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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  August 3, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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big business in the area and across the country but tonight the feds are cracking down on fake. and nbc bay area cheryl hurd is live. this is the first stop for fakes in america, isn't it? >> reporter: that's right, the port of oakland. fake merchandise smuggled into huge contarns here, and the feds want to put an end to it. >> undermines the retail marketplace. >> reporter: coach, prada, versace, and even nike, they may look real on the surface, but according to u.s. attorney, they are fake. >> it creates for the customer confusion, and uncertainty about the quality of goods that bear very important labels that the manufacturers have spent enormous amount of money to develop the branding for. >> reporter: in december 2007, an alert customs inspector at port of oakland saw a suspicious container. authorities say it contained 50,000 counterfeit designer
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accessories with an estimated market value of more than 22 million. >> counterfeiting badly undermines the united states' economy. it robs americans of jobs, it stifles innovation, and it promotes crime. >> reporter: the raids took place here in souvenir shops in the fishermen's wharf area on beach, taylor and jefferson streets, ten arrested, one is a fugitive. they are all facing smuggling, counterfeiting and conspiracy charges. >> during the investigation, i seized 200 of these counterfeit bags. they are ordinarily sold at $200. >> reporter: renee rivera visiting from new mexico has the same bag but a real one. >> usually you can tell by the hardware. if you look closely, you can tell. >> reporter: but do consumers know selling fakes is against the law and buying them is a cream as well? >> i'd rather know i'm getting a
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good quality handbag and pay the price for it. >> reporter: 11 people indicted for smuggling fakes into the u.s. from china may have to pay the price if convicted of the crime. and if convicted, the suspects could spend up to 20 years in prison. live in oakland, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. now, to a developing story. learning tonight that a federal journal will issue a much-anticipated ruling tomorrow in the legal battle involving proposition 8, the gay marriage ban passed by voters in 2008. lisa kim is in the newsroom with more for us. >> tom, we spoke with u.s. district judge vaughn walker, his clerk, who confirms a decision will be issued tomorrow in the online system. word of that decision is already spreading quickly on social media sites and exploding on the blogosphere. the rule willing decide whether prop 8 violates the constitution rights for gays and lesbians who
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want to marry. prop 8 was on the ballot in the 2008 general elections. proposed marriage between a man and woman would be valid or recognized here in california. voters passed 52-48%. that set in motion a number of legal battles up to perry versus schwarzenegger. the lawsuit brought by two same-sex couples who say prop 8 violates their constitution rights to equality. the trial began in january in judge walker's federal courtroom and closing arguments ended back in june. attorneys for both sides say they will appeal if a decision doesn't go their way. and that means this case is likely headed all the way to the u.s. supreme court. lisa kim, nbc bay area news. >> stay with nbc bay area news for coverage of tomorrow's ruling. reports from the courthouse, of course, plus find the latest updates on our website going after plattic bags
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again. it could make the question of whether you want plastic or paper a thing of the past. three years ago you may remember the city banned single use plastic bags at large supermarkets and chain drugstores. now the supervisor wants to expand the band to all retailers including hardware stores, book shops and department stores. the ban contains several exceptions including plastic bags use ford garments or produce. national night out is here. communities across the bay area are coming together this evening to strategize on ways to keep streets safe. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez shows us many feel looking out for your neighbor is more important than ever. >> try to get themmen rolled. >> reporter: like neighborhoods across the bay area, people who live in oakland's neighborhood are gearing up for a national night out block party. >> gatherings hold a tremendous significance because we have this problem here in the city of
