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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5AM  NBC  August 5, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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a disabled vehicle partially blocking the slow lane. good morning to you. thank you very much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. 5:00. on your way, in your way, in the way. was that -- >> snappy. sounds like a bumper sticker to me. we have to get a moniker here for rob looking at the forecast. >> from the drizzle to summer fizzle perhaps. >> all right. >> 50s outside. yes, misty skies out there is causing some slowing around the peninsula and coast. a bit of clearing inland around lunch time. high temperatures today, having a tough time getting out of the 70s. upper 70s in the warmest places around the bay area. back to you. thank you very much. we have developing news this morning. one robbery suspect is injured after an off-duty federal agent
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shot him. bob redell is live in the bayview district. what's the latest? >> reporter: we can see more investigators arriving on the scene where the shooting took place apparently in this parking lot. we're near the intersection of kirkwood and coral. this happened around midnight last night. even though sfpd is investigating an officer-involved shooting, it did not involve one of their officers. around midnight last night, an irs agent, who was obviously with the federal government, off-duty, was in this area when at least two teenage boys, teenage men approached her with a gun and -- approached that person with a gun and tried to rob them. this agent also had a gun, pulled their weapon and shot one of those teenage suspects. hitting one in the stomach. we can go to video taken not long ago from sf general where that juvenile suspect is being
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brought in by the ambulance, being wheeled into the hospital. our understanding is that this is a critical injury. the other suspect was able to run away, but not too far. sfpd did catch that person in the bayview district. that person is now in custody. at least two teenagers trying to rob what was an off-duty irs agent last night around midnight. that agent did fire back and was not hurt or robbed as well. reporting live in bayview, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> all right. new this morning, safety teams will be at muni stations to walk residents home in high-crime areas. there are 12 escorts, they will wear yellow vests and carry cell phones doe natded by at&t. san francisco police chief george gascone says he will share those phone numbers in a news conference later today. about 100 crimes happen each month on muni buses and at bus stops. muni says the new pilot program
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is meant to help passengers feel safer and more comfortable. same-sex marriage supporters are celebrating what they call an important step in the right direction. hundreds of people marched from san francisco's castro district to city hall celebrating the federal judge's decision to overturn prop 8. the crowd was filled with same-sex couples waiting for a chance to say i do. >> my family is very conservative. my family has met her and they love her. you know, from my 85-year-old grandfather, to my mom, she calls her my girl. and if they love us and they want us to get married, i think the state of california should let us. >> jenny and danielle have been together for eight years. they know the decision will most likely be appealed and say the waiting is not easy. we are getting mixed reaction to the judge's decision to overturn a ban on gay marriage. from san francisco to west hollywood, there were cheers for the ruling forced in part by a
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berkeley couple. >> our family is just as loving, just as real, just as valid as everyone else's. >> chris perry and her partner among plaintiffs who filed that lawsuit against proposition 8. but not everyone is happy. >> the judge has dealt a terrible blow to natural marriage. >> proposition 8 supporters also called the decision a blow to voters rights. it didn't take long for the governor to chime in. for the hundreds of thousands of californians and gay and lesbian household this is decision affirms the full legal protections and sanctions i believe everyone deserves. oakland mayor ron dellums will not run for reelection. in a statement he said five
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years ago my wife and i accepted the call to service based on our love of oakland. our home, and our lifelong commitment to public service. i have dedicated 35 incredible years, most of my adult life to the community. now it is time to pass the baton to the next generation of leadership. before issuing that statement he broke the news to several dozen supporters and city and community leaders that included carl chen of the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce. he says dellums is not seeking a second term so he can focus on his family. >> when he left home a congressman, and he came home all the kids had grown up and left. he needed time for himself and the family. >> dellums is credited with getting millions of dollars in federal stimulus money for oakland but also criticized for what some say is his inaccessibility. so with dellums out, voters have several candidates to choose from in november including city council members rebecca kaplan and jean quan, and polls shows
