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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6AM  NBC  August 3, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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slowdowns. i will track them for you as well as the effect of visibility on your morning commute. 6:00 on tuesday, august 3rd. thank you very much for waking up with nbc bay area news. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. we begin with rob and a peek of the forecast. >> low clouds and fog in some spots. most of the cloudy start in san jose, 50 degrees. unlike the last couple of days, some of the warmest places inland like morgan hill, close to 90. 63 san francisco. the rest of the week's forecast will take an interesting turn. we'll show that you coming up in the seven-day forecast. tonight is national night out against crime. chances are you'll see plenty of block parties around the bay area. it's not all fun and games. local police forces face cuts and tonight's events take on a new importance. christie smith is live in
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oakland, one of those cities where the budget axe cut dozens of police officers from the streets. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. lots of cuts here in oakland. i can tell you the new police chief is coming out visiting some of the parties, also the mayor. oakland is on the upswing with the national night out parties. this is the fifth year of growth. they'll have about 440 parties tonight across the city. it's a chance for neighbors to come out, form watch groups and get to know each other. here with me is daniel tran. i thought it was interesting, one statistic we are reading is homicides are down, burglaries are down, but you were the victim more than once of being robbed. can you tell us about the latest incident? it was really just for 20 bucks. >> yeah. i was coming home from my friend's house late saturday night. pretty much got to my door. two men approached me, held guns to my head and demanded money. pretty much gave them money.
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that's all they asked for. i consider myself lucky. >> reporter: absolutely. you were telling us earlier you were in west oakland, another incident, guys came up with brass knuckles n that incident got away with $14. the amount is not the issue but it's a crime of opportunity. what have you learned from that? >> to be more cautious, be aware of your surroundings. if you're coming home late at night, pretty much just phone a family member, neighbor, make sure they know you're coming home. another thing you can do is to honk your horn and let people know you're coming home. >> reporter: great. thank you very much, daniel. hoping you will be out there tonight. >> i definitely will. >> reporter: thank you very much. that's the latest from here. christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> sounds like he knows the things to do. there are a few other things you can do to protect your home and neighborhood. the national crime prevention
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council suggests forming a watch program that includes checking on your neighbors, cars and family. the hope is that people will spot other cars and people who shouldn't be hanging out in your neighborhood. organize neighborhood clean-up projects to clear open space and keep bushes and trees trim. meet with local firefighters and police officers and celebrate your community's accomplishments to build neighborhood pride. for more information go to our website, and search neighborhood watch. new this morning, we are learning some of the 49 laid off firefighters could be back on the job soon in san jose. that's if the city and the firefighters union get back to the bargaining table tomorrow. both side also get together at 2:00 p.m. tomorrow to look at union's latest proposal. they say the city has not rejected that offer, but has not accepted it either. a union spokesman calls it a step in the right direction. a 12-year-old is in trouble
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accused of stealing a car and leading deputies on a chase. deputies found the boy blocking a driveway with the car in san leandro about 8:30 friday morning. deputies were surprised to find the boy was 12 because he is 5'7" and 200 pounds. new this morning, nbc bay area news just confirmed that hit-and-run suspect cainan schierhotlz has been moved to a jail in richmond. he had been in the martinez jail since sunday. police say the 23-year-old was driving drunk and hit a bicyclist, a pedestrian two vehicles and a pole in danville. we are on top of developing news this morning. a workplace shooting on the east coast. >> scott mcgrew is putting together the latest information and some new video. >> we have some live pictures, this coming out of connecticut. we know the gunman is dead. well, we will get the live pictures in a bit. seven people have been shot. we don't know the conditions of the people shot. there we go. this coming at the hartford
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distributors in manchester, connecticut. state police say they shot the gunman after he apparently shot seven other people. we will keep you updated on this and let you know as things change. on the other side of the world, we continue to monitor days of flooding all over southeast asia. india, these pictures in many ways the least worst in the region. monsoon rains have swollen rivers. let's take you around south asia at least 1,00 people have been killed. perhaps as many as 2 million are homeless. american troops helping out, they are racing to the area not just to help out but to make sure they help out before the taliban and other fundamentalists. this has been a political issue as well who can help the most. also out of pakistan.