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oakland and the loss of police in the city of oakland. we have to come together as a community and watch out for each other because we have 80 fewer police to do so. >> reporter: these folks know firsthand what it's like to be victimized. >> this is where they've cut with bolt cutters the hinge and then have tried to pry it open. >> reporter: jeffrey jenson shows us how a burglar broke into his garage, targeting his north oakland home for the second time in two weeks only this time a neighbor saw the suspect and called police. >> i'm very thankful that the neighbors not only were alert, but called 911. this is going to lead to -- >> reporter: that same burglar struck lee's home down the street minutes earlier, making off with a computer, camera equipment and a new bike. >> i asked the officer what can i do, and he said, get a dog. i mean, that's their answer, get a dog. >> reporter: neighbors are
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pleased how police responded with fewer cops on the force they know it's more important than ever to mobilize. >> they have left us vulnerable to criminal element in our community. >> we are taking more effort to watch over each other's homes and families and communicate so we can protect ourselves. >> reporter: in oakland, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. it's a tough job but he's up to the challenge. that's what san jose's new fire chief says about leading a department hit hard by the crisis. he met with reporters on this his second day on the job. how does he feel after taking over a department that laid off 49 firefighters? mcdonald, the chief in scotsdale, arizona, says he knows what he's getting into. >> being here at this time, i think, is really something that i wanted to do because i think i have a lot of background and
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experience in trying to manage organizations and lead organizes through challenging tiles, particularly ones where the resources are so limited as they are here in the city of san jose. >> the city and the union have yet to agree on a contract that would cut $10 million from the fire department's budget. the two sides sit down to negotiate again tomorrow. the bankruptcy of mexico's largest airline through hundreds of bay area travelers for a loop today pop those who showed up to air flight at san jose's airport at 7:00 this morning were left wondering if they're flight would ever leave. nbc bay area's garvin thomas live at the airport now. did it leave? >> reporter: it did leave, but not after some folks spent eight hours at the airport here. as you said, this has to do with mexicana declaring bankruptcy. in all that they suspended many flights and changes the schedule of others, it was the latter that hit the travelers here today. the flight normally leaves at
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9:00 this morning but without notice the airline changed that time to 12:00, then that flight left three hours late. so it did leave, but folks who showed up early spent way more time at the airport today than they normally would have liked to. but eventually that flight did get up in the air. what does this mean in the future? there will be, on an ongoing base and someone flight from san jose to guadalajara though the airline is bankrupt. >> this is similar with what we've seen with other carriers, they continue to operate and have a couple of years of restructuring and come back and they can be in a better position to compete. >> reporter: what was going on today wasn't just confusing for the passengers it was confusing for the airport. mexican na added a flight and departure today. the flight from guadalajara. the departure to mexico city, a city the airline doesn't normally fly to from this airport. confusion all around.
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there was we heard from san francisco one daily nate which has been suspended. for why, it was the high cost of labor. live from san low day, garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> total recall, the body scanner made its debut at oakland international. body scan technology gained popularity for the ability to pinpoint explosive and contraband. it's been criticized because it sees through your clothing. body scan technology does not print or store edgeages. security officials viewing them has to contact with passengers. >> imaging technology safely screened passengers for metallic and nonmetallic threats including weapons, explosives and other objects under lays of clothing without physical contact to help keep the traveling public safe. >> you should know as a passenger you have the option of accepting or declining body
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scan. those who decline walk through a traditional metal dehe techer and a patdown. workers that have been calling in sick were expected to be back on the job. that wasn't the case. with 150 no-shows today. after a month-long labor distribute in alameda county job decided the contract that was imposed on the bus drives was invalid. the transit agency claims workers were staging sick-outs in response. the union insisted it's not the case. as a consequence of the ruling, ac transit says severe service cuts may be necessary to close a large budget deficit. on the other side of the bay, san francisco is restoring more than half of the cuts it made to muni. mayor newsom announced 61% of the cuts made back in may will be restored starting in september in the september 4th, to be exact. that includes restoring light rail service and late night owl service.