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former senate pro-tem don perrota would lead a potential race as well. oakland's next mayor will inherit a big budget crisis and growing crime concerns. >> is 5:06 now. google wants to pay more to phone companies to google more content over the internet. scott says it is disturbing news for many. >> many supporters of net neutrality would have hoped google was on their side, apparently not. the "new york times" reports this morning google is in deep talks with verizon arranging a system whereby google would pay more to verizon to prioritize google data. the search engine, youtube, gmail, that kind of thing. do that on the company's data over the internet. google taking advantage of a power vacuum. the courts decided the fcc, which supports net neutrality, did not have the authority to enforce it. congress can write new laws, but
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has not. supporters of net neutrality say all the data on the internet ought to be treated equally and big companies like google ought not decide what's important and sort data out based on who can pay what. laura, this is a major move forward against net neutrality this morning. >> thanks for the latest identity thieves have new targets. yesterday we told you about how they're going after kids ruining their credit early. after our report aired, we got an e-mail from a bay area mother fighting the problem and not getting far. christy smith found her some help. >> reporter: jake thorton doesn't look like a big spender, but only this third grader's social security number is some serious debt. >> i just tried to open his account and they told me that he had bad credit. in the computer it told them that he had outstanding credit cards. he had credit card debt and some other debt, like a cell phone debt. >> reporter: the bank eventually let her open one. she said someone used jake's
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number with another name. but when she contacted the credit agencies to clear it up -- >> that's when i found out they wouldn't give me the information because it was not me. and he wasn't old enough to get the information. >> reporter: one of the red flags that something might be going on with your child's credit is if all of a sudden they start getting credit card offers in the mail. but often people data mine, dumpster mine and plain steal. tom woodman runs identity fraud incorporated. he said the martins' problem isn't unusual. >> that is one of the nightmares of identity theft, is the frustration and the time, the expense trying to clean up these records. >> reporter: kids' numbers are valuable because they have no history. >> as soon as you learn about it, you have to start taking action. and that's contacting the police, reaching out to resources, writing letters to the bureaus. you have to roll up your sleeves. >> reporter: credit bureaus often have links on child i.d. theft and fraud alert. anna martin says she isn't done yet. >> it makes me feel terrible. we have to fix it.
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>> reporter: in dublin, christie smith, nbc bay area news. with a quarter of americans considered poor credit risk, these numbers are a big business if your child is a victim, be patient. another check of your morning commute, checking in with mike inouye. >> not a whole lot of cars out there to cause major congestion problems, but a lot of construction going on overnight. eastbound 580, reports of a cone in all lanes. sounds like an earlier construction project that went on around hacienda, that's cleared up but maybe one cone getting kicked around the westbound commute just fine out of the altamont pass. you might get some of that heavy mist. there you are on the map, that one cone, cone zone. back to you. >> thanks. all the rest of them are used in the south bay, i think. >> before you head out the door, it's a cool one out there.
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>> this is amazing. our augtober cooldown. san jose should be 84, today talking 73. santa rosa, you should be in the 80s, today barely in the low 70s. as mike pointed out, misty skies out there this morning. don't expect much of a warm-up today. you could be fine with a sweat shirt around the bay area, including outed towards livermo with upper 70s and low 80 degree temperatures. what's remarkable about the forecast, into early next week, the mild temperatures look like they will stick around. >> thanks. time is 5:10. a carnival game gets unwanted ato attention when a target is put on a picture of president obama. and things get wild on a police chase when the suspect decides to drive right into police. more of this dash cam video coming up. and a supermodel stirs uprs. why she has many mothers
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steaming mad across the country this morning. ♪
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[ horns honking ] ♪ [ male announcer ] come into an at&t store and experience tv like you've never seen before. ♪ for a limited time, get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months with dvr included. time is 5:13. a live look outside at the south bay. once again temperatures fairly cool. these are highs expected for the day. much of the south bay will be in the 70s if you're lucky.
