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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  August 4, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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ruled that proposition 8, the voter-approved initiative that banned gay marriage in california, violates the constitutional rights of gay and lesbian couples. gay marriage will not be allowed to resume immediately. judge walker says he wants to decide whether his order should be suspended while proponents of the ban pursue their appeal, perhaps all wait to the u.s. supreme court. he has asked for written arguments by both sides by friday. the plaintiffs say they know the battle is not over but today's decision does give them hope. >> i believe that we live in a nation of equal laws. and today's decision affirms my belief. >> equality is something that our nation has always been about. we read about it in school. our ancestors came to this country in search of it. well, this decision today brings paul and i and so many others like us closer to that equality too. >> reporter: in his ruling
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today, judge walker said proposition 8 fails to advance any rational basis in singling out gay men and lesbians for denial of a marriage license. that monumental ruling led to celebrations by gay marriage supporters who lined up outside the court house, but it also led to outrage from prop 8 backers, who insist that marriage between a man and a woman is the bedrock of society. we have team coverage tonight, including analysis from our legal and political analysts. we begin with tracy grant live at san francisco city hall right now. tracy? >> reporter: well, in the middle of all of this cheering this afternoon, we saw one man turn to another and say "but what does it mean." it's a good question. for right now it seems that same-sex rights advocates are not going to dwell on getting the specific answers. now, it may take a while for people to completely figure out what this ruling really said, but this is a win for them, no matter what, and right now it's
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time for celebration. just minutes after the elation of learning that judge vaughn walker ruled it unconstitutional -- this wedding ceremony is happening on sunday after many months of planning. because of prop 8 they know the marriage wouldn't be legal. but after the ruling -- >> we're back. >> reporter: the couple and a mob of pro-gay marriage activists walked into the city clerk's office to ask for a marriage license. they did this once before on valentine's day to demonstrate as what they saw as unfair treatment of gay couples. but this time was different. >> they told us to hold off for a while and gave us a clipboard, which was really shocking, because six months ago they were very quick to just say i'm sorry, we can't give you a marriage license. but they didn't say this this time around. >> counties such as san francisco throughout the state are not permitted yet to issue any license for marriage of gay
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couples. >> it's not a totally -- a total disappointment that we can't get a marriage license right now. the fact that the judge recognizes equal rights, that's more than enough for us. >> reporter: spencer jones and tyler are among the same-sex couples in the state who managed to get legally wed before prop 8. now they feel they're a little closer to having other gay couples join them. >> we're going to have to wait until the u.s. supreme court rules on this. but i'm not thinking about that today. today is a day of victory, a day of equality and we're going to celebrate. >> reporter: well, marches and rallies are taking place all over the bay area tonight, including one that will end up right here at city hall in just a short time. now, we talked to a man today who said they would emerge tonight whether they won or lost. considering the amount of appeals that this case is expected to bring, there should be many more marches in the future. live in san francisco, tracy grant, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, tracy.
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and here's reaction in the south bay right now live from the san jose billy defrank lgb community center. people are beginning to get off of work and gather and cheer the court's decision to overturn prop 8. at some point the people will march into downtown san jose to demonstrate their satisfaction with today's decision. to prop 8 supporters, today's ruling is another example of the will of the voter being ignored by the courts. there are many people deeply disappointed by the ruling and not inclined to give up the fight at this point. cheryl hurd is in san francisco with reaction from prop 8 supporters tonight. cheryl. >> reporter: well, tom, i am live at the base of market street near the ferry building. i approached a lot of people telling them about the judge's decision and many of them just thanked me for my information. but there are a lot of people out there who are disappointed in what happened today. these two pastors say they want to protect marriage.