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hoon muni reduced service in may because of a budget problem. newsom says service now thanks to cost cutting measures will be back in lace. >> ahead at 6:00, the color that men should wear if they want to attract women. also coming up, at just 20 years of age he's considered a grand master. the classic video game putting a silicon valley man on the world stage. i'm scott budman. new choice if you're in the market for a touch screen smart phone. a first look just ahead. also ahead, an 11-year-old boy collapses and died during a football practice. the health problem that may have led to his sad death. and how an east bay landmark got a makeover. no cash necessary. we'll show you the unique program. good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri, cooking up on the grill tonight. not only cooking up dogs but a large crowd for an event not only happening here in the bay
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a new touch screen phone for your perusal tonight. scott budman here to peruse for us. scott? >> well, tom, talking about research in motion, the company making the blackberry and they've been falling behind in the smart phone battle as of late. with this they hope to close the gap, it's called the torch. the first blackberry to combine touch screen and flip-out full alphabet key bore. you can see a big marking campaign with it. on sale august 12th. it will cost $200. your money, a step back after yesterday's rally. factory orders falling for june and investors took profits after the underup. watch electronic arts, the gamemaker reporting better than
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expecting earnings. ea shares moving higher in after-hours trading thanks to sales of new video games like soccer and scramble for the iphone. speaking of video games, meet the bay area's grand master of the game you've probably played, barely out of his teens, he's on his way to the world championship. that story coming up at 6:40. >> prepared to feel intimidated. it's the bell factor. california's controller ordering all cities and counties to report salaries of elected officials and public employees. the order comes after the revelation that the southern california city of bell paid three of its top administrators a total of, ready, $1.6 million a year. part-time city council members paid nearly $100 grand. local governments would support general figures to the state comptrollers office. more detail reporting will make sure excessive pay does not
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escape public scrutiny and accountability in the future. with this year's budget more than a month late the skate comptroller is complain he cannot pay the state bills. released a list of creditors owed $2 billion for the month of august. unless lawmakers pass a budget soon, the community colleges won't get $284 million. k through 12 schools owed $130 million. businesses which contract with the state are expecting a half billion dollars in payments. that's on top of the unpaid bills from july. union members rallied in sacramento today to protest furlough days for state employees. the governor ordered the new round of furloughs after his order stalled in court. aggravating the situation, of course, the state's 19 billion deficit and, again, the legislature's fall ur to pass a budget. union members say their unfairly targeted. they want a new law barring salary changes during any budget
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impasse. the j.c. dugard kidnapping case is changing a shift in the way they monitor parolees. sonoma county sperexperimentingh closely supervise the monitoring. the lower case load will increase the amount of attention to devote to each parolee. the state approved a $20 million payout to dugard acknowledging the parole department's failure to properly supervise her accused kidnapper, phillip dorito. latino leaders will no longer stand on the sidelines. the hispanic foundation launched a program called the latino report card. nbc bay area shows us leaders want to know what areas in the latino community is succeeding and where it needs to keep pushing. >> reporter: visit any shopping
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center in east san jose and you'll hear music welcoming the customers. and you may hear community activists pushing their cause. >> reporter: now the hispanic foundation of silicon valley says it wants to take the lead and documenting the short comings and successes of the silicon valley latino community, creating a latino report card. >> for far too long, hispanics in silicon valley have been on the sidelines. the first ever latino report card for silicon valley is the first step to engage our community. >> reporter: former san jose mayor gonzalez led the foundation in launching the critical look at the numbers. >> many times individual organizations make decisions on myth or folk lure. we need to have the number, the data. >> reporter: researchers look at health, education, housing, economic stability, and environmental sustainability within the latino community. the idea is for a policymakers,
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nonprofit and other agencies to use the information to either reinforce existing programs or blow them up completely and draw up a new blueprint. >> the better we know factual, verifiable, hard data information, the more we can go to accountable party. >> reporter: and perhaps take the first step away from the sidelines and on to the playing field. nbc bay area news. >> well, the national night out is just another night out. >> this is a big night out. >> jeff is live in santa clara. hey, this is four in a row for you. >> yeah, it is. it's like summer camp here, right, guys? >> yeah! >> are you having a good time? >> yeah! >> we've got families here,