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some places not even getting to the 70s. if you get inland a bit, you might get close to 80. it is breast feeding week and the debate is in full force after a supermodel catwalked her way into the middle of the controversy. giselle bundchen said there should be a law for mothers to breast feed their children for six months. her comments are sparking a lot of debate. this morning we are joined by a lactation specialist from good samaritan hospital to sort through the emotional and physical issues for women. good morning. thank you very much for joining us early this morning. >> good morning. >> patricia, breast feeding may help women shed some pounds, but that's not the reason to do it, it's for the health of the baby. tell us why breast milk is so
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important? >> it's a great way to get a baby off to a good start. babies get antibodies from their mother so they're more protected from the environment, anything around. there's also a special bond that happens when babies and mothers get together and spend that quality time together. >> it's a beautiful thing, but some women have a very difficult time breast feeding. it's not that they don't want to, but sometimes it seems like their bodies are not kicking in. can every woman overcome those problems and breast feed? >> i think most women can. the hardest part is support. it's an emotional thing. you are very tired after birth and sometimes you don't have anyone around to you give that moral encouragement to keep going. it's real important to have friends and family and people who have breast fed around you. sometimes people don't have that. >> i agree. that encouragement is so important. because it can become such an emotional thing, if you're not
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producing, putting that pressure on your body can take an effect as well. >> there's a lot of stress. we work with a lot of moms to have babies in the nicu and also just a lot of maybe difficult delivery and they're having a lot of trouble recovering from that. so the added stress of trying to do what we ask them to do, pumping, nursing, and all of those things can be very, very hard on them. >> right. exactly. it adds to the pressure of society saying, hey, you got to do this. it's so good for your baby, you're trying. i think encouragement is key. >> is there anything women can do pre-delivery or post-delivery to encourage that milk production? >> one thing we encourage a lot is to take a breast feeding class. go somewhere, learn as much as you can about it. also as soon as that baby is born, put that baby skin to skin. that baby needs to be on your body, whether you have a vaginal delivery or a c-section. that baby should get on your body as soon as possible.
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the baby knows what to do. a lot of times we're so hung up on the mechanical parts of it, we have to do this or that, where if you put the baby on a mother and they just spend some time together, that baby will start to find its way. >> and that will help the mother in turn. >> it will. >> all right. we'll have you through this newscast, we're asking for viewer questions on our facebook page what would you say is the most common question that you get? >> the most common question -- >> or is there? i guess every situation is different. >> i think it's different. i don't think there's a common question. every woman is unique and their situations are unique, so they come with whatever they have been raised with sometimes. >> that's true. that's true. culture comes to play as well. thank you very much, patricia, for sticking around. we will keep you around this morning. viewers can logon to our
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facebook page and leave us a question. you can search nbc bay area news or go to laura garcia-cannon and post a question there. a lot of questions for women. >> there's a number for you on the screen, we'll put that up once again. a carnival game sunday fire this morning after a picture of president obama is used as a shooting target. the game is called alien attack, and it was found at an eastern pennsylvania carnival. the target looks like president obama, and it includes a presidential seal on his belt buckle and a copy of the health care reform bill in his hand. the game's owner says the design was created by one of his employees and he does not see any resemblance to the commander in chief. >> after it was brought to my attention, you know, well, maybe it could be a likeness. but it didn't look like him at all. we thought it was okay. evidently it wasn't. you know, we made a mistake. >> the owner says he removed the target after getting several
5:19 am
complaints and claims that he threw the target away. a police officer lucky to be alive this morning after a suspect's suv rammed into his squad car during a high-speed chase. this is just released video from a police dashboard camera in maryland. you can see the suspect's car speeding over 60 miles per hour through this neighborhood. when the police pull up on the car, the driver eventually, you'll see here, puts it into reverse and slams it into the hood of the police car, flipping over a one-lane bridge eventually there. luckily that officer was not seriously injured. imagine seeing that come towards you? the teenage driver was arrested and faces carjacking and assault charge charges. >> so the guy backs up, goes up over the police car and goes off the bridge which is karma. >> yeah. >> more and more airports are using those full-body scans at security checkpoints, very controversial. we have them at places like san
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jose's airport in the bay area. scott mcgrew says basically the deal is why people will so upset about this is because they virtually scan you naked. >> yeah. the computer is key. the government says, laura, that the images are thrown away. they are there for a couple of seconds. first the person was not going to be in the same room as you, so he couldn't see was you looked like in person, secondly the security company, the government will never keep the picture. just checking for a weapon or a bomb, and then your nearly nude picture is erased. but the federal marshall program has reportedly kept 30,000 pictures of people. several companies are working on body scanners. sort of split the difference. they are capable of seeing the
5:21 am
detail of small wires of a bomb hidden on your body but not the parts of your body the average person would like to keep quiet. general electric makes several kinds of these machines, and ge, as you well know, at least for now, owns this television station. >> for the moment. >> times are changing, though. >> thanks, scott. >> as long as the paychecks keep coming in. we want to check in with mike. he has a look at the morning commute. how is it rolling out there as people head to work. >> not so bad. glad they're using the regular cameras, not the x-ray cameras on me either. disabled vehicle reported here, san mateo hills. sheriff's office is out there. they don't see anything yet. there's also the issue that you can't see a whole lot through the area because of mist and fog, drizzle. watch that as you are coming over the hills towards the coast. the peninsula drive through the area, very nice. disabled vehicle eastbound 92, that has cleared. that's good news.