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>> he made us, and he made us male and female and he defined marriage as the union between a man and a woman. >> reporter: aphrase that resonates with those who are disappointed with the judge's decision to reverse the decision. >> i believe this is a civil rights issue. >> reporter: luke recently asked nadia to marry him. the american river college students will tie the knot in december. they came to the federal courthouse to remind people that californians voted in 2008 to protect traditional marriage. >> i'd be upset that be no longer live in a democracy. i would see that as overturning a whole principle of the ballot box and just having judges, one unelected judge decide everything. i think that's outrageous that that would happen in our country. >> reporter: his fiancee came to america with her family when she was seven and can't believe the decision. >> i am a citizen, i am voting, and so it just doesn't feel like america really right now. >> with marriage, the real thing
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is between a man and woman. you add sdw fake and it undermines the whole institution and definition. >> reporter: reaction from those who fought to protect traditional marriage came quickly. >> we are certainly disappointed that a single federal judge elected to throw out the voices of over seven million californians who voted for proposition 8 in a free and democratic process. >> reporter: he went on to say that the appeal will happen, but the results of that appeal may not happen for another couple of years. reporting live in san francisco, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> all right. the mormon church which helped to bankroll the prop 8 campaign and work the streets to drum up support reacted strongly to today's ruling. a statement released this afternoon said california voters have twice been given the opportunity to vote on the definition of marriage in their state and both times have determined that marriage should be recognized as only between a man and a woman. we agree. marriage between a man and a woman is the bedrock of society.
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well, let's talk about where we go next, and there is a key legal ruling to come even before this case gets to the federal appeals level. >> stephen clark joins us now. steve, let's talk about this stay that the judge put in today. basically not allowing gay marriage to go forward. so what happens with that? is he trying to figure out what should happen next? i know they have some legal briefs that they have filed. >> the judge is recognizing that this is a monumental decision. this is the first time on a federal level this civil rights issue has been decided, so judge walker has said before i'm going to implement my decision, i'm going to let both sides brief this issue to tell me whether it's appropriate to start allowing gay marriage again or should we wait on that until it's heard at a higher level. i think ultimately, though, judge walker is recognized in his opinion that this was an important fundamental right and he's going to allow this to go forward but he wants both sides to be heard. >> should the judge not grant
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this stay, what recourse does the anti-gay marriage side have if judge walker says, you know what, we're going to allow these gay marriages to resume? >> what they'll likely do is go to the ninth circuit and ask for a stay there and say that we are going to have a fundamental irreparable injury by allowing some people to get married right away and have a change in the law should the ninth circuit overrule judge walker. so i think that's what they're going to do next. if they lose there, they'll likely go to the supreme court and ask for a stay, because it creates a very difficult and come cumbersome situation to have some marriages going forward and then getting stopped by an appellate court. >> it's interesting. so you're saying they'll go to the ninth circuit and ask for a stay themselves as they're also pursuing the appeals process to overturn judge vaughn walker's ruling. >> absolutely. because that appellate process is going to take years. during that period of time if there's no stay, you'll see many thousands of gay couples getting married in california. should there be a change in the
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law, the ninth circuit of the u.s. supreme court, it's go to create a very difficult situation. that's what they're going to argue, it's going to create a confusing situation. we don't want to do that, let's keep the status quo and not change it until the ninth circuit or the supreme court rules. >> steven, why would the prop 8 side think that it might get a friendlier reception in the ninth circuit court of appeals? the general knock was they did not have a very strong case. >> certainly at the lower level they didn't put on much evidence of why they thought prop 8 was constitutional. that's a great point, tom, because the ninth circuit is likely to look at the record that was established before judge walker. but in order to get to the united states supreme court, which is very conservative right now and it's a concern to the pro-gay marriage people, they have to go through the ninth circuit. so that's the first step along the way. they may lose there, but ultimately they want to get this to the supreme court to make this the law of the land. at least to have the supreme court decide this very, very important societalish sglu stephen clark, we always
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appreciate uyour input. gavin newsom, the person who first put it in motion when he first approved licenses to same-sex couples back in 2004 is of course lauding today's decision. >> this is an extraordinary moment because real people's lives have once again been affirmed. at the same time, you temper it in terms of your appreciation for the moment because you recognize the work that lies ahead. it's not the first step. everyone says it's the first step. we've had a hundred first steps. this is another step in a very long process. >> there was high praise for the attorneys representing the same-sex couples saying they made a solid case which should hold up all the way to the u.s. supreme court. stay with nbc bay area and find complete coverage on our website at coming up at 6:30, political
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analyst larry gerston joins us live from washington, d.c., to discuss the political ramifications of today's ruling. also ahead, i.d. theft a growing problem. now thieves are targeting children. coming up, the red flags that could give an early warning about whether your child has become a victim. i'm live in san jose. coming up, taggers swarm all over bay area highway signs. that story is coming up. and it's oakland's new plan involving medical marijuana in the cross hairs of the dea? what the agency did that's fueling speculation. also tonight a developing story from oakland. will he or won't he? mayor ron dellums reveals whether he'll run for a second term. and good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a lot of mild air across the bay area with 75 in san jose. we will let you know how long this spring pattern is going to be holding on and whave 0- eels on, s,gryede temperatures coming up.