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we've got the police. we have the fire truck april lot happening with national night out here in santa clara county. happening over 25 years, 37 million people taking part in this tonight not only the bay area but across the nation. eating ham bugg burgers, hot dogs, they're following me. camera hungry. we have donald tanner with us. this is inspiring. you have really kind of gotten your community together tonight and it's quite remarkable. >> you know, i'm very proud of that. it's nice to have all of the neighbors and all of the friends together. >> yeah. you know, why is this important to you? >> you know, personally, it very -- i noticed being here in california you don't get a chance to know your neighbors. here, you've got a great chance and i've met so many people that i haven't seen before in my neighborhood. >> that's what it is all about uniting and bringing everybody together. it's quite a fantastic at moss
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peer. we have the chief of police for santa clara. it is about meeting your neighbor and having a great time there's other elements to it. >> we can fight crime together. if you know your neighbors. if you know whether they're on vacation or not, look out for them and you have more of an ownership in your neighborhood. >> especially with budget cuts as of late it's key everyone bands together and helps each other out. >> never more important. >> thank you, steve, chief of police with santa clara county appreciate it. our weather forecast for santa clara county and beyond. and we still have fog lingering offshore. and also some cooler air aloft. so 70s coming back. complaints here? about the 70s? no. they like it. all right. we've got high pressure sitting off the coastline. and it's that little kink in the jet stream that is helping temperatures to cool off here down at the lower atmosphere, keeping us below average.
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it's three weeks in a row of the cooler than average temperatures across the bay area. the coolest julys ever in san l jose happening in july. by 11:00 a.m. tomorrow, temperatures in the upper 60s and sunny skies. also san jose music in the park. happening on thursday with temperatures in the 60s. and that's going to be happening from 5:00 to 9:00 thursday. all right. back out here live. it's all about the community. it's about celebrating and watching out for your neighbors and it's about some good food, too. i've got a nice piece of steak waiting for me, and one for you jessica and tom. how do you like it? >> quickly. >> all right. >> medium. that will be good. jeff, thank you. looks great out there. still ahead at 6:00, as plans to build a new term nam, the focus shifts to those left behind. >> an 11-year-old northern california boy dies following a
6:23 pm
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undiagnosed heart condition blamed on the collapse and death of an 11-year-old boy. the boy's sudden death during a routine football practice has left his community badly shaken. >> reporter: this is the boy who died, andrew lamphere. >> 11 years old. >> reporter: his grandfather, ron, told how quickly his grandson went from taking part in the first day of practice for the golden sierra junior grizzlies football team to suffering a heart attack. >> walked up to his coach, told his coach he wasn't feeling good, playing football, and just a few seconds after that he passed out, and they lost his
6:26 pm
heartbeat, brought him back and lost it and brought him back three different times. basicallily that's all i know. >> reporter: the heart defect, according to afamily and investigators are undiagnosed. news of his death leveling a foothill community where everyone knows everybody. >> heart wrenching. a lot of tears. >> devastating. my own son is a player on the team, and my reaction as a parent is what if it were my son? >> reporter: future practices are on hold, the former coach spoke with the coaches who witnessed this death. >> they're beside themselves. they could barely talk on the phone. >> reporter: ron lamphere described the boy's parents as -- >> they're just barely holding in there right now. >> reporter: andrew's younger brother did add andrew was a good brother and loved him a lot and he's happy to know he's with his father in heaven and he misses him. >> stories are always so tragic. a new report claims that dietary supplements sold in the
6:27 pm
u.s. are often contaminated and may cause serious health problems. this, according to consumer reports magazine released its finding today. the report says of the more than 54,000 dietary supplements on record one-third prompt to be safe by scientific evidence. many others contain ingredients that may cause cancer, heart problems, liver, kidney damage. because the fda has no power to regulate supplements, they remain on store shelves. still coming up, forget everything your parents told you about video games. coming up, silicon valley's grand master. also coming up -- bp moves forward with its plan to seal the largest oil leak in u.s. history. an update on the progress. >> nine people are dead after an employee pope opened fire at a connecticut business. what may have led to the mass killing. and a landmark movie theater in the east bay looks brand new. how did the owner manage to get the $70,000 paint job done with
6:28 pm
th e d?