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we don't know much more other than the video you are seeing here, other than it is the rescue of a small child. villages have been swept away. one thing they are worried about is the concept of illness after the dead bodies are uncovered. this has historically been a big problem. >> amazing video there. it is 6:06 now. iraqis are expressing doubt this morning after president obama vowed to end u.s. combat operations there by the end of august. u.s. military plans to reduce forces in iraq by 50,000 by the end of the month. on the streets of baghdad, iraqis say the national forces may not be up to the job just yet. new numbers from the iraqi government show the number of civilians killed by bomb blasts and other violence in iraq nearly doubled in july. however violence overall has fallen sharply from the peak levels of a few years ago. double check your flight to make sure it is still taking
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off. over the past few days, mexicana airlines has canceled several flights from the bay area and other california airports. it dropped its monday flight as well as its seasonal three times a week flight from oakland international to zakatexas mexico. a lot of people who booked seats on the dropped flights are being flown by other carriers. it is said operational needs have forced the cancellations. it is 6:07 now. engineers at nasa ames are using a massive wind tunnel to test the new orion spacecraft. bob redell has more. >> reporter: over here, these two gentlemen are controlling this wind tunnel. right now they have it at mach
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1.6. inside the wind tunnel is a camera, which shows what is going on. inside, you don't see much. you see this orion spacecraft. what you can't see are the 1,000-mile-per-hour winds traveling over it. this screen gives you a better visual representation of what's going on. you can see the sound waves or the shockwaves traveling over it. right there is a sound barrier? >> a shockwave. these are actually -- what you are seeing in silhouette is a larger version of this. this is just a desktop scale model. we are are pumping air out of these nozzles. >> reporter: this is kevin james, an oaeronautical enginee. >> so, these generate the thrust that you would use to pull this
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launch abort vehicle clear of a stack in there's a problem. >> reporter: you are testing specifically if there's a problem, how well does it clear the problem itself? >> right. >> reporter: you have been in here, not nonstop, of course, maybe it seems like it, since the end of june. a couple of weeks of testing. what kinds of results are you getting? are you seeing what you want to see? >> we are seeing generally what we want to see. we have a fair amount of computational work we did ahead of time. this is validating some of it. there are some ah-ha moments in there, too. we have some homework to do as we go back. in general, it's doing what we expect it to do. >> looking at your pub mix canister, you got a lot of pub mix for the next few weeks. scientists here at nasa very busy in the overnight hours while most of us are asleep. amazing what mike does,
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keeping a tab on the commute this morning. word of a new fatal accident. >> takes you to the north bay, an earlier accident reported, sounded like a car tipped over on the side of the road, then not a lot of details, but now we are hearing that one person in that car died at the scene. the coroner is headed to the scene of guernville road at laguna road. that will effect those two streets. the investigation will continue there because another person reportedly fled the scene and so that will be an issue for those streets and the vicinity right now. further south to the water main break on petaluma boulevard north as well. that has one block closed between western and washington. watch for that area as well. you continue south and another issue for the north bay down to the golden gate bridge where we had the fog causing issue with visibility. back to you guys. >> thanks. let's talk about it this morning with rob. >> we have mostly cloudy skies around the bay area, including san jose. 59 degrees, mostly cloudy start.
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golden gate bridge, 55. west wind at 9. misty skies out there. the sea breeze, southwest at 17 into fairfield. the top of the low clouds this morning, about 1,500 feet. that's because high pressure is squishing it down closer to sea level this morning. inland areas today will warm up. not seeing much changes around the peninsula or coast. still 60s there. 78 around petaluma. 83 around heelsburg. hottest spots close to 90. the sea breeze winds again will cool us off the rest of the week. it is 6:11 now. another big storm is brewing in the atlantic. see if it will stir up trouble in the gulf. and mud and cement could be pumped into the oil well later today. find out what needs to happen first coming up in a live report. and a woman finds out her husband had another wife througe a look att some of her the "today" show interviews next. [ female announcer ] jobs leaving.