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oakland, an incident reported now for the southbound side of 880 at high street overcrossing. we don't see the activity on our shot. it may be right before you get to high street. a car blocking the center divide. i will follow this and let you know. so far cars moving smoothly through the area. a live look at upper deck a little fog and low clouds in the area. now you can have the benefits of being barefoot with your shoes weon we'll tell you why these shoes are gaining popularity. ll
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welcome back. time is 5:25. waking up to 57 degrees in san jose. overcast skies and mist in a few spots. oakland, 56 right now. into san francisco, golden gate bridge, mist falling down on the bridge deck. 54 degrees, a strong sea breeze, southwest winds at 8 miles per hour. so, good air quality again today thanks to the strong sea breeze. you can probably give your air conditioner the day off today. things will be very cool for this time of year. underneath this trough, the marine layer deepened yesterday. the sea breeze picked up yesterday and will continue today. mostly upper 70s at the warmest places inland today. the weekend, more of the same. not expecting much in the way of
5:26 am
change, not just for the weekend but also through your seven-day forecast. in search of summer, here you go. 110 degrees in palm springs. look at monterey, 58. central coast cooling down. sacramento, 87. that's very unusual for this time of year. 81 around south lake tahoe. bay area temperatures, mostly 70s inland. san jose, 83, down from the average high of 84. look at the 50s from the peninsula to the coast with misty skies another times. 60s for oakland, 70s inland around san ramon. the north bay, highs also in the 70s. moving up towards lake port, mid 80s this afternoon. this mild trend will continue for the next few days and warm up by wednesday. good news for air quality and great news for your outdoor exercise. >> speaking of outdoor exercise, you may have seen people running or wearing strange-looking shoes with separate compartments for
5:27 am
each toe. they are kind of like those socks you get at christmas time or something from a goofy uncle. they have become hot at athletic stores. they have different versions for running, hiking and fitness. they are called five fingers because they have toes. i don't understand why they don't call it five toes. they fit like a glove and people love them because people say they're the next best thing to going barefoot. medical experts are debating the benefits and draw backs, but most agree they would rather have you wear some kind of shoe than really going barefoot for that kind of exercise. there you go put your toes in their slots, head out. >> interesting, because they don't look like they have a lot of arch support. >> i don't know if they do or not. >> which is important. >> sometimes, i know, in cold weather you want your toes and feet together so they can generate heat. >> wow. you're like a podiatrist. going to disneyland is
5:28 am
getting more expensive. it's tough when you have a big family. we'll tell you how much more it will cost. and ac transit hopes a schedule change will get things back on track. we'll show you when the changes are coming. oakland mayor ron dellums make a decion about a run for re-election.