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the whispers and the rumors have been getting decidedly louder, but today it became official. the mayor of the bay area's third largest city announced this afternoon that he is not running for another four-year term. oakland mayor ron dellums made that announcement at city hall. not much of a surprise, though. lisa kim joins us now with more on the mayor's decision. lisa? >> reporter: jess, those no-shows were telling. ron dellums met with about 50 city hall department heads this afternoon to announce that he will not run again for the mayor's office. the 74-year-old dem lullums say he's not seeking re-election for personal reasons. saying it's time to, quote, pass the baton to the next generation of leadership. he promised oakland residents that he would announce his decision by friday, which is the
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deadline to file election papers. now, in his statement, dellums says although i have decided not to seek re-election, this is not about ron dellums. the central focus of this administration is community. he goes on to say i have been profoundly moved by the extraordinary opportunity to serve as mayor of oakland. it has been a deep honor and privilege. he goes on to say as well, i will continue to offer my services to this great city in any way that i can. dellums chief of staff says he won't be doing interviews for the next couple of weeks. throughout most of his term he has been criticized for being noticeably absent on the job. dellums was elected back in 2006 with a razor-thin 155 votes to claim a 50% majority of the vote. now he says he's not running again. lisa kim, nbc bay area news. well, the nation's top narcotics watchdog is looking into oakland's plan to allow pot factory farms. the drug enforcement administration or dea has
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requested information about the ordinance which would allow permits for four marijuana factories capable of producing hundreds of pounds of pot a year. there's some question about whether oakland's industrial level cultivation violates california law. the dea says they're collecting the information from various city that say allow medical marijuana in an effort to review the patch work of the laws in the absence of real federal guidelines. well, a proposal to add an extra fee to wholesale alcohol in san francisco has been changed because bar owners fought back. a board of supervisors committee crafted a new set of fees this afternoon reducing the levies to 35 cents for a gallon of beer, $3.20 for a gallon of wine. supporters of the reduced fees rallied at city hall outside the board meeting. proponents say they would generate those fees, about $15 million a year, to offset alcohol-related treatment that the city pays for, but club and bar owners say the idea comes at a bad time. >> we can't pass a 15 to 25%
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price increase on to her customers. we'll just lose the customers. we'll lose the business. >> everyone i talked to is more than willing to spend five cents more on a drink to be able to fund prevention and treatment. it's not going to know an onerous burden on either the consumer or the industry. >> the proposal comes back up again monday before the committee and then it's on to the full board for a vote. 49 san jose firefighters who were laid off over the weekend could soon be back on the job, but now it's up to the union to vote on an 8.9% reduction in total compensation. at an afternoon meeting between city officials and union representatives to discuss the union's latest proposal, the city asked the union to vote on a reduction plan. what's at stake is restoring the positions of the laid-off firefighters and putting one fire truck and four fire engines back into service. union leaders say they are cautiously optimistic about its membership voting in favor of
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this proposal. caltrans is trying hard to keep up with graffiti artist. you may have noticed the big green highway signs hidden behind tons of graffiti. summer, it turns out, is a busy time for those graffiti fighters. damon is live in san jose where crews are seeing a lot of vandalism. >> reporter: that's right. signs like the one behind me are clean now because caltrans has spent the last few days cleaning them, removing that graffiti. but how long will that cleanliness last? they leave the evidence behind after tagging the signs and walls of bay area highways. caltrans cleaned this sign only tuesday on highway 87 in san jose. we're going to tweak our video to show you how it potentially looked after taggers attacked it recently. >> i know what exit i'm coming off of. but people here from out of town, they're not going to know what exit.
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>> reporter: summer months are usually their busiest because kids are out of school. they'll scale security fences protected by razor wire and dang frel a rope or other instrument more than 100 feet off the ground. >> i don't know what these kids are doing climbing up those things. >> reporter: omar tores works with kids for the city and he's often cleaning tags around town. >> for a lot of them it's an identity. i know they don't get a lot of attention at home association a lot of them, you know, when obviously they're passing the car with the friends, i did that. not only that, it makes our city look bittery. >> reporter: in other areas, taggers will cut through cyclone fences to get to their targets. clarita has seen it for 22 years from her san jose home. >> it's taken the beauty out of our city. i know it's probably stressful people doing that but they should put the energy positive and make it beautiful. >> reporter: the signs are clean now but those in the know say give it a couple of days.