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a woman who found out her husband had a secret marriage on facebook is telling her story to the "today" show. we told you about the story last week. lynn frances found out about the other woman when she saw pictures of her husband's wedding on the website. she took him back, eventually, and then eventually he took off again. this time with her kids. lynn then saw pictures on facebook of the other woman playing with her kids. this is lunacy. it's sick. just sickness to me. the fact that there are two babies involved and put into the middle of it is terrible beyond belief. >> you can see the rest of that interview coming up after our newscast at 7:00 a.m. the third named storm of the season is brewing in the atlantic it is heading towards the caribbean. rob says it will probably not
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make it into the gulf but move up the atlantic coast which is good news for clean-up crews working on the leak. crews hope to start pumping mud and cement into the well today. kristen dahlgren is live for us this morning in venice, louisiana. today is day 106. not quite where we thought we would be. we are getting there, but not quite there yet. >> reporter: when we talked yesterday we thought at this point we would be talking about that static kill, either under way or about to be under way. what happened is last night when they were doing the last key test to see how the mud would flow down into the blowout preventer, they noticed a hydraulic leak in the stacking cap. they now have to fix that leak before they move forward with that test. the latest from bp yesterday is that they thought this would be a relatively quick pick. they were hoping to get it done and do the testing later on today and begin the static kill process. we are expecting to hear from
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admiral thad allen in the next couple of hours and then learn how big a deal this leak is and the timeline moving forward. everybody looking forward to the static kill and the possibility that this could choke off the well permanently. >> the government says 205 million gallons of oil have leaked into the water. that's larger than anybody estimated so far. the main slick on the surface is broken up. lots of people are worried about what's just below the surface, maybe stuff we don't see from above. >> reporter: yeah. when you look at those figures of how much oil employed into the gulf, some of it was siphoned to the surface, still a lot of oil went into the gulf before they put that cap in place and stopped the flow of oil. you have a lot of oil and that dispersant that they have been using. the epa has given us the latest figures on the dispersant. they don't believe the chemical
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is any more toxic than the oil itself. for people here watching the surface with less oil, they are wondering where, exactly, it is. they believe that it is still under the surface. here's what some local officials told us. >> the pelicans and the birds continue to die and lose their life because we weren't on top of it in open water. we were told there was no oil out there that day. >> reporter: so still a lot of concerns for people here worried about where the oil is and what's next, even as they begin this procedure to try to permanently seal the well. brent? >> let's hope it works. thanks for the update there. in the meantime, sea turtles that were rescued from the gulf have a new home and a new life on the atlantic coast of florida. biologists with nasa released the baby turtles at the cape canaveral national seashore. they had been taken from the gulf while they were still incubating and now they hatched just a few days ago and they're
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being released. south florida wants foreign travelers to know the only oil on beaches is tanning oil. it is throwing out ads like this one in germany and the uk. >> at a two-day trade show he had 150 people come up to him and express concern about the keys, and how the florida keys were faring with all the oil in there. >> tourism agencies will be hitting up for more cash, bp, rather, for more cash to fund ad campaigns. winter is now florida's big tourism season and they don't want to miss out on the money that could be coming into the region. is a doctor that went to med school overseas as qualified as a doctor educated in the united states. scott mcgrew has a look at that. >> reporter: it depends. did you know that one quarter of all doctors practicing in the united states were educated
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overseas? this is an important question. a study in the journal health affairs says doctors from india or pakistan or other parts abroad who study in their home countries then come to america to practice are great doctors. statistically no different than doctors educated in american med schools. where there is a difference is when american med students travel outside the united states to go to med school and then return to the u.s. to practice. that study says taken as a whole, those doctors are not as effective. research in motion will introduce a new blackberry phone today. if you brent and laura saying that looks a lot like an old blackberry phone, that's because it is. i don't have video of the new one because it's new and they have not introduced it yet. blackberry trying to fight off competition from the apple iphone. lots of news about some countries preventing the use of blackberry because it is so secure, which is why people like to use it.