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available on chase credit, debit, and business cards. chase what matters. . shockwaves around the country. reaction from both sides, a look at what's coming up next. > . oakland mayor ron dellums
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makes it official, he won't be running for mayor again. find out who will, and do the people of oakland know who they are? we'll have the answers straight ahead. >> good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. >> rob has a look at an unusual forecast. we know it can get gray and cloudy, but this is really cool. >> this is a taste of what san francisco and pacifica have been seeing throughout the week. in the tri valley, temperatures well below average. in some cases 15 degrees cooler than we should be this time of year. 73 in san jose. 59 in san francisco. we'll let you know if this will stick around for the weekend coming up in the seven-day forecast. oakland mayor ronde dellum will not run for re-election.
5:32 am
he says he wants to focus on his family. that leaves several candidates in the running, but do people know who they are? christie smith has more. >> reporter: no one we spoke to this morning knew who all of the candidates were, and some wonder why it's like that the bigger question is who will lead oakland. we showed them three black and white pictures of what some consider the top candidates for mayor here in oakland. we showed them city council member, rebecca kaplan, council member jean quan and president pro-tem don pirrota. pirota has a long history in state politics, quan has been on the council for years, kaplan fairly knew. we showed the photos to
5:33 am
commuters at the b.a.r.t. station and here is what they had to say. >> do you know that person? >> i do not. >> reporter: do you know that person? >> no. >> reporter: and do you know that person? >> no. >> my thought is why don't i know them? >> reporter: now, in all, there are at least six candidates running. the deadline to take out election papers is friday. and then you have until november 2nd to make your final decision. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news. same-sex marriage supporters are celebrating what they call an important step in the right direction. hundreds of people marched from san francisco's castro district to city hall celebrating a federal judge's decision to overturn prop 8. the crowd was filled with same-sex couples waiting to say "i do."
5:34 am
>> my family is very conservative. my family has met her and they love her. you know, from my 85-year-old grandfather, to my mom, she calls her my girl. and if they love us and they want us to get married, i think the state of california should let us. >> jenny and danielle have been together for eight years. they know the decision will most likely be appealed and say the waiting is hard. the mormon church bankrolled the prop 8 and drummed up support. it had strong reaction to the ruling. it said california voters have twice been given the opportunity to vote on the definition of marriage in their state and both times have determined that marriage should be recognized as only between a man and a woman. and we agree. marriage between a man and a woman is the bedrock of society. more appeals are expected and the case could make it to the u.s. supreme court. a new justice could be on her way to the court by the end of the day. elena kagan is expected to be confirmed today. at least five republicans are
5:35 am
supporting her along with most democrats. proposition 8 is one of several hot-button issues that could be waiting for her. missouri said no this week to president obama's health reform. expect an appeal. and a challenge to arizona's new immigration law is a sure bet. >> she is a professor where they study these issues every which way. >> the common thread on most of the cases may pit the federal government versus states rights. the brother of a giants pitcher may face felony dui hit and run charges. giants outfielder nate schierhotlz is his brother. cainan hit a bicyclist and then struck a pedestrian about 10:00 sunday morning. the step grandfather of a
5:36 am
young boy killed by the family's pit bulls will appear in court today. he owned the three pit bulls that mauled the 2-year-old to death. he is charged with felony child endangerment and keeping a vicious animal unleashed. in his first jailhouse interview after that mauling, he told nbc bay area news he did not trust the dog and he was very remorseful. ac transit hopes the bus service disrpuptions will end sunday, that's when the transit system will switch back to old work rules. about 165 drivers were absent yesterday compared to about 90 daily absences before a labor dispute. the union for bus drivers says there is no sick-out. we have developing news now. >> we are getting word of a helicopter crash in afghanistan. scott mcgrew has been monitoring the situation, trying to get new information and trying to find out what the pentagon has to say
5:37 am