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some bay area businesses are doing things the old fashioned way, finding ways to get goods and services without relying on cash, such as a coffee house, trading lattes for bookkeeping. nbc bay area's traci grant shows us how a bartering program is helping some businesses get things done. >> reporter: greg and his crew from s&s painting wrapped up a 35-day paint job making the historic grand lake theater look brand new. before this, business has been extremely slow. >> because of this job, i started to get busy, and not only but was i able to keep my best foremens busy every day i was able to hire two or three extra employees to start doing other jobs. so the volume actually increased during that month.
6:31 pm
>> reporter: charging the grand lake $70,000 and received $28,000 in cash, and $42,000 in the form of a bartter. chris says bartering has become more popular in the struggling economy because it's a way to mark the company's excess capacity and down time. >> if you're not running at 100% capacity, would you rather let that capacity go idle and do nothing. >> reporter: the answer is no. >> it's tough for an old theater in a downtown type of an area like the grand lake to compete with all of the modern multiplexes. >> reporter: he was able to bart the paint job by paying $20,000 in cash and $42,000 in coupons for movie tickets, popcorn and drinks to the biz, change. distributing the coupons as other bartter agreements. he plans to for advertising. >> the coupons are being used by
6:32 pm
other businesses and they're being given away to their customers or distributed in ways to reach people that might not have ever come to the grand lake otherwise. >> reporter: he also says this was a way for him to spread out the cost of getting the work done over several years. in oakland, traci grant, nbc bay area news. >> it does look nice. france's transbay terminal built in 1939 will close for demolition this saturday. it will make way for a brand-new terminal. but for some, the closure spells an end to a place they call home. >> reporter: for more than 70 years, the transbay terminal served as a brief interlude for travelers on their way to somewhere else. for some, the final stop on the journey was the terminal itself. people like keith reid have long called this place home. but this last refuge for the down and out will close for good
6:33 pm
this saturday, leaving about 100 homeless with one less place to rest their heads. >> like a foreclosure. like if i own the home and foreclosed, that's like -- >> reporter: a homeless man sat with his mother on the long wooden benches. he says the pair has often sought shelter here. >> come here for years. this place was a safe halven. >> reporter: he pondered the closure, james wondered about his future. >> it's start getting cold and rainy. >> reporter: the terminal in its final days the city's homeless teams have increased outreach, trying to convince the lander last holdouts to move into shelters. >> looking at a range of things that we can bring right down to people and help them got out of the lousy situation. >> reporter: the city says so far 25 people agreed to go into shelters, others prefer to take
6:34 pm
chances on the street. >> give me a call. >> reporter: among those encountered by social works are today were james and his mother. the pair said they were interested in taking the city up on its offer. >> get me out of one of these situations and put me inside, get me the opportunity to be able to continue. >> reporter: for those who remain, one thing is clear, as time runs out for the old termin terminal, so do the choices. >> now the replacement terminal will take seven years to bill. in the meantime, temporary brus she bus shelter will open. concord police looking for two men who attempted to kidnap a 20-year-old woman. the incident happened at 11:00 thursday in the 2000 block of sunshine drive. the woman was walking when a man pulled up in a car, another man seated in the passenger side opened his door and grabbed the woman's wrist and arm.