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>> i like your old video of the old blackberry because our old crew member is seen in it. he's a sportscaster, a friend of ours. >> a small world in broadcasting. >> very small. let's turn to our friend mike with an update on the commute for us. >> looking at livermore. we had sudden slowing after an earlier accident at grantline road. that caused a jam-up suddenly, then it suddenly cleared. now we are seeing that traffic spread out again. about a 15-minute drive out of the altamont pass, maybe 16 minutes now. watch for other slows because of low clouds, fog through the area. taking you over to the maze, this area moves nicely heading over towards the bay bridge toll plaza. oakland some slowing because of a 7:05 game today. the a's playing the royals. that will see traffic slowdowns both before and after the game.
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hopefully an a's victory. an 18-minute drive off the carquinez bridge. a live look at the sparsely populated plaza approach. yesterday we saw some big back-ups early in the commute. today we didn't see that. now a steady flow of traffic just building. the metering lights may be turned on in a few minutes from now. the south bay moving smoothly now. to the north bay, we have an investigation continuing. guerneville road at laguna road. a bit of a mystery, a person who died in a car accident there. the car went off the roadway. the driver of that car not yet located. that will continue at guerneville road at la dugoouna. the highway is open. in petaluma, a water main break, petaluma boulevard north between washington and west. that's closed now for the time being. that will effect your drive petaluma boulevard south and approaching 101. 101 moving smoothly there down
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to the golden gate bridge. the fog is an issue for your morning commute as well. visibility is a problem. rob will let you know the effect of that on your morning forecast. lebron james outraged cleveland fans when he skipped down for miami. we will find out why fans will not have to wai lgonor h fim to make a return.
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good morning to you. 6 6:24 right now. a live look outside from the south bay overlooking san jose. inland will get warm today. finally a taste of summer. >> just a taste for about a day. >> it will live up to the calendar for a change for one day. mostly cloudy, 59 right now. this view of san francisco, you can see the tower here. all of these low clouds causing problems for arriving flights
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into sfo. delays of about a half hour for a few flights. for family coming into town to sfo, call ahead. flight delays into chicago, pretty nasty weather there. heading into indianapolis. flight delays in the midwest. back to the west coast, high pressure building back towards central california today. and for inland spots, that means we will see a brief one-day warm-up. 50s this morning with misty skies. lunch time we clear out. warming up quickly inland. out to the san ramon valley, mid to upper 80s, close to 90 for livermore. same story for los gatos and morgan hill, warming up to summer-like levels. the sea breeze picks up and we cool down inland, we warm up moving into the upcoming weekend. the a's are back home at the coliseum tonight for their second game in the series with the royals. it starts after 7:00. the "money ball" movie crew are still there. they were there last night
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getting some game action film. plenty of offense for the cameras to take out. davis hitting a two-run home run in the fifth inning, and trevor cahill picked up a complete game shutout. the a's win that 6-0. giants are back in action tonight against the rockies in colorado coming off a sweep of the dodgers. down in l.a., the dodgers taking the sweep at stadium. a sign honoring manny ramirez noticeably absent from the left field corner of dodgers stadium in the game last night. ramirez himself has been frequently absent. lots of injuries this season. he has only played in 61 of 106 games. the dodgers say a sponsor paid to put the sign up in the outfield wall and the manny wood spot is now available. >> still weird to see joe torre in a dodgers uniform.