this morning. scott? >> reporter: good morning to you, brent and laura. we are hearing that it is a nato helicopter, a canadian helicopter this morning. that has crashed in afghanistan. we are work on more information and will get that to you in a bit. >> okay. great, we know you're efforting in getting that right now. it's 5:37 right now. it is time to check the forecast this morning. talking about the cooler temperatures that are out there. pretty cool start to the day but it won't rise that much. >> 57 in san jose now. looking at that. light winds, clouds over the bay area. drizzle around oakland, 880. san francisco, 54 degrees. folks in san francisco have been seeing this type of weather for the last week or so now everybody can enjoy that embarcadero weather. wind speeds cranking up through the delta. quick check of temperatures around the bay. you'll notice 70s for most places inland. tri valley, we should be seeing
5:38 am
90s. you will have to head up to mendocino county to find temperatures close to 90 today. that seven-day forecast for this time of year, mild all the way now to the middle of next week. >> barely a shot at the 80s. >> incredible. >> very nice temperatures, but so strange. >> that was a good day that summer we had a couple days ago. normally in the summer months we want relief from the heat and folks will go out there and stand under the hydrant. not the case today. this is not the issue here. there is a water main break still going on. we have a closure of bachman betwe near bohannon middle school. school is out of session, but if you have a summer course over there, that might restrict your access to the middle school that won't effect your on our off-ramps because that road does
5:39 am
not hit the freeway. 880, let's look at that. there was the accident reported southbound 880 at high street. still reports that it is blocking the slowing. the steady stream of headlights, those headlights are heading south around the bend past the accident and coming over the hill where we see that steady flow. they should clear that hopefully quickly. volume increases here. another live look out there shows you the bay bridge where the volume increases here's as well. no problems other than with low clouds. like rob talked about, that mist and drizzle will be out there. you might have to use the windshield wipers in august. it is 5:39 right now. dozens of billionaires make a pledge to give away a lot of cash. find out what the money will go for coming up. >> and you will need a lot of money to take the family to disneyland. we'll find out how much it will cost to go to the happiest place on earth. the static kill is working but new questions about where the oil is going. a live report next.
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to read and consider carefully before investing.
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new this morning, bp has permission to pump cement into the well that would permanently cap it kristin dahlgren live from louisiana this morning. looks like they are finally getting this thing plugged, but there's still a lot of concern about what's in the water, stuff we can't see but probably will effect the gulf for a long time to come. >> reporter: answbsolutely. we are expecting them do that cementing sometime today, that is not in substitution of the relief well. work on that will continue. that's when they will declare victory and the well sealed. with all the success they had yesterday with the static kill what most people here were talking about is that government report that said three quarters of the oil is gone. that it's been evaporated or dispersed or collected or burned off. the people here are a bit
5:43 am
skeptical about that, wondering how the government came up with that number considering they didn't have a good handle on just how much oil was there for a long time and only recently came up with that 4.9 million barrels leaking out of this well figure. when you do the math, that's still a million barrels of oil that is in the water in some form, though the government says it is just a light sheen or microscopic droplets, but people here are wondering if they can trust those numbers. and they don't want to have this impression that the oil is gone and that everything is going to be okay. and they're not going to see more impacts, because while there may not be the thicker oil coming ashore, there certainly is this feeling that the microscopic droplets could cause problems for the fish larvae and some smaller animals and work its way up the food chain. even the fishermen here who want to get back to fishing as quick as possible say they're concerned about some of the safety of the fish in this area. so, a lot of people still
5:44 am
talking about that. also the dispersants there were scientists, some universities on capitol hill yesterday saying that epa study that we talked about earlier this week about the dispersant not being more toxic than the oil, they're not sure the methodology was correct and they are not sure it mimicked real-world conditions. something we will be talking about, i'm sure, for months f not years to come. brent? >> it will take a long time to resolve. thanks. more details this morning on a gubernatorial debate that will be moderated by tom brokaw, and air right here on nbc bay area news. dominican university and san rafael will host the debate holding it on campus. both candidates have accepted the october 12th invitation. the format has not been determined just yet other than brokaw will be the sole questioner.