6:35 pm
she managed to escape after punching him in the face. the man who grabbed her is described as a latino in his 20s, 5'7", between 150, 165 pounds with brown, medium-length hair sway slight buzz cut. the car a white four-door honda civic a black rear bumper sticker and a red temporary registration sticker in the window. a man asked to resign from his job or be fired walked into work and opened fire killing eight people, wounding two others, before killing himself. it happened early this morning at i beer and wine wholesale business. the man was being escorted from the building when shootings began. the suspect was black, complained of being racially harassed on the job and told friends his supervisors didn't do anything about it. >> we believe ten people were shot by the gunman, eight fatally, two others treated at the hospital.
6:36 pm
>> the 34-year-old gunman was a driver for his employer. union representative said the man was with the company for a year. he was caught stealing beer on tape. two surviving victims remain in the hospital. keep your fingers crossed because if all goes as planned this could be the beginning of the end of the oil spill in the gulf. want to show you live pictures of the well 5,000 feet below the surface. after a slight delay and a quick fix to the hydraulic leak on the well's containment cap the static kill has officially begun. engineers began that static kill a few hours ago and the process should take two to three days. it involves piping in thick drilling mud down the throat of the well and then depending on that success, crews could begin sealing the well with cement. >> once we get zero pressure in the well from the static kill, there then is an option to put cement in from the top. >> the idea is if it works
6:37 pm
drilling mud will push the crude back into the natural reservoir beneath the floor of the gulf. scientists say the northern lights may be visible in the bay area later this week, so get ready. due to huge eruptions of the surface of the sun. sunday the eruptions blasted ionized atoms into space and they began traveling toward earth at 1 million miles an hour. normally that solar light show is seen in higher latitudes where they're called northern lights. this week we may be able to see that phenomenon here in the bay area. astro astron mers suggest look early north wednesday or thursday morning. we'll try to give you more detail than that. just look north. >> that's right. >> first, i have to figure out which way north is, that's miy first problem. >> when it comes to attracting women, men should turn to one color. it's off again. the surprising event that led to
6:38 pm
bristol palin and levi johnston breaking up again. an alarming, new report on obesity in america. good evening, i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri live in santa clara where we like to arrive in style. coming up, what all of these people and this fire truck have to do with a nationwide event happening tonight. your forecast.
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6:40 pm
we have breaking news for you. this is a live picture right now over the scene where amtrak service major delays in the east bay right now because of a freight train derailment, which you're looking at right now. amtrak says it's a union pacific railroad train which derailed a mile west of the emeriville station. train service between emerivil e emeriville, oakland, jack london square stations temporarily
6:41 pm
suspended in both directs and it looks like it's a long time before it's restored. amtrak says they're in the process of getting alternate transportation for the passengers. some trains might be rerouted. once again, passengers should expect major delays. again, this is very near the emeriville amtrak station. a train derailment causing major delays. health news for you now. has to do with obesity in the country which is growing rapidly. a new report finds that nearly a third of the nation's adults are obese. from 2007 to 2009 the number of states with more than a third of. population considered obese tripled from three states to nine. adults age 18 and over have getting fatter by the day, undermining a national goal aimed at lowering obesity. doctors suggest people can help themselves even in small ways. >> instead of looking for the closest spot in the parking lot to the front of the store, park at the back of the parking lot and add a couple of extra steps.
6:42 pm
>> for the medical costs, krftd dc shows obesity accounted for 10% two years or ago or $150 billion of health care costs. bristol palin and levi johnston called off their second engagement. palin claims hours after the cover story came out johnston broke the news that an ex-girlfriend of his was pregnant and that he was possibly the father. the 19-year-old daughter of the former alaska governor sarah palin says the final straw johnston went to hollywood to see a hunting show but starred in a music video mocking her family. bristol palin tells "people" magazine she was played. let's turn things over to raj. live at 49ers headquarters. nice to he so you again. >> reporter: nice to see you, too. jeff ranieri has a lot of screaming people in his weather live shot. we have the same.