6:27 am
just when lebron james thought he was out, they may pull him back in. james outraged cleveland fans when he announced he was leaving for miami. tonight, in the nba will announce key games in a special. a cleveland newspaper reports james and miami will play the first game of the season in cleveland. one miami newspaper says the heat will play the celtics. we will find out who is right tonight. >> let the fun begin. time is 6:27. coming up, we will take you inside a nasa wind tunnel in the bay area. bob redell will show us what scientists are doing there. is your car a hit with thieves? we will look at the vehicles that get stolen the most. and credit card companies are trying to stay ahead of the government putting you in the tiddle tha nd out wha t wtatch out for next. those people are happy
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'cause they're gonna have a good time, and they've got extra money in their pocket. those are happy passengers. how much does it cost for those snacks again? nothing.
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at southwest airlines, when we have a sale, it's a sale. [ male announcer ] southwest airlines has flights starting at $49 one-way. book now only at [ rand ] how can you not want to get on the plane? come on and get on the plane. we're saving you money. now that's a plane full of happy. [ employees ] grab your bag. it's on. [ ding ] good morning to you. credit card companies are
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working hard to make back the money that consumer protection is costing them. i'm kris sanchez, i'll tell you what to look for on your bill. >> and two america's biggest companies will probably drive the markets today. as folks drive to make a dollar, we are watching your commute. the numbers and volume are up. speeds getting down. good tuesday morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. we're getting down with rob checking the forecast. >> getting down to a lot of fog in san francisco. this is a view from san bruno mountain, flight delays into sfo airport due to those clouds, up to a half hour this morning. 50s across the board this morning. lunch time, 70s and 80s inland. for a change it may feel like summer around livermore, close to 90.
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63, still cool and breezy around san francisco. new this morning, credit card companies are working to get around new rules that are meant to protect you. nbc bay area news kris sanchez is live in san jose this morning with a look at what to watch out f for. >> reporter: good morning. if you visited this high-end shopping center, you know there's no shortage of a place to buy pretty things and pay with plastic, but there's no shortage of ways also for the credit card companies are trying to recoup the $390 billion that those consumer protections have been put into place. it's been six years since those protections were put in place, but the changes are costing companies big. in the six months the new rules have been in effect, the credit card companies have gotten creative. check your annual fee. many credit card companies are charging more, as much as 18%
6:32 am
more, getting cash advances is a third more expensive than six years ago -- six months ago. same with balance transfer fees. if you have gotten more invitations to sign up for a rebate or corporate card, that's because those cards are not covered by the new laws and regulations. the tips for you, watch your bill for processing fees, watch for foreign fees when buying from a retailer outside the u.s., and watch your due date. companies are required to give you a 21-day notice when payments are do. it's not unfair for credit card companies to make a profit. they are part of a healthy economy, however president obama when he signed this into law in 2009 wanted to make sure it's with transparency and with fairness for the consumer. in san jose, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. a bit more information that might help protect your bottom line. college campuses will be crawling with people offering credit cards to your kids. we have tips to make sure they
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build good credit and don't plunge into debt. be selective when choosing a credit card to get a low balance requirement and low fees. choose a bank with a lot of atms near the school so the students don't have to pay for out of network fees. keep a close eye on their expenses. and if a student defaults on that payment, remember the parent's credit score might end up taking a hit. if you drive a cadillac kaes laid escalade or a ford f250 truck you are popular with vehicle thieves. those vehicles are at the top of the list of most likely to be stolen. also on that list, the infinity g-37 and the dodge charger with
6:34 am
the hemi engine. >> it's hard to know why an individual vehicle gets picked out by thieves. this year thieves were after horsepower and flash. experts say it's not as bad as it used to be because automakers have gotten so good with making cars theft-proof that won't let the car be started without the proper key. still they have common sense advice such as always keep your doors locked and when you can park your vehicle behind a locked gate or garage. we are hearing for the first time from the father of johannes mehserle, the former b.a.r.t. police officer who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the shooting death of oscar grant last month. todd mehserle and supporters were at san jose city hall holding signs showing they have not forgotten about the former b.a.r.t. officer. todd mehserle believes his son was wrongly convicted. he says he and his family are now doing everything they can to convince a judge to free their son. >> there's a lot of people that know my son. they know exactly who he is as a person and a human being. the facts speak for themselves. that's why we say he's wrongly convicted. >> mehserle's family launched a website just a few days ago asking for donations and letters of support. they also posted personal photos of johannes mehserle as a young basketball player, a family man