5:45 am
>> at the end of the debate, i hope the voters in california will have a much clearer idea about who they are, what they believe in and how equipped they are to lead to california through this very difficult time. >> brokaw already knows he'll be asking the candidates not only about gay marriage but also fixing the state's economy and legalizing marijuana. the debate will begin at 6:30 on tuesday, october 12th. we'll bring it to you live right here on nbc bay area news. it's 5:45 right now on nbc bay area news. we will check your traffic and weather coming up in a few minutes. before that rumors and speculation are over. ron dellums making it official he will not run for re-election. nbc bay area's christie smith is in oakland with a look at some potential candidates. do voters know who these candidates are? >> reporter: it depends how closely you follow oakland politics. if you know who's in city hall, chances are you know who some of these people are there are at least six people in the running. this morning we showed commuters
5:46 am
the top three contenders for oakland mayor and the short answer is, no, they do not know exactly who they are. we showed them council members jean quan, council member rebecca kaplan and former state senate president pro-tem don perrota. quan served on the council for years, kaplan fairly new. coming up in the next hour, you'll hear what commuters had to say who people thought they were, if they knew, and what they would like to see in a leader here in oakland. the deadline to file papers is friday, and voters have until november 2nd to decide. reporting live from oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> all right. we'll follow the run for the new mayor of oakland coming up. two teenage would-be robbers picked on the wrong woman. they tried to take on a federal agent. bob redell is live at marlon
5:47 am
court where the shooting took place around midnight. was the suspect armed? >> reporter: that's what we are being told. this was a federal agent who works for the irs. we just confirmed new information, that agent is a woman who lives in this housing development at kirkwood and coral. around midnight, she was off-duty, came out to get something out of her car at this parking lot here, that's when two teenage men approached her. they were robbing her at gun point when she drew her own weapon and shot one of the teens in the stomach. it does not sound like the suspects were able to shoot back. here is one of those suspects being wheeled into sf general. last report had him in critical condition. the other teen took off, but was caught not far from here. he is in police custody. the agent was not hurt. we understand she is being interviewed by police. reporting live in the bayview
5:48 am
district of san francisco, bob redell, nbc bay area news. turns out more and more bay area billionaires are contributing a lot of money, big pot of money. scott mcgrew says they plan to change the world. they are donate nothinate nothi charity cause. >> we have never seen anything like this before in american history. it started with bill gates challenging his fellow billionaires to give away as much as half of their own fortune. warren buffett said yes, and so now, too, larry ellison and george lucas from marin county. ellison is the head of oracle. lucas the creator of "star wars." 40 incredibly rich men and women have committed to giving away half their fortunes to charity. speaking of big money, very, very rich 20-something max levchin just made millions more. he sold his dotcom called slide to google for more than $100
5:49 am
million, or possibly more than that. it's hard to tell. levchin founded paypal, and is a major investor in yelp. max once bought a manchin in san francisco and never got around to living in it. one of san francisco's absolute richest men. >> a problem i certainly don't have. thank you very much. it is breast feeding week, the debate is in full force after a supermodel catwalked her way into controversy. gizal bundchen suggested there should be an international law requiring mothers to breast feed for six months. she says she doesn't understand why moms could give their babies chemical food. she since backed off her comments and meant to say breast feeding helps her keep her figure. we are joined by a lactation specialist. thank you very much for joining us and providing so much help to women across the country.