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and the caltrans cleaners were here in san jose and in san francisco yesterday. early this morning they were on highway 4 in contra costa county. the caltrans website says they spend over -- millions of dollars, i could say, in graffiti removal every year. i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. thank you very much, damian. what do you say we get our first look at the weather today. >> very mild outside. >> certainly. are you trying to inspire some summer with that yellow top? >> yes, i am. i'm a breath of sunshine. >> yes, you are. every single day. >> the top is not working at least right now but later in the seven-day forecast we're going to inspire some warmer conditions coming our way. we had ten degrees of change here from fairfield down to livermore. not only the fog that's been in place, but also some cooler air aloft. those two things combining together to help keep our temperatures down and below average yet again. now, three weeks and counting of this mild summer so far, so
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here's the fog offshore on our visible satellite loop. up to about 2,000 feet acres very easy time and tonight already in san francisco at this point 59. that was in san francisco today. 83 in livermore, 82 fairfield, 75 in san jose and 74 in redwood city. take a look outside right now in san francisco. 64. there is the fog. while we do have winds out of the northwest which typically warm us up, that cooler air aloft is really helping to suppress any kind of summer heat across the bay area. here's the jetstream that's starting to dip down across the bay area in the northwest helping to keep us mild. then we'll look at the fog also coming back to the coastline as we continue throughout tonight. as far as 7:00 a.m. on our thursday, low 50s inland. as we head into 11:00 a.m. thursday, upper 50s to low 60s. by 11:00 a.m., mostly sunny skies for the bay area. iyou're doing any traveling, delays in washington, d.c., with a ne of thunderstorms expected to roll through.
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coming up we'll let you know when summer may return in my seven-day forecast. still ahead at 6:00, low income moms in the east bay getting some high-tech help with their breastfeeding. also coming up, blending shakespeare and the simpsons. we'll show you the unique theater performance defying all the stereotypes. i'm scott bu the silicon valley responds to the billionaire challenge. that's next. what this droid does will change how you do movies.
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with blockbuster on demand, this does hit films on a 4.3-inch screen so big, the way you see them will never be the same. introducing the new droid x. pre-loaded with blockbuster. the next generatoen dofs.
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well, it's a club we'd all like to belong to and many of these club members are putting their considerable fortunes where their hearts are. scott budman is here with the billionaires' bet. >> reporter: yeah, the bet here is that enough billionaires will agree to pool their money by agreeing to leave half of it to charity. the idea created by microsoft co-founder bill gates along with superinvestor warren buffett. they asked other billionaires to commit, and so far about 40 have, including that man, larry ellison along with star wars
6:25 pm
creator, george lucas and new york mayor michael bloomberg. former ebay ceo and current gubernatorial meg whitman says she will not commit preferring to donate to charities on their own. most of those people make their money how? the stock market, of course. strong earning numbers led to gains on the dow, nasdaq and s&p. tess la motors reporting earnings for the first time since going public. the car maker reported a net loss of $38.5 million the last three months but still plans to introduce an electric sedan in 2012. the silicon valley chip wore just got a lot calmer. intel said it will stop using threats to dent rival businesses. the chip maker agreeing as part of a settlement with the u.s. federal trade commission to give those rivals access to its chip technology for six years. the ftc says we consumers probably won't notice an immediate change in chip prices.