6:35 am
and a graduate of the police academy. mehserle's case is under appeal. his family is adamant that mehserle is innocent. over the wenekend the globa warming debate is heating up again. prop 23 will be on the november ballot. that would delay climate regulations until california's unemployment rate which now stands at more than 12%, falls to 5.5% and stays there for a year. the measure is primarily funded by texas oil companies. supporters raised $2.1 million from april 1st to june 30th. supporters of the initiative
6:36 am
to legalize marijuana for recreational use have also raised more money than opponents. proposition 19 would let adults have up to 1 ounce of marijuana and local governments tax its sales. two groups supporting the initiative raised more than $316,000 between april 1st and june 30th. that's about an 8-1 fund-raising advantage. hundreds of people, even celebrities are lining up for a chance to grow marijuana in oakland. the city recently passed a cultivation law opening the door for marijuana farming in oakland. so far 226 people are in line for a permit. council member rebecca cap land says montel williams is interested in setting up shot in oakland. operators of the harborside health center are concerned big operations will squeeze out hundreds of small growers. others say there may be room for everyone. >> small growers can come in and rent space.
6:37 am
hypothetically you could have an office complex with mid-sized office buildings growing legal marijuana, yes. >> oakland is expected to begin accepting applications for the permits. the marijuana grow could be a reality as soon as january. the federal government is monitoring the developments. on top of developing news this morning, more information on a story we broke earlier of a workplace shooting on the east coast. >> scott mcgrew is in the newsroom and is putting together the latest information and video. he has the new stuff for us. >> reporter: good morning to you. this happening in connecticut, apparently a man was called into a beer distributorship. they were going to ask him to resign when he pulled out a gun and shot a great number of people. we are getting conflicting reports of how many. we heard as many as seven. associated press is saying three. police are trying to get an understanding as to what exactly
6:38 am
has happened. the gunman is dead, shot to death by police. this happening in manchester, connecticut. off the coast of indonesia, there was an earthquake a short time ago a magnitude 6.5. no immediate reports of injuries. continuing our tour around the world, in the pakistan/afghanistan border there's been huge flooding. thousands of people have been killed. millions have been left homeless as these rivers have knocked out entire families. here you see video from the department of defense of american soldiers helping out. there's sort of a race, brent, to get in there and get help. not only for humanitarian reasons, but the pakistani government wants to show that they're in charge and they can help the people, and we heard the taliban are helping as well. it's become a political race to see who can help the most and the fastest. >> the bottom line is people are
6:39 am
helped in a disaster. san trans will start about changing rates. the terminal on saturday will be used until the new transbay transit center opens in 2017. there's a public meeting today at the temporary terminal at howard and main streets starting at 4:00 this afternoon. >> let's see if traffic is picking um op out there. >> a lot more folks hitting the roadway, causing a few more slow spots. not enough to show up on the sensors except southbound 101 heading down towards the 85 merge, and down towards the southbound and morgan hill and gilroy, looking at slowing there. typically speeds above 65, right now below 50. we'll watch that and track it and let you know if it sticks around. an accident involving a motorcycle westbound 37 near
6:40 am
101. no injuries. the driver is up and walking around. a lot of folks know that as a trouble spot later on. some folks refer to that as the maude monster. we know about that slowing getting into sunniville and mountain view. also slowing coming into livermore, 17-minute drive out of the altamont pass. no incidents reported the westbound commute direction, but volume continues to increase, low clouds and visibility maybe a concern coming out of tracy. i wanted to show you the conditions of the sunol grade might be such that will you find slowing between fremont and sunol. oakland shows an issue, more traffic but not a big problem. the bay bridge looking good so far, just starting to back up at the cash lanes. >> picking up out there. temperatures picking up inland. >> they will today. >> for about a third of the area, mainly out to the tri valley and south of san jose, a bift of a warm-up today. right now lots of low clouds.
