the past few weeks.
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everything pretty formdown and still holding on to low 60s throughout livermore and con overall we're going to continue our mild start to august. we even have 70s in it for some of our instand lots throughout the. now, on top of that, this added layer that's been making it cooler is the jet stream. it's keeping just far enough to the south here to help drag down some cooler air in the midlevels of the atmosphere combining with the fog to give us these mild conditions. hey, who's complaining out here?
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it really has been pleasant the past couple weeks. for tuesday, drizzle at the coastline. feel i feeling a lot more like fall. 50 in santa rosa. 50 in san rafael. >> >> 85 in morgan hill. 86 in dublin. 85 for the peninsula. a mix of 60s and 70s from 80 once you get into the east bay hills. 85 in litz 'burgh.
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. that's really the anomaly in the forecast up to that far. meanwhile, seven-day forecast, yes, it is type. upper 70s for skens as we head into early next week. >> that's all you can say right now. it may get warmer. and fast food parents, prepare to take kids. what this droid does will change how you do movies.
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double-double versus five guys. it's the battle of the burger. the east coast version of in and out burger. five guys, burgers and fries is a favorite of the president. they offer a long list of extra toppings. managers say everything is fresh. nothing frozen. >> the possibilities are endless. i think there's 15,000 different ways to eat a burger here. >> i like it because you can put a whole bunch of different stuff. they're both really good but for different reasons. >> five guys started back in 1986 it was a man and four sons. three more restauranted slated to open in the east bay and on the peninsula by the end of the year.
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>> if they get in and out's overflow, they'll do just fine. >> tomorrow night on dinner break. two guys and a gal. to the coliseum. lights, camera, action. they were filming tonight. brad pitt. filming tonight at the a's gamee also, the nutcracker. back in a moment. n
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we'll start with the a's. overshadowed by the stadium issue and lagging attendance but quietly building a great core of young pitching. might not mean anything right now, but next season could be something special. at the coliseum tonight. here we go. hollywood, brad pitt has come and gone, but check out the rest of the crew, shooting scenes for "money ball." all of them out there during this game here. bottom fifth, the a's offense. rajai davis over the left field wall. it was all about trevor cahill. their young all-star pitcher. a complete game three-hitter with the help of some great defense. raj davis. nice play by rosales to turn the two. a's beat the royals.
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this is not for you, a they stop the game for 15 minutes. as bad as it looks. cleveland beats boston, 6-5. for the first time in years the 49ers are one of the favorites to win their decision. here is "the nutcracker." >> do you smeel the wesmell tha? but it's -- when you say
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nutcracker, oklahoma, people say they're going to beat each other to death. we'd love to hear him talk. he provided the bravado and all the sound bites. but it's alex smith's second season. >> it's all of us out there. it's all 11 guys. how much better we feel with the system now. >> he's got sin times and he has the support of coordinator jimmy raye. the. a huge con singcy heading to
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canton, ohio, for jerry rice inducted on the hall of fame. we'll be with him this weekends. when we > return, we've hea of krasz [ female announcer ] jobs leaving. a budget disaster. california on the brink. jerry brown's plan? you run for office and the assumption is, oh, i know what to do. you don't. i didn't have a plan for california. [ female announcer ] with our state in crisis, we need a governor with a plan. you need a real plan, something i'll acknowledge i did not have.
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[ female announcer ] jerry brown. no plan then. no plan now. meg whitman. a plan for jobs. log on. learn more.
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a new twist in bachelor parties. or in this case bachelorette party. everything going right for the giants lately. they won 20 of their last 25 games. the focus is incredible even when a bachelorette pops up in the dugout during the game. tom, we were both in this game. i was working in the dugout. you were enjoying it with a hot dog and a soda. the bachelorette popped in the dugout during the game. the players looked at me. what's happening here? it was all clean, good fun. she stayed for an inning, changed the base and vanished. >> thanks for joining us tonight. jook no an nbc bay area editorial. >> the huge new suburb planned for the shores of san francisco bay will forever change life along the bay. i'm suzanne shaw. redwood city works would be the
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largest development with up to 12 has spread to nearly cities. cargill, the owner, offers to restore some marshes in exchange. can it be done ecological? can planners build safely at sea level? critics say no. stop the studies. nbc bay area agrees with redwood city, to move. why not arm them with the best research to make the best decision possible.


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