6:26 pm
intel has long argued against the charges pointing out chip prices have been falling for years. >> thank you, scott. for the first time ever, san francisco's cabbies are getting a chance to buy and sell coveted taxi medallions. under a new pilot program, retiring drivers over 70 can sell their medallions to drivers on a waiting list. the city says each medallion will catch $250,000, generating badly needed funding. transit leaders today celebrated the first sale from a medallion holder to a driver who's been on the waiting list for 14 years. >> it means relief, it means happiness, it means excitement. after all these years that i've been waiting on the waiting list, it's finally came true. >> the medallions allow drivers to set their own hours and lease their medallions to other drivers. the sales will generate about $10 million this year. still ahead at 6:00, our coverage of the prop 8 ruling continues with a look at how it could impact the political races ahead of the november election. also ahead, zeroing in on
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we need a governor with a plan. you need a real plan, something i'll acknowledge i did not have. [ female announcer ] jerry brown. no plan then. no plan now. meg whitman. a plan for jobs. log on. learn more. we're going to take another look at our top story, the landmark legal ruling in san francisco as a federal judge overturns california's prop 8, the ban on same-sex marriage. while there is some celebrating under way in the castro district and elsewhere across the state, it's not clear if same-sex marriages will be performed any time soon. the federal judge has put a stay on his own order when he examines whether today's decision should be suspended while prop 8 backers pursue their appeal at a higher court. the judge ordered both sides to submit written arguments by friday. tonight both gubernatorial candidates are weighing in on
6:30 pm
the prop 8 ruling. meg when itman's camp released a statemt saying meg supported proposition 8 and believes marriage is between a man and a woman. meg also strongly supports california's civil union laws. today's ruling is the first step in a process that will continue. attorney general jerry brown released this statement. proposition 8 violates the equal protection guarantee of the 14th amendment of the united states constitution by taking away the right of same-sex couples to marry without a sufficient governmental interest. well, obviously we have got a lot to talk about with our political analyst larry gerston who is in washington, d.c., tonight. >> larry, gay marriage now moves off the back burner. how much of an issue is this going to be, especially when we're talking about meg whitman and jerry brown in the race for governor. >> look, jessica, it's what we call a wedge issue. a wedge issue is by definition a divisive issue. nobody wants to wander into this thing because they don't know how the public will react. adding to this is the fact that the state is divided right down the middle, 50-50 on this issue.
6:31 pm
so the more each candidate delves into it, they may pick up voters and lose voters too. >> here's the issue, larry, voters in this state passed prop 8 8, 52-48%. could gavin newsom and jerry brown be on the right side in the bay area and the wrong side in many other parts of the california. >> not only the right and wrong depending on the where they are but also depending on the word we discussed again and again, turn out. the greater the turnout in the november election, the more likely folks will be more disposed to jerry brown's side and the pro-gay marriage side. the smaller the turnout, the more likely we will see more conservative position of the elect rat and more help for meg whitman. now everyone is going to be working hard to get their base stoked so they can prevail on this and other issues. let's talk about the state budget and the fact we still don't have one. democrats are now proposing income tax increases, raising
6:32 pm
the vehicle registration fee and they say it will be offset by lowering the state sales tax. is this just a shell game to pretend they're doing something when they know very well the governor has said he will not pass a budget that has tax increases in it? >> well, it seems meaningless on the one hand. on the other hand you can't stand back and do nothing. what the democrats are trying to do is push the republicans. okay, they're saying, here's our plan. you don't have it, you don't like what we say, tell us what you want to do. tell us how you're going to protect californians while you shave $20 billion off the budget. so in a sense it's an i got you dare game and the democrats have now put the issue in the republicans' court and now the republicans must respond in kind. >> we have an interesting situation where you are, larry. bay area congresswoman zoe is not often in this spotlight but she'll be in the spotlight in the conduct of maxine waters and charles rangel.
6:33 pm
>> this was on the front page above the fold of yesterday's "washington post." that's how big an issue it is here. and you're right, as the chair of the ethics committee, she is right in the middle. here's what happens. if her committee comes down hard on waters that gives republicans an awful lot to talk about. if her committee comes down easy on waters, then they walk away and say, uh-huh, once again the democrats haven't drained the swamp as they promised. so democrats have themselves in a real tough spot here. she is known as a very cool temperament. she's going to be tested to the max and everyone is talking about this case along with charles rangel's. >> thank you very much, larry gerston. we appreciate you reporting from washington. thank you. >> we'll see you here next week. well, it was confirmed today that the dominican university debates between california gubernatorial candidates jerry brown and meg whitman will be moderated by veteran nbc anchor tom brokaw. that october 12th debate will
6:34 pm
air right here on nbc bay area. brokaw will be the sole questioner and he says he's intent on helping californians make the right choice in this critical time in the state's history. >> the dominican university debate between brown and whitman will be the last chance has things stand for voters to see the candidates face to face. their third and apparently final debate is scheduled for tuesday, october 12th, just three weeks before election day. brokaw's strategy, to plum the candidates on their ideas to fix california's finances and their stands on social issues, such as gay marriage and legalizing marijuana. >> at the end of the debate, i hope that the voters of california will have a much clearer idea about who they are, what they believe in and how equipped they are to lead california through this very difficult time. >> reporter: dominican university was aggressive in its effort to host the debate. its president says the san rafael campus focuses on current events and civic involvement.