5:50 am
you provide a hotline. there are many stages of breast feeding. it's not only the milk coming in, the latching on, but the problems that can come afterwards, the frustrations. >> it is. there is no support for a lot of women, their mother didn't breast feed, so they don't have a lot of people around them to encourage them. the biggest thing i do is tell them they're doing a great job. >> you know what? it is so important, that encouragement. talk about that, how important encouragement can be not only from friends and family but even the husband. >> i think it's a family thing. the dad is real important in the things they do for breast feeding. sometimeses they feel le s thet but i like them to come to the support groups with their wife. sometimes without that you feel abandoned, get tired, so you need the whole family. >> you do we're asking viewers
5:51 am
questions on our facebook page. we have one from maria smith. she said lately i have seen an increase in breast feeding the older child, 3 and 4. my question is how old is too old? >> i don't know that there is a too old. i think society probably dictates that a bit. most of us who breast feed longer do not do it so much in public. in other countries it's common to see women breastfeeding toddlers and older children. >> it's a personal preference. >> as long as mother and baby are enjoying it, it's fine. >> it's interesting, too, there's a lot of generational things. you mentioned if your mother or whatnot did not do it, but it's becoming so much more mainstream, maybe because we talk about it more. you think? >> i think it's that. i think there's more promotion for breastfeeding. before we didn't talk about it. it wasn't spotted upported by hs
5:52 am
or the government. now the surgeon general supports it. >> exactly. all right. okay. we will keep patricia around this morning. we want to tell folks about that 800 number. 800-559-baby. it connects you to the breastfeeding service there's at go service there's at good samaritan hospital. we will continue to take your facebook questions this morning. thank you very much, patricia. "american idol" may decide is needs a macho man on the judge's panel. there are rumors that victor willis is in the running to fill simon cowell's spot. you might not know his name but chances are you know his face. willis is the original cop, so to speak, from the village people. there he is in the corner. there he tells tmz he's a dark-horse candidate if contracts false through with jennifer lopez and steven tyler. who knows, might pan out he
5:53 am
would be one of the judges. >> it's interesting to see how it will play out. >> traffic cop, or if you need a traffic guy, we could work out a deal. help with the marketing. taking you out to the roadways, letting folks know about this. southbound 880 at high street, reports of that accident happened about a half hour ago. that is at high street, reportedly block the slow lane, but no sensor slowing. a live look out there shows you as the headlights come around this bend, you can see some twinkling lights, that may be over the top at high speed. maybe some slowing coming past the area, but that steady stream of cars. it looks like the slow lane, folks are filling that in as they come over the hill. that may be the little blip. we will track this. no major slowing, though more lights through the area and
5:54 am
twinkling lights, which means more moisture in the air. southbound 880, this is northbound 880 coming on to southbound 101. a lot of construction through this zone overnight. sticking around for that transition, head north and take brokaw over to 101. takes you through one of the worst intersections. the rest of the south bay looking good, but we have that construction going on, actually landscaping work, southbound 17 over the summit. one lane is blocked. that has caused slowdowns pretty much every morning over the past week that will be the case again today until 11:00. >> good to know. >> good to know because you will probably need to bundle up as you head out. unusually cool temperatures this year. >> to wear a sweat shirt around san ramon in august, that's kind of unheard of. 57 degrees right now in san jose. light winds, but enough of a sea breeze to pump in low clouds.
5:55 am
oakland, 56. mist along 880 this morning. in san francisco, speaking of mist, looking down towards the bay bridge, we have 54 degrees and southwest winds. this trough which has hung up along the west coast is a locked pattern that's been in place for most of the summer. 75% of the summer. today, look at the effects as that ocean air conditioning keeps inland temperatures mostly in the 70s. not expecting a lot of change even for the weekend. 50s and 60s along the coast and peninsula 70s inland. lake tahoe, no problems today or tomorrow. but saturday, areas south may see thundershowers as we roll into the weekend. warmest places around morgan hill, maybe getting close to 80. same story for los gatos, quite chilly and cool, misty at times, 65 degrees for oakland. 70s inland. for the north bay, you're looking at mainly 70s.
5:56 am
just kind of copy paste all the way through sunday. as we head through the middle part of next week, a slight warm-up, if you want to call mid 80s inland a warm-up. laura? >> wow, it is cool out there. the place to play, the happiest place on earth just got more expensive. a brand new price hike takes effect today. every year about this time disney tends to raise ticket prices. ticket prices for disneyland in california going up from $72 to $76 for ages 10 and up. disney says its pricing strategy is an accurate reflection of what people will pay. >> in american culture, it's something you have to do once a year. disney does well in advertising to children is kids will get their parents to bring them to disney world. >> in florida the hike goes from
5:57 am
$79 to $82, the first time that any orlando theme park has charged more than $80 for a ticket. that's tough for a family in this economy. >> especially a family of five. >> you're telling me. coming up -- we will look at what's ahead for gay marriage after a judge shot down the ban. and a new program will help some get through san francisco's most violent neighborhoods safely. and our exclusivevi intew that could be holding up the city millions. ♪ [ horns honking ]
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