6:43 pm
49ers practice opened to the public. usually it's closed off but not today. we are at training camp. fired up. >> yeah! >> reporter: a lot of excitement for the 49ers. they are on the field, as we speak. we'll check in with team. also check in with jerry rice next, live from team headquarters in santa clara. good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri, live in santa clara. it's more than just a block party. we'll tell you how this neighborhood is getting in on a national event. plus, your forecast coming up.
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
bear area college student in the national spotlight because he's really good at a video game. >> business and tech reporter scott budman caught up with one of the world's best who is about to compete for the title. >> reporter: most of us go to college to get good at something. but in a back corner of the san jose state university arcade alex kerr, already a computer science major, got really good at tetris. >> it's always winning the game. it's something i played. >> reporter: thanks to flying hands and nimble fingers, alex is a grand master one of only two in america to achieve that level. and now at 20, he's famous.
6:46 pm
>> kind of strange. all of a sudden cameras everywhere. >> reporter: about to compete in the tetris world championship a tournament for those so good they sometimes dream about the game part of what's called the tetris effect. >> it's kind of like when you like play a game or do something where you like see it or imagine it, like after you're done playing the game. >> reporter: imagine this parents, alex, thanks to video games, is actually doing better at school. >> so i just how games, they got me into like my career. >> reporter: isn't that what college is all about? in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> yes, it is. the tetris world championship th weekend in los angeles. we'll let you know how alex
6:47 pm
does. >> you better start practicing if you go up against him. >> i don't have time to do that. let's throw thing out to jeff ranieri. live in santa clara for national night out. >> hey, jessica and tom. a spectacular event. joining a few ladies here. thanks for letting me stay with you. you're going it give me something to drink later on? >> yes. >> these ladies are chilling out. night out in america. over 37 million people tonight banding together in their community to take back their neighborhoods. we've got the grill going on. we've been having some fun. things look empty here, right? but take a look over here! oh, yes. it is a huge part of the city of santa clara. and they're loud ones. i i i've got raj meet. the mayor of the city of santa clara, pat, thank you for coming
6:48 pm
on out. >> good evening. glad to be here. >> boisterous crowd here. how does this make you feel everybodies banning together tonight? >> it's wonderful. santa clara's a great community and these neighbors prove it, right? >> why is this so important to come out on national night out in america? >> well, national night out is a crime prevention program, and our public safety officers are out here, police, firefighters, and they're here to band neighbors together, neighbor as wear of each other make it a safer community. >> stick together when things may happen. with the budgets going down and police forces being cut, no better way than to meet everybody and make it happen. that's right. folks are here to prove it. >> thank you for joining us. all right. let's get a look at our weather forecast as we head into tonight. and we are looking at, yes, big surprise here, more fog along the coastline. and also, though the other thing throwing a wrench in the forecast temperatures in the 70s.
6:49 pm
cooler air aloft. but not many people complaining about that. now, as we look at our overall forecast the jet stream pushing more to the south than it should be this time of year and that is enough to bring us mild conditions throughout the bay area with 70s expected inland, feel more like spring than fall. and as we head throughout tonight, look at a comfortable night here, if you're doing night out in america across the bay area. temperatures in the low 50s, in the north bay. mid-50s in the east bay. here in the south bay we have temperatures in the low to mid-50s. all right. 2:00 p.m. forecast tomorrow, wednesday, middle of the week. excited about that? >> yeah. >> can't get enough screaming here. all right. we also have san jose music in the park thursday this week, nbc sponsored event, with temperatures expected to be in the 60s. it's going to be a tribute to michael jackson. again, free. seven-day forecast, temperatures in the low to mid-80s.