6:35 pm
>> it will allow our students, many of whom will be voting for the first time, allow them to have the opportunity to take a look at a gubernatorial debate close up. it allows us to provide a program for the community that will assist the community in its knowledge and development. >> reporter: the debate will be at the an gel cal hall. both candidates have accepted the invitation. the format for the hour-long debate has not yet been determined. the debate from the dominican university of california will begin at 6:30 october the 12th. we will bring it to you live here on nbc bay area. house speaker nancy pelosi will call the house back into session this weekend. of the reason is jobs. it will help state budgets and save the jobs of public workers. lawmakers will have to interrupt their august recess. pelosi is hoping to speed the $26 billion measure to the president's desk so he can sign it before most schools reopen. the proposal cleared a crucial
6:36 pm
hurdle in the senate today. major developments to tell you about from the gulf of mexico tonight. for the first time since the bp oil leak disaster began on april 20th, the flow of oil is being held back without the use of a containment cap. the static kill appears to be working, at least right now. heavy drilling mud from the static kill continues to hold back that oil in its natural reservoir beneath the sea floor. >> and basically have reached a static condition in the well that allows us to have high confidence that there will be no oil leaking into the environment. >> federal officials today say that most of the oil that gushed into the gulf, nearly five million barrels, is no longer there. they say a majority of the oil has either evaporated or been burned or skimmed and recovered. well, a birthday party is under way in oakland tonight but the guest of honor is more than 2,000 miles away. the group organizing for america is marking president obama's 49th birthday and inviting
6:37 pm
volunteers to phone first-time voters. the president himself, well, he's celebrating in chicago tonight with friends. he made the trip solo with only first dog bo going along with him. first lady michelle obama and daughter sasha are on vacation in spain. daughter malia is away at camp. mr. obama did get a happy birthday serenade from winners of the citizen medals he handed out at the white house today. still ahead at 6:00, shakespeare and the simpsons? that's an only in berkeley story, of course. >> that's for sure. also coming up, low income mothers getting some tips on breastfeeding from an unlikely source. we'll see some new technology. and women who turn to her toes to save her during a robbery. all right, good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. the calendar may say august but it fields a lot more like march. 75 in san jose, 60 and 70 y n-sevefoday streretacas . up i seven-day forecast.
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well, some east bay mothers who are struggling with breastfeeding are getting some technology help. health centers are using video conferencing technology to connect breastfeeding mothers with lactation counselors. and if mothers need advice or support, doctors can now dial up a specialist for a face-to-face consultation. the pilot project, called breastfeeding education and support, aims to help mothers work through the challenges of breastfeeding. >> and our hope is really to help provide that information and support and resources to new moms so that they can breastfeed because we know there's so many medical benefits of breastfeeding. the american academy of pediatrics recommends babies be breast fed for the first six months of life and continue to be for the first year. >> if the pilot project is successful, it could expand across the state. researchers are discovering that your genes determine if you could one day suffer a heart
6:41 pm
attack. in a study released today, researchers from harvard and mit suggest genetic and biological links between cholesterol and coronary heart disease. the information suggests there are genetic differences to people and how their bodies manage cholesterol levels. a study of more than 100,000 people found 95 different genetic alterations, all of which play a role in how cholesterol is managed in our systems. the study appears in today's science journal, "nature." here's an unusual story from atlanta which gives new meaning to being quick on your feet. a clever robbery victim used her toes to tap out a help message on her computer. the 39-year-old woman endured some of the most fright thing hours of her life when she woke up to find and armed man stacked over her bed. he tied her hands to the head board and held her at gunpoint over an hour before taking off in her car. >> then i started yelling for help and tried to struggle to
6:42 pm
get myself free. the way he had tied my wrists with shoe strings, it was tightening around my wrists and then around, i guess, 4:15 or so i realized that he had left my laptop at the foot of my bed. >> so she said she grabbed the power cord between her toes and tapped out a message to her boyfriend who ended up calling police. >> well, that's pretty resourceful. >> i have a hard time typing with my fingers. >> toe typing. >> it comes in handy, obviously. guess who was at lunch today in napa together. >> brad and angelina. >> no, no. not ricky henderson. we are going to check in with ricky henderson scooping some ice cream today. here's our lunch in napa. al davis, larry king and larry king's wife. >> oh, interesting. >> i don't know where the sister was. >> oh, you shouldn't have gone there. >> and jerry rice, in his own words, before he gets inducted on saturday, three words t describe himself. pretty interesting.