6:41 am
55 degrees, too much in the way of low clouds has reduced visibility at sfo and causing delays of about a half fairfield. inland valley also see the warm-up. not much change at all around the bay or the coast. 60s and 70s along san francisco and the shoreline. today we warm up. the rest of the week, we cool off thanks to the stronger sea breeze. a trend that will take us into the start of the weekend. back to you. it's 6:41 right now people all over the bay area will take a stand against crime. and firefighters trapped in the middle of a wildfire. we will look at their escape from the inside out coming up. i'm bob redell live in mountain view where a lot of noise is being made over the future of this country's space exploration program. we will take you to the loudest
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place in the bay area coming up in a livreport. rt
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good morning, everybody. time is 6:44. coming up on 6:45. live pictures coming to you from 880. i'm seeing a few flashing lights. you can make out the overcrossing there. not sure what that could be. we will check in with mike about that. as far as the weather portion. some temperatures in the east
6:45 am
bay, walnut creek, fairfield, getting close to 90. rob has the forecast coming up. >> maybe need a nice, fresh breeze. engineers at nasa ames are using a wind tunnel to test a model of the new orion space shuttle. bob redell has more. >> reporter: if you ever wondered what 1,000 miles of wind sounds like, this is probably the closest you will get. we are in the chamber here of nasa ames research center, and inside this structure is the a scaled down model of the orion spacecraft. i want to take you to the control room where nasa engineers are collecting data on how this spacecraft model is responding to wind speeds of mach 1.6.
6:46 am
sorry, i had to get through that door there. hold on, here. the trick of getting from a wind tunnel into a control room. there's a lot of doors to keep the noise out. with those doors, the camera cable has a tendency to get stuck. this is kevin james here. right here is a video shot of inside the wind tunnel. you can't see much there because the wind is just invisibly going over the model. still at 1.6. this does a better visual representation. you guys can see on the screen the actual shockwaves going over the model. what you're testing is to see how the spacecraft would respond if it had to do an emergency abort during a launch. >> yeah. >> reporter: you said earlier that this is something that has to be tested in a wind tunnel because you could try to do it on paper but it wouldn't work out necessarily. >> we've given up on paper and moved to computers. the equations that govern how
6:47 am
air moves are complicated and sometimes not solvable at all. what you get when you run this in a real facility is the real answer, mother nature is right there. you can see the shockwaves, the plumes, the outline of the vehicle. >> reporter: the answers you are getting so far, are they good? >> yes, they are good. we have been very happy with the data we're getting. good forces, excellent pressures, good pressure sensors to paint. you can see here. we're happy with the results. >> reporter: how much prep time goes into just getting the model ready for a wind tunnel test like this without g jouout gett too much detail. >> the development of this test was longer than two years. >> reporter: wow. >> this was a tough one. >> reporter: you have been doing this since the end of june, is
6:48 am
there a sense of relief or oh, my gosh, we have a lot more work to do. >> there's relief it worked as well as it did, and a little anxiety over all the data we have to reduce. >> reporter: good luck. i guess i'm glad i'm the one holding the microphone. doesn't require much brain power, obviously. the orion spacecraft, when might we see that launched? >> p.a. 1 was a test that was ran successfully earlier this year. we have an a.a. 1 coming up, you could see a vehicle in a couple years. >> reporter: nice work. appreciate having you in here bright and early. >> they look like they're up early there. thanks, bob. >> reporte >> now bob knows why in the interview they asked if he could walk and chew come. let's check the markets with
6:49 am
scott. >> this is not rocket science, dow down 17 points this morning, nasdaq down 6. electronic arts, the largest video gamemaker in the world, they report their profits after the bell. they are down about 13 cents this morning. pete's coffee reports profits as well. pete's up about 1%. they trade as peet on the nasdaq. >> something like a computer notebook thing that you could invent -- >> a pad of some sort. >> we'll have to get on this. >> about this big. that would be great. >> that would be cool. neighbors around the bay area are expected to get together today to fight crime in their communities. national night out comes as a lot of bay area cities have been forced to cut police officers. christie smith is live in oakland this morning, one of those places where they have been slicing officers from the force. in that vain, tonight is even more important than it has been in the past.