6:50 pm
and a lot of sunshine. so, no real big heat coming on back. we thought because we can, nbc bay area, we've got our human seven-day forecast, everyone. look, i'm looking forward to friday -- no, saturday. it's been a long week. i had to work the weekend. what's your name? >> reshay. >> what do you know about the weather saturday? >> sunny. >> that's it? are we going to have fog? >> i don't think so. >> see, she thinks fog's going to be going away saturday. we'll hold you to that. thank you for copping out. give yourself a big hand. back tou y you in the studio. >> they did a lovely job. >> we look forward to saturday. out to 49 headquarters and equally beautiful night there. safely removed by one day from the -- what is it the nut cracker drill, raj? >> reporter: yes, they want to put me through the nut cracker
6:51 pm
here, if i'm out of line. we are at 49ers' headquarters. remember, back in the olden days, not that long ago at all, but the niners used to train in rockland, near sacramento and and recently in stockton, a couple of hours away. they'd invite the crowd every practice. but things have changed now. about 49ers are training for summer camp training camp here at headquarters in santa clara. but tone and a few other tracks they've invited fans to join them. and the fans are loud here at practice. take a listen. it's like the red carpet treatment. players come out of the locker room and on to the practice field. this is the second practice of the day. grueling two-day workouts. the players taking the field. a couple of notes here from the evening's practice which is now wrapping up. patrick willis did not practice with justin schmitt, two
6:52 pm
standouts, they're fine. one of the more disconcerning story lines, as it's developing in the first week of summer camp, abreu franklin is out with a contract dispute. right now, the show goes on without him. the 49ers in pretty good shape. back to the fan, we mentioned they have been invited in full force. this is one of nine open practices that the 49ers fans can come here to headquarters and check out the team. 3,000 fans are here, as we speak tonight. it is free of charge. however, you have to go on to the 49ers' website to get passes to come and watch practice. it's fun, not just for fans, but the players themselves. >> i think it adds more excitement in the air because you've got the fans here. guys want to go out and perform the best they can. >> my fiancee's a hard core 49ers fan. he got me into the niners training camp and we have an
6:53 pm
awesome time. >> you can touch them, get autographs. >> reporter: favorite player? >> of all time, joe montana but current, alex smith. >> reporter: can you smell the sweat? >> yeah. remains me of the days i used to play. don't miss it. now i just watch it. >> reporter: yes, you can smell the sweat. about the 49ers wrapping up practice. preseason opener a couple of weeks away in indianapolis against the colts august 15th. a lot of buzz here in santa clara and across the nation all about jerry rice. just a few day as way from being inducted into the pro football hall of fame in canton, ohio. jerry rice inducted on saturday. jerry, not just a from football legend here in the bay area but a huge part of the community. he's been to the bay area, been in the bay area since moving from mississippi 25 years ago. here's jarry. >> the bay area's so special to me because of, you know, just
6:54 pm
this is my, this is my history. getting drafted by the san francisco 49ers, this country boy coming to the big city, and then to have the city to welcome me with open arms. and being able to go out and entertain so many people on that given sunday or monday, during the super bowl. my legacy is here in san francisco. you know i have so many great fans and i just love the city. >> reporter: special time for jerry rice and all of the 49er fans this saturday in canton, ohio. as we wrap it up, going to one of our young 49ers camera, future quarterback. give us a shot. vernon davis. we'll send it back to you. >> he's thank you. and comer. thank you.
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
turns out men looking toattract the opposite sex may want to add the color red to wardrobe which could be why this guy has been so popular, despite the extra weight. women view men in red as higher in status, more likely to make money, climb the social ladder or down the chimney. women in england, germany and china had the same reaction. >> i had one on yesterday. you missed it. thanks for being with us, everybody. >> see you at 11:00.
6:58 pm
huge new suburb planned for the shores of san francisco bay will forever change life along the bay. i'm suzanne shaw. redwood city's plan would be the largest development since foster city up to 12,000 homes. we need jobs but opposition spread to nearby cities. activists shout, save the bay, return the old salt ponds to wetlands. the owner offered to restore some marshes in exchange for development. can it be done ecolodgely, can scientists and planners build safety at sea level? critics say no. stop the studies. nbc bay area agrees with redwood
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