6:43 pm
jeff ranieri? >> good evening there. we're talking all about fog right now that's made its way back into san francisco. we'll tell you how this fog combines withynaobl usoeaybloo air to bring 60s to our inland spots.
6:44 pm
think about this scenario. your child says they want to open their first bank account and get an adult-size reality check that they somehow have bad credit. >> it's a new problem. identity thieves are targeting kids and it's up to you to fight
6:45 pm
it. >> christie smith shows us how one family is struggling and what some of their solutions are. >> reporter: jake doesn't look like a big spender, but under this third grader's social security number is some serious debt. >> i just tried to open his account and they told me that he had bad credit. in the computer it told them that he had outstanding credit cards. he had credit card debt and some other debt, like a cell phone debt. >> reporter: the bank eventually let her open one. someone used jake's number with another name. but when she contacted the credit agencies to clear it up -- >> that's when i found out they wouldn't give me the information because it was not me. and he wasn't old enough to get the information. >> reporter: one of the red flags that something might be going on with your child's credit is if all of a sudden they start getting credit card offers in the mail. but often people dumpster dive and plain steal. tom woodman runs identity fraud incorporated. he said the martins' problem isn't unusual. >> that is one of the nightmares of identity theft, is the
6:46 pm
frustration and the time, the expense trying to clean up these records. >> reporter: kids' numbers are valuable because they have no history. >> as soon as you learn about it, you have to start taking action. and that's contacting the police, reaching out to resources, writing letters to the bureaus. you have to roll up your sleeves. >> reporter: credit bureaus often have links on child i.d. theft and fraud alert. anna martin says she isn't done yet. >> it makes me feel terrible. we have to fix it. >> reporter: in dublin, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> that's a ridiculous nightmare to have to endure. just ridiculous. >> it can take years to get this stuff off your record. >> people have no shame. >> that's for sure. all right, jeff, let's talk about the weather. happier things here. >> totally. we like our credit scores to be high, right? but the numbers in the weather, we like them low around here in the bay area. you know, it is below average here for a lot of us, but it's not too bad. let's take a look, let's put some perspective on this mild air we've been seeing for the
6:47 pm
past three weeks. some of the highlights. the coolest july ever in san jose when you average in the high and the low happened last month, so that's one of our highlights. santa rosa now in the top five coolest summers so far at 77.1 for your average and oakland right now, we do have some haze out here but a lot of fog also already moving in from san francisco. pretty aggressively right now. currently 56 in san francisco. those are the kaunt i've kiind temperatures we typically see in december. 67 in sunnyvale, 69 already in san jose and 76 in livermore. fog is already with us. it's going to stay with us through tomorrow morning. that will mean mist at the coastline even throughout the inland spots. tomorrow, more widespread 70s in the forecast. even for some of our inland spots that have been in the 80s the past couple of days. here's that fog up at about
6:48 pm
2,000 feet. you combine that with just some slightly cooler air for this time of the year that's moving into the northwest and high pressure out in the pacific and that will bring us more mild weather as we continue throughout thursday, friday and even into saturday. so a look at plenty of 70s for thursday. and then as we head into friday we're looking at summer staying away in the forecast. as we get into the morning hours we're looking at 50 in santa rosa, 50 in gilroy, 54 in los gatos. tomorrow it's thursday, not saturday. i got a little tripped up there. here's a look. 79 in morgan hill, 80 in evergreen, 75 in san jose, 70 in fremont, 73 in dublin, 78 in livermore, 70 in redwood city, 68 in san mateo, 64 in san francisco, 59 in richmond. 67 in oakland and upper 70s to near 80 in the east bay hills. for the north bay, we're going to go from 50s at the coastline to 60s in novato.