6:50 am
>> reporter: absolutely. we've seen big cuts to the department, but police officers will be out. the police chief, even the mayor of oakland going from block party to block party. oakland is on the upswing with this. this is the fifth year of growth in oakland for national night out. they are expecting about 440 block parties tonight. at least 26,000 people out in oakland alone. despite the headlines, we talk about homicides being down 20%. assault and burglaries down, too. we spoke with one man who was robbed twice in oakland, once at gun point, once with grass knuckles. in each case the men only got away with 20 bucks or less. now, he says, he has learned to always call ahead when coming home at night, circle the block if he has any doubt. >> i have people in my neighborhood that have never seen each other. just going up to the doorstep, getting to know them. i'm the block captain of my
6:51 am
block. i've met many people. many of them said, hey, i never even met the person a couple doors down. >> reporter: he says he struggles with whether to carry cash or not because he does want to have something to give away just in case someone comes up to him and demands money. national night out starts at 7:00 and runs until 9:00 tonight. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thanks. firefighters make an make a when flames surround their truck. find out how they did it next. live here, too. ay ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today.
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6:53 am
welcome back. an update on that motorcycle accident i told you about, noninjuries for the driver, but
6:54 am
the off-ramp is closed. the rest of the south bay looking good. 101 and 87 showing some slowdowns. 880 past the coliseum. brent, the flashing lights have cleared from the roadway, it was just a maintenance crew over to the side of the roadway. not a big deal. the san mateo bridge, it's tough to see. we know we have a nice drive over to the peninsula side, but on the peninsula we have sfo. is that effected by fog? >> yeah, about a half hour delay for some flights into sfo. low clouds this morning, around lunch time, look at what's happening. 70s to low 80s inland. for places like livermore, south towards morgan hill, a bit of a warmer day. some of the warmest places close to 90. around the bay or the coast, no change today. more low clouds, and temperatures cooling down as we wrap up the week. >> tips for your bottom line this morning.
6:55 am
credit card companies are working to get around new rules meant to protect you. kris sanchez is live in san jose this morning with what to watch out for to make sure you don't fall into the credit card trap. good morning, kris. >> reporter: good morning to you. we are here at one of the shopping hot spots in the south bay where prices are listed in black and white. but if you pay with plastic, then where you are truly paying for that item is kind of gray despite credit card rules that were put into place to protect you. the whole idea was to protect consumers against unfair hikes and business practices. but that suspeeconds is expecte cost credit card companies about $390 million, so the credit card companies have gotten creative. check for annual fees. many credit card companies have hiked them as much as 18%.
6:56 am
getting cash advances is a third more expensive than six months ago. same goes for balance transfer fees. if you have gotten more invitations to sign up for rebate or corporate cards, that's because those cards are not covered by the new law. tips this morning, watch those bills for processing fees and look for foreign fees if you buy online from a retailer outside the u.s. and watch for your due date t may have changed and it may change every month as companies are changing their billing cycles to get around the 21-day advance that they are required to give to consumers. it is fair forred cred the cred companies to make money off of you, but the president wanted to make sure that what consumers sign for is what they are getting. kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. four volunteer fighters got
6:57 am
trapped in their truck when trying to protect homes. we had to keep the volume down because they are swearing up in russian. the driver threw the truck in reverse and got out of there safely. through the window, another vehicle is heading out, too. cars drive good in reverse. looks like he's going forward to me. >> it's different in russia. >> that's true. >> all right. thanks so much for joining us this morning. the "today" show is coming up next. >> do they still make the yugo? >> nice. >> very good. with high-speed internet from at&t,
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