6:49 pm
72 in sonoma. we'll get a little heat in here, not quite summertime heat, though, by tuesday and wednesday, mid-80s. >> all right. well, that's high enough for most people, i think. >> it's perfect. >> all right, jeff, thank you. all right, mr. mathai. >> it's one of my favorite days of the year and i wasn't out there to attend. the annual root beer float celebrity day. it's a great fund-raiser. it's the most delicious fund-raiser really in the bay area. the a's do it every year. thousands of fans show up. root beer floats for charity. a lot of familiar faces scooping ice cream. root beer, ice cream. >> you do the ice cream and then the root beer on top. >> hello to ricky henderson, gonzalez, everyone posing for pictures and the whole deal this afternoon, vida blue out there. roberta gonzales also gets in there. $31,000 for juvenile diabetes.
6:50 pm
jdrf, after having a $2 root beer float, what do you do? you saunter on into the stadium and watch the game. afternoon baseball. a's and royals. bottom of the sixth inning, this is when the a's made all of their noise. kurt suzuki, the ground ball error at third base. kansas city committed two errors in the inning. that tied the game 2-2. later in the inning, kevin with a two-run double all the way to the outfield wall off the sign. the a's beat the royals 4-2 and brett anderson also returns to action and gets the win. >> the ball gets running a little bit, it's fun because hitting is contagious. once one guy hits, the next guy hits and it keeps going and going. it's nice to see that one inning that was big. >> the a's get the series win against kansas city and it gets really tough. the rangers come to town on friday. as for the giants, two words
6:51 pm
for you. ubaldo jimenez. a league-leading 17-2 record. the rockies ace shutting down the giants. colorado offensively flexing its muscle. carlos gonzalez had two home runs this afternoon. former oakland athletic. troy tulowitzki also homered with back-to-back home runs here. everyone talking about the padres in the national league west but be very careful, the rockies are dangerous. rockies win this afternoon 6-1. the giants are now off to hotlanta for tomorrow. a few years ago this would have been big news, right? nowadays the post-steroid era not so much. yankees superstar alex rodriguez becomes just the seventh player in history to hit 600 career home runs. barry bonds congratulated a-rod on his website this evening. bonds added in addition to the
6:52 pm
congratulations, you've still got a little ways to go to catch me, 163 more to break barry bonds' record. a-rod, though, will likely do it. how's this for a lunch date. raiders boss al davis hanging out with larry king and larry king's wife. i would love to be at that table. that was in napa this afternoon. larry king a long-time raiders fan. after lunching with larry king, al davis then headed to the practice field. raiders training camp has been scandal-free, which is good. jason campbell, the former redskins quarterback, just trying to get command of this new offense. raiders kick off the preseason one week from tomorrow in dallas. let's get to jerry rice now. he'll be remembered as a 49er, but remember rice had three and a half productive years in oakland helping lead the raiders to the super bowl after the 2002 season. this saturday rice will be inducted into the hall of fame. we asked jerry point blank to describe himself in three words. >> pride, determination and
6:53 pm
heart. because pride, i always wanted to give 100% out there on the football field and i was always determined to not give up. and then heart is, you know, probably 90% of just what you do on the football field because, you know, you've got to love what you're doing. for 20 years i played it, you know, played it with my heart. >> i would add genuine, humble and focused on that as well. >> he knows himself pretty well. >> he's a nice guy to o. >> we'll be right back with the simpsons and shakespeare. g
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
finally tonight, shakespeare's bloodiest tragedy has merged with tv's most dysfunctional family. and as nbc bay area's lauren scott shows us, this theatrical matchup is now on stage in the east bay. >> reporter: for 15 years rick miller has been giving macbeth a unique voice. actually dozens of voices. it's much ado about the simpsons as miller transforms into a variety of the tv show to bring machomer back to the east bay for a return engagement. >> some are hard to mimic and others are -- it's really tough on the throat. but i only have a few lines with most characters because there are 50 simpsons' characters so i have to stuff them into a very short play. >> reporter: the performance is at the amphitheater. it's a one-man show he created
6:57 pm
five seasons into the simpsons' tv reign. >> i can do all these voices. i might as well show off and put something together. that something is one dysfunctional family does. >> this is the 37th season and while they will be present macbeth in august, machomer runs through this coming saturday. >> and shakespeare fans, they have seen everything and this is something they haven't seen before. it's very different. >> reporter: where bart meets the bard. >> to dump or not to dump. >> well, there is something for everyo in the bay area. >> yes, there is. that's going to do it for us. we'll see you back at 11:00. >> bye-bye, everyone. thanks for being with us. those people are happy
6:58 pm
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